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History is important-Redwall Log

In Log:
Gorvenalus-Recorder of Redwall Abbey
Krisha-Badger Maid
Ferro-Blacksmith of Ferravale
Xander-Leader of Mossflower Defenders

RW Abbey: Entry
You stand on a grassy sward between two cottages.  To the south you see a small, calm pond.  To the north lies an open space where the Abbey has its feasts in the warmer seasons. To the east is the Great Hall, a massive structure that rises far above the abbey walls and is completed with large towers that pierce upwards into the sky.  The main building is completed with a large, iron banded door that would allow one into the Great Hall. 
Coolness has swept into the air now, bringing with it the autumn leaves of the orchards.  Coating the trails that lace and move through the dying grass and flowers.  Regardless of the death of plants, the area is beautiful in its gold and orange season.  The abbey is sporting the colors in full pride.

Xander steps into the gates and sighs, he is tried and needs some sleep but some lack of sleep is getting to him. But once more a disagreement to settle “Look...Ferro I am..I try ok I am not perfect."
Ferro narrow his eyes, "One missssssstake issssss all would take for sssssomething to happen. SSSSSSuposed to keep her ssssssafe."   

Gorvenalus walks from the great hall and slows as he looks between Xander and Ferro, he clears his throat “Has something happen, what is the matter?"   

Krisha is carrying some notes she copied to look over later and at the sound of Ferro's voice she looks up from reading her notes and frowns. She stays off to the side for now.   

Xander puts a paw through his head fur as he speaks" No one was...seriously hurt and I am fine. It doesn't mean I am any less of a protector and I didn't know she was...out alone looking for me, but she got back to the abbey just fine."   

Ferro hisses "Not the wasssssss to be with her. Shhhhhe is fine yessss but you almosssst wasn’t yesterday, then what would of happen to her." He hisses low “I am only glad the moussssssse is gone and what did he mean by pet?" Oh yeah he didn’t forget it and the issue was interrupted by a stoat, hmmm no stoats here.   

Gorvenalus frowns and steps in front of Xander to glace at the monitor "Now sir I always find it helps to take a deep breath and think on one's actions before they do anything."   

Krisha blinks as she places her notes on the steps and walks over towards them.   

Xander backs up and bumps into the wall, "I...well most likely to sound mean, I assure you Ferro your no pet to anyone and no one would ever think that." Ok the lizard is a little scary right now.   

Ferro hisses as the beaver steps in-between him and Xander and his arms cross over his chest" Move old one I was talking with him"
Gorvenalus frowns "Yes I could see that as well as hear that but this place doesn’t like violence that could or couldn’t happen and I am also not one to say...take it outside" He stays...oddly calm.   

Krisha stops beside them and frowns as she speaks clearly "Father...whats the matter?"   

Ferro seems to get more moody when the beaver doesn’t move." Dissssagreemnt...go away." His mood causes him to not fully pay attention to Krisha, yet he answers her" Trying to get asssssssssnwerssss....."He then turns to the side and blinks a few times...did she just speak to him?" Krisha?"   

Xander slowly sits down by the wall and just wants his day to get better as he gulps a little "Umm...seee she is fine Ferro as you can see."   

Gorvenalus smiles at the badger maid “Greetings Krisha I see you are done with your notetaking." He goes to help Xander stand, if he wants help.   

Krisha nods to the beaver and frowns, the notes...which are now blowing across the abbey lawn as she rushes to grab them and place them in a knapsack at her side "Yes..notes from..from bather mothers logbook to help with...studies"   

Xander allows the help up and sighs "Thanks. " He watches Ferro as he is not totally sure of the foul mood. He then blinks at Krisha “Why would you be reading and taking notes on that?"   

Gorvenalus sits down on the steps as he smiles “That is good Krisha and your voice is lovely today"   

Ferro stands there, his foul mood slowly leaves as he smiles. He rarely smiles which could be good as it may look a little creepy since he is a monitor as he goes to hug Krisha "You are speaking" Tears do go down his face but it’s not the sad kind it’s the happy kind.   

Krisha frowns as she was to keep that a secret, then the hug from Ferro as she smiles slowly and hugs him back "Y..yes father. Xander and..G..Gov..venalus....has helped me"   

Xander lets a smile form on his muzzle as he watches them, though he is still curious as he picks up a dropped paper and looks it over. "Mother Bella..."He hands it to Krisha but doesn’t ask why she has it just yet.   

Gorvenalus nods "Yes helping her to regain her voice, though Xander is the main one. I have only helped a little with encouragement. She still has her notepad and quill if she feels the need for them. She is doing very well in the abbey good sir"   

Ferro keeps the smile as he looks at Krisha "I have missssssssed hearing you sssssspeak." He glances at Xander, well whatever he was moody at is forgiven now as he offers a "Thank you ssssssir badger"   

Xander sighs in relief as he nods "Your welcome Ferro."   

Gorvenalus says, "See my friends all is well is it not. A reason to be happy and try to not be upset"   

Krisha smiles again, she goes to place the scroll in her pack and then stops as she looks at Xander to answer his question "Studying on...Bella and...." A couple others are written down, mainly she has Bella and Oz s notes but also a list of other badgers who held the position.   

Xander glances at them, yeah he doesn’t get who they are yet but of course one name stands out and he looks between her and the note and slowly hands them back" Your his....your one day...." Nope he isn’t that old yet   

Gorvenalus frowns "Xander...are you alright? I could make some calming tea and maybe your looking for apprentice...or would it be called that, student perhaps"   

Ferro is just confused now, he looks over her shoulder and tilts his head " What isssss all titles mean."   

Krisha is not sure either, " next in line but not....not for long while but for it, to be ready"   

Gorvenalus smiles "A little history to help us all...Bella of Brockhall helped build the abbey, she was also the first to hold the title of Badger mother or caretaker of the dibbuns. The title is Oz's for now and when he one day is not would then go to whomever is next either threw being taught or maybe being lead to by Martin perhaps"   

Ferro just stands there, ok whatever he just is happy she is speaking now "Sssssssoooo isssssss good then?"   

Xander shakes his head "’s not good" Wait what? "He is old not that old...he's gonna be around and be like...." Yes he needs sleep, and this made his day worse and of course he took it the wrong way as he frowns and backs off" He never gonna need no replacement......" He just decides to walk off, his head hurts now..sleep will do him well and he will think better and probably not remember this conversation at all.   

Krisha frowns and quickly stuffs the papers into her knapsack, ok she shouldn’t of answered what she was studying and left it just to herself as she goes to sit on the steps leading to the wall top looking at the ground.   

Gorvenalus frowns as he watches Xander walk off and then turns to the others "I am sure he will be fine once he gets some rest."
DoraRose comes out of the Gatehouse, her green dress looking a little wrinkly, her blue apron draped over her shoulder as she stretches, yawning. The fur on the right side of her face is sticking up at a funny angle. Closing the door behind her, she looks around and suddenly notices the little group here in the entryway. "Oh! Hi! What's....going on, here?" She notes Krisha's body language and adds, "Did somebody get some bad news?" She may be able to fix it?? Well, okay, probably not, but she can offer to, anyway....   

Ferro is just confused, "Thisssssss place is confusssssing...titles and all and why?" He shrugs as he has no clue   

Gorvenalus offers a warm smile and walks over to pat Krisha on the shoulder" He will be fine Krisha he has not had the best pass couple days." He looks at Dorarose as he goes to clean his glasses with a cloth "I would not call it bad news, just...future news perhaps? We were discussing many things, mainly Krisha's lessons as of now, then again he did seem slightly sad when I was mentioned as Recorder...but more so with...oh..." It dawns on him "Oh my...."
Krisha frowns "Studies..would be while...seasons...on seasons...not like is tomorrow season...lessons take time and study now so am ready for when needed." She frowns a little "Not mean upset Xander....maybe not told him yet"   

DoraRose blinks a couple of times. What in the what now? "Um.....well, the titles many of us have merely let everyone know what our various jobs are. Like how I'm Gatekeeper and my daughter is Bellringer, and you're the Ferravale Blacksmith." She decides to address the monitor's confusion first; it helps her with her sense of growing confusion. "'re taking, uh, lessons, Krisha? What, uh, for, exactly? And who from?" Future news? Seasons on seasons? What a way to wake up from a nap! Smoothing down her facial fur back to the way it's supposed to be, the mouse frowns in obvious confusion. Maybe she didn't wake up and this is just a weird dream? She's had dreams similar to this before.....   

Ferro nods "I..seeeeeeee." He does nod "SSSSSSShhhe doessssss sssssspeak now" For which he is glad, it may not be perfect speech but he knows she will get better.   

Gorvenalus will let the badger maid explain, but he will offer help if she feels like she rather not explain right now.   
Krisha sighs as she takes a deep breath, maybe it would be good if more than just a couple knew, "I am...been helping with dibbuns some, and ..r..reading logs of former badger mothers one day...." She looks between them..."I am student to Oz..but is not like be done with studies long while" Least she hopes long while from now.   

DoraRose smiles softly at the monitor. He's a happy Daddy now that his daughter's talking again. She listens closely to the badger maid, then nods. "I understand. You'll be a good Badger Mother. I was wondering when Oz would start training somebody.....OH. Oh, and you told Xander and he's now upset, right?" Sighing, she simply puts on her apron, letting the other answer her before she talks more.   

Ferro says, "SSSSSSoo badgers..ssssssometimes care for the small ones, I Ssssssssssee"   

Gorvenalus nods "Yes yes always good to train one early as if one waits till last moment that would not be too good"   

Krisha nods “Y..yes" She leaves it at that, maybe answering more than one at the same time.   

DoraRose nods as she ties the strings of her apron around her waist. "Yes, badgers are always the best beasts to keep track of the Dibbuns; no sane beast would try to hurt the little ones while their badger caretaker is around." She sits beside the badger. "He'll probably be okay, once he understands the nobody's dying anytime soon." She goes to give the maiden a hug.   

Ferro nods “Or harm badger cub with me around" Yes he is serious, he does smile and yes a little creepy, "I am happy sssssssssssshe hasssss found her own kind again, Krisha had known no otherssssss like her till came here, her birth father was already dead and her mother died after giving birth to her"
Gorvenalus nods "Yes a monitor also would make a good protector of anyone and its good you are on our side as well my friend"   

Krisha smiles at the hug and listens as others speak. It is true she is doing better with her speech and becoming calmer around others now that she knows some here better." Also...learning h..h..history is good." She clears her throat. “Like they had badger mom when first build abbey, Bella was her name and she even helped build abbey and badger mom will also help with defenses when needed."
Ferro hmms “I musssssst get back to my sssssssshop, good day” He smiles and hugs Krisha and then he walks on  up the road to Ferravale and his Blacksmith Shop.

DoraRose watches as the monitor excuses himself and heads back home. Nodding, the Warrior says, "Yes, history is always good to learn. When I first arrived here, many seasons ago, I knew very little about the Abbey's history; I'm glad that I took the time to learn it. You will, too." Smiling, she looks up at the beaver. "I bet you're working on your Redwall history, too."   

Gorvenalus chuckles "I am, I have finished catching up on where Sister Zinnia left off, least the important parts that is. History is very important to keep." He sighs "The history of my abbey was lost in a fire, it destroyed everything...the library, the meeting room..dorms...I did manage to save a couple books now here but only a couple. It is sad, and me and Minsc is also all that’s left alive of Willowsong Abbey. I have come to think of this place as home...Minsc sadly has not, he still refuses and it aches my heart. I am not sure where he stays, in the woods somewhere, I do worry as winter will come soon enough"   

Krisha smiles, she listens as she speaks "Abbey...the abbey is my home now, maybe others...can talk to Minsc, talking helps" She has heard that a lot that talking helps and it does.   

Gorvenalus nods "Yes maybe if he would...." And he is greeted by a novice "Umm...we are out of ink Brother Gorvenalus..." The beaver smiles softly "Well let’s go get some while it’s still light and be home by dinner, excuse me my friends" and he slips off.


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