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#1 2021-11-25 08:06:34

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What if they had Thanksgiving in Redwall Books?

I mean I guess in a way the autumn feast at the abbey is that. I had started to work on a new picture of beasts celebrating a feast, but then stress, depression,anxiety got to me...sorry all on not having a really cool picture....but enough on that.

What WOULD thanksgiving at Redwall look like? I mean they can't have turkey after all tongue

My ideas:

pies of all sorts of course,cakes even
cheeses,and maybe bread
deeper than ever beetroot,tator,and turip pie

Not sure on possible meat, the otters make some sort of new version of shrimp dish,just one without so much hotroot

what are your thoughts or ideas!

I play:  Xavier ( Log-A-log of GUOSIM) Elbio (Lt.,Archer, and Fighter in Long Patrol and RW Residential Hare)


#2 2021-11-25 13:29:03

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Re: What if they had Thanksgiving in Redwall Books?

Fish maybe as a meat

I play Brother Gorvenalus,  Oz( Yes named after Papa Oz)..I also play the Owner of Redthorn Tavern in Ferravale ya know the rat Patch! I also have a hare in the Long Patrol ,Cole and more recently I play  Queen Sparra Chestnut.


#3 2021-11-25 15:12:39

From: The State of Confusion
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Re: What if they had Thanksgiving in Redwall Books?

they could totally do green bean casserole! 

cranberries are from America, but maybe some kind of tart fruit sauce made from autumn fruits could be a good substitute?


#4 2021-11-25 15:16:29

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Re: What if they had Thanksgiving in Redwall Books?

The autumn feast is...sort of that, in a way. smile Like a thanksgiving meal time


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