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Why Are You Late?-LP LOG

** The badger Lord had a recruit have Cera come to the forge....only it seemed the hare was late....late for a meeting with the Badger Lord of All beasts..I got on as Ciocan for this ...rather...interesting meeting ***


Ciocan-Badger Lord

Cera- Provate and healer in LP

Also a random hare spoofed as messenger


Ciocan had decided to work in the forge, get his mind off things going on lately. If he was needed he would go to the hare's aid. A report is what he was waiting on as he hammered away at a new blade he was making for one of the hares at the mountain.He had also repaired some armor and a saber earlier. Smoke rose and the room was fairly warm, then again it was the forge after all.   

Cera came into the entry of the forge, she normally would just avoid this place but she was asked to come to the forge and wondered why.She almost just stayed in bed as she was already moody at a certain hare or two.But she came like last moment, ok she was an hour late but she didn't really care.She watched the badger work at the forge and then cleared her throat, the hare beside her just shake their head, they had been the messenger to get her here and at the same time seemed to just want to let the hare's present be know and leave.   

Ciocan turned and nodded to the hares as he took the glowing blade with the thons and dipped it into the water.A lot of steam rose and he carefully laid it down on a special table "Thank you Recruit..."He then speaks "Private Cera...come closer, we need to chat"
Cera salutes and comes closer"You sent someone to talk..bout wot,I didn't remember doing anything."She sounds annoyed like she didn't sleep much, then again she was supposed to come right to the mountain and instead got s drink at the tavern and got in this morning and still come see what was wanted or maybe needed.   

Ciocan took off the gloves he used in the forge as he spoke "One, you were to be here an hour ago and 2..a report was sent that you were sent to the mountain, straight to the mountain yesterday afternoon and yet you were not seen till after breakfast today, so care to explain that first Private Cera?"   

Cera frowns and then just shakes her head "I wanted to go to Halyard first, no one said not to go and didn't say straight to the mountain and why does it matter the last couple days have been very annoying...ya know toads..frogs..swamp muck and goo and then that grumpy old Gregorian was like so very rude and just..good grief. Like maybe he should brush up on some stuff before a memory little trip to not fun land"   

Ciocan listens and for now keeps his temper down,"Who is your major and any other commanding officers?"   

Cera speaks "Felicity and she got major Varus....we have no sergeant..Gregorian is like in charge of some other division so why even listen to him..he's old and annoying, and..old" Yes she said old twice."Is that ALL ya wanted?"   

Ciocan says, "That is not all...I said we needed to chat cause of your actions."He looks at a report he gets off a chair.."Pushing a fellow private, talking back to an officer who yes was in charge of the trip to the swamps, you were told to report to the mountain and choose to, how do you young hares put away ..and come back it seemed when you pleased, also when a higher up tells you to report to them, when I tell you to report to do it right away" For sure when the badger wants to talk."Do we have an understanding of this?"
Cera rolls her eyes as she stays put, she then nods "Sorry..won't happen again but I seriously needed a drink after Mr. Bossy ears and its not like they need me anyways they have some healers suppose, not that I wanted to stay anyways..swamps are, they should be outlawed."   

Ciocan speaks calmly" Sargent Gregorian was in charge and can be as bossy as he likes, he was in charge of the mission. Now you could of very well been helpful..fighting or healer, both but he was wise to send you back here as you could of endangered yourself or others in a rescue attempt."   

Cera pouts as she looks at him and then the floor and mutters "Like you care..."She does stay as she was not dismissed, she speaks again "Ok..follow orders, I get it..I get it ok..sometimes things happen and all that yadda yadda"
Ciocan shakes his head and starts to say something, then arches an eyebrow "Wot did you say? Do please speak up."
Cera glares a little, she knows what he wants repeated.."I said like you care..I don't see you out there with the hares..but oh maybe you rather just stay here and wait on reports."She makes fists at her side"I mean the last time..or maybe was it the only time? You ever went anywhere further than the stupid beach was to go help Redwall and Mossflower...gee ya failed thar didn't ya....I mean how many loss? But oh let me guess ...not important hmmms, and wot about me!! No one seemed to care at the time..oh just a hare who cares...some lived oh boy...."She just sort of let things tumble out and likely to the wrong beast.   

Ciocan eyes flash a moment and it takes ever bit of focus not to grab her by the ears and slam her into the wall.He takes a deep breath and it seems to barely help the mood he is in now"SIT DOWN!!" It likely also echoed a bit.His turn to glare and yes he is angry"How..DARE you say I don't care. I care about every hare in my mountain, every hare that has been here , is here or even will be here.One doesn't always know wot will happen on a mission, the unexpected happens at times...more times than you know. Yes the battle in Mossflower..was major and so was the loss, a win in the end at a great cost..the only time a mission is ever a failure is when one gives up and lets it be."He walks forwards and takes a deep breath, exhales "I made sure to look for ever list was made with of the dead and the living, of injuries and any not found were looked for, even by myself..a couple found dead, one found never found but still searched for even after we were to head home"   

Cera gasped and quickly sit down shaking a little now...oh boy why oh why did she just raise her voice and say those words to the Badger Lord of all beasts.She gulps and closes her eyes as she listens...a couple tears go down her face.."I'm..I'm...I'm...."Words are not getting free from her.   

Ciocan stares at her and snorts and another deep breath before he speaks "Quiet....." He says and takes a couple moments to speak again"One hare ..stationed at the abbey was told to keep looking for you and to report to me right away once you were found..dead or alive. You were not forgotten..I do not forget any of my hares, any of them. I keep in contact with a small pawful whom left the Patrol.As for whats happening in the swamps, if I am needed I will go aid my hares. There is still a lot of very skilled hares in the patrol and some whom are becoming vert skilled, others are slowly learning...but training does take a long time and one must listen to orders Private Cera and when orders are not taken must decide what to do with the one not following wot should be done with you Private Cera?" He will listen, he has a mix of anger and also ...sadness in his voice.
Cera frowns and finally gets out "I'm..sorry!" She listens and blinks.."Hare at Redwall?..."Wait he means "Ewan?" Yeah she remembers Ewan being a little too curious of her and recognizing her also and just figured he was being...well Ewan cause wasn't he like..a clumsy hare or something, but also seemed to be smarted than he looked.She frowns "Do with me?" She flattens her ears "Kick me from the patrol....cause I spoke back of all beasts.."She says quietly and looks at the floor, shaking a little as she doesn't want kicked out, she really doesn't and she is truly sorry for her stupid words.   

Ciocan stares at her for a long time and then goes to very gently raise her chin so she can look him in the eye, she can turn away if she want but if she does look he does have a tear go down his face."I care for...all my hares, when you were not found I was upset. I already felt great loss when so many died, but it was worse not knowing he fate of a missing hare, one missing did matter. I got news you were found and on your way here and I am glad you are back with us."He steps back "You will not be kicked out...but" There is a but " 3 pay, no mission, no leaving the mountain for will still train and be at meals, all other times in your room.I will have Major Varus decide wot else is a fitting...punishment for the list of things you have done in the last..2-3 days..." He lists them "Pushing a fellow Private, talking back to a sergeant and worse..talking back to me...also the fact of being told to go back to the mountain and instead going to Halyard and coming back to the mountain till the next day and being an hour late when you were to report to me for the chat we are having right now."   

Cera looks up at the badger and frowns, she nods in understanding"Ye...yes sur...I..I understand..."She then suddenly starts to cry, not cause she is in trouble, just all this bottled up...feelings and she finally let them out, and the reaction could of been so much worse..then 3 weeks of no pay and likely extra training and just starring at her room is a lot really, but could of been worse.   

Ciocan takes a large paw and goes to hug the hare, he doesn't like to punish anyone but its needed at times and he has dealed with worse and is glad this time it ended better.He nods after a while "You are dismissed Private Cera...and I expect you to have a talk with Major Varus, he will get a report on all this"Likely knowing he has gotten some of the report already.   

Cera cries into his chest and sniffs, she steps back and nods..a salute and then slowly heads to her room as its a couple hours yet till lunchtime.   

Ciocan watches the hare maid leave and then goes back to work on the sword he was making earlier, he will likely have lunch in the forge and work on some weapons and armor, repairing some armor and weapons and go to bed a little late tonight.If he is needed elsewhere though, he will go.

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