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The Spy Has News

**Patch is in the right place...right time? ***


Patch-Spy, annoying rat, troublemaker and tavern worker

Krisha-Badger Mother

Anwir- Evil lizard

John- Warrior

Matilda- Champion of Redwall

Xander- Leader of Mossflower Defenders


Krisha made sure Sister Ginny and Brother Rick..and a Sister Anna was able to watch the dibbuns, just a few hours as she promised to be back by story time if she didn't find who she was looking for. She had been concerned and then frowned when Xander just walked off after his =sorry all= statement, she was glad to see him say sorry but when he just walked out she followed and seen him go out the gate. She would miss him coming back a couple hours later.   

Anwir was annoyed, he had taken his anger of lost captives out on the traveling caravan of beasts, it was fun and he enjoyed chaos. But it was just a random thing, his real plan was to seek revenge and finish what he started seasons ago.He just needed to find out where the beasts went as at least his brother couldn't get far at all.   

Patch was on the road, keeping an ey out for trouble as he had got some things from the Black Gull to take back to Ferravale, along with him was a couple stoats as they had a small wagon with them."See not too far and not ta worry pay is good fer helping me"   

Krisha frowns, ok maybe she should turn around as she was having no luck and it was starting to get dark soon, besides she didn't have a direction to go anyways, there was other ways to find him so she turned around to head back.   

Anwir muttered, he then stopped as he saw movement up the road and went to go behind a tree, upon seeing who it a grin forms and he slips quietly behind her.   

Patch speaks with the couple stoats "Pay best be good Patch"The rat rolls his eyes "It is. it is...ok..and this stuff is good ale...kay?" He sighs and looks board as they walk along and happens to look off the path and hmmms"Something is off...or just me"

The stoat chuckles "The rat us afraid of the dark "

"Am not..."

More chuckles.   

Krisha frowns, she stopped to look back and forth and shakes her head as she got a couple more steps in before a clawed paw went around her chest, her eyes widen as she manages half a scream before another claws paw likely covers her mouth.   

Anwir grip tightens as he gives a low hiss,he whispers in her ar before quickly finding a knockout dart jabbing it into her arm if he can "Missssss mezzzzzz...hmmmmmm?"   

Patch frowns, a scream..scream is never good and he usually just gets further away from that sot of thing especially when its close like that, he quickly climbs a tree to look, the two stoats just look at one another and back to him "Ummm..whats bout the cart and ale?"   

Krisha tenses in fear, not him...not him as she kicks backwards and goes to bite his paw before the dart is felt and the urge to sleep, she struggles and only fails as the dart works and she slips into unwanted sleep.
Anwir hissses as he catches her and lifts her up, he has decided it was unwise to keep the one den, he found another one that he goes to now, for now things are going his way.   

Patch catches sight of..."Oh no..this is bad, very very bad.."He backs up and eeeps as he almost falls from the tree but grabs a branch just under the one he is on and gets the rest of the way down"You two get to de tavern....I GONNA go"

"Hey were were supposed to be paid!!."...

"I will pay ya later...kay....good...bye!!"   

Krisha starts to fight a little before she is fully knocked out and no this is not good, far from good in fact.   

Anwir is lucky not paying attention to trees and luckly the tree the rat choose still has enough leaves to hide him..he slips down a path in the woods but its no a for sure where it leads, cant be too many places a monitor can call a den though.   

Patch had watches a short while but he knew time was important and he had to find someone, anyone and that anyone could get others , right?   

A rustling noise comes from the yellow and red trees along the road stronger than the slight breeze of today. Leaping from a great oak to a beech, John is out and about. His bare footpaws connect briefly with a branch before jumping off to an ash. The fighter squirrel has forgone the majority of his gear, having only his sword and crossbow slung to his back and out of the way. His paws grasp another branch, hauling him up as he listens for any sound out of the ordinary while he moves.
Patch is..running? He looks a little spooked as he looks around, muttering something and just about runs into a tree, he lucky stops before the tree conencts, he frowns and looks around, not that he is far from the abbey now as seems that is where he is heading."Ok...get self tagether..your fine and Abbey is close.."Ok he can hear a bell, likely some tea time bell who knows."Close..yeah"   

The abbey's not the only thing close to the rat. John stops, hearing only a little of what Patch said, before turning and pushing himself off to the tree the rat had nearly ran into. The squirrel scurries around the trunk to land on the ground behind the trunk, hidden from view. After adjusting his sword to now be at his side, he unsheathes the blade as he steps out, letting out a cheery greeting. "Why, 'ello there, Patch, what brings y'round here?" He is blocking the way to the abbey.   

Patch frowns as he sees the blade "Your..familiar...who cares I gonna gets ta de abbey move it fuzz tail" He says, he looks behind him as if he thinks he was followed and frowns "Sides...did nothing to ya and dim stoats they helped me get some ale from de Gull......"   

"Least m'tail looks no' like a worm as yours does, rat." John shoots back, not moving. Instead he raises the sword tip to point at Patches throat. "Now come on then, I can take y'to th'abbey, I can. An' y'can tell me why y'were in such a hurry while we walk." He lowers the blade, his eyes staring Patch down. "Y've done enough in th'past t'make me wary of y'."   

Patch gulps a little "Bu..Not..recently...look there is a monitor on the road and...and he has someone kay..ya may ask well why didn't ya stop it....ya crazy in de head? Monitors eat meat, ya know snacks to them"   

Nodding, the squirrel gives an almost friendly shrug. "'Suppose that's true, aren't it?" John holds the blade by his side now, in a far less threatening stance. "O'course..." He tilts his head to one side, looking the rat up and down, "This monitor, I can guess who it were, I can." His voice drops dangerously low, hissing the question out: "Who were it th'monster took, eh? I'd sooner ask tha' than expect y'to face it, I do."   

Patch frowns "I only got a brief look cause..heard a scream and..guess he like knocked her out and carried her Badgermaid from the abbey, de one Stripy knows"   

John gives a long, deep sigh, muttering. "Of /course/ she did." Stepping to one side to look northwards, he asks, "An' how long ago were this?" He turns back to the rat, tossing his sword and catching it. "I'd suggest y'remember everthin' y'can right now an' let me know, I do. Better for th'both of us, aye, it will be."
Patch replies "Few mintues ago....she was likely lookin' fer someone, not liek..well maybe tis like..I dont know why she be outside abbey ok...I didnt give her de idea..I do know stripy was missing or left the area" He has yet to be updated on too much.   

"If y'don' clean up your tone, rotbreath, I swear..." The squirrel shakes his head, sheathing his blade. "Well, looks like your lucky," John says, "I don' trust y'as far as I can spit, but, go," He points southwards, "Go on ahead t'th' Abbey an' tell them th'same. An' f I find y've lied I'd suggest leavin' th' country, I do."
Patch asks, "And why would I lie? I trys ta know what is going all in Mossflower when I can..remember?"
Giving the rat a long, hard look, the squirrel doesn't answer. Instead, he starts pawing the hilt of his blade as if he were to draw it again. "I suggest y'start runin' again 'efore y'tick me off, rat." Unbuckling his sword-belt, he slings it over his shoulder next to the crossbow and starts for the nearest tree. "One more thin' 'efore we part." John says over this shoulder as he does so, "Where were this? How far up?"
Patch backs up a little and speaks " Not too far from the Black Gull...more this side than de north side and the lizard went into the woods somewhere"   

Nodding, the squirrel doesn't bother with any farewells, climbing the oak without a word or even a look at Patch. He soon is leaping and jumping north to the place the rat described with all the speed John can muster.

==At the Gates==

Patch rushes up and frowns "!!"

"Its Matilda, get it right" The Chamoion said as she came into view "What do you want Patch?"

Patch frowns "He goes her..."

Matilda speaks "Who has..who now?"

Patch answers "The..lizard..thing..has Krisha..."

Xander walks into the worse  chats "Umm Matilda have" He catches Patch's words and right away is getting his blade.

Matilda was already at the gates, "Just stay 'ere we will find her."

Xander seemed to not want to take no for an answer"She is my wife!!" A deep breath and a slow nod, "Fine..."A frown " careful" He sighs and heads on inside, he will stay...of course if he thinks its taking too long...he might venture out, maybe.

Patch nods "She has a point Stripy....I will be ok..."He frowns, will it?" So..umm...I need an ale now..."

Xander looks ready to slap the rat, but he holds back as if he did..umm wouldnt end well as he goes to sit on teh wall tops and stare at the road.

Patch backs up, the wise thing to do and nods "Ok..i can..find me own.."Yes he serious needs an ale after all this.


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