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#1 2018-02-22 19:01:35

Henry the Poet
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William the weasel OR I can't talk now. I'm hiding. - Redwall Log


The Grate Hall fo Redwall Abbey, Late Winter.


-Oz, Dibbun Caretaker
-Bill, Dibbun Weasel


    Oz had just got down with his math class and carefully put away the beads and buttons he used. He then made his way to the kitchen and got some mint green tea and want to sit in his chair in the great hall to drink it as while reading and writing class went on, he was on a break.   

Suddenly, there is a loud bump from under the table. A moment later, out from under said table comes the form of a small weasel. The beast, who could not be older the five seasons, sits on the floor nursing his head.   

Oz luckily had the mug in his paw. He raises an eyebrow at the sound and listens carefully before taking a sip of tea “Are you alright?”   

“No worse than I normally am sir,” says the weasel in a melancholy and melodious, “However sir, I can't speak to you. I am hiding form you and talking would give away my position.”   

Oz smiles a little “Oh...well. Talking would do that wouldn't it?” He knows he is under the table now “But why hide, unless you have done something wrong and you sound young”   

“Well sir,” explains the young beast, as he start crawl under the table again, “I was not invited here, I snuck in this Abbey last night. But I can't tell you that, because then I'd get caught.”   

Oz seems to debate on saying anything “Well I am sure you didn’t totally sneak in. It’s possible yes, but maybe you were not seen. Beasts here are friendly to those good of heart.”   

“No sir,” insist the dibbun calmly, “I secretly snuck in. No beast knows I'm here. That's why I'm hiding.”   

Oz hmms softly, “Well I didn’t see you...” Well he is blind so he is telling the truth, “So if anyone asks I can say I have not seen any small weasels.” Yes he knows he is a weasel now. He gets up and walks to the kitchen and gets a plate of berry scones and some water. He has known dibbuns many many seasons and know they sometimes just want to...well be like this. He sits the plate in a chair and scoots it back in place, now the plate is under the table but on a chair as the badger sits back down and sips his tea and eats a scone he got for himself” Well guess you’re have to figure out what to do today then”   

“Thank you, vary kind of you sir,” says the young weasel as he takes a scone gingerly. He nibbles on the scone as he thinks on the badger’s last comment. “Well,” he says slowly, his head tilted to one side, “first I will hind more. Then,” he tilts his head to the other side, “I'll do something different.”

Oz nods as he sips his tea “Well, I do know more beast will be around and you may be seen as a lot are in here at meal times....well mainly in cavern hole mostly.”   

“Oh,” says the dibbun vermin sadly, “I had not thought of that.” His eyebrows nit into a frown as he puzzles over his predicament. After some silence he says, “I'll have to go somewhere else,” the weasel child sticks his head out from under the table, “Do you know anywhere Sir?”   

Oz says “I am not sure really, or you could simply not hide. That is up to you as hiding all day and night might get tiring. I do not think anyone would harm you in the abbey, you don’t seem the type to mean anyone harm”   

The young beast finishes his first scone and starts nibbling on a second. A moment later he gives forlorn sigh. “I suppose your right sir,” he says sadly. The vermin dibbun slowly crawls out from under the table and stands up. “Hello sir,” says the weasel politely, “my name is William Bones. Please call me Bill. May I stay here?”   

Oz offers a smile” As long as your good of heart, yes....though your need to get into abbey school if you need to learn counting, reading and writing. I tend to the counting class, as well as teach shapes. Sister May helps with reading and writing, and there is history also, and learning the abbey charter”   

The weasel is quite for a bit. He finally says, “Sir, I don't know what any of those are. However, I will accept them if it means in can stay here rather than the woods.”   

“It's very cold in the wood.”   

Oz says, “Yes the woods are cold this time of the seasons, it’s much better inside where one can be warm and maybe gain friends and knowing math, and knowing how to read and write are very important skills, also they like to make sure beasts know at least a little basic first aid or healing skills...some even go on to learn a lot more”


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#2 2018-03-01 13:55:08

From: The State of Confusion
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Re: William the weasel OR I can't talk now. I'm hiding. - Redwall Log

This was cute and funny.  I am eagerly waiting for the next adventure of Bill the weasel xD


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