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Two Squirrels meet on the Breezeway - RW 11/23/21

Friar Lacota & Spruce, squirrels

The week before a Nameday Feast is always especially busy. And this Autumn has been nice and peaceful thus far, so there promised to be quite a joyous occasion. There's been much hustle and bustle around the kitchen all day, but as the sun starts to descend into the west Lacota finally steps outside into the brisk evening air, crossing through the breezeway on his way to the kitchen garden.

For most of the past season or so, ever since the events in Ferravale resulting in the trial, Spruce had returned to the abbey - but he's avoided most of the order members if he could help it. Most of his time the past month has been spent holed up in the library going through old papers and records. For what was anyone's guess - but regardless he had needed to step outside for air and figured the breezeway might the most empty part of the abbey while beasts went in and out of the Great Hall's doors.

But that isn't the case. Instantly recognising the friar from afar, Spruce freezes, his eyes dart to and fro for a place to hide - the bushes right there, maybe... But after. A moment he relaxes, as he hasn't done anything that HE knew of that would cause the friar's wrath to be brought down upon him.

And, indeed, the older squirrel has no wrath to give this evening. Instead, he looks a little tired. As he nears the younger beast, he pauses, tail flicking briefly. He eyes the lad, as if trying to recall the latter's name. "Spruce? Ah, yes, I haven't seen you in the kitchen for an awfully long time. Behaving yourself, I hope?" Unlike most Order members, the Friar seems not to care a fig about whatever trouble Spruce had gotten himself into. Lacota has zero patience for gossip.

Spruce bows his head, "Good evening friar, sir. And I suppose so, aye." The younger squirrel gives a sheepish grin, "Besides, there's not been much that's worth the trouble to be misbehaving, no. Not that I would, mind you, sir -" he adds with a nervous laugh. "As much as I enjoy your cooking, I don't enjoy those big iron pots of yours. Know them like the back of my paw by now, I'd wager, and I'm not over eager to be seeing them again, if you understand me, friar, sir."

Lacota nods his head, understanding right off. "I know beasts have been saying things, not that I put much stock in any of that," he remarks, with a shake of his head. "For what it's worth, you don't seem to be a bad lad to me at all. Nevermind what happened in Ferravale."

"Well," Spruce murmurs, his eyes downcast, "I didn't realise it was Mr. Zolo- well, him until the moment." Looking back up he shrugs, smiling again. "Suppose I could've picked a better day to travel 'round outside the abbey, eh?"

"It is absolutely not your fault," Lacota interjects, firmly. He shakes his head. "Thought Long Patrol hares were better than that. Not murderers..."

"Well, that Elbio fellow seems to be at odds with... him, leastways that's how it came off to me." He nods slowly along with the friar's words. "But I don't have much doubt that I hadn't a paw in what followed, what happened to that old otter..." Spruce waves his paw. "Thankfully I didn't witness that. No - but before that day, when the, well, the hare was arrested. That was my first impression of that town, truth be told. Not a very flattering one."

Lacota harrumps. "I have never been overly found of Ferravale," he replies. "Though I do have contacts there that can acquire certain unusual spices for me that I simply cannot get elsewhere." He sighs, and moves over to sit on one of the benches that lines the breezeway. "You don't mind if I sit, do you? I've been up on my feet all day... And I've still got a busy week ahead." He watches Spruce through his spectacles. "You did what you thought was right. That's all that matters. Trust me, I know how that is."

Stepping aside to make room for the friar despite being at least a yard from the bench, Spruce replies. "Of course, friar, sir! Still, it was a strange sight - the vermin'd all gathered 'round the two beasts and simply watched, as if they wanted a fight. The guards came and broke it up but only after I'd tried to stop it." He rubs his arm which still hurt - though that might now be from all the writing he's done. "They took him away, and then the whisper was that he killed that Mr. seer-otter. A shame."

Lacota nods his head. "The otter was a good beast. He shall be missed." The squirrel lapses into a brief silence, as if thinking, before speaking up again. "But, enough of this sad talk. We have a feast in five days, after all. You've been staying here at the abbey... But where is it that you keep holing yourself up so that nobeast can find you?"

Spruce blinks. He hadn't been expecting the question. "Uh, right, mr. friar, sir." A hint of a grin plays at the edge's of the younger squirrel's mouth. "But that - you'll have to find out come the nameday feast with most others of the order, I expect. I've been working on something for a while, I have."

Lacota tilts his head, eyeing Spruce with curiosity. "Are you keeping secrets from your elders now?" he asks, though it's meant more as a jest than anything else.

"The brother recorder, mainly." Spruce winks. "But I did cleaned up after myself, and frankly I doubt some of those shelves had ever been dusted before, not one bit, friar, sir. You could have wrote the entire order's charter quite clearly in that dust, trust me."

Lacota mmms, thinking back to the last time he had a sneezing fit in the Library. "I think I'll talk to Benar about organizing another cleaning day, then. Very soon." He looks at Spruce. "Don't let the Recorder catch you, and I shan't say a word to him, either..." As he says this, he begins to stand. "I'm afraid this is as much a break as I am allowed right now, much as I would like to keep chatting, Lad."

Giving another bow, Spruce replies, "Of course, friar, sir. I was takin' a break myself to escape the dusty old pages, but I do still need to finish my work before the feast, aye. Good luck with the upcoming nameday feast, Mr. Friar!" With a wave the young squirrel is already moving back towards the great hall and library beyond, looking a bit more chipper than he has for some time.

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