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#1 2021-06-10 12:19:25

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Siblings sometimes get grumpy-LP and some Zoltar TP


Slaw- Private and Fighter

Kelp- Dibbun

Vonda- Guest


Vonda sat quietly,  then a sigh." Kelp, please just stay in our room. I can't lose you..I have lost too much already.I only have you and Errapel left in my life."

Kelp frowns." I'm sorry and that's not all." He smiles." What bout Zolomon?"

Slaw had come to check on them and bring them dinner.He stays by the doorway and politely waits.

Vonda gets a sad look." I don't know, he's..who knows where."

Kelp keeps the frown, then smiles." We can go find him."

Slaw clears his throat as he enters, sits down the meals. " I..saw Zolomon, he went clue where,sorry."

Vonda nods.A look to Kelp, ." Maybe..I just don't know. And I know its dangerous right now, but after I know it's safe me and Kelp are leaving ."

Kelp asks." Where?" He then smiles. " Can my friend Oz go?"

Slaw just listens a little." Hopefully safe soon. I just want things to go back to normal and not feel worried all the time."

Vonda shakes her head. "No he can't Kelp, he has to go wherever his home is."

Kelp smiles. " We can ask and then go live there too."

Slaw starts to head out quietly.

Vonda looks at Kelp." I said no Kelp."

Kelp frowns and then gets up." Your a big a big meanie..I hate you!" He then rushes out of the room.

Slaw blinks,  a frown." I will...I will go find him. " He goes to follow the dibbun, one he knows how dangerous it is outside.

Vonda starts to follow and then sits down as tears fall down her face.

Kelp lucky didn't  head out, he went down a hall, one hare got his footpaw stomped on when he tried to stop the otter from running. He make it to the meeting room, no one there right now so he sat on one of the benches.

Slaw comes in and sits down, he doesn't speak right away, he then breaks the silence." You..likely don't hate ya sister..Siblings..they fight sometimes, me and my twin brother fight sometimes. "

Kelp pouts and seems to not want to listen,at first,." hate her..she just..mean sometimes."

Slaw nods." But other times she is nice,  right?"

Kelp smiles a little." you really have a twin?"

Slaw nods." Yeah, the horde had him captive a couple weeks so he is recovering in the infirm now. He is a runner and I am a fighter in the patrol."

Kelp stands." That sounds neat."

Slaw shrugs."Sometimes  it is, but the patrol is serious on things,  I mean the patrol does have fun sometimes  too, likely have a celebration...if we win."

Kelp frowns. " But the patrol can kept all the bad beasts out...right? I know a rat is in a cell but she was put there. "

Slaw nods." We are gonna try to keep them out."

Kelp asks." Is there a won't?'

Slaw frowns now." Let's just hope it don't happen.." The thought scares him, yeah be brave and stuff sure..but these beasts want in their home." He decides to push the thought away as he stands up." I know where some cookies are, want some?"

Kelp grins " You just became my favorite hare here...I am Kelp."

Slaw smiles." Prv. let's get cookies." And that's what they do,they eat a couple dozen cookies.

I play Brother Gorvenalus, Baby Oz( Yes named after Papa Oz)..I also play the Owner of Redthorn Tavern in Ferravale ya know the rat Patch! I also have a couple hares Zolomon a runner in the Long Patrol and dibbun hare Ciana. And more recently I play  Queen Sparra Chestnut.


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