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#1 2017-06-09 04:31:43

Henry the Poet
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So many peoples in Great Hall.... OR "Stop talking right now." PART 2


Redwall Abbey's Great Hall


-Xander, Badger leader of the Mossflower Defenders
-Henry, Bird bard of the Defenders
-Krisha, Mute badger maid

Note: This is part two of a log, you may find part one here---> (So many peoples in Great Hall.... /or/ "Stop talking right now.")


Krisha smiles and just lays her head on his shoulders, she seems glad he is here as she watches the others head off.

Xander smiles and goes to wrap an arm around her to keep her close and help her feel safe, he looks to the sparrow "Anything new that’s important to know?"

The sparrow thinks as hard as he can and declares with much grandeur, "I have no clue, sir!"

Krisha watches the sparrow as she stays ever quiet and seems to let the two beasts talk among themselves.

Xander nods "Ok I have been getting the new base worked out, and seeing that’s its built good and we have the training grounds fixed seeing as it was mainly left alone, and some other things are going well. Oh...there is a blacksmith, Ferro...who is helping us now, he has a shop in Ferrvale." He smiles "And this badger maid is Krisha, she is gonna stay for, well not sure how long...but she is a friend"
The sparrow nods sagely.   

Krisha decides to trust the sparrow, but she is unsure of him maybe, she dislikes birds and that is clear but she has relaxed more in the last few minutes.

Xander sighs, he frowns a little as he watches Krisha but still smiles a little "Anyways the Defenders Group is doing well, slowly growing"

The sparrow nods again. He looks to from his captain to the maiden and back to his captain again. The bird bard chuckles. "I shall give the two of you some time. If you require me, look in the infirmary. He glides to the stairwell and hops his up the steps, humming a ambient tune.

Krisha waves to the sparrow and looks to Xander as if to ask so what do we do now?
Xander looks around "Ummm...anyways a tour of the abbey?"

Krisha smiles and nods a yes to a tour and holds his paw in her's


"Oh, dainty triolet! Oh, fragrant violet!
Oh, gentle heigho-let (or little sigh)
On sweet urbanity, though mere inanity, to touch their vanity we will rely!"
-Chorus. "P'raps If You Address The Lady Most Politely." By Gilbert&Sullivan. Princess Ida.


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