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#1 2020-03-02 13:35:47

From: The State of Confusion
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8 years of MUCKing around

On March 1st, 2012, I turned a decision I had made into reality.  I had been exploring the MUCK for a few months as a guest to see if I wanted to join, and on that day 8 years ago, I changed my guest into an actual character.  I decided I wanted a mouse because while they don't have any special characteristics the way squirrels and moles and stuff do, they are very brave and can be the greatest heroes.  I wanted her to look kind of like me, with brown hair and blue eyes.  I wanted her to be a Warrior, so I gave her an awesome sword.  And I wanted to honour my best friends, Dora the cat and Rose, my little kitten who died when she was about 5 weeks old.  The first character I RPed with on that, my first day playing DoraRose -- RPing on the MUCK, period -- was Zarok.

Now, 8 years later, I am still here, with many fun experiences behind me and hopefully even more ahead.  I want to thank everyone for giving me so much fun and adventure and friendship over the years.  I love hanging out with y'all.

However, there are a bunch of new players on here, and I would like y'all's advice.  What do you wish us older players would remember?  What are some things that come from being newer do you think we've forgotten?  If you don't have a forums account, that's okay; pmail it to me, and I'll copy-paste it onto here as a comment.

And older players:  What advice would you like to impart?  What's something you wish you knew when you were new?

My advice is: Don't let people treat you poorly.  You are worth far more than that.  If you are having a problem with another player on the MUCK, don't run away.  Don't just leave the MUCK just because you have a problem.

There are a pair of players who interrupted one of my RPs -- the finale for a TP, in fact -- who also basically destroyed all the RP on the MUCK from being such control freaks.  I almost left, but my friends convinced me to stay and instead email Otter.  I'm so glad I did, and now I'm braver and more sure of myself, so I'm ready to email Otter should those players come back and start causing problems again. 

And I believe this is what we should do.  Instead of leaving, we should email Otter (  And instead of talking to other players about an issue we have with a certain player, we should try to talk to that player.  These jerk players said I was "hurting people" (among other things), yet no one had asked me to stop doing any of the things they were complaining about!  We should talk to the person who's causing problems (as well as Otter) instead of gossiping around about them. 

Another thing we should do is ask the people we actually hang out with about things that have been brought to our attention and see what they have to say. 

So, that's the hard lesson I've learned in the past 8 years.  What do you guys have to say? smile


#2 2020-03-02 21:55:57

From: North Woods
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Re: 8 years of MUCKing around

Agreed, Blisa.

Arguments will happen, but most people are reasonable and are open to compromise. 

There is no room on the system for people who are only there to cause problems for others.

Contact Otter... he can ‘see’ everything. And will eliminate problem players (whether disruptive, cruel, or deceitful) with a quickness.


#3 2020-03-04 07:12:17

Elbio Hare and Alts
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Re: 8 years of MUCKing around

I am semi-new

My main character is my shrew Vilfred..the one and only Log-A-Log of the GUOSIM!

My other character is Elbio, wish he had more role play time but thats ok..he is a recruit in the Long Patrol and involved in the tenderfoot role play.I almost decided to have him wander off since the Tenderfoot seem to role play maybe once ever other week, but decided Elbio will stick around...besides I think more role play will happen once these hares get out of the area they are in and closer to Redwall and then of course to the Mt...where I think a nice feast can be made in thier return,I mean some may even think they are dead as it has been a LONG LONG time since they left the Mt...after all questions like..will they ever return?Are they dead or alive?....should be very intresting when they finally return home.

As for ideas to others....I say a mix of pose lengeth is good and one can always use NPCS..I have like 3-4 NPC shrews in the GUOSIM...and yes they are looking for members:)

I would like to see Camp Willow be active again as it was an important group in the book as well.

As for issues I say depending on how bad it is,speak to the person causeing it first and then go to otter or maybe stright to otter if its really bad and serious.

Other advise.....hmmms I don't know. I have done my best to get some role play least in Ferravale and Mossflower areas...the abbey seems good with role play as does the western shores and Mt.

Ferravale and Camp Willow need more role play.

I may or may not make a new character for Ferravale or Camp Willow, I am unsure since I am Log-A-Log and have  my hare character I play when I can, which brings up people can always make a ahre to jion either the tenderfoots or the main LP on western shores!

Thats all I have for ya all

I play
Elbio-LP Hare


#4 2020-03-05 06:54:23

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Re: 8 years of MUCKing around

I been around longer than some think, yes I had Oz as a main character for a LONG TIME...he is still around oocly in fact . I have also palyed former villians, those villians ran the Black Rose (Which yes died out totally so please no Blackrose groups suddenly showing up thank you.)

I been around off/on since the late 1990s...yep the muck's early days and a LOT were on back then. I left a couple years and came back like around 20001-2004 or 2005....and stayed away till 2010 when made Oz and been around since smile

My characters are:

Oz-an OOC ...he was ICLY Badgermother for  many seasons before he died after being in a 5 day coma.

Scioto-an OOC CHARACTER- He was chieftain of Ferravale and died from poisoned ale


Zolomon- My archer,Runner, Corperal(for now) in the Long Patrol. Before that he was an archer/runner in Mossflower Defenders.

Gorvenalus- Recorder of Redwall Abbey and helps in the infirm as a healer when needed. He use to be Abbot of Willowbark Abbey..he had thought the place totally destoyed and then learned it wasnt and was being rebuilt so he passed the Abbot Title onto a friend and decided to live at Redwall Abbey as a Brother and Recorder.

Patch- My spy rat, he makes Ales and is a brewer of ales and such, He can fight with a dagger and he is good at gathering info since he is good at hideing...he also has beasts who update him on going ons in Mossflower area and so its rare he don't know anything,thats least major or semi major...he even knows some small issues here and there. He also recently became owner of the Redthorn Tavern in Ferravale.

Thats all on that.

As for advise, well......have fun and role play.Some care on pose length and some don't, there is always NPCS to throw into a pose like dibbuns or novices at the abbey...recruits and the LPs version of dibbuns....Ferravale has beasts walking around(95% vermin of course).I try to get some sort of role play going even if only one other person is on at the time cause sometimes others get on and see people at a place or see role play on the radio and join in as well.Role play doesnt always havr to be a fight or trouble, though yes those are fun too, but it can be eatting a meal, it can be playing in snow in winter, it can be a walk or gathering herbs when you can if your a healer, maybe something needs repaired..sparing maybe, a character wants advise on what ever.....ideas can come like one time remember two people decided thier characters were gonna settle some arguement by walking 10 paces and fireing...PIE! It was funny smile.

I agreee on the have an issue talk to the palyer who caused it first and then otter unless its so bad or serious  you need to go stright to otter then do so.

Well thats all I have right now

I play Brother Gorvenalus,  Oz( Yes named after Papa Oz)..I also play the Owner of Redthorn Tavern in Ferravale ya know the rat Patch! I also have a hare in the Long Patrol ,Cole and more recently I play  Queen Sparra Chestnut.


#5 2020-03-05 08:11:54

Mother Krisha
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Re: 8 years of MUCKing around

I have not had any issues with anyone.

I am likely just gonna stick with this one character...Mother Krisha who is Badger Mother of Redwall. I like playing her and I like the fact she has some skills many don't know about like she can fix a forge(not make anything at the forge though, she tried once and failed). She does know how to fight fairly well,not like a seasoned fighter but she can use a staff and blade if she ever needed too.

One thing I will say is character growth is important. Krisha grew up to not even see her parents as they died, her father before she was born and her mother morments after she was born.She was raised by a vegetarian monitor lizard. A kidnapping when she was in her teen season made her not talk for like 3 and a half seasons till she meet Xander and Oz and got back to talking and trusting others.She fell in love with Xander and married him and thought of Oz as like a 2nd father.

She has also grown in character from training to one day replace Oz, she didnt feel she was ready to take his place when he died, but she has prooven she was indeed the right choice...she has had to learn to speak sparra(fairly easy to learn) and is learning mole speech with foremoles help...she is great with the dibbuns and has grown to love them and will soon have a dibbun of her own as well. My feelings is this...just like parenthood in real can get training and classes on how to raise a kid or teach kids but sometimes its not always easy once you are in the role suddenly..different things come up and you learn as you go.One thing differnet with Krisha is she has a couple helpers Sister Ginny and Sister Anna so she can walk away a few morments from the dibbuns,she even has them and Brother Rick help with classes at times.Nothing agaist Oz but she isnt one to shy away from large crowrds and be with the dibbun almost 24/7 tongue...but its ok to be different,differnt is good

I Play
Krisha-Badger Mother of Redwall Abbey, AKA Mother Krisha
Donica-Healer Hare,Private in the Long Patrol


#6 2020-03-05 08:30:39

Registered: 2016-11-20
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Re: 8 years of MUCKing around

Ha Ha smile....its ok Oz was still hermit like even after getting to the abbey. He was a LOT WORSE before he went blind, being blind made him want to be less hermit like but he still....was in ways. He would only stay at feasts so long cause Benar would be seated beside him and talked him into staying....other wise normal meals he ate in the dibbuns room...breakfast,lunch and dinner was with them,he was with them outside and inside you tell him take a break he be like nope unless he was forced to,usually by an order from Benar  that he was takeing a 1-2 day break,one time 2 weeks, and it wasnt a request...yeah the 2 weeks was hard but he got over it and had spent time with family(At the time xander,Krisha,and Zee think was there brielfy and a small grou of abbey beasts at Brockhall.

Oz also taught all his classes, had like a 1 hour break for tea and a scone and back to work, it was only thiose last couple seasons he was forced to drop down to one class and let Krisha start  basically taking over his job, he was training her then too smile....its one reason after he passed out path between the pond and the orchards and was barely awake he demanded they let him speak to Krisha, he knew he was dying and might not wake back up after he cloased his eyes so he managed to name her Mother Krisha offically before he sliped into the coma he never woke from and it was a couple weeks before that he had told Benar..Krisha was to be his replacement when he died and please honor it...he knew he was getting worse its just he got a lot worse really really quickly.

I like character growth as well, its good to have streaghths and weakness in a character, maybe they don't know how to swim like Zolomon ....maybe they hate touching weapons like Oz and yeah he had the staff and kicked butt with it..that was differnet it was blades and things related to those he reason he never learned forge work even though his Uncles tried. Patch has a couple fears he isn't shareing,one though has come out sort of and its fear of closed in places as when asked to help explore underground tunnels he gave a quick no and that he wasnt a mole or dead as thats the only two beast that belong underground dead ones and moles.

This is all think a character should have

Fears and dreams
Have History of character like where lived,where born, living or dead family members,anything major happen in thier life
Skills and Skills can be inclued in stregths too like can use a longbow/shortbow and an expert with it but can also run fast or use other weapons
Quirks they have maybe hums when afraid..maybe mute?Maybe Blind?Maybe raps fingers on a chair...ect ect

Ok I have rattled off enough for now got to go

I play Brother Gorvenalus,  Oz( Yes named after Papa Oz)..I also play the Owner of Redthorn Tavern in Ferravale ya know the rat Patch! I also have a hare in the Long Patrol ,Cole and more recently I play  Queen Sparra Chestnut.


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