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Tavern Discussions-Ferravale Log


Patch-Tavern Worker,Ale Maker,Spy, Annoying Rat

Nardo- Master Healer of Ferravale

Texo- Architect of Ferravale

Xander-Leader of Mossflower Defenders, Owner of Redthorn Tavern in Ferravale


Ferravale:Redthorn Tavern:Main Room

This is the Redthorn Tavern you have just entered. There is many round tables with chairs made of oak wood  and on the side wall some tables with booths are found. In the back is the counter and where the main bar tender serves up drinks, round chairs line the counter here. Behind the counter is different drinks to choose from, even a small few without alcohol in them. A menu is nearby with food choices, but you will not find any bird meat on this menu. A large picture of whom the tavern is named after,  Marek Redthorn,  hangs on the wall for all to see, a  few words of how he saved Mossflower lie under the picture. Also on a wall, in a glass case, is a curious old flagon,slight burn marks on the side.
On the far side is a fighting pit, a couple tables here to place bets on whom will lose or win and a place to watch the fights. The pit is blocked off and one way in and out down a ramp, that's always guarded at all times, and a healer is on duty at all times as well.  There is also a stage where beasts can sing, dance  or maybe even juggle to entertain the crowds. The tavern is larger inside than it seemed to be from the outside. A door leads off to the kitchen and a sign =employees only= .A window on the side looks outside to the village and there is the door that leads back outside.

Patch was not in the best of moods, he sat at te main bar area just starring at a glass of half drank ale, he shakes his head "Should"
Nardo walks in and tilts his head over hearing the rat as he sits "Ale please..and what...pre tale should be yours Patch?"   

Texo is looking over blueprints quietly at a booth, he looks over at the beast and then goes back to eating his salad and fish dish, fish is one of the meats still allowed after all.   

Patch looks up and sighs "Let me ask ya something......who is 'ere most of de time? Who goes out ta get de drinks from The Black Gull and even get a couple from de abbey, and I make sure orders are correct when they get 'ere...whats he do....ok he gets some of the food that is served but that is easy enough...I could do that as well and he hardly been here"   

Nardo rolls his eyes "Complain enough there calm yourself"He gets an ale and drinks it slowly,"Your the main worker here so whats all the....problem about, you want less or more work?"   

Texo looks between the two and drinks some of his own ale,"If I..may its hard to be calm in a vermin village, then again not been a fight in the tavern in a week so maybe that's good, fights tend to break something, sometimes something of value"   

Patch groans "No one asked ya Texo." He answers Nardo "I can complain if I want to sir. And speaking of fights we need more, like in the fighting pits...I mean they were made fer a reason after all, or was it to look nice, oh wow we have a fighting pit to LOOK AT...."
Nardo shrugs "I suppose beasts rather have a fight on the bar floor than the fighting pit, not a lot want to fight for fun, unless they get something out of it, like winner gets...well something least half worth while"   

Texo says, "I think the fighting pit was made for liek..fights, planed or not planed ones and could be interesting to have a contest of some sort, free drinks to a winner or maybe some form of coin pay this much to enter and winner gets all the entry fee coins as a prize""   

Patch chuckles "An excellent idea...but boss beast who owns the tavern likely think that was dumb.Me..I like the idea"   

Nardo sighs "And of course I will have to be around, won't I..tend to injuries from said fight contest.But I would say no weapons, more of a paw to paw fight, maybe use your feet"   

Texo listens and shrugs "I don't know, something also to bring up with the Chieftain or least let her know when it is to happen, so she like knows of the event"   

Patch nods "Yeah yeah..let Chiefy know, course"   

Xander makes his way inside the tavern and heads to the back, he brings out a box of some ale and sets out a couple bottles. He also chats with the cooks and finally sets down"Hey Patch, ale ...." He yawns as he is a little tried.   

Nardo waves to the badger"Hello there Xander, not seen you in a while. hope all is well with Krisha"   

Texo waves to Xander, and back to Patch "Yeah...Got to let Blisa know of a fight contest, and like when it is"   

Patch snorts "Now ya show up Stripy, where ya been....and why do I have to get an ale for ya, you own the place"He then mutters "Not that your here much."   

Xander glares at Patch "Patch, don't start and I been busy."He smiles a little as Nardo "She is doing ok, no worries so far."He shakes his head and does get his own ale "And wot is this about a fight contest? You know something like that should be brought up with me first Patch, I am not against a fight contest maybe, in the fighting pit course and have a healer nearby, but like..discuss it with ME...Patch"
Nardo sighs as he downs an ale"Course......a healer"But of course he will be there otherwise who knows what would happen, small to even serious injury could happen
Texo just goes back to looking over his blueprints, "By the way I am gonna be getting the mill rebuilt, starting once snow is clear ...though also maybe a little later if there is chance of a flood, we did get a good deal of snow this season, more so than other winters before in a..well long time"   

Patch narrows his eyes"Why do ya care, your hardly here anymore. I do most of de work to keep this place running!" He raises his voice but manages to calm down some"You like..cook and order stuff..I make sure de orders are correct, I get the ales usually..what do you get Stripy?"   

Xander stands as he looks at Patch " best calm down. I have been busy..I have been trying to spend more time with Krisha, she is with child now..."He takes a deep breath and calmly as he can he speaks "Keep it up Patch and your find yourself without a job"
Nardo frowns as he looks between them now and quietly orders another ale, in a bottle so he can like..take it with him, and some scones too, those cheese and spinach ones are good. He then quickly exits, he will send over a healer just in case as yes he is Master Healer but he isn't the only healer there, he has a couple others, a ferret named Milo and a rat maid named Cloverfur.   

Texo clears his throat "Now now...please dont fight, it takes time to replace a chair or table ya know"   

Patch smirks "Fire me? Yeah right.....this place would go down hill if I was no longer working here and ya darn..well....know it" He knows the badger well, or least he hopes he does.   

Xander takes a deep breath and glares, he shakes his head and stands up..."I OWN the tavern and the ONLY reason your even here is a will said ya get to keep a job and I could of ....and still could....change that, your lucky I am not changing it"He then storms off, he needs to take a walk and calm down.
    Feb 11, 2020 at 5:01 p.m.
Texo sits down "He is grumpy, you know its unwise to make a badger grumpy so why did ya?"   

Patch sits down and shrugs "I dont know, let him be grumpy I don't care, he just threaten to fire me....what a jerk"   

Texo frowns "I..well it looks like he didn't do that so you have nothing to worry on. I am just glad nothing was broken"   

Patch seems to change that by grabbing the badger's still somewhat full ale mug and throwing it against the nearby wall, it breaks and ale spills all over, he mutters to himself some interesting cuss words and then has one of the bar tenders clean up the broken glass and ale as he speaks"I feel a little better rebuilding the mill huh, sounds like a fine plan ta me Texo my pal" Yes change the subject for now.   

Texo errks as the mug breaks and he is quiet, then speaks "Yes...I will just need moles to make sure tunnels and old mine paths are not gonna cave in, and to help fill in that one cavern that was under the mill, make sure anything else is strong and steady after all.Moles are experts of underground stuff after all, and its not like they would bother anyone here, they would be under ground most of the time"
Patch nods "Yeah..well I will only be underground when I am I say unless ya a mole, the only other beast needin' ta be
underground is a dead one, "He chuckles "But enough on tunnels and moles and such...I got a fighting contest to work on some details about"
Texo asks, "shouldn't ya tell Xander bout it though, on the fighting pits?"
Patch rolls his eyes "Yeah yeah....what ever, sure but first tell Chiefy about it, then the badger. I mean the fighting pit is thar after all, we just needs ta start using it."He smiles "Gonna be great!" Oh he has plans, plans he wants to put into action, he gets an ale and sits down to drink it, it seems he is thinking on other things besides the fighting pit, what it's hard to say but if Patch is deep in though, that can't be all that good a thing.


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