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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

Smoke and Mirrors, pt. 2
Ft. Elbio, Adrian, Monty, and Jinora as GM
Location: Southsward, the woods surrounding it

Three doors down. Knock three times. Speak to Parsins. Ask for the Claw's Brew. These were the only clues given by the enigmatic Selena before she fled through an open window... Now, the hares find themselves facing a small building, no more than a shack crammed into the space between the two businesses on either side of it. There are no signs, no gaudy paint - it's just... There. The front door is closed - and locked, should anybeast be rude enough to try - but sounds of movement can be heard from inside.

Elbio didn't gather much clues himself before he decided maybe he should get all of the long patrol hares together just...where was everyone?

Adrian walks up to the door, and raps his knuckles against the wood three times. "Oy," he calls out, putting on his best searat impression, "I'm 'ere ta speak ta Parsins, about th' Claw's Brew..."

Monty finally finds the place that had been recommended to him while speaking with Selena, and he takes a glance back at Adrian and Elbio. He stands beside the two, eyes on the door, and as Adrian knocks, the hare waits there quietly, quite curious to see if indeed they had been led in the right direction. That doe didn't seem to be the most trustworthy type, especially leaving so quickly through windows and such. He snerks a little at Adrian's searat impression, muttering in a low voice, "Eh, might wanna work on that a bit, Adj, y'sound like y'drank a mug fulla nails..."

Night is falling now, greeting by the soft kiss of torches blinking to life up and down the street. Southsward really is a quaint little place - one can only hope that whatever waits behind this door reflects that. As soon as Adrian knocks, the voices go silent. A small slot affixed to the door slides aside after the third knock, and a pair of dark, narrowed eyes glare out at the hares. "What in blazes ya doin' hollerin' out there?!" They demand before the slat slams shut. It seems, for a moment, that no one is coming - but then latches can be heard, and the door swings open. "Get in, quick. Now, on with ya - ya got lead fer feets? Ya heard me, c'mon." He hardly gives them room to breathe, move, or respond with all his grumping - but he does step aside, and allow the hares to enter the shack. Inside, there is a simple table on a ratty rug, a small oven, and three shrews. The hares will find space to be wanting, ears brushing the ceiling and bodies held a little too close for comfort. It's a tight fit.

Elbio frowns, should they go inside the room, he will of course if the others do.

Adrian does step into the room, first, taking the lead. He's extremely suspicious, however. "We're heah ta see Parsins."

Monty wasn't exactly the tallest hare in the Mountain to begin with, and so he doesn't have nearly as hard a time fitting into the room as the others likely do. Still, it seems to be rather close quarters, with shrews, which doesn't make the experience an entirely pleasant one. He eyes Elbio and Adrian briefly, before turning his attention back to the others in the room. "Er, sorry fer th'interruption of wotever it was you lot were doin' in here, but it seems we were told t'look for you, and it seems we found ya." He gives a nod as Adrian speaks.
"Aye, I heard ya th'first bloody time." The shrew huffs in response to Adrian, waving a paw. "An' that yer here fer the Claw's Brew. That's all we needs ta know." The shrew huffs, crossing their arms. "Addie, let th' lads in." One of the shrews, Addie apparently, shuffles away from the table, dragging it (and the rug) along with her. There's a door beneath it, hewn roughly into the floor. "Ya tell anybeast where this is, where /we/ is, an' ya wake t'find all yet guts on th'outside. Savvy? Now -" Another of the shrews, this one a young maiden hardly out of her teenage years, muscles open the trap door and drops down. There doesn't seem to be a ladder, because her claws can be seen desperately clutching at the edge until she's worked up the courage to drop down with a 'whumpf'. "Whatcha waitin' fer?" The older shrew gruffs at them again, their arms still crossed, a disgruntled expression seeminly permanently pressed across their face.

Elbio looks to Adrian as...well he is the main hare after all, "So sir? Wot do" He watches the shrews and again a look to Adrian to see what to do.

Adrian wonders if they should follow a stranger down a strange hole. Isn't that how Private Leo lost a kidney in Halyard, at least according to Patrol lore? "We go down," he says, and leads the way, though keeping aware of his surroundings and his weapons should the need arise...

Monty smirks a little, giving Adrian a light elbow. "Hrm. I dunno, I think m'guts would look pretty good on th'outside, th'color's would compliment each other nicely..." He watches carefully as the table is moved and the door is revealed, and he grins as said door is opened. "Yep, like 'e said, wot're ya waitin' for? Tally ho 'n all that!" He follows behind, not exactly sure how long the drop is, but he drops himself down into the hole, bracing himself for the landing.

The tunnel itself is pitch black, but not for long. As soon as their paws start to hit dirt, a flame blooms, clutched in the paws of the small shrewmaid. Her face, half-cast in shadow, looks nervous as she offers up the torch to whomever will take it. "Ya follow dis all the way down, aye? All the way. Ya reach the end, ya know it when ya there. Jus' the one thing - ya be /quiet/ aye? Soft as a shrew, aye? Ya goin' inta raw territories. Imagine ye'll get some 'splanations soon. But they cain't come from me." She gives them a curt nod and begins to scrabble back up the wall, waiting for the paw of one of the other shrews to descend the opening and haul her up. "Allaway!" She repeats, calling down to them. "An' good lucks!" The trapdoor slams above them, leaving the torch to become the only light they have.

Elbio follows last and so is in the back, ok they did need a rear guard he supposes as he tries to follow close behind and looks around as he moves slowly making sure to stay at the same pace and stay close to his fellow hares,

Adrian accepts the torch, then watches the shrew scramble her way back out. With the torch their only light, he frowns. "Why does this feel like a trap, Monty? Elbio, keep yahrself armed, wot. Don't let ya guard down. Okay... 'Opefully we don't wind up like Private Leo..." He starts to follow the tunnel.

Monty chuckles, "Usually it's the stuff that feels like a trap that isn't really th'trap, heh. Dunno what exactly they'd gain from foolin' us, but alas, we better get goin' before we lose th'torchlight." Monty grins, as they travel along the tunnel. "Hmm. Private Leo, eh? I heard that th'fellas that harenapped im were so incompetent, 'e ended up with three kidneys instead o'losing one!" Monty shakes his head with a chuckle, keeping his eyes peeled for anything this whole deal wasn't suspicious on its own.

The tunnel seems to stretch forever; it's hard to keep track of time and distance when you can't see the passage of either, but it feels close to two, three miles. It isn't a visual marker that denotes the end of the tunnel, but a sound - distant, muffled. It's coming from above them. Talking, laughter, the clunk of boots on a floor... And a soft voice that calls from up ahead. "Long Patrol?" It's barely a whisper.

Elbio frowns, he can't help it  as he has to ask "Wot happen ta..Private Leo?" He seems worried now, ok he makes sure he has his saber and is suddenly even more alert and a little on edge now, he jumps slightly as a spider walks across his boot and disappears into a crack in the wall.
Adrian whispers to Elbio, "He followed a searat disguised as a haremaid into an alley, down a trapdoor, and then got knocked out. When 'e woke up, 'e was missin' a bloomin' kidney... Or so they say... It was a searat, right Mont?" Before he can elaborate further, his ears perk, at a sudden whisper. "Yes?" His free paw goes to one of his hidden daggers.

Monty chuckles to Adrian, "S'wot I heard, though I also heard twas actually a real haremaid, she just kinda looked like a searat. But yeah, he woke up n...shhh, wait." He pauses, and his ears perk as they near the end of the tunnel, and the hare blinks as he hears those words. "Didja hear that, Adj? Sounded like they knew we were comin'...heh. What're th'odds o'that, y'think?" He stands beside Adrian, "Aye, is th'Long Patrol. M'guessin' they sent ahead we were comin', eh?"

"Somethin' like that." The owner of that voice steps forward, and a second torch bursts into life. Illuminated in its wane light, is an all-white doe with pink eyes. "I imagine ya aren't too happy t'see me." Selena says, and it almost sounds like an apology. "But I'm grateful that ya came."

Elbio stays close to Adrian and jsut waits to know what to do, he is not touching his saber but he is also not fully relaxed either, and on high alert, even as another spider walks past,this time he just stays still and quiet.

Adrian harrumps at the doe. "I should say we aren't. I want y' t' tell us exactly why we shouldn't take ya t' th' town guard right now. Where are we, wot is this place?"
Monty's eyes take a moment to adjust as the doe reveals herself, and the hare stands there and stares wordlessly for a few moments. He blinks, his jaw moving but nothing coming out at first as the cogs in his brain turn and try to figure things out as best they can. Finally, he manages an "...uhhh....wait, Adj..." He holds out a paw to his friend. "That's her! That's th'one I was chasin! Y'shoulda seen 'er jump out th'window!" His tone has a hint of admiration, a grin upon his muzzle, before he gives a shake of his head and gets back to business. "So, er, yeah. I'm actually pleased t'see ya, miss. See, yer th'cause of all th'confusion, so who better t'talk to than...yerself?" He scratches an an ear with a paw. "All we wanna do is help get things sorta out, and ya keep runnin' from us like a weasel with 'is tail on fire. We wanna help if we can, so...just talk to us. Tell us wot's goin on."

"Sorry abou' all th'runnin' an' everythin'." The doe winces, looking between the three bucks. "Honest, it weren't me fault - I'll tell ya everythin' I know. In exchange... There's somebeast wot needs takin' out, if ya smell wot I'm stompin' in." She gives a nervous smile, pink eyes flashing in the flickering torchlight. "But in order t'do that, yer gonna have t'trust me... An' I know ya got no business doin' that. But they - /he/ - has me brother." There's a weight when she says 'he'. "He's got someone from lotsa beasts around here, it's how he keeps us doin' what 'e wants." The doe pauses, glancing up nervously as the sounds of laughter grow louder above them. "'Is name is Gutclaw. We're pretty close to 'is camp - uses this tunnel t'smuggle beasts an' contraband in an' out of Southsward. Fancies he'll take th'place over, one day. Make it a fortress." She rolls her eyes. "Was hopin' he'd try it, so 'e could get kilt an' we cin move on. But no such luck." She sighs. "I think yer th'only ones wot can fix
fix this. I've got a plan, but ya won't like it."

Elbio frowns "Gutclaw..such a lovely name, not" He states as he listens to the plan.He still stays close to his fellow hares.

Adrian relaxes, a little. "Right undah th' nose o' Squirrelking Garheld, too." He shakes his head, then frowns. "Just 'ow terrible is this 'plan'?"

Monty listens to the doe explaining the situation, and he gives a slow nod. Something even resembling relief washes over his face, as her story seems to make a whole lot of sense and fits in line with how most of the types like Gutclaw operate. Plus it meant that she more than likely was not guilty of the crimes she'd been accused of, and proving her innocence was one of the main things Monty wished to accomplish. "Alright, so...this plan o'yours. Out with it. The odds that we won't like it are pretty slim, t'be honest, miss, we're used t'this sorta thing. Kinda made our name on it, actually..." he grins, sticking his chest out proudly, giving his ear a waggle. He listens, also listening to the commotion just above them as well, though his concentration is on Selena.

"Ain't right under 'is nose, not exactly." Selena gestures with her free paw above them. "Yer further out than ya think. We're in th'woods, pretty deep. Tunnels th'only way in an' out, an' cause it's woodlanders wots been forced inta all this..." She gives a shrug. "He's ugly, but he s'not dumb. But Gutclaws' been nervous 'bout th'Patrol in Southsward. So, wot I propose, is I... Bring ya in as prisoners." She holds out a paw, quickly, expecting dissension. "It'll get us past 'is guards, keep 'im from throwin' ya straight in th'brig. But I don't do yer binds right. Soon as we're in th'room with 'im, you lot cin break free, an' then it's just a blood bath with 'is closest cronies, Gutclaw goes down, an' we cin get th'prisoners out. We cin get me brother out. Everybeast goes home happy. Well." She shrugs again. "Less we all die."

Elbio listens closely as the haremaid explains what is going on and just who this beast they need to find is.He sighs at the dead possible part but that seems part of being a long patrol hare now, possible death can happen at any time.

Adrian frowns. She's right. He doesn't like it. "Wot about our weapons? We c'n use our fists, fine, but some beasts need a good stab-through ta really put 'em down, wot..."

Monty thinks over this plan, the hare beginning to pace back and forth, his paws held behind his back in the process. He appears deep in thought, and it takes him a little while to finally decide. "Right. Well, hmm, I'm on board..." he replies, with enthusiasm. "I'm thinkin' it's a brilliant plan, will get us right behind th'enemy lines without much thought." He nods his head. He glances over at Adrian, "Oh bah, you forget, Adj, yer lookin' at th'best straight up boxer in th'entire Mountain...." he boasts. Maybe it's not entirely true, but, all things considered, boxing is Monty's speciality. "Plus we're pretty good at kickin' as well..." he gives Adj another nudge, before he seemingly decides for the group. "Alright, y'get yerself a deal, miss. We'll do it. Just tell us wot t'do, and consider it done. We'll get yer brother out, don't worry..."

"I'll have 'em." Selena answers. "Can get 'em to ya soon as the fightin' starts." If all goes well. If. The journey to the surface goes much quicker than the one they took to get to the rendezvous point - a ladder brought them up into a wooden hut. Dirty, ramshackle, but sturdy - the sounds of a small vermin horde can be heard outside. Selena seemed comfortable throughout all of it, comfortable with the sounds and smells, comfortable as she bound their paws, loose but with a false knot that could be slipped at the right time, and comfortable as she led them through the vermin ranks. Mean faces sneered at them as the hares were marched through the camp, a relatively well-laid out affair, tactical in the placement of buildings, efficient in its operation. Gutclaw, it seemed, could have been successful. Maybe he still will be. "Got gifts fer 'is lordship." Selena finally growls to the two ferrets stationed outside the most lavish of the huts. "Those Long Patrol snoopers?" She gives a tug on the rope. "Caught three. Hear there's one more doe runnin' bout town somewhere, but this ones got /rank/." She gestures to Adrian and, with a sneer, one of the armed ferrets opens the door for them.

Elbio knows when to go along with a plan and so he palys well the part of a -captive- as he will wait for the time, when the time is right and only then will he fight with his fellow hares and do his best to take down any evil beasts here.

Adrian plays along as well, really getting into character. "Ya'll pay f'r this treachery, female scum," directed toward the doe, then a defiant glare at the vermin. "Yah'll all pay f'r it!"
Monty trudges along beside the others, the young hare putting on his best dour and hopeless expression as he follows alongside the others, paws 'bound' behind his back. He keeps his gaze focused straight ahead, not looking at any of the sneering beasts as they pass through. As they arrive at the door, he remains silent, continuing to stare ahead as he waits for them to be escorted into the hut. "Bloody traitor," he mutters to the doe. "Offered t'help an' this is how y'repay us. Yer a disgrace t'yer species an' goodbeasts in general. Go boil yer bottom in a pan'o'grease...I'll give ya gifts...!" He sneers, before turning his eyes back towards the hut.

As soon as the four hares enter, the room goes silent. Bottles freeze before they reach their master's muzzles, cards are dropped, dice forgotten. There are a dozen vermin in the room, total, but the most impressive by far is the stoat lounging at the far side. "Pat 'em down." Gutclaw's voice is gruff, and he gives a groan as he pushes himself up from the overstuffed chair in which he had been lounging. He is a noble beast, well groomed, muscular - his prescence demands respect from the rabble around him, and Selena gives a laugh. "Aw, boss. Ya think so little'a me that I wouldn't take their loot?" She empties a roll to the floor, and the hares weapons go clattering to the ground. Gutclaw gives a small snort. "Can never be too careful." Two beasts step forward to pat down the hares, searching for any weapons they may have hid. "They look... Fiesty, these little bunnies." Gutclaw continues, studying them. "We'll make an example of them. Teach the Mountain to keep their grubby paws where they belong - would you like a new coat, Selena? This one's got a good color on him." He nods towards Monty.

Adrian is just itching to beat the daylights out of Gutclaw, but he waits. There needs to be a sign, right? Three hares against over a dozen vermin... He doesn't entirely like the odds, but he has to hope luck is on their side. He gives Monty a side-long glance, and waits, knowing the time to strike is *very* soon.

Monty's eyes immediately fall upon Gutclaw as they enter the room, and they never leave the stoat who is most obviously the leader. He continues staring at him even as the other vermin pat him down, the young hare giving him his best glare. He absolutely hated him and his type, always walking over weaker beasts and taking advantage of them, and any thoughts or snarky comments he usually might make are dashed in one fell swoop...especially when Gutclaw comments about making him into a coat. Paws clench behind him where they are died, and the hare certainly gives off a defiant, warriorlike vibe...what a different a few minutes can make, especially with Monty, who already has issues with shifting personalities. He merely stands there, staring, not even looking at his companions...his focus is now singular, and intense.

"Good haul, my sweet." Gutclaw croons, hooking a claw beneath Selena's chin possessively. The gesture could be loving, or he could apply just a small amount of pressure and split her throat. She stiffens. "Well, Long Patrol!" He grins, throwing his arms wide and releasing the doe from her momentary captivity. All around them, activity resumes. Cards are flipped. Dice clatter on a table-top. Laughter returns. "Welcome to my camp. I am Gutclaw, and you... Are quite the prize. But what will I do with you?" He asks, now dropping back into his seat. "Selena, won't you join me." She grumbles something, and his eyes narrow a fraction. "What was that? You hares, so hard to understand sometimes. Perhaps your dear brother should come here and translate for you - let's hope for his sake that you are only saying nice things. You wouldn't want him repeating such vulgarities, that is an offense punishable by... Well." His sneer grows. Behind her back, she holds up a single claw to the other hares. "Where's my drink? Bring me a drink!" A rat scuttles forward to do his bidding, and as Gutclaw reaches for the bottle, Selena snarls out: "Go!" And sucker-punches a ferret at her side.

Adrian hears the word "GO!" and he's out of his bindings immediately, launching himself at Gutclaw like a blue-grey blur, fists pummeling whatever they connect with. Any vermin that make the mistake of getting in his way are quickly sent to the Land of Nod, or even Hellsgates if Adrian hits hard enough.

Monty most certainly notes Gutclaw's behavior towards Selena, and he has to restrain himself watching as the stoat toys with the doe, and even threatens her with harm to her brother. Still, his eyes never leave the wannabe warlord, his paws clenching behind him, eager to be free of his bonds. Luckily he manages to keep his cool and not immediately blow their cover. A few moments pass, Monty watching Selena carefully for that signal. When it finally comes, he wriggles his paws out from his ropes, and almost immediately bounds straight for Gutclaw. "Th'only drink yer gettin' is a mouthful of yer own blood!" he snarls, Adrian seemingly beating him to the punch, no pun intended. "EULALIAAAAAAA!!!" He moves to take out the ferret that Selena punched first, then turns and begins to swing his fists at whoever was unfortunate enough to get in his way. He may be a little on the smaller size as far as LP hares go, but he still packed quite a mean those vermin are quickly beginning to find out.

Their weapons are still on the floor where Selena dumped them, and the doe helps herself to one of Elbio's daggers now, scrambling for the nearest target. Gutclaw is happy to pull an underling in front of him, shoving the unfortunate rat at Adrian while the stoat creates enough space to draw his broadsword. "Devious slime!" He barks, kicking over a table. It's chaos, now. "He'll die for this!" Gutclaw means Selena's brother, that much is clear.

Their weapons are still on the floor where Selena dumped them, and the doe helps herself to one of Elbio's daggers now, scrambling for the nearest target. Gutclaw is happy to pull an underling in front of him, shoving the unfortunate rat at Adrian while the stoat creates enough space to draw his broadsword. "Devious slime!" He barks, kicking over a table. It's chaos, now. "He'll die for this!" Gutclaw means Selena's brother, that much is clear.

Adrian soundly knocks out the rat underling, but now Gutclaw has drawn a broadsword. He brought a sword to a fist fight, to be expected. Adrian turns, and dives back toward the pile of weapons, to scrabble through the pile for his rapier... "Ah damn," he mutters. One rapier against a broadsword... Not likely to end well, unless he uses all his best fencing moves.

Monty would be more than happy to assist Adrian in fighting Gutclaw, however the hare is occupied with tussling with a weasel who thought it'd be wise to take him on in a fistfight. That doesn't last very long, as said weasel is taken out with two punches. Monty doesn't seem to feel the need to use weapons however, and he bounds to the next vermin, aiming a hard headbutt and a swift kick with his footpaw. As the surge of battle begins to flow through his veins, the hare thwacks left and right with his paws, a tan blur as he darts about the room, doing his best to take out as many vermin as he is able.

Swinging his broadsword with all his might, Gutclaw very nearly takes off the head of one of his own. He misses Adrian, for whom he was aiming, and it buries itself into the soft wood of the hut's wall. Wrenching it loose, something groans in the infrastructure that leaves several beasts looking up - there's a CRACK as a section of wall collapses, the structure quickly assembled. Never meant to be permanent. Selena takes the brunt of it, and while she isn't crushed to death, she is trapped. It's just the bucks versus the vermin, now. The doe does, however, manage to hamstring a passing ferret, and her dagger plunges into his throat as he falls to the ground, screeching. His screams stop. The rest of the hut manages to stay standing, though the place is falling apart. Outside, the camp has caught onto the chaos, and vermin rush about, though they don't dare running into the broken building just yet. "I'll roast ya over a spit ya gamey little -" dropping his broadsword, Gutclaw reaches beneath his cape to retrieve two short swords. He favors sport. He lunges at Adrian. Behind them, the remaining six of his fellows are rushing Monty and Elbio!

Adrian narrowly escaped having a log brain him in the head, but he's a nimble beast, quick on his feet. "Now, that's more like it!" he exclaims, when Gutclaw abandons his monstrous broadsword. He brings his rapier up to block the stoat's two blades, with a crash of steal. "I'll 'ave you know, that I took 'ome th' trophy f'r th' bloomin' fencin' tournament at th' last Long Patrol Games, wot! Y'r fightin' a bloody champion!"

"Your silly games don't impress me, rabbit." Gutclaw sneers, bearing down on the slender weapon, using his weight to his advantage. But he is smart. He doesn't keep pushing, knowing that a quick slip and a jab would be the end of him. He takes a step back, calculates his next move, and lunges again. "What do you know of war, lad? What do you know of struggle and triumph? /Real/ triumph - your enemy crushed, his land yours, his titles yours. No, you are happy to hide in your mountain playing hero." He swings, parries, and swings again, slashing in a slow circle. Keeping on the move. Monty and Elbio are beset from all sides - but training and time is paying off. These vermin aren't up to snuff, and they are crumbling beneath the buck's blows.

Adrian grimaces each time the stoat calls him a rabbit. It makes his blood boil. Rabbits are lazy, shiftless. Good for nothing. "Stop...Callin'...Me...RABBIT!" He's a good fencer, but Gutclaw might be better. The stoat has him on the defensive, only able to block each strike, but unable to parry his own... And that makes him angry.

"You misuse your /fury/, lad!" Gutclaw presses, his grin growing. "There are better uses for it. Better uses for your /pride/. Mold it, use it - I know I could. We could do good business together." His constant needling and speaking is meant to keep Adrian off balance mentally, and he can see that it's working. Skill means nothing if you can't think straight - but it also means that Gutclaw's mind isn't on the fight in full. Not completely. "Little rabbit, so far from home. Who are you trying to impress? Did daddy not love you enough?"

Adrian strikes out. "You leave mah fathah out o' this." He's disgusted by the suggestion that he'd work with Gutclaw... But, perhaps he could turn that to his advantage. He purses his lips, looks the stoat dead in the eye. Keeping his blade up defensively, he asks, "Wot d' y' mean... Work w' ya?" He feigns interest, likely to the trapped doe's alarm if she can hear him. If Monty were listening, he'd know the Corporal was trying a tactic. But he's too busy beating the crap out of all the other beasts.

"Are ya /mad/?!" That's Selena, stuck beneath the crippled building. Gutclaw, however, gives a wicked smirk. He seems to have struck a nerve mentioning this hare's father, but Adrian's response still surprises him. "You've seen my beasts. They lack discipline, they lack training, they lack /gumption/. They do what they're told... Mostly poorly." His weapon remains raised, but his guard relaxes. "A military beast like you could turn this rabble into a real army. We could take anything. Anywhere. The world would be ours." He remembers the buck's reactions. Even father couldn't deny your might." One sword is sheathed, slowly and carefully, and a paw extends. "What do you say, partner?"

"Are ya /mad/?!" That's Selena, stuck beneath the crippled building. Gutclaw, however, gives a wicked smirk. He seems to have struck a nerve mentioning this hare's father, but Adrian's response still surprises him. "You've seen my beasts. They lack discipline, they lack training, they lack /gumption/. They do what they're told... Mostly poorly." His weapon remains raised, but his guard relaxes. "A military beast like you could turn this rabble into a real army. We could take anything. Anywhere. The world would be ours." He remembers the buck's reactions. Even father couldn't deny your might." One sword is sheathed, slowly and carefully, and a paw extends. "What do you say, partner?"

Adrian slowly lowers, then drops his rapier. The other beasts, those not actively getting beat to crap by Monty, all stop. They watch. What is he doing? He grabs Gutclaw's paw. "Free the woodlanders first."

"Ya /bloomin' idiot!/" Selena shouts, now actively struggling beneath the heavy load pinning her to the floor. "Free the woodlanders?" Gutclaw's eyes narrow, the tactics buzzing in his head. "It would mean relinquishing my hold on Southsward. It would mean losing the city - sometimes greatness requires dark deeds to achieve. Necessary sacrifices. But I can tell you this - they will only be held while they are /needed/. When the city is mine? They are free to do as they please. Free to go." It's hard to tell whether or not he is telling the truth - or what /his/ version of that truth means. Enslavement? Death? Genuine release? Those eyes betray nothing but ambition. He raises an eyebrow, holding the hare's paw but not yet shaking it. "Is this agreeable to you?"

Adrian casts a quick glance over to Monty and Elbio, who are both watching this go down. "What if I were to tell you there is another, greater city, to the north-west?" The hare's reaction is inscrutable now. Is he attempting to bargain with the vermin? Does he sense something different about Gutclaw? That underneath all the kidnapping and attempted coups, that he can be trusted, somehow? "A city of fah greater wealth than Southswahd can evah hope t' be..." Or is this his last gambit to get the vermin to leave peaceably, without bloodshed?

"Oh?" Gutclaw's eyes narrow a fraction more. Behind him, some of his beasts are raising weapons, but he holds up his free paw, the short sword still in it. They stop where they are. "And what city is this, that is worth abandoning all the work that we have put in here? You saw the tunnel, yes? The loyalty among the villagers? That is an investment. It will need to be a high payout to abandon it."

Adrian mmms. His final gambit. "Aclidia. It's called Aclidia..." He shakes his head, squares his shoulders. He willingly dropped his rapier. He has to face this consequence. "But no, you're right. You've gone to all this work. All I can do now is offer myself in exchange for Selena and her brother, and my two friends. I can't best you in a sword fight." Monty starts to interrupt, but Adrian raises a paw to quiet him. "You let them go, scot free."

"Hm..." Gutclaw considers this, chewing at his bottom lip for a moment, never releasing his grip on Adrian's paw. "You are a noble beast, I see. This is my first lesson to you: it will be your downfall." He lets go. "Aclidia. I have heard of this place... And it is apparent that my methods are not foolproof." He looks down at Selena, lip curling. "I have no use for those who would betray me." For a moment, his grip tightens on the sword - she is helpless, there. She deserves death, having betrayed him. Having brought this down around him, having brought these hares into his midst - but if such a small thing could bring it all down, it was built on shoddy foundation, like the hut they stand in. "Aclidia." Gutclaw repeats, and with a sigh, nods. "You run a hard bargain, but your logic is sound. Aclidia it is." He reaches forward again to shake Adrian's paw.

Adrian shakes Gutclaw's paw. He doesn't look at Monty or Elbio for now. The stoat's initial offer, to join his band... It was beyond tempting to the young hare. Still is. He almost said yes. Still almost might. And that rattles him. He gestures to Elbio, to help Selena out from under the debris. To get her out of the hut. "You are not entirely ignoble," he counters, having some form of grudging respect for a beast who would listen to reason. A beast who could sway Adrian with his obvious charisma.

"And my offer will stand, friend." Gutclaw resigns, sheathing his sword and waving for the beasts behind him. "Help them release the doe, and start packing. We have higher payouts to chase." The stoat, not quite a warlord, but well on the way, turns to leave, pausing at the now-slanted door of his hut. "If you reconsider my offer... You may find me in Aclidia. My beasts will not bother you. The white one knows where the others are being kept." And then he is gone. True to his word, the vermin leave them be, and at his behest help heave the bulk of roof and wall off of Selena. "Yer a mad beast." She huffs, rubbing at her legs. She's bruised, but not broken. "A mad beast, ya know that?" Declining help to stand, she gives another huff. "Let's get th'rest an' get out of here."

Adrian can't argue there. He's never stared down a vermin like that, nor talked them down, either. Never gained a grudging respect before... He keeps that to himself. "It was this, Miss, or a slaughtah tha' we weren't guaranteed ta win. The odds favahed th' vermin, poor fightahs they may be. I made correct assessement that Gutclaw could be reasoned with... Besides, that Aclidia I mentioned? It's a vermin-run city. So if 'e takes it ovah, it's literally no skin off mah nose..."

"Call me 'Miss' again, an' I'll be th'one takin' skin off yer nose." Selena grumbles, rubbing at her sore waist and legs. She's going to be feeling that for days. "Pris'ners is this way." She leads the way to another hut, this one full of cages. A makeshift brig. A large buck perks when he sees Selena and stands. "Sel? Wots goin' on? Whole camps in a tiz-" "I told ya I'd get yer dumb scut out of there." The doe cuts him off, waving in the guard. Reluctantly, the rat begins to open the cages. "Gutclaw's orders." She reminds them, grin growing as she throws her arms around her brother's neck. "Little sister to th'rescue agin. An'... Who're yer friends?" Other beasts - shrews, a rabbit, an aging mouse - are stumbling loose, confused and alarmed. Monty and Elbio are there to calm and direct them.

Adrian adresses the other buck. "Corporal Adrian Swiftbuck, of th' Long Patrol, wot. I bargained f'r yahr lives, an' some'ow won. Don't ask. The important thing is that yahr free, Gutclaw is 'eaded ta greenah pastures, where I expect 'e'll be much 'appiah, an' I still got a lettah ta delivah ta yahr king. So, shall we 'ead back ta Southswahd?"

The freed beasts are eager to return home - all but the doe. "I think I'll wait outside th'city. Still got some - ah - outstandin' warrants. Rightly earned, too. Not everythin' came from Gutclaw's orders, he picked me fer a reason." She sighs, her smile sad. "My brother is free, an' I'm goin' t'move on." There's a pause. "Hey, you lot wouldn't happen t'be hirin', would ya?"

Adrian nods his head resolutely. "Tha's why we're out 'ere. T' find more patrol beasts, wot. We're kinda low back 'ome. It's not an easy journey, though. We'll be pressin' furthah south aftah I delivah this message t' King Garheld... So y' bettah make yahr goodbyes t' yahr brothah..."

The goodbyes are emotional, but happy. The vermin encampment left behind, high activity overtaking it. If they are baffled by their leader's sudden change of heart, Gutclaw's underlings don't question it. Southsward guards are waiting at the gates, as usual, but the return of so many missing beasts? Captain Stryker himself is shaking paws and thanking the hares, all except Selena. True to her word, she waits in the woods, happy to bask in freedom and camp out while the Long Patrol finishes their business in the Village. Tearful reunions grip the city - a young maid retrieved from an orphanage by a father thought dead, a mother reunited with her son, a husband returned to Parsin's arms. He can't stop kissing his forehead, between promises and plans to destroy the tunnel. Free. Happy. Relieved. Southsward was never fully aware of the dangers plaguing it, but they can all feel the release from it. Things will be better here, and the Patrol are to thank for that.

And all the while, a vermin horde lays plans - new plans - on the road to Aclidia.

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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

Dinner with a King!

==Last part of Southsward Adventure ==

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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

******This Island Hides Danger-Tenderfoot Adventure Role Play*******


Dearil Sharepclaw-ME- Evil 2nd in command of Blackrose

Atvi-ME- Former Novice of Redwall Abbey

Kalypso -Leader of the Blackrose

Emersyn  - Hare and Escaped Slave!

Elbio- Long Patrol Hare

Spoofs of slaves and Blackrose Beasts...


It was a normal day for those of the Blackrose and its slaves. Some light rain fell and the air had  a small chill to it as the leaves  were indeed  beautiful shades of red and orange, some yellows even but the beasts who were slaves were far from happy in the hidden valley of the small island. Once a home to about 2 dozen rabbits.Those rabbits now slaves along with any other passing traveler that came to the island.

Visits were rare though, but once in a while they came like a family of shrews, that same day all 5 shrews were slain.another time a hare and a badger came to visit, the badger Mancio was killed protecting the hare, the hare was Emersyn..and she was taken as a slave. The only other non rabbit was a vole named Atvi..a novice from Redwall who wishes he never left the abbey at all that one day.

It was today...two beasts planned an escape attempt…

Emersyn watched the guard closely as she passed out some tea and ale, a glance back to other slaves doing various chores.

The guard takes the ale and nods his thanks as he chugged it down, the other guard got ale as well and one got tea and went elsewhere  as it was their time to  get some rest.

Atvi was close by chopping some firewood.Every one in a while he looked up at where the hare was and then would get back to work.

Dearil sneered “Chop more wood already slave, we need a good deal for winter season after all and some for cooking”

Kalypso stood by the large building they had built, this is where the Blackrose stayed, the rest..the slaves, stayed mainly in the barn, too small to do much but sleep, they stayed dry but not warm as warmth was a small fire pit and logs were not always there for the fire.

Emersyn got close to Atvi as she looked back and forth “I drugged the ale, it should work soon...we can escape and get help”

Atvi frowns “Help where, we have to get off the island first and it's hard to say how close help is, Redwall Abbey is a good 3-4 weeks away”He frowns at that thought, if the Blackrose grew the way it wanted to, the abbey could one day be in trouble “And it's still a ways anywhere else unless there is some village somewhere”

Dearil didn't think too much of slaves talking, not like they could escape as there was only one  way into and out of the hidden valley and two guards stood there.

Kalypso looked bored, not always a good thing”Someone best bring me some fish and creme and  NOW!”

Emersyn looked over as slaves  hurried about to please their master and owner, a glance at the guards at the entry.

The two guards had both drank the ale and ate a good bit of  fish and mixed vegetables, food,ale and sleeping herbs soon get to them and they are fast asleep for likely a couple hours.

Atvi nods, “Yeah and before they gather the slaves to go inside.”He is all for escape, even if they don't have a plan on where to go once off this horrible place, it didn't use to be  horrible he knows and he would love to see it a happy place again.

Dearil looked around and yawned, the light rain was interesting and he  glances over at the feline and snorted, does she always have to complain, he snorted again as  standing around was starting to get to him he needed..action or  a chance to get off the island and  hunt.

Kalypso likely would still complain, but today it seemed the fish and creme were to her likely and she shooed the slaves away.She did have plans to get more slaves but not many came to the island, but beast did pass through the area with goods, so maybe  in a day or two as a couple scouts did keep an eye on things and there was the lookout tower to see the beach.

Emersyn took a chance and quickly went to the entry and studies the guards, she motioned for the vole to follow her.

Atvi frowned but then bolted, almost tripped but made it beside her, they were so very very close now.

The two guards, snored earthquake  would likely not wake them right now.

Dearil stood up better , he spoke to one of the  other slavers “Gather the slaves for  dinner.”

Yeah, the slaves dinner was  a simple thin soup with a few potato slices, water and maybe a roll at times.

Kalypso watched as the slaves were gathered up and  counted them quietly, ok maybe she would wait as  sometimes one or two were elsewhere, they went out to the beach but only with a guard  and she knew when guards went in and out and that wasn't today yet.

Emersyn quickly grabbed Atvi’s paw and ran! She ran to the  small tunnel and down it and didn't even stop when they came onto the path to the beach “There is me and….”Tears come “  Mancio’s  boat if it wasn't destroyed, it's a small fishing boat but it fit me and a badger!” She only hoped it was still there and  able to  get them to the main land area.

Atvi hurried along, he didn't complain when at first he was dragged a little, he  kept his balance and smiles..freedom? Not yet he decided as he nodded “Lets hope its still there”

Dearil noticed something was...he scanned the slaves “Two are missing and so are...two guards”As the slavers also meet to eat  dinner, just a lot better food.He  looked to the entry and narrowed his eyes as he marched over just missing the escaped slaves, he checks the guards and the mugs, more narrowing of the eyes “Sleeping herbs?!” He then growled and broke the mug, the two guards would never wake as punishment was already decided for them, each a throat slash and they died as the  2nd in command roared out “There has been an escape!!!” And it was clear, hey only way in and out, where the two missing slaves were heading and if they acted now they could recapture them and it would be  decided what punishment was good for the escaped slaves.

Kalypso is not happy and when she is not happy slaves  suffer, “Put them in the holding pen!!” Well at least they got some dinner before they were  forced to the slave pens, they look  between one another with fear and maybe some hope, if the two got away after all…..this nightmare could finally end, or get worse if they were caught.

The hare maid looked around and  almost gave up hope and then found it “The boat!” It was a little..torn up  but it seemed to float, it was all they had so it had to work “Come on!”

Atvi took one look at the boat and  backed up, “Is that even able to be used still?”

They could not take long to decide as Dearil came charging with about 5 other Blackrose beasts...3 stoats and a couple foxes, the other Blackrose  members stayed at the base to guard the rest of the slaves and the guards were about to get a  lot more alert and strict with rules.

Emersyn gasped “Get in quick! There is no time to figure it out!”She pushes the boat out and jumps in, a paddle? Ok she can use something else! She finds a replacement pole for the sail, wait the sail..the wind..”Help e get the sail up, the wind will help us go faster!!” The  extra pole will be an ore she decides, but that wind will help a lot.

Atvi is already in and looks to the shore, eyes widen and he helps to get the sails up. “This is bad, very bad!!”

Dearil glares at the boat, he nods as 3 of the slavers are archers “Fire!!” He nods to the other two “Get my boat, yes he has a boat I did they get here after all and unlike most here it's checked on and keep in good shape by a small little sort of rocky area.

The archers fire off the arrows and the two foxes go get the boat ready to  follow the other one, weather its to get  the slaves back dead...or alive, it didn't really matter to them.

Emersyn is glad the sail is up and it helps, she eeeps as an arrow grazes her arm and the wind helps them get halfway across.

Atvi uses that pole to try and get the rest of the way to the mainland, panicking a little now.

It had been a couple a little over a week for the traveling hares and now the small group of hare friends had come to this area of woods with a large inland sea of some sort and planed to explore it soon.

So on the mainland is one of those traveling  hares, Elbio is that hare and he is fishing.He sighs why did they  pick him to do the fishing? Yeah,  he was good at it but didn't mean he wanted to do it, he wanted to explore, maybe get a nap in but he  said he would fish while the others set up camp, it was starting to get dark and he had maybe 5 fish, another one soon was  caught as he grined.


And arrows come at the boat again! It’s not to very far to the main shore, would take maybe  10-15 minutes as one can see the  main shore  from the island beach and the island from the main shore.Unless it was  foggy which happens at times. It was slightly foggy now.

Emersyn gasped as arrows torn the  sail and one grazed her shoulder, on hit her arm .

Dearil had them fire  2-3 times and then he and a tall fox got in his boat, another fox join as well leaving two stoats on the island. They followed the boat and he grinned as he purposely crashed into her boat, his boat was a lot better build and could handle some small fishing boat, yes his was small as well but as said, build tougher and better.

Elbio looks up at the noise and slowly stands as he scanned the area, the camp where his friends were was off a path, maybe half a mile into the woodland.

Atvi tenses as he gets an arrow in his leg and frowns, worse the boat is them crashed into and starts sinking!

Emersyn can’t swim, so she panics, “Help me!!”

Dearil chuckles  as the boat is basically destroy and motions to back off.He smirks “Escaping are we? You know the punishment for that dearies”

Elbio clearly hears the call for help and can hear other voices, but there isn't time to go find Adrian and them so he dives into the water to save whomever needs help.

Atvi can swim fairly well, though the injured leg slows him some, he does get to shore and groans in pain as he breaks off the arrow and gets the rest out letting his leg bleed, lucky not too much.

Emersyn sinks under the water, then resurfaces to grab a broken bit of boat.

Dearil grins,and scans the waters “To shore..we have a vole to capture..”The fox points to the water, he noticed Elibo as the 2nd in command nods,”Keep an eye out”

Elbio sees the hair maid sink and dives under to get her, he reaches for a paw and plans to get to the surface and to the shore with her if all goes well.

Almost all goes well, then  Dearil and his 3  sidekicks catch up. “What is this? Helping with an escape, I think not ...”He grins “I think not”

Atvi notices the  vermin, those Blakorse beasts and stands  shakely on his footpaws.
Emersynis saved, well from the lake anyways as she coughs up a lot of water and her eyes widen in fear when she sees the Blackrose, for sure when she sees Dearil.She stands and looks around quickly to find Atvi, she speaks to Elibo when she goes to take his paw “Run!”

Elbio frowns”Run? Why run..I am not afraid of vermin.I am a hare of the Long Patrol” Ok he has arrows, but he also has a saber he draws out and he is outnumbered 3 to 1 odds as he thinks, ok he can run as he whispers ”I have 3 other friends..lets go”

Daril narrows his eyes “Get them!”

The chase is on, Dearil walks over to Atvi and smiles coldly,a punch to the face and  he knocks out the vole and nods to a fox “Don’t kill him ...I want him to be an example to the others on why you don't escape the Blackrose” He gets a salute as the fox takes the young vole back to the ship, one other fox and the stoat stay with Dearil.

Emersyn speaks as her and the other hare run” Wot’s the Long Patrol? You have friends, how many and can’t let Dearil find them!”

Elibo frowns “Who is Dearil, the one vermin? And be like 5 to 3 odds...and Adrian and Monty are very skilled.”

Dearil catches up going to surround them.”Cut off any escape!!”

Emersyn panics a little and then “Atvi!..They have..took…”

Elibo thinks quickly and frowns, ok time to either be brave or stupid as he finds a sort of hollowed out area by a large tree and shoves her towards it “Hide!” He says,his plan...get to the others and come back for the hare maid.

Dearil and his two helpers don't see where the hare maid went and close in on the other hare.An arrow is fired!

Emersyn frowns but scoots more under the roots and vines and dead leaves .She lays down and stays very quiet.

Elbio hmms and gets out his own longbow and scoots to a stop and fires off his own arrow “Ya like arrows huh, heres one chap!”

Dearil side steps quickly and hears a gurgling sound  as his own archer stoat falls over, arrow in his throat.He shrugs and narrows his eyes as he gets out his bolas and twirls them around and throws them.

Elbio was not expecting that! He  yelps and the bolas wrap around one leg and he tenses in pain, lucky the boals strike mostly the ground and so he avoids serious injury, but  his leg will seriously be bruised knee down,the uniform helped some too and the fact he had some sort of pads on his knees to take most of the blow of those bolas.

Dearil walks over and grabs the hare by the collar “Well well well ...seems we have a new slave”

“What about the hare maid?” The fox asks.

Elbio tries something, it's worth a try as he takes a deep breath and glares at Dearil “Ya monster..ya killed her, she’s dead..”It's a lie but if he can buy her some time to escape and hopefully find the others, he will.

Dearil smiles coldly”Good…”He cups the hare’s mouth, on his gloved paw is knockout herbs smashed up that he keeps in a vile on his side.

Elbio struggles and then goes still as he is forced into a deep unwanted sleep.

Emersyn stays where she is, so close she can hear voices and tenses up..wait he just lied? Lied for her? She frowns and stays hidden until she hears them leave and follows them quietly enough to see the lake shore from the tall grasses.

Dearil gets the hare on the ship, a brief look at Atvi is seen and the small ship heads back to the island as heavy fog sits in, she frowns and backs up, she had to find that camp Elbio mentioned, friends he said, Long Patrol he said..she isn't sure who that is but..then she rushes off, they are warriors right? Warriors who can help her and the slaves, maybe freedom was closer for the slaves, she had hope it was.

==The Island Base of The Blackrose ==

Elbio woke slowly, his leg hurt so bad,”uggg wot happen guys?”

“You were captured by the Blackrose, that's what happen lad?” A rabbit came into view, other rabbits were here as well.

“Wots the...Blackrose?”

An answer to the hare’s question came quickly, a couple vermin came in and spoke “All slaves to the clear now old..and new ones.”

The rabbits helped Elbio get to the clearing as it would be a few days till he would walk without help. He looked around and frowns a little.

Kalypso was in the front and in front of her was a tied up vole, Atvi

Dearil came forwards as well “It seemed two captives escaped, one was brought back alive” It was not clear if he believed the hare was dead, though it's possible he went along with the lie, who knows. “This one….”He grins “Last words?”

Atvi looks at Dearil “Hope ya rot in hells gates soon scum”

Elbio frowns, “The Blackrose..slavers, where are we?”

“An island, an island that was once  my tribes home”A rabbit answers, the other rabbits nod in sadness it was far from a home now, it was a slave place.

Dearil grins “Let this be a lesson to you all...try and escape”He slices the axe across the voles neck..there is a now headless vole”And you pay with your don't try to escape then we all get along”

Atvi is dead,before he hits the ground, he is dead.

Elbio is not sure but something awakens in him as he glares at Dearil,  this vermin is going down..maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow but some time soon

The rabbits tense up in fear after seeing Atvi die and some whimper, dibbuns here  cry.

The slaves are soon placed back in the slave pen.

Elbio speaks”I have friends..maybe Emersyn got to them and if she did they will help, they are the Long Patrol.”

“Long Patrol?” A rabbit asks, the others curious.

“Emersyn IS ALIVE?” A Rabbit is now happy, so is others and a hope builds up within the slaves.

Maybe this nightmare they were in  would come to an end after all.

My spoofs:Atvi...and Alts=
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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure


===A short but Important log as it looks like Elbio is in trouble. Will Adrian, Monty and  Yerna fsave him or is he doomed? Also the hare maid Emersyn...will she find Elbio's hare friends? Stay Tuned!! ====

Kalypso paced back and forth, news of just whom they captured was of interest to her.She waited for her 2nd in command to bring the new slave to her at once.

Dearil was in a foul mood, the one slave escaped and he was 100% sure whether she was dead or not.In his eyes it would of been so enjoyable for her to watch the vole die, but no matter.He brought the new arrival, paws tied behind his back and weapons taken away.A slave collar around his neck."Your get use to that collar or ya best get used to it"

Elbio did not struggle, but he did drag his foot paws once, he spoke "You know evil never bally well wins in the end" His uniform was dirt covered and torn at the knee and shoulder.Lucky he had an extra...back at camp though.

Kalypso looked to the door as she hears voices and studies the hare "Thank you where was this prize from, hmmm?" She walked forwards as she circled them and smirked "Interesting indeed as didn't think see one of you again, then go figure, did the stripedog send you to hunt me down?"

Dearil shoves the hare forwards and sneered "The hare was found by the woods, I think he helped that hare maid escape...though he claims she died,I am unsure I believe him master"

Elbio loses his footing and tumbles forwards and looks up at the feline "Wot?...never saw ya ugly face before in my life"He stays quiet about the hare maid, she was alive last he checked and he is honestly not sure where she is,he hopes alive and he hopes she finds the others.

Kalypso hisses and goes to swipe the hare with a claws paw "I KNOW...where your fun woodlander scum, your one of those Long Patrol hares from the Western shore under the leadership of Lord Ciocan"She chuckles "Interesting badger, meet him face to face briefly"

Dearil is interested in this , so he listens and makes sure the hare behaves himself

Elbio tenses in pain as the claws go across his face and looks curious "You was face to face with a Badger Lord and your still alive and talking? Yeah...right, funny joke"

Kalypso goes to grab the hare by the collar of his uniform and glares at him "You think I lie...then how do I know your a Long Patrol hare, I remember the uniform..are there other hares?"She grins "Is the badger around to fight or will he be too concerned with his precious hares...that was a mistake before when he threw me into the sea, see I survived..he went to save a hare that ended up betraying him, and I ended up killing that same hare later on.It was fun to watch the hare's life force leave him."She goes to drop the hare " many hares? Hmm....they will fail as you are mine now"She calls over a guard with a very hot looking branding iron,there is a fireplace beside the feline."I wonder...what would he think of this. Will I get to have a round 2?"

Elbio oofs and just glares now, but he says nothing about hares or badgers , "Yeah..if he was around he would slay your butt for enslaving a long Patrol hare"

Dearil smirks "I hope a badger is around, or just some Long Patrol hares, I need target practice for my archers"

Kalypso smiles coldly as she nods for a guard or two to hold down the hare "This is how I tell others what is mine..."It is a simple outline of a black rose, red hot iron and hotter once in a fire again, she goes to place it on his shoulder and trust me it WILL leave a rather permanent mark!

Elbio struggles now and kicks at the guard.As his sleeve is ripped more and that branding iron placed on him he screams in pain and has tears going down his face as he breathes in and out, ok that hurt like a freaking lot.He shivers a little now. Ok he can be brave, he is a hare of the Long Patrol!A deep breath.."'t win, evil never does..your fall, even if it's a long time from now. I am missing now and will be looked for,then your be sorry"

Dearil says, "Or we will just have new strong slaves"

Kalypso smiles "Let them come, it will be enjoyable fighting them....maybe I will gain new slaves or kill them, both maybe. I would so enjoy sending a note to Lord Ciocan on the hares defeat..."She backs up "Take him back to the slave pen...and oh yeah"

"Welcome to the Blackrose..."



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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

Another log of Tenderfoot/Blackrose

My spoofs:Atvi...and Alts=
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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

*****Questions and Choices-Blackrose Tenderfoot Adventure****


Elbio-LP Recruit

Dearil-2nd in command Blackrose

Kalypso - Leader Blackrose

some spoofs of slaves and guards...


It was a cold morning but that didn't mean ny slaves were getting a break from work, not at all as it was work as usual and no one dared to slow down. Kalypso watched from her chair as the slaves went about working.She snorted and pointed to the hare, "Get me my lunch, snap to it already"

Elbio had lost his uniform to the feline and now had ragged tunic and pants on.He narrowed his eyes at her but went to fetch the lunch and walk it over to her "Here"He says quietly, trying to avoid letting a growing hate for the feline show."Your lunch"

Kalypso takes the plate and smirks "I always wanted a Long Patrol hare as a slave, mother failed to get one, even when there was a couple wounded on the road that were good pickens, instead she let them die."She chuckles coldly "So you never did say, how many of your hare friends are around?Is the badger?"She sips her drink and nibbles a pasty."Info could be good, maybe even rewarded" She takes a bite of pie and a bite of salad, it's not like the slaves get this, its soup and bread for the slaves and water.

Elbio just stands there silent, it's clear he isn't gonna speak to her, but he also doesn't walk away either

Kalypso drinks her ale, eats her meal silently as well and then growls as she goes to swipe a claw at the hare's face "Your to answer any questions I ask Slave!!"

Elbio sidesteps the swipe and glares at the cat "I am a Long Patrol hare, and if I had it my be the one taking orders,not me.Threatening a Long Patrol hare won't end well lass."He is getting brave it seems, or foolish.

Kalypso snorts,her ears go flat.She looks at the hare "It would be wise to not cross me, trust me as it would make you a fool and I care not if your a Long Patrol hare, all the more fun to break and if my plan goes well break others as well.I know how you hares are...concern for one another, you are not alone and I know this as I am not a fool. I am going to have some of my beasts hunt for your friends and either kill them or enslave them."

Elbio frowns slightly but then looks at the ground "A Long Patrol hare is not that easy to defeat in a fight"

Kalypso chuckles as she smiles "I caught you it seems,then maybe you just need more skill and practice"

Elbio thought a while before he replies "Yiu for lucky, I am just a recruit..still ya got lucky to catch me.You were trying to get the haremaid and the vole and you killed the vole, I hope your killed for that weather by a Long Patrol hare or maybe one of the other slavesI have read where slaves have fought back"

Kalypso rolls her eyes as she sips her drink "What ever, the slaves here fear us and your learn in time. All beasts can be broken, some just take longer than others"

Dearil walks over to the cat and bows "Master..."He says,he looks at the hare as if bored

Kalypso smiles coldly "Dearil, my 2nd in command. I would like you to go out and see if you can find that haremaid I have a feeling she is alive and likely some other hare are around as well. Find...Kill..enslave, you know the drill"She smirks

Elbio ears flatten against his head, he goes to try and kick the cat in the stomach while she is distracted.

Il is seen as the bodyguard to his leader as well, when he sees the  hare go for an attack he acts quickly to slam an arm into the hare's chest, not aimed to kill but hurt a lot and likely knock out.

Kalypso stays fairly calm as she watches this, she had leaned back and let her 2nd in command deal with it "Take him to barn and lock him in the room, he can think alone in the dark for a couple days with no food or water, see if that will change his thinking any"

Elbio is knocked out as his plan fails, rather badly it seems and gives a weak groan.

Dearil nods "Of course..Master,as you wish it will be done"

Time Passes

Elbio woke up in the room and looked around trying to find a source of any light what so ever. " I now?"

Dearil lights a lamp and looks at the ahre " where your think a couple days, see this is the only light your see for the next couple days and it leaves with me, you will see light again in 2 days time. But before that we chat..about your friends"

Elbio frowns, he can't let them find Adrian and Monty "I..told ya..I am alone and you killed the haremaid"He keeps his voice emotion free and does fairly well through most of it, he does tense up a second or two though.

Dearil tilts his head and then goes to kick the hare into the wall, it's hard enough to crack a couple ribs and likely hurt a lot."Lier!!"

Elbio feels himself fly backwards and tenses up in pain as he hits the wall and slides down it, one rib is cracked as he shivers in pain, ok that hurt and he is a bit winded,but alive and the pain proves that.He looks up at the vermin and glares at him, he has gotten braver the longer it stays in the Long Patrol.

Dearil grins as he looks at the hare "You have spunk, I will dim that for you..slave. You will learn but don't worry, maybe your have a friend...or two with you soon or learn of their deaths if they choose that, the haremaid WILL DIE, in front of all for her escape....see escape usually ends in death and its seen by all as an example to not escape or pay the price."He smiles coldly "Your life"

Elbio keeps the glare "My friends are a lot more skilled than me, your find it a lot harder to kill or even capture them and they will protect the haremaid. And they likely know me missing by now and will look for me and likely kill you and the other slavers, the Long Patrol don't like slavers too well and evil always loses in the end"

Dearil shrugs "Time for a change I suppose, now if you excuse me I shall see you 2 days ,no food or water, or light....enjoy" He blows out the light and locks the hare in the dark, to check on him 2 days later.

==two days later==

Kalypso sat at a table, a rabbit was holding a serving tray beside her with fresh fruits, some wood pigeon,sweets,  rolls, and some wine. She looked at the door every so often.

Elbio is led inside and basically made to sit down, he didn't struggle but refused to look at the feline,his fur was messed up and he looked tired from lack of good sleep.

Kalypso sips some wine and speaks "What's your name, please don't be shy..I want a name and rank, full name. I always fine those long names you hares have intresting" Another sip of wine "I can also let you get a bath, if you like"

Elbio looks at her" Elbio Hans Reed...a fighter."He isn't sure if he is recruit or Private, but either way he is mainly quiet, a name he figured won't hurt but he does ask a question "Why...offer me a bath for?" Is she up to something?

Kalypso shrugs, "It could be nice, maybe a snack, then what's a snack to a hare huh. You know I knew a hare, Hanzi, he was a Long Patrol hare too and he betrayed them, then again he tried to betray me too and he died,I watched him die"

Elbio says, "Why tell me this I never knew a Hanzi..I only know...."He stops and looks down at the floor with a frown. No he almost mentioned friends, he couldn't do that."

Kalypso says, "He was a Long Patrol hare....but no ,matter"She motions for the server to offer the hare food "Eat, chat...who are your friends and where are they?"

Elbio frowns, he is hungry but he just shakes his head no and takes a deep breath "Not here and when they do get here it will be to slay you and your group and to free the slaves"

Kalypso says, "Fine...but who says they will win, hmmms....I have archers and good fighters, Dearil is an assassin who by the way know your friends are somewhere on that shoreline, he won't kill that will wait till you can watch,then their uniforms and heads are sent to the badger and I keep you alive as a trophy...a prize..a slave, a long patroler as a slave and others soon dead.A bit of revenge for the badger taking out a base I was starting on his shores."

Kalypso smirks " You should eat, your friends don't want you found dead, sides you want to see them again right? Even if just briefly and they can get to see you too"

Elbio looks away again, he then glaces at the food and drink and frowns, he hasn't eaten in 2 days and a couple days before that not much. "No..they would..not."

The one rabbit is still beside him and whispers to him.

Kalypso ears go flat "Repeat your whisper,,,now!" The slave jumps and shivers "I..I..I was only saying he should eat is all that's..all" The feline snorts and then speaks "My servant is correct, eat Elbio...a nice bed too afterwards and maybe..a small chat." She can break him, she knows she can.

Elbio gulps, he lets his eras fall to the sides and in, he needs food and nods. He allows himself to, if he can, chow down on whatever is here..fruits,bread, fish maybe some cake and drinks some cordial as he coughs a little.He slows and watches the cat.

Kalypso chuckles as she drinks wine and leans back "Don't choke now..see that is better. Good food and drink after a couple days without. You know you could join me, I could train you to fight.How much training have you gotten recently from the badger?"

Elbio speaks "There is no badger...well he didn't tag along its a recruiting mission."He frowns, he didn't mean to let that slip.He flattens his ears to his head and sips some cordial and eats a little more fish, it could be a while till he gets a good meal "And..your evil...."

Kalypso says, "to each their there such things? Why am I evil, hmmmm?"

Elbio thinks "You..murdered the vole and your friends tried to murder my friends, you even said that and you said you would slay them and send their heads to the mountain and keep me as aslave."

Kalypso nods as she sips her drink "Heros...murder as well...they kill, maybe not enslave but perhaps some do in a way" She looks at him "And isnt it wrong the badger tried to slay me..I wasnt after his mountain...maybe with a lot of seasons I would of been, heck I dont have the power or beasts to tackle the Redwall Abbey but that be a nice goal."Sips wine "Think of my offer to train you, to better fight...learn things you likely wont from any hare friends...recruiting ya say, well they surely need it. I know of the great battle..300 went, and 19 returned..such lost"

Elbio frowns, " do you know so..much of the long patrol?"

Kalypso says, "Hare named Hanzi...and I was there when mother was almost killed by Ormaz....and I learned of what happened...anyways to bed with you and in case you think of escape there will be a guard."She is gonna let him have a normal bed tonight."Sleep well...while ya can Elbio"

Elbio blinks as he is led away again and is in shock at the room, its a bed and a cozy one at that as he lays down and frowns, he has to make some plans,he has to get back to his friends but he can't just let all these beasts here remain slaves, maybe.....maybe he could do something from the inside, for now he lets sleep overtake him

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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

====Questions and Choices Part 2=====

Kalypso-Leader of Blackrose

Elbio-LP hare...right now Slave of Blackrose

Dearil-2nd in command Blackrose

Some spoofs of slaves and guards


Elbio was still confused by why the feline was being so nice, she had to be up to something but at the time he decided to use this, he could explore a little in the base.
Dearil was watching the hare and spoke as he appeared "I could easily kill you and have you asking the keeper of the dark forest how you suddenly got there...but I won't, the boss forbids anyone to harm you"He smirks "Yet"   

Elbio gasps and spins around, backs into a wall and closely watches Dearil, "Wot do ya want?"He goes for his, oh yeah its been taken there is no blade.   

Dearil chuckles "Your afraid of me, what kind of Long Patrol are you? The boss as I said seems curious of you, I..rather wear your fur as a new cloak"He grins "She told me to hunt down your friends,they are out there and my guess have the escaped hare maid too, don't they?"
Elbio frowns, he is not answering that question and folds his arms over his chest"Weather they do or not...they know I am missing and will look and once they see this place, your doomed"   

Dearil can't help but chuckle "Doomed? From wot...3 other hares"He smirks "Just badger which seems to have disappointed the boss, she so wanted to slay them and have him watch too, but you can watch."   

Elbio narrows his eyes and goes to aim a punch at the vermin, hopefully while he is distracted.
Dearil watches, always watches as he grabs the fist and goes to flip the hare over and to the floor, if this is a success he will look down at the hare and go to try and break his paw.."The only thing the boss said is not to slay you...she didn't say I couldn't harm you. You won a trip to your own personal cell for attacking the 2nd in command."He smirks "Thought you could sneak around, well bad idea and the boss will learn of this,maybe keeping one of you long ears as a trophy is a bad idea."   

Elbio was not expecting that, then he is still learning after all, still a recruit or maybe barely a private, its not clear as he finds himself starring up into the face of Dearil and at first his ears flatten,and then he gets either brave or foolish as he goes to spit in his face.
Dearil eyes narrow as it hits his face and draws out his dagger and places it on the hare's throat with a deep growl, he then grins and decides to go with just knocking the hare out but choking him, not to kill just knock out and will have him placed in a cell, this hare is trouble and he knows it and will be telling his boss very soon.   

Elbio tenses up, panicking a little and then passing out.It won't take much effort to place him in a cell, but it's also not the best idea either as he plans to rally the slaves together, ok 4 hares may not be enough but there is over a couple dozen slaves here who he is sure he can encourage to join the fight, and from inside also.   

==Hour or so later ==

Elbio groans as he woke up and slowly, if he was able, sat up and looked around to get a better look where he was.   

Kalypso stood nearby, "So much disappointment I have right now Elbio....I mean I gave you a chance and you ruined it. A chance to maybe be a good fighter even, well now your just a servant, a slave to me and your soon get to watch your friends die."   

Elbio glares "I wouldn't join a vermin like you anyways, your a murder and a slaver and ya all should die. Good wins in the end even if it takes some time to win..or even seasons it will the end"   

Kalypso chuckles and then gets serious "Where are the other hares and how many are there?" She has a weasel at each side of her"Answer me or your have a very bad day"   

Elbio looks at the floor and grows silent, it's clear he is speaking to no one
Kalypso takes a deep breath and nods, the signal to grab the hare and hold him still as she walks over, a swipe of the claws to his face, a kick to the knee cap,it won't break but will hurt a great deal a couple days, "Now..answer or This can and WILL get worse, for you not see I refuse to have plans ruined by the Long Patrol, I want their heads and those heads sent back to that foul Badger Lord as a gift, a brightly wrapped winter gift!!!"   

Elbio tenses in pain, where the claws went across leaves a mark of 3 claws from his left eye, barely missing, to his right cheek.He just looks at her "Soak ya head in hot oil feline, thar's ya answer!"   

Kalypso's fur puffs out as she hisses, ears back and looks ready to slay the hare" Maybe he can get a small preview of his large gift soon.I could so behead you right now"   

Elbio is brave it seems "So why not, or are ya a scared   kitty....afraid the big bad badger is gonna come and find you...."He shakes his head "Or maybe your just afraid of the Long Patrol, I mean the did kick the butt of a very large horde yoy guys were once part of...yeah ya all ran away like scared dibbuns huh?" He gives a little smirk.   

Kalypso hisses low and backs up "You think your so brave, all you hares are fools. I fear no one....the badger had his chance to slay me and didn't, neither did any of the hares at the time maybe they could care less bout the Blackrose or maybe even care less about you"   
Elbio frowns, then shakes his head "They do care and as I said they will come and destroy you once and for all"
Kalypso smirks "And the good beasts always say that .....they will come oh they will save the day, you know what?" She grins "Good doesn't always win, evil has its moments and this may just be one of I hope you enjoy long hours of work, it begins now ...take him away"

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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

*****Gathering Help From Within The Base *****


Elbio-LP Fighter Hare and For now Slave of the Blackrose

Various Slaves-Spoofed by Kalypso

Mossy-Spoofed by Dearil


Elbio was restless and  while he worked he tried to figure out  how things ran the past  few days, quietly studying things as he helped with carrying firewood, moving some rock and even helped sweep and mop.

It was now getting late and time for the  slaves to be in the slave tents. Most of the slaves were rabbits, about 15 in total now, a couple mice also were slaves and the guards watched then more so  when out in the open, only one guard  kept an eye on the tent opening, and one guard from a high tower nearby, the other tower  towards the entry to the cavern.

Mossy was new here and so far hated the place, he was a tall otter and clearly a fighter, just one that  got unlucky with a furious marten.He looked to the hare "You...are you a Long Patrol hare lad, your uniform looks it"

Elbio nods "Yes sur, I am and I have 4 friends who I know will come help me, as well as I hope a hare maid I meet that escaped here.They know I am missing by now."

The other slaves looked over at the two  as one speaks up "So...they will just die trying to save us"

"It's no use, we ..this place, it use to be our home and now it's our prison, and escape just leds to death, we have seen it happen, even to those who come and try to free us."

"What about Emersyn  ? Maybe she lives..."

Mossy snorts and stands "And that is what tis keeping ya as slaves, lack of fath and lack of hope, lack of wanting to try cause of fear"

Elbio was  never too brave before he joined the Long Patrol, but he was starting to become braver as he learned to fight and as he explored the world with his friends Monty and Adrian and the other friends he had made.He slowly stands "He is right.."He smiles at the otter "Wot's your name good sur? Cause I think together we can maybe make a plan, if we work together that is"He looks to the slaves "And you as well, ok yeah  one alone is weak but together  you...we are stronger"

The slaves seem so unsure, so scared that they remain silent and one looks at the ground, a couple back up.

Yet one stands and walks over to the hare and otter and grins "I am ready to be free, do you have a plan?"

Mossy smiles a bit now "Well we have one, thar be a start"He looks to the others " We have the beginnings of a plan and that be  how a plan starts"

Elbio smiles "Yes a plan is forming, I have tried to study when they have a guard change and, possible...ideas on where to go. We may be able to make weapons and hide them...firewood....just break a stick or try to make a pointed end, I will try and steal a couple kitchen work too and "He points to some cloth.."Rock and that can make a sort of sling..I also have a longbow and saber, if I can find it ."

The slaves start to look hopeful and now listen to the hare and otter as they speak.

Mossy smirks "I have a couple daggers ta find guess  all weapons be somewhere outta sight. hopefully not too well hidden as they  seem to use fear as  most of thar force to keep slaves away from places and ta mind"

Elbio nods "Yeah my guess is inside, I was inside for a shirt while and did see a couple rooms, but they were locked so maybe one of them or that felines  own room maybe. I have sweeped and moped but only their dinning Hall as of yet. I will see wot I can do but it may take a couple days. I just hope the others can get here and that we can rally these slaves here to help from the inside"

Mossy grins "I say we can, the yern for freedom is powerful and it sounds as if this is their home, and home is the most important thing ta a beast, some will fight till the end for it...I know I would"He looks around "A spark has been set, we just make sure it grows and doesn't get put out"He offers a paw to shake.

Elbio nods and shakes the otters paw"To freedom and the downfall of this....Blackrose"

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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

My spoofs:Atvi...and Alts=
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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure


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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

====Tenderfoot Adventures Log==

===Ghosts And Missing Beasts===


Elbio-Recruit in the Long Patrol,soon to be Private

Emersyn- Recruit in the Long Patrol...(Later ends up as missing.....)

Sola- Recruit in the Long Patrol

Adrian- Corporal in the Long Patrol

Monty- Private in the Long Patrol

Serena- Recruit in the Long Patrol

Yerna- Recruit in the Long Patrol

Strange Old Squirrel- Beast they meet on this adventure

Strange rabbit- Beast they meet on this Adventure


Arid. Blasted by the sun. Over the past couple weeks after leaving the Great Inland Sea, the weather had steadily grown warmer the further our plucky band of travelers head south. Even in the depths of winter the area is downright hot. But, still, Adrian presses his group onward, ostensibly to find more hares, but perhaps more out of a sense of wanderlust and exploration. This is a once in a lifetime experience after all. After two solid days of traveling further south from the top of the massive cliff, a welcome respite from the heat can be spied on the horizon. A proper pine forest. Glory be praised. Wiping his brow, Adrian points. "We might find some bloomin' civilization there! C'mon, it's not much fahrthah!"   

Elbio frowns "Let's hope so, we are likely fairly low on supplies right now"   

Sola is exhausted. She hasn't had to walk this much in years. The somewhat familiar route, at least to her, is a blast from the past as well. The heat wasn't bothering her at all, she was comfortable and she'd rather enjoyed the cliff and the empty wastelands allowed her to see all around them and relax without the usual fear of beasts lurking everywhere. That was one reason why she looked less thrilled as they approached the pine forest. She opened her mouth to say something but slowly closed it again without a word as she quietly follows, walking in the middle of the group.   

Emersyn is close to Elbio, over the last couple weeks she has gotten to know him better and sees him as a friend"There is still ways to gather food, we should be fine"   

Adrian shades his eyes with a paw, then nods again. "Right, if we want any 'ope o' findin' a bloomin' village or somethin', it'll be there, in that forest. Come on now!" He proceeds to lead the way, and just around an hour and a half later the group reaches the treeline. "Look, there. A path. Signs of life... We'll follow it, wot!"

Elbio nods as he goes to follow him"But friendly signs of life or not friendly sur? We have not always had a friendly hello from many at all"
Emersyn says, "Then we just be careful is all. A rest would be nice though we been walking feels like forever"

Sola's ear perks as they enter the forest and once more she's on edge and watching the trees. She doesn't see or hear anything out of the ordinary but she worries. As they finally hit their first sign of civilisation she looks around quickly with a small frown "I don't recognise this. I'm not sure who lives around here" she says very quietly.   

Monty had been noticeably quiet and contemplative on the journey ever since they'd left the island. Notsomuch the previous depression from before, but there was just something else that seemed to be hovering over the small hare that was difficult to put a paw on. The scars that now cover both his eyes seem to make him look older than his actual age, and most certainly a little more warrior-like. He traveled near the back of the group, making sure to remain near Sola at all times...he was more than aware of her aversion to large groups and her nervousness when it came to running into vermin. As they approach the trees, Monty gives a thin smile. "Hmm. Finally, a bit o'shade," He mutters. "M'feelin' like a roasted marshmallow right about now y'know." The hare chuckles. At Sola's words, he gives her a gentle nudge and a grin. "...well, I s'pose we're just gonna have t'go and find out, yeah?" He waggles his ear. "S'part o'th' journey, y'know."   

Adrian pauses at the treeline, and peers into the sun-dappled shade. "Right-o, I'll go fi..." but before he can finish the sentence Yerna harrumps and strides in ahead of him. "Or you c'n go first, why not?" He sighs. "C'mon, let's go..." The path is oddly overgrown, as if it hasn't been used in a couple seasons. Adrian takes notice of this, and frowns. "Somethin's not right 'ere..."
Elbio frowns "Maybe..we should go elsewhere...find a berry bush or stream maybe"   

Sola glances back to give Monty a look "Always looking for the adventure you are" there's a tiny smile but it instantly disappears as she quickly looks back to Adrian and then around the area again when he says something's not right "What is it?" now she's extra paranoid. She keeps close to the others.   

Monty still remains near Sola, noting her discomfort, and he gives a nod to Adrian. "Hmm. Yeah, looks like no one's been here in quite awhile..." He replies, quietly, taking a careful look around. "C'mon...let's just try n'be as quiet as possible, mebbe we c'n take a look around an' try n'see where everyone disappeared to..." He shrugs. "Mebbe it's just an abandoned village, where th'villagers found someplace better t'live. Heh, I know I wouldn't wanna live out here in th'middle o'nowhere..."   

Emersyn says, "I dislike it here as well...I mean maybe we can find some supplies...wild foods...herbs?"

Adrian follows the overgrown path for several minutes, as it leads the group deeper into the forest. Monty isn't wrong... There is a village. Not overly large, but it looks like it used to be cozy. There's even a small inn. But abandoned. "Well, this is a fine kettle of fish..." says Adrian. Yerna grumps, also, and replies, "Waste o' time... We should move on." Adrian shakes his head. "Not yet..."   

Elbio shrugs " the leeader of this group...right? So snd like follow him?"
Sola sticks close to Monty and keeps peeking through the tree line until finally she can see the village. Instantly she's looking for reasons why but the others have mentioned food several times so "There may be, um, preserves or perhaps gardens...though it is winter so I suppose no food growing" she points at the inn "There may at least be a drink and place to stop and rest?" she frowns around at the place "Or perhaps at least some clue as to what has happened to everyone"   

Emersyn looks around "If anyone is around even..I see or hear no one"   

Monty gives a nod to both Adrian and Sola. He grins a little. "Hey, that's the adventurin' spirit!" The smaller hare motions towards the inn that Sola noticed. "Hmm. M'guessin' that's as good a place t'start lookin' as any, yeah? Mebbe it'll give us a place t'stop an' rest our paws for a bit too while we kinda get our bearins and figure out wot's goin on, yeah?" Monty begins to head over in the direction of the inn, making sure Sola is there close by as well.   

Adrian draws his sword. The village is deathly silent. "I don't like this. Right, spread out, check th' buildin's... Be careful! We don't know wot's bloody goin' on. If y' find anythin' weird, just hollah, eh wot!" The various buildings look like they were abandoned in some haste. Buildings still have furniture, but day-to-day items like clothing, dishes, personal belongings, have all been cleared out. The occupants took some time to pack. By the time every house has been thoroughly searched the position of the sun in the sky shows it to be very late afternoon. Adrian sighs, and leans against a tree, then has a start when he hears a very plain "PSSST" from the tree branches above his head. "PSSSST!" There it is again.   

Sola cautiously follows Monty to the inn, going to peek in the windows before going inside. She checks the kitchen of course but with everything packed up and cleared out she doesn't find much and ends up using the room to at least sparingly use some rations to heat up something for the group while the others are finishing the search and figuring things out.
Elbio frowns as he gets his longbow and an arrow"Ok..someone is"He looks around, not yet aiming or even placeing an arrow to the longbow yet.   
Monty begins to check the buildings a short distance away from where Adrian is leaning against the tree. The hare slips into and out of each building after taking a good look around at each one, and not really finding much of note he eventually makes his way over in Adrian's direction. "Hmm, not much really t'see, Adj, all th'stuff's gone, th'buildings are th'only things left, really..." He leans against the tree as well, before his ears perk as he ears the noise. " Y'hear that...?" He nudges Adrian.

Adrian mmms, when his friend nudges, and he nods his head. "Yeah, I did. Whoevah it is...Is up there..." He points upward, then calls out, louder, "Alright, bud, we 'eard y'... Come down, out in th' open." As soon as Adrian says that, an older looking squirrel pokes his head through the branches, frowning sharply. "Quick, follow me... The lot of yeh. This place isn't safe... *They* are watchin' the village..."   

Monty jumps in surprise at the appearance of the squirrel, the hare blinking up at him. His eyes eventually shift back down to Adrian, before returning to the squirrel. " They -gotta- stop doin' that..." he mutters, with a shake of his head. "Who exactly is this 'they' yer talkin' about? And where exactly are they? I don't see anythin' but an empty village, sah." he shrugs. "...m'guessin' 'they're' th'reason why everyone's gone, hmm?"   

Adrian jumps back, and draws his sword, then frowns. "Wot 'e said. Don't *do that*!" He sighs, shaking his head. The squirrel shakes his head, puts a finger to his lips, and goes, "Shhh, not so loud. They could be hidin' behind any tree. You lot, follow me... I'll take you the Village Elder... He'll tell you what little we know... Which isn't much, I'm afraid... Now come!" With little other choice, Adrian and the others follow the strange squirrel deeper into the forest, and nearly half an hour later they arrive at *another* village, but this one is clearly makeshift and has been purposefully well hidden.   

Monty sighs. Well, he can't say this whole journey hasn't been an intriguing one to say the least. Plenty of mysterious villages and mystery creatures creeping about everywhere. Giving a shrug, he goes to follow the squirrel as they are led away to the smaller village. "Not knowin' much seems t'be a constant theme of this trip, dontcha say, Adj...?" he mutters to his friend as they head towards the other village.

"Viphataphs!" An ancient form appears before the hares, bowed and bent by countless seasons. The squirrel's fur is a solid silver-white, like freshly fallen snow, and what is left of the creature's tail is the same. "My name iph Merketz," Somehow the lisp doesn't affect his name... "Cheiftain of thiph village." He smiles a toothless smile. "Come with me and I phfall ecphplain everything."   

Adrian doesn't think he's ever seen a beast so ancient as this squirrel. Not even old Cap'n Marks at the Mountain, the oldest hare in the Patrol who still refuses to officially retire, despite being so old and confined to a wheelchair. "Ah, errr... Sah. Thank you for your welcome. We, err... 'Ave a lot of questions, yes..." He leans over to Monty, and whispers, "Who would win in a fight, this old bloke, or Cap'n Marks back 'ome?"   

Monty can only stare a moment as they come upon the ancient squirrel, the hare blinking, before he glances over at Adrian. "...this village must go through a heckuva lot o'puddin', Adj..." he leans in and mutters to his friend, before straightening up and giving the squirrel his best smile. "Nice t'make yer acquaintance, Chief Merketz..." he replies to him, before he hears Adrian's whisper. He stares at his friend. "...this guy. Without a doubt, mate..." he mutters back. "At least this one looks like he c'n walk more n' a few feet..."
"Yeph, yeph, I bet you do." The squirrel waves them to follow him. As he turns around, he stumbles and it seems a real danger that the breeze might blow him over. "Come, come. We're waphting daylight!" Merkatz leads them to a canopy with a rug that looks more expensive than the entire shoddy village. "And no, laddy-buck," he says, snapping his fingers with a glare at Monty, "I can eatph jupht /fphphine/." Spittle flies out of his mouth as two mice bring out trays of what /smells/ like food. When the covers are off, however, all the steaming mass seems to be are... bugs. Bugs and roots. "Itph all we can get to eat without /them/ pheeing."   

Adrian is already wrinkling his nose and looking away, politely. But when those plates are uncovered... He blanches visibly. "Would you like some refreshments? Tea? Bug Soup, perhaps?" asks another mouse. "Err, no thanks...We just ate," Adrian lies. He'll die of thirst before he'll bother to ask what they use for 'tea'.   

Monty follows after Adrian and Merkatz, the hare seemingly amused by this interesting turn of events. As the food is uncovered, he gives a nod and a wave of his paw, his ear sticking straight up in the air. "Hmmhmm. Yep. That most definitely seems like eatin' fine, sah...." he replies, before glancing at Adrian and making a face. As the refreshments are offered, he shakes his head. "Nah, thanks, we, uh...yeah. What he said..." he nudges Adrian. "We totally stuffed ourselves right afore we got here, mates. Mmmmhmm. Sure did. Can't eat another bite, y'know."   

"Ah." The squirrel looks almost disappointed. Now /he/ has to eat it. So he does, digging in with surprising gusto for some one so old and without teeth. "The tea I'd actually recommend," Merkatz mentions in between 'bites'. "Phome rare jade leafphs that made uphf a trade hub..." Swallowing, the squirrel sighs. "Before the dark timeph... before the ghophtph...."   

Adrian can, surprisingly, understand this ancient creature. "...Ghosts? Wot's this about ghosts?" He's trying to keep his gaze away from that horrifying display of bug devouring. "D-did y' see these 'ghosts'? Tell us more..."   

"Sit, sit," The squirrel waves the question away. Only once they do does he speak again. "Now, laddy-buckph, let me tell you..." Merkatz clears his throat, sending globs of phlegm and spittle in the hares general direction (unintentional, hopefully) of the hares. "Let me tell you of the horrorph we have witnepht for faar too long." He pauses, giving a light cough again. "Have you ever heard the cackle of the damned in the dead of night? Or pheen the pale flutter of a doomed phoul in the dark treeph?"   

Adrian sits, and listens... He has to wipe spittle off his face with his kerchief. After those questions, he shakes his head, slowly. "Errr... Can't say as we 'ave... At least, I 'aven't. I can't speak f'r mah friend Mont 'ere..."   

"PHILANPHE!" The squirrel shouts, raising his paw. "MERKATZ PHPEAKPHS!"
Monty listens as well, the smaller hare making sure to do his best to dodge the flying spittle. At the question, his expression is a serious one as he nods. "Every day, I do, mate..." he replies. "Would be a bloody surprise if I didn't see dark things floatin' around n'somesuch..." he replies, deadpan. At the shout, he merely stares at the odd squirrel. "Er, right, exactly."   

The glare sent to Monty could whither an oak. "/Philanphe./" Merkatz hisses, venom dripping in his voice. "They came, three pheaphonph ago, in the dead of night..."
Adrian remains utterly silent this time. How was he to know those first two questions were *RHETORICAL*?   

"It phtarted when lil' poor Timmy went miphphing..." At this, one of the mice interrupts, saying, "Jimmy, chief. 'E was my son." The look Merkatz gives the creature is even harsher than the one to Monty. "TIMMY, he waph named. Never even found his boneph... Then the necpht week another beapht from our village went mphhing, and the necpht, another..." And so on so on the old squirrel rambles on, late into the day.   
==The Next Day==

That hidden village is behind our intrepid band, and they had continued on through the forest. It's nowhere near as large as Mossflower, so it only takes the better part of a day and a half to reach the other side. Rumors of the cannibals that once inhabited the trees had kept Adrian on edge, but there had been no signs of any killer beasts the whole way. Nearing the southern edge of the wood, and with dusk fast approaching, Adrian elects to make camp for the night in the cover of trees, so a campfire is quickly set up. All seems well... But is there a hare missing?
Elbio has been a bit worried, anyone missing after hearing tales like that is not a good thing. "So..are we lost or...just finding it hard to find someplace that, well..has other beasts , and friendly beasts"    He has yet to notice the missing hare.

Sola is not unhappy to have left that village. While their recipes for bugs have been noted the doe found them odd folk. With the setting of camp Sola gets on with her usual tasks of setting up a tent and getting some food sorted. Her ears still twitch at the noises of the forest but she's alright getting on with work "There is often an awful lot of nothing out in the wilderness that splits up the someplaces. That's why maps are mostly empty forests" she says to Elbio as she works "...Or I imagine we're still on the right path"   

Monty just seems generally exhausted and worn out, and when Adrian suggested they stop and camp for the night, the hare was more than happy to agree to said suggestion. He'd generally remained near the back of the group, covering them from behind while Adrian remained in front, and despite not really seeing much of anything the entire time he still found it odd that they had indeed seemed to be missing one of their number. Monty flops down near the campfire, then tumbles forward onto his face, just lying there with his face in the dirt, paws flopped out in front of himself. "Gaaaaaah."   

Adrian had kept Serena close to himself. Yerna, meanwhile... Was Yerna. Which means she'd appear and disappear at will. "You okay there, Mont?" Adrian asks his friend, concern in his voice. "We got further to go if we're gonna get t' th' bloody bottom o' this mysterious 'ghost' business, eh wot." He's digging into his pack, checking the group's rations. "Emersyn... Can y' go check around f'r any edible plants?" ...Emersyn? 'Ey, any o' lot seen Emersyn lately?" He looks around at the group. Definitely not there.   

Elbio had noticed Emersyn wasn't beside him but he figured she went on ahead a little or was a few steps behind them as she had done at times. "She...was with us when we left the camp before this one...maybe she went to find firewood? Or like water?"   

Sola startles a little when Monty falls on his face and moans but it doesn't seem like he's in distress so she raises an eyebrow and gives him a funny look. She carries on until Adrian mentions Emersyn and quickly glances around the camp but of course doesn't see the hare. She instantly looks worried " don't know. I..I wasn't watching her...She can't be far?"   

Monty just sorta lies there on his face, his ear splayed out like his paws. It takes him a few moments to respond, as he turns his head and rests his cheek in the dirt, peering up at Adrian. "Eh?" He blinks. "...oh, uh. Yeah. Yeah, m'fine. Just a little spiffin' exhausted is all.Otherwise am perfectly peachy, wot. Right as rain an' other similar sentiments." He smirks lightly, before Emersyn is mentioned. "Now that y'mention it, don't remember seein' her for the last couple miles. Figured she went on ahead t'scout or somethin'." He sighs, before turning his face back around, forehead resting on the ground as the buck remains sprawled there next to the fire. "Hey, Sola. Got plenny o'sprawlin' space if ya feel like it."   

Adrian quirks a brow and looks at his friend, then shrugs his shoulders. Then Yerna makes her reappearance, like a ghost by the fire, and Adrian jumps, startled. He asks her about the missing Doe, but gets nowhere. Serena, meanwhile, sets about preparing a simple meal with what supplies they have. Adrian takes a seat near Monty, and warms his paws. "Remember what those woodlanders said, though... They had beasts just... Disappear into thin air, too... This is all rathah concernin', eh wot..."   

Elbio says, "Maybe she will be back soon and beasts can't just suddenly dissapear without a blooming reason"

Sola gives Monty another raised eyebrow "While I would love to rest my paws dinner will not make itself" though with Serena helping there was barely much to do it was still one of the tasks Sola actually felt useful with so she helped with the cooking. She frowns when Adrian mentions beasts disappearing "She can't have been taken, we would have noticed" She's trying to convince herself "...Do we...give her time to catch up?...Should we go back the way we came?...Perhaps you could, um, track her...somehow?"   

Monty sighs heavily, before the buck eventually rolls over onto his back, paws coming to rest on his chest as he stares up at the tree canopy. "M'thinkin' it might be a bit too dangerous t'start a search out in an unknown forest, while it's gettin' dark. We just gotta hope that Emersyn c'n take care of herself, an' we can take some time t'go search for 'er in the mornin', if she doesn't come strollin' into the camp after she smells the food cookin'." He gives a shrug. "T's a shame, really, haven't got a chance yet t'really teach er th'ins and outs of bein' in the Patrol, and she already has t'go an' get herself lost."   

Serena is very happy for the help from Sola, and with the two of them working together a meal is whipped up fairly quickly. Too bad the biscuits are stale, though. Yerna, meanwhile, looks over at Sola. "What he said," She remarks drily. "S'too dark t' go lookin' f'r a lost doe." "I 'ave t' agree with 'em both, I'm afraid," Adrian says. "We don't know these woods, an' remembah, there's still rumahs of cannibals in th' trees... But that does, admittedly, seem t' be a lot o' hooey. We'll look first thing tomorrah..."
Elbio frowns "But....alright and having light would be better, we can find tracks and clues and such"He will eat dinner quietly though as he is worried for his missing friend.   

Sola helps finish off the food preparation and offers Monty his first of course but she's distracted, looking worries at the woods as they grow darker "I hope she's alright...Poor doe shouldn't go from slavers to cannibals...There's nothing we can do until morning?"   

Monty notes Elbio's displeased reaction, and the buck slowly shifts himself up into a sitting position. "I know she's yer pal, mate, an' yer worried. An' it might seem a bit cruel n'heartless for us to just sit here while she's out there somewhere, but...what y'gotta understand, is that it'll do no one any good if we go out there in th'dark an' get ourselves ambushed or killed cuz we're in unfamiliar territory. Then it wouldn't really matter if we found 'er or not at that point." Monty sighs. "Look, part o'bein' in the Patrol is makin' th'difficult decisions, wot. Sometimes y'gotta go with th'safer option. Like I said, m'sure she's fine." He shrugs, before he reaches over and grabs one of the aforementioned stale biscuits. He gnaws on it with an amusingly annoyed expression, making a face yet still trying to eat it regardless. He accepts the offered food from Sola, setting it down beside him. "Hmph. S'like tryin' t'scoff a bloody stone..." He mutters.   

Serena, for her part, also looks quite worried. She looks at Adrian. "You think she'll be okay?" The Corporal can only shrug, also snagging one of those biscuits and biting into it. "I c'n only 'ope. Regahdless, wi' one o' our numbah goin' missin', Mont, Elbio 'n' I will take turns keepin' watch. You 'n' Sola get yahr sleep... I'll be takin' th' first watch, too." He tucks into the food. "If we don't find Emersyn tomorrah mornin', we'll continue south like th' squirrel eldah suggested, in th' assumption tha' she were taken by th' same... 'ghosts'."
Sola nods slowly as she can't disagree with the logic that stumbling around in the dark is unwise. A little sigh and she finally sits down, going to sit on the ground next to Monty and dipping her own biscuit in to her drink to soften it up "I fear it was this or insects. If we reach the river I shall catch some fish for a change" She glances back at Adrian when they're told to get some sleep and looks worried again at the suggestion of ghosts "I really prefer my fears to be tangible" she mutters but nods. It's not like she ever slept well to begin with.
Monty finishes off his food relatively quickly, settling himself down by the fire as he prepares to take a quick nap. "Hmm. Wake me when it's my turn fer watch, Adj..." he mutters. "I'll take next, then...then Elb can take the shift after mine." He stretches himself out with a groan, the buck lying close to the fire but not close enough to risk catching himself on fire. "Fish...would be good. I'll help ya try n'catch somethin', Sola." He gives the doe a smile, before he closes his eyes and begins to drift off. "Just let one'a those ghosts show their face 'round here. I'll bloody show em wot bein' scary's all about..." he chuckles, sleepily.   

Adrian finishes off his food quickly, as well, and then sets about sharpening his rapier whilst he sits there on watch for the next several hours. Serena lays down close to Adrian's log, but Yerna... She's awake. And peering out into the gloom. Adrian learned long ago that she does as she pleases. The silence grows deep between them, into the night.   

Sola smiles faintly as Monty makes threats for the ghosts and she goes to rub his shoulder briefly in appreciation of his continued attempts to drive all the scary things away. It'll take her a while longer to wind down and sleep but eventually she'll get some rest too. Until then she'll sit quietly with her drink and just listen to the woods.

==Time Passes==

Sun. That's all there is. No clouds. The days are uncomfortably hot, and the nights are bitterly cold. There's little sign of life as the band of hares continue South... And go south they must, for their search for the missing Emersyn had proven singularly fruitless. Four days had passed since leaving the relative protection of the forest, and aside from one day spent camping on the northern shore of a river, catching fish and otherwise resting, the rest of their time was spent walking by day, huddling around a fire by night. On the morning of the fifth day, however, to large landmarks could be glimpsed on the horizon. Perusing his map, Adrian declares, "I believe those may be the so-called 'Bell' and 'Badger' marked here... We're quite close to that canyon, wot! C'mon, let's make quick time t' th' bloomin' rocks there..."   

Elbio hmmms "Odd names for rocks I say,why are they called that fer?" He does speed up a little and catches up with the other hares as he looks around.   

Sola handles the climate better than most. Even the hottest part of the day was nothing special to her after growing up here and all the summers spent in Southsward. She'd enjoyed the river, swam, fished, it had been a good day but they were back on the move so soon. She walks along quietly with the group and tilts her head to try and see the map from a distance "They are, um, markers I think...I suppose they must look like a bell and a badger"   

There's nothing to toughen one up better than some good ol' trekkin' in extreme weather conditions, and the band of hares seemed to get the best of both worlds in this particular instance. Monty had done his best to avoid complaining as much as possible; complaining would not get them to their desired location any faster. There was certainly a bit of worry in his mind for Emersyn and her potential situation, but that was something they'd have to examine once they'd gotten themselves settled in whatever location they ended up disovering. The hare still remains at the back of the group, trailing just slightly behind the others as they come to the spot where the large rocks are glimpsed in the distance. He pauses, eyes narrowing to slits in concentration as he stares at the giant rocks. "...huh. Well I'll be a bloody shed snakeskin. I'd heard plenny o'stories about th'Bell n Badger, but never thought I'd ever get t'see em in person, wot..." He smiles, glancing back to Sola as he slips an arm around her shoulders and gives her a warm squeeze. "Wouldja lookit that, Sola?" The hare seems quite pleased, his gaze returning to the large rocks in the distance. "Huh. Well, suppose we better get a move on then, eh?"   

Adrian nods, and rolls up the map, putting it back in his pouch. "Correct me if 'm bloody wrong, wot, but I think I c'n see a smudge o' smoke neah the two rocks... We may luck out 'n' find somebeast t' talk t'... Lessee." And so they head out at a steady march, Adrian leading his group in a jaunty old marching song the Patrollers like to sing in order to keep time. As they grow steadily nearer the Bell and Badger, a plume of smoke does indeed become apparent. Whatever it is... There's somebeast there already.
Elbio keeps up the pace and stays ever alert, he has learned to be more alert and knowing of things around him since he has joined the patrol, he is not as jumpy as he was when he first joined either"So..I say we be carefull...right? Then could be a friend, or a foe? One never knows really I suppose..and maybe they have seen Emersyn"   

Sola smiles faintly and glances at Monty and after a quick glance at the others she goes to give him a quick kiss on the cheek when she's convinced no one's watching. She quickly puts on her serious, concerned face afterwards and looks back to the group though because they were currently on the search for their missing friend and being happy felt inappropriate to her. She genuinely looks faintly worried when she sees the smoke and she nods to Elbios suggestions "Yes, maybe we should be, um, sneaking up on them?"   

Monty gives Adrian a grin, the expression helping to make the buck's newly-scarred face look not nearly as grim as it normally might. "Oh, that'd be wunnerful, yeah? Dunno how much longer I c'n go just havin' no one t'talk to but you rotten lot all day..." he chuckles, ear giving a waggle. As he receives that quick kiss on the cheek from Sola, the buck blushes, getting just a little flustered. "...oh, well, er...yeah. Yeah, can't be too, uh...too careful, y'know. Personally, I'd say we just stroll right on in, I don't hear much of a commotion that'd lead me t'believe it's a group o'vermin, Adj..." he shrugs. "And we won't know if they've seen ol' Em til we walk right up n'ask, right? Let's get to it!" He picks up his pace a little more, taking the lead after a few steps as he seems interested in the source of the smoke as well.
Adrian nods in agreement. The group is within sight of a squat shack before too long, set up in the middle, between the two great rocks. This close, now, Elbio will get an answer to his question about their names, the two rocks unmistakeably shaped like a massive bell, and a imposing, if weathered, badger. Natural, or carved by the paws of mysterious beasts eons ago... Who can tell.   

Elbio wows and just walks along in awe at the sight as they get closer and closer to see the tall rocks "Wow....wonder who made these and how long ago"   

Sola may never get used to bravely marching in to potential danger. She sticks close to the group but keeps toward the back, ready to keep out of the way if the worst should happen "I don't know that anyone will have lived long enough to know" she says quietly to Elbio as her eyes stays fixed on the shack.   

Monty points a paw up at the badger-shaped rock as they get closer. "That one does kinda look a bit like ol' badgerbritches back at Sala, doesn't it?" he jokes with a grin. "From wot I was told, these've been 'ere about as long as anyone c'n remember, an' no one's really sure how carved em or how they got like they are." He shrugs. "I guess some stuff's just meant to stay a mystery, eh?" As they finally reach the shack, Monty makes his way up to the door. He gives it a couple sharp raps with a paw. "Scuse me, but, anybody home in there? Long Patrol, here, wanna check t'make sure everythin's all hunky dory for ya n'whatnot..."   

There's a commotion from inside the shack. Then a voice calls out, "Wassat? Who're yew? Wats Long Patrol?" The door opens a crack, and the beast peers out. "Go way. My home. Yew ain't welcome. Go way." Then he opens the door a little further. It's a rabbit. (Most certainly NOT a hare, and if you mistake the two, woe be unto you.) "Wat're yew doin' 'ere?"   

Elbio waves "Hallo...good day,"He looks to Adrian as Adrian is the leader of the small hare group. He backs up a little and stays by the others.   

Sola relaxes slightly when she sees it's a rabbit but she still looks around the area anyway, just in case. She leaves the questions to the others who are actually patrol hares and falls silent for now herself.   

Monty puts on a mock-offended expression as the rabbit that answers the door mentions not knowing who the Long Patrol is. "Psha! Wot? Y'don't know of th'Long Patrol, sah?" He looks to Adrian in a huff, before his gaze returns to the rabbit. "Doesn't know who th'Long Patrol is. I -never-! Well, lemme just tell ya'Long Patrol is the finest fightin' force o'hares this side o'Mossflower an' every place smack dab in between!" He grins, simply standing there at the door as it is opened a little wider. "We're onna recruitin' mission, so t'speak, an' we jus' happened t'be in the area an' saw yer shack, so...we just wanted t'check up an' make sure everything's goin' fine for ya." He gives a shrug. "That's all! Oh, an' we were also kinda curious as t'whether y'happened t'see another one of us who happened to meander on through, bychance?"   

Adrian just raises his paws. And since Monty has this under control, he stands back. The rabbit narrows his eyes suspicious. "This my home. Yew cannae have it. Not seen another hare, either... But I see th' ghosts. They come 'cross th' Abyss... I'm fine, too."   

Elbio says, "We don't want ya home, did someoen try and take your home and...ghosts? No such things as ghosts wot"He chuckles a little"Maybe beasts are like ..dressing as ghosts ta try and scare ya some reason."He looks to the others and shrugs.
Sola looks to the crevasse as the ghosts are mentioned again and she edges a little further forward to peer towards the edge "Everyone around here seems to be talking about ghosts" she mutters.   

Monty chuckles, leaning on the doorframe as he crosses his arms across his chest, peering at the rabbit with a smile. "Kind sir, believe me, we don't want yer home, we got a plenny lovely place of our own t'park our scuts. Happen t'be quite a long ways away from it at th'moment, but...we should be back there afore we know it. Trust me, yer hut here is pretty safe." As the rabbit mentions not seeing Emersyn, he nods. "Y'haven't seen 'er then? Fair enough. But, wot's this about seein' ghosts? And, long ago wuz it that y'last saw em, if y'don't mind me inquirin', sah?" Monty seems plenty casual and relaxed when speaking to the strange rabbit, not wanting to set off any alarm bells at all.   

The fellow rubs his chin, and thinks, though he still seems pretty suspicious. "Hereabouts four days ago... They crossed th' Abyss, like always. About 8 of 'em... But why d' yew wanna know?"
Elbio asks, "So they, left the area? "He is curious and frowns "Any of them see out of place or not wanting in the group...anything else thats important?"
Sola looks back to the shack and its owner with concern "Eight of them?" so they were already out numbered. She looks worried for a moment but then joins in after Elbio's questioning "Oh, like what they look like...or perhaps what they were doing?"   

Monty hmmms. "Four days ago, eh?" He glances to Adrian, gesturing towards the rabbit. "Why do we wanna know? Eh, I think I'll let ol' Adrian here answer that one, I think he c'n explain it a little better than I can..." The buck steps away from the door, giving Adrian a light nudge. "He's th'leader of our little group 'ere, y'know." He takes his place beside Sola, remaining close beside her there as he noticed her apprehension   

Adrian eyes Monty and shakes his head, but then he smiles wanly at the rabbit. "Sah, we, err... We 'ave reason t' believe these, err... 'Ghosts' may 'ave taken one o' our friends, a doe named Emersyn..." Before he can continue, the rabbit raises his paw. "Sorry... Yew ain't gonna find yore friend. Yew ain't th' first beasts that come lookin' fer friends, either. An' yew won't be th' last... An' yew won't be comin' back, either. Nobeast does. Yew lot should just give up..."
Elbio frowns and then snorts "Well we surely won't if your gonna be rude"He folds his arms over his chest, he is just a little grumpy cause he is worried for his friend, a frown as they were also starting to maybe even be more than friends, well maybe he isn't too sure and may never find out it seems at this rate.   

Sola sighs very quietly at the rabbits warning and looks ahead to the crevasse "The threat of no return is alas never a reason to keep us from trying anyway" she doesn't sound particularly optimistic about it but she knows they won't turn back now.
Monty raises his eyebrows at the rabbit. "Hmm. May I ask ya a question, sah? If y'say y'see these ghosts all th'time, an' they've taken others who've come through here before...then why are ya still here?" He smirks, "Why haven't they taken -you-, eh? I mean, your hospitality does leave a little t'be desired, t'be frank..." he shrugs. "And if y'think that's th'first time we've head somethin' like that, mate, then yer wrong. Y'see my face?" Monty tilts his head, the scratches over his eyes more than evident, along with the missing half-ear. "We've been through some things, t'put it lightly. So if y'think we're scared of these ghosts, yer wrong."   

The rabbit narrows his eyes. "I 'ave ways t' avoid 'em." He's not too forthcoming, though. "If yew gonna follow the Ghosts, then yew 'ave t' cross th' Abyss... There's only one way across. Mebbe I 'elp yew cross... But yew gotta pay..."   

Elbio frowns, he looks to thier leader Adrian to handle this one, as it's likely up to him what they do or don't do.   

Sola has been starting to get annoyed with the rabbits lack of help, that turns to quiet indignation when he wants them to pay "I am not giving money to this grifter" she mutters in irritation "His aid has not been forthcoming so far. Perhaps we should leave him strung up for these ghosts and find the crossing ourselves. It can't be far from here"   

Monty gives the rabbit a smirk as well, "Now that y'mention it, Sola, that's actually not that bad of an idea. Yer catchin' on pretty quick...I'm impressed!" He gives the doe a grin, before returning his eyes to the rabbit. "How do we know yer know in cahoots with these 'ghosts', and yer not gonna double-cross us somehow?" He looks to Adrian, before looking back to the rabbit. "Here's the deal. Y'take us across the abyss, safely I might' then we'll pay ya on the other side. Y'have our word as Patrollers."
Elbio frowns "But we..don't even know wot payment would be.....he didn't say"   
Adrian nods in agreement. "Aye. We'll work out payment on th' bloody othah side, eh wot." The rabbit frowns, then sighs. "FFFFine... I'll take yew across. Yew need rope. I'll get it..." He disappears into the shack, then reappears with a long length of rope. "C'mon." He heads out toward the canyon.   

Sola flushes slightly at Monty's words. She was just getting angry but now that's distracted her and she's back to her normal self "Oh, well, um..." she lets the others do the negotiations but quickly whispers to Monty when the rabbit disappears in to the shack "I don't know if I trust this one" though she's generally a little paranoid.   

Monty gives the rabbit a satisfied nod as he agrees. "An' think of it this way, sah. The quicker we're across, the quicker we're outta yer hair an' y'never have t'see us again." As the rabbit disappears to retrieve the rope, Monty nods to Sola. "Aye, I'm gettin' a weird vibe from that one, m'self, actually." Once the rabbit returns with said rope, Monty turns and begins to follow him outside and towards the canyon.
The group heads south, less than half a mile from the Bell and Badger rocks, and there it is... A great, yawning chasm. A true abyss, in every sense of the word. So deep the bottom is impossible to see. A massive tree trunk spans the gap, however, like a massive bridge. "Yew tie this rope around yore waists," says the disgruntled rabbit, "An' that way yew don't fall inta th' bottomless pit. C'mon..."
Sola follows along with the group and makes sure she's a safe distance away from the rabbit before peering over the edge once they finally reach the abyss. That is indeed a very long way down. She can see the tree and the cliffs on either side of it "The ghosts come this way all the time...they must be mad"

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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

==Across the Abyss And Onward To...Where?==

==Tenderfoot Adventures==


Elbio-Recruit in the Long Patrol,Archer and expert Climber.

Sola-Recruit in the Long Patrol

Adrian- Corporal,Fighter in the Long Patrol

Monty-Privaate and Fighter in The Long Patrol

Serena-Recruit in the LongPatrol(NPC HARE)

Yerna-Recruit in the Long Patrol (NPC HARE)

Crazy Rabbit- A  spoofed guild...(helping?) the hares....


Adrian ties the rope around his waist and helps the others do the same. "Y' sure these 'ghosts' cross this way all th' time?" He asks their guide.

"Yes," The rabbit replies. "But don't yew lot come cryin' back ta me when th' Ghosts take th' rest o' yore friends. C'mon, let's get down there. Th' wind's about t' change. Yew don't wanna be down in th' Abyss when th' wind comes threw like a tornado..."
Elbio snorts but keeps any rude thoughts to himself.He looks at how far down it is and frowns.He has the rop tightly around himself as he stays close to the others.
Monty simply gives a nod and prepares to follow the others, the hare remaining silent for the time being til they reach their destination safely.   

Sola still considers this to be an entirely bad idea but ties the rope tight. She's made her objections very quietly known. The group is going so she's going to follow anyway. She still keeps a very close eye on the rabbit though.   

The Rabbit takes the lead, and carefully climbs down a specially made ladder till he sets foot on the broad tree trunk-turned bridge. "Try ta keep yoreselves close, will yew. There ain't no pawrails..."   

Monty remains close to Sola, though the hare gives the rabbit a nod. It seems he just wants to get the whole thing over with, apparently not the biggest fan of heights in the world.   

Sola hesitates at the edge, nose twitching as she looks down in to the crevasse. A very deep, calming breath and she finally mutters "You could throw an awful lot of vermin down there and never see them again" These ideas calm her and she slowly starts to climb down the ladder "After all these years they should really build a bridge"   

Elbio nods as he indeed stays close and decides not to look down as looking down will only make it worse."Close good"
The rabbit shrugs. "This tree been th' bridge longer 'n anybeast c'n remember." He thumps the timeworn surface with his footpaw. "Solid as a rock. C'mon." He starts to lead the group across the wide trunk. It's wide enough for beasts to walk side-by-side, three abreast.   

Monty reaches out a paw and takes Sola's into his, holding on and keeping her close as the group makes their way across the log bridge.   
Sola waits an extra second or two after the rabbit's thumping on the tree before she lets go of the ladder just in case after all these years the log had developed a sense of comedic timing. Thankfully humourless though she shuffles, cautiously, forward a step to let Monty off the ladder too. She looks up at the cliff walls until Monty's paw briefly distracts her and she goes to loop an arm around his and walk beside him "It's a far cry from a stroll in the gardens...I think I preferred looking down in to the hole than looking out of it" she looks back up again to the sky "It feels very...enclosed down here"   

Adrian cups his paws around his muzzle, and shouts out, "HELLO!" Then strains his ears to listen. *HELLO...hello...hello...ello...llo...lo...* "Quite th' bloomin' echo, eh wot?" He laughs, trying to bring levity to the moment. "Why, I reckon this canyon is deepah than Salamandastron is tall, right, Mont?"   

Monty gives Sola a chuckle as they make their way across the log, the doe's arm looped around his as they go. He reaches over to pat her arm with a smile, "Aye. Can't help but agree with ya there...heh. Would much rather be in th'gardens now t'be honest." He glances over at Adrian and smirks. "Yeah, probably, mate, but I honestly don't wanna find out. Stop yer ballyhooin' otherwise yer gonna shake us right off this bloody log..." The hare continues to carefully make his way across, heading towards the other side.   
Sola's ear and a half perk to Adrian's echo and twitch as the noise goes on and on in to the distance "That's not a thing that can really happen, right?" she cautiously asks Monty.   

The Rabbit scoffs, as the group reaches the midpoint of their crossing. "Nope. Tree is solid." He seems to be pretty confident about that.

Adrian is inclined to agree. "Aye, this thing seems like it ain't goin' bloody anywhere..."   

Monty smirks lightly. "That's what th'last group said before th'log they were crossin' plummeted down into th'gorge..." He mutters, shaking his head as he continues to slowly make his way across with the others. "Just gotta take it slow n'steady. An' we'll make it across fine. Juuuuuust fine." He glances to Sola with a nervous grin, before glancing down at the log they are crossing. "Fine."   

Elbio frowns as he is just listening to all the chatting"Well it's its...solid, then...then good.Been 'ere for seasons...right....right?" Ok he is a little nervous.   

Sola looks a little uneasy but keeps walking "If we could all stop jinxing the log while we're on it" she whispers as if it might hear her.
Adrian shades his eyes with a paw. "Well, it looks like there's anothah laddah at th' othah side. We'll be there soon, eh wot." He's trying to maintain the air of calmness, but he's not overly fond of the height, himself. "Serena, you alright? You've been awfully quiet there." She nods her head. "Y-yes. Th' sooner we get to the other side, the better..."   

Monty smirks a little and nods, "Yeah, you're right, Sola. I will stop talkin' about it. Th'less we talk, the quicker we'll get across, yeah?" He remains close beside Sola, that being something that the buck had more than happily gotten used to. The entire journey since she'd arrived, Monty had remained at her side pretty much at all times. He glances at Adrian and Elbio, then their guide, before he shakes his head and continues on.   

Elbio stays as close as he can, still looking ahead and not dare looking down at all.He for sure stays quiet and just follows them as they get closer and closer to the other side.
Sola likes to have Monty close, like a constant shield against the world. Though she doubts he could fight off falling to their doom she does at least feel better holding his arm. She nods her thanks to the agreement to stop egging on the log and there's a moment of silence from her until she soon as to break it "It is however considerably creepier in silence..." she leans over to cautiously look down in to the pit, trying to decide if they can see the bottom now they're down a bit lower. Her trust in the log has grown too confident though and as she's looking down the gorge she's not looking where she's going and her foot catches on the remains of a long broken off branch. She trips with an "Ep!" and grabs on to Monty tighter as she looses her footing near the edge.   

Monty notices Sola inching away so she can look down over the edge. "Sola, careful, you don't wanna...GAH!" At this point, the doe grabs onto him as she trips, and the two of them end up tumbling right over the edge of the log!   

Adrian feels the rope around his waist grow taut as first Sola, and then Monty take a tumble off the side. The rope pulls, and Adrian stumbles next. Acting as quickly as possible, he draws one of his daggers and then buries the blade into the wood, to stop his own slide toward the edge. Serena screams.

And their Rabbit guide is there within moments, standing firm and starting to haul the rope upward. "Yew," He says to Elbio, "Get over 'ere 'n' help me pull yore friends back up!"

The only thing stopping Adrian from sliding off into the abyss as well is his grip on his blade.   

Elbio acks! But manages to not fall, thank the seasons as he breaths a sigh of relieve and then nods slowly and makes his way over to help get his friends back onto the log.   

Sola for a split second thinks it will all be fine and Monty will save her but moments later she starts to scream as they both go over. She flails, letting Monty go in her panic before everything's cut short as the rope suddenly cuts their fall short. She wheezes, dazed for a moment and unable to scream any more because the rope winded her. It's another few disoriented seconds before her senses return enough to panic and tries to reach for anything but there's just nothing to hold on to while she's dangling there.   

Monty loses his breath completely as he feels himself beginning to fall. His eyes squeeze shut, and he gasps as the fall is stopped short by the rope around his waist. He stares down into the abyss beneath them as he slowly swings there, the buck trying not to go into panic mode. As he sees Sola dangling there beside him, he reaches over and wraps his arms around her, pulling her close to him as they can do nothing but wait to be pulled back up.   

Adrian had only been able to bury his dagger so far into the wood of the tree trunk, and with his entire weight now bearing down on it... He can feel it starting to slip. "Guys... Mah daggah's comin' loose, wot. C'n y' get 'em pulled up already? Preferably before *I* join 'em down there?"
"Well, this is a right mess of things." The rabbit grunts as he yanks the rope none to gently upwards. "Some 'are with their paws /free/ go get 'im?" He nods towards Adrian, seeming not all that alarmed at his predicament - just annoyed, really. "Preferably /yew/." He says, gesturing at Elbio with an ear. "None of the others are in danger of falling quite like 'im, so don' just stand there twiddling yore thumbs!"
Elbio frowns "I am helping!!" He of course is pulling up a rope and reaching for the nearest paw to pull them up now.
Sola doesn't scream again, she panics in her usual silent way instead, trying to keep even her breathing quiet. She freezes up completely when Monty touches her, basically holding her breath. He's on her blind side so all manner of things are imagined while she's already scared. It takes her a little time to build up the courage to turn her head and glance at him. She lets go of the breath she was holding "Monty, just monty" she repeats quietly to herself as she finally hugs back on to him and realises they're slowly getting pulled up and nearly back to the log already. She grabs the log once it's within range and then Elbio's paw as he helps them up before she basically just collapses down to sit on the log, trying to breathe.   

Monty is helped back up as well, the hare's eyes wide as he plops down beside Sola, staring out into the distance as he blinks. He still seems to be in shock...if it hadn't been for the ropes, he and Sola likely would be done for. He leans into Sola, an arm wrapping around her shoulders as he simply buries his head against her, shivering and trying to calm himself after the ordeal.   

With the other two hares back up safely on the log, Adrian is finally pulled up, as well, from where he had been dangling by his dagger. "Whew. Thanks to th' ropes, tha' wasn't as bad as it coulda been... When yahr ready, we should 'urry up an' get t' the othah side..."   
If even if Elbio was being helpful (which he was), that doesn't stop the rabbiting sending the hare a glare that could wither grass. "As. I. Said." The rabbit grits out as he was pulling Monty up, "The ones dangling by the ropes are safe 'nough, least compared to yore leader there." As both Monty and Sola are safely hauled back on the log the rabbit raises an eyebrow as he brushes past Elbio. "Yore paws are lookin' pretty free now, aren't they?" Laying down flat along the log and hooking a foot in a hole the rabbit extends a paw down to Adrian, grumbling all the way. "'Not like they're in the best shape to 'elp, either. Gonna end up throwing m'back out going on like this... 'ares!" He scoffs, "Last time I'll ever work with 'em." And once Adrian's back safe and sound, the rabbit doesn't say a word as he exits off the log, but he's ears twitch.   

Sola is shivering like a leaf as well and hugs on to Monty, also trying to calm down, breathe and convince herself that they're fine. She rests her head on the buck and there they stay until Adrian's been pulled up and the group is insisting on moving on. Having to move snaps her out of things a little more but as she stands her legs feel like jelly so she shuffles slowly along the rest of the log, going to keep Monty close and never ever let go again if she has anything to say about it "I'm sorry" she finally mutters to Monty as they're getting towards the end of the log.
As the hares and rabbit near the South rim of the great Abyss, it towers above head, tall and steep. Luckily, a ladder has been put in place, just like at the North rim. But it sure looks rickety. "I guess those 'ghosts' are th' ones tha' put up th' two laddahs, eh? At least they're a considerate lot..."

"Now, I should've said this back at the log, but..." The rabbit begins, putting a foot on the ladder's lowest rung, "But I think we should take this one at a time. That way if one of yew fall the rest of us won' be falling with yew!" With a laugh he starts climbing upwards, only pausing to look back down once he's a third of the way up. "Oi!" He yells, "I mean what I said! If any of yew go and fall yew'd better 'ope it kills yew, because I ain't 'elping anyone back up."   

Sola whimpers very, very quietly to this news. One because it means she has to let Monty go for a bit and two because it delays her from getting out of this oversized grave. She doesn't object, it's all made her very quiet again. She just stands there, still shaking a little, until it's finally her turn to climb up and though she wants to hurry and get out she's more afraid of falling again so she goes slow and careful and the moment she's up she quickly retreats away from the edge of the gorge.   

Adrian nods after their reluctant guide speaks. Might've guessed. After Sola, Monty, Serena, Yerna, and finally Elbio climb to the top, Adrian, taking the rear, makes his own ascent. He won't say it out loud, but he'll be glad to be clear of this pit, also. He never wants to see it again. Unfortunately, this won't be the last time they cross it. After he reaches the top, he collapses on solid ground and sighs. "At last..."   

The rabbit, who had been watching every climber with rapt attention (or as rapt attention one can have when you're looking down a cliff), stands and walks past Adrian. "Took yore sweet time getting up 'ere, didn't yew?" The guide looks up at the sky, then towards the sun as he asks the group, "What time yew'd all say it was now, anyway?"   

Sola collapses down to sit away from the edge with the group as they're all just recovering "I'm sorry" she finally says quietly to Adrian "I just...lost my footing. Thank you for...saving us" she sounds very nervous and glances at the rabbit when he asks his question "I.." she looks at the sun "I really don't know" her mind is too worked up with everything she can't think straight.   

Adrian pats Sola's shoulder and shakes his head. "Don't worry. Could 'appen to anybeast." He sighs, shades his eyes with a paw, then says, "Late afternoon, I'd guess..."   

"Hmm." The rabbit grunts. "Suppose we still 'ave a few 'ours to keep walking, then?" With a slight slump to his shoulders the guide throws a paw out in the general direction their destination lies. "Onwards." He sighs as he mentally prepares himself for the trek, "Don' wanna be caught up 'ere in the open during the night, that's for damn sure."   

Sola stares at the rabbit with a dismayed expression but she doesn't argue this time. She's a little shaky still as she stands but she's glad to be moving further away from the hole in the ground "Wh-where do we need t-to go next?" she asks Adrain, stuttering over her words.   
Adrian picks up his satchel, and shrugs. "Furthah south, I s'pose. Tha' squirrel back in th' village said th' Ghosts came from th' south... I seem t' remembah a story about there bein' an abbey down 'ere somewhere... an' the map we got from King Garheld shows somethin' called a 'Loam'edge' about a day's walk south of 'ere... Maybe furthah. P'raps it's a village."
The rabbit starts leading the way down south. "Wouldn't go there looking for a village if I were yew." He is oddly grim as he speaks, yet he might just be playing up the stories to scare the hares. "There's always been strange things from the ol' ruins. It's a bad, bad place, always 'as been. If I 'ad a my 'ead on straighter I'd not go within a hundred leagues of it."
Sola nods along slowly to Adrian. She's finally starting to calm down back to her normal level of high strung panic. The rabbit though she looks worries at "What sort of strange things?"
"Ghost stories, I'm sure," Adrian replies, dismissively. "Y' don't 'ave t' come with us, if y' don't want to. Th' only reason we're pressin' on is because our friend Emersyn was apparently taken by these 'ghosts', but you don't 'ave a stake in that. We'll undahstand if y' wanna go back, mistah..."
"Well, in the ol' days, for one," The rabbit starts, somewhat enjoying the story-telling, "Folk say a slave empire emerged from there. Not just any, though. Some say they even reached out and plucked many beasts from that Mossflower to the north! Then, within a night it was gone. /Poof!/" With a snap of his fingers the rabbit lets the words hang for a bit. "All that's left are them ruins, and maybe these ghosts are what haunt them. Even before all that they say the ground shifts even to this day, and many beasts - like m'poor grandpapy - went missing without a trace when looking for treasure there." The rabbit seems to ignore Adrian's comment, content with continuing the trek down south to the ancient abbey. "I'd argue the very land itself is cursed, no matter what kind of creatures 'n' ghosts linger 'round there. Should be fun seeing how yew lot, well," He gives a wicked smile, dropping his voice low, "/Manage/ there, eh?" The guide laughs again, going to slap Adrian on the back. "'Opefully we won't go '    n' join the dead party at this 'Loamhedge,' right?"   

Adrian shakes his head. "I don't believe in ghosts, eh wot," he says resolutely. "But, if that's where Emersyn was taken... Then we 'ave t' visit. An' we're Long Patrollahs. I know y' nevah 'eard of us before, but we c'n 'andle ourselves..."   

"Sure yew can, mate," The rabbit sounds unconvinced, especially with the day's escapades fresh in his mind. "Sure yew can."

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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure


Elbio-LP Recruit

Adrian-LP Corporal l and fighter

Sola-LP Recruit

Serena-LP Recruit

Yerna- LP Recruit

A Group of mystery Vermin-Spoofed


===SO WHERE IS HERE? Wait It's Too...Quiet..And That's Not Always Good====

"We'll just keep going south towards this 'Loam'edge,'" Adrian had declared. But everything is so barren, and the ground is strangely shakey. He's never experienced Tremors before. He constantly peruses his map, though by the evening of the first day, they almost seem to have made no progress at all. "See anythin' livin' out there, Mont?" he asks, shading his eyes with a paw, straining to look all directions as the sun sets toward the west. "I can't imagine 'ow an abbey coulda possibly survived down 'ere..."   

Sola is already tired. The constant walking day after day was starting to get to her when she couldn't tell if they'd even got anywhere at all. She sticks close to Monty as usual but sighs quietly, looking around "I see sand and the occasional pebble...perhaps this is all that's left of this abbey"   

Monty stands there beside Sola, the buck being fiercely protective of the doe, especially after the incident on the log bridge. He is staring out in the same direction as Adrian. eyes narrowing. "Eh, unless y'count us, mate...not a darn thing." He sighs. "Makes it kinda difficult t'find recruits when there's hardly hair nor hide of anybeast out here." He smirks a little. "I'm thinkin' at this point, we might as well try recruitin' th'ghosts, heh..."   

Adrian looks over at his friend with chuckle, as the other members of the group all settle down for what is likely to be camp for the night. "Aye. At th' very least, we gotta make 'em give back Emersyn, eh wot? An' whoevah else they've taken. They've been takin' beasts f'r at least 4 or 5 seasons, right?" He rolls up the map and sighs. "I don't like this walkin' straight inta th' unknown, t' be honest..."

Elbio frowns "Ghosts?"
Sola has stopped panicking about the bridge incident by now at least though she still felt very guilty about it. She glances to Monty with a raised eyebrow "I'm not certain that ghosts can generally be employed" taking the idea seriously.

Monty gives Adrian a nod. "O'course, that is, if they even have 'er." He smirks a little. "Even if they did, I'm thinkin' it may not be so easy t'get em to give em all up, especially if they've been at it fer that long." He slips an arm around Sola's shoulders, giving her a reassuring hug as he peers down at her with a grin of amusement. "Eh, you'd be surprised. Ghosts can be pretty cooperative, y'just gotta know how to talk to em, is all. I've seen plenny o'ghosts in my time, believe me...."   

Adrian gives a side-long glance at Monty. He can guess as to the nature of those 'ghosts'. "Eh, well. Yahr right, o' course. There can't be much farthah t' go, at any rate. Th' map doesn't show anythin' else much past Loam'edge." He sighs, then sits on a rock, and rubs his forehead. "Guess we'll stop 'ere tonight. Not much wood or sticks. May not be able t' staht a fire..."   

"Not much further but we still can't see it" Sola says quietly before she shoots a sceptical look at Monty though she accepts the hug and leans against him slightly "...You would imagine that once you are dead the every day work gets somewhat unimportant" she looks back to the others as they stop to make camp "Hmm. There are no trees to gather from but with luck the night will not be too cold...we have some dried fist still that may just have to be eaten cold"   

Monty nods to Adrian, "Yeah, m'thinkin' we don't have much choice, it's probably better t'stop 'ere. I mean, there's really nothin' in the area that we c'n see, that we need t'get to. Better t'rest, especially after th'whole log bridge thing. Heh. Though I was a goner. I ever tell ya I'm terrified o'heights?He smirks, before he nods to Sola. "Yeah, th'weather's not bad, I think we c'n handle it. And yeah, we can definitely finish off that fish, then search for more edibles in th'mornin'."
Adrian looks up at the other buck from where he's sitting on his rock. "Terrified of 'eights?" he asks. "Now y' tell me. Thought y' used t' work in the gardens back 'ome. Those're pretty 'igh up, y'know. Y' mean t' say that scared ya?"   

Sola's ear and a half flattens back as the log bridge gets mentioned "I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to fall and it was my fault everyone could have fallen down" she's probably apologised numerous times already but she still feels bad.
Monty nods to Adrian. "Well, yeah, they were high up, mate, but I was fine as long as I didn't go near th'edge..." he chuckles. "Eh, I dunno, maybe th'whole thing helped a bit for me t'get over it. I guess we'll see on th'way back." He shrugs, before turning his gaze to Sola. "Y'don't need t'apologize, Sola, it was an accident, an' coulda happened t'anyone. I don't place th'blame on ya in th'least." He leans down and presses a reassuring kiss to her cheek. "T's fine, I swear."
Adrian hmmms. "I feel like I oughta have known tha' before now, wot, an' I probally just forgot," he admits, whilst digging into his pack to see what rations remain. "Mmm, I got one bloody biscuit left... Mmm, I miss all tha' food Gar'eld sent wi' us. Those raspberry tahts were especially tasty, eh wot..."   

Sola smiles at the kiss but she's going to keep feeling guilty no matter what. She tries to ignore the part about the way back. She doesn't want to even think about doing that again "I shall see what dinner can be assembled" she says before going to give Monty a kiss on the cheek back and get what little food she has left out of her bag "His royal highness" she automatically corrects Adrian as she sets to work because Kings just don't get called by their names as far as she's concerned.   

The days had started to meld i to each other for Sola, without the events hosted at the castle it was very easy to lose track "What day is it again?" she curiously asks no one in particular as she's poking a few sticks on to the fire they're just set going after stopping for the night once more.

Elbio shrugs "Ummm...not sure, its night and we been traveling a lot, may be going in circles even"   

Monty gives a heavy sigh, the hare staring into the fire as he pokes at the fire himself with the blade of his dagger, thoughtfully. "Hmm. Y'know what, now that y'mention it, Sola...I'm really not sure, heh. Everythin's just been a huge blur as of late..." He chuckles, glancing up at the doe. "I'm kinda startin' to miss th'mountain, t'be honest. Who knows how far away we are, at this point...we've been out here for at least a couple of seasons now."   

Sola straightens up and rubs her arm a little as she looks around at their surroundings that remain devoid of life while speaking to Elbio "I do hope we're not really going in circles but we thankfully can't have back tracked far or we would have come across that ghastly crevasse again" she nods slowly to Monty's words "I do rather miss the castle myself though perhaps part of it is a desire for any form of civilisation and comfort.

Elbio says, "We likely will find some, maybe north though, or least hope so, maybe even a place my parents spoke abbey place, like a sort of...fortress maybe?"   

Monty gives a nod in agreement to Sola, "Aye, I'm sure that's a big part of it. I mean, don't get me wrong, I enjoy th'company of my best mate Adj, and you as well, but there's a big difference between bein' out here on our own, and bein' safe and secure inside the mountain." He scoots closer to Sola, an arm lifting to wrap around her shoulders as he gives her a snug. He nods to Elbio, "Yeah. I think you're thinkin' of Redwall. Heard plenny about th'place, but never been there."   

"A comfortable, warm bed, safe from the outside does sound quite close to heaven lately" Sola replies before she's snugged and smiles, leaning in to it to rest lightly against Monty and put at arm around his back. After a moments pause to just enjoy the comfort she starts speaking again "We had heard of Redwall, even out here. I believe some of them had travelled through here some centuries ago and made a name for themselves. I never did know anyone who had been to the place though"   

Elbio smiles "Maybe we can visit Redwall, think we can that be a gret place to be neat and its famous and the stories HHH and the FOOD"   

Monty hmmms. "Yeah, I can't remember th'last time I actually slept in an actual bed, heh. M'really startin' to get used t'the ground an' sleepin' in trees..." he chuckles, the hare glancing down to Sola and giving the doe a warm smile. "But, I mean, havin' you here has definitely make it a lot easier t'get through everything. I'm really glad t'decided t'leave the castle an' join us. I think yer gonna love the mountain, honestly. Especially th'garden. I spent a lot of time there when I was recoverin' from my mental stuff. Is probably my favorite place t'go in th'entire place. Aside from th'mess hall, o'course..." he chuckles. "And yeah, I'm sure we c'n find a bit of time to swing by th'Abbey before we head home, it'd be nice t'see if all th'stories about th'place were true...."   

"I remember my bed" Sola recalls wistfully "I had my own little room to myself" she catches herself before she can thing of anything else to make her miss things "To myself was much the theme of my life however" she says as she goes to rest her head back on Monty's shoulder "I am glad to have left. It has been a change but sometimes the best thing to do is change. I look forward to your garden...I wonder if the this abbey has a garden too"   

Monty cannot help but smile as Sola rests her head on his shoulder. He leans his head down and rests his cheek between her ears, the buck's eyes closing for a moment as he enjoys the closeness and warmth. "Aye, isn't that the truth. Sometimes, change is good. And you'll get t'see yer brother again, too! Which I'm sure he's gonna be thrilled about." He nods, slowly. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure th'Abbey's got a garden. They gotta grow their food somewhere, yeah?" He lifts his head and peers down at Sola, giving her a gentle poke in the side.

Sola just goes "Mmm" at the mention of her brother "I keep trying to imagine how that's going to go but I can't decide. It's making it quite difficult to plan for" she eeps at the little poke and lifts her head to give him a playful glare "I know, of course they must..." she had been seriously wondering but hadn't given the problems much thought so far "I was just thinking..." she's not sure what she was thinking.   

Couple Days Later

"We need to forage for more food," Adrian declares, after two more days of traveling south. The land is still extremely arid, though grassy, and they eventually reach an area with apple trees seemingly growing wild. The ruins of an ancient orchard, perhaps. "We'll collect as many apples as we can carry," Adrian had decided. He had not yet realized they were finally in the Loamhedge area, though the few stone remnants dotting the otherwise barren valley hint at something underfoot.   

Sola is tired enough of the days work already and gladly takes the pause to sit on one of those forgotten stones so she can dig a small pebble out of her foot. She nods vaguely to Adrian's words "I can perhaps assemble some sort of lunch...with whatever we have left while you gather more"   

Monty seems to agree completely with Adrian's idea, the hare giving him a nod. "Aye, doesn't seem like we can really last too long on th'stuff we been findin'..." he mutters, with a shake of his head. "Apples are better than nothin' at this point, I think." He thinks about something for a few moments. "Sola, two stay here and see if you can find anything else. Adj and I are gonna head out a little further to see what we can find, yeah?" The buck leans over to give Sola a hug. "Just stick close to Elbio, and yell if you run into any trouble. We're still kinda in an unknown area, so we always gotta be cautious and on our toes..." He gives her a kiss on the cheek, before he stands and makes his way over in Adrian's direction.   

Yerna harrumps. "Don't you two lads get yourselves lost now, you hear?" "We hear, we hear you," Adrian replies, holding his paws up. "Wot's th' worst tha' could 'appen, eh wot? Nowhere t' hide f'r miles around..." He kisses Serena on her cheek. "You stay 'ere, too. We'll be back shortly..."   

Sola nods along to Monty's suggestion and glances around their immediate surroundings for any easy, close food to pick before she's distracted by Monty's hug and kiss. She smiles and quickly returns the gesture, giving him a kiss back "We will be fine" she sounds more confident than she ever really is "You look after yourself and when you come back food will be ready"   

Elbio has been mostly quiet and acting as a sort of rear guard and soon catches up to the others,he nods to the others as of course he will help guard the camp.
Monty glances over to Yerna and Serena, "You two are the more experienced out of you lot, so keep an eye on these two if ya can. We'd be greatly indebted to ya..." he nods towards Elbio and Sola. As Sola returns the kiss, the buck smiles and lifts a paw in a wave. "Sounds like a plan. We'll see you all inna bit, yeah?" And with that, Monty heads over to join Adrian as the two bucks prepare to explore the area just a little more.   

Yerna harrumps again, and shakes her head. "I ain't goin' anywhere," she declares. "We're stayin' right 'ere." Adrian nods, kisses Serena again, and whispers something to her quietly. Then, he joins Monty. "Aye, we'll be back by sunset. That's about three hours, wot. Be careful, you lot..."   

Sola nods to the other two does left behind, she's always happy for extra hares around to keep the vermin away. She gives the pair a little wave as they head off before glancing back at Elbio and the group "I...suppose we had best start gathering things" she says quietly before approaching the closest apple tree can see to assess the best way to get the fruit.   

Elbio nods " Yes maybe roast apples for dinner with prehapa...mushroom if around"   

Monty glances back over his shoulder once more just to make sure one final time that things are in order. Once he is satisfied, he heads out in their chosen direction. He had definitely remembered to bring his made sense to at least have some sort of defense in case they ran into trouble. He slowly ambles beside Adrian as they make their way into the surrounding area. "Hmmm. Fer some reason this place seems familiar, even though we've never set food 'ere before, mate...know wot I mean? I just got this really weird feelin' of deja vu...."
"Does feel weeirdly familiah," Adrian agrees. "Can't put mah fingah on it, exactly. Maybe I should check th'... Ah damn. I left th' map back at the camp, in mah bag." He sighs, with annoyance. "C'mon... let's keep goin'." Meanwhile, back at the camp, Yerna has built a fire near what turns out be a broken down stone fence that once enclosed the orchard. "Elbio... 'Ow many apples 'ave you got?"
Elbio counts and nods " Managed to get other was bad....also found some dandelion leaves.. least a small amount anyways. I seen mushroom but was not sure if was safe so left them alone"   

Sola keeps her eye on the pair until they're out of sight and even after that she keeps an ear turned that way long after she stops being able to hear where Monty and Adrian went. In the meantime she can at least reach the lower branches and pull some apples off too "There are some more here. We may not have much variety but we can certainly eat apples for a few days"
Monty chuckles as Adrian mentions forgetting to bring the map. He gives his friend a nudge. "Eh, s'totally fine, mate. We've made it this far just usin' our own intuition, so wot's a little longer, eh?" He grins at Adrian, before turning his attention back to their surroundings. He makes sure to keep his eyes peeled, watching for anything that might seem strange or out of the ordinary. One could never be too careful when it came to traveling in unfamiliar territories. "So, eh...wot exactly is it we should be lookin' for, then?"
Adrian frowns, and shrugs. "That's just it, Mont. I 'ave no idea, wot. Th' map ain't very 'elpful... Neithah is tha' rabbit... Speakin' of... He wasn't wi' th' othahs in the camp when we left..."   

Yerna starts roasting some apples over the fire. "Sola, Serena... Either o' you seen th' rabbit lately?"
Elbio shakes his head " come to think of MAybe he went to find water. I last seen him last time we stoped"   

Sola brings the apples she's gathered so far back to the fire to roast herself one as well. She can gather more once they've eaten something. She pauses when Yerna mentions the rabbit and she glances around before frowning a little "No...I'm sure he was still here this morning but I don't recall seeing him since" she nods to Elbio "Yes, perhaps...or perhaps he went home after all. I was never entirely sure why he had chosen to travel with us"   

Monty gives a shrug in return to Adrian. "Eh, t's fine, mate. T'be perfectly honest with ya, I'm thinkin' we're better off without that ol' bossybritches around. E didn't seem like 'e was th'friendliest sort t'begin with. Prolly just went back to 'is cottage t'mope and grump about travelers n'such." He continues onward, the buck slowly taking in their surroundings and trying to stay as alert as he possibly could. "We just gotta use our brains, and let our instincts tell us where t'go."   

Adrian frowns, keeping alert. "S'pose yahr right," he concedes. "Still, 'e came this fahr, only t' turn back now? A little odd, eh wot." He shrugs, unaware that he and Monty are being watched from a small rise to the east. Two pairs of eyes peer out, tracking the hares. Unbeknownst to Yerna, Sola, and Elbio, they're being watched by a single pair of eyes, this from under a rock.   

Monty smirks, giving his friend a chuckle and a light nudge. "Eh, everythin' about that 'un wos a little odd, Adj. Just gotta accept th'fact that not everyone can be sophisticated creatures like th'lot of us..." he grins. Of course he has no clue that they are being watched, as he continues trudging onwards beside Adrian.   

Adrian keeps his ears perked. "Goodness, Mont... Unless we luck out 'n' find a rivah or somethin'... I don't think we're gonna find anythin' else besides those apple trees... Must've been an orchahrd or somethin'... Wait." He stops short, and looks around, but fails to spy the watchers. They have the upper paw, they know the terrain. And there's more than two now. Adrian is thinking fast. "Nah, somethin' ain't right 'ere..."   

Monty pauses, the buck sniffing the air, his ears perking and eyes narrowing in the process. "Hmmm. Yeah, yer right, mate. I'm gettin' this strange feelin' we're not th'only ones here. Th'fur on th'back of me neck is standin', like someone's starin' over our shoulders." A paw strays to the dagger on his belt, a frown upon his muzzle as he begins to slowly back up towards one of the trees. "Stick beside me, Adj, if there are others here we don't wanna get separated. We're not in our own backyard, after all..."   

Adrian nods, and starts to unsheath his dagger, backing up toward the tree. Everything has gone dead silent. The warm, breezy wind seems to still, the trees cease their rustling. There's no bird calls, not even an insect buzz. It's downright eerie. And then suddenly... *CRACK*. A twig, from directly above. *In the tree* behind the hares. Adrian looks up. Right into the face of a pure-white, albino stoat. And before he can alert Monty, the beast blows a potent powder into his face.   

Monty hears the crack of the twig, and as he turns in that direction, another stoat drops down in front of him and blows some of the powder into Monty's face as well. He doesn't have much time to react or to warn Adrian....before he knows it, the world around him begins to swirl and blur, and he takes a staggering step to the side. "...A...Adj...!" He blinks, his paws reaching out in front of him to grasp at air. He coughs a time or two, before he takes another step, then falls heavily to the ground as he feels his consciousness beginning to fade, blackness overtaking him.   

With both hares incapacitated, six stoats altogether come into view. "Assssmodeussss will be pleassssed," the tallest one hisses, in imitation of the serpent he worships. "Haresss from the Norrrth. We ssshall feassst tonight. Tie them! Let'sss go! Quickly, you loutsss..." The hares are bound, and soon carried away to parts unknown.

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