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A History LOG!!!!!


This happen seasons ago! And happens at different points in the characters lives...was fun to role play this again, just with more details than the first one, now that the lizard leader has a name!
Here is a link to the  first one, in case curious ...this one is just more details!!


==Enjoy a History Log!!!==

Ferro was watching the others as a small hiss escaped him.He looked at the caged beasts, 2 badgers and one seems in some sort of pain, he walked over as the other monitors seemed to  be partying.

The tribe was  about a dozen monitors, the leader a young lizard, who was only leader  because he was more worthy than his older brother.

Anwir chuckles “Tonightzzzzzzz wezzzzzzzz feast, we got to the village and dessssssssssssssstory..fearzzzzzz...chaos!!”

A large cheer is heard.

Ferro meanwhile comes to the cage and speaks “You mussssssssssst flee” He says as he unlocks the cage, and steps back.

The large badger  looks at him and  snarls a little, but his mate lays a paw on his  shoulder” Kwan...he is helping us…”She tenses in pain as the male badger frowns.They then start to flee, and are seen!”Jasmine flee...I will hold them off!”

Kwan would indeed hold them off, killing 4 of them,  leaving 8 monitors and their leader...before Kwan died.

Jasmine made it to the river and collapse gasping in pain and shivering, she was weak..tried..

Ferro walked up to her and snorts,”They...come you need to run…”He had decided he was leaving the tribe, forever…

The badger reaches for him “Please...the’s...coming...don’t let them take it”

Ferro bends down “Baby?” He asks and frowns but he decided to help her, hide her  a little further down the riverbank, he helped the best he could but sadly the badger died, but the newborn..was alive, and loud as Ferrro frowned and scooped it up and ran, he would kill one lizard before he lost track of the tribe.

The newborn wailed loudly and started crying, it had been a long night.

Ferro knew nothing of  infants and woodlander ones at that, his plan was to drop her off at the village, but he quickly  learned that idea was not good as the tribe was there, the village burned down as he frowned and quietly left, he would stop when he saw a passing caravan.

It had been 2 days….

An old hedgehog started at the monitor and drew a blade,a younger hedgehog gasped and stopped him “Father...stop he has a baby badger!!”

Ferro  backed up and laid the  newborn down and  backed up more staying off on the weeded path.

The hedge maid came to look at the newborn and picked it up, she helped the dibbuns of the caravan and had a child of her own so had bottles of milk.

But the newborn was not happy, she cried a lot..she did drink some milk but didn't seem to want to sleep as the hedgehog paced outside.

“Rock her…..ssssssssssoft humming” A voice said from the weeds.

The hedgehog jumped and looked  to see Ferro and blinks “Your...a monitor but not seem..evil”

“I am not like my tribe…..I am Ferro…”He looked to the baby and sighs as he stepped forwards to take her, and rocked her after she was handed over .

The newborn badger seems to calm and sleeps now, a small finger curled around the monitor’s claw.

“She seems to  have...chosen you”The older hedgehog said..”How did you  come to have a badger’s newborn?”

Ferro looked at the small newborn as he spoke “Her father and mother...dead cause of my tribe sssssssssshe is an orphan”

The hedgehogs smiled “No she isn't”The older one said “She has…” A smile “You and she is gonna need a name”

Ferro seems to think this over, him raise a badger? He looks at the sleeping child and a small smile forms, he would...he would  adopt her as his own. “Krisha…”

===6 seasons passed===

Krisha was going into her teen seasons now as she helped around the clearing the caravan had  come across and decided to settle, it was  a small little village , barely anything..a forge, a small town hall..6-8 homes ...hedgehogs all over and...then there was Krisha and her father, her father was a monitor and  worked at the forge,beside the forge was a small where Ferro  and Krisha lived in.

The old hedgehog shaked his head “Ok Krisha you got a lot of firewood, we should be fine.”

Krisha smiled “So..can I go help Melody meet with the story teller, please Cosmo..” And those eyes, those pleading eyes..

“Oh fine”The old hedgehog said “Go on already lass..odd the storyteller should of been here  by now, then again he’s been known to be late.”

Krisha carefully hugged him and  went off, giggling and just enjoying life.

Unknown to her,  it too 6 seasons but they were  found.

On the path just outside the clearing...the old retired Long Patrol hare that traveled around and told stories of heroes and great deeds..lay dead, thanks to a group of 6 monitors and their leader...all of them, a flaming spider tattoo on their chest and red war  paint on their face.

Anwir held the hedge made by the throat “Wherezzzzz issssssss he...I knowssssssss they bezzzz closssssssssse”

Melody shivered in fear and tried to get loose best she could, but failed.

“Melody?” Asked a voice, it was Krisha as she saw the monitors and  fear showed. Her father had told stories of these beasts...yes her father had the same tattoo and she was told if she ever seen! She was frozen in place though.

Anwir grins “The badger’s...cub….hellozzzzzzzzz snackpack..Getzzzz her”The hedgmaid is killed..

Krisha screams and runs, but she is not fast enough as she is taken captive.

Ferro was on his way back from a trip, when he heard the scream...again saw..smoke, smelled fire “No!!” He had his blades and run to the village..”Krisha!!!!!”

The village was a total lost...except for..Cosmo, he was alive just barely as Ferro picked him up and  tended to him best he could, he soon found out a couple more villagers survived the attack and some were taken  as slaves..Cosmo would be tended to better by the healer, Ferro vowed to hunt down his former tribe and did.

A season passed before he found them..he slayed 2  before they knew what was happening.

“Whatzzzzzz is this, who are you sssshow yourself!” Said a guard.

“DEATH!!!!!!!” Came the answer and  two blades  meet to slice off the guard’s head.

Anwir has heard the  noise and was prepared “Bigzzzz brother ...welcome…..hee hee...I ssssshould ssssshow you my….”

Krisha was chained up, looking defeated..bruises, cuts and a jagged scar on her neck.

Ferro hissed and looked at Anwir “The..tribe endssssssss now”

“Youzzzz wassssss always an outsssssider...never one of the tribes” Anwir said and then attacked!

The fight lasted an hour, other lizards came to help but all...fell...dead...till only Anwir and Ferro stood...and Anwir had the upper claw and sent Ferro crashing to the ground.

“Lasssssstzzzz” Anwir hissed, he then grins “Butzzzzz I let you….watch me ssssssslay your….daughter first,then you can die.”

Ferro was barely awake and groaned, too weak to get up and fight..”Nooooooo…” A  half dozen wounds…

But a snarl came from the badger, Krisha  eye’s red as she looked at Aniwir and managed to rip the chains from the cave wall and swing them, and wrap them around Anwir neck!

Anwir panicked and gasped...a gasping choking sound as he then fell over...not moving and  appearing very...very ...limp and lifeless.

Krisha rushed to Ferro side as her eyes  came back to their normal color “Father...daddy….” She scooped him up and rushed outside, slowing only to open cages of a couple captives…..villagers that were still alive...they made their way to what was left of the village, the town hall  was still standing mostly, and the infirm….wounds tended to of the captives, Krisha and Ferro….

Ferro lived…

Krisha lived but she refused to talk, refused to speak a word, to sing, to laugh…

For 3 long seasons!

Ferro had decided to head north, they would pass Redwall Abbey...for now, they actually came to Ferravale, but before they got there..a flock of  not so welcoming ravens and crows attacked..Ferro seeked aid and found it...Krisha was saved..they were both taken to Redwall

They made friends….and one day...Krisha spoke again!

They found a home ...though Krisha in Redwall with her mate, Xander and Ferro became the Blacksmith of Ferravale..Krisha was to become Badgermother one day

And then one day some seasons later….she was Badgermother!

The beginning of Summer was sad, Oz died...Northstar,Krisha and Xanders’ dibbun..died ...and things seem to settle slightly ...till the early part of autumn came...and brought...trouble.

On the wooded path, though dead Monitor with many scars and one  rather nasty one on his neck and shoulders ...Anwir smiled as he saw the  abbey in the distance “I..hazzzzzzzz found will sssssssson be mine”

**Hope you enjoyed this…was fun to role play out and find  some old logs !! ***


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