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#1 2019-10-21 18:54:12

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'Erg' the Blog-slayer, Round II: Broken Pedestal - LP 10/21/19

All hares once again, except the spoof toads by myself.
Private Dominik,
Corporal Terrence,
and Private First-Class Zolomon.

Continued from here.

The toad village is rather lethargic today. With the chill of Autumn promising the coming winter, many toads have taken to hunkering down in their huts and crude tunnels now that a substantial amount of food has been gathered for the months of cold and ice. However, some are still out and about for one reason - the captured hare in the cage who is known to them simply as 'Erg.'  They surround the private's cage, having put an unfortunate toad warrior inside, chanting the name wildly. Even so, some toads are prepare for the hare's next victim, this time from his own kind. Those captured by the toads in the disastrous survival training are being kept in a caged pit of their own, several yards away, with a simple leaf roof that keeps out the rain. Worty amphibians stand by with their spears, looking through the wooden bars at the poor hares for any beast that looks able enough to last against Dominik - not that the current challenger is dead just yet, but they've seen 'Erg' in action enough to know what's coming. They're hoping picking a fellow long ears will be more exciting, this time, even if they do enjoy watching their kin get pummeled. Even toads and frogs enjoy variety from time to time.

Zolomon had been annoyed since he woke up, if only he had his  longbow these toads  would be so dead but of course those are elsewhrere and its hard to say where. The interesting worms and stuff was mostly ignored by the hare and the other hares, though one Private did get brave and tried a worm and shrugs. Zolomon looked over at the toads and glared "Wot ya looking at..just take ya  ungle self and go away"

Dominik is indeed right in the middle of his latest conquest, the large hare...already intimidating as it was...made even moreso now by the scarred-over wounds upon his face and the yellowish toad-blood-facepaint that now appears to be permanently part of his 'look', so to speak. The toad warrior, once a formidable and fearless creature, now cowers there in the cage before Dom, bloody and beaten nearly half to death, the hare's paws already damp with his blood, the liquid splattered about on the ground around him as well. Cold, emotionless eyes peer down at the toad, as Dom reaches down and wraps those large paws around his throat. He begins to squeeze the remaining life out of him, no remorse or pity at all in the hares features; he strangles him, jerking him back and forth in the process until he feels the life beginning to ebb away.

"GLURG!" One of the toads barks Zolomon, brining its spearbutt down at the hare's head - before it connects, however, another toad stops it, croaking out softly to its enraged fellow. "Glurg-Har, Erg-glo Har." A wicked grin spreads across both amphibians, and they soon turn back to the private first class. "HAR!" With that, the two and several others stick their spear points in the cage, warding off the other hares to leave Zolomon alone. A rope of green vines is tossed down at him, and the toads are gesturing for the hare to climb up as the cheers of those watching Dominik grow louder and louder. "ERG, ERG, ERG!" The toad being strangled is struggling and trying to fight back, beating at the big hare with webbed fist but to no avail. It's slowing, its hits become weaker and weaker as it tries to gurgle out in defiance.

Zolomon looks at the rope vine and the toads.He folds his arms over his chest as if curious, are the toads insane to have him released or is it a trick. "Wot ya slime faces want with me?"

Dominik is repeatedly struck by the struggling toad's fists but to no avail; the toad might as well be pounding against a stone wall, it likely would have a similar effect on both the wall and the toad's fists. Paws sink deeper into the flesh of the toad's throat, claws sinking in, and with one final ripping motion of those large paws, the hare tries to completely tear out the entire area where his paws were grippping. Letting his latest victim sink down to the ground, not caring whether or not he actually killed him with the blow, Dom turns towards those gathered around the cage. He lifts both paws into the air and howls, his voice echoing and booming throughout the marshes. "ERRRRRRRG!!!!"

Seeing Zolomon not immediately understanding, the toads snarl at him, croaking angrily to each other. They pull back the rope, quickly tying a lasso even as another is brought over. They toss the two hoops at the hare, trying to catch him in it. For good measure, the rest of the toads prod at him to try to keep him in place to make it easier to rope him. "Glo-Erg!" One yells down, pointing back to the fighting pit were howl came from with the screams, chants, and croaks of the spectators loud in every beast's ear. "ERG, ERG, ERG!!!!" The now dying toad, its throat ripped out, gurgles again for a moment before falling limp in Dominik's paws, dead. The toads trying to catch Zolomon smile even more evilly at him as they hear this, licking their lips. "Erg Glo-Har, esh." They croak out at him, as if to explain.

Zolomon makes sure no other hare is  roped up and does go, but not without a bit of a fight and once up he  shows the nearest toad his fist making sure the toad gets a close look at it! "Ya slimey toads...just love your form of chatting wot."

Dominik leans down and sinks his teeth into the side of the toad's face, taking out a nice sized chunk and spitting it out back at the gathered crowd in what now seems to be a bit of a grisly trademark for the intimidating hare. The toadblood drips from his face, and he reaches up a paw to smear it back over the marks over both his eyes again, giving himself a fresh coat of 'paint' for whoever it is the frogs have chosen next for him to absolutely demolish. Letting the toad drop to the ground, Dom stalks back over to his spot in the corner, where he slowly lowers himself down in a crouch, simply waiting there in the shadows, eyes showing no emotions. If this is how it was to be for him from now on, well...the large hare is thinking he could begin to get used to it.

Zolomon earns several prods from the spears and harsh tugs from the rope for that display, and they soon try to drag him off to the other cage. Feathers, worms, and other tributes rain down upon Dominik as he moves to his corner, the chant of 'ERG!' continuing. The toad 'lucky' enough to catch the hare's trademark in the face is leaping up and down and croaking to its neighbors almost incoherently as it points to itself and gurgles joyfully. Soon, however, the crowd parts as the armed toads bring the next combatant, and a hush falls. "Erg-glag-Har?" Is whispered excitedly by the bystanders, with the chant of "Erg glo-Har, ERG GLO-HAR!" starting up soon afterwards.

Zolomon struggled a little as he was dragged forwards, he kicks at one toad making them stumble to the cage as he laughs.He then sees where they brought him, just not yet WHO is in the large cage "Wot's this?"

Dominik would more than likely be a little difficult to recognize upon first glance at this point, anyhow. For one, he is in the shadows, only a vague glimpse of his hulking, shadowy form visible to anyone entering the cage. And secondly, with all the bruises upon his face and that grotesque mask of toadblood, along with the hare's ears folded down against the back of his head, he really doesn't resemble his old self hardly at all. He is quite possibly beginning to form himself into what the toads already assumed him to be...a giant monster. Crouching there, waiting patiently, Dom's eyes fix upon the cage door, and he wonders what poor, pathetic fool they found for him to dispatch this time. Most of the time, it was toad warriors who displeased their fellow bretheren, other times it was simply someone who was to be executed in the most brutal way possible. Still, the large hare simply remains there, waiting, and watching, eyes narrowing as they staaaare.

"Errrrg!" A big fat toad croaks out, calling Dom as it stands atop of a small platform overlooking the cage, "Har-glag-HAR!" It then shrieks to masses, waving its webbed hands into the air, "Glug-Erg, Erg GLO-HAAAAR!" The announcer is clearly hamming it up, and the crowd eats it up, going even wilder than before, chanting, "ERG, ERG ERG!!!" The toads around Zolomon, however, keep themselves relatively restrained, offering only wide smirks at the hare as they simply untangle him from the two lassos, unlock the door, and go to shove him in with their spearbutts. "Har Flig Erg-Glo-her, heh." One chuckles to him, its big mouth curved upwards.

Dominik had begun to get used to the sight of that particular toad shouting and riling up the masses; he knew that whenever he would appear, that was when he would be given a new 'opponent' to 'fight'. The time he'd been here, he'd already begun to form some type of strange routine of sorts, the announcer-toad signaling the part of his day he would spend carrying out the toads' form of punishment. As he watches the door being unlocked, his eyes fall upon the form being shoved into the cage. He hesitates at first, the large hare immediately noticing that it is not the usual blubbery, fat toad form that he would usually get. It almost looks as if it some type of...hare? Still, Dom remains where he is crouching in the shadows, only a soft growl emanating from the spot as he continues to watch Zolomon to see what the new 'victim' would do and how he'd react to the situation he was suddenly put in. He is also not immediately recognized as Zolomon, Dom's brain currently in the 'attack' phase as opposed to the 'stop and think' phase.

Zolomon tenses up a little as the door to the cage is lamed shut and of course no weapon as he looks to see what or who is on the other side in that corner.."Ummm...soo....hallo?"Yeah sure small talk, but he is ready to fight if need be, he looks at the floor and  makes a face "Ummm...they should  bally well clean in here...huh"

With baited breath, the toads have fallen silent, watching the two hares and waiting to see what will happen. After a moment, one of the armed ones tries to push Zolomon further in the cage and towards the beast growling in in the corner with its spear. "GLAG!" The big toad on the platform shouts down, waving madly, and many others start croaking the word out too. "Glag! GLAG!"

Dominik's folded-back ears twitch as he hears the word being shouted by both the platform-toad and the crowd, and for whatever reason it finally makes him sloooowly rise up. Stepping forward out of the shadows, Dominik's form is gradually revealed to Zolomon, the towering hare a fearsome beast, indeed...the toads' reverence of him can be easily understood by simply looking at him, and the various pieces of other toads scattered about the floor here and there. Eyes fall upon Zolomon, and Dom simply stares down at him with an intimidating glare, the hare's chest rising and falling steadily, paws clenching and unclenching at his sides. Gaze lifts to look up at the toad on the platform, the hare lifting a paw and pointing at Zolomon. A mocking smirk appears upon his muzzle, as he shouts up to him. "Glag? GLAG?" his voice booms out. "Blerg-glag, GLUG. Glug-blag. GLERG." He takes a step back away from Zol, the hare's words seeming to translate to 'you can't be serious right now...'

Zolomon good ear drops as..."Dom?" Ok it looks like  Dom anyways, he frowns as he stays where he is surprised his fellow hare can  speak this toad langage even.

"Glerg?" The crowd murmur to each over, surprised that Erg can speak, if a bit poorly. "GLAG-HAR!" They chant in answer, and more toads start prodding at Zolomon, tryin to agitate them. Boos and hisses accompany the chanting, with some tossing mud and worse at the new fighter, while others are trying to rile up and encourage Dom. "Glarg Har! Erg GLO-har! GLUG GLUG! ERG, ERG, ERG!"

Dominik's ears perk just slightly upon hearing Zolomon speaking his old name, and it gives him a little more of a pause as he continues to glower down at the smaller hare. He staaaaares, his addled brain doing its best to try and place where exactly he recognized him from. He did look somewhat like him, after all, so obviously he must know him somehow! As mud and other things are flung at Zolomon, Dom steps out of the way, letting the other hare take a bit of the thrown debris. That's what he gets for getting them into this whole thing in the first place! wink  He gives Zol one of those chilling grins, before he takes a step or two in his direction. Turning his gaze to the crowd, he lifts a paw into the air, his voice booming out, "ERG!" Yeah, cheap pop. So what? After everything he's dealt with, let the hare have a bit of fun!

Zolomon has mud and  goo hit him and shakes it off as some gets in his eyes , he looks at Dom and frowns as he sees the lage hare and that grin, what is that grin supposed to mean!

The toads respond with great cries of, "ERRRG!" They jeer cruel at Zolomon, still flinging mud and dirt and more at the hare. "GLARG, GLARG!" The big toad atop starts, with more join in. "ERG, GLARG! ERG, GLARG!" The toads push and shove into each other to get a better view, with many being pushed right up against the wooden bars, all the while still chanting, "ERG GLO-HAR!"

Still, there is something about Zolomon that causes Dom to hesitate in attacking him. Taking another step towards him until the massive hare towers over Zolomon, he reaches down that spadelike paw, grabbing the other hare by his collar and tugging him up into the air, off his feet even so he can go eye-to-eye with him. Staring at Zolo, Dom glowers at him, before he leans in and speaks under his breath, a murmur so only Zol can hear him. "...if vant to live, play along.' He snorts, before finally shoving Zol away, letting him fall roughly to the ground. Once he does, he lifts a footpaw and gives Zol a light shove forward, towards the bars.

Zolomon frowns, he hears what is said andthen feels himself drop and stumbles backwards.Make it look real so play alng" How does he do that! He looks around and  picks up a clup of  mud and tossses it at Domink abd stands, he thinks and makes fists  looking ready to fight now.

"HAR! GLUG-GLUG!" The crowd cheers as Zolomon fights back, laughing madly. "ERG, ERG!" They start chanting once again, jumping up and down as the two hares start to go at it. "ERG GLO-HAR, ERG GLO-HAR!"

Dominik takes a step forward as if ready to pursue Zolomon. And then the other Patroller picks up that clump of mud at flings it at him. It thwacks right into his face with a wet thwap, covering his eyes, and the large hare reaches up a paw to wipe it away. The look Zolomon gets aftwards is pure fire and fury, and one honestly cannot tell if Dom is simply playing up the whole acting aspect, or is actually reaaally peeved off. Perhaps a combination of the two. Zol will be the lucky one who has to find out. With an enraged roar that rumbles throughout the entire marshland, Dom stomps towards Zolomon, reaching down a paw as he attempts to shove him right into the bars of the cage! He is trying soooo hard not to just pound him right in the face with a fist, his usual tactic...but then again, the hare isn't his usual opponent, either. Dom's temper was never a good thing to begin with, and his current situation only seen to enhance this fact.

Zolomon is not use to up close fighting , but sidesteps as the large hare comes forwards.He almost slips on the  goo inside the cage and then  bumps into the bars.He is a little dazed but not as much as he could be as he frowns "Dom.......please..."He speaks, normally not one to  pleed, but he is...part way to make it look good and maybe the hare  did hit him a little too hard.

More jeers towards Zolomon erupt from the toads as they hear what they assume is pleading. The chanting is continuing, even with Dom's unorthodox mud flinging, with the toads all but entranced by this new way of fighting for their champion, watching and waiting intently for the killing blow. "ERG! ERG!"

Dominik hurries forward in an almost pouncelike manner as he watches Zolomon slip and fall, and then aim aims a solid (but not as solid as it could be...hey no one said Zol wouldn't be leaving with at least a few bruises) kick that tries to thud right into the other hare's midsection. He is taking a slow and methodical attack approach from this moment on, one which would give Zolomon the opportunity to play up the acting aspect of things. Reaching down, he attempts to tug Zol back up by his collar again, before trying to fling him to the other side of the cage.

Zolomon urg and yelps out in pain and he lets himself fall as if the kick was like super hard, he groans in =pain= and  then flies across the cage and hits the other side, a loud yelp, real REAL Pain as he shivers a little and slides down, ok thiss is supposed to look real not be real! Some of teh whimpering is real and some playing pain.A couple deep breaths ok luckly no broken ribs but he holds his chest as if there is  some.He might have a cracjked arm bone but for now he can still move,He bites his lip to make blood and spits it out, he sort of purposely shivers and falls onto his face and then  gets to his knees, but not before finding a sharp stone and making some blood on his cheek..he already has bruises so those are real.

"GLO-GLO-GLO!" The onlookers start shrieking and croaking, pointing to the hare on his knees as they leap up and down. "ERG-GLO-HAR!" However, some of the more astute amphibians notice something Especially with how Zolomon cuts himself. Those few aren't chanting with the rest, instead chittering amongst themselves. It could be that Erg is just playing with his victim, but maybe... "ERG GLUSH-GLO-HAR!" They start chanting, smacking webbed fists into their hands.

Dominik is noticing that some of the toads seem to be getting restless and perhaps just a tad suspicious at the amount of time Dom is taking with the smaller hare. Why didn't any of his other opponents take this long? It was definitely something that might rise suspiciously, and especially with Zol cutting himself right in front of everyone. Dom grumbles inwardly to himself at this, figuring that he'll have to take another route here. He approaches the downed Zolomon again, once again aiming another kick at him, before he leans down and puts his paws on either side of the hare's head. Trying to tug him upright again, Dom gives him a steely look as if you say 'you had better play this off, this is your only chance'. Eyes narrowing, Dom grips Zol's head between his hefty paws. Lifting his head, he gives a savage growl to the crowd. "ERG!" He then moves his paws in a jerk to the side, making it seem as if he'd snapped Zol's neck. All Zol would have to do is move himself in the right direction for it to appear to be to be legit. It was something Dom had done dozens of times for show back at home during fights, and so he was well practiced in it, so that no real harm would come to Zol because of it. Shoving the other hare to the ground roughly afterwards, Dom lifts his paws into the air and roars. "ERG!" He points a paw down at Zolomon. "GLARG-UG!" Hopefully, Zol can manage to lie still enough to pull off the ruse.

Zolomon hmmms to himself, maybe he can look like he has gone insane and have his own like war paint sort of as he goes to  attck Dominik as, why would he just stand there for?He then seems to panic, and maybe he is really as he looks to try and get free and can't.Zolomon seems to catch on and goes with the flow, he achally does move his head just right and then just lets himself go totally limp, he even holds his breath and keeps very very still.Its hard to hold still but he manages to do it.

"ERG! ERG! ERG!" The toads roar out, before falling silent as the hare goes limp. Those toads who had been doubting stop, holding spears now, and they watch with expectant eyes, waiting. "Glo-Har!" One croaks out, point to its mouth. More join in, "Glo-Har, Glo-Har!" And more. "GLO-HAR, GLO-HAR!" Soon all the onlookers are croaking the words out in a frenzy, all waiting for Dom's gory signature.

Dominik had seemingly forgotten about that one thing that had seeming become his calling card, so to speak. Or did he? As he stands there towering above Zolomon's limp body, the large hare reaches down and hefts the other hare up. Leaning his head down, Dom's eyes do a quick scan of Zolomon, before he decides to follow through with the idea. He'd already been beaten up and knocked about enough already, so one more scar likely wouldn't hurt him at all. Placing his arm in a position that hides Zol's head, Dom presses his teeth into the inside of his own arm. It is near a spot where Zol was already bleeding, and so it would look as if that is the spot where Dom tears the flesh away. Jerking his head quickly to get it over with, he bites back the initial surge of pain, making sure to get enough of his own blood on Zol to make it look like it was his own fur and flesh that had gotten torn away. He spits this back out into the crowd, hopefully sating the masses. Moving his arm to hide his self-injury (he was already covered in blood as it was anyway), Dom lifts the other arm and roars again, letting Zol fall to the ground again. One can't say that Dom never used his brain, as addled as it currently is.

Zolomon feels himself fall and lets himself sort of bounce across the floor and stays very still, he is good at the play dead thing.He barely took a breath when he was in teh air and  hdden by  Dominink, he  barley avoids yelping in pain, he goes with the flow and is, by all counts of those looking, seemly very dead now.

That does the trick - the bloody spittle doesn't hit any single toad, however, but they don't seem to mind much. "ERG! ERG! ERG!" They all croak out, with more feathers and berries and insects being showered down upon the winner. Two burly toads to stand on a wooden plank above the cage, tossing down more plant lassos so as to retrieve the 'dead' hare, ginning and croaking to Dom as they do so. "Bleg, Erg Glo-Har, Haheh! CROAK"

Dominik is used to the showering of disgusting objects at this point, and so when it happens once again after his 'victory', he smirks a little, eyeing Zolomon as he is slowly taken out of the cage. It is completely up to him now to play it off as if he is dead until he is put in a spot where he is no longer noticed. Dom did his part...even though it was more due to sympathy for a fellow hare rather than any type of solid escape planning, his brain wasn't yet ready for that type of thing yet. Watching for a few more moments, the large hare mrrrfs softly, before he trudges back to his usual place over in the corner of the cage. He crouches there, and simply waits. Does he ever sleep? That is a very good question.

Zolomon stays very still, this is getting annoyong but he does it still..limp, so limp, very limp as he is taken out of the cage.He can be serious and knows when to not..well move...takes all his doing to not move cause like he is supposed to be dead.

The toads drag Zolomon away as the cheers continue, and soon they're obscured from sight within the cage. "Glurg Glo-har, eh?" The two toads taking Zolomon mutter to each other. "Blerg, glo-har, eck!" The chanting around the the cage fades out, and soon the small toad from before bears even more worms - but this time edible berries are on the platter as well. It sets the plate down, sliding it into the cage with a bow as the announcer croaks out, "Blerg Gluck! ERG GLO-HAR! HAHAH!" The toads cheer again as they move away, the show ended once again. For Zolomon, however, it's just the beginning. One of the toads drop him, letting its fellow hold him by the arm alone, and the toad starts shifting a large stone with grunts and croaks. The smell emanating from inside is horrendous, and a few flies dart out of the dank, dark hole. Still chit-chatting, the two toads go to throw the hare into the food storage. Waste not, want not, after all.

Zolomon makes a face likely these two are not paying attention to him, they think he is  dead after all, ok he can't go into that hole, he would likely never get out and  end up for real dead, he is still in pain and thinks quickly..He grunts as painful to really move, but he has to THINK FAST! They seem to have laid down that trident..that was dumb.He grabs it and quickly  goes to stab them, and a powerful kick to the chest! If he is successful he will do his best to get that boulder recovering the hole..even if it takes a couple minutues,..

The trident hits its mark, with the owner giving loud shriek as the kick lands, tossing the toad into the darkness to bleed out. The remaining one, while caught off guard, isn't so easy to deal with - it still holds a spear, which it now brings up to jab at Zolomon, croaking panicky as it does so, "GLURG! HAR-WAG!" If the hare doesn't start booking it fast, the entire population of toads will soon be upon him. Even now a confused croaking can be heard from the direction of the fighting pit. Those still gathered around Dom look at each other as the faint cries of the toad run out in the distance. "Erg Har-glo?" A few ask, questionably, looking from their fellows to the hare in the pit.

Zolomon glares at the toad, he goes to stab that toad as well, a strong kick to shut it up and then he bolts, he is the fastest runner in the long patrol! Ok he and Felicity did have a race and tied but still he is fast and quick, he gets lukcy to catch mainly dry land, he almost sinks once and loses a boot, he also loses a 2nd boot..hmmms maybe they will think he died after all! He hopes so anyways as he is the swamp...ya!!!

Eventually, one toad decides to investigate the frantic croaking. Even as it picks up a spear and slowly meanders its way to the storage, the croaks suddenly stop. In turn, the lone toad calls for some help, just to be safe, before cresting a small hill and spotting the now dead toad and the killer running away. "GLURG! HAR! GLURG HAR!" The toad raises its spear waving it madly as it screams out for its fellows. As Zolomon escapes, many, many toads are prepping to hunt him, though some remain to stare sadly at Dom, shaking their heads.

Away on the edge of the swamplands a patrol corporal just so happens to be keeping watch. Terrence volunteered to keep guard, and the hare's ears are perked up, a confused expression on his face as the frantic and angry croaks come across the marsh. "What in the bloody... they seem happy before, wot." He mutters to himself.

Zolomon is the reason the yare not happy, he lost his boots and he is tried from running. But he still run.One toad did follow him and he frowns, he uses the trdent as a flying spear and ...yep that toad is dead as he pants and  groans.He tenses, a camp not more toads...wait its hares as he shivers andtakes a few more steps and then collapes just outside the hare's camp.

Even more toads than the one Zolomon sees are following him. The croaks are wild and growing louder every second, especially as several jump over the skewered toad. The running hare can't see it just yet, but atop a small hill the toads poor over, spears and tridents in webbed hands, croaking out their wars cries. Who can see them however, even before they rush down the hill, is Terrence and the other patrollers. The corporal, taking a few moments to make sure the gasping form just yards away indeed is a hare, calls out, "HARE IN TROUBLE! TOADS ABOUND, WOT WOT!" even as he runs out to help Zolomon up. "EULALIA!" Several hares yell out, moving to protect the escapee. Most of the toads, for their part, halt, quickly retreating from the tough long-ears - but some continue to rush forward recklessly, and are soon dead in the muck with stones, arrows, and javelins in them.

Zolomon opens his eyes, his vision fuzzy as he groans, hare shapes  turn him onto hisback as he fell onto his face, his eyes then close and he slips into unconiousness

"Healer!" Terrence bellows out, looking around at the hare's gathered. The corporal doesn't quite recognize the private first class due in part to all the mud, blood, and other factors. "Come on, hare, what's your name?" He asks, not fully expecting an answer, especially now that he is shooed away by two healers. The toads are gone once again, though the line of hares is still ready for a fight, while the corporal watches the healers work, taking Zolomon away to be treated safely.

Atticus, John, Terrence, and Spruce.

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