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Mother Krisha
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I Will Not Stay Afraid!-Redwall Log



Ferro- Blacksmith of  Ferravale

Anwir- Evil monitor lizard

Some assorted spoofs of  abbey order beasts and dibbuns...

Krisha got a break from the dibbuns and some other duties, she had heard her father was missing, and she finds out and told after he was missing for weeks!! She then learns he was found and got time, made time, to be in that infirmary to be with him"Father!" She quickly enters the room and goes to his side.   

Ferro opens his eyes, and sees.."Krisha"He reaches up to her and lays a clawed paw on her check and a faint smile forms "Your...ssssssssssafe"He sounds weak and tired, so tired but somewhat better than he was.   

Krisha goes to hug him, not too tight as fear of hurting him, "I am so glad your ok, I heard you were missing and I was scared and then I heard you was found and was here and..this last couple weeks been so stressful"   

Ferro smiles"I am glad...your ssssssafe daughter"He frowns "SSSSSSSSSSomeone isssssss....back....I want you to sssssstay inssssssside"   

Krisha nods "I..I he..heard..."She shivers a little, she is afraid but tries to not show it, and fails greatly at it."I will stay reason to go outside"   

Ferro frowns, he can tell she is afriaid "I am here..pleassssssssssssssse..calm yourssssssself Krisha"   

Krisha whimpers.."I don't want to see him, he's supposed to be dead...he was...and I dont wanna leave."Just, that's what they did before, always left..ran, and she doesn't want to "This is home, this is....and I am Badgermother and I have.."She speks again "Xander and friends, not leaving that"   

Ferro nods "And we wont leave...we ssssssssstay here.You have beasssstsssssss to protect you, not jussssssssst me"   

Krisha nods "I know..."She frowns "He was at the gates, he will be back..."She is still afraid of him but, she knows she can't stay afraid."He had you"   

Ferro says, "A trick...he possssssssssssed assssss ssssssssomeone ordering a blade....I have meet beasssstssssss before other placesssss...then he knocked me out..I grew weaker and weaker...till I was found by a sssssssstoat and a hedgehog named Mack, they helped me back to you, to here...I will be ok now daughter.I will recover""   

Krisha nods, she smiles now "I..I know..."A frown and she takes a deep breath as she speaks "I..can't remain afraid of Anwir...I can't."
Ferro speaks "All will be well....I hope"   

Krisha nods, then a order beast comes into the room and frowns "M..Mother Krisha there is a problem at the gate...and the Abbot is to not be distrubed and..the champion is asleep...should I wake her?"The badger  frowns "No...I..."She looks at Ferro "I will return father"She goes to see what is going on, though it does concern her a little seeing as the order beast is on edge.   

Ferro frowns "What isssssssss the matter...Krisha?" He looks to the order beast and frowns more, he reaches out a paw to maybe get Krisha to stay put.   

Anwir was at the gate, and he refushed to leave as he looked at the guards "I sssssssekzzz the revenge...I always get whatzzzzzzz I wantssssssssssss"   

Krisha appears, she is on the walltops and tenses up a little when she sees ...the monitor but takes a deep breath, "Leave...your not welcome here."   

Anwir chuckles as he sees the badger "Youzzzzzz hassssssss you remember me...badger?" He smiles coldly, he has the scars she left on him "Come down....or do you..fearzzzzzzzz me?"   

Krisha takes a deep breath, "No" its firm and a little louder "NO! I do not fear pest,, you had not father, your gonna pay for that. You also hurt beasts"   

Anwir grins"You fearzzzzzz do..thatsssssss why you wont come and.."He smiles "Play"
Krisha makes a fist and shivers slightly, a deep breath"Leave...or I ..MAKE YOU LEAVE!"Ok she seems to mean business.   
Anwir chuckles, this is fun for him"Makezzzzz me?"He grins, "Then comezzzzzz do ssssssssso, make me leavezzzzzz"

Krisha gulps but then relaxes, ok she still has some fear of Anwir but she wont let it get to her."No leave" She is calm as she speaks and nods to some guards "If I say fire the arrows, they will"   

Anwir hissses as he glares at the Badgermother, "You can't ssssssssstay in therezzzzz forever, I will ...sssssslay you...and asssssssss an added bonussss I willzzzzzzz make sssssure those closssse...get to watch you diezzzz"He smiles coldly"And watch mezzzzzz enjoy...dinnerzzzzzz"Yeah let that sink in what dinner or rather who dinner would be.He decides to walk away for now "I shallzzzzzz return"
Krisha takes in all his words and manages, barely , to stay calm as she watches him leave , she then walks down the steps and frowns...a deep breath, think on something else something......then giggling and she looks over, the dibbuns as she manages a smile..." about some extra play time in the open ground and we get Friar Lacota to make cookies" A loud cheer from the dibbuns as the Badgermother smiles and races the dibbuns to the open ground, and afterwards...cookies!!!

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