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Getting Ferro Back To The Abbey


Mack- Former Bartender

Anwir- Evil Monitor lizard, warrior, tribal beast

Nardo- Healer Ferrret

Ferro- Blacksmith

Cynthia-Abbey Sister


Berwin- Good of the Guosim

Gorvenalus- Recorder of Redwall

Matilda-Champion of Redwall

few spoofed  shrews and other beasts...


Mack was busy helping  with some breakfast, some  simple  rice cakes , apple slices and cheese. Some apple juice to drink."So lass ya staying for now?"

Cynthia nods her head "I will be fine,  one of them will walk me back to the abbey in a couple days"

Vilfred was still tried as he walks over to them "So is going soon then..."He looks at the food "You make the breakfast?"

Berwin snorted, slightly annoyed but then shrugs "I'm  going to bed...I did have 2nd shift ya know.."But he does grab a to go breakfast and then heads to his cabin, he will eat breakfast and then go to sleep till late afternoon.

Ferro  groans a little, still very weak and  opens his eyes to look at the beasts in camp. For now he stays still, not that he can move too much anyways, and watches them quietly.

Mack grins "Well ..yeah...thought be nice and..."He looks to Ferro, still nervous with a monitor so close but he is gonna  trust he can be a friend.."Hey..Ferro..."

Cynthia waves from where she is sitting, she is not going near him right now either, she frowns "Why..why  did another monitor have you captive for?"

Vilfred gulps but walks over "Is wondering as well..curious it is." He stays alert and studies the monitor,he glaces at Mack"Abbey be best place..or Ferravale even..making shrews nervous he is and still uncertain as to weather followed or not"

Ferro speaks "He..would of come by now...and I will not harm..beasssssstssssssss here.." He coughs a little, it is cold, for him"Redwall..need to...ssssssssssse daughter...pleasssssssse"

Mack frowns and speaks "I can...get him back to the abbey" He offers Ferro food though "Tis....just apples and some cheese..oh and rice cakes"

Cynthia listens and watches before she speaks "Maybe we can..find some help to get him there,  just in case that monitor is around..well the other one, the scary one"

Vilfred nods and hmmms "But what  help and whom?" Its not like shrews can help carry a monitor to the abbey. Any help be  good to find.

It would seem news  did get to the abbey in the form of a certain hedgehog, Matilda "Your camp is  fairly well hidden Log-A-Log,  that's a good thing ..."She catches sight of Ferrro and frowns "Oh dear..."

Gorvenalus is with her and quickly goes over to check on Ferro, checking pulse and any signs of wounds, breathing and  what ever else is needed.

Cynthia stays where she is and nods a quick hello before she decides to head back to the guest  tent.

Vilfred at first looks ready to fight and then relaxes when he sees the Champion and Brother Gorvenalus and nods a greeting.

Ferro looks over , he is weak and tried and any offered food and drink is eatten a little.His pulse and breathing is fairly normal but one can  tell he is weak from being  a captive the past few weeks.."K..Krisha..where issssssss ssssssssshe?"

Mack  smiles "A hedgehog maid... not see many of me own kind, ello lass."He steps aside and adds "I can help get Ferro to the ummmm..abbey if ya need help lass"

Matilda speaks "She is at the abbey, she is fine Ferro. She is  very worried about you but will be happy to know your found."She frowns and asks questions "Where has he  been?"

Gorvenalus has some supplies with him and hmms "We can get him to the abbey, we just need to be careful Matilda, and the abbey is likely a good place, we can let Ferravale know he is there and Krisha will feel  better if he is at the abbey as well."

Vilfred shrugs "Is not knowing whole story..stoat find him and Hedgehog here"He points to Mack.

Ferro starts to explain but he is very tried and worn out, he likely  wont be saying or doing much for a while.

Mack frowns "Some other Monitor..Anwir he called him,  wanted to  freaking eat me..he had Ferro tied up and me and this  stoat  found the den, think to  get out of de rain and was nice enough to free us, and we came here cause it was close..if the abbey close?

Matilda  nods "Close enough, if we have a problem"She draws out The Sword of Martin the Warrior.."I have this"

Gorvenalus finishes helping Ferro and goes to help him up, "Can you walk any Ferro, if not might be able to take turns supporting your weight, we can  take breaks if needed as well."

Vilfred frowns "Will keep eye out for this..Anwir, if needed stab him, a lot"

Ferro frowns "D..Dangeroussssssssss...he issssssss my brother..younger brother..he wantsssssssss...Krisha..."He frowns"The..tribe...thought all wassssssssss dead...sssssssseemssssssss he wassssssssss not...issssssss alive...."

Mack frowns as he goes to help "I can help get him to the abbey and...look I dont know , well any one but I am sure we can make sure this Anwir doesn't go near Krisha."

Matilda nods "He wont go near your daughter, he  has too many beasts he would have to slay first."

Gorvenalus nods in agreement "I say we get to the abbey quickly, different reasons for this"

Vilfred nods and waves to them, him and a couple shrews willl help keep an eye on things half way there while the rest of the shrews  stay at the camp, he will then head back.

===Time passes==

Its just after sundown now,  walking was a little slow as they stopped a couple times to rest but finally, its the abbey  in their  sights, just a few more minutes and they are at the gates.

Mack  whoas "Now that place is..huge!"

Matilda smiles "It is yes, Welcome to Redwall Abbey"Well almost there anyways.

And almost is bad as a hiss is heard, a cackle and there is Anwir, a cold smile on his face "Wouldzzzzzzz I be welcomesssssssss assssssssss wellzzz hmmmm?"

Ferro frowns,"Anwir..."He is in no shape to fight, at all.

Mack goes a little pale if that's possible "Oh...crud..."He nods to the beaver"You get one side, I get the other lets get him inside "

Gorvenalus frowns,but nods as that's the best idea right now, the champion can likely handle herself, or he hopes so anyways.

Matilda already has the blade Of Martin the Warrior out, narrows her eyes at the monitor"Leave while you still have the chance to  leave lizard"

Ferro frowns as he is helped inside, once to the infirm he will likely pass out again, it has been a long way here for him.

Mack quickly heads back out and frowns, there was no way he was leaving a fellow hedgehog outside to fight a monitor.

Anwir chuckles as he smirks, he lunges at the hedgehog maid, teeth and claws out as he tries to knock her down.

Matilda is a very good fighter and  can quickly move out of the way and slices at the monitor with her blade.

Nardo was glad to see Mack, but he also was following him "Hey wait..what are ya doing...Mack ya insane..."Then the monitor "Ohhhhhhh.....kay...."

Mack frowns"I was not leaving her out here, that thing is dangerous."

Anwir sidesteps, he does get his tail cut deeply and a slice to the arm, he backs off as if  surrendering and fakes a move quickly to the left, then goes to try and grab the hedgehog by the throat!

Matilda has managed to avoid serious injury, but she is also tried from the walking, a cut is on her ear as she pants and backs up a little, then moves forwards to stab the lizard and gasps, drooping the blade and going to pry the claws paw from her throat.

Nardo frowns and loks at Mack and the lizard, he goes to charge at it..maybe distract it, that or he is gonna totally fail.

Mack  seems to understand and also  dives forwards, to knock the monitor down, maybe  the two of them can  do something at least.

Anwir chuckles "Lasssssst wordzzzzzz....."He ooofs as he is slammed into by the other hedgehog and the  ferret,he lets go of the hedgemaid and looks at his arm, and glares...his arm is full of quills!He gives the oh your dead now look to them!

Matilda passed out just before she is let go off and hits the ground, lucky not too hard so she is fine and even starts to come  too a little after a brief moment of having her air supply cut off, a cough.

Nardo frowns "Mack.....grab her..GRAB HER!!!" He grabs the blade and swings it at the monitor!

Mack doesn't have to be asked  more than once as he grabs the hedgehog maid  and quickly gets to the gates and is let inside as  the fight was being watched at the wall tops.

Anwir  hisses in pain as the blade cuts across his tail as he swings it and ...the tail is cut  clean off and on the road as he looks in shock and then  looks at the ferret, "Youzzzzzzzz ...Ya DIE!!!!!" Teeth bared, claws out and he goes to tackle the ferret!

Nardo screams and barely misses getting tackled and bolts inside! The gate is slammed shut as he  breaths in and out , in and out and  gulps"I..I..I  was almost LIZARD CHOW!!!!" he frowns "LIZARD CHOW Mack!!!"

Matilda groans and  rubs her neck as she blinks up at Mack and then seems to panic"The sword.....where is it, I drooped it!"

Mack frowns as he sits her down "I don't know lass..I ran..." He looks at Nardo and frowns "Well ya..lived"

Nardo comes forwards, he holds out the Blade of Martin the Warrior "This one?" He blinks as a couple  beasts seem impressed, and how he  used the blade to slice off the  lizard tail and  oh did you see it ..ect ect ect...

Matilda takes the blade and smiles, "Thank you so much...very much, Martin the Warrior blade  is important to me and the abbey"

Mack blinks "That's..."He grins "Awesome.."

Nardo stares, stands there in shock "M..M..Martin de Warrior...blade, Wait I held it and ..sliced off the monitor..."His eyes widen "Monitor....I sliced off a monitor's..tail..and with..."And he faints,...what a day.

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