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Update The Abbot-Redwall Log


Matilda- Champion of Redwall

Benar-Abbot of Redwall

Cynthia- Sister  at Redwall


Matilda had breakfast and went to change before she went to speak to and check on the abbot, she had gotten news yes but had not had a chance to check on him since he fell, she was busy with other issues that needed attention, mostly find a certain badger,which she found yesterday afternoon.She waits to knock, then does so lightly, if needed she could come back later.   

Benar calls out "come in" And looks up from the armchair by the fireplace. He has finally gotten sick of being stuck in bed and against the protestation of the healers moved into his sitting room and is curled up in his armchair. His thick grey tail coiled around his legs and over his lap like an extra large blanket.   

Matilda walks over and nods, she speaks "Your being...careful correct Benar?" Ok she is concerned when she sees him sitting in the chair but at the same time glad to see he is feeling better enough to be in the chair "There is news, I am not sure if you revived any, I meant to tell you last night but you had fallen asleep before I could"   

Benar says, "I am being fine Matilda, I am not going out, I am not trying to use my arm, but I am not sitting in bed like a lemon when I can sit in my office and read..." he shuts his book and smiles, "What news is that my Champion? Come in and sit down too..." he motions to the other chair."
Matilda goes to sit down "First...we have guests, half a dozen beasts from a Mossflower Village and a slightly annoying ferret named Nardo..whom is a healer."She then adds "Also found Xander...with some help of some other beasts, the Gousim even had looked for him as well"   

Benar leans back in his chair, "Well visitors are nice, Krisha didn't mention them... do please pass on my greetings to them. And a ferret? Been awhile since we had one of those under our roof... as for Xander..." He frowns, "I don't want to see him Matilda, not until someone can assure me whatever wild impulses or memory loss related problem has been treated."   

Matilda nods as she listens "I or..Mother Krisha can speak to him, I am unsure whom else....right now he is in the infirm, least its not fight related..seems he disturbed a nest of hornets had some sort of bad delayed reaction."She sighs "Any...ideas on whom should speak to him here in a couple days perhaps?"   

Benar says, "Angela would be my first port of call if his wife can't get through to him," he frowns at the hedgehog, "I... have tried, but all i did was make him angry and then he almost killed me so I think for now I will stay away."
Matilda says, "Likely wise for now, I will make sure he doesn't come into your room" Its her guess Benar will be in his room for a while anyways."I have yet to Xander myself, I could maybe try a little or least get his side of ehat happen"

Benar says, "I think talking to you might help him, or Dorarose, maybe he needs another warrior to talk to... I do not know..." he sighs and shakes his head, "I really do not know how to help him I am afraid. I can run the abbey, but fixing badgers is beyond me."
Matilda offers a smile "You cant help everyone.Guess its a wait and see on what will happen with Xander but I also know Mother Krisha cant take too much time trying to help him and maybe a fellow warrior could help him...I never had any bad anger issues like that"   
Benar says, "Well if Krisha needs to spend time with him we can make time, he is her husband after all and the Elders can always pick up some of her duties, and i am well enough to start going over paperwork again at least."

Matilda says, "Just paperwork.....I believe the harvest is in now, so one less thing to worry on. There may be a trip to the market place for any last minute supplies and I can always led some beasts there and back..but the woods and roads have not had any ill reports lately"
Benar says, "Yes the harvest is in, Krisha mentioned that... but we do need someone to ask some of our squirrel residents to check the roof before winter," he smiles, "I can't go up there myself currently... oh and we need to check the winter shutters on all the windows"
Matilda nods as she is good at making a mental note, "What of the guests? I am not sure they lived at or was a small pub ...some stove messed up and caused a fire...and they will be rebuilding what was damaged of the pub...they may need to stay a few weeks." She seems to remember one other thing and frowns "There other thing, but its more of a Ferravale issue...I was unsure of mentioning it or not least to..someone else"   

Benar smiles, "Beasts are always welcome in the abbey, if they need someplace to stay whilst they rebuild their home they are more then welcome to stay with us, please ask Foremole to offer his help with their rebuilding," he frowns, "As For Ferravale you should tell me Matilda"   

Matilda nods, she sighs "I...don't know all the details and I know Ferravale is handling it..Ferro is missing, I found out when I spoke with Patch as I was going to see if Ferro had seen Xander and to help me look for him...but Ferro has been missing the past few weeks, no one seems to know where he went just he was supposed to only be away a few days and his shop has not been open, for a while....I did not update Krisha of this as...she does have enough issues and I know he is her father"   

Benar frowns, "That is... worrying... I do hope he turns up," He reaches out to touch the hedgehogs arm with his other hand, "And no Matilda... you must never keep secrets like this, not from the family, if something awful has happened and she finds out later you where hiding it, it will do more harm then not... even with everything going on you must tell her."   

Matilda nods "Alright, maybe after dinner tonight i will then Benar. I do hope its nothing serious as well, as we have some weeks now till winter and some cold weather has started in the evening already...which reminds me need to check on the sparrows see how they are doing, I know drafts can get up there at times"   

Benar says, "It is possible he has gotten waylaid someplace and will be home safe and sound in a few days,"

Matilda nods "Lets hope...for now my concerns will be with the abbey and making sure you recover without being brothered too much"She smiles "We want to be able to see our Abbot at the next feast after all"   

Benar says, "Well thank you Matilda, it is nice to know you are out there helping to keep the abbey safe."
Matilda says, "I do what I can...usually Patrol around, I should go to Ferrvale more often than I do, the place just makes me nervous is all"
Benar smiles, "Well thank you Matilda, and I am just glad to have you with us and be able to offer me advice when I need it," He shuffles through his papers and holds one out, "Here is my check list for the roof inspection, can you sort that?"   

Cynthia knocks on the door and waits quietly for the abbot to reply.
Matilda takes the checklist and nods as she looks it over, she can get another look later as she smiles "I can make sure what is needed to be done, is done.And I hope my advice is good when its given, hmmms I wonder if Brother Gorvenalus could prehaps try and speak with Xander at all"She glaces at the door when the knock is heard.   

Benar says, "Gorvenalus may help... but I do not think Xander wants to listen to scholars..." he frowns at the door, "WOuld you see who that is Matilda?"
Cynthia pokes her head inside but doesnt come in all the way as she says a simple "Hello..."   

Matilda starts to go check and smiles "Cynthia...did you need anything?I can see if the abbot would like any other company or not"
Benar frowns as Cynthia just opens his door and sticks her head in like that, but thankfully Matilda's large form is between him and the young mouse, he doesn't say anything and lets Matilda deal with her for now. He'll wait to hear what she wants before he lets her in fully.   

Cynthia says, "I was seeing how he was is all.."She then adds "By the way, if I wanted to visit someone who would I ask permission of....I was thinking of seeing a shrew named Oswald, at the Guosim camp and I can take some another beast with me and I wouldn't be gone too long...couple days visit..I could even help out at their camp for those couple days if that was needed."
Matilda looks back towards the Abbot and then to the mouse as she thinks quietly , "I..could take you, its not too far from Ferravale and I need to check on something there here soon, maybe give an update on how the Abbot is....just let others know..maybe here...tomorrow or the day after that. One of the Gousim could always walk you back"
Benar raises his voice, "Come on in Cynthia, it would be lovely to see you," He has composed himself now and is happy to talk about things other then how he is feeling, "I don't see any objection to you going to visit the GUOSIM but ask Krisha for permission." He smiles at the mouse, "If Matilda is happy to escort you that would be fine and i am sure the GUOSIM would bring you back."   

Cynthia smiles as she walks in, "Hello Benar..and I had heard Oswald was there, thought I see how he was and show him how I have improved with singing and playing the lyre and harp...even dancing. I could even do some at the Autumn feast maybe and..yes I can let Mother Krisha know..wouldn't be gone too long"   

Matilda lets the mouse in and stays close, "I know where the camp is and was there...once, be nice to check up on how thy are "
Benar says, "Well that sounds fine, I am sure Oswald will be pleased to see you, he was here at the Summer feast before rejoinign his brehtren at the GUOSIM camp, so please do enjoy your trip. But make sure Krisha can spare you first"
Cynthia nods "I know Caleb helps a lot with the orchards and I help in the gardens where I could...I may or may not take Cota but he is only of novice he becomes one or not I don't know, leaving it up to him"   

Matilda says, "Mother Krisha would know more on what is still needed, the gardens may be ok now seeing as harvest is in...also maybe Cota could start some classes...Brother Gorvenalus and Mother Krisha does classes mostly...and think Brother Rick"   

Benar asks, "I still have yet to meet Cota properly, you should bring him up to visit me tomorrow perhaps before you leave my dear? I would like to get to know your son a little bit."
Cynthia nods "I can do that. Maybe late morning as to not be too early or the day after...I could then go on to the Gousim camp by then would have told the main ones who need to know, where I will be"   

Matilda says, "That is wise to let beasts know yes."

Benar asks, "Well that sounds lovely Cynthia, I will look forward to meeting him, but how are you finding being back here in the abbey?"
Cynthia chuckles "Busy....but I am glad to be , well be home the abbey is my home and I missed it and missed seeing friends...even though I didn't get to see all my friends, its still good to be back and I don't plan on going anywhere else,no more traveling to far off places"   

Matilda says, "Traveling short distances is fine, wouldn't go anywhere too far, likely wouldn't get too far before snows hit"
Benar says, "Well it is nice to travel and see places, but it is always a delight when one gets home and sees their loved ones, we are glad to have you back with us,m you have all been missed"   

Cynthia smiles "I know...we did get slightly lost in the woods but found the correct path and made it to the abbey..shortcuts are not always the best at times and sometimes even are longer than the main path"   

Matilda chuckles "I likely get lost if someone said a path was a shortcut, though I do know my way around a lot better now than I did"   

Benar says, "Well the woods can be disorientating, especially if you have been away from them for awhile, but you are all home safely now""
Cynthia says, "Yes..we got back safe and sound...which I am glad of...not really too much happen was part of a sort of traveling show a while and then went to stay at a village and decided to come home"
Matilda stands "I should check on the things on the list"She points to the one she was given " I will see you at Dinner Benar..."   

Benar says, "See you later Matilda and thank you for dropping inn, and Cynthia have a good day, I should rest for now"

Cynthia nods "I should probally get some chores done...cant say missed chores ..see you tomorrow then"


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