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Get some rest...-Redwall Log

**Again Matilda...***


Matilda- Champion Redwall

Krisha-Badger Mother

Nardo- healer beast

Xander- Leader of Mossflower Defenders


Krisha was ..crying, she was trying not to but she was failing badly.She was holding Xander's paw as she sat beside him in the chair.

Matilda was passing the infirm and poke her head inside and frowned, she walked in and  laid a paw on Krisha's shoulder, "Mother Krisha...."

Nardo was nearby, he had decied to stay in here, they let him help a little bit, he left the badger and hedgehog alone.

Krisha sniffs, "He won't respond to his name, he wont wake up but he shivers like he is cold but seems to be burning up with fever."

Matilda just frowns "I  don''t know much healing...I should learn I suppose.But he is in good paws here..."She looks at the ferret and sighs "Nardo? You said you...know about hornet  stings...also sorry earlier, just stress"She is still not totally trusting him, only right now as it seems he did help.

Nardo sits up, stands up and walks over to look at the badger, "It..may take time,  his reaction isn't as bad as..some I seen...he didn't get stung  as much as..."He frowns, "My mate..her name was Connie....she was wanting some apples on a trip,  a tree along the path...didn't know a hornet nest was there till it was too late..I got stung 4 times on the arm...she got stung like...20 times...she felt pain and then seemed ok, we even..raced to the creek the next day all was well...till later couple nights later when they swelled up again, fever....and she had trouble breathing and  slipped into a deep faint, she..she died before sunrise but unlike your..guessing mate...I didn't get  what she needed in time, she had a lot more stings than he does..lot more." He checks a pulse and fever before looking between them"If he makes it to morning, he will be fine."

Xander shivers a little, his fever is still high, as high? Its not certain. His pulse and breathing isn't worse, nor better its about the same and his arm and paw still swollen

Krisha seems to worry more and more as the words are spoken and drags a cot to put right beside Xander's so she can lay beside him and  place an arm around him.

Matilda decides to leave them be,she glaces at Nardo "A couple healers Angela and Gorvenalus are gonna be in here soon, just so you can tell them what you know of the hornet stings...ok?"

Nardo simply nods and he will stay out of thier way as well so they can better help the badger.

Xander shivers a little less and whimpers slightly in his sleep, " no...didn't mean..."Another whimper

Krisha just stays at his side but falls asleep soon, rest is likely good for her right now.

Matilda watches them and then heads to bed like she started to  earlier,though its still pouring down rain!..Ok fine she can rest in here, its fine..she is too tried to walk to her cottage in the rain and soon sleep over takes her.

In the morning a weak groan escapes Xander as his eyes open,he coughs and tries to focus on where he is.

A mug of water is offered to him and the voice of the champion "Drink some water and  go back to sleep Xander.."

Xander sips some water and focuses on Matilda and frowns a little, a little more water is drank and he sort of have focuses on her, and the fact a sleeping Krisha is beside him.

Matilda  smiles a little, "Sleep...please...ok."She pats his not sore arm gently as she goes to check on Benar...well after Brekfast...


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