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#1 2019-09-26 19:21:25

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Patch is..not the best help

** So seems Patch found Xander.........and sort of is helping him,  not the best help though**

Patch-Spy, Tavern worker, Annoying Rat

Xander-Leasder of Mossflower Defenders

A spoofed Pine Marten-Friend of Patch?


Xander was not sure how long he had ran, but he ran, he even fell and tripped a couple times, got up and ran some more until he got tried and curled up to sob uncontrolled sobbing at what he believed he had just done. He was a murderer because of his stupid anger issues lately.   

Patch was around, he was always somewhere and had recently got into a little trouble himself. He held a coin, threw it up and caught it and smiled, he then heard the crying and was on high alert as he edged closer to the source of the sound to find..."Stripy?"   

Xander eyes widen as he jumped, reached for his...his good eye widens, "Where is...."He sits up, he doesn't have his blade, a frown it was in the abbey gatehouse..great, fine maybe they were here to kil him too, he looks to see Patch and just frowns.   

Patch watches the badger "Ya don't have de like...blade, someone steal it?" He slips closer and studies the badger, "Why the tears someone die er sumthing."He chuckles as he jokes around, if only he knew what happen, the badgers version or the real one."Ya look horrible by de way"   

Xander tears fall "I'm a murderer....Patch....I killed him, it was an accident I didn't mean to kill him, I didn't..and now he's..dead and I don't know wot ta do and my blade is in the abbey gatehouse" He frowns "I can't go back thar..."   

Patch shrugs "Wot some vermin...wot ever and ...wait how ya kill it if the blade is at the abbey, de abbey is a good haf day way Stripy"   

Xander voice sounds weak "Benar....." Little did he know the Abbot was alive."He's..gone Patch and fault."He leans back on a tree and lets tears fall down his face"And if beasts d..didn't hate me before they surely do now"   

Patch jaw drops and he thinks on his words as he digs some wax from his ear, then his other ear "Goodness I should clean me ears more often, ha ha.....thought ya said ye killed the abbot of Redwall.."   

Xander frowns as he clears his throat "I did..."He frowns and sniffs again. He sits there dirt covered, he clearly found a thorn bush as some thorns are in his arm, a cut to his leg from said thorns.   

Patch gives the badger a hard stare and thinks this over, then frowns "Ya..your serious arnt ya?" He frowns ", what..when..wot happen Xander?" Ok he is using his name, so pay attention he wants answers.   

Xander says, "I was....upset and..ment to just push him to the side so I could get past and he like...fell and then he hit the ground and then he wasnt moving"He didnt get close enough to see breathing, "And everyone was quiet and then scrreamed and..and I ran, I ran till I 3 times I am here..."
Patch listens as he frowns and looks around "Ya know how..serious that is and ya run?1..Oh man that pincusion is gonna wanna make you into a nice new rug or maybe two rugs..this is cant stay in the open like this Stripy...wait ya cant go to me tree either...oh! I got a place..move it!"   

Xander frowns "You...shouldnt call a hedgehog a pin cusion....and why run...they want me be it" He is tried and his legs hurt.   
Patch groans and mutters to himself "Move ya furry behind will ya.."He slaps him in teh face, if he can "Come on..I know a beast, tis close...lets move it before ya are really want death?"   

Xander shakes his head no and slowly stands to go follow Patch, he isnt sure he is teh best beast to trust but he may as well trust him.For now."Whee we going?"   

Patch says, "Away from 'ere...duhhh..."They walk maybe an hiur till they come across a sort of campsite, after crawling threw some low tree limbs, its a sort mass of tree roots and such and a hole to let smoke out if one cooks, which one is finishing cooking and willl put out the fire, it stays nice and warm in the den.He will see a pine marten who once he sees teh badger tenses up and hisses "Patch..."He has a dagger "Explain!"
Xander follows and frowns as he sort of collpaes in the den, his legs feel like they want to just fall off, he sniffs the air and frowns.   
Patch explains quickly "He is a friend, just needs a place ta like...hide out...and rest then he can go elsewhere"He wont explain, yet what happen.   

The pine marten has wood pidgion he is cooking, some sort of mushroom soup with onion and carrots and has some ale, good ale thanks to Patch"Fine....."   

Xander looks at the food and tastes it, he frowns "It needs...pepper...and a dash of..rosemary..and like a little lemon but otherwise...its not too bad.."He frowns , ok maybe he is hungry ok   

The Pine Martin  tilts his head and does try the rosemary and pepper, salt ..he has no leomon and tastes, smiles "Whoa..."He offers some of the food and drink to Xander "Here....wait ya...that's wood pidgion but how ya know what make it?"   

Xander eats the food and then speaks finally "I use to make it fer a wildcat named Jedrick...and I like woodpidion..."He finishes his and the stew, and ale and ends up giving in to sleep.   

The pine marten crosses his arms over hs chest and Patch frowns "Ok ok....heres de story...."


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