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The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

A Stormy Night
Ft. Adrian, Monty, Carmentis, and Jinora as GM
Hills by the Shore:

By all logical assumptions, at this hour of the night - as the moon starts to weigh heavy in the sky, not yet hinting at the kiss of the earliest of morning rays - all should be asleep. All should be peaceful, and quiet, and well... But the winter has turned the night to bitter cold. The shore may be, typically, a mite warmer than Mossflower and beyond, but its violent storms sometimes find a willing ally with the winter months. Great clouds gathered, ringing peals of thunder like the footfalls of a hundred giants through the hills - and the /cold/. The rain begins to fall in sheets, pelting the land below in a merciless tirade, freezing and turning to hail before biting into the ground below.   

Adrian and Monty had not set up a tent when they'd sat down to rest here mere hours ago. After starting the fire, and then deciding on an order of who to keep watch when, Adrian had wound up with first watch. In spite of himself, however... He had dozed off... Only to be rudely awakened by hail pelting down. Flailing around in pitch blackness, he realizes in an instant that their fire had gone out, and with the weather taking such a severe turn for the worst, there was a legitimate risk of the two hares freezing. "Private Montgomery!" he yells, "Wake up, quick! We need to find shelter ASAP!"   

Monty had curled himself up as close to the fire as he could without getting himself singed, and he had used his cloak as a blanket, covering himself with it as best he could. Having finally fallen into something closely resembling sleep, the young buck had been dreaming that he was standing underneath a giant bucket of ice. Just as said bucket tipped over and spilled its contents in his direction, he is rudely awoken by the hailstorm that suddenly assaulted them. Lying there stunned for a moment or two, he blinks at the sudden turn of events, Adrian's words hitting his ears despite the roar of the storm. "" he blinks, groggily, attempting to untangle himself from his cloak as he struggles up to his knees. Grasping for his cloak to finish untangling himself, he is getting nicely drenched in the process of trying to figure out what the heck is going on.   

The night is pitch black in the throes of the storm. At sea, it whips the waves into a frenzy, but the clouds that roll from the ocean to the land don't seem to have any less chaotic intentions. They roll through the sky like a thousand grey horses charging across a field of black velvet, screaming into the night with voices of lightning and hooves made of thunder. The hail picks up, rat-tat-tattering against the cliffs, the ground, and the logs of the pair's extinguished fire. The wind screeches through the hills, yanking at the hare's cloaks as it strives to sink icy fingers into their hearts.   

Carmentis had decided enough was enough with this city life and she was leaveing. She was running away from home and that was that. BUT she could of picked a better night to do it, but she had a thick cloak around her and a knapsack, but she was not ready for the storm that hit suddenly and without much of a warning as she stumbles over some broken bottle and sighs, the wind is heavy and pulls at her cloak as well as she walks along, stumbleing and drops her knapsack..well there goes her water and food "NOOOOO!!!" She screams and sighs as she stands and walks along shivering in the cold rain and ice and frowns, she looked around and just frowns more she was..lost! Panic set in as she walked along and then tumbled down a small hillside and gronaed standing to staart to walk only to find out her ankle was twisted.   

Adrian has to yell to make himself heard over the storm. "Monty!!! We'll 'ave ta try ta make it to tha' town we saw in th' distance!! C'mon!" He grabs up both of their bags, not bothering to try and sort out which is which, and prepares to just strike out for the distant city. "I guess we picked out a bloody bad time to sleep, eh wot?"   

Whenever there happened to be a storm back home at the mountain, the simple solution was to merely head inside and find the nearest fire, or to curl up somewhere with a nice, toasty blanket. It seems those options were severely lacking in this situation, and it is really the first time Monty had been caught in such a bad storm. Finally struggling up to his footpaws, he does his best to slip his already soaking wet cloak back on, something he struggles with as he moves to follow after Adrian. "Wot n'th' bloody 'ellsteeth, how did we not see this comin'???" he shouts back to Adrian. "Terrible soldiers, we are!" As the two begin to move in the direction of the city, then begin to approach the area where Carmentis had landed after her fall, though in the hurry to find shelter they do not see the haremaid at all yet.
They did, indeed, pick the worst time to sleep; and their imaginations likely ring heavy with at least one of the more camp-heavy veterans of the Patrol shouting them down for it. But even thoughts and private regrets are hard to hear above the din of the storm. The hail provides a blessing only in that it slowly overtakes the rain, and by this time, most of the rain has been frozen solid before it can soak them any further than it already has - still, the land is slick and treacherous in the night, as Carmentis discovers. And hail /hurts/. There is some small flicker of hope found in the distant signs of life from the village, but another harsh gust attempts to rip that breath of optimism away in cold, clammy claws.   

Carmentis looks back from the direction she came but maybe there is a cave or something closer, she coughs and frowns as she is soaked and as she stands and tries to limp she falls facedown onto the sand and tesnes up in pain as she curls up and shivers, she looks up..""She coughs again and shivers, she looks at the swollen ankle, cold is good to help with that right?Or maybe not as she frowns.   

Adrian squints, trying to see anything through the darkness. What he wouldn't give for a lantern right now. "Mont... I don't think we c'n make it ta that town... We gotta find sheltah closah, wot... I think I remembah there bein' a cliff ovah this way... May'aps we'll find a cave..." They're likely getting closer to the haremaid now...   

In the hurry to get out of the storm, Monty does indeed lose his footing a time or two, falling heavily to the ground as the pellets of ice pelt them from above. The hare is already soaked to the bone and freezing, fur completely drenched as he and his companion more than likely resemble a couple of drowned rats at this point. Shivering as he struggles to get himself back up to his feet, Monty begins to wonder how much easier it'd be just to curl up on the ground and let the cold sink deeper into his bones, numbing him even further until he merely passed out. Fighting through this feeling as much as he is able, Carmentis's shouts reach his ears, and the hare finally manages to make it back up. "Adj!" he yells, "Didja hear that? Somebeast is nearby methinks!" He peers through the heavy hail, squinting his eyes before indeed spotting Carmentis a short distance away. "We gotta help em, mate!" The buck hurries over towards the haremaid.   

Carmentis is nearby and there is also a cave very close by as well, the haremaid shivers as she is under the cloak and coughs.She tries to move slightly and just falls again before she can really get up much on all fours it seems and just lays there as she tries to focus on movement and reaches out slowly hoping and praying it's a friendly beast, before she passes out and all goes black asthe night.She is alive as breathing prooves this.   

Adrian grabs his friend's paw, and doesn't let go. It would both their deaths if they were to get separated. "I 'eard! C'mon..." He leads them both in the direction of the unknown voice, almost literally tripping over a prone figure in the short scrub grass. "Mont... Looks like a hare... Help me carry 'im... C'mon..."   

Monty reaches the prone figure at the same time as Adrian, and as he requests help to carry her, Monty gives him a nod. "Aye, yessir!" He does his best to look around the unfamiliar area for any sign of possible shelter, though the area is so dark it is hard to see much of anything, really. He crouches down to help lift Carmentis, all the while the hail continuing to pelt down on the hares, the cold weather coupled with the bitter winds and their soaked clothing likely in the process of causing the first stages of hypothermia. His teeth chatter as he struggles to hold up the haremaid, "Adj, we...we g...gotta...find, we're...gonna turn inta...a coupla..haresicles...."   
Carmentis groans weakly but doesn't wake up, the cave is a few feet away they just need to spot it somehow.   

Fortunately, the storm takes a turn more toward thunderstorm again, and a flash of lightning illuminates the cliff face. "There... Mont... A c-c-cave... C-c'mon..." He's quite soaked to the bone by now, and that cave looks like the difference between life and death. "Ovah here..."   

Monty certainly doesn't need to be told twice; when Adrian spots the cave, Monty once again hefts his half of the unconscious figure, and does his best to keep his footing on the slippery ground as he and Adrian struggle their way towards the welcome shelter of the cave. Who knows if it is already occupied or not...that is the last thing on Monty's mind as they finally manage to get themselves out of the cold and icy elements. After letting Carmentis down to the ground, Monty immediately removes his cloak and begins to wring it out, though the cave itself is quite dark. Hey, at least it's not raining in there, if anything else!   

Carmentis is basically unconious and like them her claok is soaked, she shivers a little , they are also lucky the cave is empty of anything dangerous. There is something else in here but just a couple hermit crabs, thats it.

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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

Yeah, Join the Long Patrol...
Ft. Lothar, Monty, Adrian, and Jinora as GM
Near Aclidia:

The city is close to the shore, but not connected to the sea directly; from the docks to the city runs a dirt road in need of some work, and while it isn't a particularly treacherous path, the opportunity for danger always exists. "All we's sayin', is hand over th'barrels an' nobeast gets hurt, a-ight?" Today, the danger comes in the form of a trio of weasels surrounding a pair of dock workers or sea-beasts, it isn't immediately clear, hauling a ship's load to the city. "This is our livlihood, ye think we haven't dealt with th'likes of ye before?" One of the woodlanders, an otter going gray around the muzzle, demands. To respond, that same weasel smashes the butt of his scimitar across his muzzle. "I didn' say we was gonna ask /twice/, old timer."   

Lothar just had to help with unloading the cargo of the ship and he was having a good day, till now as he shakes his head, a paw goes to his short sword "How about ya varments just leave, sides you serious need all this..fer wot?" He stays very alert and has yet to draw his short sword.   

Monty had decided to venture away from he and Adrian's campsite to scout the surrounding area. One would have thought it'd likely be safer if the both of them had gone, however Monty was never one for really taking the safe route and being careful. One look at him and one could easily tell this. Besides, Adrian was sleeping, and Monty never liked to wake his friend. Making his way in the direction of the city, the young hare was in good spirits for once...that storm had taken a lot out of he and Adrian, and it had taken him awhile to get himself back to his usual cheery self. He had found a dirt road, and what better way to go then an actual worn-out path? Those were always safe, right? As he trots down the path at a quick pace, the one-and-a-half-eared hare spots the small group of creatures seemingly having a squabble. As he gets nearer, he catches snippets of the conversation...namely, the words of the weasel. Arriving just in time to see the vermin attacking the poor old creature, Monty's eyes narrow and    zero in on the weasel. Oooo, did he hate bullies. "Well now...that wasn't very polite," Monty replies, in a cheery tone, as his first move is to kneel down to check on the otter. He glances up at the weasel. "There a problem here, or 'm I gonna have t'bally create one, eh?"   

"I think 'e wants a taste, Locksnout!" One of the smaller weasels encourages, bouncing on dirty paws. "Yeah! Show 'im! Give 'im a taste!" The third, his fur a brown so dark it's almost black, cackles. Locksnout, the apparent leader, waggles the tip of his scimitar at Lothar while the otter bends, clutching at his muzzle, still howling in pain. "Ye' step away real easy an' nobeast gets hurt. Well... More hurt." With his grin, it becomes apparent that he is missing most of his teeth. Charming. He turns that grin on Monty, as he approaches, and it falters. "Wha', ye can't handle this yeselves so ye 'ave t'go beggin' patch-rabbits fer 'elp?" Locksnout spits to the side, much to the glee of his two companions - though they have now moved to stand behind their leader, their paws on their own weapons.   

Lothar stays beside the otter and now slowly draws his blade and ankles it "I am sick and tired of varments around..your the ones likely bothering dockbeasts arnt ya?" Likely some other dock beasts were robed a couple nights ago.
Monty checks to make sure the otter will be alright. "Hmm. Y'not lookin' too well, mate, mebbe you should take a sit fer a bit n'rest. I'm thinkin' I c'n handle this, y'ol seadog. Go on, then..." He smiles and pats the otter on the shoulder, before reaching into his satchel and removing a clean cloth. Using his canteen to put a little cold water on it, he hands it to the otter. "Things'll be right as rain in a moment an' y'can go on your merry way, sah." The hare speaks to him as if he is an old friend, and it is as if the three vermin aren't currently standing right in their way. Finally, he turns to Locksnout, and takes a brief moment to look the weasel up and down. "Well...whatta we got here, hmm? Looks t'me like someone's tryin' to take somethin' that doesn't belong to them, yah? Now, y'know, where I come from, this behavior's generally frowned upon, y'know. Seein' as you three look like a bunch o'bleedin' idjits, I'm sure ya never heard of the place. Probably can't even pronounce it either, come t'think    of it. So, I'll sound it out for ya." Monty grins. "Sal-LAA-man-DAH-stron! Means 'fire mountain', or somethin' like that. Ever heard of the Long Patrol? No? Well, sah...consider this your first introduction to us." With that, Monty steps forward and fires a series of three quick jabs at the lead weasel's jaw, the young hare's speed quite impressive. He winks to the other hare present. "Watch how it's done, sah..." he grins to Lothar with a wink.   

"I was battin' vermins 'eads t'gether since afore ye were born!" The otter scoffs, snatching the offered rag roughly away from Monty - but despite his grumbling and posturing, he does take a step back and away, holding the blood-soaked cloth to his face and glaring at the weasels. The weasels, to their credit, do not balk or cower at the name of Salamandastron... Quite the opposite. Locksnout's grin widens. "Yer a long way from 'ome, ickle bunny. Think they'll find yer body out 'ere?" One of his companions nudges him and mutters something, and Locksnout turns to regard his lackey furiously. "Do you /see/ a badger? No! Ain't no badger, ye daft cowar-" and then he is punched in the face. Locksnout goes reeling back into the arms of the dark-furred weasel, who pushes him back forward. "Get'im, boss!" With weapons drawn, all three weasels charge forward.   

Lothar frowns, well in his view 3 agaist one is bad odds so he goes forwards to help the young hare, swinging his blade at one of the weasel's arm   

Adrian is some ways down the road still, nearer the cave they set up a makeshift camp, and he's loudly muttering and grumbling to no one in particular. "I've tol' 'im not ta bloody well wandah off without me, an' wot does 'e do? First chance 'e gets. Mah Da would skin 'im alive for that..." He shades his eyes with a paw, and peers up the road, spotting figures in the distance. "Oy, great... Probably pirates wi' mah luck... Or bandits... Or... Slavahs... Gah..." The hare quickens his pace.   

Monty takes a moment to grin over at the otter, "Well, pardon me for sayin', sah, but these three's heads were still pretty far apart from wot I saw..." He gives the otter a wink again, before turning back to face the three vermin. As Locksnout is pushed back in his direction, Monty takes the chance that the lead vermin is still dazed from his first attack. Winding up, Monty sends a strong right hook with most of his force behind it aimed directly for Locksnout's jaw in an attempt to take him down quickly. Taking a step or two back as the weasel's two companions draw their weapons and charge, Monty grabs the sling carried on his belt, slipping a stone into the pouch before whirling it above his head...he uses it to swing at the other two weasels, aiming hard shots at their muzzles. Noting Lothar hopping into the fray with his own weapon, the young Patroller gives him a grin. "Ey, thanks a bunch, wot. Always could use th'help of a fellow Longears, y'know. Wot with all these vermin millin' about the place n'such!" He does not yet see Adrian approaching from the distance.   

The otter mutters something under his breath, but doesn't interject further. Meanwhile, Monty and Lothar's onslaught of the vermin is met with equally violent force. Locksnout, now that he is aware an attack is coming, isn't so easily taken by another, but he is used to sloppy street fights and weaponry - Long Patrol boxing is foreign to him. He stumbles back, clutching at a massive welt on his arm where the sling stone struck him, yowling like a wounded kitten. His companions rush forward, Muckfur leaps for Lothar while the smaller one, Yurrick, swipes his sword at Monty. Backed away from the fight, Locksnout stops his wailing long enough to shout: "hoi, there's another!", having spied Adrian approaching.   

Adrian's long ears catch that shout, and by now he's also close enough to pick out his friend. Somehow he's not surprised. Monty seems to find some vermin to fight everywhere he goes. He draws his rapier and rushes forward to join the fray.   

Lothar manages to avoid any major wounds, his sleeve is sliced but luckly he doesn't get a deep gash on his arm as he did jump back in time to avoid serious injury.A small line of blood does show up, he blocks another swing and angles his blade to swing at a weasel again   
Monty whirls his sling and lets the stone fly at Locksnout, since he is backed away. "Geez, stop yer yowlin', ya grubfaced vermin, I'm sure your mother c'n hear ya all th'way in th'hole in th'ground y'probably live in!" Slipping the sling back onto his belt, Monty draws the short sword sheathed there as well in one quick couldn't say the hare hadn't been practicing in all that time he'd spent decomissioned from the Patrol. His sword clangs against Yurrick's, and Monty pushes the vermin's blade up and away from himself, at the same time aiming a swift kick with a strong footpaw right at his opponent's midsection. Hearing Locksnout's shout, Monty's expression lights up with a grin. He doesn't even need to look to know that Adrian had decided to finally awaken to join him. "Adj! Well, look who finally stopped sawin' logs an' decided t'join me for a nice little walk! Beautiful day for it, aye?" The young hare laughs, obviously in his element after such a long time. "Was jus' showin' these fine gentlefurs the finer points of good ol' Long Patrol fightin' techniques, wot!"   

These are simple thugs - they have made their living off of intimidation and picking the right targets... They never meant to go up against trained fighters. Muckfur backs away from Lothar, trying to bat the hare's weapon away - but there's blood visible on his arm. Yurrick fares worse; he is almost immediately overpowered by the ruthless efficienty of a trained fighter. "I yield!" He chokes from the ground, curled fetal where he clutches his stomach, the wind forced out of him from Monty's kick to the mid-section. Locksnout, though, is as stupid as he is cruel, and charges Adrian with a bloodthirsty shout. "We'll take th'barrels /an/ those ears as a tophy!" He promises, swinging his sword at him.   

Adrian is hardly impressed by Locksnout's words, the lumbering brute literally proving no match for actual military training. "Mah ears? Ya hear tha'? Don't make me laugh." He raises his blade, deflecting his opponent's swinging sword, finding it pathetically easy. "Hellsteeth, can't ya at least learn 'ow ta wield a weapon propahly, ya idiot?" He says it as casually as you please, even while winding up to give the vermin a roundhouse kick to the stomach.    Apr 3, 2019 at 2:01 a.m.
Lothar arches an eyebrow at the weasel like...really, he just grips the blade tighter and then goes to back up and do a sort of sweep the legs move to knock the weasel off his footpaws and onto the ground. He looks at the other weasels and to Adrian to see what happens,but also stays alert to any sounds around him."Long....Patrol?" Its not clear if he is surprised or maybe unsure of who the Long Patrol is.
Monty takes the opportunity to kick Yurrick's sword out of his reach, extremely tempted to strike the weasel with another blow...although his honor system seems to interfere with this, as his opponent has yielded. He glowers down at Yurrick...despite the hare's small size, he can make himself look quite intimidating when he wants, due to his missing ear and the various scars peppering his features. Oh, and also that crazy look within his eyes, which, despite everything else, still remains. "Let that be a lesson to ya, mate. Don't go pickin' fights with goodbeasts just tryin' to make a livin' an' goin' about their day. Cause y'never know who's gonna show up to defend em. Find yerself a new hobby. Maybe learn how t'crochet or something. It's a lot less violent." Monty winks to the downed weasel, before he turns to observe Adrian's tussle with Locksnout. "Well, it's one or the other, y'can't have BOTH, mate! Now that's just bein' greedy, that is!" Monty calls over. "C'mon, Adj, give em the good ol' blood n'vinegar! Show em how we do things back at the Mountain!" Monty hops from paw to paw, swinging at the air with his paws as he watches his friend fight, but ready to hop in if need be. He hears Lothar's question, and he nods to the fellow hare. "Aye, Long Patrol..." he nods. "Y'never seen such a fine fightin' force in all your days, sah. Glad we could give ya just a sample here today..."   

To be frank, the weasels are no match for the trio of hares. Adrian dispatches Locksnout with hardly any effort, Yurrick remains curled on the ground, and as Muckfur goes to give a panicked look to his companions, he suddenly finds his own paws swept out from underneath him. "Ye'll pay fer this!" Locksnout promises, even as the three of them are scrambling upright and away, nursing their wounds. "Ye ain't seen th'last of us!" He promises once more, and then... They are gone.
Adrian was totally going to beat up Locksnout a bit with the flat of his blade, but the weasel are making a carefully calculated retreat (translation: Running like babies), so he doesn't get the opportunity. "Not a single drop of blood shed. Well, excepting that otter, there. This 'as ta be a bloody new record..." He sheathes his rapier. "Well... That was fun..."   

Lothar looks over at the otter and back to the two long patrol hares as he cleans his short sword and puts it back at his side and walks over studing them and offcers a paw "Lothar Kane wot is this..Long Patrol anyways? It seems...intresting"   

Monty watches the three vermin flee with a glint in his eye. Resheathing his blade, the young hare dusts off his paws. "Hmm. Got a weird feeling we'll be seein' them again some time real soon, sah. Better sleep with our eyes open tonight." He glances over towards the creatures who were first accosted when he had arrived, and he takes a moment to make sure things are good with them before they head on their way. Satisfied with this, Monty rejoins Adrian and Lothar. "Glad you could join me, Adj..." Monty teases, giving his friend a nudge. "Sorry I left ya, but I was gettin' antsy and I wanted to check out the area. You looked like you needed th'rest so I left ya be." He shrugs. As Lothar offers his paw, Monty shakes it firmly. He may be small, but his grip is rather strong. "Montgomery Alexander Reginald William Baxter Fleetpaw III of the Long Patrol at your service, sah. Oh, er...Monty, for short. Will save ya a lot of breath." The hare grins. "I'll let Adj introduce himself."   

Adrian shakes Lothar's paw after his friend. "Adrian Hornswoggle Swiftbuck the Third, sah. Corporal of the Long Patrol. Pleasure ta meetcha." He smiles, then side-eyes at Monty. "Yah, well... Don't go so fah th' next time, huh?" He shakes his head. "So, ah... Lothar... I take it yahr not from around 'ere..."   

Lothar shakes his head after he gets the names of the other hares "No...sur...from de sea...well use to work on a boat,then came ashore and got odd jobs...parents live on an island..."He frowns "Still storm hit and destoyed the small village, those that surrived left went thar seprate ways. And not heard of the Long Patrol before but I am intrested"He gives a smile "So can a hare be too old ta join your group? Seems I could be useful and....well got no where else ta go, no home...or family now and carry very little with me. My sword, my coins, clothing on me back"   

Monty gives Adrian a salute at his words. "Aye, sah, will try to remember that next time." He winks to his friend. Turning to Lothar, Monty grins. "Never heard of the Long Patrol an' you're a hare. Huh. That's odd. Well, sah, why don't ya come with us, an' we'll give ya a bally bit of a rundown on who we are, an' what we do. As a matter of fact, findin' new faces is th'reason we're all the bloody way out here, so ya just may be in luck!" Monty claps Lothar on the shoulder. "We're camped in a cave just up the road thataways," he nods his head in that direction. He glances to Adrian, raising an eyebrow. "You good with that, Corporal, sah?"   

Adrian huffs. "Egads, mate, wi' all this sah stuff ya make me sound like yahr Da." He laughs. "Anyway, this sounds like a plan, come along... I'll, ah... Warn ya, though... We're not 'eadin' directly back to th' Mountain anytime soon, wot. In fact, we're goin' furthah south, on ta Southswahd an' then even furthah south th'n that..."   

Lothar arches an eyebrow "Cave?" But he will follow them as it seems the otter gets some help after all as a couple of his otter friends show up, well so much for this job, but maybe he should just stay a new course in life, yeah jion the Long Patrol.He follows the two hares to where ever they are heading next.

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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

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Ft. Elbio and Jinora as GM
The Marshes Near the Mountains:

Woods all look the same, and one mountain could very much be mistaken for another, if you don't know where to look. Such is this particular mountainside, long mistaken for Salamandasron by the uneducated - and the landscape is tricky. Swamps, grasslands, and forests touch its base, allowing many an untrained beast to lose themselves. Night is falling, the sun drooping its head deeper into the horizon as darkness begins to crawl over the landscape, and any making their way through it.

Elbio is...alone and has traveled a while.His footpaws hurt and well he is hopelessly lost as he sighs.He steps in some thick mud and almsot loses a boot and shakes his head. "It's a mountain right? And...someone said swampy mud and maybe toads...this is swamp...right?" His ears fall back a little.

The night continues to fall, and the echoes of distant swamp toads and nocturnal insects begin to grow louder and louder surrounding Elbio. He has found a mountain, that much is certain, and he has /definitely/ found the swamps. The light continues to diminish, and it becomes more and more difficult to see.

Elbio sighs as he tries to make out where he is as the light fades and he gets even more lost in the twists and turns of this area. He avoids steping in a rather thick mud or maybe its not mud, he frowns as more and more of the swampy mud is needed to avoid "Gonna need to find a stream if this gets any more..muddy"

"You appear lost, lost." A small, lilting voice calls from behind Elbio, seemingly to appear out of nowhere... But should the hare turn around, they'll see only darkness and shadows. "If you keep going further that way, you will sink into the muck, you will." This time, that same voice seems to come from the hare's left.

Elbio jumps and spins around as he lays a paw on his longbow and looks around, left and right and backs up a little "Who is thar? Where are ya at..friend or foe?"

"My name is Silt." The voice insist, still out of sight. "You must find a way to make camp, or else you could get snatched away, away." It's only now that the creature conversing with Elbio comes into view. Silt is a bat - small, friendly faced, and flapping in slow, lazy circles around the hare. "What is it they call you?" She doesn't seem bothered by the weapon in his paw.

Elbio lets go of the longbow and studies the creture as his eyes widen "You..look like a mouse  but ya have wings?"He tilts his head and smiles "I am Elbio, sort of lookin' fer the jolly Long Patrol..ummm they do sort of stay in a mountain right?" He frowns "And what would get me out here, I only see you..well sort of see ya"

"I am a bat, silly!" Silt beams, giggling, but another deep, intimidating croak sounds out, sounding much closer to Elbio than it was the last time. The bat notices, her large ears swiveling. She chatters, and after a moment, flaps closer to the hare with a sense of urgency. "Hurry, you must!" She urges, inches from his nose, and then turns to begin flying to the left. 

Elbio backs up a little, a paw to his longbow again as he looks behind him and then turns just barely seeing the direction the bat went "Hey...wait up!" He yells and goes the direction the bat heads, trying his best to watch for things in the dark and to make out the bat as well.

The ground grows sturdier beneath Elbio's paws as the bat leads the way. It becomes easier to walk, less branches snatch at his clothes, and the air begins to lose the incessant undertone of sulfur that the swamp muck exudes. "This could be a good place to make camp, camp." She advices, giving another excited lap around the hare. "You must be so tired - here!" She swoops closer, one foot clutching a small, small flask that she offers out. "Is a special make of the bats, it is, it is! The berries give energy, energy." The croak sounds again, further away. "We should still go further, further." Silt adds.

Elbio blinks and seems unsure of the flask "Umm..I am fine lass"He frowns as his ears go back at the sound of the croaking "Maybe, though unsure where be a good space lass, sort of will need some room for a sleeping bag and..maybe start a fire"He has a sleeping bag, a small knapsack of supplies and his weapon, and clothing and thats it with him.

"Then we go further, further!" The bat replies, releasing her hold on the flask. It is tied to her stomach, making it possible to still take flight with her belongings . "Be careful where you are stepping, stepping." The ground is treacherous, crossed with roots, stones, and uneven terrain. "Hurry, hurry!" Another croak.

Elbio frowns as he does his best to keep up but trips a couple times on the roots and manages to rip a hole in his pants where his knee is. He frowns and slowly gets up as he slows, some to the pain in his knee and some to the fact all the roots and  uneven ground."Hey!" He has a little trouble getting around one pile of stones and almost falls forwards once but balanaces himself and sighs in relieve as he squints to look forwards, left and right and sighs, and then a root catches his boot and he rolls a couple feet forwards and sits up with a groan.
It is as soon as Elbio sits back up from his last fall that things go from bad to worse for the hare. "I am sorry for this, I am!" Silt's voice squeaks out, before splashing something at Elbio's face. It smells sweet. "Do we have the hare?" This is a new voice. "We must get the hare, hare!" Another calls out. There are bats all around Elbio now. "Is he asleep, asleep?"

Elbio blinks as something spalashes him and he coughs getting some into his mouth and into his nose and sneezes."Whoa....wot is?" He goes to stand up as he us starting to decide maybe this bats..wait bats are not so good to know after all.A paw goes to his longbow as he shakes his head to clear it.

"I am sorry!" Silt repeats. "We will not be hurting you, we promise, promise!" They are flapping all around Elbio, but true to her little word, no attacks come. "It will just make you sleep awhile, just a while. We need to get our dibbuns back, we do! They have my Hetra, Hetra." The concoction settles slowly, like a thick, warm, comfortable blanket, urging the hare to close his eyes.

Elbio frowns as he tries to stay awake as he looks at the flying cretures around him as they seem to fade into blury flying  figures as he sort of feels like he falls in slow motion and the only good thing is he seems to find the one patch of some sort of soft moss as he falls into the deep sleep thanks to the mixture.

To Be Continued...

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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

At Least he Caught Some Fish
Ft. Lothar and Jinora as GM
Location: Between Salamandastron and Bat Mountpit

Outcomes of each round determined by the MU*'s built-in dice command.

The Long Patrol scouts, their numbers slowly rising with the addition of Lothar to the group, have put one mountain behind them and continue with their faces to a new one. The Mountains to the South have grown larger and larger through their days of travel, but now is the time to stop, rest, and forage. The duty, today, falls on Lothar to separate from his traveling companions and set out into the sparse flatwoods in search of... Well, anything. Luckily, it's Spring - there should be /something/ edible around here, right?

Lothar was fine with looking for some sort of food, not that he knew the area well, but that was ok as well as he would likely see a lot of areas he didn't know, so he stayed alert and carefull where he walked.With him was a knapsack and a couple canteens for water to be stored.

The land in the foothills is tricky, marked with holes and loose rock, prickly plants, and a great deal of shale and stone that need to be clamored over... But, at least at the beginning of Lothar's search, nothing edible. Right beside his paw is a short, stubby succulent covered in spines; he only barely managed to avoid stomping on it!

Lothar frowns "Well this has been fun so far..take that back not too fun"Least he can remember the way back to camp, he was mainly following the two hares as he was not sure where to go on the trip.He looked around and headed onwards.

The new recruit's patience and perseverance appear to be rewarding him early on in the endeavor; his luck is quiet, at first. Barely a whisper, but if one were to listen closely, they would recognize that soft sound as the stuttered song of water gently rushing over rock. Perhaps a quarter of a mile onward, a stream cuts through the landscape, weaving and meandering towards the mountain in the distance.

Lothar smiles as he walks over "This is good."He gets some water into the canteens and the hares could always get back to this stream and refill some more as it's not too far from the campsite they are at.He still of course stays alert for any troubles as the couple canteens are filled and a small flask he hasin a pocket of his.He slowly stands up after a short while to look a little longer, before heading back to the campsite.

Where there is water, there is life. Not only was Lothar fortunate enough to stumble across the stream, but following it upstream reveals the splash of several fish, fat and happy lazing in the shallows. They would make a fine meal, could he catch them - but there is also a bush heavy with bright, purple berries. A small, stunted tree nearby offers some shade, and a branch could be turned to a crude spear for fishing.

Lothar is unsure of the berries, but fish would be good.He gets the branch and gos to try nad get some of the fish for a meal or two. He has fished before, though with a pole, but maybe useing this homemade spear will help as well, can't hurt to try after all.

Fish are difficult to spear, but once Lothar has crafted one, he finds almost immediate success. A wriggling, medium-sized grayling. It won't make a meal itself, but it's a good start!

Lothar grins, this is achally a bit fun.He also does have something to wrap the fish in and store in till he can get it back to camp, but catching another couple fish would be good as well.

The grayling is put aside while the hare continues the hunt for more. His luck wanes somewhat as strike after strike returns empty  - the fish darting and scattering every which way - until, finally, the spear connects. It's a stream goby - not one of impressive size, but it is still something!

Lothar sighs, ok he will keep trying, but he does look over at the berries as if debating on getting some of them or not, he is still uncertain of them.

Those berries continue to bounce tantalizingly in the soft, Spring breeze, plump and purple, beckoning the hare to try a bite... But the fish! The stream is rife with them. Another splash, just by Lothar, alerts to a massive huchen lumbering about the streambed - but in a flash, he is gone. Another small goby falls prey to the hare's spearing, though. Slowly, but surely, Lothar is amassing an adequate meal for three hungry hares.

Lothar was always told to be carefull of wild berries, not to just eat one unless he wished possible death or least being ill, so since he is still...yes unsure he will try at more fish with his spear, trying to aim for a couple larger ones, and maybe see if there is any watercress maybe to be found.

This time, Lothar finds no luck. The fish are onto him, catching onto his game. They twist, they turn, they throw themselves out of the way of his soggy, makeshift spear as strike after strike after strike buries the weapon only into the soft sediment of the stream's bottom.

Lothar sighs as he sits there glareing at the water as if he was willing to fight these fight off, he takes a deep breath and wil try one more time before he moves on to something else. Spear in paw, he goes to try again.

Persistence is rewarded - after a string of attacks that left Lothar empty-pawed, his spear strikes true. He is rewarded with a perch, glistening in the sunlight from the tip of the hare's spear as he plucks it from the stream.

Lothar smiles at this and gets the fish he has caught ready to go back to camp, but should be contintue to look for food or head back to the camp. They likely could worry if he is away too long after all and he should have enough for a meal or two now. But maybe a little tiny bit further before he heads back.

With his vittles in tow, and still seeking more, the hare doesn't get very far before scccccruuunch! He hasn't walked far before the rocks beneath his paws scrape and knock against each other with an unstable CLACK, dropping him unceremoniously down a short hill littered with rocks and spiny plants... Ouch.

Lothar gasps as he falls and tumbles, ok further was a bad idea as he holds tight to the knapsack and gets some spines in his paw and arm, that he slowly pulls some out and frowns"Ok...time to get back to camp, get a meal and rest"So he heads back, maybe a little slow but he is heading back now.

The going is slow, but at least it's a nice day - right? Lothar is able to walk in the light breeze and the sun... Shine? Wait... Where did the sun go? A distant peal of thunder shakes the ground as the storm rolls in with a speed and ferocity that might make Lothar feel as if the heavens themselves have it out for him. The last of his trek back to camp is done in the pouring rain... But at least he caught some fish?

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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

The Hares, the Hawks, and a Long Way Down
Ft. Adrian, Elbio, Lothar, Monty, and Jinora as GM
Location: Bat Mountpit

It is customary for two seasoned Patrollers (and one on the way to becomming one), by this point well-travelled beasts, to make camp just as it dusk kisses the horizon - and that is what these hares have done. Monty, Adrian, and Lothar have gone far, and still have so much further left to go, but at the end of the day, nothing beats a hot meal and banter around a warm fire. As night wraps the trio in its cloak, it is possible that they heard the soft, distant flutter of wings above and around them. It is possible that they didn't - but it was more difficult to miss the sudden FWOOSH of their campfire leaping four feet high and spurting bright, purple smoke. But after that, things get... Fuzzy. There are no visible assailants to battle off, and the Patrollers are just... So... Sleepy...
The place in which the hares wake up is wholly unlike that where they last remember falling asleep. Monty, Adrian, and Lothar are in a cave - their paws are not bound, and daylight streams through the exit just behind them... But it is what stands in front of them that is far more interesting. They are bats - hundreds of them! All coming, maybe, waist high on the hares if that. Two bats at the front step forward, leading a hare between them, his paws bound in front of him with rope woven from soft moss. "Noble beasts!" One bat declares; he is dressed in a colorful poncho and wears a crown of moss and small pebbles. "We are sorry to be bringing you here in this way, way. But it was a necessary evil!"
At a flourish of his wing, the bats untie Elbio and allow him to join the others, should he choose. "I will sing you our woe - you must help us, you must! Our dibbuns were taken. The hawks from the mountaintop swooped down while they were playing, and stole them away, away! Please, noble hares. We cannot fight them - but if you can go to the top of the mountain and return us our dibbuns, we will be forever in your debt, debt." Here, the king looks sheepish. "And we are sorry again for how we brought you to us." It seems that the drug had more of an effect on Monty, and the king eyes the still unconscious hare with concern. "We will keep this one safe, safe." It doesn't feel like a threat, persay, but... You never know.

Adrian, before anything else, immediately checks to see if he is still armed. He checks for his sheathed rapier. "Yah lot 'ave a ruddy way o' askin' for 'elp, wot! Where I come from, that doesn't involve bloody kidnappin'..." He huffs, standing and brushing his still-somehow-immaculate uniform jacket clean of dust.

Elbio frowns, he has had enough of bats the past..what 2-3 days, he sighs as he is lead to yet another location.He blinks when he sees other hares and then sort of sits down with them and blinks "Ya flyin' mice collecting hares or sumthing ?"

Lothar frowns and lets the Corpal do the talking for now, he watches as Elbio is brought in and gives a nod,he looks to the sleeping Monty and frowns again.

The last thing he could remember, Monty was laughing and joking around with his traveling companions; then suddenly, their fire seemed to almost explode, and then darkness gradually followed. Always one to enjoy sleeping in, so to speak, Monty had likely gotten a larger dose of the knockout drug due to being closer to the fire than the others, and so he still lies there unconscious, hardly stirring. Floating around in a hazy darkness, the young hare can hear bits and snippets of the strange creatures' tale of woe, but he cannot be sure if it is within his dream, or if it is something actually occurring. Murmuring in his sleep, Monty finally begins to shift on the ground where he lies...his eyes open groggily, and he finds himself staring at a group of....bats? "...wot ...wot n'th'bloody..." He tries sitting up, but is still quite woozy, and he immediately flumps back onto his side again. "...mice with wings...? Wot'd I have t'drink last night, mates...?"

"Yes, we are most sorry, sorry." The king repeats, his thumb joints hooking together nervously as he bounces from foot to foot. "But please... We had no choice - if your dibbuns were taken by the hawks, you would do the same!" The mass of bats behind the king nods, eagerly, and one tiny female hobbles forward. "My brother is one." She says, shooting an apologetic look to Elbio. It's Silt, the bat he met before. "We tried to make you comfortable, we certainly did! But... But..." Her face twists up. "Please help us, help us." The king steps forward again, laying his wing across her shoulders. "We will reward you with everything we can offer, offer... Please."

Satisfied at last that his beloved rapier has not disappeared, nor the two smaller daggers he also keeps concealed on his person, Adrian finally turns to check on Monty, slapping his face lightly once the other hare begins to stir. "It's nothin' yah drank, mate... They're real, alrigh'... An' it seems they want help..." He declines to comment that he actually *wouldn't* kidnap somebeast if dibbuns were missing, deciding it's best to just change the subject. "Right... An' jus' where are th' bloomin' birds that stole yahr kids hidin'?"

Elbio frowns, he doesnt know thw other hares, least yet so right now he is just sort of, kind frowns at Slit "Wouldnt like..asking fer help be better."

Lothar says, "I think they are..bats, seen a picture in a book somewhere, not ever meet one till now though" "Wot sort of birds we talkin' bout?"

Monty stares wide-eyed at the king bat as he still lies there on the ground, his good ear flopping in his face. It seems the hare is still taking in the situation, and he also notices that their number has increased by one. "So. So wait, lemmegetthisstraight..." he drawls, a huge grin slowly forming upon his muzzle. In a way, he actually likes the odd floaty feeling he is experiencing. It was very calming, in a way, and it wasn't a feeling the hare is used to at all. Lifting a paw, he points. "...we...we were sittin' by th'fire, havin' a good chat n'carryin' on, right? Then...ow! Ow, wouldja stop it, ya fuzzy lug, I'm awaked already!" He flails a paw at Adrian as his friend tries slapping sense into him. "Yer gonna knock m'bloody bonce off, y'soddin'..." He blinks, as he slowly sits up, a paw going to his head. "So'fire turns colors, an' next thing I know I'm talkin' to Micey McWingtips ovah here..." He wiggles an ear at the king bat. "An' e's talkin' about birds an' whatnot. Oh, then we also seem t'be mysteriously multiplyin'." Monty waves towards Elbio. His gaze turns back to Adrian. "Y'sure we were drinkin' last night, mate? Jus'...jus' gimmie a sec t'get m'bearins. I'll be right with ye." The hare rubs his eyes with a paw, shaking his head to try and stave off the effects of the drug. "Y'blokes got any water?"

The bats, feeling the tides turn towards a helpful reprieve on the hare's good graces, grow excited. The cave fills with little titters. "They are at the top, top! That is where they nest. The hawks, they take us sometimes and make... Games. Then..." The king loses his nerve here, and cannot finish his sentence - but it doesn't take much imagination to figure out the gristly fate awaiting those that fall victim to the birds of prey. The mouth of the cave, behind the hares, allows the daylight to pool across the floor. It is easy to leave, and upon doing so they would have two very distinct options... They can climb down the mountain or up it. The wind is strong here, and even inside the cave they can hear its pained howls. "There is still time... Our dibbuns might still be..." He falters again, his grip tightening around Silt as she draws in a shuddered breath. "We can provide you with water... Whatever you need, need."
Adrian punctuates his attempts to get Monty back straight again by shaking his shoulders. "I'll admit this could be a *very* lucid 'allucination, wot, but I 'ighly doubt it... Now come on... Up on yahr feet, Friend. We seem ta be quite a ways up... An' I don't suppose ya happened ta pack some climbin' gear? By chance?"

Elbio stands, slowly and frowns.He has nothing as he walks over and clears his throat "Umm..yes hallo chaps..I know I am not part of the..umm..wait a secound.."He studies them and his eyes widen "Oh my..goodness..your..your..."He tris to not get too excited "Your the jolly Long Patrol are, you are...oh my are, I am here and your here ..."

Lothar looks in pack and blinks "Calm down kid...will ya, we have serious bussiness ta tend to 'ere."

Monty turns and stares at Adrian. "Fer th'bloody life o'me, mate, yer gonna shake m'stuffins right outta me if y'keep that up, I said m'fine!" He moves to shove at his friend and ends up toppling over again. "M'fine," his reply comes back, muffled with a face full of earth. "Totally wanted t'have a snack," he mutters, as he turns his head to spit out dirt. "Ptoo. Ptooie. Bleh." The young hare finally manages to sit up again, giving Adrian another glare, before his attention turns to the plight of their 'captors'. Monty stares up at the top of the mountain, his eyes squinting as he takes in what the king bat is saying. He seems to be in the process of formulating some sort of plan, judging by his thoughtful expression, though his ear still flops down in his face. "Th'way y'got our attention's a bit odd, wingmice, but th'reason for it seems t'be legit. We'll help ya," he agrees. "Can't let young uns have such a 'orrible fate, no matter what kinda younguns they are." He nods his head. His gaze shifts to Elbio, the unfamiliar one, and Monty's expression shifts to one of amusement. He elbows Adrian with a pleased grin. "Eh. Wouldja lissen t'that, Adj? We're bloody famous, we are. Hmm. I could get used t'that sorta thing, y'know?" He points a paw at Elbio. "I like him." Grin.
The excitement of Elbio, and the equally cool energy from Lothar, are lost on the bats. They just saw lots of hares and decided that they would be perfect for their rescue mission. The king dances from foot to foot. "We have some ropes, ropes." What with all the kidnapping. "Fetch it, Blackwing!" A stir among the huddle of bats announces the exit and re-entry of one individual; he returns weighted down with coils of rope that require three other bat's assistance in carrying before they are laid down at the hare's collective feet. "They will help!" The king declares in a squeaky voice, and a rattling, chattering, tittering cheer arises from the congregation of dark, furry 'wingmice'. "They will help, help!" Is heard more than a dozen times. Silt rushes forward to tug tearily at Elbio's clothing. "Thank you, thank you." She whispers. They have been given rope, the cave's exit is behind them, and the way 'up' is clearly defined... And decidedly treacherous. This should be fun.

High in the Mountains
The air is thin and the view breathtaking here in the heart of the mountain range.  Clouds swirl around the jagged peaks, you realize just how high you are.  It doesn't look like you can go any higher.  Over one side stretches the cracked flatlands, joining grassland further back. Off to the other side there is a lot of mist, it is hard to tell what is below.  Well, now there's only one way out, down!
Exits: [C]limb up to a [L]edge, [D]own the [M]ountains, [T]hrough the [M]ountains

It had taken Monty a little while to finally come to terms with what they had agreed to do. It was certainly an unusual task, one that the young hare hadn't really ever undertaken before...namely because Monty had always had a slight bit of fear of heights. Funny, being that he lives in a giant mountain, of all things. Still, with young ones at risk in the manner they were, it was an easy decision for Monty...despite everything, he still was a good hare at heart. And so, here he finds himself, a rope tied securely around his waist as he carefully ventures towards who-knows-what. Glancing towards Elbio, Monty gives a nervous grin, his fear slightly palpable though he does his best to hide it as he chances a glance downwards. "So, er. Well. Just, eh...just stick with me, mate. T'will be fine. Got some little 'uns t'rescue n'such." The hare hehs, before returning to the task at hand. He takes a deep breath...especially as the wind howls. "HOOO boy. Yep."

The going is... Well, it's tough. Loose rocks constantly come loose beneath the hare's feet, the climb is painfully steep, and the /wind/. Gods, the wind - it threatens to rip them loose again at every slip. This will not do much for Monty's fear of heights - but at least they have a path to follow... Until they don't. A rock face blocks them from further progress - straight up and down. But, luckily, the rock (or cliff, depending on your perspective) is uneven, and shouldn't be /too/ tricky to free-climb...

Adrian has tied a rope around his waist, too, and peers upward. "Don't worry, Mont, if you die, I'll tell Ciocan you did yer best, wot..."

Elbio is doing fairly well so far as he stays close , well best he can he almost slips one, he blinks "Who's he a hare? Wouldnt he be sad if anyone like died and I clearly dont wanna die ok?"

Lothar is..ok with heights, for now as he has decided to not look down but the wind he is hateing"Why..did we..decide to do this again?" He gasps and holds on tighter and frowns, he looks how close are they now?"Just do some wee ones...and leave."

Monty is doing remarkably well, all things considered, and despite one or two near-misses, he finds himself finally at the rock face. Clinging to the mountainside for dear life, Monty presses his cheek to the rock, staring at the path that lies before them and contemplating what the next step is going to be as he tries not to let that feeling of vertigo stop him from continuing. That wind is absolutely ridiculous, threatening to tear all of the hares free of the mountainside to an unpleasant splattery fate far below. Monty does his best to not look down, since their path is forward, and upon hearing Adrian's words, the hare has to stop himself from reaching over and bopping him a good one. "Adj, if I wasn't clingin' fer dear life t'this giant pebble, I'd bonk ya right between yer bloody ears," he yells, over the wind. Turning back to the task at hand, he takes a deep breath, then begins to slowly and carefully climb the rock face. He searches out every small foothold and pawhold, finally managing to make it out a good distance. "Okay, follow th'path I'm goin'!" he yells to the others. "It''s not so bad, if y'don't look dOHHHGEEZ..." With that, Monty happened to look down, and he presses himself tightly to the rock surface, eyes squeezing shut. "M'gonna lose m'lunch I haven't even eaten yet!"

The going is not easy, because they are free-climbing a large rock formation near the top of a mountain amidst heavy winds after awaking from a drugged-stupor - but it isn't terrible. At least, not until the hares that are climbing make it about half-way up and they hear a shriek in the distance. It is hard to tell where it came from, somewhere upwind surely, but it is unmistakably the scream of a hawk. They do not have to wonder long where the bird is, because it drops from the sky, talons outstretched, swooping towards where Monty hangs on the rock face!

Adrian looks up and sees the bird swooping down toward his friend, and he only has time to yell, "Monty, look out!" The Corporal curses that he can't do anything more.

Elbio frowns as he sees the bird too and gulps, ok this is no longer exciteing, its now terror filled adventure.He grips onto his rope and just frowns as he is not sure what to do, he can't really fire off an arrow after all.
Lothar sees movement"HAWK!" He shouts a warning and goes to get closer to Monty , he isnt sure what to do, maybe try and kick the hawk? He could maybe throw a lose dagger at it, he tries to think quickly.

Monty is a good distance away from where the others are following. Despite his utter fear of what they are currently undertaking, the hare recognized that saving those young bats was much more important than a dumb, irrational fear of heights. Pausing to rest once he reaches a small foothold that allows him to stand without slipping, Monty takes a deep breath, eyes closed as he tries his best to focus. "Don'tlookdowndon'tlookdowndon'tlookdown..." he mutters to himself. It is then that the hawk's shriek rends the air, and Monty carefully peeks open an eye to see the large bird swooping down in his direction, talons outstretched. "Oh fur n'feathers," he sighs, never figuring in a million years that this is the way he'd probably his least favorite place ever in history. Up in the air. He can't really draw his weapon or swing at the bird since doing that would make him lose his grip, and he most certainly cannot use his footpaws either. Monty is forced to merely remain there stuck against the rock face, hoping that the bird had no coordination and would simply miss him. "Shoo! SHOO! Get outta m'face, y'giant pitiful excuse for a flyin' pillow! GERROUTTAHERE!" He meekly swipes at the bird with a paw before quickly clinging to the rockface again. "OH I'm lookin'!" He yells back to Adrian. "Ohhhh geez..."

At the last moment, it's the cursed wind that saves Monty. A screaming gust slams into the hawk, its outstretched wings dragging it off course. Its talons smash into the rock just by the hare's head, leaving 6 gouges in the stone - he got lucky. With another scream, the bird gains altitude... And disappears. It's disconcerting, but they are almost at the top.

Adrian has watched it all with wide eyes, and sighs with relief once the hawk disappears from view. "You alrigh' up there, Mont?" He starts to pick up his pace to get closer to his friend.

Elbio frowns and climbs, faster as well and wants to get to the top" I'm not dying climbing a one is gonna die right? Right and we get back ta whom ever..umm wot was the name..Ciocan and he like has a victory feast and everyone is happy so happy and not scared outta their mind with birds and possible death!"

Lothar frowns "Calm down...ok, no one is dead...yet"He had to add yet it seems as maybe he is uncertain of a fate.He carefully gets the last little bit of the climb and hmms "Where is this..nest and these dibbuns at then and...wait dont bats fly?"

Monty peeks opens his eyes as the talons slam into the rock just above his head, then he watches in relief as the bird swoops back into the air and disappears again. He stares at the holes the hawk's talons made in the rock, knowing that could have been his face had it not been so bloody windy up here. It takes him a few moments to get going again, every now and then he looks at the gouges and shakes his head as he gradually begins to climb again. "...wot?" he shouts back to Adrian. "...oh! Oh, uh...yeah! Yeah, I'm...I'm...fine. I'm...totally an' utterly fine, Adj! Almost got some new holes in m'noggin' that I didn't really need, th'ones I got are fine...but yeah. I'm aces, mate." If he could turn any whiter, he'd likely be a ghost. Focusing his concentration on making it to the top, the young hare finally does...and he collapses on the surface, pressing his face into it as he lies there breathing heavily. "Oh thank th'Gates o'Dark Forest..." he gasps, trying to hug the ground. "I will nevah, evah, evah take y'fer granted evah again, ground! Mwah!" He kisses the rock, then makes a face and spits out dirt. "Bleh."

As, one by one, the hares reach the top of the rock face, they are faced with a steep, but unabated, hike to the mountain's peak. The wind is still strong, but they are on solid ground - which Monty promptly makes out with. Gross. Moving on. The peak of the mountain does offer a stunning view: the flatlands, the swamp... If they squint to the North, they may even be able to catch the suggestion of Salamandastron's outline. But none of the stunning scenery is what really catches the eye - no, that would be the trio of hawks. One steps forward, obviously larger than the others; they wear a necklace of bone around their neck and the bleached white stands out against the rusty red of the feathers. "Tresspassers!" They screech, the voice feminine. It's a lady hawk. "Landbeasts know nothing of fear, but fear is good! Fear is healthy." She grins, taking a step forward with each assertion. The two behind her chuckle and advance as well. "We will do you a favor, what you say, eh? We teach you fear - you will learn it while you fall from the clouds." She crouches, her wings stretching as she prepares to take flight. The other two do the same. "And then you hit the ground!" They all cackle, and as one take off.

Adrian had not expected to run into the feathered ruffians quite this soon, and as he faces them, he draws his blade. "Orrr... 'Ow 'bout we *don't* do that, an' we all just 'ave a nice, calm chat? Like civilized beasts?" Hey, you can't say Adrian isn't ever willing to try diplomacy.

Elbio blinks, hey he has his longbow still and, let's see...5 arrows as he is ready to start fireing if needed.He just gets away fro the edge of the cliffside,"I can shot them, can I shoot them?Can I?..Do I wait flew away I dont think they jolly well want to chat, they mentioned hitting the ground and that will hurt, like a lot"
Lothar stays clam amd frowns at Elbio, "Long bow could be good though..nice long distance weapon"He looks at the others "So...we got a plan B, just in case?"He makes sure to know where the hawks are and scans the area for those dibbuns, they have to be somewhere close.

Monty finally pushes himself back up to his footpaws. He tests each one to make sure they both still work, his legs still wobbly from the strain of the climb. Falling down to a knee, Monty's ear perks as he hears the voice, and he slowly lifts his head to see the large hawks standing before them. His expression shifts into ''ve got to be kidding me' territory, and he sighs heavily. "Nope. Gotta say, you're abso-balley-lutely wrong there, Beakface..." he mutters. "I'm -pretty- sure what that was back there was somethin' kinda like fear. Cuz I know bloody well I ain't never doin' it again!" He glances to Adrian, who seems to have the right idea...nodding to him, he turns his attention to the two newcomers. "At ease," he replies to them. "Put th'weapons down..." he holds a paw out to them. Turning back to the hawks, Monty slowly approaches them. "Lissen, we don't want any trouble from you even though yer obviously th'ones askin' for it." He smirks. "We jus' want th'little wingmice, that's all, then we'll be outta yer feathers an' you can pick up an' drop whoever ya like t'yer heart's content, if that's wot yer into..." Monty too chances a look around to try and find the young bats. "We don't wanna hurt ya. But we will if we have to."

Two of the hawks make it clear, immediately, that they have no inclinations to diplomacy. The large female and one of the smaller hawks are gone - but Elbio will be able to see them come screeching back down shortly. The last one hovers protectively near a depression in the mountain's peak, his wings outstretched to keep something from sight. "Stay back! Is ours!" He barks out at them, his beak snapping. The large female, meanwhile, lunges from the sky down at Elbio as the other airborn bird does the same at Lothar.

Adrian didn't really think it would work, but it did seem to buy them a little time to improvise something of a plan. Taking advantage of the fact that the two airborne hawks are focused on Lothar and Elbio, he presses his luck and dashes toward the one guarding what he surmises to the young bats. With his rapier raised, he lunges at it, swinging his blade with practiced precision. "Wot ya got here, eh?"

Elbio tenses, who to fire at, who to fire at.He chooses goes to roll outta the way and fires off his arrow at the hawk heading to Lothar!

Lothar doesn't see where the hawks went and frowns as he slips out his blade and looks around, alert. He then looks up and pales"Oh....that is...not good.." He backs up and trips on some loose stones.

Monty stops his slow advance as the birds make it obvious they're not in the mood to have tea and a discussion about the situation. In his current position, Monty can't really do much about the birds attacking Elbio and Lothar. Perhaps this is their chance to prove they are Patrol material...and it more than likely would not be the last chance they'd have on this journey. Monty approaches the remaining hawk, drawing his sling as he does so. He fits a stone into it, beginning to whirl it as he gets closer. Eyeing the depression, Monty smirks. "Y'coulda hid em in a less obvious spot, birdbrain..." he mutters. "I gave y'the chance t'talk it out and have a peaceful Long Patrol hares really don't like t'fight." He pauses, thinking about that statement. "Oh, wait. Yeah, we do. Who was I thinkin' of?" He lets the stone fly from his sling at the bird, before slapping his forehead with a paw. He watches Adrian as his best friend runs at the hawk and attacks, and he draws his short sword, running right behind him to back him up. "Eulalia n'blood n'vinegar'n'all those fun phrases we like t'yell!"

This high above sea level, wind and hawks are not the only factors the hares need to contend with. They, quite literally, have their heads in the clouds; this is something that Adrian and Monty are, perhaps, used to already, living atop Salamandastron. Even still, in the heat of action, the cloud that suddenly envelopes the mountaintop in a damp, wispy maw likely still comes as a surprise. In the moment before Adrian's rapier meets the guarder-hawk, before Elbio's arrow finds its mark, and before the last hawk's claws close around Lothar - visibility is ripped away, plunging them into confusion and grayscale. Something screeches, another something crashes into stone and clatters aside with a sickening 'CRUNCH' - all in the fog, all out of sight.

And, somewhere, three small voices cry out in fear.

To be continued...

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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

Bat Mountpit
Ft. Adrian, Elbio, Lothar, Monty, and Jinora as GM
Location: High in the Mountains

With the whistle of strong winds, the cloud finishes its pass over the mountaintop, bathing those at the mountain's precipice in sudden clarity and light. The aggressive female hawk has slammed into the ground, an arrow sprouted from the meat of her leg, her wings curled protectively around her where she fell, and an angered scream still ripping from her throat. Another hawk has narrowly missed Monty with its talons, though his wing may yet smash into him, and the final - the hawk on the ground, guarding a recess in the stone - has jerked aside, narrowly avoiding Adrian's rapier, and now stands beside the hare, a sickening grin stretched over his beak. "Mistake, landling!" He laughs, and lunges for the hare.   

Adrian only has enough time to spot the hawk to his side, no time to counterattack, no time to anything but throw his right arm up in a defensive posture. It won't likely do much good. "Oh, da..."   

Elbio eyes go wide...whoa he hit the hawk, now what as he starts to back off, wait that could end up a very bad idea.He gulps and gets anotherarrow trying to figure out the best one to fire at, he decides to shoot the closest one!   

Lothar stays where he is and has a blade, he isnt sure which hawk to try and attck either!" to be careful with this, very carefull" He looks for any throwing daggers, he does have a knife he uses to gut fish and flicks that at the side of the bird close to Adrian   

Monty had been paying attention to the talons, and as a result, the young hare gets nicely buffeted by the wing of the hawk. He tumbles backwards head over paws, finally coming to a stop and lying there dazedly peering up at the sky. Blinking, he sits up, paw going to his head as he does his best to recover and regain his bearings. Looking over, he sees his best friend being attacked, and this spurs him to action. He draws his sling, and grabs a nearby stone. With a quick whirl, he slings it in the direction of Adrian's attacker. "Adj, look out!" he manages to shout, at the same time not paying attention to his own attacker.   

"Tell your darkforest that you fell to Grando!" The hawk, Grando, attacking Adrian cries out as he rushes to slash at him with his talons - but instead lets out a screech of pain as Lothar catches him in the side with his dagger! Grando whirls, snapping his wings out to the sides in an attempt to buffet Lothar and Adrian. "Laika! Stand!" He calls out towards the downed female.   
The female hawk, Laika, manages to stand just as Elbio's arrow soars her way. The wind from her wings is just barely enough to throw it off target as she takes to the skies once more, barely missing her as she gains altitude.   
Finally, the last hawk - Bloodtalon - takes Monty's distraction in stride, lunging forward to snap his beak at the hare's back with a mighty screech!   

Adrian hears both Monty call out, and sees Grando gets hit with a dagger. He has the presence of mind to duck, so as not to be brained by Monty's slingstone. Crouched on the ground, he misses most of the buffeting from the bird's wings, and he takes that as an opportunity to slash away at Grando's lower body and legs with his blade.
Elbio frowns, who to shoot, who to shoot! He angles and aims, then fires off trying to stay clam towards Bloodtalon!   

Lothar smirks as he diestracted the hawk, course he only has his one blade now as he holds it in a defense position and takes a chance to look up to find the femal hawk as the others are most likely focusing on the two on the ground, someone has to make sure to know where the female is.   
Monty gives a satisfied nod as he notices Adrian avoiding the attack just barely, the hare even grinning a bit as his friend ducks the stone he'd flung. "Eh, sorry bout that, bucko. His head was right where yours was for a second! I...GAH!!!" he calls over, his words cut off with a shout of pain as Bloodtalon's attack strikes him in the back. His hooded cloak is likely what ends up saving his life, as the material is rather thick...though it is still torn into by the hawk's beak, the hawk penetrating through to sink his beak a little into his back. ...ohforth'loveof..." he mutters, tumbling forward and onto his face in the process from the force of the strike. That's what you get for being distracted, Monty.   

Grando screeches in rage and pain as Adrian's blade hacks into his lower torso. With Lothar's knife in his side, and the hare attacking him from below, he quickly amends his strategy, struggling to back up and put enough distance between himself and the defending hares in order to take off. "Landlings! Grando will kill!" He screams, hopping forward twice and then running forward, wings flapping as he tries to take off - charging straight at Lothar. He wants nothing to do with Adrian's weapon.   
Laika gains altitude quickly, taking this moment to retreat and regain her advanage while her companions struggle on the mountainside. Why won't the fools fly?!   
Bloodtalon, standing victoriously atop Monty, prepares to end this silly landling - and then gives a cry of shock and anger as an arrow rips a chunk of arrows from his outstretched wing. Luckily, it doesn't strike flesh, but he will be struggling to stay airborne for weeks. "You have marred Bloodtalon's plumage!" He screams at Elbio, rushing the archer and leaving Monty on the ground.   

Adrian takes advantage of Grando's retreat to back away himself, rushing over to check his friend. "Mont! Hey, you okay?" He holds out his paw toward the fallen hare, at the same time eyeing the hawks, making sure to keep aware of their surroundings. "Elbio, keep firin'! Now!"    Jun 4, 2019 at

Elbio tenses up in fear but quickly comes to his senses and takes aim, he gulps snd takes a calm breath and then fires off the arrow aiming at the bird's chest as it comes towards him!   
Lothar backs up quickly and swings his blade at the bird, going to do a quick, almost falling , side step sort of move.He may be a little bit older than the other hares but he still has a few good moves agaist these birds and he is focused and alert.   

Monty is lying facedown, the initial prognosis not a good one as the hare doesn't stir at first as Adrian approaches. The tear in his cloak is quite obvious, as is the blood beginning to seep into it from the wound he'd sustained on his back, right between the shoulderblades...but it mainly seems as if Monty had simply had the wind knocked out of him and his doing his best to recover. He finally turns his head to the side and peeks open an eye, the young hare wincing at Adrian as he holds his paw out to him. "Erf. Jus'...jus' gimme a sec, mate. Seems I got...knocked a bit loopy, I did..." he gasps, still getting his breath back. He finally accepts Adrian's help up, a frown on his muzzle as he cranes his neck back to try and see the damage. He can most definitely feel it, at least. "Yeah so...about th'baby bats...." he mutters, gaze lifting in search of them.   

Grando cries out again as Lothar gains a slashing blow against his stomach, but he has taken flight! He circles around with a cry, gaining sky, until he spins and dives towards Lothar, talons outstretched!   
For the moment, Adrian and Monty are allowed space to breathe as Bloodtalon rushes their newest party member - his eyes alight with rage and hate. His wings drum the viscious beat that sings the bloody tale of this battle, and his beak opens to strike, to clamp down on this useless landling and end him and all of his stick-throwing - and then his breath leaves him with a 'hrk'! His talons tangle within themselves as he stumbles, eyes wide in shock, until he falls with a THUD, Elbio's arrow sprouting from his chest.   
From the air, Laika cannot be seen... Maybe she has retreated? They may have gotten lucky.
Adrian grimaces as he spots Monty bleeding. He idly wonders how severe the wound might be. He's only got a rudimentary knowledge of first aid, so this could be iffy. "Ya look fine, mate," he lies, "Certainly jus' a bloomin' flesh wound, wot..." He shades his eyes with a paw, scanning the sky and surroundings. "The female... Where is she?" Hearing Bloodtalon fall with a thud, he smiles at Elbio, but only for a moment. "Shoot th' othah one, too!"   

Elbio is shivering as he just killed a..did he kill it? He looks slowly to Adrian.."S..S..Shoot..other..bird, hawk...I..yes sur!!" He has two arrows left and quickly aims and shoots at the other hawk on the ground!If he is gonna stay in this group it is good to listen after all   

Lothar eyes go wide "Oh bloody..."He quickly rolls to the side, but the edge of one of the talons does get his lower leg and leaves a claw mark.He yelps in pain and looks to see how bad the wound is, he does have his boot that caught some of the talon, but not all of it he still has a rather good claw mark but not deep enough to where it hit bone at least.   

Monty doesn't really FEEL fine,'s not as if it'd been the first time he'd been injured and it more than likely wouldn't be the last. He lifts his gaze to the sky, scanning it as well as Adrian mentions the disappearance of the female. "M'fine...had worse, mate." he mutters, shaking his head with a wince. "...good question. M'thinkin' we should use th'opportunity t'try an' find wot we're here t'find, while we can..." Taking no heed of his wound, Monty trudges forward in the direction he'd heard the baby bats crying out from a little earlier. He hadn't exactly pinpointed their location, but...he could certainly hear them well enough to get a good idea. "Keep an' eye out for th'bird, I'm gonna look for th'kiddos!" he calls back to his friend, before turning his attention to finding the young bats.   

Grando is no longer on the ground, but he is fast approaching it! He crashes into Lothar, delivering a glancing blow to the hare's leg. His wings snap open to whisk him along the ground as he shifts his momentum, moving to spin in a slow circle to come back at Lothar. He is forced to pull up, rapidly, as Elbio fires at him! He flaps upwards once more, screeching at the hares before diving once more, this time at Elbio.   
The sounds of voices had come from a recess in the mountain which, as Monty approaches it, becomes clearer. It is a nest, of sorts, but not the sort that any sane mother would make for their young - these hawk have no young of their own. Their 'nest' is a bundle of straw and cloth and knick knacks that cover a deep divet in the ground, like someone took a great spoon to the mountain's top. It is full of a manner of baubles: gold, silver, clothes, bits of painted wood, and, more distrubingly, so many bones... And something moving within all of it.   
It is now that, silently, Laika descends once more from the side of the mountain, straight for Adrian. They killed Bloodtalon! These disgusting landlings will die screaming! She will show them the meaning of fear! She will drop them from the sky, one by one, and leave them to be ruined across the rocks!   

Elbio whimpers as he treis to sidestep Grando, maybe the hawk will just crash into the ground.But he does catch movement out of the corner of his eyes and gasps, the female hakw gonna kill one of his new Freinds and he selects an arrow and aims carefully and quickly fires hopeing and praying it hits the bird, a wind..a chest...neck..somewhere on the bird to make her crash!   

Adrian follows his friend, gasping as he finds the hellish "nest". Before he can inspect it further, he can hear movement, and a screech from above, and he looks up, spotting the female hawk diving toward him. He's well and truly screwed, unless he can dive out of the way, though he's backed up against a sheer rockface. There's little more he can do other than yell to his friend, "Monty! Get the bats, and get outta here!" He raises his rapier, closes his eyes, and hopes that he can at least kill Laika at the same time.   

Lothar frowns as the bird heads towars the youngest member "Kid look out!!" He looks back to the other two and frowns, well the bats were found maybe now they have to act fast as he gets his blade and tries to think fast, who to attck, well lets equal it out two agiast one bird so he attcks the one after Elbio! Leaves the other bird for Adrain and Monty.   

Monty's ears flatten against his neck as he approaches the strange 'nest' that the hawks had made. His eyes slowly scan over the various trinkets and other collected things, a frown crossing his muzzle as he notes the bones scattered about. "Bunch o'unlucky blokes if y'ask me," he mutters. "Ain't gonna be us, though, I c'n tell ya that." Finally, his eyes land upon the things moving, and he quickly scrambles across the makeshift nest, heading in that direction with intent. Upon reaching the moving things, he shifts a few things about here and there in an attempt to uncover whatever it is that might be there. With Monty currently being distracted, he was unable to warn Adrian of the incoming attack....hopefully one of his comrades was paying attention and could do something about it. His ears perk at Adrian's shout, and he shifts his gaze in that direction. "Adj!" Looking around, he finds a nice sized silver goblet, and he picks it up in a paw. He flings it as hard as he can in the direction of the hawk attacking Adrian. Not sure if it will really do anything, was the only thing he could think to do in the moment. Said throw didn't really help his injury at all, as the back of his cloak is now soaked red all the way through.   

Grando twists in the air as Elbio rolls, and slams his full weight against the archer. Elbio is left to crumple, unconscious, to the ground. Standing over his prize, the hawk turns a savage grin on Lothar. "Should I eat you or this one first?" He asks, before he takes off at a hopping, flapping charge towards the dagger-wielding hare.   
Laika sees the landlings metal stick in time to veer wildly to the side, but she doesn't abandon her attack on the two hares, yet! "Mine!" She screeches as they examine her nest. "Mine, mine, mine! No take!" Moving past Monty and his metal stick, she dives for the nest and Monty. She is descending, fury and death, when Monty throws the goblet - it smacks her in the beak, sending her reeling to the side. "MINE!" She screeches again, forced to fly upwards again to avoid crashing into the rock wall Adrian is pressed against. From behind Monty that another voice squeaks out: "Dig down, down!" And a thick mash of bone and stolen goods parts to reveal a small, furry, bat dibbun. "She cannot get you if you dig, dig!"   

Lothar frowns and , he grips the blade and glares at large bird "Your do..neither, maybe your dye, that sound like a good idea!" He is brave yes, maybe a fool but he takes a chance and slices at the large bird with his blade!   

Adrian dares to open his eyes when he doesn't feel the crunch of smashed bones and the cold embrace of death. Sighing with relief, he starts to yell at Elbio to shoot Laika, but the hare in question is down for the count. Growling with annoyance, he pushes himself away from the rock face, to try and shield his friend from further attack. "Where's a bloody badgah when y' need one, wot?" Charging at the hawk, he yells again, "Private, get those bats, an' go! Lothar an' I'll try ta keep these birds distracted! That's an ordah!" He can't hear the young bats' voices over the din, unfortunately, unaware of their suggestion to dig down. "Lothar... A little 'elp 'ere!" he calls out, as he picks up a good sized rock and lobs it at Laika's head. "Once yah've dispatched that one, o' course!"   

Monty gives a nod of satisfaction as his throw seems to hit the mark, likely saving his friend in a stroke of luck. Ear perks as he hears the voice of the bats, and his attention turns back down towards the nest. He spots the bat dibbun, and he begins to dig himself down to get closer. "Yeah, not a bad idea, kiddo!" he replies with a grin. "I'm sorry t'spoil all th'fun y'might be havin' here, but I'm thinkin' it's time t'go home!" Monty lifts his head as he hears Adrian's shouted command, and he gives a nod to his superior. "Aye, sir, doin' m'best!" He reaches down to scoop up the small bat, in the process searching for the other two. "If y'can hear me, jus' grab onto m'cloak where ya can, I c'n carry one of ya!" he calls down into the pile, hoping the other bats can hear him and will follow his instructions.   

Grando rises a few feet off the ground for his attack on Lothar, swinging and swaying and flapping to keep out of range of the sword, hissing in anger and frustration. "Die, landling! I tire of this!" Throwing caution to the wind, he throws himself at Lothar - the sword slashes at a spot beneath his wing, and another near his neck, but the hawk is large and bears his bulky form against the defending hare, slashing and snapping!   
Laika is crazed with anger at these intruders. "That is all mine!" She screams as she rounds on Adrian and Monty once more. Now that Adrian has moved from his position, she targets him and soars, talons outstretched, at a breakneck pace. "MINE!" The rock catches her in the chest, and she veers aside, the breath knocked from her momentarily, but she regains quickly and rushes Adrian from the side.   
"No, no! Dig, dig!" The dibbuns are hysterical in their fear, scrambling away from Monty as he tries to extricate them. "She comes back, back! Always comes back!" The dibbun speaking throws themselves at the pile, a pair of clawed, strange feet just poking up from the mass and fast disappearing as they attempt to bury themselves once more.   

Adrian curses under his breath, though he did essentially get what he wanted. Unfortunately, he's currently facing the crazed female alone. He has to do something extreme, so he throws down his rapier, and draws his only remaining dagger, stands his ground, and waits for the bird to hit, aiming to stab her in the chest, risking severe injury or death in the process.   

Lothar slashes again and ducks into a sort of roll and then tries to stab a secound time at the large bird!He is in a battle of his own, still trying to make the one large bird fall over and die already!   

Monty curses softly to himself as the bats dig themselves deeper into the pile. "Nooo, wrong way, you guys! We need to get outta here!" He glances back over his shoulder as he feels the presence of the hawk just above him, and he turns back to the Dibbuns. "...if we can help it, she won't. Jus'...jus' stay there, we'll take care o'this!" he gives a frustrated sigh as he gestures to the Dibbuns to remain in the pile. Turning back towards Adrian, Monty's expression shifts to one that the hare hadn't had in quite awhile, and it was one that likely would have been feared by anyone else who knew what it meant. Drawing his short sword, Monty clambers over the pile of things in the nest, making his way towards Adrian. "Mfff. Wanna steal innocent Dibbuns, do ya?" he growls. "Wanna attack innocent bats who wanna do nothin' but live in peace? Well...yer gonna rue th'day y'crossed th'bloody Long Patrol!" Seeing the hawk soaring back at his friend, Monty takes aim with his dagger, then flings it as hard as he can at the    descending bird with a loud shout. "EULALIAAAAAAA!" He then falls to a knee, head lowering as his injury affects him. Still, he struggles his way back up, eyes shifting in the direction of Adrian and the hawk.   

SHNK! Monty's dagger takes Laika in the side of the neck, but she still slams into Adrian at full force, talons out; hare and avian tumble in a flailing, screeching mass of feathers and limbs. Laika's momentum carries the attack several feet, rolled and battered against the ground and each other... And then all is still.   

Grando screams as Lothar slashes at his face, his chest, his stomach - and all the while, he continues to attack with his wings, his talons, and beak!   
Adrian had kept his dagger pointed out, and is rewarded with the sensation of it burying deeply into the hawk's chest. He doesn't have long to appreciate it, however, as her talons likewise hit true, gouging into his chest. The wind is knocked out of him, and he's bleeding even more heavily than Monty was. The Corporal lacks the strength to move, what with Laika sprawled across him. Dead? He has no idea. He feels... Lightheaded, the world starting to go white. Is he dying? No, surely not. Just a minor flesh wound, surely. He'll walk it off, certainly... But first... Why not sleep? Yes, sleep... Within moments, Adrian is out cold, his breathing shallow, and his torn jacket soaked with blood.   

Lothar takes a deep breath and kciks and slashes at the large bird with all his might! He seems to gain some sort of rush of energy, the not gonna die like this kind !   

Monty watches as his blade strikes the bird, and at the same time watches as his best friend is taken out as well as the two of them tumble across the ground. He is torn between wanting to help his friend and finishing off the remaining hawk, which still posed a danger to them all. Pulling himself together as best he can, he picks up a nearby discarded metal pole of some type that lies amongst the rubble. Gripping it in a paw, he stalks toward where the remaining hawk is attacking Lothar. Approaching from behind, Monty begins to thwack at the hawk with the pole as hard as he is able, his blows still containing force despite the hare's weakening condition. Something seems to have taken Monty over, the hare's eyes containing a crazed look as he beats at the attacker. "Ngggh! I said...get...away....from him!" he shouts, his voice hoarse. "AHHHHHH!!!!!'   

Grando rears back, blood streaked through his already red feathers. "Landling will come with me!" His talons grasp, seeking purchase as he begins to flap mightily - he is trying to carry Lothar into the sky! Luckily, he doesn't get very high, as Monty approaches from behind. Severely weakened by Lothar's viscious battle, Grando gives a scream as one wing is broken by the pole and he crashes to the ground, his cries growing weaker as the life is beaten and slashed from him, and he finally lies still...   

Adrian finds himself back at... Salamandastron? That's not possible... He's on the crater at the top, and the sky is blindingly white. "Well, I always try to give you the benefit of the doubt, but you always find new ways to disappoint me..." An older hare approaches... His father, Major Varus. "Killed by a bloomin' 'awk? Yah gotta do bettah th'n that!" "But... Fathah..." "No buts! No excuses..."   

Lothar starts to panic as he is lifted up and then gasps in pain when the bird sort of drops him and he rolls to the side and slowly sits up, stands with a slight wobble.He looks at the other hares and almsot falls as he limps a little, "Please...dont say someone other than birds died.."He knows how to check for a pulse which he will on Elbio and one on Adrain, at the same time staying alert...did they win? Are the birds dead or...what?
Monty continues to thwack at the body of the bird even as it eventually falls still, the young hare still taken over by whatever it is that had suddenly possessed him. "NHHHAAAAHH! DIE! DIIIE!!!!" One isn't quite sure if this is a huge backwards step considering all the progress he'd made so far...this journey was supposed to help with that and help him come to terms with what had happened to him on that day long ago. He begins to pant with exhaustion, his blows slowing eventually, and finally, the pole clanks as it hits the ground, falling out of his paw as Monty sinks down to a knee. He leans forward, forehead touching the ground as he struggles mightily to fight back against those feelings of anger and hate that have built up inside him. Gritting his teeth and trying to regain his breath, the hare just kneels there, his back bleeding still, though he tries his best to ignore it. They had a mission to do, and it wasn't over yet til those Dibbuns were back safely with their families. Struggling back up to his footpaws, Monty slowly slogs his way over towards where Adrian and the bird are tangled together.   

The mighty hawks of Bat Mountpit, Bloodtalon, Laika, and Grando, lie still and lifeless. From the nest, a soft, small voice calls out: "is it... Safe? Safe?" Then a small gasp of terror and fear as a small face peers over the edge of the nest and sees the carnage.   

Adrian clenches his paws, and whirls on the shade of his father. "No! Enough! I've busted mah butt ta please *you*, but yah've nevah been quite bloody satisfied! I don't 'ave ta explain mah life choices to *you*!" He jabs his finger at the Major's chest, even as the surroundings begin to fade into darkness. "No... I don't have to please you... An' 'm not dead... I don't think..." His father starts to fade out as well, until Adrian finds himself alone. In the real world Lothar finds he does have a pulse, albeit weakened. He's still bleeding out from his chest wounds, after all. Maybe the bats have a good healer.   

Lothar frowns, he looks around for something to hold agaist the wound, even it its some torn sleeve and frowns, "The kid needs..bandaged too.."Yeah so does he and Monty as he sighs, yep they won it seems but no one escaped injury so hopefully there is a bat healer as he does his best to keep his eyes open but he is tried and worn out as he basically foces himself to stay awake, even if barely awake.He looks towards the tiny voices..."Hey..ya now..."Yeah bit dizzy now   

Monty notes Adrian moving a little; that means his friend is alive. Glancing to Lothar, Monty nods towards him. "See if you can get 'im up, we gotta get back to th'bats. M'think' he's in a bit o'bad shape. They gotta have healers. I'll do m'best t'get these guys t'where they need t'be..." He makes his way slowly over to where the bats are peeking out of the nest. Despite his bloodied and disheveled condition, Monty tries his best to smile to the young ones. "Aye, about as safe as anyplace c'n be. Y'can come out now. We're takin' y'home, we are..." The young hare gestures towards the mountain, before he stumbles a little and falls to a knee again. "Just...maybe after...a bit o'rest. M'a bit tired y'see, fightin' those featherbags...takes a lot outta a beast...." With that, Monty pitches forward, landing on his face as the hare finally passes out.   

The hawks aren't the only ones with wings - and a beady pair of jet black eyes have spied on the heroic battle. Silt rushes word back to the other bats - the hares have won, and they need help! Within moments, the mountain's peak is swarmed with bats - any unconscious hares are carried on nets by dozens of claws.   

Once they've returned to the cave, the hares are met with joyous cheers and applause - and immediate medical attention. The wounded tended to, the Long Patrol heros are, after days of healing and bedrest, treated to a feast of massive proportions. Of course... Delicacies for the bats of Bat Mountpit aren't quite what they're used to, but not /all/ of the dishes contain insects. "Heroes, heroes!" The king announces at the head of a table. It seems that it was put together just for the hares, as the bats don't typically use them. Dressed in a headdress made of hawk feathers, the king strides forward, his wings outstretched. "We owe you a great debt, debt. Wherever you go in the night, you will have us, and we will have you in our hearts. Please accept these gifts, gifts."   

Each hare is offered a strange collection of goods: a necklace, made from the talons of the hawks, a cloak, black as the night and stitched into a bat wing design, and two vials of a small, purple liqiud - the same formula the bats used to put them to sleep. "We thank you for your help, we will return this someday. Maybe you should speak to Yerna, in the Below, Below! She is a hare like you - she fights the... The Others." He gives a shudder. "But for now, you rest, rest."

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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

Ft. Elbio, Lothar, and Jinora as GM
Location: Bat Mountpit

Bat Mountpit - Lower Galleries
You are standing in the centre of an enormous cavern. The walls of the caverns are luminant, giving the hole cave an eerie green glow. Upon closer examination, one can see the thousands, if not millions, of tiny glowworms adorning the walls. Wide tunnels lead off in all directions. The largest is created by the wide, rushing river that gushes down from the immense waterfall above, and continues its flow through the mountain. Looking down that tunnel, you can see a narrow path leading to another tunnel leading off the main one, and a small amount of river flows more serenely off in that direction. There is a faint, strange wafting out of a much smaller, darker tunnel at the opposite end of the cave. Up along one wall runs a natural path, leading, so it seems when one cranes their neck upwards, right to the top of the mountain.


The hare's time in Bat Mountpit hasn't been unpleasant: they have been treated to the bat's hospitality, extensive praise, all the food they can eat, and - of course - breathtaking views, when they choose to peek out of the caves. Silt has visited often, always with a wide smile, and more often than not, has mentioned a hare called 'Yerna'. She is on her way to find them, now, flapping through the caves with a grin that spreads from ear to ear - which is rather characteristic of the young bat.

Elbio decided to venture away from the others while they sleept and maybe he is curious of this Yerna and so decided to look around.

Silt searches the infirmary, she searches the gallery where the hares have been sleeping, she searches the food hall - no luck! Thus, the little bat has taken to zooming from corridor to corridor when - "Elbio!" She squeaks excitedly, tumbling through the air and coming to a landing in front of him, hanging upside down. "Are you busy, busy?"

Elbio tilts his head "How do you bally well stay awake or sleep upside down?" He had not ment to worry anyone, had He? He smiles "Not busy...rather bored if anything but not sure when we are heading to..where ever next."

"Well your friends were very hurt, hurt. I am sure that you do not wish to rush them while they get better! But, but, but!" She titters excitedly, flapping her wings around her tiny body and continuing to beam at Elbio upside down. "Yerna will be here tonight! Do you want to meet her?"

Elbio goes to do a headstand and smiles "Sure..sounds..."And he tumbles backwards and shakes his head, sitting and standing up slowly "I'm ok, sure you bats talk of her alot and I can let the others know of her also."

Giggling as Elbio goes tumbling backwards, she drops from the ceiling to land on her own feet. "You will get there with practice, yes. Follow me! She comes to the mushroom caves, caves." And off she goes, flapping through the lower galleries and continuing to sink lower, lower...

Bat Mountpit - Mushroom Cave
You step out into a cave that, while significantly smaller that the gallery caverns, is still very spacious. The first thing that hits you, long before your eyes adjust to the dimness, if an incredibly strong fungal odour. As ones eyes adjust - for there are very few glowworms in here, providing only the faintest of lights - it is rather astonishing to see its contents. The entire cavern, the walls, floor and ceiling, is covered in mushrooms. All different sorts of mushrooms. Big ones, small ones, white ones, brown ones, gray ones but all, to one with such knowledge, edible. After a moments thought, you realize there would be little else in the way of food that could be grown down underground.


Elbio goes to follow, the hares have likely had some of the mushrooms that are able to be ate, he also found out crickets are...not that bad really, of course only  in certain times maybe to eat them again but its a good idea for if ever food was hard to find, " in here.I like it"

"We love the hares, Yerna lives below and keeps us secret and safe, safe. She fights the..." Silt's face twists. "Well... She fights /them/." And she shudders. "She is a brave fighter, yes. She leaves us supplies here" The bat perks, flashing Elbio another giant grin as he sees the mushroom caves, lined with bioluminescent fungi and glowworms - and they are not alone. Another hare lounges across a rock, lit dimly in blues and greens by the bioluminescent fungi around her, casting her in a fantastical, almost magical light. The only sound she makes is a gentle, rhythmic shhhhnnk! Shhhhnk! Shhhhnk! As she drags a whetstone across the blade of a dagger in her lap, a sound that pauses as the others enter. Sheathing her dagger and tucking the whetstone into her bag, Yerna stands and nods a quiet greeting.

"This is Yerna!" Silt explains, gleefully, toddling forward to throw her wings around the hare's waist. Yerna rests a gloved paw against the back of the small bat's head fondly, though the friendliness does not reach her expression. "Why ya here?" She asks instead, her eyes reflecting the soft, fungal glow around them as she flicks her gaze to Elbio.

Elbio blinks "Umm....I was..exploreing and well ya see the bats saved me and my friends..well they are me friends now and so is the bats."He grined "I killed a hawk and it wanted to eat me but it didnt get a chance, the hawk and the other two hawks took the baby bats, like they took little small kids and me and the other hares saved them, we did but we almsot died and so the bats saved yeah...thats all"

Yerna considers Elbio for a long moment, uncomfortably long, with one eyebrow raised through his explanation... And then she returns to sharpening her knife, settling back onto her rock. "Be careful leaving here." She finally allows, not looking back up. "These caves'r dangerous." Here, Silt pipes up, laying her hooked fingers over Yerna's paws. "That is why I brought him, yes! They can help you Below, Below!" The haremaid looks back up at this, her eyebrow still raised. "Dunno if that's a good idea, Silty." She chides, looking Elbio up and down.

Elbio palces his paws behind his back "There is like..3 other hares..sides me and ...well they do fight better than me...but I can learn and will, BUT i am fairly good with a longbow and arrow, and throwing daggers"

"They are of the Long Patrol, Patrol!" Silt explains, crawling over Yerna's lap to hang from her shoulder, her wings draped over the sides of the impassive haremaid's head. Her expression doesn't shift, but Yerna does finally sigh. "Long Patrol?" She sheathes her knife and pockets her whetstone before standing. She looks comical with Silt as a hat, but she doesn't seem amused by much of anything. "They're more active a'night. Bring yer weapons an' enough supplies t'last ya at least a few days. Be back in three days." She lifts Silt from her head and places her back on the floor. "I'll see ya then. Help th'bats haul this lot up to th'galleries, will ya?" And then she is gone, slipping through a crack in the wall and disappearing into the darkness of the mountain.

Elbio blinks and reaches out to say something and hmmms "Where she go?" Ok that hare maid must have some sort of power he decides and looks at Slit "So she means...back here?"

Lothar steps around a corner"She who?" He asks quietly and folds his arms over his chest.

"Yes, back here." Silt agrees, nodding. "We will give you all the supplies you need, of course, of course!" As Lothar appears, her grin only grows. "Lothar! Elbio has met Yerna, Yerna! She has agreed to show you the Below. It is very dangerous indeed."

Elbio says, "It was the hare maid...she is...intresting and we might help help..I mean we should, Long patrol helps others...right? And it be bad if she one day wasnt here to help the bats cause..ya know she...ummm"He frowns."Think Monty and Adrian be for helping her and then we can like go where ever we planed on next after we help 3 days..""

Lothar listens and frowns "Dangerous? "He sighs "Can't be any more dangerous than de hawks were...and I think so I dont know, they have more...skill in this sort of think than we do, but we need a meeting and then we can come back to here in..wot say 3 days?"

"Three days! And we will supply you with everything you need, need, of course!" Silt beams, waddling up past the hares. "I will get help to bring these supplies up. Feel free to keep enjoying the mushroom caves, caves!" And then the bat toddles up and out of sight, leaving Elbio and Lothar in the gentle glow of the bioluminescent cave walls.

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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

In the Below, Part One
Ft. Elbio, Lothar, Adrian, Monty, and Jinora as GM
Location: Within the Mountains

Bat Mountpit - Mushroom Cave
You step out into a cave that, while significantly smaller that the gallery caverns, is still very spacious. The first thing that hits you, long before your eyes adjust to the dimness, if an incredibly strong fungal odour. As ones eyes adjust - for there are very few glowworms in here, providing only the faintest of lights - it is rather astonishing to see its contents. The entire cavern, the walls, floor and ceiling, is covered in mushrooms. All different sorts of mushrooms. Big ones, small ones, white ones, brown ones, gray ones but all, to one with such knowledge, edible. After a moments thought, you realize there would be little else in the way of food that could be grown down underground.

When the Long Patrol hares arrive in the mushroom caves as they were instructed to do, Yerna is waiting. Elbio has met her already, and to him she offers a curt nod. To the others? "This is it, then?" She asks, eyeing the hares over and then giving a shrug. "Well. Ye'll need these -" She gestures to a bundle of pickaxes that lay in a rusty clutter atop a rock. "An' extra rope, jus' in case. Th'bats gave you torches, aye?" They did - the hares were all provided with bulging backpacks full of spelunking supplies before they made the journey down to the mushroom caves. "Follow me." Yerna isn't one for conversation, it seems, and without waiting for responses or introductions, she squeezes through a crack in the cave's wall and disappears from view.

Elbio smiles as he goes to follow "See I told ya all she was nice...well sort of nice...she seems nice and...lets go" He catches up to her, good grief he is...he needs work on his words sometimes.
Lothar chuckles a little and goes to carefully follow, where he has no clue but its likely they stay close as he frowns a little, they have supplies at least for what ever this is leading them, for now he is quiet.Let others ask questions he decides.

Adrian has largely recovered from his fight with the hawks less than a week ago, though were he still at Salamandastron, the healer would likely have insisted he got a few more days rest. His chest is pretty heavily bandaged, and it's also apparent he's still got pain on his left side where his ribs were cracked, but the Corporal has decided to grit his teeth and bear with it. "'Seems nice.' 'Seems nice,' 'e says... I mean... Tha's a glowin' recommendation if I evah 'eard one, wot. C'mon... Let's find out wot this is about... 'M damn keen ta get out o' this bloody mountain, wot..."

Monty had been a hare of few words ever since recovering from his own injuries, and he'd spent a majority of said time by himself. The fight with the hawks had weighed heavily upon him for one reason or another, and as he finally appears to join the others, his expression is a blank and generally unreadable one. Carrying his pack over a shoulder, he gives Yerna a firm nod as she gives them instruction. Giving a glance over at Adrian and the others, he nods a little, before wordlessly grabbing a pickax and moving to follow Yerna into wherever it is she had disappeared.

'Super nice' Yerna leads the hares through the crack in the wall, never turning around to see if they are following - not that she could if she decided to. It's far too tight for that; the walls press against them as they walk through. They grow closer together, and soon they are crouched - and then crawling. And still the walls press closer. And /closer/ - and it feels as if they will never breathe again, they will never move freely again, there could never be an end to this - they are going to die pressed between the rocks, crushed by the weight of the mountain atop them and around them and -
Then they are free. The tunnel opens to a spire of rock and earth, and they can breathe fresh air where it whistles through the cracks and windows in the stone walls. There are torches that hang from sconces, but they are all rotted and cobwebbed, cold and lifeless. Yerna waits for them in this room, looking bored and a little dusty.

Elbio seems glad to be free "I'm alive, aia live....I can breath,I think I almost died but I keep going and going and we are...where is here?" He looks around the large room curious."Whoa.."
Lothar grunts what is all this, was this even a good plan but he decides to just relax best he can and then sort of stumbles out and shakes his head "Was that path....really needed lass?" He dusts off and frowns.

Adrian has to stop and lean against the wall once he gets through. It is readily apparent that the extremely tight squeeze put undue pressure on his still-healing ribs and the pain was excruciating. "I...second wot 'e said... Bit tight... Gotta be anothah way out..."

Monty didn't have nearly as much trouble getting through the tight section being that he was a little on the smaller side. It wasn't exactly easy, however, and his own injuries were jostled just a little. "Complainin' about it's not gonna make th'path wider on th'way back, lads..." he mutters as he passes, heading towards the front of the group and towards wherever it was they would be going. He eyes Yerna for a moment or two. "Ready to go. Let's go whatever it is we're here t'do..."

As soon as they are out and start talking, Yerna holds a finger to her muzzle, not seeming very sympathetic to their complaints. "Used t'be called Nova's Hall." She whispers with a glare, motioning for the hares to follow her as she slinks towards the stairs, her posture noticeably stiffer and more cautious. . There are strange instruments that seem to re-direct the daylight down the tunnels, providing them with light to travel down, down, down... And somewhere, echoing through the tunnels and caverns, there is an otherwordly, chilling screech. Yerna pulls one of the pickaxes from her belt. They are led down the staircase, creeping quietly in the light that the engineers of this forgotten realm designed. Further down the stairs, there are shadows - long and drawn across the stone walls, hunched but stretched, twitching in a way that doesn't seem... Right. Yerna gestures towards the shadows with her pickaxe, her grip tightening as she crouches a little lower. "Don't -" She whispers, her voice hardly audible. "- Let them bite ye'."

Elbio frowns "Bite"He whispers and decides to not ask further, he decides to be serious quiet and just follow the haremaid closely to not get lost here, where ever here is.

Lothar nods as he quietly follows her, staying alert while they travel. he just wants to get out of this strsnge mountain soon as he can.

Adrian would very much dispute Elbio's assertion that Yerna seems nice. Shady and suspicious is more like it. Indeed, he's kicking himself mentally that he just blithely allowed everybody to get into whatever this mess is. He is the superior here, after all. Perhaps he was just feeling overly charitable after saving baby bats from certain death. Gripping his pickaxe, he reminds himself not to visit anymore mountains for the next several weeks.

Monty continues to follow after Yerna, the hare still not exactly being what one would call 'talkative'. He knows that he has to focus on the business at hand, and there was no time for any other nonsense. Gripping the pickaxe he is holding with a paw, he pauses upon hearing that screech. Taking a glance back at the others, the hare puts a paw to his muzzle. "Shhh." Turning attention back to Yerna, he merely waits for her to instruct what they should do next. "Just let em try," he mutters, about being bitten.

Yerna creeps along the wall leading them down the stairs. Closer to the shadows - they can hear labored breathing, soft growls... They don't sound friendly. The hare holds up a paw for them to pause as the shadows slink closer, growing smaller as they approach. It's obvious that they are right around the corner, when Yerna leaps from around the corner and with a wet 'squealch' buries her pickaxe into the back of a stoat's head. There are three others that spin around, snarling wordlessly, and charge.
The beasts are just... Wrong. A weasel and two rats remain, Foam dripping from their muzzles, their eyes red, bodies thin and gaunt. Their teeth and claws are overgrown, their fur patched and dirty - they roar and growl and lumber at whatever they see move.

Elbio eyes widely and acts fast! He selects an arrow an aims, fires at one of those things! What ever one is closer!And after fireing that arrow he will quickly get another arrow ready!

Lothar backs up a little and has his couple throwing daggers, and his short sword still, if he loses a dagger thats fine.He narrows his eyes and ..well something is wrong with these beasts thats for sure, he flicks one of his daggers at a rat and grips the pickaxe he has.He can usethe other blades later if needed.

Adrian might have known to expect something like this. These sorts of expeditions never end in bloody teatime, after all. As the feral-looking vermin charge the group, he readies his...pickaxe. Will do some damage, but he's much more suited to the rapier. Still, he smashes a weasel in the forehead, and he goes down with a crazed, slavering expression on its face. "When I get outta this damn mountain, it won't be soon enough..."

Monty for one reason or another doesn't really flinch as the strange beasts come into view. He watches as Yarna leaps after one of them and buries her axe in its head. Taking the cue from her, the young hare turns his attention to one of the rats. Hefting his own axe, he runs forward and aims to bury it in the chest of said rat before hopping back...hopefully in time before the creature is able to counterattack.

The weasel Adrian felled lies twitching on the floor for a moment before he goes still. Yerna throws her paws over her head as an arrow goes zipping past, and she turns a glare on Elbio - they are in a tunnel, after all. "Careful!" She hisses, spinning out of the way of the second rat as they try to snap at her. With her evading, the rat instead focuses its crazed attention on Elbio and rushes him - teeth bared! Monty's rat lets out a shriek as it tries to stumble backwards, avoiding a pickaxe to the head... And taking it to the stomach instead.

Elbio eeks and, ok ok think, think..he has his pick axe yes and goes to slam it into the oncoming rat, also staying alert and quick on his footpaws to sidesteps to best avoid any attcks from the rat.

Lothar holds his pickaxe and snorts "I..hate this place, this is not my idea of a plesent get outta here"

NH: Spire- Upper Level
--                   Nova's Hall- Spire: Upper Level                    --
This Corridor is cold, much colder then the rest of the Hall's caverns and passageways. A biting cold wind seems to at times blow gently along it as cracks and holes drilled in to the walls let in shafts of light here and there but also let in the bitterly cold mountain weather.
The torches in this passageway sputter and stream gently in the frosty breeze from outside and what little light they give seems inadequate against the biting cold but the holes for the light all appear to be carefully positioned to aim light at large brass disks around the room, providing a better source of light during the day and taking that light down to the lower levels.

Adrian pauses only long enough to retrieve his axe, before he takes aim at another rat, swinging with both paws. He's well aware that he's not fully recovered yet, and he's not exactly keen on getting himself injured any further, so he hangs back just a bit, letting Monty take most of the lead. "I don't suppose ya c'n tell us exactly *why* these beasts are actin' all mindless, marm?" If he didn't know any better, he'd almost think it was the Bloodwrath, but this seems far more extreme than any case of that he's seen before.

And take care of it, he is more than willing to do. Monty releases the handle to the pickaxe as he feels it striking home. It wasn't the area he'd been aiming for, but it worked well enough. He quickly draws his short sword as the rat stumbles backwards, his expression as serious as its ever been as he leaps at the injured rat. He attempts to stab downward at the rat's neck with his blade, aiming to try and put the creature out of its misery.

Jaws open wide, the rat's over-long, yellowing incisors glisten wetly in the strange lighting, ready to clamp down on Elbio's face - and then with a 'hrk!' he freezes. Slowly, the rat slumps to the ground, Elbio's pickaxe still stuck in the side of his head. Monty's rat is dispatched of cleanly, and with the beasts dead, Yerna stoops to wipe her pickaxe off on the weasle's tattered vest. "These're th'Others." She whispers in reply to Adrian, ears twisting this way and that, trying to catch any more sneaking up on the group. "Aren't many left now, bu' if just one makes it up to th'bats, whatever demons it is posessin' 'em cin spread." She doesn't seem to heed the continued complaints from the Long Patrol hares, and straightens. "If I cin clear 'em out once an' for all..." She continues, her voice still low. "Th'bats'll be safe, an' I cin move on." It's the most she's spoken since meeting the hares, but it seems that the moment has passed quickly. She turns and continues to creep down the tunnel, sloping ever downward. Something clatters further down the tunnel and out of sight, and she freezes. "I'll explain more when we get to m'safe place."

--                   Nova's Hall- Spire: Third Level                    --
The stairs continue round and round in a spiral though there is a little space for a guard to stand sometimes. Open windows with no glass in them have been carved in to the walls of the spire and looking out of them reveals the spire stands in the middle of a huge cavern lit by oil torches or reflective disks which can be seen around the cavern walls. Buildings fill the cavern floor of various styles and sizes, some carved in to the cave edges, some made of wood or stone bricks.

Elbio frowns as he listens, they can't let that happen, they have to help her get rid of these...things, these cretures that are, well clearly insane.He just slightly nods and seems even more serious now, he will NOT let this get to his friend, his bat friend is up there and needs to be safe and sound and not worry.He is ready.
Lothar nods, he will not ask how many he will just follow and keep his eyes and ears open for sounds, for movement of any sort.

Adrian frowns, and wonders why the bats neglected to mention the crazy beasts in the basement. Barrel of fun the bats are turning out to be. "Ehhh... Right-o. Onwahd..." He picks up his axe, wincing again as the pain in his side flares up. He'll be glad when those ribs of his are fully healed.

Monty had simply resheathed his blade after cleaning it off on the body of the fallen rat. Retrieving the pickaxe from the rat's body, he hefts it on a shoulder as he follows after the others, curious as to what might follow next. He pauses a moment to make sure Adrian is alright, before he turns back to follow the hare that is leading them on this unusual journey.

The stairs continue to spiral downwards; if they are attacked here, it will be a tight and dangerous scuffle. But they manage to slink further without another attack. For now. Every now and then, a bone can be seen on the stairs; a skull here, a femur there - scattered carelessly. Yerna ignores them. She pauses by one of the windows in the spire and motions for the hares to look through, offering them a better idea of where they are... It looks as if the entire mountain has been hollowed out into a grandiose keep. Clearly, this was once a bustling hold - but now? In the distance, far below them, movement can be detected. Every once in awhile, two shuffling beasts will attack each other, using only their claws and their teeth. Yerna shakes her head. "I know this was once called 'Nova's Hall'." She whispers. "A vermin cult 'at messed wi' forces they shouldn't've. S'best they be put out of their misery 'fore they figure a way o-" A snarl, too close for comfort, can be heard about ten feet further down the spiral stairs, just out of sight.

Elbio nods, he grips his pickaxe and is ready to strike with all his might when needed.Maybe the beasts will enjure each so there is that to help fight them.

Lothar whispers "Then we stop em lass...."He nods and backs up slightly, well looks like another battle is about to begin,he seems to debate on useing a throwing dagger, no it will wait.

Adrian listens carefully, and frowns. If he didn't know any better, he could almost swear the crazed beasts look almost diseased... He's no healer, but the possibility of some sort of unknown sickness is distinctly unsettling. "'Ow many would ya wagah are out there, Mont? While I agree we need ta cleah this out, I'm not sure wot us five c'n do against potentially 'undreds of insane beasts..."

Monty glances to Adrian and gives him a look, before he shakes his head. "...honestly, Adj, I have no idea. But we're in it this deep so far, looks like there's no turnin' back now..." He turns back to stand beside Yerna, and he looks to her for a moment or two. "So, what is it exactly we can do at this point?" He takes a look out the window, a frown upon his muzzle.

Another rat slowly lumbers into view, his eyes as dead and expression as feral as the other beasts they've seen. It freezes when it spies the hares, head jerking from beast to beast, before it throws itself at Lothar with a scream. If anyone is still paying attention to the view outside the spire, they will notice a few of the other beasts below start to run towards the sound of this new noise... They need to move fast! "I hope ye cin climb!" Yerna growls, partly answering Monty's question, not bothering to keep her voice as low - they know they're there, now. Luckily, the glimpse out the cavern window showed only a dozen beasts, no more than fifteen, all scattered and shuffling aimlessly through the stone hall.

Elbio frowns and quickly decides weather he can use his longbow "Arrows?" He asks and gaps as one gets a little too close to them.

Lothar backs up and swings his axe forwards at the cretur thats coming at him, yep he is likely to hit that insane beast fairly well and speaks "Lets do this"

Adrian can most certainly climb, and climb he does, retreating up the stairs backward. "If this is a gambit to lure those madbeasts up th' stairs ta pick off at our leisure, I 'eartily approve, wot... An' no arrows, Elbio... This space is entirely too enclosed... That's an ordah."

With the rat felled, Yerna is running down the stairs, her pickaxe at the ready and her teeth gritted. "Follow me!" She calls, running ahead. "We don't want them going up the stairs, there are too many ways out!" If following Yerna further down, they will continue to spiral downward for several stories. The crazed vermin can be heard ahead of them and approaching fast - as a weasel rounds one curve, she buries her pickaxe into its temple and keeps running, dragging it a solid foot before managing to shake it off her weapon. Another pair of rats are quick after it, and Yerna ducks, pressing herself to the wall as they barely miss her with their claws. This means that the pair are going to be an issue for the beasts behind her!

--                   Nova's Hall- Merchant Center                       --
Around you stands a vast cavern, the sides stretch far off in each direction and the ceiling has been lost into the gloom. Despite it's size it is well light and in the waking hours usually very busy with the merchants that visit and live at the Hall all coming here to sell their goods and to buy others. The lighting consists of many fish oil torches around the walls which burn during the night, in the day time however sun light can be seen in this cavern as large highly polished copper dishes reflect it around the area from the tall central rock spire which has been left in the middle of the cavern when it was hollowed out.
The central spire gives the impression of an ancient stalagmite and stalactite that met halfway up as it seems to be thinner in the middle, all the way up it though windows have been calved to show the staircase that has been cut though it's middle. About a third of the way up though the biggest of the windows a large bell can be seen, this is used to call gatherings and to warn against danger. Around the spire several raised beds of various plants can be seen surrounding a ring of water which encircles the spire, made by water that runs down the rock from far above.
Beyond this small garden area is the more permanent of the merchants selling points, a few pubs and shops arranged in a circle, some made from wood, more made from stone though, three gaps in the circle let others have access to the spire. Further out it is a little less organized, permanent shops as well as several temporary stalls have been set up around the place, all trying to get the attention of buyers.
A number of passages lead off from this cavern, one to the merchants homes, if they don't live in their shop, another more dismal looking one leads to the cells where the slaves are kept, another passage leads outside to the gardens of the Hall while another much grander passage appears blocked by a large set of doors and leads to the Nova's cavern.

Elbio frowns and just follows, he gasps as a rat barely misses him and he slams his pickaxe into the rat, killing it easyly. He angles the axe to get ready to hit another one "They will not get to my friend!"

Lothar frowns and sidesteps one insane beast, was it a weasel or a ferret, who cares "Have a gift!" He stabs his dagger into it's chest and frowns as he backs away from another beast "Yeah ya friend can keep me dagger, thats fine...he swings his axe at the rat aiming to behead it!

Adrian lets the others take on most of the vermin, as he provides cleanup for and beasts that get by, swinging his axe with expert precision, taking down a pathetic stoat and a rat in quick succession. "I suppose it goes wi'out sayin', but I don't suggest you lot get any o' their blood on ya... I 'ave mah suspicion they may be infected wi' somethin'!"

They are forced to dispatch of beasts left and right as they make their way down the tight stairs. As soon as they clamber free of the stairs, Yerna spins to the left and rushes to one of the cavernous walls of the mighty keep they now find themselves in. She is moving quietly again, or as quietly as she can, as she runs and takes a leap, pulling her second pickaxe from her belt. She buries both into the stone with a metallic 'DING', that will certainly turn some heads. A distant grunt announces that that, at least, was heard. "/Quickly/." She urges the hares, her voice a soft hiss as she begins to climb, planting her feet against the rock wall, yanking one pickaxe loose, and burying it a little higher in the wall only to repeat the motion. It is incredibly grueling work, and it's apparent that seasons of doing just this have hardened the hare's musculature unbelievably. Yerna is /solid/. "Quick!" If there are any beasts left on the floor, they will soon have to content with a pair of slobbering ferrets rush the group!

Elbio frowns, but dont those ferrets have to die! He whimpers and grips the axe and swings it at a ferret tahts gets to close to them.Maybe though if he climbs and they are all clinmbibf he can fire off a couple arrows, He swings a 2nd time to the ferrets.

Lothar rushes to the wall, he wouldnt argue with the idea of arrows right now, "We need ta climb....but also these things need dead remember lass!"

Adrian won't bother with trying to take down the ferrets for now, burying his axe in the wall. "Elbio... Hit those things wi' arrows... An' get up 'ere!" His climbing is unfortunately slower. He really is overexerting himself with all this, but he can hear his Father in his head, criticising him for being weak, and thus the Corporal forcers himself upward through the pain.

"I know better'n you they 'need dead'." Yerna replies over her shoulder to Lothar, breathing heavily as the climbs the wall. "Trust me, better t'climb an' take 'em unawares!" This is the only breath she seems willing to waste, though - she keeps climbing. The first ferret is taken out by Elbio's swings, and the other rushes forward to take its place, seemingly unperturbed by the death of a beast that looked... So similar to it. In another life, they may have been sisters. Snarling can be heard as a rat rounds the corner of a dilapidated vendor's stall, and once it sees Elbio it too starts charging!

Elbio screams and starts climbing like he will die if he doesn't and...yeah likely a good plan as he looks down and sees two rats well...kill each other and climbs faster, almost sliping once, yeah fire arrows from above maybe, we will see.

Lothar is climbing, having some trouble and almost slips a little as well, he slams the axe into a rats head and then gets back to climbing, it can't be too far to climb right?

Adrian pulls himself upward with grim determination. He's almost convinced now that the beasts are infected with some kind of mysterious disease, something he's never seen before. He doesn't think for a minute that the unfortunate creatures conjured up forces from beyond. "We're almost there, it looks like... A few more feet, c'mon..."
The climb is exhausting and dangerous, but it leads to a wide, flat ledge high above the dead, ruined city below them. Yerna is panting heavily when she pulls herself over and takes a moment to sit, wiping sweat from her brow. "Welcome t'camp." She whispers once everyone has made their way up and over, gesturing behind her. The ledge has been transformed into as cozy a base camp as the resources provide: there are two tents, a cooking pit, and crates of supplies littered over the space. "This is, uh, home. Not used t'guests, I'll beg y'pardon." She clears her throat and leans back against a large rock, letting her pack drop to the ground beside her. "I'll answer any of yer questions, best I can. There's a lot I dunno about th'place, but I s'pose I know it better'n most."

Elbio frowns as he makes it and looks down "Can at them with arrows, I bet I can make more arrows if needed? How many are there and..if ya were worried about them getting to the bats why...why are we still not doing something finish them off?"

Lothar looks around and catches his breath "Why are ya here and how long been here? I am guess there is a way out of this place to a...well more level ground, like totally away frrom this mountain and once these things are gone a way to tell ya friends they are gone and they are safe."

Adrian leans against a rock, his chest heaving. "They're diseased, I tell ya. Badly diseased... I've nevah seen th' like, an' I'd kill ta be able ta check th' Salamandastron Library... There's plenty of ol' medical manuscripts there... One of 'em might describe this...this madness..."

"Aye, fire away. S'a nice past-time durin' the day when th'light is good." She answers Elbio. "Used t'be hundreds, but I've been 'ere... Guess 3 or 4 seasons now, been clearin' 'em out best I can. I'd say there's about fifty left, but th'place is so big. S'hard t'go room by room an' clear 'em out, 'specially when it's been just me." She waves a paw at the massive cavern to demonstrate her point. "There's more levels' than this one, just as big." At Elbio's final question, she raises an eyebrow. "What more would ye have me do?" To Lothar, she sighs. "Th'bats saved me life as a dibbun. I decided t'stay here until th'favor was repaid. Once th'last of these freaks is dead, I'd like t'move on." To Adrian, she simply shrugs. "From what I've found, th'vermin here used t'be some sort'a cult. They were messin' with things wot they shouldn't of. Maybe they got cursed fer it, maybe they're possessed, maybe just sick." She allows, nodding to Adrian. "Dunno, don't care. Jus' need 'em dead."

Elbio frowns and sits by her "I want to help...Slit is my friend I dont want these..these things hurting her and her family of bats, I am staying"Yeah..wise or unwise he is staying.

Lothar looks to Monty and Adrain and then to the haremaid and nods "He is right, we...its the long patrol way ta help others, and maybe ya can join us lass, be a long Patroler..I am sure they can surely use ya skills"

Adrian sighs a bit. He wants to leave the mountain, but he can't leave this mess. "I guess we stay. But we need ta learn more about wot we're fightin', wot. Wotevah that entails..."

"Dunno about no Long Patrol." Yerna groans, standing and stretching. "But rest long as y'need. Once night hits, goes dark as th'Dark Forest itself down 'ere. Tends t'be the better time t'catch 'em slackin', though. Long as yer quiet." She moves towards one of the tents. "Ye'll be safe up here, no need fer watches this 'igh up. Jus' don't go rollin' off th' edge in yer sleep." With that, their guide disappears inside her tent. The echo of the occasional screech or growl drifts up to the beasts on the ledge, safe as they can be in the pits of this cursed place...

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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

*Let's Gather Some Eels-Tenderfoot Log*

NH: Lower Levels- Lake >>----------------------------------------------------------------------<<
-- NH: Lower Levels- Lake -- >>----------------------------------------------------------------------<< You step off the last slime covered step and exit the stairwell leading back up into the mountain and the spire far ahead. Before you a short stony ledge is the only firm ground to stand on, it juts out over the dark underground lake which laps at the cliffs three hundred yards below. The lake stretches out into darkness, its far side hidden from sight, a soft phosporescent fungi clings to the walls and ceiling, and large beds of glowing algae drift about on the surface of the lake. The Surface however is not still, it is constantly ripling and moving as a vast multitude of bodies break the surface, eels beyond counting fill the lake dark, slimy silent guardians of the water way. >>----------------------------------------------------------------------<<

Prompt: Yerna has encouraged the hares to travel down to the underground lake in search of some tasty eels - but she's warned them to beware of anything else that could be hunting in the phosphorescent glow of the cave's fungi.


Lothar and Elbio

Lothar knew they needed food, and eels were something different than mushrooms and insects, and sometimes there was fruit and eel was sort of like fish so he grabbed whomever was there and off he went carefully and slowly. Axe on his side and he braved the chance to get at least one of his daggers back"Ok kid stay close, this place is dangerous, we get some food...hopefully and head back."

Elbio nods as he stayed close, "Yeah....are eels good?" He was curious and lately learned to be alert."You don't think those...things like ya?"

Lothar sighs "I don't know...don't care I just want something different than..mushrooms and insects, that's like mostly what the bats had...sure of tired of it ya know so the sooner we get out of here, the better"

Elbio looks around and smiles "I like the glow, its how do we get the eels?" He looks and blinks " a lot of eels"

Lothar hmms and thinks, every so often looking at the way they came and towards another area deeper away "I have a bad feeling about that direction, for now stay with me its..its a bit dark that way and I don't want to get lost down here." He looks in his backpack and hmms, he grins as he finds a spear, its broken but not on the pointy end , and a rope tied to it as he grins "Watch and learn kid" He uses the rope to keep the spear from not getting lost, finding a good rock that seems to hold it fairly good and tosses the spear at the eels.

Elbio watches closely, but also checks the way they came in "And wot if umm....things come and bite us and...then wot?"

The spear hits 2 eels as Lothar grins and pulls it onto land and sets aside the eels "Then we run and hope for the best"He throws the spear again but misses, he cusses loudly and then goes to try again.

Elbio frowns " Yerna said something else is down here....we shouldn't shout"

Lothar rolls his eyes "I missed, I dislike missing and it's ok...I mean we can kill the things if they come around us." He takes a deep breath and tries again at the spearing some eel and throws it, he blinks and catches a large one clearly and eeps "Kid little help!"

Elbio frowns and goes to help pull the eel in and keeps focus as he does so..

They finally get the eel to shore and now have a good size eel, and two small eels for food.

Lothar pants and chuckles "That was exciting...ok lets try for some other smaller ones, you wanna try?" He shows him how to throw it.

Elbio nods and seems eager to try and learn, he misses the first time...the 2nd time and the third try he gets one and grin "Look Lothar I got it"s

Lothar chuckles and looks around, he frowns a little towards the mines as there is some sort of sound "Ok Elbio...quiet."

Elbio nods as he tries a couple more times and misses, he sighs but hey he caught one though"We have enough think?"

Lothar shrugs and then frowns "Down kid!" He swings the ax at a very snarling rat!

Elbio barely misses get his head bite, he shivers and scoots back, gulps and frowns.

Lothar jumps back and then slams the ax into the rat's head, it's dead as he frowns "Yeah..enough lets go now before others come"

Elbio gulps "It almost bite me..I could of died or ended up like..yeah lets go"

the total of eels..3 small ones and one large one, it will be enough to go around for now as they can always come back later.

Lothar makes sure Elbio stays close as they both get up the stairs and quickly back to the base camp, lucky there was only one as he pants after climbing

Elbio is better at climbing now, so that's a plus and could be needed later as he grins "Well one less..thing alive out there right?"

Lothar nods as he looks up to see the others and smiles "Lunch is served...we do have a way to cook them, right?" Right...well they will eat eel either way it seems.

Elbio asks, "I wonder if eel is good, she said it is and we can take the other for more tomorrow maybe? Or the day after"

Lothar shrugs"We can figure it out later, not like we are heading outta here anytime soon."

Elbio pouts and just sits there, he sighs and lays down at least its safe up here at base camp, down there below the camp is another story.

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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

Tenderfoot Rolepaly: Run?..Why Run?

Loather and Elbio find a beast that clearly doesn't want to be friends! As the two run from the clearly insane..LARGE..beast...yeah they may need a little help!Hopefully Monty and Adrian can help!

NH: Lower Levels- Mines -- >>----------------------------------------------------------------------<< You are standing in a large vestibule the entrance to the mine shafts of the Nova Hall. Deep within the mountain separated from the hall by a long well guarded tunnel to cut it off from the Hall should it ever need to be separated. From here you can move into the guard barracks and the principle slave pen for new mine slaves or take one of the four curving tunnels cut into the rock that lead down to the mines. Shouts and the occasional scream or echoing whimper can be heard drifting up from below, a real atmosphere of pain and fear leaks up from the mines and the pitiful creatures made to work them. There are several mines down below were slaves hack out ores from the bedrock of the mountain for use in the hall. The majority of the slaves have been born and bred here in the mountain, brought up to know their place as mining slaves. Iron, gold, silver and some precious gems, galleries and shaft drilled into the rock, reaching down further then before. Guards and overseers distributed through out the rock strata see to discipline and the work programs whilst slaves are kept in cramped dormitories close to the shaft or gallery they are working.

Prompt: In the maze of mines beneath Nova's Hall, something new lurks... It's a beast, slavering and mad like the vermin above... But this one is a badger. The only woodlander species that has been seen in these areas, at least alive - the bones scattered around cells and the mines tell a different story. The badger, his muzzle rife with foam and his eyes dull and unseeing from seasons in the dark, attacks the group. He is slowed by his blindness and the broken, rusty chains that still cling to his wrists and ankles, but the slightest sound or scent can put him on the right track again, with murderous intent.


Elbio was bored so he decided to go exploring and he was being alert and careful, plus it was not too far to the lake after all, but what was beyond the lake, he was curious.

Lothar decided to go look for the kid and sighs, he frowns as he soon finds Elbio "Ya know, ya need to stay at base camp sometimes, tis a good idea...those..things could be around you know"

Elbio frowns "I am ok and didn't see any..ok one at a distance but it ya quiet they leave you alone and was thinking maybe get more eels"

Lothar sighs as he shakes his head"Wot ever...still maybe we should head to the others now kid"

Elbio pouts "I am not a kid..I am like 6 seasons old."Well he still acts like one sometimes as he kids a large bit of rock and it echos around the cavern they are in.

The rock echos...then its quiet, but not for long as something else is here, and it's not happy someone is here with it as a snarl is heard, and a rather large growl.

Lothar sighs and then "Wot..was that?" He lays a paw on his dagger, he just got that back too and he rather not lose it again, he got both back after some arguing on weather he should or not, he did

Elbio frowns but at least he has a pick axe as he looks to the dark area of the cavern" wot? Where is it?What is it?"

Lothar looks around but is..curious as sound seems to bounce around "I don't know kid, not sure I wanna know...ok move slowly and we head back...ok?"

Elbio frowns as he moves slowly and bumps into something..someone"Andrian...Monty?" He moves so he can turn and see and his eyes widen, clearly not one of his friends.

Lothar backs off and frowns "Run..."He says as he reaches forwards to grab the younger hare and if he has to drag him back to camp"RUN!"

The beast before them is large, he is big, he is for SURE not happy to be interrupted from a nap. His large footpaws snap bones litters here in two as he growls and snarls, his fur a bit messed up but he clearly could care less.

Elbio whimpers but lets the older hare sort of drag him towards the exit tah leads back to base camp. He stumbles and gets onto his footpaws better.

Lothar frowns, "Come on kid just run and don't look behind you!"

Elbio frowns "But But But...we should kill it, don't we have to kill it...she said they all have to die" Of course he rather not die himself.

Lothar frowns in thought, yeah they do but this is..umm...large! " me kid this one ...we need help with"

The beast growls and swings a clawed paw at them, aiming to knock at least one of these hares down.

Elbio sidesteps and a claw barely misses him, he has his longbow and like 3 arrows and fires an arrow at the large beast!

Lothar frowns "You don't want to anger that thing more trust me!!"

The large beast stumbles back a little, the arrow clearly in his chest and still..lives! Ok what is this thing! Its not happy and now its even less happy as more foam forms on its snarling snout, like 99% of the beasts are some sort of vermiin, not this guy, he the only woodlander down here....even if he has a little trouble seeing, he seems to see some shadow maybe and his eyes...they are a now. Yeah the two hares may wanna get out of here like now.

Elbio frowns, ok he has 2 arrows left and a pick axe and a dagger he found as he gulps.."W..Wot is it and..."Yeah wouldn't  anything be more angry with a freaking arrow in it's chest!

Lothar eyes widen as he gulps "T..hats a badger, and ya ever here of...bloodwrath...congrats we get to see it first hand now!" He shakes his head"As I said....RUN, RUN NOW!"

TO BE CONT!..Mawhahahah...Cliffhanger!

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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

=Run Why Run..Part 2=

Lothar and Elbio run into Adrian trying to escape the hare eatting badger!!!

It was a fairly good day, just checking to see if they could get any more eels, it didn't go as planed and now they are running, its like one beast so..why run? That is likely to become clear very soon!Its large and NOT a vermin species, its in fact the only woodlander here...well that's not like bones anyways.

Elbio exclaims, "I didn't mean to anger it! I thought the arrow would like kill it!"

Lothar frowns as he braves a look back and frowns"Well it's clearly still moving and making all the noise is...wait"He goes to grab the younger hare and moves to the side as he frowns. maybe it will pass, but the two are still a fair distance from the safe camp"Ok...ideas?"

Adrian can hear the commotion long before he can see anything, the sounds echoing about the immense chamber. He frowns. The other two hares must have found trouble...

Elbio frowns and he eeps, and that only causes the large creature to charge and come to a sort of stop, foaming and sniffing around. Its not seeing too well at all, mostly blind and very ticked off from being in the dark so long. Some old chains on its arms and legs..its a badger and nope not a friendly wants hare for dinner..its like the other beasts too that's down here.

Lothar frowns, "Ok....we get back slowly and carefully...that is not a beast you want as an enemy...they are dangerous in a fight when in their right mind and that one is insane"He frowns "And in possible bloodwrath....not good"

Adrian frowns again. Lothar and Elbio have been gone too long... He debates going to check on them, or waiting at the camp...

Elbio nods as he starts to edge away and steps on a bone and makes a creaking noise as he whimpers.

The badger turns to the sound and snarls going to charge the hares now, it's chains rattle and drag along the ground.

Lothar eyes widen as he flicks the dagger, he just got back a day ago, at the badger and grabs for the other hares paw"RUN!" He knows its not too wise to fight, yes it needs killed but there has to be a better way to do it.

Adrian hmmphs, and shakes his head. "Monty, stay here and watch th' camp... 'M gonna go see if I c'n find out wot the bloody 'eck is keepin' 'em..."

Elbio screams and barely misses getting slammed into and shivers "But But...she said kill them all...we gotta..what if it can climb and eats us in our sleep?"

The badger slams into the cave wall and snorts, blood drips down its forehead and angers it more as it charges, the dagger hits its shoulder and he already has an arrow in its chest as it growls and gives chase to the two hares, trying to snap at the closest one.

Lothar chuckles a little and frowns, great still coming as he thinks quickly "I don't know...strangle it with its own chains somehow..trap it....I have no clue let me think, let me blooming think kid"

Adrian keeps hearing the commotion echo about the vast chamber, and he draws his rapier, keeping to the shadows to avoid other rabid beasts as he follows the echoing sounds to their source.

Elbio comes running and almost into Adrian as he gaps and frowns"Its..Its trying to eat us, it wants us dead and I am too young to die"

The so called hare eating badger appears and foaming as it snarls and looks ready to pounce at them again, a growl as it seems to sense a new hare and charges towards Elbio and Adrain!

Lothar pants and frowns as he sees where it is and runs, blade out and slices at the badger's back, also jumping back to avoid any attacks right back.

Adrian grabs Elbio. "Oy, mate, calm down!" He shakes the other hare, until the badger lunges at them. Seeing it coming, the corporal drags Elbio into a small niche in the wall, and he holds up a finger for silence. "Shhh... I think 'e's blind..."

Elbio hmmphs as he is pulled to the niche and nods quietly. He frowns,"But...."He whispers.

The badger claws at the two hares, barely missing and then the blade slices across his back as he yowls and spins around to growl at Lothar, he throws out an arm and claws to slam into the hare, if he connects that is.

Lothar sidesteps and misses the claws, which is good but the arm hits him and sends him back a few feet and onto the floor as he groans and blinks a few times, ok no claw marks and no teeth..good, he frowns at the badger and stands, he takes a deep breath and goes to slice at its chest and sidesteps again, but goes to try and also trip it with one of those chains if he is able, all the while doing his best to avoid claws and teeth.

Adrian listens carefully to the sounds of fighting. "Where in th' world did y' find 'im?" he whispers, while trying to formulate a plan. A badger is a formidable opponent, after all.

Elbio frowns "By the lake..I was gonna get more eels and it was..was thar..s..sur"He frowns and dares to peek out and frowns more leaning back "We have to kill it...we gonna help Lothar"

The badger is busy fighting Lothar, it howls in pain as another wound is on it's chest and blood drips. It snorts and just seems even more peeved off at the world as it snarls and foams more and lunges at Lothar only to trip onto the chains and fall onto his face, but it slowly gets back up and growls.

Lothar pants and frowns as he lets go of the chain and grips his blade, he frowns as he looks around no knowing where Elbio went and sighs. He looks to see where the badger is and tries to move along the wall, looking for anything that might work.

"Of course we are... If I could get Lothar ovah here I might could come up wi' a bettah plan, wot!" Adrian sighs, grips the handle of his rapier, and readies himself. "I really don't know 'ow smaht jus' goin' in like this is, but I don't see much choice... One the count o' three, we're gonna rush 'im from behind... Ready? One... Two..."

Elbio frowns but nods as he at least has a small blade he found, it could work and if needed his longbow...maybe.

The badger snorts and sniffs around, it listens and growls towards the the hares .

Lothar frowns as he hmmms, he looks at the walls, "A old..mine"He looks around for anything, he tilts his idea maybe as some of this area is maybe unsteady, maybe some old support beam and get the badger under it?
Jul 3, 2019 at midnight

"THREE!" Adrian lunges out of the niche, his blade held high, and attempts to stab the badger square in the back!

Elbio takes a deep breath and runs out, going to slice at the badger as well!

The badger snorts and growls at the sudden noise and spins around to get a stab to his mid section and a slice to his leg, he backs off and snarls at them, again aiming to slam them into a wall with his arm.

Lothar gasps and steps back as the others arrive to also attack the badger, he takes a deep breath and gets his pick ax and goes to sneak up behind it and slam it into his side! Then quickly move backwards, kicking a rock to make some noise.

Adrian ducks quickly, just barely missing getting slammed into the wall. "C'mon!"

Elbio sidesteps and frowns as he shivers but again goes to slam at the badger's legs with the pick ax and do his best to stay clear of it.

The badger snorts, again he is wounded and stumbles backwards, he snorts and turns to where Lothar is and snarls as he stands and falls..well his leg is no good now and he pours blood from his back and chest.

Lothar frowns and moves into a sort of old shaft, he looks at the support and fronts, he kicks it a little and some rocks fall as he gulps and backs away, he frowns, it could work if it gets at least mostly under it "HEY!!" He yells and flicks his last dagger at the badger's arm! Hopeing it hits it. Yeah get it this way.

Adrian catches on quickly to what Lothar is aiming for, so he picks up a rock and tosses it that direction. "Elbio, 'elp me 'erd th' beast toward Lothar!"

Elbio frowns, he nods as he gets a rock and tosses it and backs up a little, but he is ready to fight if it turns around still.

The badger gets the dagger in it's arm and snorts as he manages to lunge a few feet at Lothar snarling and growling, aiming to claw at the hare.

Lothar waits and sidesteps, a claw barely misses him as he grips a blade, his main one and stabs the badger in the side as it passes and runs slightly near that beam,"Ya ungly thing..get me.."Let it charge, let it charge as he looks to the side, ok he can dive and get out of the way, he hopes.

Adrian holds still, quiet as possible, waiting to see what happens.

Elbio manages to hold back a whimper, and watches the badger closely, weapon ready.

The badger snarls and foams more, it snorts and gets up and charges right towards the hare aiming to snap at it, to kill the hare if it gets a hold of it.

Lothar stays calm and tenses up, he waits till almost last moment and dives to the side and rolls, just about slamming into the side of the opening to the small cavern. He avoided any teeth and claw, he pants and gulps a little.

There's a rumble, and the ceiling above shifts, dust raining down, but Adrian holds his ground to see if the cave-in will bury or trap the crazed badger.

The badger indeed slams into that support beam and snarls in rage, and there is a very distributing noise and rock,dirt and some stuff of that small shaft start to tumble down onto the badger who only snarls and growls more as dust and dirt fly everywhere, the dirt clears and the badger is mostly covered except for a paw and his head, but he is barely breathing and barely alive, as the growls lower into a sort of weak growl. It tries to move and fails .

Elbio whimpers as he watches and edges forwards, backing up but gulping and then a deep breath and goes to slam the pick ax he has at the badger's head, he is taking no chances and coughs "W..where is..Lothar"

Adrian grimaces, and walks over to the downed badger. "Poor beast..." He perks, and looks around. "Lothar? Where are you?"

Lothar managed to avoid the cave in, avoid the badger wounding him but he coughs and is covered in dirt, his leg has a couple rocks on it as he manages to move a coupe and pull his leg out and scoots back as he frowns "Is it dead?"

Elbio looks at the badger, yep the badger is dead. He grips the pick ax and shivers looking around and walks towards Lothar.." ok?Is there any more of those, please say no"

Adrian sighs. "Aye, it's dead... Can ya walk? Is yahr leg broken?"

Lothar frowns and goes to slowly stand and tenses up, almost falling, he keeps his balance and frowns, clearly limping "Ankle..hurts but don't think it's broken..might need a splint, we need to get..get back to camp"He looks at the cave in and the badger and smiles a little "Didn't know if that would work or not...could of back fired and got me too..didn't though"

Elbio smiles, he is glad he is ok , he looks around now a bit edgy "Yeah..back to base is good and you could of died and then we would of"He frowns ,he not sure he would of. "Never do that could of died."

Adrian offers to assist Lothar with standing. "You lot jus' be glad I decided ta see why you were gone longah than necessary..."

Lothar nods and accepts the help, "It was good...good idea"Its clear his ankle hurts."Ok lets get back before anyone worries"

Elbio nods, its not too far back up some steps and across the large room and to the base camp, lucky nothing else is around right now as may take a little more time to climb up if they are needing to help Lothar.

Adrian will attend to Lothar's ankle once they get back to the camp, bandaging it with a splint. "Be careful with walking for the next few days..."

Lothar nods and it is a rather slow walk but they make it and tell the others what happen, and likely rest a couple days.

Elbio makes sure nothing follows them and is starting to get a bit better at climbing, at fighting..he is learning and that's good. It does take him a little while to fall asleep but he does shortly after they get back

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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

===Whoa Its A Library==

Lothar, Elibo and  a cameo of Yerna.

A library...No Role Play Prompt it was just cool and I got lost.....and Lothar connect so we decided to role play being a little lost and was in the library..Yerna helped Elibo and Lothar back to base's the log!


Nova's Hall- Nova's Library -- >>----------------------------------------------------------------------<< A high ceilinged room opens out before you wide and tall, wooden book cases line the walls from top to bottom, so tall that ladders have to be used to reach the top. Books, rows and rows, masses and masses of books sit on the shelves in all shapes, sizes and bindings, a long track in the floor a meter or so from the shelves allows for the ladders to be moved around. Small tables are dotted about the room each with a few chairs sat about them and some with the occasional beast.


Elbio pants as he dashes into the library and looks around quickly, he relaxes a little but is also worried, where was anyone else.

Lothar somehow manages to find Elbio and frowns " ankle is hurting again, running is clearly bad fer it."He hmms "This is a library....impressive"

Elbio frowns"You ok and..yeah... think Yerna is ok? I mean no other badgers at least or anything nearly that large...still the group of 5 rats was...a bit bad seeing as one was missing an arm."He frowns "Its a library, maybe there is like a map..I mean we got lost running "

Lothar nods as he sighs "I am starting to hate this place, I seriously am..ok block the door we need to rest"

Elbio nods as he does so with a table and frowns as he looks around "I mean...we did find some useful things..I found arrows for my bow, I mean these..insane creatures don't need them right"He hmmms as he blows dust off a book and coughs "Look..a book on plants and stuff like what heals you and what can hurt ya"

Lothar frowns "That will only be useful if we get out of this alive kid..sort of stuck and not killed too many of them yet"

Elbio says, "We won't..die"He hopes they will not anyways "And we have killed like....ummm....2 foxes...that badger, and think 4 rats....oh and a weasel.""

Lothar says, "Hope your right and lets hope thar is no more large creatures down here, that was the only woodlander all others are vermin species""

Elbio nods as he looks at the book and says "I am gonna keep the book, I want to learn some healing skills..I mean we don't really have a healer with us, do we?"

Lothar smiles and frowns at a noise, "I think they know basic healing but good for you on wanting ta know more I say go for it, we did say we look for some useful things..though dislike the getting lost issue."

Elbio smiles, but frowns "Yeah getting lost bad but we can backtrack right? I don't know I was more concern with the fox than a path to base camp"

Lothar nods as he gets his pickax when a noise is heard again, "We may have company"

Elbio frowns "I don't want here is bad"He stuffs the healing plants book in a bag, along with a book on plants and flowers to avoid and those to aid a beast.

Lothar nods and gets ready to attack the creature , he hides behind the shelf, spins around and almost falls backwards, the pick axe stuck in a chair, he yanks it out and frowns at the hare maid "You almost gave me a heart attack!"

Yerna frowns "Yeah and you almost stabbed me...come on back ta camp."Well least she knows the way back to base camp.

Elbio smiles, a friendly face as he follows "I found arrows for my long bow, like two dozen arrows, and I found a couple books I am keeping, also found this shiny rock, its interesting"

Lothar chuckles at Elbio "We also found some throwing knifes..well a couple"Which he seems glad of . He mainly gets a nod as they walk.

Elbio smiles "Also found a couple blankets...hey nice ta lay on besides the ground and they were in a chest..that I sort of"

Lothar walks along and frowns. He frowns when a rat sort of jumps at them, said rat gets a knife to the neck and is dead, he sighs, well one knife at least."Come on..."

Elbio frowns "I want to go..but also know we need to finish killing things so the bats will be safe...are we gonna let the bats know when these...insane beats are all dead.?"

The 3 hares are quiet the rest of the way to base camp and are treated to some wild carrot and radish soup, and of course a few mushrooms. It seems if you look enough in a garden area, you may get lucky and find a vegetable or two growing, if your lucky...seems they were a little lucky, but there is still A LOT of those creatures to kill, but the trip was not a total lost, yes they got a little lost...who wouldn't down in this maze of tunnels and rooms, but they found a couple useful items.

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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

==I am Fine===

** Elibo and Lothar look to see why the bell sounded and soon learn that was a bad idea quickly, they both safely get back to base camp but is Lothar...hiding something?


Nova's Hall- Spire: Bell Room -- >>----------------------------------------------------------------------<< A space has been carved out in the middle of the spire and gaps in the spire walls allow the sound of the bell to travel out and be heard by the beasts of the Hall below. The bell itself, suspended from a large wooden beam, is large and appears to be made out of a dark metal, almost black in colour. It's chime is deep and ominous.

Set: It was a quiet day that sought to lead into a quiet night, unbroken by the monotony of the hunt and the soft growls of the ruined denizens of this once great keep... But through the silent, eerie halls of the mountain fortress, a cacophany rang out. A metallic, crashing, boiling toll - it was a bell. The bell tower is easy to locate, but upon arrival... The tower appears empty.

Lothar frowns as he looked around "Ok..tis either the wind or..something was here"

Elbio quietly walks in and shrugs "I..don't know, we should get back to the others...I also don't like the way the bell sounded, it just sounded like..something bad would happen. Its also almost dark"

Lothar sighs "I just wish we could get all these things slain already, they seem to be doin' a good job of hiding, we killed wot..2 weasels tonight"

The two hares are not alone, on top of the bell is a fox, just as insane as the other vermin in this place. It was chewing on the rope of the bell, again it almost falls like before and makes the bell shake, it growls low.

Elbio frowns as his ears go flat and he quickly looks around "Is..It's the ghosts of all these dead insane beasts, the ghosts are coming to get us and we are all gonna die here!"

Lothar frowns and looks around, his ears also flat and he looks around and even up as he frowns, "Oh..wonderful..."

Elbio frowns "w...w..what is wonderful? Dieing would not bally well be wonderful."

The fox goes to try and lunge at them and its footpaw is tangled in the rope, it howls and seems to scream and claws and bites at the rope, which causes the bell to swing and just make more sound and that beam is a little..ummm weak. So fox and bell fall!

Lothar gasps and shoves the younger hare towards the steps as he also goes to run out of the way, the bell makes a long bong sound and barely misses the hare by inches.

Elbio eyes widen as he tumbles to the steps and frowns "Well..umm..I am ok and, guess the bell wont ring again but..where is the fox?"

Where is the fox indeed, its alive! If you call what is up with these things alive. some fur is off its tail tip and it seems to blame Lothar as it lunches at him snarling!

Lothar gasps and sees it almost too late as he makes sure he is in front of Elbio and uses his pick Ax and swings at the beast, they were told to never leave camp without a pick ax or some sort of weapon.

Elbio gasps and backs up a little, he forgot his and the one kill he made was with a old blade, that broke, the only luck is not too far from base camp. He does have his longbow as he gets an arrow, but he doesn't want to hurt anyone else, or miss the fox..maybe they should just run.

The fox gets his left arm chopped off, it growls more and goes to knock Lothar down if it can

Lothar backs up and swings again and loses his balance on the first step going down and frowns, he speaks to Elbio "When I say run..just run"

Elbio nods quickly "Run..right, running is good exercise after all"

The fox looks between them and snorts, then snarls as it foams and swipes a claw at them and tries to pounce them again.

Lothar kicks the fox in the jaw and then "RUN!" he says and makes sure they are heading down the steps and then out back into the large open space hats before camp.

Elbio doesn't think why, he just bolts, and seems glad they are in the open so they can run faster.

The fox is close and catching up quickly.

Lothar tenses up, the darn ankle hurts when he steps the wrong way, the sprang is still healing, this slows him down making it easy for the fox to catch up.

Elbio looks behind him and stops, "Lothar..come on Lothar go faster" He frowns and aims the arrow at the fox, if he gets a clear shot he can shot the fox, he knows he has rare chances to fire off arrows. This is one of those rare times he could use his longbow.

The fox growls and lunges at the hare, aiming to try and bite his throat!

Lothar manages to side step the fox, he frowns in pain..stupid ankle hurts, he frowns and almost stumbles, he looks to see where Elbio is and speaks "Shoot it, shoot it kid!" Ok back to trying to run or least dodge

Elbio frowns, but what if he hits Lothar, he watches and frowns, he needs an opening and then one opens and he releases the arrow to fly straight and true.

The fox snarls and circles Lothar and then lunges at him again, just as the arrow hits it in the back, it howls and backs off, preparing again to lunge.

Lothar backs off and swings the pick ax at the fox, he frowns this is not a good thing.

Elbio frowns and gets another arrow, then fires this one as well.

The fox somehow manages to disarm Lothar of his pick ax and goes to bite down on his arm, the arrow then hits the fox in the neck as it gurgles and stumbles back, falling sideways......dead.

Lothar eyes widen, then pain just above his elbow as he gasps and backs off holding his arm. He looks down at the dead fox and frowns, he then goes to run towards Elbio " on."

Elbio nods, he frowns "Did it...are you ok Lothar? The fox is dead right?" They will get to base and relax a little.

Lothar says, "Its dead.." He says softly as he looks for some bandages they found earlier, "I am fine.."He seems in a little pain."

Elbio says, "Your...hurt.."He sounds worried "Your..hurt..."

Lothar answers "My ankle hurts a lot" Its not a lie it does hurt, but that's not all that hurts."Just get some sleep, we still have some of those things to fight yet"

Elbio nods and decides to get some rest"Ok..goodnight"

Lothar smiles "Goodnight kid.."He walks to his own tent, made of a sheet they found and steps inside, he tenses up and pushes his sleeve up and frowns, its not too swollen, just hurts as he pours water on it and bandages it, it oddly didn't leak too much blood but..its a bite, and he keeps it a secret, he tells no one.

Just some info..yeah a bite is BAD...also its possible a claw mark is bad, but that is a lot more rare..a bite is ALWAYS BAD...and keeping it a secret EVEN WORSE.

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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

Plans, Plants, and a Pain in the Neck
Ft. Lothar, Elbio, and Jinora as GM/Yerna
Location: Nova's Hall

--                    Nova's Hall- Garden Passage                       --
A long curved passageway stretches out in front of you leading towards the outside. The gardens of the hall lie in that direction, the tinkling sound of a waterfall can be heard echoing gently down the corridor. Gardens maintained by some of the best slaves the Hall has to offer. It really is well worth a visit to any visitors and various members of the Hall itself can usually be found enjoying themselves amidst the gardens.
In the opposite direction the passage leads to the Merchants Center, a cacophony of noise and voices drift along the passage during the day but silence holds sway during the later hours of the day as the merchants close up shop. About half way along the passage another corridor leads off to the right into an underground lake for the residents to use for water, swimming, all of course at their own risk.


"See less and less these days." Yerna sighs, though her voice remains a whisper. "Thanks t'you lot. Gotta hand it to ya, woulda taken me seasons longer if I kept pluggin' on me own. This way." She is leading her companions down a long tunnel with a small smile. "Ye'll enjoy this, but... S'also part of m'headache." Sunlight suddenly floods their vision as Yerna leads them... Outside? A giant opening in the roof of the cave has allowed a massive, circular garden. "Guess th'vermin that lived 'ere before had /some/ asthetics. Some of th'foods even good, still." A soft growl sounds, and she sighs, reaching for a pickaxe at her belt.

Elbio follows, he always has his longbow and a pickax at ready, and his dagger" Its nice..."He frowns at the growl"Thats....not good"

Lothar is not limping now but he is walking a little slow as he frowns at the sound and rolls his eyes "Need ta be..even less around, things are getting..annoying."His arm is bandaged but it's hidden under his shirt, above the elbow.He pats his blade and pick ax. "Well ready if need be"

"Yeah, nice." Yerna sighs, waving a paw at the two males as she crouches down and creeps forward. A bush rustles, the flowers on it - persisting long past the sanity of those that once tended them - swaying in the light. She lunges forward without a sound, and plunges her pickaxe into it - a spitting hiss of pain and then nothing. "Jus' a rat." She sighs as if it is nothing, peering at the body. "We should see if there are any more. Spread out an' look."

Elbio nods as he looks around, being careful and alert for danger,he has also learned lately being quiet can be good.
Lothar sighs as he gets his ax and glaces around slowly as he moves."Pity...this place likely once was very lovely to be in"

Turning towards Elbio, Yerna stares at him with that cold, hard expression of hers for a long moment. "Do y'know what 'spread out' means?" She hisses, rolling her eyes as she creeps away from the other two. She rounds a boulder and begins to pick her way through the lines of rose bushes.

Elbio frowns and backs away and heads to another area of the  garden, near the waterfall as he carefully listens and uses the ax to move a vine here and there, move a vine and leap back.Move a vine..leap back just in case.

Lothar shakes his head and sighs, he has a headache and no clue why, maybe its just this stupid garden as he is on the far side of the room near what may be or use to be flowers of some sort.He is alert but he could be more alert than he is.

It's just a vine... Just a vine... Just a vine - Elbio's ax bumps into something a little softer than the other vines. Something that snarls and turns, it's fur mangy and green as the wall of vines, crusted with moss and algae from its time spent in this damp space. It's a ferret that turns towards the hare, saliva dripping from an open, maw.
As Lothar strolls near the flowers, a twig snaps beneath his paw. There is a moments pause - perhaps the lapse in the quiet went unnoticed - but a paw suddenly juts out of the bushes, claws raking at the air near his foot.
Elbio screams and jumps back barely misses a likely snap of the jaw as he goes to slam down the pick axe at the ferret!He stays very alert now.

Lothar spins around and almost tumbles as he glares at the  beast and goes to stab it's paw and moves backwards, swinging the pick ax as well for good measure!

The ferrets jaws close on only air, but the scream seems to enrage him. He rushes towards Elbio! It catches Yerna's attention, too, and the female hare whirls around, pickaxes at the ready, and charges to Elbio's aid. But on the way? She sees movement where Lothar stands, and she groans - but the younger hare takes priority. She slams into the ferret's side before it can descend on the hare, and it stumbles to the ground, giving him an opening. Lothar isn't as lucky, as a large rat rushes him at the ground on all fours, leaping forward with claws outstretched!

Elbio gains some courage and goes to slam the pick ax down again towards the ferret.He is focused and paying attention to the ferret.

Lothar sidesteps the rat and goes to kick at the rat and flicks his knife at it, ok he is getting the idea stop trying to save the knofes he can lose this one already.The claws do mess up his boot but doesnt tear all the way into it, he is lucky.He pants a little as he sidesteps the rat again.

The ferret tries to scramble away from Elbio, but lets out an enraged screech as the pickaxe digs into his arm. The dirty, green streaks through his fur glisten as he manages to make it to his feet and let's out a crazed roar! The rat is having a hard time getting a lock onto Lothar, and his eyes grow wide with crazed frustration. Swipe! Swipe! It screeches and runs forward, arms outstretched. Yerna runs towards the wall of vines in an attempt to flank the ferret, weapons at the ready.

Elbio backs up and swings the pick ax again at the ferret, he sidesteps once just barely and breaths a sigh of relief. He is getting better at this fighting, though a bad way to gain soem skills.

Lothar galres at the rat and mutters something before he swings the axe again and seems to make an insane move to grab the rat's throat, if he does so he will slam it into the wall a couple times, if not he will just  swing the axe at it a 2nd time.His arm starts hurting some with movement, he pays it little mind right now.

The ferret swipes at Yerna, forcing her to take a step back, and rushes Elbio. It leaps, making it past the female's defenses in an attempt to sink its claws into his chest and knock the hare down. The rat is caught in Lothar's grasp and it continues to screech, the sounds coming out as wheezes and hisses, legs kicking as the air is stolen from its lungs. It is bashed against the wall once, twice, and slides down towards the floor, leaving a streak of blood. Its feet twitch slightly, tongue lolling. If it is alive, it is only barely so.

Elbio moves back and swings his pick ax again trying to not panic at the fact he is having a hard time getting the ferret to just die already.

Lothar breaths in and out and slams the pickaxe down, buries its point into the rat, and snorts as he moves away from it and looks over at the Ferret, yanks the knife from the rat and flicks it at the ferret's back! Ok he seems a bit..grumpy right now.Pick ax in paw he is ready  to hit anything else.

The ferret's rush at Elbio isn't calculated or strategic, and his pickax grazes across his muzzle, sending him spinning to the side, a chunk of flesh torn from his face. He snarls in rage, but doesn't seem too pained, as he stumbles on all fours to the side - where he meets Lothar's knife. It screams again, and Yerna rushes forward to swing her own pickaxe into it. She aims for the head, but it twists and she only meets the flesh of its shoulders as it continues to drag itself towards Elbio!

Elbio backs up and ok he is close enough to not hit anyone but that ferret, he quickly picks an arrow and fires it at the ferret as he backs up more and almost into a wall. But stays alert still.

Lothar shakes his head as he grumbles "This thing needs to die already like what the heck!" He has his pick axe at ready, ready to help it needed.

The arrow pierces through the ferret's eye, and with a snarl still on its bloodied face, it falls to the ground, dead. "Well." Yerna sighs, stooping to wipe the gore off of her pickaxes. "That makes three less..." She frowns at the ground for a moment, her expression unreadable. "You lot aren't entirely useless... I... Had an idea." She slumps to a seat on a boulder, crossing her arms. "Put an end t'this."

Elbio nods, course he is still alert"They all need dead so the bats are safe and never have to be in fear anymore"

Lothar nods frowns "You thought we were..useless at first?" He shakes his head and walks closer to them "We are helping ya you know"

"Get yer ears out yer scut an listen', will ya?" Yerna frowns at Lothar. She pauses as she looks at him, her eyes narrowing a fraction, but she doesn't say anything more. "I want t'try an'collapse th'lower tunnels. Keep 'em low, an' let 'em starve t'death down there. Just leaves us what's left up above t'deal with, an' then we're... Done. Free." There is another pause - that is a foreign thought to her. What would life even be /like/ without this... Purpose? Her muzzle twitches into an almost imperceptible frown.

Elbio smiles at teh idea "And the bats would be safe..won't that be good Lothar..our friends safe and there is places the tunnels could..collapse, so when?"

Lothar sighs as he rubs his arm and leans agasist the wall, he looks tried and rubs his forehead a little as he listens, "Ok the less..the better then, then we can leave this  place.."

"I'll need everyone's help." She nods, her expression as stony as ever. "Get back t'camp, I'll be there in... In a bit." She swallows, exhaling a long, deep breath. Her gaze lingers on Lothar. "An' you... Look like y'need th'rest." She adds before turning away from her companions and moving towards the pool of water. Their little group may pull this off, after all... If they can keep it together.

Elbio nods and frowns "Ya sure?" He asks the haremaid, he doesnt want her to be hurt, he decides to go ahead and head to camp like told, she has been here longer than they have.."Come on Lothar...lets go."

Lothar frowns as he looks at the ground and blinks , looking at the younger hare "Huh...oh..yeah.."And a rat shows up, he just swings the pickax at it and it dies when its hit in the throat, he yanks the pick axe out"4 less...ya welcome...." Then he slowly follows the other hare to base camp.

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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

==Treasure and There's A Bird Here and What Is Up With Lothar? ==

Those in Log: Elbio, Lothar, Karr

** This started out as a cut scene with a prompt, one show....and then little later on Lothar got on and they seen a bird, friend or foe? Read the Log! **

Nova's Hall- Underwater Cave -- >>----------------------------------------------------------------------<< A quick look into the cave will show that it's very deep and the end can't be seen though the darkness, a short way in small bones can been seen on the floor of the cave, might be best to hope the owner of the cave isn't around and awake right now.

Prompt: Gold and silver and boxes of other minor treasures can be found near the entrance to this hidden cave - but something far more sinister lurks within: the bones of a long-dead creature, a water snake, preserved and massive.... Should they be brave enough to venture that far back.


Elibo was on his own and decided to look around the cave, there was a small pool of water, sort of like the lake with the eels but this one was different, it was clear water and he only jumped in it when a stoat came out of no where and surprised him, he found a slightly different place to surface when it started to follow him and then found the cave and the treasure and gasped.

“This is sort of neat, beyond neat in fact..we could maybe use some of this, umm..somewhere”

He starts to place some of the gold in a small coin pouch he has and looks around the small cave with a grin, yeah he will need to come back to here, this is so so so...


He has a small pack for supplies and places a pawfull of jewels into the pack, and puts on a chain necklace and hmms”I like it...” He finds 3 others, for his friends as he is one that shred things. He even finds some bracelets for their hare maid friend.

He looks in a small chest, and a large chest, there is also a box down here he finds some silver and so pockets it as well”I wonder how much of this I can get and how much we can take with us?”

He looks around, this will take more than one trip for sure and he knows they likely can't take all of it, he then sees the large skeleton of the large fish and stumbles backwards eyes wide. This fish looks like it could swallow 20 hares and still be hungry as he gulps and scoots back, then gets curious as it is dead after all.

“I bet they used you to feed intruders to” His ears flatten as he thinks on that and shivers a little. He picks up a couple more jewels and finds a sort of fancy cup and places it in his knapsack.

He finds some rusty swords, a rusty dagger and sighs as one thing is a clearly ruined longbow, “Well that's too bad..huh”

He kicks at the large fish skeleton and tilts his head”I wonder what sort of sea monster ya were...anyways gonna go see ya later ummm...”It needs a name, what to call it “He hmmms “Wonder if ya were a boy or girl..I know...Fang!”

He gets a couple other jewels and grabs a old rusty dagger and heads back to base camp, lucky he is a good swimmer and also lucky he doesn't run into  the stoat as it seems to have wandered elsewhere so he hurries back to camp.

==At Camp==

Elbio was a bit excited, maybe more so than needed as he grinned and looked around camp "Anyone around, I found something really really neat"

Lothar sits by himself and just slowly looks at the other hare "So..stop yelling giving me more of a headache kid, so ya found something...don't blooming care"

Elbio frowns as he sits down a knapsack "There is this..clear pool and well a stoat chased me, I got away and found this underwater cove..cave place and like a lot of coins of gold and silver and some other stuff."He shows the gold chain he has on and offers one to Lothar, "And rusty weapons which left there and there is other stuff there too, maybe when we leave we can like, use it somehow, the coins and stuff, oh and really colorful shiny ..umm rocks or some sort"He has a couple in his paw..jewels.

Something is watching them from high up on the cave walls and has been on and off for some time. Fortunately it's tiny, not insane and doesn't seem to have any mind to attack them though. It's just a small bird, small enough to have been a pet or possibly just meant to be a meal for vermin. The yell draws his attention back to the little gang and then there's shiny rocks...Karr has many shiny rocks but now he wants those ones. The raven does a nervous little shuffle, fighting the urge before he takes off, silently gliding round and going to swoop suddenly down and try to dive past and snatch them right out of Elbio's paw.

Lothar rolls his eyes "So..wot..."He catches movement and lays a paw on his long sword and blinks "They fly now!?"

Elbio gasps and tumbles backwards as the two jewels are taken from his paw and his eyes widen as he gets his longbow and shivers a little "Its..its..its a bird..of some..sort"

Karr is quick to swoop away and flap up to land on a little outcrop that's part of the lighting system. He looks back down at the hares. Well they know he's here now. He kawws loudly though it sounds more like he's laughing at them before he picks up one of the rocks in his beak and bobs his head around. It might be taunting them, it might just be really happy to have a shiny rock.

Lothar studies the bird "It's not..insane, or so it far"He rubs his arm, it hurts right now as he looks at Elbio "So why ya getting this...stuff, we don't blooming need it..good grief"He is..grumpy.

Elbio gulps "S..s...she said kill everything in we k..kill it?" He asks and frowns "But we could use coins and sell stuff for more coins, one cant go around like..broke ya know"He frowns "Did you hurt your arm?" He knows his foot paw was sprang.

Karr finishes his happy bobbing dance and tucks the rocks safely against the cave wall before he looks back down at the pair, leaning curiously out, his head tilting at he listens.

Lothar glares "I am..fine"No he isn't, but he can lie as he looks at the bird "Come down 'ere ya feather bag and die"

Elbio frowns "That's not very nice Lothar. And its not like trying to attack us, it just wanted..."He hmmms and opens the pack and gets out another jewel, this one is red the other two were green...was there is lot LOTS more and lays in on the ground and steps back, weapons down, is that wise?

Karr looks at Lothar and clacks his beak making a little chattering noise. He's not falling for that one. Elbio's actions making him perk up though. He's being offered things! He flies up instead but quickly returns with a bit of paper. He swoops down with it and goes to set it down next to the rocks before taking the rocks. On inspection the paper is just a tatty menu from the local tavern but the bird apparently understands trading.

Elbio looks at the paper and blinks, he looks at the bird "I..don't think its like the others, that's interesting, wonder if it talks"

Lothar asks, "Wot ya mean?" He is curious, ok it doesn't attack, wot ever..He sighs and sits down, his arm is throbbing now, he has yet to look at it again and wont dare in front of others."

Karr takes his new rock up to the others, does his happy head bobbing again and then looks back at the pair. So far, no words. He stares mostly at Lothar, his head tilting again before after a long pause there's that chattering beak sound again.

Elbio says, "The others..attacked on sight and even chased us..he hasn't, maybe a possible friend?" He frowns, they have little food in this place mostly eels and mushrooms, they did find some vegetables in the old garden that was growing and still good though, so they did roast some potatoes and radish they found,"Maybe he likes eel....we have some left over from earlier." He gets some and lays it down and sits by the wall "We could like use a new friend""

Lothar rolls his eyes and snorts, his left arm seems to be shaking a little but he takes a couple deep breaths and it stops after a short while and he frowns"Yeah kid.."He sneaks a peek when the other hare looks away and frowns, it's swollen and infected and hurts like blazes, he quickly moves the bandage and sleeve down again and sighs."Friend be good suppose"He sounds tried also.

Karr shuffles on his perch as Lothar peeks at his arm, the other hare might not be looking but the bird is. His eyes narrow but whatever thought was in his head apparently comes second to food as he looks very interested in Elbio's offering. Once more he doesn't go straight for it but this time he flies off in to the mountain itself, disappearing down a corridor.

Elbio shrugs and looks at Lothar, just missing him looking at his arm "I don't think the bird is something to worry on."

Lothar says, "Yeah..right..ya insane or something?"

Elbio frowns "It didn't attack us, it just wanted the shiny rocks or wot ever they are, seems to dislike eel I think but that's ok. not that there is much in here to eat...well there is crickets, they aren't bad ya know"They had a lot of crickets and yeah mushrooms, when they were with the bats for a few weeks.

Lothar shakes his head, headache.."Yeah and once we are outta here never want to see a mushroom again and crickets are..stupid to eat"He sits by a tent and frowns "Just be quiet, have a headache right now"

Elbio frowns "Why are you so moody lately Lothar? I mean we all are getting a little tried of this place but we promised to help, and the bats would be safe after everything is taken care of and Yerna could maybe come with us and be in the Patrol too"

Lothar takes a deep breath "SHUT UP!!" Oh yeah he is grumpy "Tried of ya talking and yapping and just don't"

Elbio scoots a bit further away from Lothar, ears flat now and frowns at the other hare, he just nods and decides to be quiet, lucky they are at base camp.

Karr suddenly comes flying back in to view with a scroll and a little leather bag dangling from his talons. He lands very carefully near the eel with a little squawk, he's very gentle with the bag but as soon as he's put it down he's quick to snap up the eel meat and swallow it whole.

Lothar just watches the bird and looks over at Elbio not saying anything.

Elbio scoots back and then looks at the bag, carefully and slowly he gets the bag to look it over, see if anything is in it.

Lothar looks at the bag, the bird and just stands as he was sitting. He sighs and starts to walk towards a place to maybe head down to the merchant center area.

Elbio looks over "You...going off alone somewhere Lothar? Maybe you should get rest first and we can go as a group."

In the bag is some soft padding and three balls about the size of an egg each but made of cloudy glass though it's possible to just see there's some sort of liquid inside. The bit of parchment appears to have a list of ingredients for something, though they might not recognize what unless they know how to make Grey fur dye. Karr this time doesn't return to his perch and seems content enough to stand on the ground and watch the hares.

Lothar walks over to Elbio and ..oddly glares, he starts to walk away and then suddenly goes to grab him, course the hare could move out of his way, if he can grab him bu the collar of his shirt he sort of holds him over the ledge, that's not a good fall as there is a much better, safer, and less painful way down and one will get down a lot safer.

Elbio turns to look at the bird and open the bag ,"Neat look at.."He then panics at first thinking its one of the insane beasts but his eyes widen when he sees it's Lothar and he panics more when he is like about to possibly die here.

Lothar narrows his eyes and then backs up and sort of tosses the hare back towards his tent, hey could of been worse and storms off muttering to himself.

Karr squawks in surprise at the sudden attack and takes off. He's no help and caws angrily as he circles above well out of reach even after Lothar walks off.

Elbio breaths in and out and curls up shivering, he is not hurt much maybe a scraped arm and knee but that..THAT scared him a good bit, he peers to the direction the other hare went and gulps. He then decides to just get the bag and go into his tent...yeah he will just stay clear of Lothar a couple days.

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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

==Trapping Beasts In Cells==

Set: "They like t'hide near th'cells sometimes, chewin' on old bones." Yerna had explained as she led her retinue down from the high ledge of their base camp. "Sometimes ye cin jus' trap 'em in there an' leave 'em to their own devices till they stop kickin' - s'no honor innit, but s'safer 'en gettin' bit an' goin' mad as them." The journey to the cells is an uneventful one, but as soon as Yerna rounds the corner, she jerks back, ushering her company to do the same. She holds up three fingers, chances another peek around the corner, and then shakes her head to hold up four instead. It's time to go hunting.

HARES INVOLVED: Lothar, Elbio and Yerna



Lothar sighs, he was starting to get annoyed at these..hunting things, why should they even do so in the first place. Besides he felt sick and wanted to rest and couldn't rest, he had told no one but he had not slept in the past like 4 days."Maybe we can like leave em' alone"

Elbio frowns "Because....we want to help the bats and promised and promised to help Yerna." He was ready to fight, 4 of those beast,ok they could handle that right?

Lothar rolls his eyes and seems they are going to fight, he peers around ok 3 rats and a stoat, not too bad."Let's just get this over with..ok want to go back ta..." He rounds the corner and right away the pick ax slams into the head of a rat and kills it "SLEEP!" This angers the other two rats and the stoat who attack the others!

Elbio gasps, "But she said..."His ears drop as he barely sidesteps a rat and swings his pick ax, he looks over at Yerna who is fighting the other rat, but where is the stoat.

The stoat is growling but has yet to attack, one rat tries to bite the hare maid but misses, backs up and jumps at her again as her pick ax swings towards it. The other rat attacks Elbio and then the stoat finally decides to charge Lothar!

Lothar just stands there and then sidesteps, though the stoat's claws do go across his arm, his already hurt arm but he doesn't seem to feel the pain from the attack, he grins and gets the ax in one paw and the short sword in another and chuckles as he swings both at the stoat, he seems to be enjoying this a bit too much.

Elbio rolls to the side and stabs sideways at the rat attacking him and frowns as it barely misses him again, another sidestep and swing of his pick ax towards the rat.

The one rat is injured by Yerna and seems the noise has drawn attention of a weasel she lets it chase her into an old cell and then slams the door shut on it and backs up a little, she barely sidesteps and finishes off the rat. Well the weasel is no longer an issue for them, it will slowly die off that leaves one rat attacking Elbio and the stoat attacking Lothar.

Lothar frowns "Ahh the weasel needed company..oh well" He moves and the stoat seems to get more angry and lunges at him to which he kicks it sending it backwards into a wall.

Elbio finally manages to kill the rat and frowns "Lothar be careful!" He goes to help as that's what long patrol hares do, they help each other.

The stoat snorts and again attacks and misses, it then sees Elbio and charges him!

Lothar oddly just and chuckles as this seems the funniest thing he has ever seen in his life. He grins at the hare maid "We should get snacks and watch the fun..."

Elbio gasps and backs up, he swings the ax and gulps " here" He sidesteps a charge and ends up backing into one of the old cells.

Lothar just watches and looks to start to help and then ........

The hare slams the door of the cell shut and smirks "Wot..he's annoying...this should be...entertainment at it's finest." His arm is likely noticed now, yes claw marks seen as the sleeve is torn badly but the one seriously swollen area is not a claw mark and that's likely very clear to someone paying attention. His arm also shakes a lot right now and he isn't trying to hide it as he was.

Elbio eyes go wide at what just happen and of course he panics, swings the ax at the stoat and manages to get out of the way a couple times, one time he loses a boot...ok he can get that back later he could care less of the boot. Another couple swings of the ax.

The stoat gets an ax to the shoulder, a arm and still he tries to kill the poor hare, Lothar just seems to laugh. He yawns and looks at a shocked Yerna "I'm ...bored..gonna go explore"His speech is a little slurred, a hint of a odd growl to it, from a hare? Lothar will likely be around later, but likely not to..welcome very likely.

Elbio backs into a corner and fumbles for his longbow and fires off an arrow as he shivers in fear, and gets a 2nd one out as he doesn't want this stoat too close to him at all.

The stoat gets hit right in the chest and hisses low, he backs up and has lost a good deal of blood and moves towards the hare again.

Elbio whimpers and fires off another arrow, ok he doesn't want to die, no...doesn't want to die in here or be bite or worse, wait whats worse as he gulps again.

The stoat is hit right in the throat and tumbles over, it's not dead yet but almost dead, its barely alive.

Elbio frowns and again has the ax, hits the stoat like ...10 times before he steps away and falls sideways on some old skeleton of some woodlander and screams, he scoots back and stands as he frowns at the door and gulps, "Umm..the stoat is..d..d...d.....ead, very dead..."He manages to calm himself and looks worried then takes off his pack and looks in it, this hare has found odds and ends and lucky for him a couple of those odds and ends is 2 old keys he found by skeletons of likely old guards, he tries one and it..fails, and goes to try the other one hoping it works. If not he could be...yeah in trouble.

The stoat is clearly very dead indeed and Lothar where near the two hares, it's unclear where he went.

Elbio closes his eyes..please..please and..the key works and he wastes no time getting out and slamming the cell door shut again, just in case the stoat like some reason isn't dead, it is but he is too shaken up right now."Can...can we go back camp?"

Yerna will make sure the two get back to camp, as for Lothar....that remains to be seen, Lothar may just stay outta camp for a couple days...the hares will likely discuss Lothar's actions as well, but first thing when they are back at camp, some food and needed rest.

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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

===This Ends Now== Tenderfoot Role Play


Those in log : Elbio, Adrian, Monty,Lothar, Yerna....


Tonight is the night. "So." Yerna sighs from her vantage point atop a high boulder. She knows every inch of these caves, she knows every nook and blood-soaked cranny of this forsaken, underground fortress - but she doesn't know that this plan will work. They are sat in the main nexus, what was once a market, in the safety of their base camp. "Here's th'plan." The doe adjusts herself, idly twirling one of her pickaxes in her paw as she drawls on. "We need t'lure them down, many as we can, collapse the tunnel to th'mines, an' then kill whatevers left up here." Easy, right? She points between the gathered hares. "One'a us will need t'be th'bait. They'll be th'one t'give the signal t'collapse it - the rest of us will be climbin' up /there/ -" She points to a point, dizzingly high above them. "That's where th'rocks are loosest from a cave-in a few years back. The rest of us will dislodge those big boulders an' hope they don't drag us down with 'em." She sniffs and rubs at her muzzle. "Then we kill whatevers left, hope s'notot loads, an' you lot cin get on yer merry way while I... Git on mine?" She shrugs, shaking the thought away. "So... Who does what?"

Adrian listens to Yerna, utterly quiet as she speaks. However, once she's done, before anything else, he herds the other three bucks off to the side, out of Yerna's earshot. His face is uncharacteristically grim, and he immediately starts to strip off his uniform jacket. "Right, you lot...." His order comes out sharply, the words curt. "Before we do anythin', I need to make sure none of us is injahed..." He frowns. "Ah've bern a fool, Mont. A bloody fool. I shoulda recognized it soonah..." He pointedly eyes Lothar. "But not all o' us are actin' ourselves, so I need ta see whose gotta bite, scratch, or cut... An' that beast 'as ta stay be'ind."

Lothar looks at Adrian and leans onto the wall "Stay back and bait?" He chuckles a little as he looks at his fingernails "I say he is just bossy...we have a job to do, like....take care of these insane beasts or maybe Adrian is the insane one and just wants us all by bloody one."

Monty had indeed been acting a little strange, himself, but...that had been long before they had encountered the strange beasts, and to be perfectly honest he'd been acting strange for the past few seasons. Still, he eyes Adrian quietly for a moment or two, eyebrows raising at the order. "D'you honestly think if I'd gotten injured and said injury could possibly cause harm to the rest of the group, that I would hide it from you lot? I may be a lot of things, sah, but selfish isn't one of em." Still, he shrugs, and removes his cloak and other items, showing Adrian his arms and legs to show him that he is indeed bite and scratch-free. Ears perk at Lothar's words, and Monty turns on him with a glare. "Stop that nonsense right now. Adrian is fine...and he is your superior officer. I would respect that."

Elbio frowns, he is fine, though he is a little jumpy around Lothar and quickly moves a little further away from him. He will let himself be checked for any cuts or injuries, when he is he is seen as fine..maybe jumpy and nervous,then who isn't, inures?...None.

The hare maid snorts but she is wound free, cut free, she is fine but now a little moody "Who is bait and whom is climbing?"

Adrian shakes his head. "Sorry Mont... Sorry. But I can't be sure, wot." He likewise has no bites or scratches. "The fact is, though... I *am* a fool... I shoulda seen this days ago, an' I'm kickin' mahself... But me Da, Mont... Many seasons ago, back when 'e was a private... 'E's seen this before! It wiped out full crew o' pirates... An' it's dangerously infectious... It killed three of 'is unit before they realized... But the symptoms are th' same." He sighs, then eyes Lothar. "So, if you can confirm y' aren't infected, we c'n get on our way, an' get outta this hole... Undahstand, Mate?"

Monty nods his head to Adrian. "Aye, I understand and hold no ill will towards ya for it. No harm in makin' sure. Bein' thorough and careful is a part o'the Patrol's guidelines." He slips his cloak back on, his gaze shifting to Lothar as Adrian addresses him. He watches him carefully, waiting to make sure that he is clear, as well. "Gettin' outta here is high on the list of 'things to do, like, immediately.'"

Lothar narrows his eyes at Adrian and smirks "Or...we all just leave..who cares, hmmms."He looks at the hare maid "Do..shut up"He rubs his forehead and mutters something and walks closer to Adrian.."Danger..dangerous, hee..hee...could be" He smirks again, yeah he may be a little..out of it."

Elbio frowns "Lothar has been..odd and his arm was all shaking a couple days ago..."A brave moment or a stupid moment, its unclear as he frowns and goes to trip Lothar.

Adrian frowns sharply. "Aye, I've noticed. Lothar, please, lissen ta reason... We only got so long till the othah madbeast ovahwhelm us... If y' c'n just let us check ya..." He doesn't want to voice his suspicion fully, least of all while the other hare isn't restrained. "Lissen, Lothar, this isn't you..."

If there is one thing that Monty knows above all else, is when one is out of their mind...he'd been there plenty of times before, and would more than likely end up there plenty of times in the future as well. He eyes Lothar, before looking back to Adrian and Elbio. "Mates, I dun think we need any more evidence or need t'see any wounds. He's not actin' like he was when we first met im. Why d'you think that is?" He frowns as well. "The question now is, what c'n we do about it?" The smaller hare steps towards Lothar. "If you're gonna cause harm to anyone but th'beasts we're after, then y'need to stay here." His voice firm. "I am NOT in th'mood t'deal with this 'is he or isn't he' nonsense."

Lothar smirks and goes to try and stab the other hare when he is tripped and oofs, he holds his already...yep injured arm as he rolls up the sleeve...swollen area, infected...a bite and maybe claws, or both. He stands slowly and dusts off as he grins, he is still somewhat sane."So who is bait cause being bait..."Or chasing bait.."Will be fun." And his eyes are far from normal.

Elbio ears go flat as he quickly back up, lays a paw on his pick ax, he can't hurt Lothar........can he? But if Lothar is...possible lost.."G..G...Guys....."

Adrian can hear Yerna growing impatient, but he raises a paw. "No, not yet, Elbio." He rests his paw on his rapier handle in case he needs it, but he first attempts to reason with what remains of Lothar's rational side. "Lissen, Mate... I'm sorry. This... This mah fault, an' I take th' blame, fully. You made a good Patrollah, Lothar... You *were* a Patrollah, 'owevah briefly... But I'm sorry... You can't leave here. Whatevah of yahr sanity remains right knows this, deep down... I'm sorry..."

Lothar looks at Adrian seems to sort of circle the hare and smirks, he does frown briefly and then chuckles "Oh..fine..maybe I can watch and see how this its finest....then maybe we all will die together" So .....who is bait after this?

Elbio frowns, he no way wants to be bait "I....I...Will help with not bait"

Monty nods his head in agreement with Adrian. "Aye. He's right. If y'got somethin' infectious, y'can't go spreadin' it all willy-nilly among the others out there. Sorry, mate. Sometimes we gotta make hard decisions,'s wot bein' a Patroller's all about. If yer sick, y'stay." His voice is firm and unwavering. Monty doesn't seem quite as broken up about it as Adrian is, but...the young hare has seen quite a bit in his time in the Patrol and he doesn't have time to put his emotions into things much anymore. Monty turns to Adrian, "If we're continuin' on, Adj, I'll go first an' distract em. You're more important t'this mission than I am, anyway..." he chuckles.

Adrian is unsure how much he's getting through to Lothar. Could he be saved, if they had a proper infirmary and medicine? He can never know. "Lissen, if you put away your blade, I'll put away mine, an' we c'n all try to get out togethah." Slight change to his tact, in an effort to keep the increasingly erratic hare placated. "Anyway, you be careful, Mont... Yahr mah best friend." He claps his friend on the shoulder. "Elbio, yer wi' me... Lothar... You, ah... You take up the rear..."

Once everybeast has chosen their duties, the plan is set in motion. Yerna gives a sigh and steels herself. "Give us some time t'climb, then -" She hands Monty  an unlit torch. "Light it, start hollerin', an' run like hellsteeth are diggin' inter ye. Because if ye don't run fast enough, they will be. Throw it into the tunnel when it's time to collapse it, an' find a safe place t'hide." To the rest, she grunts and starts to stretch. "Alright ye lot, let's start climbin'."

Lothar just quietly watches the others, for now he does slowly lower his blade and lets out some sort of...growl? He backs up a little...yeah this should be interesting. Is he still able to help or not help.

Elbio frowns and looks up....whoa..."Up..there...ok.."He gulps and follows the others, yeah he is a little worried but tries to not show it.

Monty smirks a little at Adrian at his comment. "Psh. If -I'm- considered yer best friend, mate, y'gotta start hangin' around in better circles..." he chuckles, the hare shaking his head slowly. As Yerna approaches him with the unlit torch, he immediately takes it from her. "Runnin's wot I do best, marm. Woulda been a Runner in fact if I hadn't trained so much t'fight. I'm ready t'go whenever you lot are." He nods his head as Lothar seems willing to remain for the time being. Gritting his teeth for a moment, Monty lights the torch. "Welp. 'Ere goes nothin'! See you lot on th'other side!" With that, the short hare takes a hop before he darts off in the direction of the tunnel with the lit torch. "HEY Y'BUNCH O'SLOBBERIN' SLOBCHOPS, COME N'GET ME IF YA CAN!" he shouts, before he is soon gone.

It's quiet as they pick their way along... But they have to be even more silent than the dark tunnels. A shadow shifts, snarling as it turns its nose to the air. Sniffing.

Adrian watches Monty as he disappears from sight, then he looks upward. "Right-o, let's go up, Elbio." And just like that, even with two still-healing ribs, the Corporal starts to climb up.

t feels like it takes forever to creep their way along the tunnel, silent as a mouse, though there may exist a need to silence anything else that would threaten to blow their cover. But they make it, eventually, to the agreed upon start point - a junction where several tunnels meet. The sound will be amplified, and once they start hollering and the torch is lit, every forsaken beast in Nova's Hall will be able to hear them... And will come running.

Lothar watches..for now, he mutters but he can hear the beasts here coming and just chuckles, then frowns wait chuckling is bad right? Maybe he can run..climbing would be bad leave that to the other 3

Elbio nods and starts climbing and waits for the signal..hopefully this works, then what? He hopes they like trap all or most of the insane beasts

Monty isn't quite sure how close any of the pursuing beasts are getting to him as he darts through the passageway, the lit torch still held in his paw as he simply focuses all his attention on running. Hopefully his distraction was giving the rest of the group enough time to get where they needed to be...

Adrian unsheathes his weapon as they reach the top. "So, we're gonna bury this all, right? Let's try not ta bury ourselves in th' process..."

Lothar watches and growls as a rat gets too close to him and stabs it, the rat dies as he backs up a little, he half cares he might die and half doesn't care at all.

Yerna had urged them to tie their rope around their waist, and tie themselves to their picks, leaving enough room to maneuver them. This way, if they fall - or if they drop one of their pickaxes - all is not lost. They remain tethered to the wall, as long as one is anchored, and they remain tethered to their picks. They are their lifeline. The rocks are sturdy enough as the hares start to haul themselves up... And up... And up... The climb is rigorous and terrifying - even in the dark, it doesn't take much imagination to know just how /far/ they will fall if they do. But they still climb - with one pick dug into the stone, the other is wrenched free and stabbed into the rock above it. Rinse, repeat, and hold on tight...

When they finally reach the apex of their climb, the rocks become noticeably more... Active. Soft sediments rain down as they dig in their picks, and it becomes more difficult to find a safe place to anchor themselves. They were each given poles and rope, and since they are tied to their picks and their picks anchored, their paws are free to dig their poles into the unstable boulders when the time comes... But they've made it - now all there is to do is wait for the blaze of a torch, and the beast holding it, to lead the doomed, rabid beasts into the mines.

Elbio is ready, he thinks he is as he will listen and do as he is told as he looks down and whimpers "I..I hope this goes..well and...we get out of this..alive"

Adrian hangs there, and waits. "Remember... Try not ta send us tumblin' to th' bottom, Elb... I don't fancy dyin' 'ere today..."

Monty continues to run as hard as he ever has, his footpaws pounding on the stone as he gets nearer and nearer to the location indicated to toss the torch. He doesn't even chance a look back over his shoulder, he knows that would only slow him down. Internally, he hopes that the others made it to the top without any incident. Finally, trying his best to give the others as much time as possible to reach the top, the hare reaches the place he is supposed to be, and he flings the torch into the area of the tunnel that would lead the beasts to the vulnerable area. "GO ON N'GET IT, Y'MANGY PILES O'FANGS N'FUR!" he shouts, before quickly searching the area for a good place to hide and wait it out. He scrambles back and forth desperately, before his eyes light up and he hurries towards the spot he'd found.

Lothar watches his fellow hares, he snorts...growls a little and shakes his head as his head as he sort of leans on a wall, he then sees those...well insane beasts and sighs "Well....hee hee...insane...wot"He rubs his head and frowns, yeah he has a little saneness left!

Below the beasts that climbed the wall, a torrent of ragged bodies are clawing their way down the tunnel into the mines, following the bait that was offered to them. "NOW!" Yerna shouts - and it's time to dig their poles into the rocks. It is backbreaking work, but once the loose rocks start to shift, there is no stopping it. If they aren't anchored well enough, the hares are in definite danger of being dragged from the wall and falling with the rocks!

Elbio gulps as he is clearly hanging on and deep breath, ok lets do this, he almost falls but manages to stay safe as he shivers, whoa...that was close

Adrian starts shifting rocks, and they start pounding downward. "I sure as 'eck 'ope you 'ave a way outta here!" he yells over the din.

Monty scrambles into a small alcove hidden within the rocks, and the hare crouches there, generally safe from all the mayhem and confusion that is likely about to occur. He smiles to himself, and likely wouldn't have it any other way. This is the reason he joined the Patrol, after help others, and constantly risk his life doing so!

The rocks and boulders tumble down, killing some of the insane beasts, a lot..LOT more are trapped in their own sort of sealed off grave, its basically is a grave for these insane beasts. As the dust and rocks, finally clear..all is quiet, it worked! They sealed off most of the insane beasts in grave like space where....yes the beasts will slowly die and threaten no one ever ...again. But there is like 10 left up above, 10 that still need fought off.

Lothar gasps and coughs, he somehow managed to avoid the cave in, but it did hit his shoulder and leg as he tenses up in pain, a fox comes at him that he grabs but the throat and slams into the floor and pants..his eyes a little more out of it...ok 9 left to fight.

Elbio shivers and looks down.."Did we win...did we die?" He gulps and looks around "Where is Monty...and..."He frowns "Where Lothar, mainly as he doesn't want to be attacked by Lothar and..well Monty is their friend.

The hare maid looks down "We can get carefully down.....get ready to fight wot tis left" She is ready and looks around for any missing hares.

Adrian looks down, and strains to see. "Let's find Monty an' get out... I've 'alf a mind ta set this place on fire..." He starts to climb down as quickly as possible.

Monty remains in his hiding place, which had been partially covered by the rockslide. He leans back against the rock as he closes his eyes. He takes a few moments to regain his composure...running that hard and fast most definitely takes a lot out of you...and he hopes that the plan worked and that they were rid of those beasts completely.

Lothar snorts and looks around...he spots Monty and chuckles, then shakes his head.."Ya might..might might..wanna.."He growls and takes a deep breath" Move....elsewhere"

Elbio nods as he has his pick ax and in case..arrows, he looks around "Monty!" Whoa bad idea as a rat charges him and he screams and swings the ax at the rat and barely sidesteps it....9 alive....mostly rats but two, which are foxes.

Adrian quickly unties himself as soon as he's back on Terra Firma. He can't see his friend anywhere, and worries that they crushed Monty to death. However, that concern has to wait as he immediately has to fight off two rats who are trying to bite him.

Monty would definitely be the first to assist in fighting off the remaining creatures, however he isn't exactly in the best position to do so being that he is almost buried beneath dirt and rock. He supposes once he recovers enough he'll have to start digging his way out at some point. It could have been much worse, and he could have been completely buried and crushed. Luck seemed to be on his side today, however, for the first time in awhile. He eyes Lothar from inside his little alcove, peeking out from a small space in between the rocks.

Lothar goes to help free Monty, though he clearly not himself and mainly may be trying to free him for a different reason, its unclear at first but he does move a lot of the rubble away from his fellow hare and growls at Monty backing away some and tenses a little as he is in pain and whimpers a little..."Monty?"...He holds his head and frowns seeming to ...yeah he is mostly not there or knowing what happening, but a fox charges at them and he manages to stab the fox as the bite bites into his arm, he growls and breaks the fox neck...well one less insane beast. He tumbles back and stares at Monty...growling a little and then a whimper again just...sits there.

Elbio fights off and kills a rat as he looks around, another rat attacks and Elbio sidesteps, barely and brings down the pick ax once..twice....dead rat as he pants getting worn out.

Adrian slashes at the beasts, felling them all pretty easily. He works his way toward Elbio, ears alert to the slightest sound. "Have you seen Monty or Lothar?" he asks the other hare.

Monty sits there watching Lothar curiously as the other hare begins to remove rubble from where he is currently situated. His expression stoic and icy, he notes Lothar's quickly shifting personalities...and despite him dispatching the fox, Monty more than likely knows that Lothar will not be able to leave the area alive. Slowly, the small hare rises from where he'd been sitting, and he manages to squeeze himself out through the hole that was made. Slowly, Monty approaches Lothar. "I will give you one more chance, Lothar, t'prove that you're of sane mind. Otherwise, I'm sorry, mate, but...y'can't leave here like y'are now." Whatever that means, one is unsure, but it is likely nothing good.

Lothar looks around......the cave in, the dead beasts around them, as he sits there sort of dazed, out of it, he has his weapon out and grips it till his knuckles are white but he doesn't attack, he tenses up and backs away and raises his ax, shivers and drops it as he frowns dropping to his knees and stares, oh look...the others he frowns, did he hear Monty? That's unclear.

Elbio looks around "I hear..."He screams as oh there is the fox, he fires off an arrow, another arrow and shivers as the fox falls over dead and gulps..."Ok..ok...ummm...voices yeah..this way!"

Adrian looks around quickly, then follows the only sounds of life remaining. "Mont! Are ya okay? Where are ya?" He scrambles over rocks, debris, and bodies, till he spots the other two hares. "Oh hellsteeth... Lothar followed us!"

Monty's paw goes to the short sword on his belt as he continues to approach Lothar. " much as it pains me t'have t'do this, mate...our whole mission is t'find more recruits, not kill em off..." He sighs. "...I'm gonna have no choice but t'send ya t'Dark Forest..." He draws his sword, pausing to glance over his shoulder as he hears the other voices. "M'over here, Adj!" he calls to his friend, before turning his attention back to Lothar. Oddly enough, the hare doesn't seem to be as troubled as the others might be in a situation like this. It's never fun to have to harm another hare, and a member of the Patrol, but...this was no longer Lothar, it seems.

Lothar stays where he is, he doesn't attack, he doesn't move much. He does respond to his name as he seems on the very edge of going full out insane like those beasts they just buried, he lets out a sort of growl...or something and his eyes flash briefly as he takes a deep breath barely managing to control his urge to kill beasts he called friend once. He scoots back.."Please......"He shivers a little as he looks at them sort of...yeah that's not Lothar or maybe it is..barely. He looks at the hares as they gather around him, he takes a deep breath, no...not attack, he manages to not...for now.

Elbio frowns and backs up a little, he has his ax...but stays where he is, he looks at Adrian as he is the main one in charge of this, right?

Adrian grips his rapier handle, and sighs. He can't help blaming himself for this turn of events. He is ostensibly the leader, after all. "I can't begin ta express mah regret, Lothar... 'M sorry. We'll, ah... We'll give you a propah burial an' all that rot... But this is bettah than livin' mindlessly..." He nods to his friend Monty, wordlessly. "I'll, ah, be sure tah make sure yer name goes on th' rolls when we get back t' th' Mountain..."

Monty stares down at Lothar, his eyes and expression both emotionless. It was a side of Monty rarely seen, but more than likely would be seen quite a bit more from that point on. His sword held in his paw, the young hare glances over at Adrian as their leader wordlessly gives him the command to strike, and he turns his gaze back to Lothar. "M'sorry, mate..." he mutters. "Y'can count on wot Adj said. This is th'last thing I wanted t'do." With that, Monty swings his sword down with as much force as he is able, trying his best to strike as cleanly as possible so as not to cause any unnecessary pain.

Lothar closes his eyes, he nods slowly and breaths in and out readying to the strike that would take his life, The blade hits him in the chest and seems to instantly kill him, he is...dead. There seemed to be no pain and he seems almost..peaceful sort of as if he is glad to not have totally lost himself to what ever insane madness these beasts had here.

Elbio looks away and then back and frowns "But....where do we....bury him?" He looks around. There is one way out of these caves, a tunnel they will be shown before the hare maid slips off quietly leaving the other hares here for now, she does show them the way to get out. Weather they see her later remains to be seen yet.

Adrian watches impassively, steeling himself to the inevitable. He's seen plenty of death, but this is the first time he's felt personally responsible. "C'mon... I'll carry 'is body... I refuse ta bury 'im down 'ere in this 'ole... Least I c'n do is lay 'im ta rest where th' sun shines..."

Monty withdraws his sword from Lothar, then tosses it to the ground beside his body. He turns to walk away. "Can't use that sword anymore after takin' th'life of a fellow hare," he mutters. "It c'n stay down here with th'rest o'them." He gives Adrian a nod as to his plan. "Aye, would be th'noble thing t'do for the poor beast. All he wanted t'do was help us, an' this is wot 'appened to 'im." He sighs. "Tis th'life of a Patroller, it seems. C'mon Adj, we better get outta here while th'goin's still good." He gives his friend a pat on the shoulder, before he heads in the opposite direction.

Elbio nods and looks to the way out "Yeah...seeing the sun will be..good for all of us"

Adrian eyes the discarded sword, then the bodies all around. He exhales slowly, sheathes his rapier, and hefts up Lothar's lifeless body, to make the slow trek back out into the sun. He's got a grave to dig.

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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

The Sun
Location: Outside Bat Mountpit

If the sun could speak, she would have asked after her friends. Those hares, the ones that used to live on the beach - she saw them so often. But, of course, they went travelling; and then there were the other two - she wasn’t as familiar with them, but had come to love them all the same. How long had it been since her four friends crawled into the cracks of Bat Mountpit, and hidden from her gaze? How long had it been since she had smiled down on them, had yawned the first breath of a bright, cloudless morning, and warmed them to the bone?

It’s hard to keep track that deep underground, but the sun doesn’t seem to mind that the hares had been absent from her gaze for so long. She greets them as old friends when Monty, Elbio, and Adrian, finally - finally emerge from the depths of Bat Mountpit. The journey has been hard on them, there is no denying that, and it’s only now in the light that they can see just how filthy they are. A thick cloud of dust coats the three of them, and while it may act as ideal camouflage against the rocks, it will feel good to be rid of it.

To be rid of those caves.

How have they changed since the sun saw them last? They’ve grown stronger, honed old skills, perhaps made some new ones.

Buried a friend.

They have grown, for better or for worse, since they last felt the sun, and she seems intent on providing them with a spectacular welcome now that they’ve returned to her. The sunrise over the mountain is… Breathtaking. The sky is an ocean of color burning through clouds stained pink and red to bathe the ground below in an orange glow.

It warms a grave, too.

The sun lights the road, overgrown and in some disrepair, but it looks all the more beautiful for how it meanders away from the mountain at their back. The sun creeps higher over the three hares, throwing their shadows to the sides on their Southward journey.

And then there are four shadows.

“Took ya long enough.” A voice hails them from ahead, leaned against a tree beside the path. The sun, if she could speak, would be surprised to see Yerna after all these seasons - but it greets her as well, casting her mottled, rock-raised pelt in the same ember glow.

“So… Where to next?”

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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

==Lost Dibbuns in  A  Storm!==
==GM-ED by Scioto=
=The journeying Tenderfoot hares get separated  a short while from ElBIo but find him among a traveling band of musical traveling River beasts and help the band of beasts find 3 lost dibbuns=


The day, it was still summer after all and the Traveling musical group was along the river, a good location when it's hot.The otter pine and his squirrel friend Elm stood near the tents they set up and sighed. Honeyfur was a hamster and also was close, the others were 6 hamsters and 1 other squirrel. "I don't know where they are but we need to find them"He looked up "And before a storm hits" Though a storm be welcome any other time to cool them off.

Elbio watches the group of beasts "Umm....I could help, well me and my friends could help find the dibbuns and you did help me, though"He frowns "Guess I am sort of lost as well but still willing to help."

Pine nods, the otter crosses his arms "Any help be nice. And the young ones have been missing for a few hours now, we were lookin' fer them when we found you."

Elbio nods and smiles "i am sure my friends would jolly well love to help" He sits down on a fallen log "We are on our way to Southsward..not sure how far it is but it's along the river and there is supposed to be like this castle place too"

Pine grins "I could point ya in the right direction"He then sighs "But please, for now help me and my friends find the 3 dibbuns...2 hamsters and a squirrel" He frowns those clouds are getting darker,"Before the storm, if that's possible"

"Elbiooooo..." A voice calls from some spot deeper in the forest. "Elbio, where are ya? This ain't bloomin' funny!"

Elbio nods as he listens, then he hears a familiar voice "And that...would be one of me friends."It's not his fault he got this lost, it's the hot sun's fault and it's unclear how far he was carried when he was found,about the only good thing is he did find wild blackberries and blueberries, and this traveling group has good food too."HEY!" He shouts and walks towards the voice.

Pine tilts his head and yeah they got food, fish and hot root stew and some sort of wild berry muffins the group likes to make. He sits as he was standing and the squirrel friend of his walks over "Ya really think they can help, can we trust them?" The otter smiles "They be hares, the Long Patrol I have heard of them from a few otters, they live in some mountain by the sea coast "

"Is that you? Where are ya?" The voice gets closer.

Elbio calls out "By the river, just look for the wagon" He frowns as it starts to rain and mutters "Great"Least it's not hard rain.

Pine looks to the voice, yeah not hard rain ....yet but the wind does pick up as he stands "Ok whoever is gonna go look for the dibbuns come on, whomever is staying here ...stay" Of course Elm is helping, the squirrel and 2-3 hamsters go to help.Pine the otter looks at Elbio "You and your friends gonna help?" He sounds hopeful.

Adrian steps out of the tree-line, and sighs. "Mont 'n' I 'ave been lookin' for you for an hour..." He shakes his head, cups his paws around his mouth, and shouts, "MONTYYYYY... I FOUND 'IM..."

Elbio says, "Sorry sur, I got a little lost and...musta passed out cause I woke up with these guys"He points back to the wagon of hamsters and the two squirrels, he also looks over at Pine and walks back over to him"Sorry chap...just me friends were worried."He hmmms and well he should ask as he looks to Adrian "Sur..can we help them find their missing dibbun, I am sure it won't be too long and then we can get on our way""

Pine looks over as more hares show up and nods a hello, he lets Elibo explain as he walks slowly over motioning for the others to wait a moment. 3-4 are sitting by a path, the others in this band of beasts stay by the wagon and wait to see what happens.

Adrian frowns, and peers up at the sky. "Gonna be a storm soon... 'Ow long 'as the' little buggah been missin'?"

Elbio is not sure on that answer, but looks to Pine for a reply.

Pine replies "About half a day now, they were ta play close to the wagon and..well wandered off and no one knows where"

"'Alf a day?" Adrian blinks. "Hrmm... They could be anywhere... Yes... We'll 'elp. Elbio, yer wi' me. C'mon."

Elbio salutes, "Yes sur" He has finally learned the salutes and is getting into the habit of it now. He frowns at the clouds "Guess we...go this a way and the others can go the other way."

Pine smiles, he will stick with Elibo and Adrian, "Not too much along the river, that's dangerous really but storms can get bad."It's starting to rain harder now and the wind is picking up as the otter frowns. Meanwhile along the river path is old sandbars some have used to cross the river, but with rushing waters storms's not always a wise idea to go along them.But the 3 missing dibbuns found it and wanted to cross to get to a patch of wild strawberries and some pretty flowers, the squirrel got back across and the two hamsters dibbuns, did not yet and whimper as they seem to ebbate on crossing or not or staying where they are as the storm slowly gets worse.

Adrian shades his eyes from the rain with a paw. "'Ow far along do ya think they are?" he calls out. The rain is pelting down hard enough that he can't yet see the sandbars.

Elbio frowns as he tries to look around, and for paw prints but it's too muddy now from the rain and he is getting soaked, but he is a Long Patrol hare and will, he WILL help find the dibbuns"Maybe they didn't get too far, I sadly didn't see them when I was a..well wee bit lost gathering supplies."Yeah he found berries also, not strawberries just balckberries and blueberries and there is a good amount of those bushes around when one looks.But right now he is trying to find signs of dibbuns.

Pine sighs, "I don't know, I don't think they would go in the woods we told em stay by the river..."He frowns also he said stay close to the wagon but well..dibbuns get into mischief a good deal.Not to far the squirrel dibbun paces back and forth as he frowns, one hamster gets brave and eekes as they slip and fall off the sandbar, the other starts wailing and backs up again shivering.The squirrel dibbun frowns and starts crying "Mommy....mommy where are you, I want mommy!!" He seems the oldest and the hamster dibbuns a little younger than him.Luckily the hamster that feel in gets ahold of a broken limb to stay above the water but he is still in trouble.His sister curls up on the shore, on the opposite side of the squirrel.

Adrian's ears perk. "Wait... Shhh..." He holds a finger to his lips. Sure enough, the wailing dibbun can be barely heard over the storm. "That way!"

Elbio ears perk as he listens and nods, heading that direction as he scans the area, the path, the woods and the river, though he is hoping they are not in the river.

The squirrel dibbun frowns and looks over at the hamster on the other side of the sand bar "Stays..."He frowns, he doesn't want his friend in the river, the one hamster dibbun already is! He wails and barely holds onto the branch to keep above the water.The squirrel hears the sounds of voices and whimpers, are they friends that come closer or foes?

Adrian finally makes it to the river's edge. Squinting through the driving rain, he can see the hamster barely clinging to the branch. He doesn't take even a moment to think, he strips off his uniform jacket, and dives in.

Elbio catches up and frowns, he does see the squirrel and offers a smile "Hey chap..long Patrol at ya service."He looks around they said 3..."Is there another dibbun?" Oh please please be ok he thinks or know where they are and they be ok.

The hamster wails and ends up letting go of the branch when it hits against a rock and splashes around close to Adrain! The squirrel backs up and then clings onto to Elibo and starts sobbing, shivering as he is glad an adult is here but also this storm is scary." He points to the other side, "Rosy is there" And there indeed is the other hamster, curled into a shivering ball a little too close to the river edge. Pine has yet to catch up, but he did hear the dibbuns and is headed that way as well.

The current is strong, and Adrian has to fight it to reach the dibbun in peril. Fortunately... She's close, and he reaches out blindly to grab her.

Elbio frowns, he sits the squirrel down and looks at the sandbar and the water going over it and gulps " ta do this"He is not getting the dibbun to come to him after all.

The hamster manages to get ahold of Adrians arm and shivers from the water and from fear.Pine catches up and frowns "Oh my...."He looked relieved to see the squirrel and frowns as he looks around"Where is the other two"He asks Elibo, and sees Rosy on the other side of the river and frowns "The sand bar is not wise to try and cross, your lose your balance"

Adrian and the dibbun are being swept down-river, but he attempts to grab any branch he can find.

Elbio frowns, "Someone has to get her..."He frowns when he notices Adrian and frowns more, he is not sure how to help, least Adrian but he is helping to get to the other hamster and is fairly good at balancing, he starts to go across, almost slipping once and gulps, he manages to barely get across and goes to try and pick up the other hamster, "Hey lass...ya ok?"

Pine watches nervous and looks at the rushing water. He frowns as he looks to the squirrel "Stay..."The squirrel nods as Pine dives in and goes to help get Adrian and the hamster to shore.."Grab onto to me!" He yells and does his best to avoid any dangers like passing branches or rocks in the river bed.

Adrian spots the otter, and grabs his paw. The dibbun he's gripping in his other arm whimpers in fear.

Elbio picks up the other hamster shivering form and looks back to the other side of the sand bar, he takes a deep breath and goes to cross it, almost a cross he slips but wraps his arms around the dibbun when he falls and quickly grabs a low lieing branch and frowns, ok shore is just right there, he can most likely make it...he thinks.

Pine slowly gets to shore and shakes off water as he does so, he makes sure the hare and hamster is ok and heads back to where the squirrel is and frowns as the squirrel points to Elibo and the wailing hamster thats holding onto him as the hare holds onto a low branch of a tree hanging just off shore.He thinks ok how to make sure he doesn't lose the dibbun and still help the hare too "One right back! Just hang onto the tree branch!"

Adrian sets the dibbun down. The pair are drenched to the bone. "Elbio, don't let go, ya hear? Hang on!"

Elbio nods, he is being fairly good at staying calm, for now as he keeps a grip on a wailing dibbun and the other paw on the tree branch, His paw hurts holding the branch but he manages to keep a grip.

Pine meanwhile has found his friend ELM...they come back and Pine carefully goes to get the dibbun from Elibo as Elm makes sure to keep the branch steady and bethere to hopefully make sure no one else goes into the river. "Ok slowly...carefully.."

Adrian watches the proceedings closely. "Yer almost there, Elbio! Just a few moments more!"

Elbio frowns, but he adjusts where he is slightly so the otter or maybe Elm can get the dibbun, he starts to lose his grip on the branch at about the same time and frowns, ok that's not a good thing.

Pine and Elm manage to get the dibbun and Pine quickly grabs Elibo before he has a chance to go down the river and goes to get him the rest of the way to shore and smiles "THere ya go lad"

Adrian let's out his breath. "Thank th' bloody fates... This coulda turned very bad, mate."

Elbio is clearly glad to be on shore as he did lose his grip but also that's when the otter grabbed him and got him to shore, he nods "I..I can swim..a little."Ok he has to work on that and he will, he is fine in calm water, not so in moving water."Now wot?"

Pine grins, it's still raining but he is happy "Thank you, thank you a lot....and now we get back ta the others and me and my crew can share some hot root stew, wild berry muffins and some rice cakes with ya, we also have some of our famous pudding.The 3 dibbuns are happy as well and seem glad to see Pine and Elm, "So lets head back ta camp..shall we?" Hopefully the others are there as well since there was the 2nd group that went looking the other direction.

Adrian retrieves his jacket. "Sounds good. Monty oughta be back there, too... I really need ta get dried out..."

Elbio smiles and nods as he goes to follow them back to camp."We can rest and head on..umm..guess follow the river still"

Pine smiles, they get back to camp and the dibbuns rush to their parents and smiles all around. They are all given that promised meal and soon the rest of the searching beasts come and everyone is reunited with everyone..hares are altogether as is the band of musical beasts who even give the hares a show as a form of thanks, later before its time to sleep Pine shows a direction "You’re see a sign post that will help ya as well not too far from 'ere....we wish ya luck on your journey."

Elbio smiles as he finds Hot Root is delicious! So is the muffins and well..any food is good when its been berries and fish and sometimes wild greens for food. He enjoys the show but ends up falling asleep before the other hares do.Well they can wake him in the morning when they head onwards on their journeys.

Adrian greets Monty when they get back to the camp, and they all three feast. On the morrow, they'll continue on toward Southsward.


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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

Southsward: Diplomacy?
Ft. Elbio, Adrian, Monty, and Jinora as GM
Southsward: Forest Crossing
You stand in the center of a large crossing. A sign is hammered into the center of the road, and four different roads branch out in different directions. A patch of clear blue sky can be seen overhead through the space of the treetops. A cool breeze blows by, ruffling your headfur as you ponder which direction to head.

The path to Southsward has been a long and harrowing one, but now, plain as day, the Long Patrol hares can see that this leg of their journey is going to come to a close, soon. Ahead of them is a fork in the road, and a handy wooden sign declares "SOUTHSWARD ---->". Yerna nods at it, pausing to wait for the others to catch up. "Made it." She remarks, simply, but then she pauses, her ears perked high. "Y'hear that?" She whispers. In the distance, there is the distinct sound of shouting - and of running feet fast approaching them, coming from the direction they need to go. "Should we hide off trail?" Yerna asks the group. Someone is approaching, fast.

Elbio was not as good as a leader type as he thinks "We....ummmm...maybe duck behind something just in case, if we need to help someone we can"

"Works for me." Yerna shrugs, leaping off the trail with the others to duck behind some loose foliage. They lay in hiding for a moment, waiting... And then, the figure careens into view, feet sliding against the dusty road as they round the bend in the trail at a breakneck pace. It's a hare: an all white doe with pink eyes. She's dressed in finery - silken materials with lace frothing from the cuffs of her tunic - but she is in a flat, dead sprint. Her pink eyes are wide and panicked, her coat is shining with exertion, and a dust trail is rising behind her as she dashes towards the recruiters. Distant shouts are audible - she looks terrified.

Elbio tilts his head as he  listens and watches, he looks to the others "Maybe she or  someone she was with was..robbed?"Though her coloring is..odd to him, ok color matters not as she is a hare maid. But is there anyone behind her?

There are certainly beasts behind her - they can be heard shouting, the sounds growing closer. But the hare does not see anyone in hiding, and continues to spring - she'll be out of sight, soon.

Elbio says, "I say...we help her, see wot the matter is and sides no one shpuld rob a fellow hare with the Long Patrol close by.."He has his longbow and could likely fire off an arrow at one of the beasts chaseing her."

Adrian is still some ways futher down the road behind Yerna and Elbio, along with Monty, who is quiet as usual. Adrian is caught up with attempting to catch the others, but instead he hears a commotion, somebeast running, and otherbeasts chasing. Being still on the road, he sights the white doe bearing down on himself and his companion.

Yerna looks to Elbio and hefts one of her pickaxes. "Works for me." She shrugs - but Adrian does not move off the road, and as such the white doe spies him and Monty. "Help!" She gasps out, rushing him with paws outstretched. "Please, help me! They're - they'll kill me! Please!" Turning a frantic look over her shoulder, those shouts are much louder now. They'll be in view within the moment. The doe rushes to hide behind Adrian and Monty, still oblivious to Elbio and Yerna's existence.

Elbio nods as he selctes an arrow and aims at one of the  possible robbers? either way they are chaseing a doe, he  aims and then fires off the arrow at the would be  robbers or whom he assums is robbers.The arrow will likely at least slow them down if nothing else.

Yerna looks to Elbio and hefts one of her pickaxes. "Works for me." She shrugs - but Adrian does not move off the road, and as such the white doe spies him and Monty. "Help!" She gasps out, rushing him with paws outstretched. "Please, help me! They're - they'll kill me! Please!" Turning a frantic look over her shoulder, those shouts are much louder now. They'll be in view within the moment. The doe rushes to hide behind Adrian and Monty, still oblivious to Elbio and Yerna's existence.

Elbio nods as he selctes an arrow and aims at one of the  possible robbers? either way they are chaseing a doe, he  aims and then fires off the arrow at the would be  robbers or whom he assums is robbers.The arrow will likely at least slow them down if nothing else.

Adrian can hear the other beasts getting closer. He draws his rapier, but instead of cavalierly taking on the beasts head-on, he instead ushers the doe off the road, into the brush, attempting to disappear completely from view before the beasts arrive. "Please, remain quiet, Miss..."

The doe nods silently, and ducks into the underbrush as well. Bandits are expected, but the beasts that round the corner appear to be anything but. Two mice and a squirrel appear, instead, in pursuit of the hare, significantly exhausted and wheezing - and it's no wonder why. They are all decked out in full plate mail and clutching heavy spears - it's a wonder they've run this far at all! "She *wheeze* went this way! *Wheeze*" The squirrel gasps out, slowing as they reach the fork in the road. And then an arrow 'ping's off his armor, and the three immediately drop into battle stances. "BANDITS!" The mouse barks out in warning as the three woodlanders snap into a defensive position. They don't see anyone, yet, but as they turn, the symbol of Southsward is visible on the shoulder plate of their armor.

Elbio frowns, ok he can....figure this out as he looks at Yerna "Now..wot?" He asks quietly,he is hopeing some real bandits show up now.A frown as he is not sure what to do now.

Adrian is unaware where the other two hares are, but he can see... Castle guards? And somebeast just fired an arrow at them. He eyes the doe, and purses his lips. "I have questions... Later." In the meantime, he steps out of the bushes into the road, sheathing his blade. "Ahem. I am Corporal Adrian Hornswiggle Swiftbuck of the Long Patrol... I fear there may have been a misunderstanding..."

Yerna gives a big, exaggerated shrug in response to Elbio. The three guards remain tense and alert, but another attack is not forthcoming. "SHOW YERSELVES!" The mouse hollers again, his spear tip pointed at the bushes from which the arrow flew. Now, the other hares are left to deal with the fallout - though Elbio has, perhaps, learned a valuable lesson in looking /before/ you shoot. As Adrian steps out into the road, all those spear tips whip his way instead - and then falter. "Was it you what fired at us?" The mouse demands, taking a hesitant step forward. "Are you with that doe? How many of you are there - paws where we can see them!" From the bushes near Elbio, Yerna's paws burst through the foliage in a surrendering gesture. "It wasn't me!" She hollers out for good measure. Sorry, Elbio...

Elbio groans as he shows himself and frowns"Hallo....ummm doe?" He did see her but he has no clue where she is now ."Why ya looking for her for?" He is curious  and staying very still now.
Adrian knows Monty is still hidden, and the mysterious female is also out of sight. "Does it bloomin' *look* like I fired at you? I 'ave no bow, nor any arrows, on me at present. Am I with a doe? I 'ave not seen any other doe but her," he lies, smoothly, gesturing to Yerna. "I have not seen any other beast on the road but you lot. 'Ad I tah bloody well guess, I'd assume that wotevah beast yahr pursuin' 'as absconded off inta th' bloody woods..."

The three round on Elbio and Yerna, and the mouse puffs out his chest. "Ye shot at a guard of Southsward, so /I'll/ be askin' the questions, here. What have ya t'say for yerself?" But they are relaxing. The squirrel, rubbing at a sore shoulder, steps forward to continue interrogating Adrian. "Ye'll curb yer manner, your mate shot me. We saw the doe running this way; she's a wanted and dangerous criminal - a thief an' a con artist, t'boot. But, if you're truly beasts of the Long Patrol..." He growls in frustration. She could be anywhere, by now! "What do we do, boss? They say they haven't seen 'er!" He shouts back at the mouse, obviously the captain. The mouse slams a gauntlet'ed paw to his forehead with a groan to echo his underlings. "Yer not dead, are ya, Bayshoot?" He asks the squirrel, who shakes his head. "Then no harm done... You /will/ answer for why you shot at the Southsward guard unprovoked. Bitter!" The other mouse snaps to attention. "Gather a retinue, we'll need to comb th'forest for her."

Elbio tries to think quickly, ok he didnt get a real good look at her or the direction she went so..."Ummm..."He sighs "Heard someone yelling for help, and then de  voice faded and heard  other beasts running thought ok..bandits a..warning shot"His ears droop "I'm  wot did she" He wants to know, he does and he is sorry for fireing off the arrow.

Adrian bristles visibly at the implication from the squirrel. "As I stated before, sirrah, I am a Corporal in the bloomin' Long Patrol, an' I'm th' commandin' officah o' this party." He is not going to bring up Monty at this time, who no doubt is already pulling the accused thief deeper into the forest until such time as Adrian can ascertain the truth. Which he certainly cannot do right now. "Elbio here will be dealt with... *privately*, at *my* prerogative." He is uncharacteristically gruff, as if asserting his dominance to another military beast. "We c'n offah our 'elp to you ta find th' beast y'seek, but it'll be undah our own terms, as membahs o' the Long Patrol, wot."

Bitter, the second mouse, has taken off back towards Southsward at a run to fulfill her captain's orders. The squirrel scans the forest with a deepening scowl, his breathing still ragged from exertion. He does stop to give a bark of higih-pitched laughter. "Some warning shot!" He pats the dent in his shoulder plate with a wink. Coming from anyone else, this tale would be dismissed - but these are hares of the noble Long Patrol! Therefor, the guards go with it. That is, until we get into military posturing. The captain bristles in return and rounds on Adrian. "Well, /Corporal/, ye aren't in th'bloody mountain. /Your/ underling attacked one of mine - and as captain of this guard, I'll have yer respect if ya want t'step a single toe in /my city/."

Elbio earns an eye-roll from the squirrel, who steps off to the side with him and Yerna. He speaks in a whisper. "It was a good shot." He laughs. "Look, here's th'deal: about three weeks ago, we saw a... Spike in crime in Southsward. That doe, Selena, seemed t'be at the forefront of it. Mostly... Petty things, until today." He sighs, glaring down the trail. "Small cons, some gambling wins stolen - but today, she went too far. Cleaned out a local tavern and then lit th'place on fire. It took th'whole town t'get the thing contained again - she could have killed us all! Instead, there was only one casualty. The owner - she was... Trapped." He slams the butt end of his spear into the dusty ground. "She /will/ answer for this."

Monty had indeed been given the task to keep an eye on the doe, and for the most part he'd been doing a pretty good job. Then, a noise in the forest briefly caught his attention, and the second he turned his head to investigate, the doe had simply vanished...leaving the buck standing there staring at the spot she had just been moments ago. Paws hanging down at his side, Monty blinks, head moving from side to side as he tries to pick up and indication of where she might've done. "...oh bloody 'ell," he mutters. "Just fantaaaastic...." With a sigh, he trudges back in the direction of the others, now empty-pawed and a little ashamed that he had let it happen.

"Respect goes both ways, *Captain*," is Adrian's reply. "Those are serious charges yahr levellin'... 'Ave you th' proof she absolutely *did* staht th' fire?"

Elbio just is quiet, either way he is likely getting a lecture, he hates lectures as he had one  a couple weeks ago for  sleeping in too late, yep extra laps were not fun.

"/Her/ crimes are out of your jurisdiction, /corporal/. Th'only crime that /you/ need t'worry about, is the attack on my guard." He growls and shoots a /look/ to the squirrel growing buddy-buddy with the hare that shot him, and Bayshoot straightens, clearing his throat awkwardly. And then there is Monty. "And ya lied about the number of beasts with ya -" A vein is fit to burst at the side of the mouse's neck as he bubbles with rage. "This doesn't smell right - you're t'come with us. Will you do so peacefully, or are we going to do this th'hard way?"

Monty comes to a stop at the scene, the compact hare looking from one face to another, then back in the other direction as he attempts to ascertain what exactly is happening. A paw lifts, rubbing at the back of his neck awkwardly, as he stares at the mouse who looks like his ears are about to burst into flames. "Uh. Might I suggest a few breathin' exercises, mate? They really c'n help with all th'stress y'look like yer dealin' with. An' just lookit me. I know allll about that. Heh. Uh. Yeah." He gives a shrug, looking back to Adrian for an explanation as to what is going on. "An' doin' things th'hard way unfortunately is a way'o'life, so, uh, I'm totally fine goin' down that road if you are...."

Oh, Elbio is *certainly* getting the lecture of a million lifetimes, and if it was possible, a demotion would be in the mix, too. "I nevah lied," Adrian says, through gritted teeth. "*You* didn't *ask* 'ow many beasts I 'ave wi' me, an' I didn't tell." He's taking a sharp dislike of the captain. However, he gives Monty a sharp look. Now is not the time. "If you will cease being *antagonistic*, sirrah, then I think you'll find the Long Patrol will be cooperative, 'owevah... We are not going to cooperate with an interrogation. The only *crime* is that a greenhorn hare accidentally fired an arrow without lookin'... Somethin' 'e *will* be punished for. I frankly find yahr bloody insinuations to be extremely insultin'. Indeed, I am bearin' a lettah from our Lord Ciocan to yahr Squirrelking Garheld, sent in good faith and friendship. I would strongly suggest yah don't allow a misundahstandin' ta to ruin that friendship..."

"One." The captain growls, lifting a claw. "My /antagonistic/ behavior might have somethin' t'do with yer green hare's actions. Bayshoot could have been killed. My antagonistic behavior might /also/ have summit t'do, with th'bloomin' self-proclaimed corporal that comes bustin' out tryin' t'prove how big in 'is boots 'e is. I haven't /insinuated/ anythin' - /my guard was shot/ by one'a your beasts. I'm not insinuatin' a thing - only statin' th'facts. Now, I would /love/ t'have a civilized conversation about this, but the only way that happens now, is in th'holdin' cell of my jail. Ye aren't in th'mountain, /Corporal/ - yer in Southsward, an' the crimes done here, those are /mine/ t'handle." He points at Monty. "An' who're you? Why were ya skulkin' around?" The squirrel stands awkwardly, his spear held in both paws.

Monty simply staaaares for a moment or two, the hare blinking as he looks between the captain and Adrian. "Whoa. There's a whooole big chunk o'somethin' I totally missed here, fellas." His gaze settles on the captain, and he scratches at an ear. "Uh. Was I skulkin'? Hrm. Pardon me then, mate, been tryin t'work on my non-skulkin' walk but I guess I'm not doin' a bloody good job of it, eh?" he shrugs. "An' th' name's Montgomery Reginald, bloody 'ell, forget it, the name's Monty. Of th'Long Patrol. If...he didn't already tell you..." he waves a paw towards Adrian. "Was escortin' a doe out fer some questions, an'...she just poofed inta thin air." He snaps his fingers. "So happened t'be in that direction, so...that's th'direction I came from." The hare gives a shrug. "Wot's this about crimes n' holdin' cells n'such?" His brow furrows.

That settles it, Elbio is getting a demotion. Adrian frowns. "I'm afraid that is not going to be happening. The hare shot at you, t'is true, but 'e 'as already explained it was an accident. If you can't undahstand *that*, then I'm afraid yahr thickah in th' 'ead th'n I gave yah credit for." He glances over at Yerna and Elbio, making surreptitious gestures directing them back into the brush. "If you treat all visitors to yahr land by throwin' 'em the dungeon, then yahr Southswahd's a fah less 'ospitable land than I was told..." And then Monty mentions the doe. Adrian facepalms. Now the Captain does have proof that he lied. "Monty, ix-nay the oe-day..." Yes... They're about to make a run for it... And in different directions. Three guards cannot possibly catch four hares, and the four will be in the wind by the time back-up arrives. "Lovely speakin' to yah, *Captain*. Monty, *RUN*!"

Escorting a doe to be questioned... The captain stares at Monty and then slowly turns his gaze on Adrian. "Are ya comin' peacefully or not?" The answer... Is not! When the hares start running, the captain and Bayshoot leap to chase after them - but it's helpless. Diplomatic relationships may have just gotten a biiiit more complicated!

Monty gets the impression that he more than likely shouldn't have opened his mouth, judging by Adrian's reaction. "Oh! I mean, doe? Wot doe? Never heard o'such a thing in all me life...." Then Adrian gives the command to flee, and Monty turns and does just that in the direction he had come from. "RETREEEEAT N'SUCH!" The small hare is fast, if anything else, and is soon done into the forest along with his companions.

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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

Southsward: SSward Redemption
Ft. Elbio, Jinora as GM
SSward Village: Guardhouse
A small archway leads in to this closed off area where there's usually a couple of guards hanging around. Most of the space is made up of an empty courtyard with a few practice weapons in racks at the side. Part of the space is covered over by a wood lean-to which offers a little shelter from the weather while there is a small indoor space used for guards to sit, officers to work in and as storage for the armoury.

Logfile from Lutea.

The Southsward guardhouse is a small building, but an efficient one. This is a large village, after all, and there is plenty of ground to cover, plenty to do... Especially lately. "So, lad." The captain of the guard, a mouse who has by now introduced himself as Stryk Yarrowpaw, rubs his fingers against his temples and eases himself into a seat across from Elbio. The hare's paws are bound and his weapons rest in a locked chest in Stryk's office. "Start from th'top. What's yer name?"

Elbio had run, like ordered to do so only he wasn't much of a runner and so he climbed into a tree and sat there, sat there watching  the guards meet up as they seemed to lose the other hares, he thought and thought and  finally came down.Likely getting weapons drawn on him as he just had put his paws up"I way?" Yep..easy way. his paws were still bound and his saber and longbow,arrows taken as he was lead to....well here as he looked at the guard in charge and at first seemed like he wasnt sure on  giving a name, then" Elbio Hans Reed" He sighs, he had  just barely made Private..or maybe he was again a recruit, he wasn't sure yet and the others were who knows where.

The captain gives a tired sigh. "We'll keep this easy, so long as you keep cooperating. So, Elbio, what were ye and yer other Long Patrol mates doing in Southsward? Yer superior mentioned correspondance for our king, but 'e also lied about having seen the wanted criminal we were pursuing. Among other... Issues." It's obvious that Stryk is struggling to contain his temper and keep his voice even and level. "What were yer intentions in Southsward?"

Elbio frowns as his ears droop, "We are just...walking around and I honestly  didnt know of any Correspondances"He is telling the truth, thats new to him.."I joined up away from the mountain..just  go where de Corpial says ta go..but I don't think....think  running from local guards was...a good thing ta do."

"This has become a diplomatic issue that, frankly, I don' want t'deal with." Stryke grumbles. "You say y'joined up away from th'Mountain - what is the Patrol /doing/ this far South, anyway?"
Elbio sighs, questions...he was not good with questions and he was rethinking  on weather it was a good idea to surrender or not, well he can be  yelled at later for this, "Recruiting...."Its not like he picked the route to go, he isnt sure there is a for sure route it  may just be  lets just go this way today and there was just maybe a couple for sure places to stop.

"...Recruiting. Right." Captain Stryk nods slowly. "So, ya come t'Southsward looking t'recruit fer th'Long Patrol. What happened between that an' where we are now tha' led t'one of m'guards being shot at, and yer superior /lying/ about contact with a certain wanted doe?"

Elbio frowns and looks at the floor..silence, he then clears his throat "I'm....sorry, and I am de one that..fired at the guard, I didnt mean too...I though like...bandits or..vermin were like..attcking some doe that...seemed rich maybe. She ran past where I was and was screaming and looked scared.....I didnt get a good look at the direction she went, I'm sorry and I.."He looks away "I don't know why he ...lied. I...I know tis good to get the..whole story."
You room-page, "Sorry, have a class with me so I'm a little slow."

"Well, ya wouldn't be th'first she's conned, lad." The captain leans back in his seat and rubs vigorously at his face. "This is a misunderstandin' that coulda been settled peaceably. It doesn't speak too well on th'Long Patrol, eh? But. Here's what we're gonna do, Elbio. Ya seem like a nice sort - I know this was an accident, bu' it doesn't mean no harm was done. Harm /was/ done - an' now we don't know hide nor hair'a that doe's location. She's t'answer fer murder, an' the actions of you an' yer group aided her escape. You will stay here until we... Figure out what t'do with ya. Hopefully yer mates come lookin' for ya an' we can start... Sorting through this mess."

Elbio frowns, he looked worried now on just wah twould happen, he gulps a little.."U..Understood  s....s..sur."Least he is poilte as that will likely help "I..have no clue where de....others are, there is 3 others hares..besides you saw all of us last night"

"We'll get this sorted out, lad." The captain assures Elbio before waving a paw. The squirrel from earlier, the one who was shot, approaches with a sympathetic smile to the recruit. "Names Bayshoot." He offers the hare, bending to untie Elbio's paws. "It's a comfy cell, don't you worry. Jus' come with me!" He begins to lead Elbio down a little hallway.

Elbio rubs his paws and goes to follow the squirrel quietly, he will listen to them and try to answer the questions given to him, likely the others are looking for him now or least he hopes they all...for all he knows  Adrian decided he was a waste of time and..abanded him, a frown forms what it that was true! He hoped not, one isnt supposed to leave a fellow hare behind...right?

"Here ya go. Elbio, right?" Bayshoot opens the cell door for the hare. "It really s'not that bad. Beds even got some cushion to it." He shuts the door behind Elbio. "Cap is softer than 'e seems. You won't be here long, trust me - you aren't th'first beast t'take a shot at the guard because she told 'em she was being chased by bandits or vermin." He rolls his eyes. "At this point, it's really just a matter of pride an' protocol."

Elbio nods as he does in peacefully, he has  been peaceful and listening this whole time. He looks around and sits down,"I'm..sure de others will look fer me...I think"Ok he gives away he  isnt sure, he can only hope they decide to look for him.

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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

A Fireside Discussion

ft Monty and Adrian

Adrian pouts and navel-gazes while Monty does his best to talk a bit of sense into him. Who'd have ever thought, eh? A bit of role reversal, perhaps? big_smile

So. That certainly didn't go to plan. After beating a very hasty retreat from the Southsward Guard and the open road, three hares rendezvous'ed some hours later in an isolated meadow several miles outside of town. Three Hares. One was conspicuously absent, and the only conclusion to be had was that he had been caught. Adrian sits morosely beside the campfire, poking at the burning logs with a stick. He's clearly moping. "Dammit. Elbio's nowhere in sight... I screwed up. I mean... I *royally* screwed up. It's a good thing Fathah isn't 'ere, because he'd gi' me a bloody good chewin' out..."

Monty, on the other paw, is -not- sitting beside the campfire. The young buck is pacing slowly back and forth just outside the light of the fire on the outskirts, his paws behind his back as he appears to be in 'thinking' mode as opposed to Adrian's 'moping and self-pity' mode. There is the occasional crunch of leaves or breaking of a stick or two as he paces, but otherwise the hare is silent as he listens to Adrian. Nothing is said at first, Adrian's words hanging in the air as Monty's gaze is directed towards him. Still, his pace isn't broken, though a frown flickers upon his muzzle. "Adj. Lissen t'yerself." His voice is low, but with no trace of his usual good humor present. "Right now yer soundin' like a Dibbun who got scolded fer breakin' a dish and has t'wash dishes fer th'next week." He pauses, arms folding as he stares at his friend. "M'thinkin' yer dad'd be more disappointed in yer wingein' than anything else y'did..." He smirks. "Elb made 'is own bed by bein' careless. Mebbe coolin' 'is heels inna cell fer a day or two'll do 'im a bit o'good."

Adrian pokes his stick at the burning embers, and huffs. "Per'aps. But I undoubtedly 'andled th' situation about as badly as y' c'n bloomin' well imagine, wot." He frowns, glancing over at Yerna, who's keeping completely out of this. "Yer right, though. Elbio could use a day in th' brig f'r such careless shootin'." The hare turns around, and faces Monty. "Be that as it may... As th' rankin' officah, I shouldn't 'ave antagonized the Captain..."

Monty sighs, shaking his head as he eventually makes his way over to stand closer to Adrian near the fire. "There's lotsa stuff on the trip we prolly shouldn't have done, if y'think about it. We are members of th'Long Patrol, mate. In case y'fergot, modesty ain't exactly one of our most common traits." He raises his eyebrows with a little grin. "Comes with th'territory of bein' one of th'finest fightin' forces the land has ever laid its bloody eyes on. Sometimes, it c'n go to our heads n'make us act in a way that we normally wouldn't be actin'." He pauses. "Yer a hothead, mate, and when y'meet up with a fellow hothead, like th'Captain apparently is, as well...then sometimes tempers flare and words are bandied about b'twixt ye that cause us t'act in a foolish way. Both of ye are t'blame." The hare chuckles dryly, reaching a paw down to lightly bop his friend on the shoulder. "Th'important thing is how we handle this now. What was said is said, can't do nothin' about it. All y'can do is apologize, and then mebbe we c'n get to th'business of straightenin' this whole thing out, yeah?"

Adrian looks up at his friend, and seems to relax after a few moments. "Yer right... yer right. 'E *was* an 'othead... So, then... Down t' business. That doe. We find 'er. That's our first step. Now, Mont... You saw 'er... The Southswahd Guahd claims she's a con artist an' arsonist... And murderah. Now, you an' I've both stared down killahs... We've met con beasts. They c'n lie as easily as puttin' on a coat. But I want yer impression, such as y' got. Did she strike you as a murderess?"

Monty thinks over the offered question carefully, it being a particularly layered and tough one to really contemplate. He begins to pace again. "Well, t'be honest, didn't spend a whole lotta time with 'er, plus she was inna panic so it's hard t'really get a good bead on wot kinda character she is. Yeah, she seemed pretty scared, but when yer bein' chased by a buncha guards whose intent it is t'catch ya n'string ya up by yer neck, you'd be scared, too." The hare rubs the back of his head with a paw, as he sighs. "M'thinkin' they 'ave more experience with th'doe than we do, mate. An' how does th'famous phrase go? Looks c'n be deceivin' n'all that hullabaloo? Well, I mean, wot better way t'deceive em than bein' a petite doe who looks like she stepped out fer a dinner party n'got caught up in shenanigans?" He reaches down to pick up a stick, looking it over as he turns it around slowly in his paw. "Then again, mebbe that's wot she is. I dunno. But yer right, first step is t'find 'er an' hear 'er side o'the story before we jump t'conclusions. Big armies o'angry guards aren't really known for bein' th'most level headed thinkers, either..."

Adrian nods his head. "Well said, Mate." He rubs his chin. "They do likely 'ave th' best idea about 'er, but one pertinent fact sticks out." He looks up at Monty. "Accordin' t' th' good Captain, the lass 'as an 'istory o' fraud an' connin' people, but only this past week did she *suddenly* decide ta burn the tavern down... Wi' a beast inside it, t' boot." He taps his chin again. "Admittedly, I'm mostly versed in vermin an' 'ow they think... But that's quite an unexpected escalation. From fraud t' arson 'n' murdah... It strains credulity..." The Corporal sighs. "If she 'adn't run off..."

Monty gives a shrug, as he begins to fence the air with the stick he had picked up. "Hrm. I woulda run off too if I had a mob like that after me," he points out. "And eh, who knows? Mebbe it was an accident, mebbe she didn't mean t'start th'fire. Could be a possibility, too. Now, the question is...should we try n'find her first before goin' back t'talk to the guards, or...should we try n'talk some sense into them an' 'ave em help us search? Elb can sit 'is tail in a cell fer a bit while we sort this out." He swipes at the air skillfully, the hare still not having picked up an actual sword since the incident in the mountain, but it seems obvious he does miss it a little. "If she's a con-hare, she's probably used t'this sorta thing, and more than likely knows exactly where t'go t'hide."

Adrian watches Monty brandish the stick like a sword. "Y' know... I've missed sparrin' wi' you. It's been wot... a month 'n' a half?" He lets that hang in the air, and returns his gaze to the flicker of the firelight. "Ideally... It'd be nice ta have their 'elp wi' findin' the doe, but I'm afraid they may throw us in the slammah first, ask questions latah... So I would 'ave t' say we find 'er, first, and use that as both a bargainin' chip an' a gesture o' goodwill..."

Monty eyes Adrian over his shoulder with a playful smirk upon his muzzle. "Hmph. Y'mean y'miss gettin' totally embarrassed as I hop around ya, gettin' in punches willy-nilly while y'flail yer paws an' try t'defend yerself? Yeah. I miss that, too, Adj..." He gives his best friend a wink, before he tosses the stick down into the fire and moves over to seat himself near Adrian. He plops himself down there, staring into the flames for a little while, chin coming to rest upon a paw. "Yeah. Y'might be right, sah. Heh. Whoda thought comin' here t'give em a gesture o'goodwill from th'Badger Lord'd end up with us as fugitives, chasin' after a mystery doe with a past of 'er own?" The hare pauses to think about that, before shooting a grin towards Adrian. "Can't say this trip hasn't been entertainin', at least." 

Adrian huffs defensively. "Y'know as well as I do that 'm not 'alf bad as a boxah... Fencin' is just mah fort." He pats the hilt of his rapier. "Aye, yer right, though. We'll 'ave tales ta tell when we get back. Not th' least that we've both gone t' th' far south, an' the far north. I 'ear there's a clan of hares that live in th' snowy north..." he raises a paw. "I'm ramblin' now. Right. We'll find th' doe, visit the Captain, free Elbio, speak to Garheld, and be out o' Southswahd by th' end o' the week. Yerna c'n surely track 'er, don't y' think?"

Monty laughs at Adrian's defensive words. "Yeah, yer right, yer not 'alf bad. Yer one hundred percent bad..." he teases, tossing a small stick at his friend. "But yeah, on th'other paw y'could fence rings aroun' me, so...I suppose it evens out in the end, yeah?" The hare chuckles. "An' yeah, most definitely. Th' old dad'd be super jealous when 'e 'ears of th'places I've gotten t'see so far. Wonder wot 'is face'd look like when I tell 'im I got t'meet a whole bunch o'bats?" He grins. "Th' ol' codger'd prolly just keel over right on th'spot!" Monty snickers, shaking his head. "And yep, th'North would be interestin' t'visit. T's where big ol' Dom's from, right?" The hare nods to Adrian. "Yeah, pretty sure Yerna's good at that sorta thing. We'll find th' mystery doe in no time an' be right back on the road b'fore y'know it, mate."

Adrian smiles, his gloomy mood dissipating. Clapping his friend on the shoulder. "Aye. If anybeast can, it's Yerna... Speakin' of... Just *where* did she go?" He looks left and right, then shrugs. "Eh, she'll turn up... I guess it's about time we got some shuteye ourselves, 'specially if we're gonna find a bloomin' con ahtist out 'ere tomorrah... Wot say you, Mont?"

Monty's gaze shifts out to peer into the forest surrounding them. "Eh, she's out there somewhere, mate. But that one c'n take care of herself, m'not worried in th'least. She's been on 'er own fer so long, she'll be fine without us, I c'n guarantee it. She'll fit in just fine as a Patroller, heh." The buck gives a smile of admiration for their companion, before he nods to his friend's words. "An' yeah, sleep is prolly a good idea. One of th'better ones you've 'ad inna while, mate. And y'know this one's not gonna put us on th' run from th'law either, so it's automatically a good idea..." he laughs, giving Adrian a poke.

Adrian harrumps, and *tries* to look serious, but he doesn't quite succeed. "*Most* of mah ideas *are* good ideas, wot! Just... th' last few were a bit... Sub-par... But really..."

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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

Prison Tails pt. 1
Ft. Elbio, Jinora as GM
Location: Southsward Guardhouse

The Southsward guardhouse is a woodlander holding area - this isn't some torture chamber run by vermin! Prisoners are given three meals daily, the cell is well-lit, the bed has blankets on it, and those held are offered books and other things on the daily. Bayshoot, the squirrel guard shot by Elbio, approaches the hare's cell now. "Evenin', Elbio!" He gives a cheery rap on the bars. "Dinner? Gotcha the /good/ stuff, with some extra bread thrown in there. Guards all busy chasin' th'hogwash goin' on in the city, so no one was there t'tell me 'no'." He gives a cheeky wink as he slides the tray in. 

Elbio was sitting down and now stands up as he nods, he has not  made any  attempts to escape, he has not complaned and even managed to get a guard to talk to him as the guard was WAY to quiet and it seemed annoying, he smiles a faint little bit"Hallo Bayshot"

"How're ya doin, Elbio?" The squirrel asks, dropping to a seat on the ground outside the cell. "Hellsteeth, village 'as really gone t'madness the past season. You been travellin' - th'whole land gone mad, or is it just Southsward?"

Elbio says, "Its been....ok"He shrugs,  the one  mountain with  crazy beasts wasnt fun  but thats too scary to mention, "Village gone mad...wot sort of mad?"

"All sortsa crime jus' started... Poppin' up!" Bayshoot throws his paws up. "Started with more... Y'know gamblin' and the like - that's harmless - but then beasts started getting hurt over debts. Things like that. Now we got beasts goin' /missing/ - an' of course, you know about that doe burnin' down the ol' Acorn Tavern." He sighs, his weight flopping back against the bars. "All just... /Started/ one day, an' hasn't let up since."

Elbio frowns as he listens, he isn't really too good at advise, but information is always good to have,"Maybe someone..dislieks someone?" He shrugs, "Or some like...causeing the  guards to be  busy and tried  so like they can do other things..had to tell, but ya  dont hear of too many like..evil woodlander types..well I havent anyways"

"Aye, that's th'thing. Figure beasts is beasts, no matter what they are, but we don't /have/ vermin 'ere. So woodlanders doin' vermin crimes is just... I dunno, I don't like it. Nobeast does - poor Caps got 'is tail all in a twist over it. Don't think he's slept in weeks." The squirrel sighs and stands, his paws going to his hips. "But, hey - I'm not supposed t'tell ya this, but I like you, Elbio. So ya didn't hear it from me - but we aren't gonna keep ya much longer. Boss knows we got more important things ta worry about, figures you've served yer time. So just hang in there, aye?" He gives the hare a warm smile. "An' enjoy yer stew, had it meself today. Real treat. I'll see ya next shift change, eh?"

Prison Tail pt. 2
Ft. Elbio, Jinora as GM
Location: Southsward Guardhouse

Evening is falling, pulling the last dregs of sunlight from the floor of Elbio's cell. Those rays cling to the walls for just a moment longer, before the sun relinquishes its hold on the day and lets the guardhouse slip into darkness proper. However, it is not that way for long, as a squirrel and his torch come into view - but, this time, Bayshoot is not alone. The mouse, Stryk, the captain of the Southsward guard, accompanies him to the door of the hare's cell.

Elbio has been getting some nap time in, not much else to do in his cell

"Wake up." Stryk grunts, the sudden jangling of keys and metal-on-metal shredding the silence. "Yer free t'go. Bayshoot here has your things and then some."

Elbio mutters something and opens his eyes, he sits up and rubs his eyes " ta go?" He  tilts his head as if  wondering if there is a catch or not.

"You've served the appropriate sentence for th'crime which you commited." Stryk answers, impatiently. "However, there remains the issue o'yer... Friends." He sighs, and pulls a sealed scroll from a compartment at his belt. "This is for them, should you find them after leaving. It explains that they owe a fine of twenty coppers, each, to the Southsward guard for their actions and fleeing th'law. Should they enter this Village, they will be under close scrutiny, for I do /not/ give second chances lightly." The mouse sighs, still offering out the scroll. "Bayshoot will get your things in order, and then you are free to leave."

Elbio listens carefully and gets the scroll, he nods "Yes sur.."Always respectful or least he tries to be."

With a nod of finality, Stryk turns on his heel. He leaves, but not without first calling over his shoulder: "I better not see you again!" As he does. Bayshoot has a lighter demeanor, as always, and grins at the hare. "Your gear is this way!" He waves a paw, indicating Elbio should follow.

Elbio nods as he follows and glaces around slightly, "You know he...may see me again, never know as me friends are likely lookin' fer me...or I think they are anyways, then never know they may of decided to head on without me"He smiles "Guess will have ta find them"

"And I wish ya luck, Elbio!" Bayshoot grins, leading the hare to a locked closet. Another jangle of keys later, and there is revealed a chest similarly locked. Another jingle, another click of keys, and a bundle of Elbio's belongings are handed back to him. "Cap is one thing, but /I/ say that you should buy me a drink if you ever see me out on th'town. Y'know, as payment fer shooting me shoulder." The squirrel winks before giving a high, twinkling laugh. He's a good beast. "Anything else ya need before we send you on yer way? It's getting dark, but there's an inn nearby. I can tell you that yer friends aren't in the Village, at least not that the guard knows of."

Elbio nods "I could..suppose go to the inn"He smiles "And...thanks, and again sorry fer the shoulder, I  will least stay til sometime after breakfast...well  got to find a lace fer breakfast and then  find me friends"

"I wish ya luck, mate." Bayshoot gives Elbio a genuine, kind smile. "And don't mind ol' Stryk. He's a good beast, just... A lot on 'is plate. What with th'village turnin' itself on its head in a fit of madness." He laughs again, accompanying the hare to the door and seeing him out. "Good luck!" He calls into the night.

Elbio nods as he starts to walk off as he has his things back, the scroll placed in his bag "So...find me de morning"Course they could find him first.

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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

==A new friend and news==

Characters: Elibo  Sola   and a couple assorted beasts walking around...

Elbio has been exploring since he was released the night before.he stayed in the inn as he  did have a little  coin on him, and enough for a little breakfast.He ended up washing dishes to earn a little more coin and then went to try and find his two friends but the more he looked the more  he wondered if they just abandoned him after all.

Sola has heard about the patrol being in town and their little brush with the guards. They were trying to keep the whole thing quiet at the castle for fear of the gossip spreading. Sola had other things on her mind when she heard they were around though and had made some excuse to come down to the village. She'd asked around and been directed to the village grounds as apparently the last place the mystery patrol hare was last seen. Dressed entirely in veils and flowing fabric to hide scars she stands out in the crowds a bit, the only thing to show she's a hare to is her one remaining ear.

Elbio has paid attention to his surroundings as that is always needed. He was only looking for his friends, he was sure they would come find him as he keep the scroll in his knapsack, he also decided to look for some clues and maybe find that mystery doe on his own, so far no luck as maybe she  really is a bad beast  sort  if she is avoiding others or maybe she is scared, he just wanted to  find out.He also was a little turned around in the  village.He sighed and  did notice the fancy looking hare but for now stayed where he was by one of the trees.

Sola is looking for a hare, had a description from the guards and knew most of the locals so spotting an unfamiliar hare lurking about the trees is fairly simple even with her one eye. She heads his way, looking him up and down as she gets closer and hesitating slightly before she quietly speaks "Excuse me, would you happen to have recently been staying at hospitality of the village guards?"

Elbio is unsure whether to answer and  speaks "I..was in a cell if that's wot ya mean, I..well"He thinks, they  did treat him ok and the food was surprisingly good, the bed cozy "There was a bit of a misunderstanding is all but I served the needed time and need to find my friends a needed fine"Which he paid his so the others need to pay their now or least he hopes that  guard  took the payment to where it was needed.

Sola does has a rather round about way of saying it but nods once, almost bowing her head. Apparently that was what she meant "Yes, I had heard of the situation. Word was sent...Is it true that, um, you all are of the Long Patrol? From the mountain of Salamandastron? On behalf of a Badger Lord?" she's practically whispering as if it's some sort of secret.

Elbio says, "We are going  places all over the lands to recruit new members for the Long Patrol..I am Elbio, for now a recruit and likely till get to the mountain, which  won't be for a while I think"

Sola doesn't get a whole lot of facial expressions due to the veil hiding everything but her eyes and even then one of the lenses in her glasses is blacked out so it's just the one good eye and an ear to work off. She tilts her head, that might be curiosity "Oh. I was unaware that the Long Patrol did things like that. So you have...never been to their mountain?"

Elbio shakes his head, he is honest at least and it's good to be  right now, "I have not..Monty and Adrian have...and one other with us, oh she has not either...but I am sure it's really neat place"

Sola's eye looks disappointed "Oh...Then I am sorry to have bothered you...Are your friends around? Is that everyone in your group?"

Elbio  says, "I am trying to find them and yes just the 4 of us..I will find them and have them pay the fine and be on our way"Or he hopes to be on their way soon but he does want to stick around and find out more of who ever the other doe is."Or we are..going soon anyways

Sola starts to look a little worried this time and glances away, looking around "Oh, but you must find them...And come to the castle. We don't have the Long Patrol here. We were curious of your mission in the area...though I fear I don't know of many hares in the area to join you"

Elbio nods and shrugs "I..don't know if we will...come to the castle or not. may be best to avoid it. I will leave it up to  my  commanding officer though"

Sola is alarmed this time "But you have to!" she says before quickly remembering that she has no authority over anything and shrinks down a little, looking at the ground "I mean...his majesty appeared to be curious. He may request it. Once you have found your friends"

Elbio nods "Maybe...we are trying to find out wot been going on with someone that caused a tavern fire and  guess there been robberies around the village, some white furred doe..but she could be long gone now"

Sola's eye frowns and her one and a half ears go back a bit "Oh. Her. I had heard of the incident, the damage she caused and the death of the tavern's owner. It would perhaps be best left to the guards" she doesn't sound like she's a fan of the doe.

Elbio says, "Help is always good, if they want some help that is...if not we will likely just go..maybe see the castle and be on our way."

Sola looks back at the village again "I...I don't really know what they want" she looks down again, a little unsure of everything "But, but they are the law here and they must catch that doe. She is clearly dangerous"

Elbio nods "I am sure she will be caught and...likely  the guards here will deal with her but maybe me and my friends can help catch her"

Sola starts to frown again "Well, I'm certain we have a nice spot for her in the dungeons at the castle. They are suitably dark and dank for her"

Elbio nods, he hmmms "Maybe  the castle  guards would be best to catch her....or the village guards hand her over maybe.I..don't really know"

Sola tilts her head slightly again "Well, they all work for his majesty. While the village guards have some freedom to handle their own area of Southsward and follow their captain we are all subjects of the crown. If they require assistance from the castle guards they will ask for it but their jail is likely not intended for long term guests...though I admit I have only seen the castle's cells and could not really compare"

Elbio nods, he is still looking around for one of his friends, well there is always stay in one place when one is lost so it could work as he sits down

Sola looks at him as he sits down without a word. There's an uncomfortable silence as she struggles to break it. Small talk is not her strong suit "Um...I am Sola. I work at the castle, as a servant for the royal family"

Elbio is curious "Servent?" He hopes that isn't slave, but  it's likely just a normal helper as he nods"Is it..exciting to work there?"

Sola nods once "We keep the castle clean and arrange everything for feasts or guests. It is...perhaps not exciting in the traditional sense of for instance your life of travels and adventure but the royal family have been good to me"

Elbio nods "Thats good and you likely have friends"

Sola seems thrown off by that and straightens up but sounds uncomfortable "I, um, well...we are very busy, there is much to do"

Elbio replies" Oh...well....ok."He sighs"I am wondering if my  fellow hares didnt just abandon me maybe, they likely could of easyly"

Sola doesn't make friends easily and gets fairly uncomfortable with anything too personal "I...I'm sure they would not. The Long Patrol is supposed to be very loyal...and brave..." She suddenly looks worried again "And dangerous"

Elbio says"The Long patrol dangerous?"He thinks on this and shrugs "Well to like bad beasts yeah, not to good beasts though"

"I meant dangerous for those within it" Sola clarifies "You do fight and chase...vermin" she seems uncomfortable with the idea.

Elbio nods " times yeah, but we also have times of fun and relaxing.Good and bad times"

Sola glances around to make sure no one's close before she looks down again and talks even quieter "My brother...often talked of the Long Patrol...I'm afraid I didn't see the appeal"

Elbio nods "Well its fer some and not for others, but you and your brother can meet some Long Patrolers maybe..I am one"

Sola shakes her head "He left to join them years ago...I don't know if he made it there...He was foolish to leave and I was foolish trying to follow him"

Elbio says, "Oh a,  likely long ways I suppose, maybe you can find out somehow"

Sola sighs very very quietly "Well, I had hoped you would know...but if you have not been to their mountain and he is not with you then I supposed you would not”

Elbio replies, "I'm..sorry, there is still a chance that  adrian and  Monty maybe know of him, if you get a chance to meet one of them you can ask”

Sola sighs quietly again and nods "Yes, perhaps...Do you know where they'll be? Would they be in the village if they are" she pauses. What's the nice way to put it "Hiding from the guards?”

Elbio hmmms "Umm...very possible on the hiding part"

Sola shakes her head "I mean, would they be in the village if they are looking to avoid the guards?...I mean, perhaps they're outside the village?"

Elbio nods" I am unsure, they likely know by now I was...welll not captured I surrendered to them...and they would know the guards would of taken me to the city so, if they wanted to they would come find me..I think"

Sola looks curious "Do they know beasts here who are giving them this information?...The guards do control the gates so perhaps they would find it difficult to sneak in?"

Elbio nods "Likely....I should probably see if they are just close by the gates maybe, they do have a fine to pay so will...have to come back or elsewhere to pay it"

Sola nods along "They may not be aware yet but if you find them you can ensure that they do...and you might ask if they know of a Gregorian Harthwill?...I'm sure they will be close if they are looking for you. You can save them from attempting to sneak in"

Elbio nods as he smiles "Good plan and...less trouble for them, thanks Sola"He will remember the name "Maybe we can see you at the castle, I can..mention the king was maybe interested in speaking"

Sola bows her head slightly "I imagine his majesty would be curious to meet some of the Long Patrol...Once you have all cleared things up with the guards of course. We can't very well have criminals to lunch at the castle...I will ensure to be there" she backs off "I should, um..." what was the excuse she used to come to the village? She takes a moment to remember "Do my shopping...Thank you"

Elbio nods and heads off, after a little confusion he finds the gates and slips out "Now to find my friends"

The hare Elbio quickly looked through the paths, the woods till he found the camp where the others sleep.He got out the scroll, he also had info.A frown...should he wake them up? Yes it was important..."Hope you forgive me guys but this is important..."

==Ok so looks like Elbio is back with the others smile Gives the scroll on the fines needed to pay and info he has:How there was gambling and then of course the tavern fire and then robberies and missing beasts.... hopefully they  didn't get too mad at being woke up in like..we can say middle of the night tongue ===

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Re: The Tenderfoot Chronicles; a Long Patrol Adventure

Smoke and Mirrors, pt. 1
Ft. Elbio, Monty, Adrian, and Jinora as GM
Location: Southsward

Southsward Village shows Halyard for the petty fishing town it truly is, simply by offering such a comparison. It's a beautiful place, bustling with activity and business; vendors clog the streets, beasts in lavish silks and burlap rags alike brush shoulders amid lovingly crafted buildings and paved streets. To the Long Patrol hares, it would likely seem like it's the 'big city'. But they aren't here to be tourists.

It doesn't take long before the group begins to see signs and whispers of the sinister crimes about which Elbio learned in the guardhouse. Pieces of parchment bearing the visages of about a dozen different beasts are nailed to a notice board - a mouse, a rabbit, two squirrels, an otter, and more - all missing. A shrew is nailing another to the board as the recruiters approach, tears staining her fur dark. A short conversation explains that her son worked at the Acorn Inn, a tavern that was burnt down recently. He had just found a new job, but he hadn't told her where. She hasn't seen him in a week. A group of beasts grumble about the loss of the Acorn Inn, but they seem to think that the new tavern isn't all that bad. Always busy, though, always crowded.

Outside of the orphanage, a mouse dibbun approaches them. She looks well taken care of, but heartbroken... She just wants some coin. Just a little coin - her father, the gambling debts - she just wants to see him again. If she can raise enough, maybe she can buy him back. She is bustled away by a caretaker before she can elaborate.

Bayshoot, the squirrel guard Elbio accidentally shot, but whom became friendly with him during the hare's short incarceration, spies them in the streets, and his face lights up. "Elbio!" He calls out, waving a gauntlet-clad paw. "And... Friends!"

Elbio smiles, he greets Bayshoot as a friend as he walks over "Hey ya Bayshoot..."He looked at a couple wanted posters and is gonna let Monty and Adrian do some questioning. He does know of the missing beasts, not who is missing just that beast are missing.

Monty approaches Bayshoot, the young hare a little on the cautious side, despite the squirrel's friendly nature. "Aye," he responds, before he glances towards Elbio. "Friends."  He glances back over his shoulder as if expecting someone to be watching them. "Elbio here mentioned that you were th'one who treated 'im civil while 'e was coolin' 'is heels in the cell. So, many thanks fer that." He eventually sticks out a paw, "Montgomery. Or Monty, if y'please. That's Adrian, if you already aren't aware." he gives a nod in Adrian's direction. "Huh. Don't even know -where t'begin, but, needless t'say, we have a few...questions. Inquiries, y'might say..."

Adrian glances around, to make sure Bayshoot's superior is nowhere in sight. He'd be very glad never to meet that squirrel again. "Corporal Adrian Swiftbuck, at yahr service. As Monty says, we 'ave many questions. First 'n' foremost, th' 'aremaid's name, wot."

"Er." Bayshoot rubs at the back of his neck. "Aye, Elbio was a nice change'a pace. Been nothin' but bad news an' missing beasts as of late - since you lot are Long Patrol, we're happy t'have an extra set of eyes on th'beat." The squirrel, young and fresh-faced, looks between the three hares. "Th'haremaid? Oh, her." The way he says 'her' holds a weight. "All we know is that she goes by 'Selena'."

Elbio nods "Ya mentioned..gambleing and I over heard  that mentioned  by a beast passing by and it seems others are missing, any ideas on that?"

Monty gives an amused glance towards Elbio at Bayshoot's words. "Y'hear that, Elb? For th'first time prolly ever in yer life, y'were considered a nice change o'pace. Who woulda thunk it?" he teases, reaching over to give the other hare a light bop on the shoulder. "Enjoy it while y'can." He clears his throat, trying to get serious once again. "And yeah, extra set o'eyes is wot we do best, mate." He rubs at his half-ear with a paw as he ruminates over the given name. "Selena, huh?" He thinks this over, letting the other two ask any other questions they may have. "She definitely was a fast 'un. Turned m'back fer a second and she was gone like a puff o'smoke."

Adrian hrmms. "Not just fast, crafty, too. I thought f'r certain that Yerna'd be able t' bloody well find 'er, but there's been no 'ide nor 'air. Still," he turns to Bayshoot, "Wot proof 'ave y' got that she burned down th' inn an' murdahed a beast?"

"Beasts started goin' missing a few months back - it got worse after th'Acorn Inn burned down." Bayshoot's face darkens. "We have our friend Selena t'thank for that." He nods to Adrian. "The whole thing happened in full view of... Well. Everybeast - she ran in with a torch. Soon, th'whole place was ablaze... Th'owner never made it out, but she was seen, all covered in soot, runnin' like th'dark forest itself was hot on 'er heels. Th'disappearances got worse after. Thankfully that new place opened up, got some more business an'work goin' but... Towns still a mess fer th'whole mess."

Elbio hmms "New place? Wonder if they have answers."He is curious of the idea and they need answers "So got worse, after this new place maybe, that sounds..odd"He looks to the other two hares "Doesn't it?"

Monty contemplates this new information, the buck beginning to slowly pace back and forth, paw rubbing at his chin as he tries to put everything together. "Suppose I play th'devil's advocate 'ere and suggest that mebbe she didn't intend t'set th'fire on purpose? Aye, it is an unwise idea t'go inside an establishment holdin' a lit torch, but...maybe th'girl was in a panic. Mebbe she was fleein' from someone, ran inside, and ended up droppin' th'torch?" He pauses. "Seein' it caused a fire, she wasn't sure wot t'do an' knew how bad it'd look, so...she fled?" He looks to Adrian and Elbio, before his gaze shifts to Bayshoot. "I know the girl's got a reputation, but...I'd like t'try and cover all possibilities, if possible. Innocent til proven guilty n'all that, y'know..."

Adrian likes to keep as open a mind as possible. The idea that the proprietors of the new tavern would have resorted to arson and murder sounds patently absurd, but... "Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth." He shakes his head. "Mah uncle Arthur used ta say that, wot. I think we need t' investigate all th' angles, as Monty says..."

"New place? Called 'Claws harbor'. But Selena... She's been trouble. Always gmblin, fightin', drink too much an' causin' a scene. She never... Well, she was always a woodlander at heart. Not one fer /murder/, but..." Bayshoot shrugs. "The new tavern is down Beech Street, if you're interested in checking it out. I'm supposed t'keep patrollin' the streets." Yerna raises an eyebrow. "So... Old inn burns down, new one crops up doin' just great an' that wasn't... Suspicious to ya?" Bayshoot shrugs. "There was an openin' what needed filling. Th'town helped fun the new construction, we needed another inn."

Elbio frowns as he listens, he has asked what he could think of to ask already. He then frowns "But why...disappearing for, why worse if had a new like, tavern wouldnt that be good and  bad?"

Monty seems quite pleased that Adrian agrees with him. He gives his friend a firm nod, before he glances back at Bayshoot. "Heh. T'be honest, sounds like a right proper Patroller durin' off hours," he chuckles. "Doesn't sound t'me like she was intendin' to murder anyone. I'm thinkin' first, I'd like t'get a good look at this new tavern. I wanna get some clear, hard facts b'fore we decide t'accuse someone o'murder. If evidence checks out an' she did do it intentionally, I'll be th'first one t'chase after 'er. But we gotta be absolutely sure first." He nods to Yerna's words. "Exactly. Somethin' just doesn't seem right about th'situation. Wot better way t'get attention off yer back than to accuse someone who already had a bad reputation? Makes it a heckuva lot easier for everyone t'believe she did it when she's gotta list attached to 'er back."

Adrian hrms, and nods his head again. "Th' whole thing smells fishy t' me. I say we check out th' new tavern, an' try to find out more about the missin' beasts. C'mon, let's go..."
Bayshoot looks at Elbio for a moment, head tilting. "Can't say for sure that I know what you're sayin', mate. But -" he focuses on Monty. "Like I said, Claws Harbor is that way." The way to Claw's Harbor is easy, and it's even easier to pick the place out once they're there. As the hares approach, it becomes apparent that Claw's Harbor is the place to /be/. The sounds of merriment and music are audible from the street; an upbeat tempo stomped out on real wood floors above the exuberant voices of a few dozen tenants. The noise hits them like a fist as the door is opened. Inside is standard for an inn - a counter, a bustling dancefloor, tables. Card games and smoke fill the secluded corners.

Elbio coughs a little and looks around, he frowns "Parts of this place are...creepy, and it's loud too"He points to some smoky corner and frowns, a glace around at some of the other  areas of the tavern as he looks to the other three hares , " wot?"

Monty gives Bayshoot a smile and a pat on the shoulder. "Thank y'kindly, mate. Hopefull we'll be seein' ya around, y'seem like a good sort. Enjoy th'rest of yer day." With that, the hare turns and heads over in the direction of the tavern. Upon arriving, he folds his ear-and-a-half against the back of his head, wincing a little as that loud music hits them. "Surprised th'doors 'aven't been blown off already!" he calls to Adrian loudly, trying to get his voice to carry over the noise. "So, mate, yer th'brain o'this operation. Wotta ya wanna do? Find someone suspicious lookin' t'question might be a good start!" He takes the opportunity to take a good look around the place, his eyes searching out any potential clues.

Adrian has never taken up pipe smoking, so the smoky interior makes him couch, until he gets acclimated. He yells back to Monty, "We split up. Speak t' whoevah looks suspiciou or outta place. I'm goin' ovah t' th' bar, see if I can't speak t' th' proprietor... Elbio... See if y' c'n get upstairs... Monty... Check out th' rest o' this room..."

There's a good plan Adrian has - split up, look for clues... But someone suspicious isn't... Difficult to find. In fact, it would seem that they see the Patrol hares before they see her. There is a sudden, loud shout as a table is suddenly, and violently, upended. And running away from it? An all-white doe. She's wearing a hooded cloak, but it falls back as she starts running, racing up the stairs towards the rooms above. There are disgruntled shouts around the tavern as she bowls through people... And the mouse behind the bar drops down, paws clamped over his ears like he's afraid of something.

Elbio looks around and catches sight of the mouse and frowns as he heads over that way to see what is going on, hopefully another saw the doe run off.

Monty happened to be near the table where the white doe had been seated, and he is the closest as she pushes over that table and flees upstairs. "GAH!" He narrowly avoids getting bowled over by said table, taking a bounce backwards and landing on his footpaws. Watching the suspect darting upstairs, Monty quickly hurries after her, racing up the stairs in close pursuit. "You guys stay down there, stand by th'door in case she comes back down!" he yells behind him, as he gives chase.

Adrian had been pushing his way toward the bar, when the commotion starts and the doe runs upstairs, with Monty in hot pursuit. Instead on proceeding over to the bar, he turns and heads back to the entrance, blocking it enough that the doe will have to run into him should she try to escape.

The bartender looks up at Elbio with surprise. "She's going t'get us all in trouble!" He moans. Upstairs, there are 4 rooms branching off of one hallway - no windows... And no hare.

Elbio frowns "In trouble? Wot sort of trouble?" He is starting to wander if the doe is a friend or foe, he is confused and not sure what to do"Why? Where would she go? Who would she talk to? Is she like some...beast in charge of something or just..worries too much?"

Monty makes it upstairs, and he skids to a stop in the hallway. "Hey!" he calls out. "Hey, we don't wanna hurt you, we just wanna ask you a few questions! Honest!" He carefully and cautiously goes from room to room, searching, with seemingly no success, as he opens each door. "...I don't think you set that fire, if it means anything! If you come out, I promise I won't take you in or report you...we can just chat, you and I, if you'd like...!" He frowns, as he seems to be baffled as to where she could have gone.

"You... You aren't here from /him/, are ya?" The mouse looks up at Elbio, confusion reflecting on the bartender's face. "You need ta go - you need ta leave!" Upstairs, Monty finds locked door after locked door after locked door after- open door? Selena has only made it halfway out the window of the fourth room. She pauses, eyes wide. They're pink. "Who are ya, an' wot are ya chasin' me for? I got nothin' t'do with ya. Did 'e send ya? I'm all paid up, so you cin tell Gutclaw t'git stuffed."

Adrian maintains his place by the door, but no hares seem to be making an appearance. He frowns, straining to overhear what is being said between Elbio and the mouse.

Monty seems rather relieved as he manages to catch the doe before she makes her escape out the window. "I am from the Long Patrol, and all I wanna do is talk, miss! Yer bein' accused of some pretty bad stuff an' I wanna make sure th'right thing is done. I don't think y'did wot they're sayin' y'did, an' I need ya t'help me prove it!" he calls to her, in an attempt to get her to remain there in the room. "Please, jus' stay n'talk, I promise I'm not here t'hurt ya or take ya in!"

Adrian finally decides to abandon his spot by the door, deciding that the haremaid isn't going to make a sudden appearance anytime soon, and he strides over to the bar. "Mate, yahr already in a world o' trouble. We're th' Long Patrol, an' we 'ave reason t' believe that yahr conductin' some form o' illegal business in this 'ere establishment o' yours. So... You c'n talk 'ere, or me 'n' mah two mates will 'aul y' down to th' jail an' make y' talk *there*. Yahr choice, wot."
"/Him/." The mouse repeats. "You can't help, ya idiot! Just get out of here." Upstairs, Selena has paused, her brow creased in panic and mistrust. "Dun call me 'miss'. Aren't no 'miss'." She huffs. "An' I did everythin' they say I did, ya dolt, but..." Her eyes narrow. Long Patrol... The corners of her mouth twist in a smirk. "But I'm nay th'one yer lookin' for. Three doors down, talk to a shrew called 'Parsins'. Knock three times an' ask fer the Claw Brew. You'll get all the answers ya seek." And then... She's gone, again. Out the window. The mouse turns to Adrian, now. "I done nothin'! Nothin', I swears it! Now... Now..." He draws himself up, pointing a claw at the hare's chest, feigning bravery. "Get outta me inn, or I will call the guard on ya! Get!"

Monty can only stand there and watch as the doe makes her escape out the window. He rolls the words she spoke over in his head, eyes still trained on the spot she disappeared. He sighs heavily, beginning to pace in the room as he decides what to do. It seems he'd have to go and speak to this Parsins fellow. Things just seemed to get more complicated as they went, but in all honesty, Monty enjoyed it, just a little.

Adrian is not impressed in the least. He stands his ground. "Sah... I'm workin' wi' the guard right now, much as I wish I wasn't. Yahr threat doesn't scare me. Now then... Pour me a flagon of ale... There's a good lad..."

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