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#1 2018-02-23 08:51:33

Henry the Poet
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The wish to be a warrior OR All shapes should be squares - Redwall Log


The Dibbun Classroom of Redwall abbey, Late Winter.


-Oz, Dibbun Caretaker
-William “Bill” Bones, Dibbun Weasel
-Flametail, Squirrel Sow


    Flametail did volunteer to help, so today she decided to see what was needed done in the classroom and for now sat off to the side.   

Oz liked having helpers in his class, though he handled counting fairly well as a mouse dibbun counted out some buttons into his paw and smiles “It...10?” Oz nods “Yes Softfur your right” The mouse dibbun seemed very happy on getting it right and sat down in front of Oz so whomever was next had a turn trying out a math problem.

Up next is a sad looking weasel dibbun. He comes up and stares at the buttons. He counts and recounts several times before declaring, “Seven!”

Flametail watches the dibbuns with interest, mainly to see just how this lesson goes. One dibbun, a mole starts to sit next to her and she nods a hello, the mole giggles and just smiles. Seems the mole is a little young to do too much yet but has tried to count, but too shy to talk too much, but they do watch the others.

Oz does change the number of buttons in his paw and yes he knows how many is in his paw each time, he waits as the weasel counts a few times and smiles as he gets it right “Very good...” He changes the number and a vole tries, “5...teen?” Oz smiles “Its...4...see 1-2-3-4...”The vole nods and repeats it as they count and sits down. Oz smiles “It’s ok to get one wrong, we are here to learn after all. Maybe we can go on to shapes...Flametail could you bring those over please, the wooden shapes they should be in a box close to the doorway”

The young weasel sits down looking perplexed. “I just guessed at random,” He mutters to himself.

Flametail nods and she goes to look for the box, she does find it and brings it over to Oz “Here you go Oz.”

Oz smiles and nods his thanks, he can tell the shapes by feel and touch as he gets out a circle” Ok...anyone what shape is this one?”

The weasel stares at the circle intently and then rises his hand. “Square,” he says matter-of-factly.

Flametail stays quiet, it’s not her job to correct it? She knows shapes of course though could work on her counting skills but she keeps that to herself as she is good at reading and writing. Yeah she is an adult who can like count to 5...maybe 6, so what.

Oz speaks “It’s a circle Bill....a circle goes around and has no end.” He feels for where the square is and finds it, “This is a square...4 sides and 4 corners. Squares can be seen a lot and some of the windows are squares.”

There is bit of snickering from a few of the dibbuns. The vermin child stares at the square and the circle for a bit. “But sir,” says the weasel named Bill as he points that circle, “way can't that one be called a square too?”

Flametail frowns at the dibbuns who laugh “Hey...not nice to laugh, all learn at like...different paces” Yeah that sounds good...not that she paid much attention in dibbun school, she sort of decided to skip a lot and be this great warrior....yeah didn’t go that well.   

Oz hmmms “Well each shape has its own name...all are different. Not to worry you will learn all the shapes after a few classes as this is your first class. There is much to learn...counting, knowing shapes and colors...reading and writing and knowing some history is important as well.”

“That's complicated,” mutters the weasel. He then thinks hard for a minute and says, “I've decided. From now on, all shapes must be squares.” There is a good deal more snickering at this.

Flametail says, “That would be interesting but don’t think its possible”

Oz smiles “Well there are circles, squares...rectangles also.” He gets and shows the rectangle” Sort of like a square...almost but 2 sides are longer than the other two sides.

“No sir, you misunderstand,” Bill explains carefully, “from now on, they must all be squares.” At this, some of the dibbuns burst out laughing.

Flametail decides to speak up “Sadly who ever made shapes, like 1,000's of seasons ago, made the rules that different shapes have different names so blame them, got ta stick with the rules.”

Oz frowns “Alright...let's all calm down, perhaps we can end the lesson a little early today. “He puts the shapes back into the box” And yes shapes have been around a long time, I do not know who decided names for them, it was even before Martin the Warrior's time that shapes got names.”

The weasel is saddened by the news that not all shapes can have the same name and stares at the floor. At the Oz's last comment, however, he looks up curiously and raises his hand. “Sir,” askes Bill, “Who is Martin the Warrior?” Almost all of the class roars with laugher.

Flametail frowns, but she will be quiet, she knows of him yes but not a lot about him herself...well guess she can learn something today as well, she hopes.

The weasel dibbun stares down at the floor. “Sir,” says the vermin slowly, “do you think I could be a warrior... like Martin?”

Flametail lets the badger answer that, it is his classroom after all.

Oz says, “ can be brave and helpful, but we do try to discourage beasts who want to become warriors. Martin did other things as well, he even laid aside his sword and became a Brother in the abbey after a while.”

“But why should a beast not be a warrior?” askes the weasel curiously.

Flametail raises a paw “If I could....being a warrior isn’t all fun and games, it can be hard. Yeah you do help beasts...but beasts get hurt in fights and sometimes killed. A warrior life isnt an easy life. There does need to be warriors around to help those who need defenders and for times a place is under attack”   

Oz sighs, “I never did like weapons, I can use a staff for self-defense...pretty good with a staff but only when needed. My brother was a warrior, as was my nephew is a warrior also.”

“I understand that ma'am,” the weasel says looking at the squirrel, “but if I was a warrior...” he looks at the floor sadly, “If I was a warrior... my mom would still be alive.”

Flametail frowns at this “Maybe...maybe not. Never know with things like that...” Yeah now she will just be quiet.

Oz frowns also “Being a warrior doesn’t mean you can save...everyone.” He won't ask what happen as he sighs “Maybe we can all get some fresh air outside...I am sure Sister Ginney is fine with reading and witting being a little later today.”

Rest of the class gets up and exits the classroom one at a time, leaving bill alone on the classroom floor. “Mom...” he whispers to himself, “I will warrior. I will save everyone.”


"Oh, dainty triolet! Oh, fragrant violet!
Oh, gentle heigho-let (or little sigh)
On sweet urbanity, though mere inanity, to touch their vanity we will rely!"
-Chorus. "P'raps If You Address The Lady Most Politely." By Gilbert&Sullivan. Princess Ida.


#2 2018-02-23 08:52:35

Henry the Poet
Registered: 2017-05-04
Posts: 45

Re: The wish to be a warrior OR All shapes should be squares - Redwall Log

For anyone wondering, sow is the term for a female squirrel.

"Oh, dainty triolet! Oh, fragrant violet!
Oh, gentle heigho-let (or little sigh)
On sweet urbanity, though mere inanity, to touch their vanity we will rely!"
-Chorus. "P'raps If You Address The Lady Most Politely." By Gilbert&Sullivan. Princess Ida.


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