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A Decision In A storm-Redwall Log

Oz-Papa Oz and Dibbun Caretaker of Redwall
Krisha-Badger maid
spoofed twin dibbun voles.

RW Abbey: South Walltop
Trees, trees, and more trees! Little more is visible when looking out from the southern walltop. Elm, beech, and oak pan out in a bushy canopy as far as the eye can see. A few particularly old trees poke out above the others, stretching their gnarled limbs towards the few clouds in the azure sky. In the distance, the dirt road winds its way southward, cutting a snakelike path through the trees.

Below, outside the Abbey walls, lie the grasslands, streching for quite a ways. Inside, dibbuns frolic merrily in the sun. The south wall radiates heat, oppressing, stifling, and unavoidable. Straining one's eyes through the shimmering air, one might be able to glimpse St. Ninian's church.

Oz was up on the wall top/ It was a good place for a quiet talk and he had taken an extra hour to himself today.   

Krisha made her way up the steps and over towards Oz, "Hello" She greeted him simplify as she looked over the woods. road and paths. The view was nice up here.   

Oz says, "Greetings Krisha. I am glad to hear your voice. If I may, a small chat?"   

Krisha looks ready to walk away but asks "Chat?" Why chat, she just recently started speaking again and would rather not chat too much. But she decides "Ok.." But he most likely will do most of the talking.   

Oz leans on his staff, his knee was hurting him, he disliked the knee sometimes but it was fine as he spoke to the badger maid" It is alright Krisha, not a long chat. I just wish to discuss something with you and then you can reply if you would like."   

Krisha says, "Ok..will..I will try" She says softly as she watched and listened "Are...are you ok?"
Oz replies "My knee hurts at times, a lot in colder months or in this case when a thunderstorm will most likely happen sometime soon" The sky was very cloudy in fact." I have been...thinking, more so after a visitor to me a couple days ago."   

Krisha was confused “ to me, did beast know me?" She cleared her throat, she was talking more and more as the days went bye.   

A loud thunderclap sounded and some rain started to fall, most outside started to go in, but a couple dibbuns playing hide and seek..were unable to as another thunderclap, heavier rain and a dibbun clearly wailing, two in fact..they were new to the abbey and twin hedgehog dibbuns recently orphaned.   

Oz frowns "Maybe elsewhere for a chat...." Yes he heard the dibbuns also. The closest place to get out of the rain was the bell tower, but first finding the two dibbuns before the rain and wind got worse.   
Krisha spotted the two dibbuns and went to, if allowed, to scoop them up "I have them...we go where?"   

The two dibbuns clinged to the badger maid and whimpered, they felt safer but still this is a rain storm and they are very young dibbuns and that always doesn’t add up well.   

Oz was already soaked “Bell tower" He states and heads that way, there was no need for the bell to be rang right now, and..well duhh, beasts knew to get out of the rain.   

RW Abbey: Bell Tower
The interior of the Bell Tower of Redwall Abbey is cool and
quiet. At least when the bells are not ringing and from inside
the care and workmanship devoted to the rebuilding can easily
be seen. After every forth row of sandstone bricks held in
place by mole made mortar is a row of stout cast iron brackets.
Designed to help support the hollow structure.
The iron work was also carried over into the beautiful wooden
staircase. The steps are made from carved oak planks pinned into
sockets in the wall by iron frames and the bannister has had a
lot of care and attention lavished on it. The hand-rail is oak
to match the steps but the balusters are made from cast iron
moulded into the shape of Mice wearing the robes of the order
of Redwall.
The stair spirals up the length of the tower, a span of at
least two storeys from the ground to the first floor. It is a
simple wooden floor filling the width of the tower and from
here the Bellringers can use the ropes to sound the Matthias
and Methuselah bells.
From the first floor an iron ladder set into the sandstone
wall allows access to the actual Belfry where the bells are
hung. It is possible to climb all the way up to the open canopy
at the top of the building and the huge rafters that support
the twin bells of Redwall Abbey.
Matthias and Methuselah Bells

Krisha followed and held the two dibbuns close till they were in the bell tower and she looked around inside it with awe. "This is...neat"   

The two dibbun voles stayed close, one stayed with Krisha and the other wanted Oz to hold them.   

Oz smiled, he sits and lets one dibbun in his lap "You are good with dibbuns Krisha, so this makes me feel it’s a wise decision of my next few words....would you like to start helping me with the dibbuns, learn to care for them, I can teach you a lot and some can be learned simply watching, yes books are nice but books don’t always help one learn everything all the way, books help yes but nit the same as  doing to learn a skill."   

Krisha blinks " you?" She smiles as a dibbun hugs her and falls asleep in her lap, she watches them a while before she speaks to Oz again "I..would like to, but why ask me to help, you help...others..."   

Oz says, "The silent one speaks again, when the one who has lost a voice most precious, finds her treasured voice once more. From life’s first cry, she knew not her own kind, but finds it once more and her destiny found" He says and tilts his head." You Krisha"   

Krisha gets more confused now, it’s a little scary and it’s not like she shared her history with, well hardly any, like two beasts.
Oz goes on to explain " I won’t be around forever, now it’s not for a long time...I was assured of that and was told of this, to train a replacement so she is ready for when she is needed, how would I know I asked him....and those words came to my mind. But to be ready means some seasons of learning, training, and getting to know things of the abbey. Also a clear love of dibbuns, a true heart and one whom would be a protector of dibbuns"   

Krisha says, "But...who said? I..." Not that she be against it, no..she would see dibbuns the few times she would be outside as she lived not far from a small campsite and village. She freed dibbns when she was enslaved and it earned her many days of beatings from her captors but she didn’t care at the time, she opened the cage and then fought back the slaves till they recaged her, giving up her chance to save dibbuns."Who?"   

Oz answers "The one on our tapestry...Martin the warrior." He listened to the rain as it started to slow, the other dibbun with them now sleeping.."Please say yes. Also keep this between us, for now. Beasts have helped me with the dibbuns yes..sometimes a lot but this is...." He has a far off look "Important, when I pass on to the dark forest....they can’t be alone and without someone. They will need a badger mother." Yes many seasons it was true, but one doesn’t wait last moment.   

Krisha was quiet, maybe he thought she was not answering but she did finally "Yes...I will train. I will help." She lays a paw on his shoulder. “And not tell anyone yet of training ne Badger Mom one day..not even Xander" It was the most words she had said in a long while, and she was unsure of how they so easily came but she smiled. Maybe this was her path, her destiny one day in the future, she hoped not too soon as she still knew they needed Papa Oz as well, that and she wanted to be ready when the time came and title was passed onto her....but something seemed to tell her, whenever that day was, she would be ready.   

Oz smiled, a weight off his shoulders one could say as he nodded "Thank you Krisha. I am glad and it helps me to know I need not worry about my dibbuns, that when it’s time you will be there for them."

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Re: A Decision In A storm-Redwall Log

ICly: Knows nothing.

OOCly:  This is so cool!  I'm excited to see how this plays out smile


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