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Eat somethng,Drink Something and Rest...NOW!-Redwall Log

Redwall Log:
Oz-Papa Oz and Dibbun Caretaker of Redwall
Xander-Leader of Mossflower Defenders
Zolomon-Archer hare in Mossflower Defenders
Krisha-Badger Maid

RW Abbey: Great Hall
The Great Hall of Redwall Abbey. Countless paw falls have echoed from these stones, and untold numbers of feasts and merry gatherings have been held here.  A table, not nearly so grand or large as its predecessors, but quite functional for mealtimes, rests near the center of the hall. Chairs exist here aplenty, and they are all of a matching set. High above, the stain glass windows give the Great Hall a beautiful appearance.  The glasswork is exceptionally done, crafted by a skilled artist.  The floor is clean and swept. A fire is kept burning in the fireplace at almost all times of the day and night, and there are several more comfortable chairs and cushions set up here, of varying sizes. One looks large enough to easily accommodate a badger.
The Tapestry hangs proud and tall, and while the rest of Redwall may still bear the scars of natural disaster, this most famous of Redwall's relics remains unharmed by beast, time, or the elements. The figure of Martin the Warrior seems to be watching over his own with an unchanging, kindly gaze.

Xander sat in the large chair, being fairly quiet at the moment and looking like he was loss or maybe that he lost something of great value.

The hare Zolomon was beside him "Come on Xandy...cheer up, eat something...drink some juice, Ale, tea? Ya not ate for the past 2 days..."   

Oz voice comes from the stairs as he comes into view "He hasn't what for two days?.. Xander why would you do such a thing and as hot as it’s been the past couple days drinking enough water is very important"   

Xander looks up from his uncle's chair..they do seriously need another one in here this size, he sighs " I..she's gone, when he left she did..n..never gonna see her gain" Hos voice is tried, and he has been inside most of the past couple days but still has had maybe a sip of water a couple times, the whole time and nothing to eat yet.   

Zolomon frowns and then frowns at Oz "Ozzy..maybe ya can get some sense into his head"
Oz  asks " Who is gone?" He has been busy with keeping the dibbuns out of mischief and there was the thunderstorm he had to deal with. Though the rain did cool it off, then it got hot again so some more rain would be welcomed.   

Xander speaks softly "Krisha..." He sounded broken and slowly stood up, he was going to get out of the room before anyone had time for a possible lecture.   

Zolomon ears droop, he then speaks Ya should still eat...where ya going Xandy ya in no shape to go fer a blooming walk"
Oz goes to block Xander's path" You WILL eat something and have tea with me before you leave and that's not a request" He isn’t happy, he is concern in fact.   

Xander goes to push his uncle out of the way and if able he starts to walk away only to become light headed and then pass out as he falls sideways.   

Zolomon watches and then his eyes widen "Xandy!" The hare is not able to fully help make sure an almost fully grown badger doesn’t fall over.   

Oz snorts as he is pushed aside and then quickly acts to catch Xander before he hits the floor and grunts a little as he slowly lowers him the rest of the way to the floor and checks his pulse.   

Xander pulse is a little weak but luckily not slowed much. He responds a little to the talking around him.   

The hare looks worried "Should I go find Brother L?...D?...Or maybe Abbot B?"
Oz says, "First you take a deep breath and stop panicking and then you get a small glass of water to give to Xander and a pillow also."   

Zolomon nods and quickly heads to the kitchen   

Xander groans weakly as he lays on the floor, the last week has not been the best for him over working, then dealing with that Drake mouse, arguing with beasts at the tavern, then Ferro and.....and the badger maid, someone he believes he will never see again and he blames himself.   

Krisha decided a walk was good and she did rest some, besides she needs to find the cellar and she doesn’t know where it is, but she stops in her tracks as she sees Xander and rushes over going to move Oz out of the way if need be and lays a paw on Xander's forehead and check.   

Oz is startled he stumbles sideways and shakes his head. He was focused on Xander and didn’t hear the footpaws till they were beside him and looks a bit confused he was even pushed aside. The footpaws are faintly familiar but he has only heard them once and they are has yet to get back in the room.   

Xander response a little to her touch but is clearly still not fully conscious   

Krisha frowns, she glances at Oz and then Xander and something she hasn’t done in over 2 seasons, "X...X....X" She coughs a little, her throat hurts and her voice is a bit rough from not being used, but it’s a word and her first in over 2 seasons "X...Xander......" Worry and maybe some fear comes though and a couple more coughs.   

The hare arrives "I have...water" Surprise in his voice and he almost drops the glass and then goes if he can to offer Xander some or if Krisha wants to offer it he will hand it to her.   

Oz blinks, he doesn’t know that voice and it sounds struggled, he thinks the footpaws and he knows now it’s a badger and the concern for Xander is clear “Krisha?"   

Xander moves slightly, the voice does get a response even if a weak one but it’s not like he would know whom it is yet as his eyes are still closed.   

Krisha gets the glass and offers the water to Xander in hopes that he will drink some. She looks at the hare and at Oz and frowns, no other words come just a concerned look   

Zolomon speaks "Yep tis lass said like one word...she spoke, sort of" He lets her get the glass and backs away "Should we get him to the infirm? I mean he needs something ta eat and drink and most likely rest be jolly well good too"
Oz nods "Yes" He stands slowly and lays a paw on Krisha shoulder" We need help getting him to the infirm and then getting him some vegetable broth and water, least till he is more awake and aware of whats going on."   

Xander sips some water and coughs a little, he sips a little more and seems a little more awake, just a little more.   

Krisha allows the paw there and then gently moves it after Xander drinks the water and lifts him up, yes she is stronger than she looks and goes to carry him to the infirm, she glances back to see if they are following or not before heading on up the steps.   

Oz follows after telling the hare to get some broth and water.

To which Zolomon goes as is soon following the two up to the infirm   

Xander feels himself being carried and opens his eyes slightly before they close again, who would be carrying him is one though going through his head and right now the headache he has is not helping.

RW Abbey: Infirmary
Several beds are lined against the red sandstone walls of the Abbey's Infirmary. An examination table, separated from the rest of the room by hanging blankets, rests against the far wall.  Tucked into a small alcove is a sizeable workbench with various containers for mixing and preparing medicinal compounds.  Against another wall is a desk for use by the Infirmary Keeper.  A curtained off alcove behind the desk hides a locked door to the Infirmary's supplies and linens.

Krisha lays him down on a cot gently and when able offers him water and soup to eat slowly   

Oz stays off to the side   

Zolomon enters and is on the other side of Xander" Xandy...Xandy please wake up and eat..drink something please. Me and Ozzy tis not the only ones who want you to try, ya still needed here and loved"

Xander does sip water and slowly eats broth as he comes to a little more. He knows he is needed and eating, drinking is a good thing to do after 2 and a half days. A little more broth is slowly eaten and water sipped but who is feeding him and helping him drink, as his eyes flutter open and he focus on whom it is beside him, besides the hare.   

Krisha is beside him, most likely with a spoonful of broth or some water to sip. When she notices Xander's eyes open she lays down what she has and lays a paw on his check. Again a single word.Still rough sounding but slightly clearer, "X..X..Xander?" She coughs a little as speaking she is not use to, but she forces herself to, she is worried still and shows she cares for Xander, perhaps a lot more than she thinks.   

And that makes his eyes snap open, first a blurred image of Krisha and..the voice, rough as it is it said his name earlier and not he is truely sure he wasn’t dreaming and now a 2nd time his name is said by the same voice, and the image is more clear as he comes more awake. "Krisha? spoke?" He sounds weak and tried.   

Zolomon smiles "I...ummm gonna get lunch, see ya later...get rest Xandy and I best see ya at dinner....or well I shall deliver dinner here as ya need rest" He hurries off as the lunch bell rings.   

Oz shakes his head and gets a wet cool rag and lays it on Xander's head "Zolomon is right Xander, please rest and do eat dinner later or I will have Brother Leon tie you to a bed in here and make you rest." He then smiles a little in the badger maids direction " I leave him in your paws for now, have him finish the broth and water and make sure he stays in here to rest." He then heads out of the room and to make sure the dibbuns don’t have a food fight.   

Krisha nods and smiles as Xander looks at her. She offers the rest of the broth and water. No other words it seems, least for now and it’s unclear if she will speak again at all.   

Xander feels tears go down his face, he does eat the rest of the broth and drink the water and these are not sad tears, they are happy she is here tears, "Krisha...your here..I..I thought you were gone’re not gone, you’re not leaving are you?" He is still worried as he goes to hold her paw in his.   

Krisha shakes her head no and lays a paw on his mouth to get him to stop talking. She makes a motion with her paws, to sleep now and sits beside him showing she will stay by his side as he sleeps   

Xander smiles and he lets some much needed sleep over take him, but one paw holds onto Krisha's paw as he does fall asleep.


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