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A Intresting Past .....History Roleplay

*** This is a role play I helped with, but I spoofed a character as it was something to help another show history of their character, I spoof a villain..hey Villains are FUN to role play. I also clearly logged this role play of an event that happen in the past, 2-3 seasons ago far south of Redwall *****


Mine: Spoofed Lizard Leader and Spoofed Hedgehog  Healer

Other people's chars: Krisha,Ferro, Spoofed lizards in tribe

The camp of the feared monitor lizards, a tribe of them lead by one taller than the rest and even more fearsome, the tribe was alive with action as two escaped slaves, two badgers a male and female had escaped and now were hunted down. The male fought off the lizards, killing many so his mate could escape, she didn’t get far as some injuries and pain caused her to tumble into a stream.

Ferro walked along and stopped, paw on his war hammer and then saw it was one of the badgers, he was a Monitor  from the tribe but so unlike the others, he went to her “You needzzzzz to get up…flee”

The female badger was too weak to do anything as she yelped in pain…”P..Please…baby… me”

Ferro hissed and then kneeled down “What….eggchick?” She had none…right?

The badger yelled in pain and shivered…”Baby….coming…please don’t let them…….”

Ferro frowned and decided he would help her, he stayed with her till the baby badger was born.

A female and a loud one, least till she found a  finger and gummed it.

Ferro eyes widen, he looked around surely it was heard, he started to say something to the badger and looked down, takes a pause and backed up…the mother was dead, childbirth too much for her as the monitor hissed and held the newborn close and ran off trying to not leave a trail.

The others followed Ferro until they lost him, they returned to the other two badgers, the adult badgers were dead but  still monitors care less….it was a meal and the leader planned to strike down the traitor Ferro…and get back what was rightly the tribe’s….the badger that got away, the small helpless newborn …Krisha.

===Seasons pass and that baby badger grows up into a very lovely badger maid that's  soon to enter into her adult seasons but not just yet.===

Krisha walked along the stream carrying a backpack, ever so often she would look over her shoulder as if she heard a sound and then continued on down the trail.

Little did the badger maid know she was being followed, the beasts blending in forest leaves, trees and shadows very well.

Krisha frowned but she was almost home, almost to the clearing. She started to walk a little faster, something didn’t feel right .

Suddenly out jumped a monitor, and then another and another and finally one rather large one, taller than the rest and sharpened claws and long fangs, he hissed and sneered going to grab her as the others blocked her path.

Krisha screamed loudly and did her best to fight back, evening managing to kill one of them before she was knocked out

From the cottage, Ferro heard the scream and bolted out of his small cabin, the cloaked beast rushing to the path, seeing the dead monitor he knew…he knew they were back and hissed loudly and gave chase!

The monitor tribe managed to keep away from Ferro for a little under half a season. In that time the badger maid slowly lost hope, she did manage to free a captive the lizards had, some old hedgehog who spoke of some place north called Redwall, but freeing him caused her captors to harm her more.

Krisha has been slapped, clawed, kicked and questioned repeatly over the half a season. Tears go down her face and her voice hoarse “N…No…..”

The leader of the monitor’s hissed low “SSSSStripedog will answer or it diessssssss!”

Krisha shakes her head refusing to talk.

“Where issssssssssssssssss he?!” The tall leader demands.

A hiss sounds from the nearby tree and a sound of something like wind or maybe whirling is heard.

“Who izzzz there ssssshow sssself!” The monitor looks around and motions for the others to look around

“Your death!!!!” A blur of dark green and blue with a hint of brown is seen and the whirling is a forge hammer and a mace in another paw on a long chain, it slams into the other monitors..1….2….3…..bring instant death to them all till only the leader stands and the mace is throw at him and a bloody forge hammer raised.

Krisha eyes widen “Father!” Her voice sounds strained, she has not seen him in half a season.

The leader is hit in the tail, losing it and the side of his body ripped open as he hisses and grabs his attacker by the throat “Ferro…….You worthlesssssssssss excussss for tribezzzzzz.”

Ferro struggles as his throat is grabbed and swipes a claw at the monitor, hissing low.

The leader goes to slam him into a tree repeatly  and drop him to the ground, he sneers over the other monitor…”Traitorzzzzzzzzzz……sentence….death!” He goes to slam the mace into Ferro’s throat.

Ferro groans and looks barely able to move as his vision starts to fail him and he looks up at his leader, a leader he betrayed and left some seasons ago...when he saved the life of a newborn

From behind the lizard leader a deep growl is heard and a beast with a chain aimed to swing once the lizard turns around to face a certain now peeved badger maid. She got her chain dug up from the ground and pulled,  she lived with a forge beast, a blacksmith and the chain is aimed to hit the lizard leader!

The leader stops to swing at the badger and the chain tangles around his throat as a couple gasps, a gurgle and he falls over dead dropping the mace before he falls limp and dead beside it.

Ferro vision fades “K..Krisha…………..”And his eyes close as he slips into a deep faint.

Krisha drops beside him as tears go down her face and she rocks his still form back and forth and holds him to her, her eyes widen as a faint…thump thump…is heard on the monitor’s chest and she picks him up and races off, a place nearby she remembered passing and even helped them escape from a cell…she soon arrives at the door of den and grunts.

An old hedgehog opens the door “Hello….”He backs up seeing the monitor in the arms of..wait..”You….” He looks between them confused.

Krisha holds Ferro out to the hedgehog tears down her face, muttering the last word she will say before she goes silent for who knows how long....”Father……”

The old hedgehog seems to understand and does his best to help the badger maid and the monitor Ferro, they are there for half a season as he tends to the badger maid and Ferro.

Ferro regains consciousness and was seriously surprised, helped by a hedgehog. “Where…”

Krisha greets him with a hug, but nothing more and goes to get the old hedgehog healer and bring him to Ferro.

The old hedgehog blinks “Whoa lass…oh he is awake, you had us concern, though most of it was written down. I am Howard.. a healer, your Krisha is interesting, she saved your life getting you here….”

Ferro sits up and nods “I am Ferro…mostly written?”

The old hedgehog sighs “She…has not spoken since her arrival here 5 weeks ago with you, all but one word..Father…I have examined her, other than weak from hunger and some bruises, couple nasty claw marks on her back and shoulder she is healed well….no throat injuries I..I am not sure what to say for her silence, maybe worry about you . Your welcome to stay the winter…may be unwise to travel…well for a lizard anyways”

Krisha stays silent the whole time of the stay, not once speaking as if her voice was somehow taken from her as well.

Ferro decided to take the hedgehog’s offer and stayed till Spring, he did kill a couple stoats and made a fur cloak for himself on chilly spring nights, but the stoats were after the hedgehog who said his goodbyes and spoke of Redwall, but the monitor decided to head to Ferravale instead, but did find a reason to go to Redwall……and maybe find help for his silent Krisha…silence the past 2 seasons…over that now, it was Summer now…there had to be something, anything to hear her voice clear again, for his daughter to say something………anything.

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Re: A Intresting Past .....History Roleplay

Wow....thanks for RPing this out.  What a sad (yet very cool) story! yikes


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