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Henry the Poet
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A feathery welcome OR Henry, explain! - Defenders Log


The entrance to Redwall abbey, fourteen days after the war began and ten days after the end of the last battle.


-Xander, Leader of the Mossflower Defenders
-Henry, Bird Bard of the Defenders
-Cynthia, Singer


Xander, leader of the defenders, (who had been on a trip) and Cynthia, singer and daughter of friar Lacota, had early reached Ferravale and just now reached the abbey. Meanwhile, the sparrows have started to live in the abbey itself and, so far, have not been having  problems living with the Redwallers.
It is unclear how long it will take before they will be able to return to the Loft.

Thus is the sparrow civil war...

Xander leaves his sword in the weapons area after stepping inside the gates and smiles "Home..." The other friiends were still in Ferravale, he could chat with them later. He looked to the side to see if another beast was still there or not.

Cynthia glaces around the entry and shrugs "Home guess, its been a little while for me...maybe I should of just stayed at the village or more so Halyard"

Xander frowns "You guess? I thought you missed the abbey?"

"Captain Winters, Sir!" Cries a voice from above. In front of that badger lands a black throated sparrow. His eyes are an unnatural golden color, and the smell of mint hangs about him. He throws a smart salute with his wing. "Welcome home, captain!" he chirps.

Cynthia shrugs "I...did" She blinks at the sparrow and backs up a little staying off to the side, she places the hood up on her cloak as a couple novice go bye and sits down on the steps going to the wall tops.

Xander starts to say something back when he spots Henry and smiles "Hello Henry, yes it's good to be back the trip went...fairly well."

"Fairly well is better than not well at all," say the sparra. "Things no go so well here at Redwall." As the black throated bird speaks, and group of dibbuns run of the abbey to play by the pond. In their groups is a few sparrow chicks.

Cynthia is curious of not so much the dibbuns as a tried looking abbey Sister runs after them but the sparrows with the dibbuns as she blinks "Since when did sparrows join in the fun?"

Xander frowns "Not so well, wot happen some of Quade's left over beast causeing trouble? I could scout the area if needed." He shrugs about the sparrows "Well...they are dibbun ones or...eggchicks think the sparrow call them." His attention goes back to Henry"Also how Minsc, he is alive still right?" He remembers the hamster being in a deep faint when he left.

The sparrow takes a deep breath as he thinks of how to explain. "I started a civil war," says henry slowly.

Cynthia frowns, it’s clear she dislikes the word war, "War?" Gee maybe she should just leave, then walking off alone most likely isn’t a good plan as she quietly watches the dibbuns play.

Xander listens "War with who, what did I miss while I was away?" He takes a quick look around, things seem....ok so far,"Ok explain Henry and I am guessing most of the abeby knows about this or is it recent?"

"You see..." The sparrow takes a deep breath, and the he speaks a torrent of words, "After the battle with Quade, I try to help the woundhurt sparra warriors. It did not work, two-thirds of the sparra died. So, I brought Leon up to Warbeak loft to help the wounded that were left. When we got there, a sparra named Warclaw blamed me for died sparra and spoke that I brought Leon to poison what was left, so he attacked the master healer and meself. However, a most of the sparra know that Leon was in loft to help, so they fought against Warclaw's sparra…" Henry pauses to take a breath.

Cynthia frowns "Caleb’s dad was hurt? Is he ok?" She grows curious and walks over slowly.

Xander frowns as he listens " I am guessing thats why there are Sparra on the grounds, what happen to the other sparra warriors or even just the sparrows? And yeah Brother Leon is ok right? I know he would of been there to help save any sparrow that was hurt best he could"   

"Did I says they HURT Leon?" asks the sparra rhetorically. "No, I just said they ATTACKED Leon. Heum fell out of the loft, but was saved by some sparra on our side." Henry takes another deep breath and goes back into his explanation. "The battle ended in victory for our side, and Warclaw' side fleed in to Mossflower. Many sparra warriors where woundhurt, so they were taken to the Infirmary where Leon could help them. Some of the sparra went of to gather allies from outside Redwall. The rest move down in to Redwall so until they could repair the Loft, which was damaged in the combat."

Cynthia seems glad Leon is ok and just lets Xander and Henry talk to each other as one of the sparrow chicks wandered off and is looking at Cynthia who smiles a little and sits down on the grass.

Xander says, "Ok "The badger says "Well will have to keep an eye out for Warclaw and hope who ever on your side is back first with some good friends."

"Let us hope," says Henry with a nod. "Let us also hope that the sparra and the creatures of the abbey continue to get along as they have been. We would not want any incandescents..." A loud crash somes for inside the abbey. "STUPID BIRD!" exclaims a voice form inside the abbey. "Like that," says Henry. "I should go check on that." The bird bard hops quickly towards the abbey.


"Oh, dainty triolet! Oh, fragrant violet!
Oh, gentle heigho-let (or little sigh)
On sweet urbanity, though mere inanity, to touch their vanity we will rely!"
-Chorus. "P'raps If You Address The Lady Most Politely." By Gilbert&Sullivan. Princess Ida.


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