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#1 2020-04-09 12:05:28

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I made an account mainly to get a message out.

Zeldove will not be around anymore...sorry if it messes up plans or role plays.

Zeldove decided to leave the LP....she was in Halyard and ran into her father, her father wanted her to come with him and only gave her a day to decide.....she told Ciocan she was going to go with her where she didn't know but she would be on her father's ship....she then left and is somewhere out on the sea or well...somehwhere with her father on some adventure somewhere...basically the life of a member of her father's ship, but like a 2nd in command of captain I suppose.

I would of connected to role play this but can't get on so will just let the character idle out

Sorry all and see ya again sometime maybe


#2 2020-04-09 12:34:26

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Re: Hello


well glad she is alive ICLY and not dead......though once Zolomon hears this news he...well won't be too happy she just up and left

I play Brother Gorvenalus,  Oz( Yes named after Papa Oz)..I also play the Owner of Redthorn Tavern in Ferravale ya know the rat Patch! I also have a hare in the Long Patrol ,Cole and more recently I play  Queen Sparra Chestnut.


#3 2020-04-11 16:15:53

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