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Elbio Hare and Alts
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Dinner With The King!-A Tenderfoot Adventure

A great deal of news concerning the adventures of the Long Patrol within the Kingdom had reached the ears of the castle as the village guards had been advising on the matter. While the King had not personally got involved he was curious and followed the reports with interest. It was just after the conclusion of the Village's problems when he finally sent a castle guard with an official invitation to dinner at Floret.

The King had decided upon dinner in the throne room. Visitors always liked a good throne and it was a huge room decorated with elegance. A table had been set up to stretch all the way down the room with more than enough food for three times the beasts who were there and the servants were tending to their duties around the room, ready to bring anything that was needed.

Before it all King Garheld sat on his throne, quietly talking to a mouse as he waits for the hares to arrive and for the beast at the door to officially announce them when they do get there.

Adrian was quite glad to receive the invitation. The past few days had mostly been spent watching the town, making sure that Gutclaw and his beasts really had vacated the area like they'd promised. With no further signs of vermin trouble, a visit to the castle was well in order. Besides, now Adrian could finally carry out that one small task he had left. Spiffying up his appearance as best as possible, he and the other three hares in his group make their way to Castle Floret, escorted by the castle guards.

Elbio walked slowly, he too had made sure his uniform was cleaned up and even sews a hole near the knee, he seems fairly good at sewing as one can't tell there was even a rip in the knee of the pants. He looks around the castle in awe but keeps quiet and close to the corporal

Monty had been unusually quiet over the past few days, the hare simply following along with whatever it was his comrades were doing, though his usual energy and good humor didn't seem to be nearly as present as it usually was. He too had tried his best to make himself look presentable, and he trails along behind the others as they approach the castle, his gait slower and not nearly as eager as the others.

Garheld leans over as one of the castle staff whispers to him that the hares are here as soon as they reach the castle and he waves the mouse he was speaking to away and stands. He checks the little details like making sure the crown on his head his straight before he signals for the doors to be opened as the hares are led inside by the guards. The guards approach the throne before snapping to attention and the bowing their heads "The hares of the Long Patrol yer majesty" Garheld merely nods his thanks to the guards before turning his eyes to the hares "I am grateful to see you accept my offer of hospitality though all the more grateful for what I have heard was a quite heroic tale of aid towards the Southsward village"

Adrian finds himself brought before the throne, and on seeing the King, he immediately bows. "Why yes, yahr Majesty. There was quite a lot of crime goin' on in Southswahd, wot. We knew we couldn't sit idly by." He pauses, then clears his throat. "Pahdon mah mannahs, though, Sah. I am Corporal Adrian. This 'ere is Private Montgomery, Private Elbio, and..." The hare stops short, realizing for the first time that Yerna is no where in site. Where did she get off to? "...An'... We bear a message from our Leadah, Lord Ciocan." He reaches a paw into his satchel, and fishes out a letter sealed with the official mark of Salamandastron.

Elbio nods a hello as he stands at attention and listens.He stays beside the corporal.

Monty hangs back, giving the King a bow as his name is mentioned, but otherwise, he still remains silent, his expression quite unreadable as he shifts back and forth from footpaw to footpaw. Eventually his paws slip behind his back, and he stands there with his gaze trained upon the ceiling.

Garheld steps away from his throne causing a servant who was going to get the letter for him to pause and back up as the King reaches to take it himself "Then it is quite the special occasion. I don't recall ever receiving mail from a badger lord" he chuckles lightly before gesturing at the table and food "Please, sit, tell me of your travels" he says as he opens up the letter to read it.

The letter is the usual pleasantries from one leader to another. A mention of a possible visit sometime in the future, and a note that Ciocan doesn't send out messages very often, but this was a unique opportunity. On the whole, nothing earth-shattering. Whilst the King reads those pleasantries, Adrian does as requested, taking a seat and eyeing the sumptuous spread. He and Monty haven't eaten this well since the left Salamandastron.

Elbio speaks "Adrian and Monty has likely had more adventures than I...I was recruited by them, as was another hare...but sadly he died, we still have Yerna with us though, think she joined around the same time I did at a mountain with a lot of bats." He does sit though and smiles.He has never seen a feast before so this is..well awesome! Oh and seems no one else is sharing adventures so far, well hopefully the others will also.

Despite her rather unusual appearance, practically entirely covered in fabric with just an eye and one and a half ears on show, Sola makes a good servant. She is quite the expert at silently blending in with the furniture and then suddenly appearing when required. She's been watching since they arrived and waiting for the king to get past the usual formalities involved with greeting guests. As they sit though she steps forwards with a tray of drinks to offer. Obviously she presents one to the king first but after that she moves on to the hares and tries to bring up the nerve to say something.

Garheld knows the usual sort of thing leaders pass between each other about as well as other beasts know how a conversation about the weather goes. He sits as he finishes reading and tucks the letter into his tunic as he takes his drink and listens to Elbio "A mountain of bats? I believe I read about one of those once though I do not recall where. Clearly you have travelled far. I am sorry to hear of your friend"

Adrian accepts a glass of what seems to be wine from the doe, and he nods to her in a friendly manner, before overhearing Elbio. "Ah, yes, Bat Mountpit. I was *very* glad t' get away from th' bloody place..." He sighs, thinking back to the hare they lost there. "But anyway... Monty 'n' are on a sorta... Recruitin' expedition, you could say, Sire. Th' Patrol suffahed a majah setback this past autumn in Mossflowah while 'elpin t' protect Redwall Abbey. It was a stunnin' turn of events, wot. We left Salamandastron about... Four, five months ago, I believe. An' we're headin' even furthah south, too, before we 'ead north again..." The whole time he talks, the hare is setting about getting himself a plateful of food.

Garheld tilts his head curiously at the news of the 'setback' "Really? Why whatever happened? Alas if I could point you towards the location of a group of hares eager to join I would. Though I have no doubt were there such a thing in Southsward we would likely have employed them already. You must at least stay the night here. Enjoy a comfortable bed out of the elements before you travel on. It will provide me with time to write a proper response back to your Lordship"

Elbio is listening as he gets a drink and some food, he had not heard too much of things before he joined up after all. Yeah he had heard a little of that seige where they lost so many but since it made the others sad he didn't ask more on it.

Monty goes about getting himself a bit of food as well, and upon retrieving said food he sets himself down at the table, beginning to eat quietly. His eyes remain on his food, ear(s) perked and listening to the conversation, though he doesn't seem to be really keen on adding anything of particular interest to it. Once their experience in the bat mountain is mentioned, a frown slips upon his muzzle and his expression darkens, the small hare picking at the food on his plate, pushing it around distractedly with his fork.

Sola builds up a little bit of nerve as she places drinks on the table for the hares. She nods briefly to Elbio as she'd met him before but she's aware he doesn't have answers for her. She wouldn't dream of interrupting in to the King's conversation so she hovers around the other silent hare for a moment. She hesitates, takes several seconds of indecision but finally goes to tap Monty on the shoulder once "Excuse me" she's very quiet "You come from the mountain, Salamandastron. Is that correct? You have been there?"

Adrian eyes the doe in his peripheral vision, but pays little mind for the moment. He's mostly fixated on the food and relaying their experiences to the king. "It was an ambush, wot. We shoulda known bettah, an' it bit us in th' collective butts... 'Owevah, we did prevail in the long run, and protected Redwall... We're s'posed t' swing by there when we get tha' far north, because I'm also carryin' a message f'r th' Abbot..."

Garheld looks appropriately mournful at the news "While I am pleased to hear you prevailed it is always a great tragedy when good beasts die. Their loss is always felt for years to come but their deeds will always live on in the beasts they saved" he pays no attention to Sola whatsoever. She may as well be part of the furniture "Perhaps if you would permit it I may send with you a letter to the abbot myself? While historically our kingdoms are old friends it has been quite some time since we have spoken to any official party from the north such as yourselves"

Elbio nods "We can take another letter to the Abbot."He has never been to the abbey so he is excited to be there and visit when they, well..get there.

Monty's attention is fully on the leftover food on his plate and how it makes little trails here and there as he pushes it around with his fork. The frown remains upon his muzzle as his attention begins to drift from the conversation, the particular topic really not one he wishes to discuss, either. His shoulders slightly lifting and falling in a sigh, the hare suddenly feels someone tapping him upon shoulder. He jumps a little, having not expected it, and his gaze shifts over towards the doe who is standing beside him. He blinks, staring at her quietly for a few moments, his eyes taking in the various visible details of her apparent injuries. When he finally speaks, his tone is quiet. ", yes, ma'am, that is...correct. S'where we live, as a matter of fact." He does his best to allow a smile to flicker upon the corners of his lips.

Sola withdraws her paw quickly when Monty jumps but she's quiet, she accidentally sneaks up on beasts quite frequently. She's also had to get used to the stares, she's hidden as much of the damage as possible but nothing makes her look normal. She waits silently for him to adjust and speak. She sighs quietly with slight relief when he says yes. That's point one taken care of "I wished to check on a hare. My brother had..." she'd rehearsed this and now it was gone "I..I'm not sure if he made it there..." her eye flicks briefly to Adrian with concern as she'd been listening about the trouble they'd had "Or if he still lives"

Adrian nods his head. "We'd be honahed to, yahr Majesty." His sips his wine, casting a glance toward Monty and Sola, hrmming, but doesn't remark on it.

Elbio seems to notice Sola now and smiles at her and nods a hello "Hi Sola...."Yeah he meet her in the village briefly"I..I remember the name she mentioned ....lets see started with a G.."He frowns did he forget?" yeah..Gregorian. That was it"

Garheld glances briefly at the others since Sola doesn't tend to talk about herself much but he doesn't look for long and refocuses on Adrian "Then that is settled. We shall have rooms prepared and you shall stay the night. Anything you may wish for will have. I shall write a letter for your Lordship and to the Redwall Abbey for whenever you are prepared to leave. If you require supplies, fresh equipment for your journey just say and I hope you may have more, happier, tales to regale us all with while you are here"

Monty doesn't appear to be visibly put off or affected by Sola's mysterious visage. To him, the scars merely pointed to the fact that the doe likely led a difficult life up to that point, and he cannot hold that against her in the least. His attention fully turns towards the doe, and he hmmms quietly. He quickly attempts to reassure her, "Oh, er, I'm sorry ma'am, I'm not...I mean, I don't mean to...y''s just, I...well, I mean...your'..." Welp, there he goes. Awkward Monty hadn't made an appearance in at least a couple of seasons now, but there he is once again, on full display. Upon hearing her question, he sighs inwardly in relief. "...oh, er, well, your...your brother. What is his name?" he finally manages. He really hopes he'll be able to give good news. It would certainly help his mood, at least. He doesn't hear the name that Elbio mentions.

This is outside of Sola's comfort zone and she sounds flustered to as he mentions staring and her ear "Um. It's alright. It was, um...well I don't like to talk about" she gestures at his ear "Oh, but, um yours is too...which is" oh dear lord stop talking. She takes a deep breath and holds it for a second. Ok, she's stopped. She nods quickly to Elbio, moving on quickly "Yes, erm. Gregorian. He went there...some time ago. I fear I lost track"

Adrian nods his head, and smiles. "We are 'umbled by yahr generosity, Sire. We 'ave been runnin' low on supplies the past couple weeks, so we're most grateful f'r th' 'elp, wot. A nice bed t' sleep in will be a most refreshin' thing as well. Thank you."

Garheld sips from his drink to hide his bemusement at the other conversation going on "Well it is the least we can do after you all uncovered some plot against the country and put a stop to it when you were just passing through. If anything it makes me wish that your patrols came through more often. Not that I deny the fine work our guards do or indeed approve of the trouble I heard you got in to with them when first you arrived"

Elbio frowns, yep he remembers that as well, he clears his throat "Any fines due were paid."

Monty gives a shake of his head, the hare chuckling, "S'okay, miss, usually I don't like talkin' about mine either, so I totally getcha. S'fine though, it looks...totally fine..." He does his best to be as polite as possible. "Is...fine. Got used t'mine, already. Is a badge of honor, it is..." He does brighten up at the mention of Greg's name, and he nods. "Oh yes, Greg is indeed there! Doin' quite well though too, I gotta say..."

It's hard to tell Sola's expression under all the fabric but her eye definitely doesn't have a look of pride to it when she glances down at her paw and it's missing fingers. She perks right up when Monty says her brother's alive though. There a heavy sigh of relief "He made it? He never got caught too?" she closes her eye and laughs quietly as that's a big weight from her shoulders "All this time. Thank you...and I'm sorry to interrupt your meal. Thank you"

Adrian blanches slightly, and he chokes on his food. "Ah, err, Yahr Majesty... I, ah... I take full responsibility f'r that, I apologize. We 'ad a misunderstanding', I'm afraid, eh wot. But we got it smoothed over, I think... Once again, Sire... Our apologies..."

Monty is certainly cheered up a little more as he sees Sola's expression changing as she receives the news that Gregorian is indeed alive. "Aye, miss, it, seems like 'e did make it, yeah..." Monty gives her a grin. "I mean, unless th'cranky ol' hare that spends 'is time in th'forge is another hare named Gregorian...." he jokes. "Y'never know, weirder things've happened y'know." Eh, Monty trying to cheer others up when he himself doesn't really feel the best is amusing.

Garheld chuckles at Adrian's distress but waves off Elbio's words, reactions like that were a perk of his job "I am not going to spend my time going against the word of the village guard in this matter and as I understand it they considered it closed. I do hope the rest of your stay is without further misunderstandings of course" and his tone suggests they should ensure that they don't cause further trouble.

Elbio nods as he relaxes some now and looks around the room quietly.

Sola has a million questions she'd like to ask but she doesn't like to intrude so she started to back off until Monty speaks again. There's a little flash of confusion in her eye as she pauses and tilts her head slightly "Cranky?" that clearly doesn't sound right to her "He was the most irritatingly optimistic pain in the scut you could ever meet" she sounds a little louder and boulder as she's mildly insulting her sibling "Now working in a forge I can imagine. Banging things together all day and making a racket would suit him but he'd never stop his jabbering long enough to think let alone get considered cranky" her eye frowns a little with a slight bit of concern "Whatever did you lot do to him there?"

Elbio shrugs he has no clue, it's not like he been to the mountain "Only..Monty and Corpial Adrian been to the mountain I have yet to see it"

Monty grins a little at Sola, "Well, mebbe I kinda, y'know, over exaggerated a bit...but, I mean, when it's dinnertime an' 'e doesn't get 'is food right away, hoo boy. The plates start flyin', they do..." It seems Monty's gotten a little more comfortable than before, the odd doe bringing him out of whatever previous funk he'd been in. The reasoning behind it would likely be a discussion for later. "Oh, uh...I'm Montgomery, by the way. Or Monty f'short. I'd give ya th'whole name, but we'd be here all evenin'..." he winks.

Adrian lets out his breath. That's certainly a relief. "No worries, Sire. We'll be as quiet as dormice. Which are pretty quiet..." He glances to the left, offers a wave to Sola. "I'm Adrian... Greetin's, marm..."

Garheld chuckles once more at Adrian "I have known only one dormouse and I believed him to be more trouble when he was silent but I will take your word on the matter" he finally looks at Sola and gestures towards the table "Sola, please, sit. This is clearly important. You wouldn't even speak to us about your family in the years you've been here"

Elbio chuckles a little on quiet but otherwise is, well quiet. He lets Adriando most of the speaking.

Sola hesitates but sits as she's been instructed to. She nods at Elbio "Yes, I recall when we met in the village. It seems a very long way to go" she tilts her head at Monty again "Well, he has kept his appetite then I suppose" she laughs lightly at Monty's joke about having a long name "Oh, the long names. I'd forgotten about them" she bobs her head politely to both Monty and Adrian though the King has already introduced her "I am Sola and I do thank you for visiting. I'd thought of writing before be was sure the answer would never have been good news like this"

Elbio says, "We can take a letter to Gregorian, ummm..right sur?" He looks at the Corporial now as he asks."Even if its a while till...get there"

Monty's brain is brimming with all sorts of questions as Sola takes a seat at the table next to him. Most of them, he figures. would likely make her uncomfortable..he did notice her reaction when he mentioned her ear and whatnot. So he keeps them to himself, for now, instead going the casual conversation route. "So, er...Sola, is it? May I ask how exactly you managed to end up in this place?" He waves a paw to their surroundings.

Adrian nods his head. "Yes, yes. We'd be more th'n 'appy t' carry a lettah f'r Greg, wot. Jus' let us know, an' we'll wait f'r y' t' write it..."

Garheld is interested himself which shows just how little Sola has talked about herself. He briefly gestures to Elbio "Ah, so you were recruited along the way and aren't from their mountain? Quite the adventure to pack up and move to somewhere entirely new"

Elbio nods "Yes sir and a hare maid joined too..close to where some bats lived and the bats ate a lot of mushrooms and crickets and there was also ..."He frowns "There was one other recruit but he..he sadly died."

Sola pauses at the offer to take a note before she slowly nods "I...yes. Thank you. I should write...something" she frowns a little "I wouldn't even know what" she's distracted though by Monty's question and she pauses again before quietly explaining "He, Greg that is, he always wanted to go to your mountain. He'd constantly fake your accent until it stuck, he gave himself a longer name, it was all he wanted to do...I told him he was an idiot. We lived on the southern cliffs, it was a very long way to go. Well, he ran off to do it anyway..." she takes a deep breath "I followed to bring him back before he got himself into trouble..." she looks down and her paw fidgets with one of the spots where she's missing a finger "I ran into trouble instead...there was vermin on the mountain when I tried to cross it and caught me and...took me inside. A whole city carved inside a mountain and they..." she pauses and looks uncomfortable before skipping ahead "Something happened, I don't know how long it was but I got out and...ended up here and never left"

Garheld nods slowly to Elbio "So the quest has had some success in recruiting hares but also some sorrow. It is a hard journey to take" he listens to Sola's tale with some interest but he doesn't interrupt for fear it will make her stop.

Monty leans back in his chair, listening to Sola's story with interest, his expression flickering with the occasional random emotion as he listens. When she gets to the part about being captured in the mountain, Monty frowns a little, nodding his head slowly. Finally, after a few moments, the smaller hare sighs, then gives Sola a smile. "Well. All of that is in the past, Sola. You made it out safe, and that is wot matters in th'end, yeah?" Monty himself has quite a few visible scars, including that ear, but he doesn't really seem to let it bother him too much. "And hey, don't worry about anyone judgin' you, Sola. Y'have scars, sure, but that just shows yer a strong hare, and y'survived a lot of bad stuff. That's a positive mark on you, y'know?" he gives a light shrug. "So, I don't meant t'offend the king..." He gives him a smile, before looking back to Sola. "...but, have ya enjoyed yer time here?"

Adrian has a good idea what mountain city Sola's discussing. He decides not to comment on it. "Y' survived, wot. An' I'm sure Greg'll be glad t' hear it..."

Sola looks down again "I find them more a reminder of a time I wish to forget. Nothing good came from them. I am sure yours were at least earned doing something worthwhile, something that helped others" she looks back up suddenly when he questions if she liked it here. Her eye softens, she might be smiling "Of course" she bobs her head briefly at the king "They have been kind and patient even when I was not quite myself anymore. Slavery was not enjoyable and being a servant may seem of little difference on the outside but I assure you I am not trapped here"

Garheld is learning all this for the first time himself so he's listening carefully. At Monty's question though he chuckles "She may speak freely for herself and I'll take no offence" he glances to Adrian "It has been some years and I had no idea of this tale or I would have seen that this Greg of yours was contacted sooner. Alas it sometimes seems to take some time to get past these things"

Monty waves a paw to Sola, "Aw, phooey. Got these injuries fightin' toads, was my first mission in the patrol actually. Was nothin' any more noble than anyone else's done, really..." he shrugs. "And hey, I understand if th'scars remind ya of when stuff was bad, an' I apologize if I made it sound like it was a good thing. Just tryin' t'find positives in a negative situation..." The hare tells himself that he is totally blowing it right now, though he keeps the smile upon his muzzle, though it's a little on the twitchy side. "And, uh, that's...that's great. That you like it here, uh. Yeah, that's....super...excellent. M'glad they treat ya good here! Is...better than...not bein' treated good...n'bein' treated bad..." He fiddles with his fork. Oh dear.

Adrian facepaws as he listens to his friend stumble so badly. Why is he so bad with does? He looks away, and smiles politely, sipping his wine... Oh, looks like he actually finished his wine. Well, he'll sip from the empty glass, anyway.

Sola tilts her head "But toads kill beasts don't they? That seems noble" Alas she was supposed to be looking after their drinks and she had become distracted by Monty instead. Adrian's glass remains empty. She looks thoughtful for a moment about the scars but doesn't say anything until Monty starts to blither again. She glances to the room, grand as it is "Yes, it is undoubtedly better than being treated bad" she says with a hint of amusement before she carries on "I used to help care for the princess, the king's sister, when I first arrived. She, erm, grew up however and there are no more royal children currently so...well, the furniture will not dust itself. It's nothing as grand as travelling and...well, whatever it is you all do aside from, um, travelling and fighting..." she seems unsure what they really actually do all day.

Garheld is left silent too but amused by the turn that one of his quietest servants is suddenly so chatty. It may be the easiest 'entertaining of visiting delegations' he's ever done.

Blithering is kinda a Monty thing, really, at this point, and sometimes he really doesn't seem to realize when it is happening....especially when it happens to be around a doe. The looks he gets from his companions, however, seem to tell him that he's likely doing something very Monty-like, and so his gaze drops, ear flattening upon his head as he stares down at his plate. "Well, yeah, I guess it might be just a little noble. Toads are 'orrible, y'know." He scratches the tines of the fork back and forth on his plate. As what they do outside of questing and fighting is brought up, Monty thinks of something that might be of interest. "I work in the mountain garden!" he blurts out, perhaps a little too loudly, as he suddenly lifts his eyes and grins wide, as if that is the coolest job in the world. "I mean....yeah, I...I th'garden. At th'mountain," he repeats, a little calmer this time.

Elbio has just quietly listened to the chatting and enjoying the food, the food here is great

Adrian sets his glass down. "Monty is a good ahtist, too. You should ask t' see 'is sketchbook, which, of course he 'as wi' 'im, wot." Yes, Adrian's going to double down on embarrassing his best friend.

Sola doesn't really understand why he's suddenly staring at his plate but as she glances around she realises they basically have an audience and she gets a bit more uncomfortable. She looks quickly back at Monty when he suddenly blurts out about the gardens and then Adrian for the drawing "I...we, um. The castle has gardens...I, or, um, any of the servants that is, could show could draw flowers?" she glances between them awkwardly before she suddenly frowns remembering something "Oh. Except it's winter. There are no flowers...They have, um..." what else do people draw? "A fountain? Or you can see quite far from the walls...if it's clear out"

Garheld is no help whatsoever in saving Sola from this and just smirks "We have quite the number of paintings if he has a more professional eye" he says to Adrian because he's not interrupting this but will happily offer Adrian information in case it can be used to further this entertainment.

Elbio hmmms, he manages to hide a yawn as he is a little tired but they will get to rest for the night and then head on to whatever next.

Monty does seem to perk up as it is mentioned that the castles have gardens. "Really?" he almost squeaks in an excited tone, a grin upon his muzzle in the process. "I mean, um, nice. That's...really super good. Gardens...are good. If, y'know, y'like...places where food grows. Sometimes. doesn't when it...gets cold...outside." Covered all the bases there, Mont. As Adrian brings up his drawing ability, Monty goes to subtly kick him beneath table with a footpaw, giving him a severe look that totally says 'dude I am gonna kill you in your sleep'. When Sola brings up visiting said garden, and possibly being a guide in said tour, he smiles. "Yeah! Yeah, that'd be, uh...great. I mean, I do draw flowers, but um, I can pretty much try n'draw anything, I guess...." he gives a light shoulder shrug. He glances at Garheld, "Oh wow, paintings? Really? I...kinda wanna see those, y'know. It's like...way bigger versions...of what I do, y'know. Kinda."

Adrian goes "Ow!" louder than he intended, then he looks at Garheld sheepishly. "S-sorry, Sire... But, you see 'ow artistic mah friend is, wot... And a tour o' the gahden would be lovely..."

Sola looks surprised at Monty's enthusiasm and jumps when Adrian goes Ow. She gives him a long stare before deciding he's probably fine and looking back at Monty "They are, um, well, some of the garden is for food. I was thinking of the more...decorative part. The paintings" a glance to the king. She can't decide if he's helping or not "Are inside...of course" because it would be stupid to keep them in the gardens "There are rooms of them...Perhaps a tour of the castle..." she glances back to Adrian "I'm sure one of the scholars could do it and provide all the history for everyone..."

Elbio hmmms softly,sips some drink and just seems to listen but he will go on a tour, sure. A tour would be nice before bedtime, get supplies in the morning and head onwards.

Garheld also looks at Adrian but just laughs as he realises what must have happened "I clearly see the passionate interest! I tell you what, I'll show you both around and Sola here can show your friend the gardens first"

Monty gives a nervous laugh, the small hare nodding his head enthusiastically. "Oh yeah, yeah o'course th'paintin's are inside! Cuz if they were outside they'd get all wet from th'snow n'rain n'things. Is a brilliant idea, really, it is. Geniuses, I tell ya." He grins wide, "But yeah, tour! Would totally love a tour. Haven't really seen much o'th castle, so like, a tour would be totally perfect." He glances at Adrian, and the king, before looking back to Sola. "Tour. Yes."

Adrian nods his head, and pushes back his now empty plate. He did have five helpings, though, true to hares' reputation for capacious appetites. "Shall we staht th' tour now, eh wot? I'm itchin' t' see th' paintin's..."

Sola laughs quietly as Monty points out the obvious reasons why paintings are kept inside "Yes. I can only imagine how many were lost before they decided to bring them indoors" was that a joke? She made a joke! She quickly looks at the king, her eye widening slightly when he suggests her doing the tour alone for Monty "Um, yes, of course..." because she takes and suggestion as an order. She looks back to Monty, pauses and then finally stands "Alright, erm, a tour. The gardens are, um, this way"

Elbio will of course follow them during the tour, not much else to do and he likely would get lost.

Garheld claps his paws together and stands too "Excellent! Paintings, towers, statues, lots to see" he says as he goes to usher Elbio and Adrian off the other way for an exceedingly long tour around the castle.

Monty is then left alone for the aforementioned tour, and he watches as his friends are led off in the other direction, leaving only he and Sola. "So. Um." He chuckles softly. "Gardens. A tour. Um, said...they were this way?" He slides out of his chair and stands, moving to take a step before his foot gets caught on the inside of the chair leg. It makes a loud scraping noise as he stumbles, before quickly attempting to straighten himself up again. He dusts off his uniform. He totally didn't just do that. " way?" he points a paw.

Adrian wanted to see the gardens, too! But you don't argue with the SquirrelKing. He'll ooh and ah at all the artwork, long into the evening...

Sola startles slightly at the chair scraping but then laughs very quietly at Monty's attempt to pretend it didn't happen. She nods to the question "Yes, this way" she says as she leads on with a quick glances back to the other group going the other way as she wasn't entirely certain what the king was doing. She was not the type to question however so of they go to the gardens and a tour through the castle afterwards.

Elbio quietly looks around as they walk.He smiles sometimes and just enjoys the evening and will for sure enjoy the cozy bed later and sleep well tonight.The hares will likely get a slightly late in the morning start,but that's ok as they will have some good supplies to last a while and its onwards to the next adventure they go!

==Well the hares are off onto the next adventure. Will the next one end well? End Badly? Stay Tuned!!!!!!====

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