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Mother Krisha
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Dancing and Piles of Leaves are nice-Redwall Log


Krisha- Badger Mother

Xander- Leader of Mossflower Defenders

Cynthia- Sister in the Redwall Order

Matilda- Champion of Redwall


Krisha is in the open ground with the dibbuns letting them jump in a leaf pile that was brought over here slowly.She manages a chuckle as she watches them, they seem happy at least.   

Xander walks into the open ground and stays off to the side, watching the dibbuns quietly he tilts his head.He has been doing some thinking, a lot of thinking as he takes a deep breath and walks over to Krisha "Krisha..."He waits on a reply before he says anything else.   

Cynthia was here mainly to just enjoy the nice day, not hot but also not cold just yet as it was a sort on in between"I love Autumn time"   
Krisha smiles "Yeah..."She turns slowly to Xander and after a short bit of quiet nods a simple hello.   

Xander smiles faintly. "I..wanted to, if we could..please"He says nothing else just stands there
Cynthia waves to the other badger and looks at the Badger Mother "I can go elsewhere if ya want me too"
Krisha shakes her head at the mouse "No need to go.."She smiles "You can help make sure the dibbuns have fun with the pile of leaves"She smiles as the dibbuns are loving the leaves and the pile is fixed and made bigger ever so often.   

Xander waits quietly for a reply from Krisha, he watches the dibbuns as they play in the leaves and smiles a little again"They are...having fun seems..."A look to Krisha again, he could go elsewhere himself maybe as he did still plan to go to Ferravale a couple days.   

Cynthia nods "I can help watch dibbuns."She heads over to them and helps one make a flower chain with clover flowerrs that are still around and chuckles.   

Krisha nods, she then focus on Xander as she seems to think, she then speaks ":Seems a lot happen and you did well with the ...speech, it was short and quick and then you started to leave...again, why?"   

Xander frowns, "I..don't know..I ..."Tears go down his face "After hurting Benar I figure it was best I left but ran into John and came back and...the speech" He stood up in front of everyone,got their attention and has said how he was sorry for his actions, so very very sorry and just quietly left and headed out.."I guess check on the tavern, maybe afterwards find..Send..Uncle Oz and Uncle Zee spoke of it a lot and Uncle Zee is bruied in Send. Thunderwing and some eagles at the time took him...there..."He looks to her "But John talked to me and..I got to thinking a little more and how like....the past is the past and maybe not forget it but learn from it, even with a messed up Swiss cheese memory"
Cynthia glaces over at the badgers and then its back to the dibbun watching and why not, she tries out jumping into the leaf pile.   

Krisha listens as he talks, she then speaks "This week...has been...rather stressful but I try to not let it get to me ..too much, ya know..."   
The champion walks over but slows as she stays off to the side, it seemed important and she would only step in, if she felt she needed to.   

Xander nods "I....I know, thats my fault mostly and..I'm sorry Krisha and I want to tell Benar sorry also but he doesn't want to see me and maybe that makes since after wot I did and maybe he is afraid of me and I don't want any one afraid of me, anyone" He sighs as he looks up at the sky   

Cynthia catches some words as she went after a lone dibbun wanting Mother Krisha, "I'm not afraid of you Xander...your a friend and a friend to a lot of beasts...beasts don't always have good days all the time and it is ok to have a bad day and you like told almost all the abbey at dinner how you were sorry for what happen the one day."   

Krisha nods "She...has a point, you did but you didn't stay long enough to see reactions," Then she didn't either she went to follow Xander and somehow went the wrong way, but its fine she is back at the abbey and so is he. She then goes to hug him.   

The Chapion Matilda smiles as she clears her throat"A first step...seeking forgiveness"   

Xander hugs Krisha as well, he listens as Matilda speaks now "Still...I want to ...tell Benar sorry, like face to face, not a letter or anything like that and if it should wait then....ok I just, dint want him to fear me or hate me"   

Cynthia is not sure what to say as she stays where she is iff ti the side, some others keep an eye on the dibbuns.   

Krisha says, "I don't think Benar hates you dear...I am...unsure of the afraid part.I xan ask"Does she want to though? She lays a paw on Xander's shoulder"Just....relax, you get too stressed at times and its not good, for sure not when you just keep it bottled up."
Xander shrugs and an idea "Cynthia? Could you play a soft tune on your lyre maybe?"   

Cynthia nods as she gets the lyre and starts to play some soft music and even hums a little.Its a slow but a good beat to the music.   
Krisha blinks and smiles "Why the music, then guess music is nice for calming down..heard meditation helps at times too."
Xander smiles as he goes to take Krisha's paw"Dance..please" He then starts to slow dance, course he will let her stop if she dosen't want to dance.   

"Music is always nice"Matilda smiles as she sits down listening to the soft music and looks over at Xander and Krisha.

Cynthia plays the music still, a little more beat is added but not too much, like just the perfect among to still be soft and nice,the dibbuns have stopped jumping in the leaves, well most of them, one is napping beside Cynthia now and a couple still jump up and down on the leaves , though the pile of leaves is slowly being re made.
Krisha smiles, she will dance with Xander and lays her head on his shoulder after a little while just enjoying the moment.   

Xander iis still good at dancing and it is relaxing as he smiles and even chuckles and its a true smile and he hasn't smiled in a long time.   

Cynthia smiles, she plays a little more music and then stops.She looks at the dibbuns that are asleep and chuckles a little, a couple seem board of the leaf pile and sit down"We bores."..."We needs snack.."
Krisha smiles, she hugs Xander again " Dancing is nice."   

Matilda smiles as she stands and decides to go  check on the Abbot.

Xander smiles "Yea..."He feels relaxed and happy right now, "I remember..learning to dance, guess its something one doesn't forget about and yeah maybe dance again...soon"He shrugs, keeping his smile.   

Cynthia says, "Well dancing is nice but one cant always dance even though it could be fun, though tiring"She puts away the lyre"I am gonna go find Caleb, maybe do some star gazing when it gets dark"
Krisha smiles"That's good and its ok if not all your memories come back..we can always make memories"   

Xander nods as he listens "Yeah..I know and..I like that idea...and the past is..well gone, and cant be changed anyways. Some things I can read of in the logs."He smiles Finally deciding to just come to terms with this memory problems and not try and force himself to remember, it was causing stress anyways. If they return at all, good and if not thats ok as well.

Krisha smiles again "Maybe we should..look at teh stars  for a little while tonight, we..havent spent  time together, jsut me and you, in a while.

Xander nods "Sure..watching the stars  on a clear night night sounds..nice Krisha"

So the two will  do just that.....

I Play
Krisha-Badger Mother of Redwall Abbey, AKA Mother Krisha
Mistclaw-Evil Vixen,Slaver, and  hater of all good


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