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Just Chatting And Eatting Pie-Redwall Log


Caleb-Brother in Redwall Abbey

Cynthia- Sister in Redwall Abbey

Xander- Leader of Mossflower Defenders



Caleb is helping doing chores and right now clearing the tables after dinner time.

Xander has at least ate better now and still has some ale he is sipping and a piece of pie he slowly nibbling at as he seems in deep thought, a couple asked if he was ok and got shrug as a reply and some just keep their distance from him.
Cynthia is sitting at a table playing a harp, she stops and goes over to Xander and sits beside him "Hey....where sis you go after your speech, you kind of disappeared and someone said a couple beasts were hurt and in the infirm , didn't hear why though...."   

Caleb knows "that monitor was found...its dead now and it injured someone named John and Ewan "   

Xander replies "I...did leave, maybe I was gonna stay in Ferrvale a few days then go find Send that Uncle Oz always liker...spoke of, he lived there and Uncle Zee lived there and so did Grandfather, and Uncle Zee is like bruied up thar...somewhere"He frowns and adds "Krisha is ok......resting, the monitor tried to take her away...and John and Ewan saved her...I should of went and helped...but stayed like I was told to...stayed at the abbey..."   

Cynthia asks, "Send?" She frowns "But you would of been missed and beasts would of been sad, like Krisha"
Caleb listens "Glad the badger mother is ok and...ummm I think she like got someone to watch the dibbuns a coupe days anyways..maybe you could help?" Dibbuns like badgers right? he frowns "Send is like far away isnt it? Like a season or so or something ?"   

Xander frowns and a shrug "I don't know how far it is..I was gonna, find out but dont worry I am going to stay here now...mostly still have a tavern in Ferrvale sort of not been tending to much..Patch and his helpers have been for the most part"Yeah Patch likely hates him now.   

Cynthia says, "Its good your staying Xander and cant be somewhere all the time,that be hard and Patch is likely fine..Tavern is still standing last I heard I mean thats something that would be like told of it wasn't"
Caleb nods as he sits down as well "Yeah so maybe just try and relax or something"
Xander sighs "Relaxing is hard to do too many thoughts and worries and I don't know wot to do and its annoying and I think half the abbey and Benar still hate me or am afraid of me even after I told everyone at dinner I was sorry for my actions" He still want to tell Benar in person but he is uncertain how.   

Cynthia says, "Well....maybe not..did you like ask?"   

Caleb says, "I dont hate you, Cynthia and cota doesnt and I am sure mother and nanna don't"
Xander feels tears and just lays his head in his paws and just cries, the past couple weeks...weeks....heck this season and half is to much to handle   

Cynthia frowns as he starts to cry and just pats his shoulder, maybe some crying will help and she is silent just being there for him, she wont say its ok as a lot may say that but who knows when its true and sometimes that makes one feel worse.   

Caleb lets his wife help Xander as he thinks, he sighs and is not sure what to say, he should get back to helping clear the tables but its fine.
Xander just sniffs, still crying and manages to quiet a little bit and rub his eyes as he lifts his head some and sighs deeply."I..I didn't ask but some still...they act like they domt want near me and so seem ok now and...I wamt to talk to the abbot but not sure he wants me near him..."   

Cynthia sits there still and offers a smile "Maybe just give it time...ok?" She is tryng to help, she is as she looks around, lets see change the subject as she gets up and comes back "There is apple pie left, want some?"   

Coming down from the stairs with his left arm in a sling and a crutch under the same side shoulder, John makes his slowly over to the beasts, nodding in hello as he does so. He offers a small smile to Xander as he sees the tears, saying, quietly, "Th' monitor's dead, if y'haven' heard, an' your wife's back safe an' sound, she is."   

Caleb nods a hello to John and looks at the fact yeah there is pie left, ok....but he is ok .   

Xander looks at teh offered pie, and starts to eat the piece and looks at John as he nods "I..I heard...Krisha is resting in the infirmary..for now..."He frowns "I should of just went out and helped you guys, I'm sorry"   

Cynthia says, "Yeah but maybe you would of gotten hurt bad too or worse and you didnt know they would like..find the lizard"She frowns she and Caleb saw it "And that thing is scary....all monitors are..."She knows one here is not but still...Ferro is scary to her for now anyways.

John smiles, shrugging. "No worries, mate, Ewan an' I an' Krisha dealt with th'lizard as best we could, we did." Leaning on the crutch, he looks over at Cynthia. "Suppose that's true, it is, though this one's as dead as it can be. M'sword got it's heart, methinks."   

Caleb gets the last two pices of pie and offers one to John and he gets one as he sits, pie is sometimes good when one is thinking and trying to relax after a bad day after all amd well someone has to eat them.
Xander says, "One less worry...and not all monitor are bad, just most"

Cynthia says, "Goood and...."She shrugs she just stays quiet for now   

Taking the offered pie with his free paw, John mutters a small, "Thank y'," to the abbey-brother. The squirrel hobbles his way to a nearby chair and slumps down atop it, setting the pie on the table. "Aye," he says with a chuckle, "Most..." He starts digging in. "After I eat, I need a bit o'shut eye, I do. Besides thirst I got in h'infirm, haven' slept since yesterday, I have!"
Cynthia says, "infirm isnt the best place to sleep, bunk room is nicer"   

Xander says, "Yeah...its ok, at times..."He loks aty John as he adds "I am glad the monitor is gone now...and that you and Ewan are ok...though Ewan did have a lot worse wounds think but the healers should fix him up ok"
Caleb nods as he listens and finishes pie and clears away any dishes and returns as someone else is gonna wash dishes, so he is happy...he did clear tables and cleaned tables off so he did his part.   

"Aye, he does..." The squirrel responds, nodding. "Poor blighter froze up at first, he did...Got slashed good..." John sighs. "Though if he or Krisha weren' there I think it would've gone more badly for me, it would."   

Xander sighs "He..surived that big seige thing, think by we just relax and..recover suppose"
Caleb says, "Always good to relax and the healers here are very good, Ewan wil be ok I am sure"
"He did, did he?"John says, looking over at the badger. "Hmm...Maybe luck." He finishes the pie, leaning back. "Indeed he will, methinks. Though my armor won', that's fo'sure. Several gashes from th'monster's claws it has."   

Xander says, "Maybe Ferro can fix your armor in Ferravale...well once he feels better unless he like gets stuck here, then you may have to wait."He seems to feel better "Also hope beasts are doing ok, you can tell them the news too"
John shrugs, "Actually just a bit o' sewin' it needs. It's linen." He dips his head. "Aye, I'll be sure t'tell them, I will."   

Xander says, "Hmmms..and it keeps"
Caleb says, "Ferro is that...other monitor, isnt he? He like knows some beasts here right?"
"Aye, the blacksmith..." John says, grabbing a nearby apple and taking a bite. "As for the armor, it does - a gambeson is what it's called. Layers o'linen an'cheap t'make. Usually I got some little pieces o'metal on it called jack-chains, too, an' gauntlets, though I forgo all tha' when I climb..."   

Xander says, "Ferro is a goood beast, trust me..maybe talk to him sometime"   

Caleb shrugs "Maybe.."He isnt sure though, after one monitor all seem..unsafe to him "Will think on it"   

Finishing the apple, the squirrel sets the core down. "Ferro's an alright beast, he is, leastways from wha' I remember from him." John scans the table for something else to eat. "Haven' talked t'him for seasons, though..."   

Xander says, "He is somewhere in the abbey, not sure where..I might need to help him get back to Ferravale but I would be back in a couple days and..this time I promise to be back to the abbey, no plans to go anywhere else, now at least. I belong here"

Caleb smiles at the badger's words " have friends here and family and..I am sure your get a chance to talk to Benar, maybe soon...maybe later, who knows"   

Xander nods as he stands "For now..gonna check on later" He heads on up the stairs
Having found a roll to munch on, John waves to Xander as he exits. "Righ' the', f'r'ell!" He calls through a mouthful, before swallowing. The squirrel takes another bite of the roll.   

Caleb stands he should finish some chores as he excuses himself and heads off to, well chores await


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