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Karth Riverbark
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Rescue Mission And Fight


Ewan-Me- Residential  LP Redwall Hare,Private and Fighter

John-Warrior Squirrel

Anwir- Evil Monitor

Krisha- Badger Mother

Xander- Leader of Mossflower defenders

Caleb- Brother at Redwall

some various spoofs...


Ewan walks along the road, near the woods and is alert.He has changed  a good deal since he has  been stationed at the abbey.Yes he has his moments at times but  any bad flashbacks are a lot less now.He also is much better at fighting and skills training which yes he kept up with since he is still a Long Patrol hare after all, he is just the Redwall Abbey Residential is sent  mainly in the spring and autumn and in fact he will send some again here soon by  either sparrow or maybe that eagle that hangs around the area.

Up aways on the road, a squirrel can be seen trudging along. John has been up all night searching for the trail from the scuffle on the road, but, after several hours, the bent bushes and smoothed grass stopped. He is now returning to the abbey in hope of a good meal and baring the news.

Ewan speaks as he sees the squirrel "Hallo..."He keeps his distance as to not startle him or if he does he  is not harmed because of it as some beasts can panic  if suddenly hear one out of supposedly no where.

Squinting, John shields his eyes from the morning sun with his paw with his other on the hilt of his blade. Seeing the long ears, he relaxes and waves, calling, "Hullo there!" He starts closing the distance between them, adding, "Nice day t'day, aren't it?"

Ewan shrugs "It be nicer if someone wasnt missing.SO me and the champion is patrolling around for Krisha, she had went to talk Xander into not like...leaving guess...but he came back later on so guess they somehow missed one another or something happen before they had a chance to   run into each other..Xander is at the abbey now and staying or  think he is..he was told to stay anyways"
"Aye, I know 'bout Xander." John nods, stopping in front of the hare. "I were with him last time 'e left, I was. Anyway..." The squirrel points northward, bags noticeable under his eyes now. "Just past h'Black Gull were signs o' Krisha meetin' th'lizard, there were. Badger an' monitor prints both, there were."

Ewan ears go flat a little, he then nods as his ears perk again "Monitor....ok"He is quiet and speaks again "Maybe  carried her? They are strong creatures and about de  only thing that can carry a badger or fight one but I don't think she  can fight well...never seen her fight anyways."

The squirrel rests his weight on one leg, shrugging. "Methinks dragged her, it did. There were marks of that for some f'a little while 'efore th'rain wiped it away..."
Ewan nods "Ok..we will find her as couldn't have gotten too far...right?" He is of the Long Patrol but not a leader type, he is still a private unless they some reason  rise his rank."And find her soon."

John sighs. "I've looked all night, I have." He mutters, darkly, "An' I lost the trail 'bout four hours 'efore sunrise, I did. I'm no professional tacker, though, so maybe some beast good at tha' could have a go, they could. They got far."

Ewan nods "I know  all...most of the woods and monitors can't be out in the cold..something  in their  body where they can't  warm up well so  he has to be close by, a hollowed out den or log or something."This hare has explored a path once and  can remember it, he knows 3-4  ways to the  badger mountain as well."So where the tracks became maybe one, ya may of been close"

"Aye, so I've heard." John nods, tapping the hilt of his sword. "Mayhaps I were...I marked th' tries with m'dagger, I did. I can show beasts th' spot I lost th' trial."

Ewan nods "Ok..guess it's me and you, lets go look"

With a deep sigh and a longing glance southwards, the squirrel nods again. "Aye, let's." As John turns back north, he asks over his shoulder, "Say, y'happen t'have anythin' t'eat with y'? Haven't had anythin' since dinner, I have."

Ewan looks over, he is a hare of course he has food"Tis not much...but"He stops as he looks in the pack "A small afternoon snack ya see"He smiles...3 apples, a couple pears, some cheese and apple slices, rice cakes and some mushroom pastry and  small cakes, some  bits of cut up bread and spaish pastry, he has some october ale and some water"Tis not much..."Yeah for a hare.

"Well, are y'willin' t'spare a pear an' a bito'cheese, are y'?" John asks before he starts off. "Come on! Sooner we find Kirsha h'better, an' y'can eat tha' in peace, eh?"

=Hour or so later==

Anwir is in this den, sort of den its more a hollowed out area of what was once a tree that fell down and a couple logs, it sort of formed a little hideaway thanks to over run grass and bushes and has a sort of half dug den of sorts, maybe an old wolverine one but enough room to stay and hide, little room to move much but the monitor did not have plans to stay here, he has a better den by the river he just has to get there following the wooded path.Most would avoid day travel but night has become  unwelcoming to him seeing as its starting to be cold at night and him and cold are far from friends."Wezzzzzz go now...sssssssso move"

Krisha glares at the monitor but listens as little room to argue in here or try to bolt, maybe in the open there is more of a chance.

Ewan studys the path and signs of anything along the way as he walks along, looking left and right as he hmms "Think a tree fell sometime  in past season...interesting..paths de same though"

A little ways away from Ewan, and not paying all that much attention to the hare, John is walking with his crossbow in paw. He stops, ear perked as if he had heard something. Deciding it was nothing, he moves on ahead. "Come on, hare," He calls over his shoulder, "We're nearly there, we are! There!" He points to a tree with a small slash on it. "Made tha' last night, I did."

Anwir makes sure the badger stays close as he is not far from the two beasts on the path but the trees are also a little thick in places as he heads to the river"Quietzzzzzz..or elsssssssse"

Krisha does stay quiet as she  makes a mental note on just where she is, a small frown as its hard to say how far into the woods they got as she was unconscious thanks to a knockout dart but she hopes not too far as she remembers not being far from the abbey at all, yes she  likely should of tried to get to Ferrvale but  even that far she may of failed and still ran into the monitor.She has no clue that Xander turned around and went to the abbey, her thoughts are he left and planned to stay gone after a couple  beasts she talked to and the speech, the walking off without a word was not like him.

Ewan nods "We are..close then."He looks around and listens closely, he studies the ground, hmms very little tracks and there is mud as he looks around again for anything, a sound even or a clue.

"Aye, close..." John responds, gazing out into the trees around them. He doesn't hear or see the two fleeing beasts, but he does keep his weapon at the ready.

Anwir looks around and hisses a little.He is not always careful in avoiding a trail or breaking some bush.Who would come near him after all unless they want a bad day.

Krisha frowns, she quietly takes off her scarf she usually wears and lets it drop to the ground, hopefully someone can find it and get an idea of the trail as if they make it to the river,  may or may not  be a good thing.

Ewan nods and hmms, it does take a few minutes or so, so yes they are close, he tilts his head and jigs ahead as he sees something that's not a flower or colored leaf, it's that scarf as he picks it up and quickly looks around now,  a lot more alert than he was before.

Having heard the hiss, the squirrel come over over to Ewan, front facing the direction the noise came and crossbow up and ready. "Heard somethin', tha' aways." He whispers, gesturing with his weapon before looking down at the hare. "Found somethin', y'have? What is it?"
Anwir is too busy looking for a best path to the river without being right in the open, a low hiss as its breezy and a little cold breeze at that, he can handle it right now as  during the day it's not too bad but enough to slow him down.

Krisha asks "What do you plan to do with me?" She has no fear in her voice as she is done with being afraid of this lizard, she looks for a chance to run, a small opening but where to run as she  would look for one of the couple camps but at the same time she doesn't want to  put other beasts in danger.

Ewan nods "Krisha..wears this..and there is tracks.."And  voices he hears, a frown as he has his saber ready for trouble, he remembers a monitor some seasons ago it..was not a good thing to see.

Raising his paw, John hisses to the hare. "Differently somethin' up ahead - come on, slowly an' get tha' weapon o' yours ready, mate." He lowers his crossbow, slipping it onto his back. He points to one side. "Y'take left, I take right, an' be alert, could be them." Drawing his sword without waiting to see if Ewan does it, he moves forward to right, passing a few trees and bushes.

Anwir smirks "Yourzzzzzzz ssssssssse ssssssssoon, youzzzzz behavesssss maybe live asssssss pet fer while..winterzzzz issssss sosssson, will need....sssssslave again"

Krisha frowns at this and then shakes her head as she slams an elbow into his chest, ust enough to make him let go of her, "No way!" She is a lot braver than  seasons ago and  she has a lot more to live for now too. She has a home, and the abbey needs her.Its been barely a day..or will be a day once its nightfall again and she has no plans to  be =missing= longer than needed.

Ewan nods and has his blade at ready..the voice though as he decides to run ahead as training he has had kicks in and he finds them, and..oh boy not a monitor, not a monitor...he manages to take a deep breath and his ears droop as he starts to back off but no, he can't..he has to help, maybe just get to Krisha and help her get further away so someone else can  distract the monitor. Ok this wasn't the best plan of action.

Meanwhile, John had unclipped his buckler from his belt, holding the tiny shield in his left paw and adopting a battle stance as he advances as quietly as a squirrel only can. Of course, all that goes out the window as soon as he sees Ewan run. "So much f'suprise..." He mutters with a sigh before leaping forward, ready for a fight.

Anwir hissed in pain and gos to swipe a claw at the badger, then he sees the hare and narrows his eyes.He then smiles coldy"Bunnyzzzzzz hassssssss comezzzz to play?" He goes to right away attack the hare, the badger forgotten for now.

Krisha catches sight of EWan and frowns, barely avoiding a claw swipe she looks to the lizard and Ewan and frowns deeply.A quick glance around for  a weapon of some sort, well there is a branch maybe, she should run but the last thing she wants to see is  a friend killed.

Ewan frowns, he seems frozen in fear as he whimpers and  finally moves as claws  go across his arm, a jolt of pain as he goes to stab the lizard a couple times in the arm, he is starting to panic with this monitor right in his face, flashbacks of another monitor  creep into his memory as he shakes his head not to  panic, not to panic...forget it it's a little too late for that.

Mother Krisha?" John asks, as he steps from behind a bush to stand by her briefly. "/Run/." The squirrel, without another word, raises his blade and follows after the monitor. He attacks from behind with a quick jab, his aim to distract the lizard before it can get any more hits in on Ewan.

Anwir grins, he likes seeing fear in a beast as it excites him.He chuckles coldy as he grins at the hare "You fearzzzzz mezzzzz you win deathzzzzzzz"He goes to swipe a claw at him, bite him if he can and just try his best to slay a hare!The squirrel is a bit of a surprise as the  blade goes hit him in the side and he goes to kick the squirrel away if he can.

Krisha frowns, she looks at the fighting beast as she starts to back up.She finds a few rocks as she tosses them at the monitor "Tired of running from him"

Ewan shivers, yes he is afraid, as the monitor misses once, hits his leg once and bites down on his ear but he does roll out of any life threatening hit and breaths in and out trying to calm and failing

Leaping out of the way of the kick with the monitor's rear claws barely missing him, John glances back towards the badger as the rock whistles by his ear, shouting, "Well by all means do wha' y'will!" The squirrel brings his blade up to give a light slash, aiming for Anwir's back. "Turn an' face m', y'coward!" He taunts as he does it.

Anwir gets a couple missing claws thanks to the hare and goes to grab him by the throat and if he succeeds throw him a few feet before he turns to slash the squirrel...and a couple rocks hits him as he hisses, no matter lets kill a squirrel first is his goal."Hellozzzzz....sssssssssnack"

Ewan has a torn ear, already has a long gash on his side and he dropped his saber.He gasps for air and feels himself fly a few feet and then the tree, and then the world goes black as he is seriously knocked out.

Krisha finds a branch and then gasps as Ewan is knocked out and goes to check on him "Ewan?..Ewan?!" She looks for a pulse and breathing and  if needed holds pressure to one of the worse wounds.

Anwir hisses low, he chuckles "Issss fun to ssssslay sssstill...I had fun withzzzz chaossssss on a traveling caravan."He goes to try and  claw at the squirrel again, he would use his tail,but its gone.

Ewan has a pulse but he is bleeding and  very unconscious now.He has a broken arm and leg also, his ear tip he might lose but  otherwise no other injuries but those and the gash on his side.But a healer soon would be very nice.

Krisha frowns, she has an apron she keeps  on around her robes, she uses that as a temporary bandage and  looks at the lizard, a glare forms as she  stands and walks over to where the hare dropped his blade and looks at the monitor..a grip is on the blade, hey her father taught her to use a blade she just...never wanted to...but this monitor, this monitor she has feared all her life and is not gonna let him cause fear again as she growls low and  goes to make a slice at the monitor's back while he is distracted! She is not as helpless as you might think it seems.....well beasts  have their secrets and her knowing how to use a blade is her's.

The claw connects with the squirrel's forearm above the buckler, and, while the simple padded armor blocks the full hit, a bit of red seeps out. John doesn't respond much to the monitor's prodding, though, instead giving another quick jab with his sword, the metal glinting in a small patch of sunlight. He moves to onside slightly so as to let Krisha have more space.

Anwir was clearly not expecting any attack from behind as after all the only fighting beast is the squirrel, the badger maid is so very...weak?A grunt of surprise as the blade enters his shoulder blade and comes out the front,it's enough to distract him so John's weapon to sink into his gut...he hissed as he goes to swipe at the badger, and kicks the squirrel away, but it's weaken strength for him.

Krisha manages to step back as she lets go of the saber and the claws misses her face by a hairline as she looks back to the hare real quick and back to the monitor to make sure he isn't trying to swipe at her again.

Twisting the blade savagely before yanking it free of the lizard, John seems to be bent on causing as much harm as he can. The kick lands because of this, though, and the squirrel lets out a howl as the monitor's heavy foot claws connect with his relatively unprotected shins. Stumbling back, he raises his blade and buckler in a more defensive stance, ignoring the stinging pain in his arm and leg, blood now dripping from both.

Anwir is surprise yes and that blade is still in his shoulder and exciting the front  just under his collar bone as he hisses in pain and goes to lunge at the squirrel, he is losing a lot of blood himself now, the squirrels blade only causes more pain and blood lost as he coughs up blood and hisses, he is breathing  faster now and shivers a little as the lunge is likely serious off balance.

Ewan gives a weak groan of pain, he is semi conscious now  but at least the cloth  has stopped any blood lost for now.

Krisha decides to tend to Ewan best she can and stays beside him for now, not moving him yet though as she makes sure it is safe to move him and then will very gently pick him up, slowly and easy as to not jolt anything and cause more pain or injury.

John lunges forward himself with his blade, the sharp point directed at Anwir, while bracing himself for the monitor's weight by spreading his legs and bending. His left arm, the cloth upon it red, brings the buckler up to protect his face.

Anwir grunts as the blade enters his chest, he tries to oddly still get a grip on the squirrel and then to  sort of go sideways but soon sort of just falls sideways on his own as the blade enters near his heart and trying to jerk away and move only helped the blade find his heart and lung, the monitor  lays still as the breathing increases and then seems to stop, a couple twitches and the monitor is still...all life leaves the monitor as it finally dies.

Krisha watches as the lizard stops moving finally, is it dead?Is it over?She checks on Ewan again and looks over at John"John?"

John seems ok as he nods and he can walk.

Krisha nods as she can carry Ewan, she speaks "Thank the way...I went out to get Xander back, try to him  and then that lizard sneaks up on me"

Snorting, John cleans his sword on the dead monitor's vest, "Y'were, were y'?" He says as he sheaths the blade, bending to pick up his buckler. "He's back at th'abbey right now, he is, or out lookin' for y'!" His wounds aren't that deep owing to the padded gambeson the squirrel wears, though they are bleeding. He can most likely make it to the abbey, though he will need medical attention when he gets there.

Krisha blinks "He..came back? But he..left, a note said he was not coming back..."She can ask later what happened to get him back, she is just glad he is back and glade the monitor is dead and gone, "The monitor he  must of grabbed me before he  turned around to go back....home, is he staying home?"

Ewan mamanes to sort of wake up as he speaks "Pain......"He groans as he focuses on where he is, being carried it would seem.But he can..sort of speak, "Think...don't bally...know..."He spoke to the badger briefly,"Before...monitor maybe was..waiting to go...somewhere.."It wasn't clear to him if it was temporary or for longer or maybe things change, he has no clue as he is sort of half out of it.

"I were with Xander when he left, I were." John responds, giving the hare a worried look. "Methinks we should get back t'th' abbey, I do." The squirrel rolls his shoulder, wincing again, "Don't know how long I can stay on m'feet, an'th' hare need help soon..." He starts to head off south, towards the abbey. "Come on, we can walk an' talk, we can!"

Krisha nods as she carries Ewan and if needed will help support John if he needs help.Luckly though guards are on the wall tops so they will most likely get some help inside.

Krisha carries Ewan to the infirm and lets an otter by the gates get John into the abbey as she frowns and sits Ewan down on a cot and sits in chair herself a little shaky but ok, she shakes her head at the healer she is fine tend to the others for now.

Caleb is not a healer but he knows some things as he noticed the group and right away made sure his grandma and mother knows the beasts were back and went to the infirm "What happen...whoa.."He smiles when he notices Krisha is back and ok or is she ok?

Xander right away notices Krisha and makes a bee line for her, hugging her but not too tightly as he glances at Ewan and then Krisha, worry in his eyes.

Ewan groans, he is mostly unconscious with a gash to his side, the tip of one ear torn badly and has a broken arm and leg..what fun.

Krisha allows the hug and is clearly tried as she sighs a little and leans into the hug, she finally gets out "I'm not..not hurt"A little shaken up, and there is some bruises and a claw mark on her face but she is correct, she avoided much in the way of injury.

Xander listens and is silent till he finally finds the words to say "I was worried and they didn't want me to go look for you"The lizard where is the "I won't let the monitor get you back, trust me I can go look for it...slay it"

Caleb listens as healers tend to the injured beast "Monitors really bad and dangerous too"

Ewan has his injuries tended to, it's clear he is likely gonna be stuck here a few weeks likely.

Krisha speaks finally "Its dead..John finished it off."She will hold off on saying she injured it fairly bad herself, she needs some sleep as she ends up falling asleep against Xander.

Xander holds onto her and lifts her up placing her gently onto a cot but still a concern and lets motions for a healer t o check her anyways as he walks over to where Ewan is, a brief glance at John.

Caleb says, "I am sure she will be ok Xander...and also I have no clue what all happen...ummm a fight..."He listens and akss "Is the monitor for sure...dead?"

Ewan groans, he comes to a little after the healers have mostly bandaged him up "Its..d...d.ead...gone..."He is clearly in some pain and gulps a little "Monitors...are...b..b...bad....John would of died, maybe me if.."He stops"If Krisha didn't distract it, she stabbed the monitor in the back..errr shoulder and the blade c...came out of hits collarbone and john...finished off monitor....I got..very little in..."Panic attack didn't help him either, maybe if he didn't panic he could of done better but hey he is alive to tell the tale.

Xander listens and looks surprised "Krisha......did wot?" He glances at where Krisha is sleeping now and looks back to the others, he nods to Ewan "Get some, some rest..."

Caleb nods "Good riddance to the lizard...he was creepy and evil and..bad" Though he sort of wants proof but it can wait.

Ewan would answer but he has slipped into some needed sleep. sleep is likely best right now.

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