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#1 2019-10-16 18:43:19

Mother Krisha
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I Am No Longer Afraid Of You


Krisha-Badger Mother

Anwir- Evil tribeal monitor lizard


** This is a good song to listen to as Krisha once was  scared to silence...she was a slave to Anwir once and some other monitorrs at the time in teh tribe, thats now gone...but doesnt mean fear stayed, far from it  ***

Krisha woke up and at first wondered why it was  so quiet, the abbey isn't normally quiet, dibbuns run around and she  didn't remember laying down.She then remembered the  wooded path and looking for Xander, and..that voice.She sat up and seemed to take in her worse fears, she was not in the abbey at all!

Anwir chuckles "Arezzzzzz you awakesssssssss my dear?" He comes into view and shows his fangs "I misssssssssssed  youzzzz"

Krisha backs up as much as she can and shivers when she sees the monitor,"But...but your"

Anwir smirks "Howzzzzzzzz.....fine I will tell you sssssssssstory." He smiles coldly "I wokezzzzz up and wassssss sssssssso weak, ssssssso injuried, couldn't ssssspeak a season."He points to the  jagged  scar around his neck where the chain  dug in, he barely survived."You sssssshould learn, check to sssssssssse if one issssss dead but ohhhh yezzzzzzzz you had your..."He makes a disgusted face "Fatherzzz"He chuckles coldly "My older brother...he wassssssss to be leaderzzzz of the tribe, but father knew..he wassssss not one of ussssssss....he wassssss not of the  tribe...he refussssssssed to take a sssslave, he let one...go....and later...tow badgersssss..."He gets closer"One was with..dibbun..."

Krisha frowns , he is talking about her and she knows it.

Anwir chuckles "Youzzzzzz fear mezzzzz,  and I enjoy that...prehaps I will keep youzzzzzz assssssssss a pet, like before" He smirks "Remeber?"

Krisha gulps and speaks "Y..Yes I do.."She frowns, but she was younger then, she takes a deep breath "" She stays calm as she can. A small bit of shvering but after a couple deep breaths, it stops.

Anwir watches her and chuckles "I told Ferro...I would letzzzz him watch me..ssssssslay you before I granted him deathssssssssssssss ssssssssweep releasssssse....maybe I can ssssssend him your head"

Krisha frowns but then shakes her head, making a fist as she sits there quietly.

Anwir speaks "I..torn apartzzzzzz a wasssssss fun..chaosssssss...I alssssso almost killed a badger, maybe he did die after I droped him in the ditch...he wazzzzzzzz weak"

Krisha slams her fist into the side of the den, "He is not weak..he was ill, trust me..Anwir"Oh yes she remembers his name alright, "If he was in 100% top shape...he could of easily slain you and your stupid...ugly....face"

Anwir narrows his eyes goes to slap her across the face "Youzzzzzz will be sssssilent"He grins.."He..feared mezzzz, hee hee..a lot...fear mez..."He lunges at her, purposely going to stop a hair from her face"Youzzzzzzz do..."

Krisha listens, she snorts, a deep breath and a tense up as the clawed paw hits the side of her face, it leaves a claw mark on her left check, she watches him and stays still as he gets right in her face.She then narrows her eyes and speaks "I refuse to...fear you anymore, do you..hear me?"

Anwir chucles coldly as he goes to grab her chin and look her in the eyes, those sort of hypnotic  eyes " really ssssssssssssnackpack?"

Krisha growls and goes to pull away but stares him in the eyes, a small brief morment she whimpers and closes her eyes, then then goes to kick him away!

Anwir was not expecting a fight back, she is trapped..tied up mostly, but the kick  surprises him and sends him into the other wall as he groans, a hiss as he storms over and  goes to grab her by the back of her neck and  goes to...or least starts to clap down on her neck with his fangs, he hissses and releases her, his teeth didn't sink in, but they easily could have.He backs off "DO havezzzzz a bad night" He then leaves  her alone and the couple chains on her.

Krisha watches him closely and when he starts to clap down on her throat she closes her eyes and seems to wait on her fate.....that doesn't  come, her eyes open as he backs off and she glares at him, the beginnings of a battle fire in her eyes. She is not that 6 season old badger he caught before, she is not the one who was so fearful she gave in and even after rescued refused to speak 3 whole seasons and only then cause of powerful friendship, no she has grown in sprite and mind....any fear she had of him

Is gone.....

I Play
Krisha-Badger Mother of Redwall Abbey, AKA Mother Krisha
Donica-Healer Hare,Private in the Long Patrol


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