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An Evening Stroll - RW 10/15/19

John, a squirrel,
Keldorn, a shrew,
Xander, a badger,
and four spoofs by me.

Xander was feeling better and did as he said he was gonna do, at Dinner he stepped in front of everyone and said  simple words "I'm...sorry, so very..sorry for my actions" He only wished he could tell Benar but he  knew he was in his room and for now  didn't want to see him, Xander figured...ever again.He then left on out the doors of the cavern hole, to the great hall and entry where he got his blade, a small knapsack and a couple others things and started to head to the door.

John, who had been lingering in the background during dinner and Xander's speech, has abandoned his food to follow the badger. He stops just in front of the gates, watching him. "Xander," he says in a tone as if he were asking about the weather, "Were are y'off to, eh?"

Keldorn walked out into the entry and slowed a little, he didn't speak yet and listened to see what the reply would be.

Xander glances over, he sees Keldorn and frowns, he nods to John as he adjusts his pack.He frowns at his paw...there is usually a ring on it but he took it off, he sighs and answers finally"Somewhere...maybe just stay in Ferravale"

Nodding, the squirrel spares a glance towards the shrew but otherwise doesn't acknowledge him. Instead, John walks past  Xander to where his own blade is kept, saying, "Do y'mind if I tag alon' fo' a bit? I got some things up that aways t'check on, I do." As he comes out, buckling the sword belt around his waist, he adds, "An' I promise I won' annoy y'too much, I swear."

Keldorn frowns, he clears his throat "Sir Xander...a few words if I can?" He walks closer "Do not do what I did..though I was much worse, in the end it is up to you what you do but dont do something you will regret later on"

Xander shrugs "Sure..."He  frowns at the shrew "Too late fer that already did when I hurt Benar..."He shakes his head "I don't want to  accidently hurt  anyone else or worse...wot if I hurt  Krisha I need to just leave."Maybe after some thinking he will be back, its not clear."She will be fine "He seems to make sure he has things and then heads off through the gates.

Keldorn sighs "Sir Xander...."He decides to let the badger head off for now and  walks back inside the main building hoping the badger  just wants to think for a while.

John stands still, watching the retreating shrew, before turning back to the badger with a shrug. "Eh, I suppose y've got your mind made up, don' y'?" He starts for the gate, "Though, if y'wan' my opinion, I think y'might hurt Krisha either way..."

Xander walks along and is silent, then speaks "I..I don't know...guess I am afraid  gonna hurt someone else, maybe Krisha or worse..achally kill someone and not on purpose either, I could of killed Benar and wot if I had...then wot? They  likely would of banished me.I ta think and figure things out. Like the past is the past yeah but like others can't always like said ok lets not worry..not sure I can totally"

"Well, what makes y'so scared?" John asks as he pushes open the right gate door. "If y'hurt others 'cause you're angry, perhaps y'should look back on what does it, shouldn't y'?" Stepping out onto the road, the squirrel takes a deep breath of the evening air. "It's nice out today, lets hope this lasts!"

Xander sniffs the air and  manages a smile, he shrugs "I...don't know. Guess upset  that...memory loss and all and how seem to keep loseing beasts either they  leave to go elsewhere, leave the group or die."

John gives the badger a bemused look. "Suppose that's true, aren't it?" Sighing deeply, the squirrel starts the trek northwards. "'Tis a fact of life your goin' t'lose beasts close t' you, it is. Isn' that the truth..." He mutters more to himself than Xander.

Xander nods slowly "Yeah....guess.."He frowns "A leader type...thing but still. I...."He frowns "I need help and to clear my mind..someone said its all foggy and unclear, but its hard to clear one's mind when there is so much to think on and  the wondering if beasts will  forgive me or not."

"They will or they won', Xander." John responds matter-of-factly. "Either way, y'don' have much say in th' matter, y'don'. Don' go beatin' y'self up 'bout it because y'done all y'can, is what I say. It won' do no good t'worry now."

Xander seems to think on his words, then getting out in soem fresh air away from the abbey maybe helps, telling a large group of beasts sorry...maybe helped"I still have a tavern to check on, just hope Patch  didnt do somrthing stupid...I might go back, dont know yet...right I can try stresss cooking or..potttry, I do remember it helped..a little "The Redthorn Tavern will likely soon have dozens of differnt flavoried  muffins and cookies soon

"Patch?" John stops, incredulous, "Y'mean t' say that piece of wormbait is still lingerin' about, he is?" He turns to Xander a slight laugh. "I'm sorry mate, but I doubt that rat's no' don' somethin' stupid. Seems t'be a part of who he is, aren't it?"

Xander says, "He works in the tavern, knowing him likely doing a lot of stuff with the fighting pits..he probally thinks I was leaving for good and not coming back...soooooo he will likely be surprised to see me"

John lets out another chuckle. "He will indeed, won' he." The squirrel starts walking again, shaking his head with a grin. "Don' know what wen' through your mind when y'let him work again, bu' hey, who am I t'say he doesn't have his merits, even if he's, well, Patch?"

Xander chuckles a little for the first time in days "Least he  isnt in a horde or like gonna go off and betray anyone, he is...well can't say a good beast but he also isnt like pure evil, in between maybe?"

"Eh, incompetent is th'fancy word I'd use f'that, I would." John responds with hearty laugh. "Though he's got his history o' betraying, don' he? What ever happened after he came t'Redwall th' summer 'offore last, when tha' Ormaz was kickin'?"

Xander says, "I think he avoided him fer the most part"He scans the road, he is always alert when walking and seems to be  relaxed fairly well."Ormaz died, then ya...likely know that and after that things were fairly ok..maybe the odd vermin here and there"

John nods. "Aye, aye...I heard o'it all."  The squirrel's tail swishes back and forth, and he tilts his head, as if listening, "D'you hear- Eh, never mind it." He looks over this shoulder at Xander, "Say, did I ever tell y'bout this odd hare I met last spring, did I? He were an odd beast, he were, an' went by th'name Hanzi, he did. Told me 'bout th' battle and such, though he put me on edge, he did."

Xander hmmms "The name is..familar, some reason....think he wanted ta like join the Long patrol,  I think..."He tries to remember, "Something happen...just not remembering what"

"Huh," The squirrel grunts. "Suppose it doesn' matter much now, does it?" John pauses again, a questioning look upon his face. Raising a paw to shield his eyes from the setting sun, he peers up the road. "Oi, y'seein' tha', are y'?" He mutters, pointing towards were a dust cloud has appeared on the horizon to the north.

Xander studies it,a paw on his blade and a deep breath as he treis to relax, its not always something out to get someone as he nods."Dust...maybe travelers on the road? Some go visit the abbey or just pass through."

John tilts his head to one side, his shoulders relaxing. "Maybe...Eh, perhaps I'm just paranoid, I am." As the squirrel continues walking next to the badger, he gives him a sideways glance. "Did I ever mention how I got so angry at an abbey elder I left Mosfflower for several seasons? Can' say it was the smartest thing I've done, but I've done it, I have."

Xander says, " did disappear a while though and ...well I am learning to try and not worry either..we can becareful and see if friend or foe is coming  down the road"

"I've disappeared quite a few times, I have!" John says, with a slight smirk, "Started 'ere you were born too, I did!" At the second half, the squirrel looks back towards the still far off cloud. "Aye, we can be careful..." A beat. "That's a wagon, that is. Why would -" With a curse then falling silent, the squirrel suddenly breaks out into a run, paw o the hilt of his blade to keep it from entangling his legs, rushing towards the cart on the road.

Xander sighs, ok draw his long blade and deep breath as if getting ready to fight possible vermin, he isnt sure but if it is vermin he cant let another friend die and goes to folow John.

Waving like a madbeast, John is too caught up to worry about Xander or potential threats, especially now that he can see the cart has stopped and that theres only one of them. "Oi there!" He calls out, still running, "What in th'hellgates brings y'lot-" having got within sight of the beasts faces, the squirrel starts to stop himself, slowing down at three sullen creatures - two mice and a squirrel - even as they wave at him. "John!" The taller of the two mice calls out, voice shaking. "Bad tidings!"

Xander slows as he sees its friends and walks the rest of the way over "Hey..every beast ok?"

John had heard enough to fill in the blanks by the time Xander makes it. He turns, slowly, his tail down. "No...No they're not." The other squirrel, Raina, gives a small wave to the badger. "What we were telling John here, well." She swallows, before straightening her back. "We were attacked in the night - Myself, Abe here, and Worrick's two young'uns are all that made it through." She says, more to John than Xander. "It was a lizard, it was! I swear, Mr badger, I've never seen such a beast like it! The " Abe, the older mouse, interjected, his voice hoarse. "Killed my own daughter, the monster did..."

Xander frowns "Monitor?..."He asks a little worried, he had seen it but south of the abbey.."Think it...had a tatoo"

"'Twas too dark too see for certain, it was," The mouse replies, shaking his head, "And I never have seen a monitor in me life before that. But I suppose it must be one, what with the claws and teeth he sank into me." Raina adds, "Yes, I didn't get a good look at it, but it was a monitor, leastways judging by the drawings I've seen of them, that is." Throughout this exchange, John has been silent, leaning against the side of the cart. He looks up, his face dark. "When were this?" He demands, harsher than he needs to. "Two nights ago..." Is the response.

Xander says, "the monitor could be anywhere by now John...and if its the same one I think it is, he's a danger to have around"

"Aye," John mutters, arms crossed. "I'm sure he could be. I just..." With another shake of his head, this time as if to clear, the male squirrel pushes himself off the side of cart, looking into the darkening sky. "Never have I heard o' a single beast doin' tha' bloody much, I have!" Paws clenched into fits, he looks first from the mouse, to the squirrel, then the badger. "If this monitor be th'same as yours, then aye, I'd say th'bloody beast's a danger t'have 'round." The mousemaid peeks her head from around the back corner of the cart, having been scared by both the squirrel and badger. John's face softens, and he looks at the surviving beasts of the caravan. "I'm sorry about, well, all this..." He closes his eyes, taking a deep breath, "Abe, Raina, I can' begin t'imagine..."

Xander is sielnt, watching John and looking around "We should, get them to the abeby.Least its safe there..and the monitor will be  taken care of, it has hurt  a couple of my friends, had one captive even till they got away" He has yet to talk to Ferro really, and likely has his reasons not to right now."The monitor stoped one way or another"

Abe offers a hesitant smile to the badger. "Thank you, really, you don't have to, really..." The squirrel matron gives the mouse a long look. "I think they really should, Abe! And of course thank you, Mr. badger - I'm Raina, by the way and this is Abe - the mousemaid around back is Mala, and her little brother's asleep inside." She points to the cart. John had moved away from the cart looking out into the woods. "Aye, one way or another. Methinks I migh' try t'put a bolt in it's hide 'efore killin' it." His teeth are barred.

Xander smiles a litle" Xander Winters..leader of the Mossflower Defenders" He hmms, yes he still is leader"A...small group but  fighting beasts still...mostly, do have a healer....and maybe Log-a-Log can help find it."

"Aye, th'famed Guosim." John says with a mirthless laugh. "I always figured they were t'busy screamin' at each other t'notice any o'er beast, they were." The squirrel turns back to face them all. "But what d'I know, eh?" Abe looks Xander over. "I've heard of that group in a few taverns, I have! Really fighting beasts, aren't you?"

Xander asks, "The defenders? Yeah a good group..small but a group dont have to be large really.."He smiles at this "They still defend...I mean look at the Guosim, they have like 7..8 maybe beasts. I helped them a little  to get a couple huts ready for coder months""

Speaking of the cold, a chill wind starts up even as the last bit of sun disappears behind the trees. Raina shivers, saying, "Fighting beasts or not, I think it will be cold this winter, I do, moreso than usual, that is." John raises an eyebrow. "Perhaps it will be. Th' defenders do what they can, I suppose, don' they?" The mouse, nodding in response to the badger, says, "I guess they don't have to be large, though I can't imagine that having more beasts wouldn't help..."

Xander says, "First we get you  off the road, its getting dark and ...well then it is cold also, hmms..the lizard wont do much in the cold dont think, would he?" He frowns in concern"If its the same one,  he is after Krisha...then"He smiles "Shouldnt be worried not she would...."He frowns, yeah she would "Leave the abbey.."He drops to his knees and feels his forehead as a headache starts , a deep breath and exhales, he calms some.

Both the mouse and Raina rush towards Xander as he falls, asking in variations of, "Are you alright?!" As they go to help them, John simply walks over to the badger, looking him over once. "What is it?" He says in a simple tone, guessing at his thought process, "Methinks Krisha will be fine. Specially th' way she's still in charge at th'abbey, she is. I hope th'abbey-beasts won' let her leave, but," he shrugs, "I wouldn' put it past them." He watches the badger for a moment, asking quietly, "Y'think we should head back, do y'?"

Xander takes a few moments to reply and nods "I..I am ok just not ate much past few days is all..."He  closes his good eye and opens it again "Yeah...we can  go back to the abbey, I can go to Ferravale  after brekafast maybe" And  eat a good breakfast in fact.

"Aye." John looks back down the road in the twilight. "Suppose we should get started, shan't we?" The squirrel grabs the arms of the cart, beginning to move it. "How far is this Redwall?" Abe asks, looking at Xander. "Mala! We're moving!" Raina calls to the mousemaid, who comes from were she sat drawing with her finger in the dirt. She doesn't say anything as she jumps onto the back of the cart.

Xander says, "Its not that far..."He sighs and goes to move the cart. most of his strength is back "Not far at all" Its not like they made it  too far down the road, he is fine with heading back to the abbey, he is a little tried and he wants to help get beasts somwhere safe"And someone can get ahold of Benar, see how long you can stay...or guess ask Krisha right now""

"Hopefully can make it back 'efore they lock th'bloody gates..." John mutters to Xander as they move the cart together. The other squirrel and mouse move in to walk beside them, the latter speaking, "Who is Krisha, if you don't mind me asking?"

Xander replies" The Badgermother, in charge of watching the  dibbuns and right now  doing a lot of the abbot's duties while he is..resting from  an injury he had...he is fine, don't worry just ...fell down some steps"

John gives the badger a glance at the omission, but otherwise doesn't comment. "Oh, how awful..." Raina says, "I hope she's handling it all well..." Abe simply grunts. "He's lucky, he is. Falls are dangerous, and...well," his voice has a sad note to it as he says, "These are dangerous times..."

Xander says, "once the monitor is gone things will be better, lot better and a fall isn't always bad but can be and he is lucky, your right."He thinks about Krisha"And Krisha  can handle a lot more than one thinks"He smiles "Alot more...she will be fine, just fine and she has her freinds and..."A Pause as the abbey comes into view, "And...she""

Sharing a knowing look between the two, Abe and Raina continue alongside Xander. "Is she very important to you, then?" The latter ventures to ask. John laughs at that, which earns him a glare, but he goes to give a friendly slap on the badger's shoulder. "Aye, I'd say she is, eh? And things'll certainly be better once th' lizards gone, it will..."

Xander nods, "Yeah...and.."Yeah he needs to put the ring back on and he stops by the abbey as he gets something from his pocket, sliping it back on, yes he had it with him  cause its important "She is my wife." He gives the gate guard the blade and goes to head inside"I need to find Krisha..." He smiles "And...check on her" And talk, he needs to talk."Oh and..welcome to Redwall Abbey" He then disappears inside the main building.

All three beasts had noticed the badger slipping his ring back on, though none of them say a word. As they enter a few abbey brothers and sisters come out to meet them, helping them unload the cart. The dibbun mouse starts to cry as he is moved, though his sister soon holds him and follows after a kind abbey sister. John, privately thankful his gear is intact, entrusts it back to the abbey guards as he catches Xander's smile. The other squirrel and mouse are too preoccupied with saying their farewells and good nights to the badger and meeting new beasts to see John make his way up the stairs to the wall-top. The lone squirrel makes his way slowly to the north wall, were he rests against the the battlements to gaze out at the woods shrouded in darkness, paws clenched into fists.

Atticus, John, Terrence, and Spruce.

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