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Karth Riverbark
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Plans Slowly Made-Blackrose Log


Dearil- Me-2nd in command of the Blackrose

Atvi- ME-Former Novice of Redwall

Emersyn- A hare that's a slave to the Blackrose

Kalypso- Leader of the Blackrose

Spoofs of slaves and some slavers...


The days were starting to get a little cold at times. Then it was autumn, it got colder further north. But that doesn’t always mean cozy fireplaces and warm soup and drinks, this island was no under the control of The Blackrose, the remains of a ship of some sort lays off a path from the beach. There is some sort of cave, from a distance it seemed like nothing, but if one ventured inside, and down a small tunnel…it opened up to a little  sort of valley, hidden away. It would seem beautiful to most with the exotic wildflowers, a small pool of water…but then the harsh reality hits you…..this once peaceful hidden valley settlement, has been taken over by slavers! A flag with the tattoo of the Blackrose flutters in a couple places in the wind, a fancy black rose in bloom with thorns and curled vines and leaves.  A small village once simple and peaceful, lays in ruins and the only thing standing is the town hall and a couple other buildings, one area for the slaves and one for the slavers to stay in, the place is very well guarded by a couple dozen rats with longbows, and some ferrets here and there, the Blackrose is not too large a group but the only narrow entry and exit, makes them just as dangerous.
Kalypso walks out of the once Town Hall, now the main building of the Blackrose, she smirks as she watches the slaves, “I do hope no one is having a good day, good days are not allowed here.”

Atvi frowns as he carries some pails of water to a barrel and empties them carefully and slowly, he has gotten used to being here, its home to him now. He was a vole, once a novice at Redwall, if only he didn’t leave.

Most of the slaves are rabbits that lived here, they still live here but are now slaves in their own homeland.

Dearil bows to Kalpso, “My leader… is your day? Should I send a patrol out to look for slaves?”

Emersyn was a hare, one of few non hares here, she sighed and almost tripped as she carried a heavy log, but she made it…just barely.

Kalypso smirks “We do need more, don’t we? I like this location, good for a starter base. Maybe in time it can be grand.” She hisses at the hare maid “Drop that and you get no dinner.”She chuckles, the slaves were lucky to get 3 meals, not the best meals but meals all the same.

Atvi looks over at the hare and sighs.

Dearil nods “Of course my leader…I can also recruit, my raven spotted a group of vermin beasts, the group has 3 ferrets and a couple weasels, also I managed to get the wolverine clan on the beach to help us, for a small fee of  course”
Emersyn frowns “I’m sorry..”She sits the log down and gets an ax, firewood that she wished was for the slaves, but no it’s for the Blackrose, most things on this island was for the Blackrose.”

The rabbits had crops here, now most of those in storage…

For The Blackrose

The small orchard of fruit trees outside the cavern….

For The Blackrose

Any fish caught, any water..Anything….

For The Blackrose

The slaves got very little of anything now. It was not a good life, yes they got to live but no one smiled. No one laughed, and if one tried to escape. They were greatly punished and maybe even slain. So far only 3 beasts had been slain…a couple rabbits and a badger who had been caught

Kalypso shakes her head “Slaves these days but yes…we need more.” She looks at a list “ 18 Rabbits, 1 vole and 1 hare….as for Blackrose members 4 dozen strong, more would be good and the wolverine tribe will be great allies, how strong are they?”

Dearil answers “A dozen, but very strong…sometimes a little hard to control but very deadly if told to capture a slave, they will keep them alive…they just require fish..raw fish as payment and the rare slave who chooses to disobey too much”

Atvi is listening, he can’t help it and shivers as he sits by the hare…the one time they all get a 15 minute break “You need to be more careful, ya want to be dinner to those..things outside?”

Emersyn frowns, “Those…things don’t scare me…I am planning on an can come, me and my friend had a boat, If they didn’t find it….we can use it, it’s small..a fishing boat, if we get to the main land we can escape and…maybe get some help for the others”

They were lucky no one was listening, slave or slaver…..the Blackrose leader was by the once Town Hall. Making plans for when colder weather came, there would still be work and the slaves would be able to keep warm enough to stay alive anyways, they needed slaves after all so it would be warm, but some drafts if sleep in a certain area of the building used to house the slaves, otherwise it was warm, straw to sleep on though.

Atvi frowns, “Escape? How?...the only way in and out is always guarded.”
Emersyn thinks “There is …ways…I sometimes serve the guards drinks, if I can find Valerian Root….it grows near the stream, not much but…it’s a strong sleep aid and mixed in an ale..Becomes stronger, they might only be knocked out a very short time or just so sleepy can’t pay close attention, that’s all we need.”
Atvi was….interested indeed, he nods “Well….worth a try anyways… how and when?”

A plan set in motion or will it be their doom?

My spoofs:Atvi...and Alts=
Ewan Benjamin Delaney Tanner Mosswell Jahveri- LP Hare Fighter/Private and Residential Redwall Abbey Hare
Dearil-Archer/Fighter/Assassin in Blackrose


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