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An Intresting Evening At The Camp-Guosim LOG

**The first part of this I got off logger as it was important.....Log-A-Log and his shrews show up a little later in log **



Berwin-Coook for Guosim

Lyra- Scout and  Warrior in Guosim

Leigh- Healer in Guosim

Cynthia- Visiting Abbey Sister

Oswald- Warrior in Guosim

Ferro -Blacksmith  of Ferravale

Krasnaya- Stoat...guest?

Mack- Hedgehog and guest


Krasnaya could not believe the spitefulness of the rain. It had come down upon her without warning, striking angrily down upon her as she searched for cover amidst the dark riverbank, mindful of how it soaked her already. But it seemed the night was not without its own salvation - the spirit of the river smiled down upon she, and out of the dark a dim light did shine, promise of warmth and shelter in the cold darkness. Stumbling forwards, the wayward stoat clumsily entered the old den, all suspicion of its seclusion and the dark path she took lost in the promise she had been given. To anyone inside, her sudden entrance must have come as no small shock, as she made no effort to hide her approach, or diminish her sudden entrance.

Ferro is by the wall, oddly....paws tied behind his back.He speaks before he looks up "Your back I sssssssssssssssee...Of coursssssssse"He blinks slowly as he looks up and studies the stoat "Your not Anwir....who" His voice is sort of raspy and deep, he also sounds weak and looks a little thin.There is a small fire in here , not too warm though. The only other creature in here, far in a corner is a hedgehog.

Krasnaya is initially seemingly oblivious to the captives, most concerned crouching close by to the small fire to take in its warmth. There is an awkward delay before she finally glanced back up to the awake lizard, as if only now seeing him for the first time. "Anwir? Is that his name?" The stoat looks thoughtful for a moment, pondering the identity of her spirit guide, before frowning suddenly. "Why are you tied up? Were you sent here too?"

Ferro speaks "I am hisssssssssssss captive, he..hatesssssss me' He coughs a little and sighs, great he seems to think, likely just some random beast,"I usssssssse to me in hisssssss tribe, but no more"

Krasnaya blinks, then looks away, suddenly very despondent. "I see..." It seemed this Anwir was apparently just a mortal beast, like herself. Her guide remained unknown. "So," she says, glancing back at the lizard, as though now unsure of what to do. "He is no river spirit, then."

Ferro tilts his head "River....ssssssssprit?" He seems confused and shakes his head "He is..inssssssssssane...he will likely eat" He seems to have little energy to try and escape,"sssssssurprissssssssed he hasn't ate the hedgehog yet"

Krasnaya actually laughs, a sudden reversal of emotions. "Well, it is not beyond the nature of the gods to devour such beasts as we..." The stoat rubs her paws together, pleased with herself, and enjoying the small comfort of the fire. A moment later, and she remembers the lizard once more. "What was your name, again?"

Ferro frowns "Ferro...Blacksmith..."He frowns "Or I wasssssssssssss......"He has no clue if he will get out of here or not, "I am jusssssssssst glad he hassssssss not got my daughter yet...he isssssss after her."

Krasnaya looks at the lizard more critically. "Ferro... Blacksmith." Idly scratching her scarred muzzle, the stoat considers her options. "Your kind - born of sunlight - I suppose it makes sense you would be good with flame... You want to escape from here, yes? Go back to being a blacksmith? See your daughter, maybe?"

Ferro looks at her, he seems unsure of her and it's clear he has been here a few weeks now"How?"He asks simply, quietly, he looks around, back to her as he coughs a little.

Krasnaya giggles lightly. "With me, of course. I had hoped to stay warm here, to take shelter from the rain. I thought the river or the moon had offered me this place, but I can see now I was wrong." She smiles, certain of herself, like a beast who has just solved a complicated puzzle. "It was the sun - trying to make right with me after all this time..." The stoat takes her knife from its sheath, creeping over towards the bound lizard, though not yet making as though to free him, lost as she is in her own thoughts. "It makes sense, doesn't it?"

Ferro hisses at the knife, then right now he is leary of anyone who gets too close to him.He listens as she speaks and tilts his head to the side, maybe he is that tried that he is hearing jumbled words,he isn't sure as he frowns but still keeps a close eye on her.

Krasnaya frowns at the response. She supposes it would be too much to ask for every instrument of destiny to understand their place in the great order of things... Still, the stoat continues closer despite the lizard's hissing, cutting the binds that keep Ferro's paws behind his back. "There you are, lizard. Free as a summer breeze... though not quite so warm." Seemingly despondent once more, the stoat sits back, watching to see her lizard companion's reaction, and what state he is in for escaping.

Ferro hisses, then the paws are free and he looks surprised, he tries to gets up from sitting only to stumble back to the den floor as he frowns,he glances at her and speaks "You..untied me...but there isssssssss sssssstill getting away"He frowns he doesn't even know for sure where he is, he snorts slightly as he had been knocked out and woke here.His bounds were better then just ropes before, but his brother knows...he is weaker so why bother with the chains from before.

Krasnaya looks on the struggling reptile with a blank expression. "You said you were a blacksmith, no? From some big village I bet. I came here from the road, the only shelter I could find from the rain. An impossible light in the darkness and the tall grass..." The stoat trails off, almost losing herself in her thoughts of spirits and destinies again. "If I can take you back to the road, do you think you could find the way back to your home?"

Ferro listens "Village...Ferrvale issssssssss where I live."

Krasnaya shows no reaction to the name of the place, placing her knife back in its sheath. "I don't suppose you're going to be able to walk there with me, are you?"

Ferro does try to stand again and fails, it's been some, well weeks since he walked around much and part of the time he was captive he used a lot of energy to try and escape" is very low...I don't even know where we are"

Krasnaya actually laughs again, amused by the combination of his own failure to stand, and by her own knowledge that she herself knew little of their location. After watching him struggle, she herself stands, offering a paw down to him for him to pull himself up with. "You can lean on me, and we will find a way, won't we? I have been offered this much good fortune so far, haven't I?"

Ferro nods as he can still crawl and manages to slowly stand, a frown "We may need to...move quickly, Anwir will look for usssssssssssss trussssssssst me." He frowns "Well....look for me anywayssssss"

Mack wakes up with a groan, headache as he opens his eyes and scans the room, frowning as soon as he spots others...friend or foe? He isn't sure .

Krasnaya is surprised by the sudden movement from the other captive, and looks back to Ferro. "A friend of yours? He seems to be coming around - do we take him too?" Shuffling under the new weight of the lizard she is supporting, she considers her ability to support them both in escaping.

Ferro looks at the hedgehog, he nods "He...cannot sssssssstay here, unlesssssssssss he is fine with wordssssssssss, being lunch"

Mack eyes go wide, "And wot if you want lunch....huh?" He takes a mental note on how weak the monitor looks and studies him and the stoat"Free me before that other gets back...I need to find Nardo before that...thing gets him"Yes he means the other lizard, he isn't sure of Ferro but right now he knows for sure the other one is not good to see.

Krasnaya mumbles to herself "One has a daughter, the other has a Nardo.." Crouching back down, slowly as not to drop Ferro, she comes around back to the hedgehog, cutting his binds with her knife once more. "The two of you will be quite the trouble - I hope the spirits do not jest with me, setting you two in my care..."

Ferro frowns, he seems concerned that someone will show up,"We"Where to he isn't sure just away from here.

Mack stands and nods "Thanks...."He is not too edgy around vermin, though....the monitor...but thats in understanding as one did capture him as he walks slowly over to Ferro and studies him"Your...a captive?!" He is curious and that will have to wait as he goes to offer some help,"Nardo is a ferret and...I don't know where he pub it caught fire....and in the chaos this...well fued lizard grabs me. drags me here"

Krasnaya giggles again, without much care for the seriousness of the situation or the talk of arson and kidnapping. "I wish I was a ferret sometimes." She grins, though this expression falters as she shoulders Ferro's weight once more, supporting him as she rises to stand again.

Ferro nods , yes he is a captive, he noness "I will you, do not worry....Anwir....will though if we...ssssssstay here"

Mack is still unsure but nods ok and will trust him, for now "Ok..lets get outta here"

Krasnaya doesn't really understand the hurry, but complies with the general mood of the rest. Carefully, she walks with Ferro out through the den entrance, into the dark and continuing rain. The weather is hardly pleasant for her, having only just dried off inside, and the lizard is no source of warmth against her, but she trudges on with him, hoping to find the trail once more.

Ferro leans into the stoat and Mack if both are helping.

==On to The Camp Of The  Guosim==

It is raining, that cold, drizzly, autumn is in full swing and winter is not far away rain that is sometimes the most miserable of rain. It causes the large bonfire in the center  of the camp to spit and fizzle but Oswald is there, gallantly piling on more logs to keep the fire roaring and bring some heat to the covered logs circling it as seats. The shrew isn't that bothered by rain, humming to himself as he heaves another log onto the flames to keep it going.

Cynthia had found the path, she had been brought to the pathway by the champion and promised to be careful and not gone too long as the champion did have a couple other things to check on and of course get back to the abbey.

Lyra had been in her cabin a lot but since the rains have slowed she now ventures out and more towards the main camp.

Vilfred is close, having been outside in the woods patrolling a bit when he sees the mouse  and speaks"Greetings to you, company is nice,at times as long as it's being friendly company ands that you seem to be"

Oswald looks sup as Lyra comes out and raises his tail at her in greeting, "Miss Lyra, good day..." He stands as close the fire as he dares, the shrew warming his hands over the flickering flames, "Good to get this going, camp can get mightily cold in this weather, a roaring fire is just wot we be needing."

Cynthia jumps a little and then sees Vilfred as she speaks "Not nice to suddenly come up on a beast.."She makes her way the rest of the way into camp and looks around.

Lyra says, "It is starting to be cold sometimes but least no snow yet, but we should have a few weeks till snow shows up"

Vilfred mutters a sorry before he walks on into camp and smiles "Our main camp, is nice yes? Still have few things to do, but not much now"

Oswald says, "Aye I think we are still a few weeks away from snow or really cold weather," He turns at the sound of Vilfred and someone else and he smiles, "Cynthia lass, good ta see you, I heard you and your family where back at the abbey."

Cynthia smiles as she goes to hug him, if she is allowed and smiles "It's good to see you also Oswald, it's been a while and yeah back to stay now"

Lyra nods and waves to the mouse as she sits down"I think the camp should be ready by winter, or least hope so"

Vilfred says, "Ready is the plan yes, we shall see but not too much to do, we did get some help couple weeks ago, maybe will get more help soon""

Oswald hugs Cynthia back and smiles, "It sure is good ta see ya lass! Welcome back ta Mossflower," He gestures at the other shrews, "And I am back with the GUOSIM to stay also! Which is good fer me, it be good to be with me people again."

Cynthia says, "I seen some of the shrews when I first got back, they showed me the right path to the abbey when me and Caleb got a little lost, lucky not too lost"

Lyra smiles "We do know the way around Mossflower or least a good part of Mossflower"

Vilfred grins as she finds a good place to sit down and relax, they have been fairly busy the past few days"Yes looking around, had to find a beast....but was found so now can relax"

Oswald exclaims, "Aye mossflower is good and welcoming, it is nice ta be home!" He sits down by the fire and pats the log, "So what brings you this far from the abbey Cynthia? Can't be just to say hello to this old minstrel.""

Cynthia chuckles"I got permission to come not to worry, and to say hello yes but also to show how I have improved over the seasons with music, I always practiced a lot and even was in a traveling show, for a short time, stayed in a village and...well missed ..Redwall, Redwall is home to me"

Lyra says, "Redwall Abbey is nice, we were there for a feast and helped them out a couple times."

Vilfred says, "We seen a village near that church..forgot its name now"

Oswald says, "Well by all means Cynthia dear, settle down and show us what you can do, I'd love ta hear how your music has come along," He smiles softly, "I am sure we could all enjoy some music around the fire and yeah Lyra, the abbey are good beasts.""

Cynthia says, "Not the one I was in, me and Caleb were in one a lot further south of Mossflower."She smiles and does have a lier with her, that and harp is two things she is good at playing, she plays a soft tune and smiles, humming a little tune she uses sometimes.

Lyra smiles as she listens to the music"Music is one thing we rarely rally have around here, we need to try and have it more often in fact"

Oswald says, "Aye that is my fault, I have been too focussed on helping to build up the camp to break out harp or lute and sing and dance... mayhaps now we are nearly ready for winter I can bring more music ta tha GUSOIM!" He then settles down to listen to Cynthia play"

Vilfred smiles "Music would be good as we have worked very hard, even helped find a missing beast..we have things built for the camp, maybe a little more work on a couple roofs, but that is all...and well some other supplies but not much in supplies we need now"

Leigh steps into view now as she listens, "A break would be nice, time to relax even"

Cynthia smiles, she sings a tune that her and Caleb has sang together before, and plays the lier too...."Right by ...your side...through all....friends."

Oswald grins and stands up and moves to his hut, coming back with the large oiled case that contains his harp, he unlocks it and pulls it out into his lap, the bells in his dreadlocks chiming as he settles down to join in with Cynthia's song. Listening to her words as his fingers pick up the tune, his harp strings thrumming quietly.

Cynthia smiles, she still sings her tune, a song about staying by a friends side, no matter the troubles and staying their friend.She has improved in voice and music making.

Lyra smiles, liking the tune and the music.Even chuckleing once as it's good to have fun once in a while.

Leigh watches Oswald as he plays and a smile forms, she han't know he could play an instrument at all as she walks closer and sits down by the group of shrews as she listens to the song and music made.

Oswald keeps playing, his claws plucking at the strings, weaving his song in and out around Cynthia's as she sings, humming along, a low deep voice, pitched to add a little extra harmony to Cynthia's song, keeping the music flowing around the crackling flames of the fire.

Cynthia smiles, adding another verse as she smiles, she plays a little more of the lyre and finishes soon as she smiles"It's...been a while since played and sang, well in front of a crowd anyways"

Lyra nods "I think it was very nice, very nice indeed"

Vilfred nods "Maybe sing and play music again soon, maybe even at a Redwall feast, plenty of time to be thinking on it yes"

Leigh smiles "I liked it....and I liked your music as well Oswald"

Oswald works his fingers along the strings, putting a quiet counterpoint to the ending of the music and smiles, "There... that was fun," He throws his hair back over one shoulder and grins at Cynthia, "That brings back nice memories, it's been too long since we had a good time playing together." he carefully packs his harp away and closes the case, "And I am glad you like it Miss Leigh."

Cynthia smiles "I...will think on it, but as for the abbey that is up to Abbot Benar or Mother Krisha..."She frowns a little "I do hope the abbot id able to go to the winter feast"

Lyra nods "I heard. some about the abbot,not much"

Vilfred nods "From what I heard......he is resting and recovering, did not visit the abbey...hmmms perhaps should,get more info"

Leigh smiles at Oswald and listens a little as the others talk.

Oswald asks, "Well can they even have one of their feasts without their abbot? I don't suppose he'll order one if he can't go," He grins at Cynthia then glances over at the other shrews, "Fires dying down, should we think about putting on a GUOSIM stew for our Abbey guest?""

Cynthia smiles, as for the question "I..don't know, they may wait till he is well enough to go"

Lyra nods "I say make some dinner, our food is just as good as the abbeys and some of it...even better just don't let de abbey know of that"

Vilfred chuckles at the mention the food is better or least some is, he nods "Yes...true.But also do hope the abbot is recovering well from accident or...whatever it was that happen"

Leigh nods,"Always good to help a guest feel welcomed after all"

Oswald exclaims, "Well that sounds good ta me! Let's cook something nice and show our guest that GUOSIM food is as good as Abbey fare."

Cynthia chuckles,"I think I like it here, I was thinking of staying a couple days if I could, I can even help with something around camp and in 2-3 days someone can walk me back to the abbey"

Lyra smiles"I am sure we can find something that needs done, lucky no heavy lifting or least hope not since we...sort of lost that help at the moment"

Vilfred says, "Help is alway welcome yes"

Leigh smiles "We can make stew and maybe some small tarts of some sort as well"

Oswald says, "Well lass that'd be up ta our Log-a-Log but I don't mind walking ya back to Redwall in a day or so.""

Cynthia smiles as for now she relaxes"It's been fairly quiet, for the most part on the roads and woods"

Lyra says, "And not too much happens once winter sets in, in autumn a lot are getting ready for winter but yeah always wise to not travel alone either way"

Vilfred says, "She is right and we can be finding things to help out with...small repairs here and there and we even have chores we do as the abbey is not only one who is doing chores""

Leigh says, "Maybe a river ride before you go, there was a pike but it's gone now"

Oswald asks, "Well then," He stands up and picks up his case, "I will put this away and then we can get cracking with the cooking, Leigh lass help me with the cooking stuff?" He heads off back to his hut.

Leigh nods as she goes to help Oswald and smiles

Cynthia nods "I can help with chores, I do chores at the abbey"

Vilfred nods "Then chores but tonight we have good meal and maybe more music even, perhaps dance"

Lyra smiles as she waits, "I am glad we are almost ready for winter season"

Mack is a little turned around, all he could think is away from that place, away from that den and maybe some river mud will dull their tracks, he sniffs the air.."I smell campfire"

Vilfred is with his shrews and a visiting mouse and indeed there is good! Some stew, some apple tarts and even some salad as he grins. There is not many shrews as the group is small..but fierce if needed. It is slowly growing though.

Leigh is helping a shrew named Oswald to make the food"Dinner is just about ready and think we have apple cider, tea or water to drink"

Krasnaya is not blessed with a great sense of smell, owing largely to the old injury to her muzzle. But after the hedgehog's remark, she too taste the scent on the breeze, and after such time spent travelling, it is more than a welcome surprise. Quite the blessing for a good deed, she thinks, making a mental note to pray thanks to her ethereal benefactors. Tired, she puts an extra skip to her step regardless. "Lead the way, hedgehog - I could go for something to eat.."

Cynthia is at the camp, she smiles "I could play some more music after dinner"

Ferro looks ready to pass out as he looks around, tried but going wherever they led for now

Mack nods as he makes his way to......the camp or the entry as he glances around, oj this could end well or bad, "Errrr....elllo thar...shrews for..3 more?" He adds "We...come in...peace"

Lyra turns and stands up quickly, ok a hedgehog is fine but two vermin whom she doesnt recognize and she has a paw on a sling.

Vilfred quickly alert as he sees the new guests, a couple others shrews stand beside him "I am..Log-A-LOg, whom is being you?"

Leigh frowns, ok there is a monitor and she tenses up as she backs off a little"Ummm...oh...."

Cynthia takes one look at the monitor and screams rushing to hide behind one of the logs by the bonfire, she meet one monitor, she is about to meet another!

Krasnaya sees the gathered shrews and mice and laughs, finding the absurd twist of fate amusing. So be it- the stoat's paw is on her sword hilt in an instant, ready to meet the possible threat, but in doing so she elbows the semiconscious Ferro as she attempts to draw the sword from its scabbard, throwing herself off-balance and sending the two of them crashing forward in a heap, the monitor's weight atop her before she can spring back upright.

Ferro groans as he looks at the shrews, the mouse as he focuses on the mouse ..abbey robes as he grunts "P...Pleasssssssse.....hesssssssss...g...gonnna..."He coughs and looks ready to pass out "Need..find...Krisha...."And he passes out totally.

Mack frowns "Find..who wot...wait why is that name familiar.."

Vilfred keeps a close eye on the stoat and the lizard and blinks , he is still on guard and alert "Finding who?" He frowns as Ferro passes out and edges forwards slowly."WHo is being every beast?"

Leigh frowns, she is a healer but stays where she is, if Log-a-log looks it he will go forwards and offer help, but are these guests safe?

Lyra waits to see what to do, it's up to their chief as she looks at the stoat, hedgehog and interesting group indeed

Cynthia frowns as she watches him,She steps out as she listens "Mother know the badgermoher?" She frowns wait..she spoke of him"Ferro?"

Krasnaya unceremoniously crawls out from under the lizard, barely noticing his sudden unconsciousness. The woodlanders, however, seem to be largely passive regarding her presence now, so she makes no attempt to draw her weapons again, though she remains crouched by the lizard's side rather than stand again, saving her own energy and waiting to see what would happen.

Mack frowns as he steps forward and about trips..."There is another monitor who likely by now notices he has less...well no guests, he is gonna come looking for captives, namely me and..guess Ferro, if that's his name...look the monitor here is too weak to do anything and the stoat...don't know her name..helped us. Not sure..why but....also umm..."He points to the food and smiles a little "Also I got to let me friends know I am..ok, somehow"

Vilfred listens as he looks at them closely"Names..."He looks at the food and them and seems to think, he studies the lizard and puts away the weapon but he is still on high alert "We tend to injuries and offer food and drink...and you will stay put and answer the questions asked soon"

Leigh is not sure how to help a monitor and is still edgy of it and the stoat as she nods , first seems the lizard for sure needs aid "A..anyone else need a healer?"

Lyra stays quiet and simply watches, she sits down to try and relax...well good thing they have enough fish stew, salad and tarts for company.

A shrew, Named Berwin walks closer and stops close to the new guests and frowns "Someone said...Ferro was missing...where has he been?"

Cynthia is still uneasy "W..what now?" She frowns "Wait another monitor...where?" Ok now she is freaking out "Me and Caleb seen one, a flaming spider tattoo"

Krasnaya draws her paws further from her weaponry, mirroring the action of the chief shrew, and keeping a watchful eye on the female, shaking her head at the offer of healing. This is a period of possible crisis, and her furtive mind works overtime developing a plan to escape with her life should things go awry; the stoat does not have a history of universally mild conduct in her dealings with lone woodlanders. Luckily, they appear to be more disturbed by the monitor lizard, and at this Krasnaya almost smiles - Ferro the blacksmith seemed hardly a threat to anyone in his condition. Amidst the discussion of her captor, putting her worries to side for a moment, she decides only to ask what was on her mind. "There is food here, right?"

Vilfred nods, he nods the ok to offer the new guests some food, he is still not fully trusting yet"Other things need know?"" He keeps a close eye on them, a guard will be around them at all times and she is free to go whenever, but he will now be alert for other...guests.

Berwin helps also to get  dinner  passed out to all.

Mack sighs as he speaks, he smiles at the offer of food and drink,even tea is good" not sure..Ferro was not mentioned....but Xander mentioned Krisha..seems Ferro knows her."He will take a break to eat and drink, but speak between mouthfuls "IN fact...Xander and wherever Narso is need ta know I got away from..well the other lizard as said the stoat helped, my name is Mack by the way Pub...well former Pub owner...suppose homeless now"

Leigh checks the lizard and if needed the hedgehog for wounds as she listens to them speak.

Cynthia looks over, a little less jumpy as she eats dinner herself, they were about to have it after all before more company came."Xander and Krisha are mates...."

Krasnaya wordlessly helps herself to some of the stew she was graciously offered, monitoring Mack and his interactions with the other woodlanders. She was out of her element here, amongst so many shrews, and knew Mack and Ferro only by their names and former occupations. Amidst the hedgehog's brief explanation of her actions, however, she speaks up briefly. "I'm called Krasnaya, by the way..." The stoat almost continues, but thinks better of elaborating on the belief of guidance to their location by sun spirits and the like.

Vilfred nods, he sits down after getting some food, he speaks quietly "Maybe help find way to Ferravvale...."

Leigh sits after making sure any healer needs were taken care of and stays close to Oswald now.

Mack nods"Ferrvale?" He is curious now, ok so not all know what Ferrvale is.

Cynthia says, "Ferravale is close..the chieftain is Blisa...and I can let the abbey know about Ferro...and Mack also""

Krasnaya listens carefully, taking note of the names and locations mentioned. She remembered Ferro talking about the village in particular. "The lizard is a blacksmith from Ferravale," she says, in-between her food. The stoat is famished, having eaten little in the time travelling before she had even ran across the two captives.

Vilfred nods, he makes a metal note they will need more fish later on, but thats later as he hmmms"I am..seeing yes..village will need Blacksmith for sure"

Leigh sighs as she stays where she is, a couple other shrews seem to get her to ask "So...plans Log-a-Log?"

Mack looks at the shrew as he listens "Wait...Log-aLog?....the Guosim, your the famous Guosim!!"

Cynthia every so often looks at the stoat and monitor, she is a little less on edge now, she frowns "The one monitor...the other one is scary.....likely dangerous...what if he followed them?" Ok fear is back.

Vilfred smirks "If other monitor comes with teeth and claws we offer to him death"

Leigh says, "I don't want any bad company....have you ever fought a monitor? Does he have friends?""

Mack frowns "I think....we may of hopefully lost him...and the river path was very muddy and the rain would hide tracks and wash then away"

Cynthia starts to hum, a soft tune and takes a deep breath going to sing a simple song"Right by your side...right bu your matter what..." She gets her lyra and plays, something to calm herself and maybe others, no need to stay all on edge after all and she did promise more music earlier.

Krasnaya is surprised by the sudden humming from the mouse, momentarily forgetting her food and the discussion as she listens to her begin to sing. It has been a long time since the stoat had heard a proper singing voice, longer still with instrument accompanying it. It brings a smile to the stoat's scarred face and she looks towards her pleasantly. "You have a lovely voice, mouse. I'm envious."

Vilfred finally eats, drinks and listens.Every alert and seemly calm, or looked calm anyways. He was the leader here after all, it was his job to keep everyone safe and he was truly serious, even dangerous, when needed. Ever on alert he is, he speaks with some of the shrews quietly.

Mack hmms as he sighs "SO..where would a guest...sleep?" He looks at Ferro and back to the shrews, its likely they are usually warned for company.

Cynthia smiles, she finishes her song"Thank you..." She is not sure herself where guests would sleep. So she will let the shrews answer that and decide.

Vilfred speaks "Is staying?" He asked as he looked at the hedgehog and stoat, the monitor he decided could be close to the fire, he called over a scout and whispered to them and they nodded and left the camp. He was still gonna guard the stoat and ...likely lizard, just in case.Then the hedgehog was with them, he sighed thinking.

Mack speaks "I.....think least tonight staying"

Krasnaya thinks about it. She didn't even know where they were right now, and it seemed riskier to wander off by herself after rescuing captives than to stay under the shrews' watch. "I'll probably stay the night as well."

Cynthia was staying a couple days and decided to go to sleep after a little more lyre playing, she quietly went to find a place to sleep for the night, of course staying in camp.

Vilfred nods, he will make sure a guard keeps an eye on her, and a couple guards make sure no others come to the campsite.He speaks " morning can head off, maybe to Ferrvale"He hmmms as he looks at Ferro, likely he can't leave as easy so...he is unsure of him yet as he sighs.

Mack speaks "Maybe...Ferro can stay, he is weak and needs a healer..unless you find a way to get him to that abbey maybe"

Vilfred looks at the lizard, well he is blacksmith of that ferravale and ferrvale had a peace treaty with the abbey, he nods slowly.

Mack yawns " umm...gonna sleep now"He was used to sleeping outside at times, even when he had the room in his pub.

Krasnaya watched the rest go off in their own directions, to sleep or otherwise, until it was just her and the shrew chieftain. "So you're the famous log-a-log?" She scratches idly at her scar, pondering her next words. "What's it like?"

Vilfred looks at her and raises an eyebrow "I am being leader..protect, lead..make sure all is alright"He has his moments of being funny yes, sad moments and even has been afraid as he does seem less..worried but still a little worried as he watches her closely, will he get sleep tonight? That's not clear.

Krasnaya nods. "I can't imagine it. I used to be part of something, and we had a leader" she says, omitting the nature of the group, but leaving the implications that might have come with its vermin nature. "He wasn't like you, not at all. Perhaps that's a difference between our kind." The stoat trails off, her claw idly trailing the burn scar across her muzzle.

Vilfred hmmms he just listens and keeps watch, he can sleep later or maybe his 2nd in command can keep watch here soon.

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