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#1 2019-10-09 11:05:06

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A Quck Chat In The Infirm-Redwall Log


Gorvenalus- Recorder  of Redwall Abbey and Part time Healer

Matilda- Champion of Redwall

Xander- Leader of Mossflower Defenders


Gorvenalus was on healer duty in the infirm, giving Angela a rest she likely needed.He goes to check on Xander "Hello Xander"He greets him with a soft tone of voice"You had a couple beasts worried about you ya know...its good to know you were found and brought home, maybe not under the best reasons, but home none the less"
Xander has just enough energy to face the walll. His arm is still swollen but its going down, his fever is gone now....he speaks "She..should of just let me die in the ditch...don't deserve back at the abbey..not after...."   

Gorvenalus frowns, he gets some herbs to make a new paste for the stings"Why do you say that? Beasts care about you, we had beasts looking for you in fact"   

Xander says, "I'm a muderer..should be banned not...helped, not have anyone be glad I am..back."He tenses up a little in pain, the arm still hurts a lot, not as much though but still it hurts .

Gorvenalus frowns, he then speaks"Benar is alive, he didn't die if thats what you think or some reason told. He broke his left arm and did have a bit of a bump to the head but is fine in that sense, some headaches and pain but thats eased by a lot and he is recovering in his room"   

A voice "But for visiting"It's Matilda as she walks in and sits down, she had listened a little in the hallway"Would like your side of the story Xander, what happen on the walltop?"

Xander turns slightly" He's...alive?" Then he frowns when he hears Matilda "It accident I..I ..dint mean to..."Tears fall now, a couple deep breaths as he stops, "I onlt..ment to slap away his paw and scoot him...out of my path not.."His eyes close and just the image of Benar falling in what seemed like slow motion and laying there so so still, he seriously thought the abbot was dead,so yes he ran and he forgot his blade and cloak he just wanted to flee, he wants to flee now but he still feels ill and dizzy, low energy but he likely could ..walk away maybe but for now he stays."I'm..s....sorry" And he is, he truely means it.
Gorvenalus pats the badger on the shoulder and gives a nod of hello to the champion letting her be by Xander for now. The hedgemaid speaks to Xander"You..could of killed him, if he had landed differently..even the way he got lucky, very lucky.Its still going to be a few weels till he is back on his footpaws, till then Mother Krisha and Brother Gorvenalus is doing most of the stuff around the abbey that he normally does. I have helped with one or two things but I have other things to do as well"   

Xander frowns more, and more as he listens, he mutters "Should of let me...drown in the ditch....why bring me back here..wot I did was still...horrible, I didnt mean it....but some likely think I did..but I didnt..accident, it was..accident..."   

Matilda nods "Ok...ok, I am..gonna believe you, but you do have to proove your sorry and as for letting you, I would not of done that, I woundnt let any one die thats horrible to say. What would Krisha think if you had died or worse I had just, as you say, let you die. I barely found you as it was...your head was barely above water in the ditch and it was pouring rain.I seen Matrin briefly and he pointed to the ditch and vansihed so I ran over and saw you, got you out and some villagers with Nardo helped me get you back here."
Xander rolls over to face the wall again, going quiet though ever so often a cough or sniffle, he is otherwise quiet.   

Gorvenalus sighs "Maybe its best to...leave him be for now."   

The champion nods and stands up "Maybe have Dorarose or Krisha try and talk to him or if anyone else wants to try, they are free to..I need to escort Cynthia to the Guosim camp and....then will be back soon afterwards." She quietly heads on out and down the hallway.


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