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A Night to Remember, Pt. 2: Everything will be just Fine

Continued from Part 1

Aata, the former otter Food Taster (played by Bandit),
Atticus, the former ferret Guard (played by me),
Lalia, the former otter Chef (played by Bandit),
Jerry, the round mouse (played by me),
and few spoofs by Bandit.

"Voice felt like I were punched in the throat by badger af'erwards..."

Some time after Lalia's lucky guess, be it days, weeks, or even a month...

There was a plan, once upon a time, Lalia remembered. It was simple, go adventuring, build up her skills, become the head cook for a rich noble beast, and live out her life in the realitve wealth and fame that came with that.
Life has a funny way of derailing the best laid plans, but this time it seems to have derailed directly into her end goal.
Truth be told, Lalia didn't know how rich she was now. After winning the jackpot, the otters went on a spending spree of a life time. Food, clothes, jewelery, fancy massages and even fancier lodgings. She seemed to believe that is where the wealth would have ended, easy come and easy go.
According to the locals, it didn't even make a dent in her winnings, nor did the many weeks of the same such living afterward.
Lalia was in a word, loaded and set for life. Their hotel room was opsacious, filled with pillows and soft carpets. She herself was dressed now in fine silks and guady jewlery, necklaces and tail bracelets and while she had not cooked a single meal for herself, was growing plumper and rounder.
Aata even more so... the ex warrior chosing to splurge into the finer things of life, she had to replace her garments more than once as she grew larger and larger.
Life, in a word, was pretty bloody good...

And Jerry had taken full advantage of 'Life being good' for the otters. The mouse, dressed too in silk, lounges in a hammock set up just before the large window at the back wall, swaying back and forth in the gentle tropic breeze, sipping from a drink with a name the very round mouse wouldn't even try to pronounce. It was perfect, for even for a moment. Meanwhile, up on the roof Atticus was having the time of his life - a live band had set themselves up, and, though the ferret was alone on dance floor, he was going at it like nothing else. A bottle in one paw and twirling his other, he spins round and round, wobbling from one foot to the other. Belting out the song several keys off, the near-screeching sound coming from his voice can be heard all over the hotel. 


Perhaps the ferret would not be alone if he could hit a cord right, thought Aata. She tapped on the bar for a refil to her drink. She needed a few more before the ferrets singing sounded good. The beast, clad in red and orange silks, sat on not one, but two bar stools to support her bulk, the size of her stomach making it difficult to reach her plate of fried shrimp. "On the trail we go, up and down that road..." she silently sung along.
Meanwhile, down stairs, Lalia leans herself against the window, just... staring across the sea. "Jerry. Can I ask you a serious question?" The young cook pauses for a moment and then asks, "Did we... did we do right? Coming here?"

The former warrior otter will need several more drinks before the ferret's screeching becomes even passible, punctuated as it is at times by loud burps and several curses. Jerry certainly needed a few more drinks before things could go back to being perfect. But, even as he reaches for another green glass, the mouse looks up at Lalia. "What?" He asks, taken back, and, having stretched out a bit too far for the table, he quite literally rolls out of the hammock, falling to the cushions below. No matter. As the round mouse sits up from the many pillows, he gives the otter a bemused look. "Why would you even ask that?"
Atticus' 'singing' could still be heard, having gotten back to the chorus.


Lalia scrunches her nose, "Sure, things have been nice but, you know... too nice. I literally have everything I could have ever wanted... and now that I do." The otter shrugs, "I have all the wealth I could ever ask for and all I can think to do with it is care myself, you know? Is that... is that wrong?"
Speaking of caring for herself, the otter rolls her eyes, "Just leave me the bottle." She hisses to herself while drinking right from the wine bottle, "I wish soemthing would shut the weasel up..."
The fat otteress stops when a heavy paw lands on her shoulders, it's claws digging into her soft flesh, "That can be arranged..." She looks up to see a pair of lizards dressed in robes. Another lizard is approaching the dancing ferret, "Pleassse, come with usss. Our employers would like to have a word with you..."

The band has finally finished, to the applause of exactly one beast: Atticus is clapping wildly, shouting, "AGAIN! AGAIN!" at the retreating musicians, who each held expressions of never wanting to see the bloody ferret again. He's far too engrossed with his own clapping to notice both the broken bottle dropped next to him and the approaching lizards, wobbling and whistling and clapping as he is.
The mouse, a slight grin on his, reaches once again for the drink. "Let me let you in on a little secret, mate," he says, nearly downing the green drink in one go, "Things can never be too good." He tosses the glass aside, it being saved only by the cushions, and Jerry wipes his mouth on his arm. "What, are you worried about something? We had to worry before! I," Pointing to himself in a very dramatic fashion he says, "I had to worry about all the threats you lot made about eating me, I did!"

"And spoil my diet?" The otter sticks her tongue out at Jerry before turning back to the sea, "I guess you are right. Maybe I'm just not used to being worry free. I'm sure everything will turn out just fine."
A pair of burly lizard henchmen storm the room seconds later, "Misss Lalia, Mr. Jerry. You are to accompany usss. Our leaders would have words with theee..."
The reptiles up top, gesture for the otteress and ferret to come with them at their convinience. That is, the lizards convinience as they try to lead them rather quickly to the stair well...

"Of course not, none of us were!" Jerry says, grinning from ear to ear, "We don't have to worry anymo..." The mouse trails off as the large lizards enter, yet he keeps the smile even as his eyes dart quickly to Lalia than the open window while they make their request. Upon the dance floor, Atticus looking very confused at the broken bottle arrow this feet, even as the lizard bouncers quite literally start dragging him away. "Was', wha'...?" He looks over at Aata pleadingly, screaming out, "WHERE ARE DEY TAKIN' ME?"

"You have been sssumoned by the ownerss. There has been an isssue raised with your winnings..." One lizard says to the ferret while another down stairs finishes the exact same speach to Lalia and Jerry, "...You have been accused of cheating..."

To Be Continued...

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