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Did You Find Him Yet?-Redwall/Ferravale Log


Matilda- Champion of Redwall

Gorvenalus- Recorder of Redwall

Krisha- Badger Mother and Temparyly has some Abbot duties

Cynthia- Sister in Redwall

A few assorted Abbey beats in background..

Patch-Annoying rat, spy,Tavern worker and ale maker

A fe assoted Tavern Beasts...


Matilda comes back into the entry, looking tired and slightly dusty as she shakes her head, no she can keep the balde with her and take it inside her cottage, she is heading back out anyways in the morning.

Cynthia is near the entry just having helped out in the garden when she sees the hedgehog and waves.

Krisha seen her from the wall tops and comes down "Any luck, did you find all?" She is worried, it's been a week now and she figures he would of come back, then again maybe not as she has no clue what thoughts were going through his head when she seen him rush off.

Gorvenalus is also here and walks over curious himself, a small smile to Krisha as he listens.

Matilda sighs "No luck..he may of been seen a little North but that's it, there is a chance he was a little south also."She frowns "He will be found, me and Dora was having a bit of a breath till tomorrow after breakfast and then we..or least I..will go back and search, but he wasn't with the Guosim or Camp Willow, I may check Ferravale"

Cynthia says, "I am sure Xander will be found..right? He would not  just leave like this would he?"

Krisha frowns "I...don't know, that look on his face when he...."She sighs "He probably thinks he..killed Benar. And Benar is alive don't worry just resting in his room still..I am still in charge of his duties, and Badgermother duties..."

Gorvenalus nods "To which I am helping with some of the Abbot's dutes, to..ease some stress"

Matilda nods as she goes to sit down."Ideas?..Any at all to where he could of went?"

Cynthia says, "Well likely not somewhere he would think us to look, as you said he wasn't with the otters or shrews....he probably wouldn't be near his tavern or..Defenders base either and that's in Ferravale.""

Krisha says, "We...could ask Patch if he seen him..though I don't know the rat that well, just that he is the main bar tender at the tavern, so..maybe he knows."She frowns, still very worried "I just want him found and soon.""

Matilda nods as she listens "I could ask Patch...and get him to reply. I..dislike Ferravale but I will go there.They do have a peace treaty with the Abbey so that helps a little but there is still some beasts there I think would attack if Blisa wasn't chieftain."

Cynthia says, "Ferravale is interesting but respect the abbey beasts"

Krisha says, "I would come along but..I am needed here...."She has yet to hear her father is missing, it's sure to come up soon but till then "See if father will help you look too.""

Matilda nods"I will..I am glad Ferro is on our side, very glad in fact"

Gorvenalus chuckles "It is best to have a monitor lizard on your side than be your enemy, and maybe he can visit while the weather is half way good, it will get too cold here soon for him to be out and about"

Cynthia asks, "Her father is a monitor?"

Krisha nods"Yes and true...cold is not his friend but he will help, and if needed he..does have an old coat someone made him like..while back he can use in late autumn and he has maybe 3-4 weeks of ok enough weather for him, maybe a week more with the coat, but past that no...I mean he may venture a very short distance like den to tavern or den to maybe the town hall, thats it in winter"

Matilda nods "It's settled then I will head back out in the morning , I will let Dora decide if she wants to still help me look or not but I for sure will go and see if can see if Patch knows anything"

Krisha nods, "I am..gonna get the dibbuns off to bed. I will try not to worry about Xander...I am sure he is just fine"

The champion nods and heads to bed as well.

==The next Day after Breakfast and arriving at Ferravale a little after Lunch==

Matilda sighs as she walks into the tavern and scans the room. Her throat is cleared “Looking for Patch,where is he?”

Patch appears behind her, likely a bad move on his part if she meant him harm”Wot ya want pinchousin..its de lunch hour and without Stripy around...a more busy cause Ralph”He points to a rat asleep with a bowl of oatmeal on his head “Is a lazy jerk, I hate Ralph and he hates me”

Matilda crosses her arms over her chest “Where is Xander, seeing as he is owner of the tavern, I am sure you know where he is”

“I..know where is.. is...not”Patch smirks and then gets serious “Not gonna let ya  go slaying me pal, so there.”

“Why would anyone slay him”The champion sighs, she isn't in the mood right now”Look..answer me rat...or I MAKE YOU ANSWER ME!”

Patch gulps and chuckles weakly”Umm...look, he said it was an accident that he killed the old squirrel, he didn't mean ta kill the abbot was an accident and I believe him, I have a way of knowing when beasts are telling me de truth….and he was clearly upset, least he didn't break plates but he was...depressed upset and..hunting him like this is just gonna make it worse...then I don't blame ya...ya know murderer and all...but,hello accident, Stripy even forgot his blade at ya abbey. Ok maybe tis was wrong to rush off like that but too late ta fix that issue now, not like ya can go back in time and make him stay put”

“Killed?...He didn't kill Abbot Benar, the abbot is alive...broken arm and he bumped his head...but he is alive and recovering in his room while Mother Krisha and Brother Gorvenalus does his duties, along with some other duties and the fact Mother Krisha still has her Badger Mother duitris as well”

“Alive?” Patch seems surprised at this, “Stripy said he was..dead and they needed a new abbot..Stripy was  ‘ere a day and then like..left..”He frowns “I seriously have no clue where he is, see he were wise ta not say where he was going just he wouldn't be back at de abbey, not at the shrews or camp Willow or even  western Shores….that should save ya some time”

Matila closes her eyes and opens them “Yes Benar is know what I will see if Ferro can help me look”

Patch frowns “Ferro be missing too...tis likely why Blisa isn't around..ya know Ferro missing and she may or may not be keeping an eye out fer Stripy too.”

“Ferro is...missing?” The champion asks and frowns, great...wonderful”OK..what happened? I can keep an eye out for Ferro too…”

Patch shrogs “I don't know...I am asking around though and thar is  talk of a monitor with a flaming spider tattoo...guess what ..Ferro has one too...I find that..odd...and de fact he said he will be back, and the weather...that  guy never says stays out much..and his shop be like  ...messed up slightly and unused so..yeah wherever he is , he likely   isn't having a happy visit”

Matilda listens and hmms “So Ferro could be in trouble ...not so good...I will see what I can figure out, and try and find Xander also.”

Patch frowns “I..hope ya find Xander...he one of de few friends I have..and I rather he not leave Mossflower forever as..think that may of been his plan...I mean...he thought and  clearly believed he murdered Abbot Benar..he forgot his blade in de rush ta leave and...he said he was not heading back ta the abbey or ..any place they likely look...ya know no  camp Willow, or  Camp western shores or...this village, not sure what that leaves”

“Not much..”The Champion sighed and nodded her thanks before she heads off, she has supplied with her for food and water….she will be fine and now even more determined to find Xander...and now Ferro as well…..


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