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Some Good Guests, And A Bad Guest


Nardo-Healer and Tavern beast

Mack-Hedgehog and main Tavern beast

Luke-Old squirrel and cook

Aqua- Healer otter of Camp Willow

Xander- Leader of Mossflower Defenders

Anwir-Evil Monitor Lizard

A couple spoofed otters and a few spoofed  woodlanders in the tavern


Xander was up before the sun rose and was in the kitchen speaking with the cooks as he smiled a little and set out  strawberry pancakes, strawberry scones and some oatmeal.He also had toast, cut up strawberries and apple slices with cheese. Even apple juice to have as a drink and was busy making  a sort of  breakfast fish and cheese sort of  mix with breadcrumbs.

Nardo comes into the tavern and sniffs the air, a faint smile "Smells good today...oh"He notices the badger "Hello again"

Mack came in and seemed surprised, as did Luke the squirrel and shrugged, a chuckle "I like this badger already, up BEFORE he was told to be up and ohhh breakfast seems ready even,how nice"A small sample of some things, a nod "Alright then, we see how de day goes hmmm?" He has the tavern open now anyways.

Aqua had decided she needed a break, she had Melody with her as she walked into the tavern and kept the  little dibbun close to her.

A tall otter maid had joined her, this one looked like a fighter and also the quite type as they were only along cause it was best to not travel alone.

Xander nods "I couldn't sleep well so...decided to come downstairs and help...a hamster had a lot of strawberries they gave you and so used those for scones and pancakes and making a strawberry pie...well like 4, for lunch crowd."

Nardo chuckles a little "Sounds like  a good day"

Mack grins "Well not many come...ohhh  otters, hello and wot ye have lasses?"

Aqua smiles as she sits down "Just toast and juice, maybe oatmeal and think that's wot May will have too" A nod from the other otter as they sit together with Melody, the dibbun otter.

Xander gets the food for the otters and sits it out with a nod.He looks tried and his arm, where the hornets got him, is slightly  swollen, his wrist is bandaged tightly as well.

Nardo sits down and just gets some tea, oatmeal and  an apple, he looks around as its a good size place but not many come around there.

Mack goes to do some Bar Tender stuff"So..Xander ya staying long? Ya mighty helpful"

Aqua studies the badger and blinks "Your...the badger helped with the pike"

Xander at first says nothing and then "Yeah...and the pike is gone now, I only helped  didn't like  do much myself really"He looks to Mack and frowns "I.....don't know, only a couple days as  sort of heading on south and other places can't..stay here"

Nardo grows curious "And why is that? Seems nice here and south is...well can be dangerous or so I heard anyways"

Mack shrugs "Up to you"

Aqua hmmms "Still its gone and the river is once more  the otters and the shrews..we can fish and do things like swim and  have boats on the river again,unlike before when there was a fear of being eaten

And sometimes guests are...unwelcomed as in comes..a monitor..a creture of your worse nightmares to some as he scans the room and grins,"Name isssssssssss Anwir..izzzzzzzzzzzz ssssekzzzzzzzz meat"

Xander frowns as he sees the lizard, but he has seen them before and knows to stay away from them.He offers the fish crumble  item and a roll and just walks back to the kitchens.

Mack  keeps an eye on the lizard, not liking it one bit at all.

Nardo frowns, ok lizards are bad in his eyes and he looks ready to leave

Aqua  tenses up, the other otter lays a paw on her shoulder "Its fine Aqua...if we need to fight, we will"

Anwir  grins "Fightzzzzzzz sssssayyzzzzz de  fur beastsssss....fightzzzz me?..Be my  lunch...izzzzzz nice"

Xander came out about now as he glares at the monitor and then takes a deep breath, ok he is not gonna get mad, he has to stay calm.

Mack looks at teh lizard "Leave my ya no fur"

Luke the squirrel has gotten a spiked club"Or we makes ya leave"

Nardo just frowns, great and he is likely gonna need to provide healer aid to someone, isn't he?

Aqua stays seated but her friend is willing to fight if its needed but only as a last resort.

Anwir  grins, fangs showing "Funzzzzzzzz..I sssssssssaysssss makezzzzz me leave"

Xander keeps calm, how? Its not clear but he is trying, "They....said....LEAVE"Ok he is not calm.

Mack  nods "Yes leave..."

Luke just smirks "I say leave...come on ya pain"He goes to escort him out best he can.

Nardo  blinks "That's a monitor them everyone is  food, ya know...meat"

Aqua lays a paw on her dagger as the other otter has a longbow if its needed but she won't  fire it inside.

Anwir grins and goes to leave after a bow, then suddenly goes to grab the old squirrel in a quick move and head outside, few would likely get in his way...or follow  as he has yet to have anyone stop him once he has his mind set and the couple who did get away likely died another way.

Luke makes a surprised yelp as he is grabbed and struggles as the lizard gets out the door as few are here and the couple voles by the door scream in terror and hide under a table.

Xander gets his spear and gives chase, he gave the lizard a chance and now it has an old beast he just made friends with.

Mack frowns, he watches as the badger rushes off after the lizard and frowns more "Ok...possible good day be ruined"

Aqua frowns as her friend decides to go help having the other  otter stay there  with the dibbun.

Nardo sighs "Why...why lizards, I hate those things"

Anwir has made it a little ways off as he looks at Luke and smirks "Youzzzzz fear mezzzzzzzz....its ok...your not fear mexzzzzzz long."A quick slice and his words will speak true.

Luke has little time to yelp again before he feels pain and then nothing as he goes limp....dead....

Xander glares at the lizard, spear in paw as he looks ready to fight."Leave....having a bad enough week"He sees Luke and takes a deep breath and  now snarls a the lizard." him!"

"Andzzzzz you...didnt kill anyonezzz before?" The monitor chuckles.

Xander tenses, he lowers the spear as what happen at the abbey replays again, and again and  again in his mind as tears form."It accident.....I didn't mean to  kill him..I didn't mean too..accident..."

The otter maid had followed and now  watches,  arrow notched into longbow and stays alert.

Anwir comes closer "OH..ssssssssomeone cloosssezzz...a riend?"He chuckles "Your...a murderer as wellzzzzzzz, hee one shouldzzzzz like you and lookzzz you failed to ssssssave a new friend....your a failure to alllzzzzzzz......"

Xander  frowns "He...was...a..a friend and...leader and...."He drops to his knees and grips the spear in his paws as tears flood now "Its all..all my fault. I am nothing but a failure."

"A..failrure......"The monitor gets closer"I..canzzzzzz fix it...eassssssssssssse your....depression...." Yeah his idea of ease is...well death, he has killed badgers before as he goes to rake his claws into the badger's chest and throat.

An arrow flies at the lizard straight and true !

Xander stays where he is blinded by grief, by tears and he has a headache anyways, and stress isn't helping the fact he feels slight ill, then he didn't eat today yet....

Anwir was about to eat...the badger, but sudden pain as the arrow sinks into his shoulder and he hisses, he quickly dashes into the woods.Oh he will be back, he will so be back!

Xander looks up and in trying to stand stumbles backwards at just how close those fangs and claws were to him! He stays on the ground sort of curled up a little, half of him is glad the arrow hit the lizard and the other half thinks maybe he should of just died just now.

The otter maid  walks forwards and looks at the badger curious, she doesn't ask questions as its not her place, she glaces at Luke still form and frowns "We should....get him back to the...tavern"

Xander nods slowly "I wasn't fast enough...he died...I should of died too....."

The otter maid frowns but helps the badger back to the tavern.She can carry Luke back.

Once at the tavern Xander leans on the railing of the steps and then goes upstairs, only taking a roll and a little water, ts not clear it its the stress or something else, the stress likely makes it worse, but he feels like he wants to throw up, his arm hurts and feels like fire a little, he is also dizzy, a nap would do him some good he decides after a muttered sorry....he disappears  to his room.

Mack gasps and looks at Luke "  friend....."

The otter maid explains what happen and looks to Aqua "We need to head back now while the lizard is wounded and likely  not coming out, least for now"

Aqua nods and gets her daughter and follows the other otter back to Camp Willow

Xander meanwhile lays down and covers himself in two covers and slips into some needed, thought not too helpful..sleep,  also he has the beginnings of a possible fever, and his arm looks a small bit..worse?

Nardo will check on the badger and frowns a little, he feels his forehead and decides to keep an eye on the badger, he has seen a beast ill like this before, he also decides to get a sort of paste to help lower the swelling of the arm as maybe, he isn't sure, but maybe its just being tried and stings do well a day or two afterwards but they  also usually  start to look better, so he will keep an eye on it and hopefully  he is just over worrying.

Or....maybe he isn't...

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