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#1 2019-08-18 09:25:20

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Pillage an' Plunder

Hey hey, everybody. Newly-arrived player here.

My buddy and I recently stumbled across this game, and, both being big fans of the series, decided that we wanted to join in. So we came up with two characters to throw at the rest of you: Bloodeyes and Sawteeth, a pair of searat corsairs who have recently "landed" (read: crashed) their ship on the shoreline between Salamandastron and the River Moss. They've got no crew and only a pawful of weapons, but they do have a map to Redwall and a thirst for treasure an' glory, so they still may be able to cause some trouble. You can see a log of them making landfall here, if you're curious.

Now, Sawteeth and Bloodeyes might be villainous pirates, but you don't have to worry about getting stabbed if you want to play with us. Sawteeth's player and I aren't here to grief anybody. You might get threatened and intimidated a bit if things go badly, but actual violence is extremely unlikely, and would only happen if we knew that everyone involved was okay with it.

Besides, Bloodeyes has already decided that it'd be a much better idea to rely on the kindness of local gentlebeasts than to try fighting anyone. They haven't had any decent food in a long time, they're extremely tired and weak, and they know that Salamandastron is nearby and full of perilous fightin' hares who would be more than happy to deal with any stab-happy vermin in the area. They're not looking to make trouble - though they might be in future.

It's also worth noting that Sawteeth and I come from games where pose length is generally longer than it is here, and tend to write at least a full paragraph or two. We're pretty quick about it, though, and there is absolutely no pressure whatsoever to match this length in your own poses.

All that aside, if you'd like to stumble across a pair of pirates for RP, we'd be more than happy to meet you. Sawteeth and Bloodeyes are currently making their way towards the River Moss, with the general plan being to find some boats and sail upriver to get closer to Redwall Abbey. Any Long Patrollers, Guosim, river otters, wanderers, or anyone else who's in the area is more than welcome to come and meet us.

Sawteeth and Bloodeyes are planning to make their way to Redwall Abbey in the near future, too, so anyone there will have the opportunity to meet us as well.

We're looking forward to getting to play with all of you.

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#2 2019-08-29 15:14:45

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Re: Pillage an' Plunder

Welcome to the MUCK!

I have characters in Mossflower as well as Felicity in Salamandastron.  Blisa is the Chieftain of Ferravale, a vermin village where a couple of non-stabby vermin could easily blend in (as long as they don't do anything with slaves; slavery is illegal not only in Mossflower, but also in FV). 

Glad you could join us, and I'm looking forward to RPing with you sometime! big_smile


#3 2019-09-04 11:02:08

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Re: Pillage an' Plunder

I'm currently running a pirate-based TP - p #mail me @ Lutea if you're interested!

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