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A Title is made Official -Redwall Log


Gorvenalus- Recorder of Redwall Abbey

Benar- Abbot of Redwall Abbey

Krisha-Badger Mother of Redwall Abbey

Keldorn- Warrior in Mossflower Defenders


Benar is sat in his armchair by the fire, his feet curled up beneath his habit and his knitting needles held in one hand, drumming them up and down on the arm of his chair as he stairs into the fireplace. Outside it is raining an early summer storm, rain and lightning casting down from the sky

Gorvenalus is inside, lucky as no one would want outside in that. He nods a hello to Benar as he comes from the direction of the library and sits down "You doing ok today Benar?"

Benar looks up and smiles softly, "As well as I can be with our Badger father lying upstairs in a coma, it was not the return home I was expecting... he sleeps and he does not wake. I fear all we can do now is wait sadly."

Gorvenalus frowns "Me neither. A healer is with him at all times and I am sure they will keep you updated"

Benar says, "It is not much consolation however, but... well at least we can all think back and reflect on the good times spent with him."

Keldorn walks down the steps and looks to the gathering of beasts and slows "Hello to you all." He looks ready to maybe head off somewhere.

Gorvenalus nods, he waves to Keldorn "Greetings, I do hope your day is well"And Thunder...yep may be a good idea with the storm outside to wait on any walks.

Benar looks around at the new voice and smiles at the shrew, "Good day to you, I hope you are not planning to head out? This storm is dreadful," Rain patters against the windows and lightning flickers illuminating the Great Hall, "It is a dreadful summer storm by all accounts."

Keldorn frowns and shrugs "It can wait my friend."He looks over at the abbot as he sets aside his knapsack "Perhaps I can go ahead and ask you a question Sir Abbot, if I's something that has been on my mind for some time now"

Gorvenalus nods "Yes and looks to be gonna last a little while too"

Benar shifts in his chair, uncurling his feet to place them back on the floor, shaking his habit down to cover his legs, he then deposits his knitting needles in a basket by his side and smiles, "Of course good friend, I am always here to help answer any questions you have."

Keldorn smiles "I have been....thinking and have decided. I am a wandering and have been a long while, and...I have been a warrior but...I wish to lay aside that life and be a novice of the Abbey of have a life of peace." He smiles"Maybe...melt down my dagger and short sword and have it made into something useful for the abbey....a pan, or..maybe a garden tool, or just...something decides a weapon"

Benar smiles, a genuinely warm smile, "You would be more then welcome to join us my friend, it has been many seasons since last a shrew donned the habit of the order but I would welcome you with open arms," He holds out one hand to Keldorn, "Your sword I'd welcome, but keep your dagger, a dagger has many uses beyond killing, when I first came here I had my sword turned into a tree crop and broke my bow."

Keldorn smiles and goes to shake the abbot's paw "I am...unsure what it could be and...true a dagger can do other things..maybe crave wood or peel an apple, but I do very much want to join your order"

Benar asks, "You would be most welcome," He clasps Keldorn's paw in both his, "To take the robes of a novice you need to learn our charter, can you read and write? Sorry to ask but many who wander do not know how to read so I have to ask so I can help you learn the charter as you'll need to recite it by heart to join us."

Keldorn nods "It was one thing my mother made sure of before I left home, to read and write, it was important she had said"

Benar smiles, "Well Keldorn, the charter is listed in the abbey, I usually ask beasts wishing to join the order to take a month to learn it, this also gives you time to make sure you are making the right decision."

Gorvenalus smiles "Maybe you can look over the charter and recite it back to us here when ready then and we can get you written down as a novice" He smiles "And the abbot is right, still time to think on it, of course"

Keldorn looks between them "I have thought and do want to join still and can likely learn the charter in a couple weeks even."

Benar chuckles, "I like your enthusiasm Keldorn, but come sit," He releases the shrews hands, "What do you know of life as a novice? It can be hard work, we expect our novices to try their hand at every aspect of abbey life so when they do become a Brother or Sister of the order they have an idea where they want to specialist."

Keldorn nods "Novice they live the life of peace, they are not to harm another beast, tree or even insect. They know at least basic healer skills...I know some basic healer skills and a little bit on wounds from battle. They are respected by most beasts..usually anyways."

Krisha walks slowly into the room, she needed a break and this is the first real break she has had in the past few days. She briefly glaces at the others and sits down in the chair, though she seems to at first be unsure of it but then slowly sits down and leans back in it quietly.

Benar settles back in his chair, "They are expected to rise with the dawn and perform chores and tasks for the abbey, be it in the fields or kitchens, cleaning, laundry there are a lot of things that novices do so Brothers and Sisters of the order can focus on their specialties, are you willing to take on that life? After so many seasons of wandering?"

Gorvenalus quietly listens, he nods a hello to Krisha and hmmms quietly as he decides to see how she is while Benar speaks to Keldorn.

Keldorn thinks "I have gotten up early and is a lonely life at times, sometimes one runs low on supplies and has random jobs to do or...look for food, at times a little hard and sometimes not it depends on the season"

Benar looks at Krisha and waves his tail in greeting but keeps his attention focused on Keldorn, "It sounds like you have thought about this Keldorn, come back to me when you think you have the charter memorized and I will accept you into the order."

Krisha looks at Gorvenalus and frowns, just being quiet for now but she does look tried.

Keldorn nods "I will do so sir Abbot and come back when I am ready, thank you for letting me speak with you sir"

Gorvenalus offers a small smile,"You look tried dear, you doing ok this day? "

Benar asks, "You are always welcome to speak with me Keldorn, my door as they say is always open," He glances at the windows were the rain is still falling, "Tell me where did you plan to wander? I always like to hear of people's travels."

Krisha sighs "A...little tried just needed a break between classes and...the...."She is still getting use to the title."The..dibbuns and checking on ..Oz in the infirm."She frowns, and glaces over at Benar...did the healer update him much, and back to Gorvenalus."He..was unconscious...and like barely awake for little while...before he..."She frowns "Went into the coma." She was there when he went into the coma, speaking quietly to Gorvenalus "He called me Mother Krisha...."

Keldorn nods "I have been to Halyard and some travel in the east, as well as the northern shore, I had..though of seeing the badger mountain maybe but maybe another time now."

Benar says, "Well Salamandastron is a fine place, I have not been there for a long while now," He smiles sadly over at Krisha as she talks about Oz but then focuses on Keldorn, "I don't get to travel far any more, just a trip to Camp Willow and Ferravale requires more of an escort then you would believe"

Gorvenalus nods as he listens and at the title he nods slowly, he looks to Benar and pats Krisha on the shoulder,"Your do fine, not to worry."He smiles a little "Maybe you should rest the rest of the day, I can find a couple novice and Sister Renee to help Sister Ginny and rest is good...alright?"

Krisha lets out a "But...."She then nods, ok rest is good and it might help her be less stressed, well somewhat anyways,either way a rest is indeed good.

Keldorn nods "I thought of going to Salamandastron soon, but maybe not so much the charter and become a novice, tend to that instead"He smiles as he goes to head to the library "In fact I will look over the charter now my friend."

Benar smiles and settles back in his armchair, "Good reading Keldorn," He watches the shrew leave then turns to Krisha and holds out his arms, "Krisha my dear... come here, I've not seen you since I got home."

Krisha looks to Benar and slowly stands up, dusting off her tunic a little where a paw print was, most likely a dibbun's. She stands in front of the abbot and nods "Abbot Benar." She says quietly."It is...good to see you home"

Gorvenalus sits back down where he was and pulls out a small journal he writes things down in to later write down in the logs.

Benar stands up and wraps his arms around her waist, which is about as high as the squirrel can get on the badger, he holds on tightly for a long moment, then steps back and returns to his chair. He pats the big, ancient armchair next to his, Oz's chair "Sit Krisha, please my daughter sit... we need to talk about difficult things you and I," He glances at Gorvenalus, "Brother Gorvenalus I need you to... take this down."

Krisha nods and hugs the abbot back  as she looks at the chair and sits down in it slowly and just nods.

Gorvenalus looks up and nods "Of course Benar."He does have his journal out that he writes things down in, important things and things to remember later.

Benar reaches out and lifts Krisha's hand, "I know Oz has been training you for sometime now to take his place, his instructions to me should anything happen to him where clear," He sighs and looks up in the direction of the infirmary, then he turns to look up at the badger, "As heavy as it makes my heart the healers tell me the chances he will recover from this are so slim, even if he does he will not be able to continue his duties."

Krisha manages to control an urge to cry and nods slowly "I...I know...I seen him...earlier and was there when he.."She frowns "When he slipped into his coma...I thought he was...was ....but the healer said he was alive but...barely"The words come slowly and she manages to be ..somewhat calm, no crying in front of the abbot.

Gorvenalus frowns a little but quietly writes down things as they are spoken, he has yet to see Oz but he has heard how he is by some. Maybe he will see him this afternoon, even briefly.

Benar squeezes Krisha's hand, "Whether Oz stays with us or heads to the gates of the Black Forest, I Benar, Abbot of Redwall, Head of the Order do ask and invite you Krisha to assume the mantle of Badger Mother, as per Oz's request and with the blessing of myself and the council. Will you open your heart to all who need you Krisha and stand beside me, Mother to all our children, young and old who dwell within Redwall."

Krisha nods "Yes Abbot Benar..I will assume the mantle of Badger Mother and be there for not just the young, but the old and..anyone else whom needs me" She manages a smile best she can, but she is still sad about Oz. Well now the title of Badger Mother is official for her.

Gorvenalus looks up and listens, again writing down what is said and looks it over even just to make sure nothing is missing.

Benar smiles and lets Krisha's hand go and bows to her, "Then Mother Krisha, be welcome it will be an honor to have you by my side as we lead the Abbey into a new era, as sad as it may."

Krisha nods and then bows to the abbot and slowly straightens up again. She stands a moment before going to give him a short hug before standing straight again and wiping away a tear.

Gorvenalus watches and nods, a few more things written down before he closes the small book and clears his throat "I will....update the logs later today."

Benar says, "Thank you Gorvenalus," he leans back in his chair and tilts his head back to look up at the stained glass windows and the rain, "It is a sad day but thank you Krisha for wanting to take this on.""

Krisha takes a deep breath and exhales "It honor and I will do my best to be as good as Oz. I..I know the dibbuns might not totally understand what is going on or..." What could happen soon" But I will do my best to comfort them in this..during this time."

Gorvenalus nods, he listens to the rain" Yes...but of course you are not alone if help is needed. "

Benar says, "of course Krisha, we are all here to help you as needed, you do not carry this alone, none of us do."

Krisha nods as she sits down after standing , " I know there is Sister Ginney and I still welcome her help."

Benar says, "Of course and anyone not attached to any specific task like the novices you can ask them for help too""

Gorvenalus smiles , he listens to the rain and hmmms "I do hope the rain is not all day."But the rain is...calming still.


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