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Mother Krisha
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Mother Krisha!?-Redwall Log(ICLY Very,very Early Thurs. June 13th)

**ICLY this happens basically very,very  early morning on Thursday 13th, like before the sun rises even......role played it out early as I will be away for a few days oocly from 11-18th, so back in time for 20th ***

The Next Morning after


Krisha-Badger Mother!?

Oz- Papa Oz and now....Former Badger Mother?

Hawkeye-Retired Warrior otter


Infirmary, fairly early..maybe right after breakfast.


She got asked to come to she went.


Krisha was keeping the dibbuns entertained, all the while getting a little worried about Oz, but he was fine, right? She decided to tell a story she knew as a dibbun, about how a mouse maid befriended a wildcat after getting a splinter from his paw.It was time for breakfast soon, maybe she will let them have breakfast in the tents, she will have to see.She yawned.

Hawkeye walked up and smiled at the dibbuns before motioning for Krisha to follow him “I am only borrowing her a few moments...” After getting out of ear shot and even then he whispers a little “ asking for you...may be best to go .I can tell then a story about a nice sea adventure, no worries its a happy one, not sad or make one afraid .the sea otters find a magic treasure of a wish granting bird and learn of friendship and helping others”

Krisha nods “Is he.....alright?” She nods an ok for the story and lets the dibbuns know she is gonna let the sea otter tell a great story and then hurries off. She sees Oz and frowns as she goes over to him quickly and takes his paw “Oz?”

Oz woke, but he was so weak and coughed a few times they wanted him to rest but he pleaded, he sort of begged for them to let him speak to Krisha. They finally after checking his breathing and pulse, which were not that great, to let him speak to Krisha but briefly and told her if he seemed too tried just assure him the dibbuns are fine and to rest, but in order to get him to rest...they let her come and it calmed the old badger and so the healer was happy as they spoke “Just a couple moments he....he needs rest.”The healer sounded so worried.

Krisha noded and looked to Oz again “Oz...I am here, what did you need?”

Oz smiled weakly “The...dibbuns...”He coughed roughly and seemed to be in pain when he took in a breath, shivering a little.

Krisha frowned deeply “They are fine Oz....I will be there for them and Hawkeye is telling them a story. They are safe and sound” She keeps her voice calm,”They will worry once they know your in here.”The dibbuns have their ways of learning, “But I will assure them the healers are doing what they can, I have Sister Ginny and a couple order beasts and there is a couple beasts walking around tonight so they feel safer in the tents. They had a snack and are being very good. I will take good care of them for you”

Oz starts to speak and coughs up a little blood and tenses up in pain, a calming sort of struggled breath, “I..I know...know you will.”He seems to fight to stay conscious..he had been unconscious the past 3-4 hours, the next two words he uses the last of his will power and energy as he speaks softly...clearly but a strong voice as if he wasn't about to lose consciousness at all..but..those so important.

” Mother Krisha”

As soon as the words leave Oz's lips he slips into a very deep, very dangerous  faint as his pulse just drops and his breathing slows by a great deal, the paw she holds just goes.....


“Oz?” She speaks and panic sets in as she feels for a pulse and hardly finds it, ”OZ!!!” The scream likely echos in the hallway, wait what...what did he just call her, Mother Krisha?!

A healer rushes back in and quickly takes a pulse and checks breathing and looks at Krisha and back to Oz .A couple other beasts come in as the healer seems in a panic, “S..S..Someone get a message to the Abbot.....NOW!!!”

Krisha has tears she wipes away “He..He called me Mother Krisha and then...then he?”

The healer speaks “He is alive....barely, just barely he has slipped into a very deep coma...”The healer eyes widen at the new title as a single tear falls, she shoves an order beast off to send a sparrow, sent it now!Short simple words on paper to be given to Benar only

===Oz in Coma==

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