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#1 Logs » Gorvenalus is Back-Redwall Log » 2020-12-01 10:31:59

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Gorvenalus- Recorder

Xander- Novice

Krisha- Badger Mother


Gorvenalus slept in, one of the few times he did so when he ventured out of his room it was past lunchtime. A frown formed on his face as he went ahead to the book binding room in the library.

Xander was dusting and saw Gorvenalus and laying aside the duster quickly went over to him and just hugged him, not saying anything just hugging him before he got a chance to really sit down.

Gorvenalus remained silent and then spoke "Hello Xander, I see you got back  safe and I heard Mother Krisha and the others did as well, thanks to you leading them back. The wildcat is still out there but I don't think will be much of an issue or I hope not anyway."

Xander finally spoke "I am glad your ok Gorvenalus, I was worried you could be hurt...or worse" He steps back "Yeah, all home and safe, and Matilda was alerted by Patch and I am glad they found you."He still seems concerned"But wot bout...Zoltar?"

"What of him?" Gorvenalus asks "Yes he is alive but one doesn't always need to solve a vermin issue with death. One  does need to keep an eye out if on the roads as Zoltar and his friends are likely still trouble to some traveling."

Xander nods slowly and shakes his head "I...when he was at Brock Hall I felt like....I am unsure but I was angry with him, kind of glad I didn't have my blade...but I could have also taken him out without it had you not stopped me from letting my anger...well ..worsen" He sits on a pile of pillows and places his head in his paws "I still have anger issues...I still felt an urge to just..go hunting down that cat, but I didn't..but I wanted to"

Krisha enters with a tray  with soup, a roll, and some cheese and bread "Here Gorvenalus..."She sits it down and goes to lay a paw on Xander's shoulder."Love?"

Xander takes a calming breath and opens his good eye to look at Krisha and smiles "Hey..I am ok just..wondering if Patch was right and I am not cut out ta be a novice after all"

Gorvenalus nods his thanks for the food and speaks to Xander "Novice are, do you think Martin found it easy to be a novice...even your grandfather Zork had struggles with it" He also walks over "You are doing well, the simple fact you didn't just go off on your own to find me...shows growth in your journey to be a novice. And anger issues...can be worked on, maybe something like simple breathing or a hobby....I know you like working with clay and baking"

Krisha chuckles "Yeah he baked a LOT that last day, dinner was more a...desert but was good. He is a great cook"

Xander smiles "Yeah...just need to work on some other things to well with breads, rolls....need work on like stews and soups...though did well with fish.." He sighs "Yeah.....heck may even try and learn a new  hobby...not sure wot"

Gorvenalus nods "Well maybe wood working or even forge, though we have Krisha for the small amount of forge work seeing as it's rarely needed at the could work on your ale making skills...Matilda can help you with that, your a good leader in groups...perhaps teach the dibbuns, one class on...hmmms well something...reading or math, maybe writing or  something else even"

Krisha smiles "A helper with classes be nice actually and the dibbuns like Xander" She adds "Not today though, they got a rather long lecture today from me, and no play time for a couple of days. They are doing chores like sweeping and folding laundry, some are dusting and one is cleaning a mess made cause someone sneaked in pudding and it got all over the boy's room. Also, I have yet to figure out what to do with Tanya, may just have the abbot deal with her."

Xander hmmms"Maybe help with writing. I would not be a good math helper, and could read to them and have them read to for  any other class...maybe teach them a simple recipe to make cookies or some other simple treat...tell them to be good as its getting Snow Badger time"

Gorvenalus chuckles "Snow Badger time  hmm, well always good to remind them of that it's in like 3-4 weeks I believe. I am sure plans will be made for his  visit"

Krisha nods "Yes the usual cookies and maybe mint hot cocoa this year I will speak with the friar soon. And that night is not just for the dibbuns...anyone really. We could have stories and such, candy chestnuts and have fun....some light snacks and drinks. Will also let Benar know"

Xander nods "Sounds fun...too bad no hares around"He chuckles "Always was nice  to have a hare be a..ya know...helper coming ta check on the dibbuns and others to make sure they are good"

Gorvenalus chuckles "Yes, one never knows....we will have an abbey hare but not till spring....Elbio will be back then"He glances at Xander "I have a task for you novice Xander, your gonna help me  in the book binding room."

Krisha heads off to tend to the dibbuns and gives a wave bye.

Xander follows Gorvenalus into the book binding room "I..don't know how ta fix a book" He will try his best though

Gorvenalus smiles "Time to learn that new skill" He will let him know what to do, teach him to be careful and even give a bit of a history lesson. There are 2 books here from Brock Hall that will be fixed up as the spine on both is broken and one has a couple torn pages and there is the gentle cleaning of the outside of the book.

#2 Logs » Getting Everyone Home Safe And Sound-REDWALL LOG » 2020-11-30 16:29:30

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Gorvenalus- Recoder at Redwall Abbey

Patch- Spy,Owner of Redthorn Tavern....

Krisha- Badger Mother at Redwall

Xander-Redwall Novice

Zoltar- wildcat  and leader of a random thief band, has 3 ferrets with him

Matilda- Champion of Redwall


Krisha was glad to be back, a day late but back and stayed quiet,she asked for an extra day off and went to sit by the steps leading up to the wall tops.Her wrist was bandaged and for now, she seemed to only want to talk to only a couple beasts.   
Xander sighs as he sits down, the novices and order beast had gone on inside as he quietly spoke "It will be ok, we can find Gorvenalus..somehow, how not a clue unless someone maybe saw something"   
Patch would pick now to come to the abbey and course right away in trouble "But I am inna hurry back off....oh like I would stab someone...come on" He still had a dagger on him, scanning the grounds he finds the badgers and rushes ver "Hey...hey ya all got serious issues"   
Krisha sighs "Well it's a rule...give the guard the dagger Patch or I will literally toss you to the road"Ok so she is grumpy.   
Xander watches Patch and nods "Yeah...she has a point and right now not in the mood Patch we have a missing beast to find, lets just say the last couple days at Brock Hall was not so relaxing but we are back at the abbey now...well one of us isn't "   
Patch goes hand over the dagger and listens, "Tis the old beaver by chance? I saw im' with a wildcat and 4 ferrets. They didn't see me though"   
Krisha is quickly curious "You saw....where?" She sounds hopeful,"We need to know and maybe Matilda can go track him down with a couple of beasts"   
Xander frowns "Yeah that wildcat was in Brock Hall a couple days and then left....but he and his friends have Brother Gorvenalus. If I ..."He sighs " Could still go myself I would but....can't and....and I won't, have to let another handle this"   
Patch taps a footpaw "I say go get ya blade...I will help..ya trust me right? I mean come on tis one of those...important issue things and maybe novice is not wot ya cut out ta do"   
Krisha shakes her head "That's not how it works Patch...and besides he can't....his leg and no weapon now"   
Xander nods "Yeah my blade is....well far from here in safe keeping, maybe one day Oz will get it but not worried about that right now....and you can help who ever goes to look for Gorvenalus."   
Patch blinks "Far away?!" He sounds like that's the worse thing ever "Why is it...was in taken?...wait ya said....ok where is it?"   
Krisha sighs , she will let Xander answer as she goes to talk with Sister Anna, a frown forms as she seems to get updated on some dibbun issues, "Oh...great " She mutters and glances over at Patch and Xander.   
Xander replies "Lord Ciocan has my blade..safest place for it and do NOT tell Oz...he will need to figure that out himself when he is of age...sort of a find quest like Uncle Zee did fer me...also if the blade is that far away I am less tempted to go off on some...dangerous mission when I am no where near as good fighting with a messed up...well right side and not training since...well the injuries even happen, no...need to since....ummm novice and one day Brother in the order"   
Patch groans and looks ready to bang his head into the wall"Ok...never mind that...who do I get and show where these vermin are then?"   
Krisha replies as she walks back over "Tell Matilda,she is best for this sort of thing and maybe "She glances at Xander "Are there any Defenders around, or did the group break up?"   
Xander says, "It's still....sort of around. A couple stays around the abbey and the rest....ummm maybe 5 or 6 stays in Ferravale. The base is still there just....sort of no official leader for the Mossflower Defenders now, I mean I stepped down though they do still ask for advice or chat with me" He frowns "I really should find a new leader but....well it can wait"   
Patch nods "Well de wildcat and his pals have some camp close to the river....not smart if ask me but hey ...that's me..not sure how long they plan to stay or direction they plan to go"   

Krisha says, "The wildcat was not too talkative so it's hard to say...he seemed to want to know some of the land and Gorvenalus told him he knew a not sure what's gonna happen "   
Xander frowns "Gorvenalus didn't want to see anything happen to us or the others and for sure not let something happen to Brock Hall, tis hard to say what that Zoltar had planed"   
Patch says, "Ok so he is either brave....or gets bad ideas in his head. Hmmms is kind of familiar...and kind of not"   
Krisha listens as they speak, for now just trying to think. She should go lecture some of the dibbuns involved in the fight yesterday but for now, they are lucky she is not in the mood to lecture. she is tired and just wants to use her extra day off to rest, lecture time can come tomorrow.   
Xander says, "Maybe the wildcat has no clue where to go and he is ...lost, which be good for us as if you don't know those woods you can get pretty lost"   
Patch says, "Being lost can make one extra grump also ...that can be bad for any captive ya know...course lost slows them down too"   
Krisha says, "Lost would mean they wouldn't find the tree again, that be good"   
Xander hmms "Did Zoltar seem lost eailer Patch?"   
Patch says, "I couldn't tell sorry, likely though as he walked around and camped again close to where he was before."   
Krisha sighs as she stands "I am going to my room......I have till tomorrow morning gonna get a nap in"   
Xander offers a small smile "Get the rest love, things will work out and all will be well. I can update you tomorrow"   
Patch says, "Yes rest be good...for stress and such"   
Krisha glares at Patch and then seems to decide to agree with him, rest would be best right now and she can better deal with things after some sleep. She nods and heads to bed, she will likely sleep most of the day and night   
Xander helps Krisha on to her room and returns shortly to speak with Patch more, then goes to find Matilda.
Patch is pacing in the entry after speaking with a couple guards, a slight misunderstanding when he didn't give up his dagger right away, he did but not before he spoke to a couple beasts, he had news darn it so he kind of was trying to find someone and forgot the whole...weapon at the gate.
Matilda comes walking out of her cottage to see what all the noise is about, she moves toward the guards and sighs, "Patch what did you do this time?"   
Patch sighs as he is relieved and walks over, a guard seems uncertain of him as the rat speaks "As told de others...ya got issues with a wildcat, he and his pals have ya recorder as a captive and seem to have no clue as a direction to go in Mossflower...which could be good or bad depending on how ya look at it"   
Matilda frowns and nods, "Wait," she orders the rat and turns and vanishes back into her cottage. She then walks back out strapping on her sword belt with the sword of Martin, "Patch take me to them, I assume you know where they took Gorvenalus?" She then turns to the Guard, "Lock the gate after I leave, no one enters, no one leaves without Benar's express permission. Lock the abbey down and do not open any gate unless it is me out there or Benar gives you an order to do so."   
Patch nods "I have an idea....I mean could be worse he could have others...he doesn't no worries...just saying..."And he is making it worse and just goes to where they need to be. Course at first it will seem Patch has no clue ...then campfire smoke.

Zoltar was moody, he glares at the beaver "here are we! Tell me! Tell me or die...painfully!"

Gorvenalus frowned " You are only causing yourself stress, stress gets one no where good sir"

"I am not GOOD!" He goes to slap the beaver across the face and hisses, ears back and flat " I am losing what little patience I had"

Matilda follows Patch up the road, one hand on her sword of Martin, she is surprisingly light for a hedgehog but she lets the rat lead her.   
Zoltar grips his blade and looks ready to stab the old beaver, he then walks over to another tree. A ferret speaks "Want me ta kill him....."The wildcat glares "No idiot.....morons...I have morons here!"   
Gorvenalus is still calm as he has his paw behind his back and briefly looks around, he speaks "Taking a deep breath and being calm helps."He frowns slightly as he is kind of turned around now too...great.   
Patch points to the voices and goes climbing into a nearby tree..."He has....3 pals with him"He says quietly.   
Matilda crouches and peers through the brush and nods, "Ok Patch, I need a distraction, preferably loud and distracting, give me five minutes," She moves off left, starting to circle around so she can approach Zoltar and his crew from behind.   
Zoltar storms over to the beaver and goes to slam him into a tree "Think hard...where are we at. Was this a trick to get me away from that ....whatever ya call it..tree fort?" Which he has no clue where that is now.   
Patch frowns "A distraction?" He sighs and thinks and then sighs as he slips down and clears his throat....why him...."Yo Ugly!!"   
Gorvenalus ooofs as he hits the tree trunk and frowns, "You left on your...own" His back is sore now as he sighs, "We are somewhere...close to the abbey I think, I am find a creek and....the..."He tilts his head, he knows that voice.   
Matilda continues to move around, staying back in the trees, she does however remove her sling and a large pebble from her pouch and starts to spin it around slowly, eyeing the three of them. She has a plan but she needs Patch to have all their attention on him for just a few seconds.
Zoltar starts to grip his blade and then turns to the voice. He motions to the 3 ferrets to go check it out as he backs away from Gorvenalus slightly for now.   
Patch frowns as yep least one ferret sees him as he erks and goes to run a short distance,he slows and looks behind him again staying close to an area of limbs and dead leaves.   
Gorvenalus sighs relieved and relax a little as he listens to any sounds and tries to figure out where they are for sure, if they moves slightly they would see the top of the bell tower through the trees, just it's up a small sloop to see it and down a path.   
Matilda lets fly her rock from the sling, aiming it directly at the back of Zoltar's head, she is not aiming to kill just knock him out. Once he is unconscious she hopes the ferrets will panic, grab their boss and leg it and leave Gorvenalus behind, she'd really rather not kill a load of beasts today if she can avoid it.   
Zoltar moves slightly and is distracted when a ferret yelps as the yare suddenly upside down and leg caught in a rope...way up in a tree now! The wildcat starts to speak only to indeed be knocked out by the stone and crumbles to the forest floor...he will live but have a headache later, as for the other two ferrets they look around as if ghosts are around "Ghosts?" "In't thar a graveyard round here.....or maybe it's that mouse......"Fear shows as they decide to leave, not taking the boss with them, as for the one ferret...well they are not taking time to help him too bad!   
Patch smirks, he then frowns "So much for wood pigeon later....."He looks up at the ferret and just shrugs and walks off...yeah he isn't helping him, the ferret is on his own.   
Gorvenalus arches an eyebrow and watches them leave as he sits down by the tree and just hopes whatever it is is a friend not foe right
Matilda stands up and brushes down her tunic and walks out of the bushes, tying her sling back around her waist, she looks down at Zoltar and sighs, nudging him with a foot then walks over to the recorder, "Are you ok Gorvenalus? Sorry it took me so long."   
The one ferret just....yeah not like he can do much and not like he will get down too soon to join his boss and go...where ever.   
Gorvenalus smiles "It is very good to see you, Matilda. I am fine...nothing a good bath and a meal won't fix..."His paws are sore "And maybe something for rope burn on my wrists"   
Matilda asks, "It is nice to see you as well Gorvenalus, shall we head back home? I'd like to get us out of the open before anyone else turns up."   
Gorvenalus nods as he goes to follow her "Home would be nice yes. At least the weather is not too cold yet, not that I want to be in the woods...home by the fire is much better"   
Matilda motions toward the path, "LEt's get going then, come along Patch we can feed you a pie or three as thanks."   
Gorvenalus nods as he goes to follow them, of course, Patch is nearby as he slips from by a tree "Pie? I mean...sure sounds great!" The Recorder just chuckles as they head home to the abbey.

A couple hours later Zoltar awakens and finds the 3 ferrets.They end up camping by the river later on, as the wildcat is too moody to do much, yet....

Little do they know the cold weather will come all too soon in a few days....very cold weather in fact.

Not cold yet?

Just give it's coming and all best be prepared.....

#3 Re: The Long Patrol » Long Patrol - Casual Scenes and Events » 2020-11-29 20:27:23


I think the pool for water is maybe slightly  higher....any flood I sAay misses the spring

#4 Logs » Fight in The Dibbun's Room!!-DAB LOG » 2020-11-29 20:23:10

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The time since the Dibbuns were rescued has been filled with a strange peacefulness as they have, for the most part, behaved themselves. However, as all the adults know, that could change at any time. Right now Squirrelbabe is busily playing with blocks, trying very hard to get Grace the gosling to play with her. "C'mon, Gwacie, dis is fun!" The goose shakes her head and hugs her blanket close. The Ringleader sighs. Since the bird didn't get kidnapped with them, she still doesn't trust that the squirrel has changed into a nice person. The other Dibbuns are playing in various areas of the room, peaceful....for now.   

Ciana sits in a corner. She was found or rather the rabbits brought her back,much to the relief of those worried. She now sits by herself in the corner of the room quietly.   

Xavier is here today and is playing with a vole dibbun. He giggles a little when some paint gets on the nose of the vole as ...well finger painting right now.   

Finger painting with no adult supervision? Nice. Squirrelbabe sighs heavily as Gracie waddles over and starts playing with a trio of mice. The Ringleader sighs again, then looks around the room for anyone who looks left out. She spots the leveret and stands. Walking over to her, Squirrelbabe smiles and waves. "Hia, Ciana! Wanna play blocks wif me?"   

Ciana looks up "Blocks?" She looks unsure and seems to look around for anyone. A small smile forms as she decides blocks could be nice.
Xavier finishes his picture "I give to dada" The vole seems to lose interest but does put the finger paint away and decides to find something else that's fun to do in here as the dibbuns seem to have a little extra play time today.   

Squirrelbabe smiles and goes to grab the leveret's paw. "Yeah, c'mon, let's go play!" She goes to lead her back to where the blocks are. Gracie waddles over to the finger painting just as the shrew puts it all away. The gosling looks slightly dejected. "Aw, I wanted t'do dat..." She goes to follow him, letting her blanket drag on the floor behind her. "Whatcha doin' now? Can /I/ pway wif you?"   

Ciana smiles and goes to follow her, just then Tanya the otter cub shows up and smirks at the hare. Ciana backs away and looks at the floor as Tanya speaks "I see ya back...surprised..then again seems even rabbits not want yoou"   

Xavier looks over at the goose "You can plays....ummm...what plays?" He then glances over at Tanya and Ciana..frowning slightly.   
Gracie and most of the other Dibbuns look over as Tanya says her piece. Squirrelbabe gets between the leveret and the otter, scowling darkly. "Tha' no a nice t'ing ta say! You say sowwy wight now! Ciana a good hawsie, an' /I's/ happy she hewe! So's you be nice!" The gosling honks quietly. "Oooh, dis couwd be bads..."   

Tanya just grins "Or wha...ya gonna be mads" She says it in such a sassy way, she glances at the hare and chuckles "No one wants her they?" Ciana starts to cry now and wipes her eyes but tears still come as the otter just laughs "See she a cry baby...she also de reason wes got taken away in first place"   

Xavier tilts his head "Away?" Then he got lucky to of been in the GUOSIM camp when this all happen, he was safe but he knows some others were not. He also snorts as he looks over at the otter and says "Yous a meanie fur"   

Gracie gulps and hugs her blanket close. Squirrelbabe floofs up and advances on the otter, eyes blazing with pure rage as her paws clench into fists. "YOU SHUTS UP!!" She yells, baring her teeth viciously as she continues to advance upon Tanya. "It no hew fault we get taken, it da fault of da shtoopid vermin! Now say you sowwy, ow I wip you EAWS off!!!" The trio of little female mice surround Ciana and go to hug her and pat her back as they glare at the otter. One thing their captivity taught most of them is to stick together, almost like a family.   

Ciana starts to cry more but as the 3 mice, dibbuns go to help her she sniffs and slowly starts to feel a small bit better. Tanya on the other paw just rolls her eyes "Yeah vermin came causes she did" That's the otters thinking anyways "We shoulds like....banishes her..even that one hare left..gee guess he no like her"   

Xavier looks around and finds a small ball and tosses it towards the otter and then looks like ...what he did nothing, couse it could miss her or hit her, he seems to not care.   

Oh, that is it! Squirrelbabe gives a screech of rage and pounces at the otter, aiming to bite her ear and punch and scratch her and wrap her hind legs around the otter's waist. Some of the Dibbuns scream or start to cry. The ferret Dibbun joins the trio of mice as they try to pull the leveret away from the fight. Gracie honks in alarm and runs to the other side of the room, covering her head with her blankie when she gets there.   

Ciana gasps and doesn't think twice on going to the other side of the room. Tanya eeps as she is knocked down and kicks right back and goes to try and pull some of Squirrelbabe's tail fur out. The ball misses her, barely, and bounces off the wall and rolls into the hallway.   

Xavier blinks and looks at the fight, he grins "Biute de otters nose off ya!" He is so helpful.   

Squirrelbabe squeaks as she's kicked, but she doesn't let it stop her! She tries to slip the otter over and sit on her back, still scratching and biting, even as her tail gets pulled. There's enough yelling and screaming in here, it's a wonder no adults have come to investigate yet... The ferret Dibbun is trembling, and most of the Dibbuns are crying, although some are shouting helpful advice like the shrew's doing.   

Tanya goes to try and get loose and then bite squirrelbabe's paw. "CIANA NO BELONGS HERES....NOT AT ALL" Cian sniffs and looks ready to cry again and does her best to not listen and just focus on other things   

It had been some time since Spruce had been in the dibbuns room, and even more, since he had stepped foot inside willingly. He'd avoided it (and its inhabitants) as well as he could but now... He pauses outside the door, hearing the ruckus within. Looking first up the hallway to his right, and then down to his left, the young squirrel carefully sets the clean linens he'd been carrying down a few strides from the door. "I swear if I end up in trouble for this..." Even as he mutters he reaches out for the door handle yet thinks better of it, instead giving three sharp, hefty knocks to the wood.
Xavier looks at the door and says "We needs go get grown-up" And he dashes off   

"SHE DOES TOO!!! YOU DA ONE WHO NO BELONG!!! OUCHIE!!" Squirrelbabe tries to jerk her paw out of Tanya's mouth, then tries to punch her in the eye. Gracie huddles under her blanket in the far corner. The ferret goes to hug Ciana. "She's a liar. You belong here, just like me. It's okay, Ciana..." Then the knock is heard, and everyone freezes....except for Squirrelbabe. She hears it, but she decides to try and get the otter in trouble. "Ouchie, she bitin' me!!" The trio of mice gulp and look at each other. The other Dibbuns look at the door. Should they answer it?   

Ciana just watches as Tanya is punched right in the face and blood forms around her snout. Tanya screams and kicks at Squirrelbabe " all!!"   

They aren't given a choice as Spruce is left standing in the opening doorway as Xavior makes his getaway. There's regret almost immediately as the squirrel takes in the scene: first, having to jump out of the way of baby shrew bolting out, then the squirrelbabes blaming of the otter, and the otter's scream and kick. And of course the goose who will no doubt blame him somehow for all this. "Well..." He says, making clicking his tongue, "This is quite the mess now, isn't it?"   

"THEN YOU GOES AWAHOOF!!" Squirrelbabe is kicked back, and she rolls head over heels to land on her back with another 'oof.' She glares at the older squirrel. Oh, she remembers him from the feast. "YOU! You makes Gwacie to be a /liaw/! Go 'ways! An' takes hew wif you!" She adds, pointing at Tanya. The ferret Dibbun goes to hug the leveret close, obviously worried about what's about to happen now. Gracie peers out from under her blankie and gulps, desperately wishing Mother Krisha was here.   

Ciana frowns and covers her eyes. Tanya snots and just glare at everyone in the room, "The hare should go aways...why de rabbits even bring her back...ha cause they no want her cause she bad...should , should uh stayed on de island forevers"   

Spruce takes the accusation in stride, waving his paw as if to ward off the younger squirrel's words. "Well, at least I'm not a spoilsport like /Gwacie."/ He remembers the feast too and still smarts about it. "Though I will be if you lot don't stop fighting. And you there, otter -" he snaps at Tanya, "Just shut it for now, will you?" As far as he's aware, the rabbit (or maybe hare as he actually can't tell) is one of the only dibbuns in the room who doesn't try to get him in trouble every time they meet.   

That was the last thing needed to make Gracie start crying. Squirrelbabe can't figure out who to be the most angry at, Spruce or Tanya. She points a finger at him, shaking with anger. When she speaks, her voice is low and dangerous, which would be terrifying if 1) Spruce knew exactly who she was, and 2) she wasn't so small with such a high-pitched baby voice. "/Get 'im./" The other members of the DAB dash behind him and shut the door so he can't escape, eager to do something other than just watch a fight. They surround him, just staring...for now. Squirrelbabe turns back to the otter, trusting that her followers can handle the older squirrel. "YOU no want Ciana," the Ringleader, "but WE do, an' you gonna be nice or go away, or /I/ gonna tell da Abbot an' gets YOU bainsheded!! Gottit??!" The ferret, the trio of mice, the gosling, and a few other of the more timid Dibbuns stay back, watching in mild horror.   

Tanya rolls her eyes "Oh yeah the old squirrel is so scary..I shaking" She just looks at Ciana who whimpers and chuckles "The hare is a wimp.....she a looser."   

Even if by now the tallest of the dibbuns barely come up to his elbow, the effect of being surrounded still makes Spruce nervous. "Listen - Squirrelbabe - it won't turn out well for anyone if you try and jump me, okay?" His eyes are searching the room even as he says this, looking for somewhere he can climb up to. "And besides!" He starts for a bed, intending to step up on it, "The otter's the one being mean, mostly." Perhaps it's not the best thing to turn the dibbuns on themselves, but it's him or them. And if a mean otter is the price to pay for his life, Spruce is willing to pay it.   

The horde of Dibbuns merely follow the older squirrel and surround the bed he's on, staring up at him. "But you was mean ta Gwacie dat one time, an' you make hew cwy," one of the hedgehogs in the group points out, and a mouse adds, "Yeah, an' you sass Movver /Krisha/ an' make DoraRose /mad/." "Yeah," a chorus of Dibbun voices add. Him being rude to Dora at the feast obviously got him into their bad graces. They press in closer to the bed, most of them starting to look very suspicious and grumpy at him. Squirrelbabe squeaks in anger and pounces at Tanya again, fists swinging. Looks like a real grown up may be needed to come end this...   

Tanya screams and again, is punched.She kicks out and now tries to get away from Sqirrelbabe.Her nose is bleeding and so is a cut on her arm and leg.   

"And you all worship the gate keeper, eh?" Spruce laughs, jittery. "I doubt she or the good badger mother would be happy with all this." With a great leap from the bed he lands atop a high wardrobe safely out of reach of the short arms of the dibbuns, though it wobbles a bit as he lands. Unless squirrel babe comes after but luckily for Spruce she's otherwise engaged. Curling up into a ball against the wall and out of site of the ground, he hunkers down and waits for someone with less of a bad reputation than he has.   

Squirrelbabe lets the otter go, but she follows menacingly. "I'ma tell da Abbot, an' den you be SO SOWWY you messed wif my fwiend!" The horde of Dibbuns follows Spruce to the wardrobe, many of them shrieking in dismay and anger. However, the Ringleader isn't the only squirrel Dibbun in the Abbey. There are 3 others, and they all dart up the wardrobe, making it quake under the older squirrel. The 3 of them pounce at him, one of them trying to buffet his head with the pillow they managed to drag up here! The ferret, the trio of mice, and Gracie scream, and they dash to the door, trying to drag Ciana with them. "Wet's get DoraRose!" Gracie honks, leading the way.   

Ciana nods and quickly goes to follow them out the door. Tanya just laughs and watches Spuce now "Oh this is funny."   

Spruce's peace last for but a moment until he feels the shaking as the dibbuns swarm up. Scared surprise morphs into worry as he realizes how high up they are, and so he shifts to /try/ and keep them from falling off, nor does he resist much. Whether it's out of genuine care or fear that he'll be blamed for any accidents is up to interpretation. Perhaps a mix of both. "YES! GO GET SOMEONE!" The squirrel manages to get out in-between pillow hits.   

Gracie waddles out of the Abbey building as fast as she can, the other 4 following and guiding Ciana. The goose honks in alarm, and the other Dibbuns shout. DoraRose spots them from the west wall, and she sprints down the wall steps as they start calling her name. "What are you all doing out here without cloaks on? What's wrong?" Meanwhile, in the Dibbun's room, Squirrelbabe goes to pounce on Tanya and put her in a headlock, not understanding that that could suffocate her if they're not careful. The squirrel Dibbuns continue to pummel at the older squirrel, not letting up for a moment. The other Dibbuns are cheering them on, with a couple of them trying to figure out if they can join them.   

There's very little Spruce can do without endangering the dibbuns around, him, so he lies on the bed of nails he somewhat metaphorically made. Covering his head neck with his paws he tries to curl up tighter he prepares himself hold out as long as he can while hoping that A: more dibbuns don't try to climb up here, and B: that whoever the dibbuns are getting comes here quick and puts and end to all this.   

After listening to the jumbled stories from the Dibbuns for a few minutes, DoraRose waves her paw. "Take me there, quick!" The Gatekeeper follows them as they run back to the Dibbun's room. Meanwhile, the squirrel DABers up on the wardrobe have started kicking Spruce, getting carried away by the energy in the room. Finally, Squirrelbabe, feeling she has sufficiently cowed Tanya, turns to view the disturbance...and squeaks in alarm! "Nonononono, gets /downs/ fwom dewe!!" She darts forward, pushing Dibbuns away from the wardrobe. "Gets back! It coulds fa' ovew! Go ovew dewe!" As the DABers hastily obey, they Ringleader bounds up the side of the wardrobe, making it shake even more. "Evewybeastie gets down!! G'won, shoo!" She grabs the pillow and starts smacking around indiscriminately. The other DABer squirrels bid a hasty retreat.   

Spruces merely lets out a slight grown as he receives yet another smack form a pillow. The kicking had bruised him in several places as even if they were from very small creatures repeated blows still hurt. The older squirrel refuses to budge or listen to anyone he deems a dibbun, ESPECIALLY if they're still hitting him with a pillow. At least the kicks stopped.   

Gracie and the other Dibbuns burst back into the room, DoraRose hard on their heels. The mouse Warrior slides to a stop, taking everything in at a glance. ".....Squirrelbabe and Spruce, get down here right now." The Gatekeeper is regretting keeping her sword, but what could she do? She was afraid an enemy had somehow gotten inside. Squirrelbabe tosses the pillow onto the floor, then scrambles down the wardrobe to stand in front of the mouse. Dora sighs heavily as the Dibbuns start to tell her, unbidden, what was happening.   

Nearly a minute passes before Spruce tentatively peaks his head out from atop the wardrobe. He doesn't move beyond that yet or say anything. Just simply observes the room below him and listens to the no doubt exaggerated story the dibbuns are telling.   
Some of the stories are exaggerated, yes, but quite a number of them (mostly from the more timid Dibbuns) are sticking to the exact facts. DoraRose listens to everything, then looks up at the older squirrel. "Come down here, Spruce, and tell me your side of the story. I won't let them hit you anymore. You have my word as a Warrior." Interestingly, Squirrelbabe has kept silent this entire time, even when her attack of Tanya is being related. Gracie hides behind the Warrior, peering nervously at Spruce.   

There's suspicion in his eyes as Spruce finally opens his mouth. "I'll compromise with you. I'll stay up here - /safe for now/ - and tell you." His tail curls in front of him. "I hear them fighting, I came into break things up, got accused again for something I did a season ago, may or may not have made fun of someone's lisp and told the otter to shut up." The squirrel for his part does start to move to get down, now sitting on the edge of the wardrobe and looking down at a bed, reluctant to jump down now. "And then they swarmed me on the orders of that squirrel babe and I climbed up here to get away from them." He waves his arm weakly at the rest of the space o the wardrobe. "But obviously the didn't work that well."   

Thinking for a moment, DoraRose notes that his story matches up with the stories of the timid and consistently truthful Dibbuns. She sighs. "Spruce, please come down right now. I'm concerned that wardrobe may collapse or tip over. Squirrelbabe, this is not the first time you've gotten into trouble about stuff like this. You know fighting in the Abbey is not allowed. I'm going to have to tell the Abbot." Squirrelbabe swallows hard, but she stands straight and tall, taking this with courage. This is at least the 3rd or 4th time the Abbot will have been told about her misbehaving, but she is determined to take it bravely. Especially after the Warrior adds, "And I'll be telling him about Tanya, too. That is completely unacceptable." She glares around at everyone else. "The rest of you can wait until Krisha returns. Until then, I'll make sure those left in charge of you will know to not give you dessert, and to send you to bed early." The Dibbuns groan. The Gatekeeper wags a finger at the older  squirrel. "And /you/ need to stop provoking the Dibbuns by making fun of them."   

The older squirrel does start to climb down, albeit slowly and far more careful than he did jumping up. "I'll make an effort to," Spruce says, stepping gingerly onto the ground, "As long as the dibbuns stop bringing up stuff already dealt with." He rubs his right arm (which had born the brunt of the kicks) and scrunches his snout. "And that otter - Tanya? - she was being right rude to the poor hare." He blinks. "Actually, a rabbit? I don't quite know."   

"She's a hare. Tanya will be dealt with." DoraRose steps forward until her nose is mere inches away from the squirrel's face. "YOU are older than them. I don't care what they say to you, YOU are to stop provoking them. YOU are their example, whether you like it or not. You will act the age you are, not like the little brat you seem to be. They are Dibbuns. They don't understand how to forgive and must be shown by example. I expect you to be such an example." She then points him to the door. "I suggest you get back to what you were doing. The rest of you, come with me." She leads the Dibbuns out to Cavern Hole, where she leaves them with a bunch of Novices, then heads off to tell Benar what just happened (and apologize for wearing her sword around the Abbey, SHE WAS IN A HURRY, OKAY).   

Spruce bristles as the mouse gets up in his face, and he doesn't back away - though he doesn't say anything either despite his jaw tightening and eyes narrowing at being called a brat. After the gatekeeper leaves with the dibbuns, he does go out but leaves the linens (spoiled now by being trampled) where they are.

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A request of Rufus to show what...awaits tongue....Zolomon for sure not going near him.....

#6 Re: The Long Patrol » Long Patrol - Casual Scenes and Events » 2020-11-28 16:47:37


Ha....Terrence can lecture who ever is on the a couple of crew could die hares need to die as we have had enough deaths of hares....couse could have some recovering in the infirm couple weeks .

Also there is Rufus....hope a healer knows how to tend to a bird...oocly chated with him and he might end up with broken wing....that should be intresting  , grump...hurt...wet cold bird no hare wants someone find his Lordship...yeah.

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REDWALL WINTER will be in the history logs as the Worst Winter Ever!

Cold also, very cold...the only good thing is food storage is safe...hopefully have enough logs.

I am curious how Camp Willow...Ferravale..GUOSIM will fare...we should also have the roof of the Black Gull cave in...not sure who does anything with Black Gull...maybe vermin snowed in there too.

#8 Re: The Long Patrol » Long Patrol - Casual Scenes and Events » 2020-11-28 15:07:58


I dont think Sala is very high...dont know though. Also not too far to the beach at entry...yes most things are higher up of course. I was always told winters in western shore are mild usually...a little snow maybe but not a lot. And mainly ice be around.  Maybe no flood for helping a ship...(Shurgs)

#9 Re: Redwall Abbey » Misc: IC Stuff: Redwall » 2020-11-28 15:04:24


there been 3 or 4 foot in ohio and even larger drifts of snow. Maybe 5 foot of snow be good and drifts of 10.

#10 Re: The Long Patrol » Long Patrol - Casual Scenes and Events » 2020-11-28 07:13:22


there is boxing chamber and archery  range in lower level...springs and celler and area would be safe from surge . Hmms hates raison food hee...they would be fine as could lose like 30% of food supply so not a lot.....hares may think so though, ha they just have to eat less this winter and be REALLY glad come spring. As for Halyard maybe some damaged boats. flood REAL BAD there as they right agaist water. Maybe part of taven roof comes market be messed up for weeks. that's all for now I can think of.

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Krisha sat in her chair looking rather annoyed. This was to be relaxing and the past couple days it had not been very relaxing. Her wrist was bandaged.

Voltar walked right in, not bothering to knock as he spoke "What is this place? Seems it's forge not be used in seasons, the armory is empty of anything, hardly anything here worth being some  good living quarters..though I can work with this, I have servants  now after all."

Krisha glared at him and spoke "The creatures here are not servents and will not be treated as such. I also will not have you or your stupid ferrets doing anything to mess this place up."

Voltar snorts and smirks as he walks closer till he is in front of her, "You value this place hmm? It's a little run down, isn't it? Then again whoever heard of living in a tree...or cave under a tree, it's better to have strong walls like the abbey that's not too far from here, but then that's a fool's mission to try and take that place...I have heard de stories." He smirks "You know what...I am bored." He grins and walks out of the room and down the steps.

Oz is sleeping on a pile of blankets, nearby is Novice Beth keeping an eye on him but she has fallen asleep as well.

Gorvenalus is reading a book and doing his best to ignore the past day, but he is alert as well.

Xander is pacing by the door in the hall, hearing the sound of someone on the steps he goes to see who it is.

Krisha frowns and goes to follow the wildcat to make sure he isn't gonna do anything, she sees it as her job to make sure everyone is safe and no harm comes to anyone.

Zoltar grins as he goes to pick up Oz and chuckles getting out a dagger. He looks down at the mouse maid and smirks as he goes to kick her in the side"Tine to awaken mouseie!"

Beth gasps in pain and is wide awake. She holds her side and scoots away from the wildcat and frowns, fear then shows.

Oz wails loudly as the wildcat holds him, he dislikes the cat a lot!

Gorvenalus quickly enters from where he was reading and eyes widen, "No no...put the young one down"

Xander is right away getting into the room, he freezes when he notices the wildcat has Oz and seems to fight the urge to tackle the wildcat but at the same time, he doesn't want harm to come to his son.

Krisha takes a deep calming breath "Release my son and back away from my friends."

The other novice and two order beast stay where they are in a corner, too worried to go over, it's not been the best day for them.

Zoltar turns to her and just smirks, a snap of his fingers and in walks the 4 ferrets,"I give orders around here Striped dog, not you. And I just all die. Then this place burns to the ground!"

Oz whimpers and then goes to bite Zoltar's paw.

Gorvenalus looks at the ferrets and then the wildcat, this could end badly.

Xander looks around and finds the try he made scones on and then uses it as some disk he flings towards the wildcat's head.

Krisha starts to back up and then goes to punch the wildcat in the face, hopefully, while he is distracted.

A lot seems to happen in a few seconds, Zoltar's paw is bite as he screams and drops the badger cub, the serving tray hits him in the back of the head and Krisha punch gets him in the face as he tumbles down the steps. This at first causes his ferret friends to bolt but they then stop before that 2 of them go to tackle Xander, the other two Krisha.

Gorvenalus quickly scoops up Oz who clings onto him and gets the two novice and order beasts inside a nearby  room,"Stay in here...I..."He frowns and closes the door and goes to quickly check on Xander and Krisha.

Xander is surprised a little but he was expecting them to attack him, he is tackled only cause his bad leg picks now to go out on him as he tenses up in pain when he hits the floor.A deep growl forms in his throat.

Krisha meanwhile punches one ferret out and seeing Xander fall causes her to be distracted,and the 2nd ferret to pin her against the wall.

Zoltar is peeved as he glares at Krisha and  goes over to her, blade in paw and  smirks" You die first or...."He looks around and looks at the beaver and just laughs "Oh hide and seek..good idea."He smiles coldly at Krisha as he goes to drag her down the stairs "Changed my mind, you get to watch him die first"He nods to the ferret to slit Xander's throat, the ferret nods and gets ready to do just that.

Gorvenalus thinks quickly" there will not be death in this place. Stop this at once. Let them go and you can take me as your slave. You want knowledge of this land...I have it. You want to find"Not that he really would show them anything, he is buying time for the others."Let them go, let them leave and leave this place alone and you have me."

Xander groans, he glares at the ferret and then hearing Gorvenalus he frowns ""

Krisha shakes her head "No...Brother Gorvenalus...the cat can take me, you all stay here and.....just tell others"

Zoltar seems to think on this and shoves Krisha to the side and walks up to Gorvenalus, blade going to his throat and he stops,"Tie his paws behind his back..."He backs up to let a couple of ferrets do just this, he looks at Krisha "By the way...any of you who follows me..."He smiles coldly "I will let you have him back, can't promise in one  piece sadly" He grins "Move out!" The ferrets follow as the wildcat goes to lead Gorvenalus out and chuckles "This place sucks for a base anyways...I can do better..maybe we will see each other again...or not"He chuckles and is gone.

Xander scoots back and tries to stand, only to fall forwards and slams a paw into the floor, luckily no dent...which is surprising.

Gorvenalus seems to accept his fate and frowns. He looks to his friends and then is lead out. His face shows he has faith in his friends that he will see them again, he just isn't sure how or when.

Krisha drops to her knees and starts crying, this is stressful and she doesn't know what to do, how is she gonna tell the abbey this happen.

Xander crawls over to her and  wraps his arms around her and just holds her close "It's ok...we will get him back...we will somehow love." He looks to the others who look worried and a deep breath is taken "We just have to have faith....."

====Later in the evening and by the riverbank===

Patch is walking along and sniffs the air, he shrugs a campfire was not unheard of along the river as beasts camped there and fished there, but as he got closer he suddenly jumped behind and up into a tree, jaw dropping at the sight

A campfire, 4 ferrets, and Brother Gorvenalus tied to a tree, then sees a  rather nasty looking wildcat.

Patch, quiet as he can slip behind the tree where Gorvenalus is and whispers just enough for the beaver to hear him "I will...alert abbey"

The beaver hears Patch and simply speaks quietly " Careful....Patch"

Patch nods and quickly speeds off into the night, the abbey 3/4 a day from here, the rat would likely be there by morning!

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The blizzard should be interesting role play. Maybe some limb that needed trimmed falls.....maybe the treehouse the dibbuns have gets ruined and needs to be rebuilt! I have thought of  redoing the treehouse anyways and it is old as it was there when Oz was Badgermther..he would just walk over to the tree it was in and  KNOW..hee hee...when dibbuns were up there...say come down and  they be down rather quickly smile No one is gonna be in the treehouse wouldn't think and it has to be one of the older trees, not sure which one was used but has to be one the abbey doesn't do much with maybe a branch falls into the treehouse  roof  and it caves in the treehouse some....loose boards fall off...I don't know...something and it's rebuilt in spring maybe .

There could be  limbs fall in the woods too.

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Yeah hits the shore and goes upriver in like 2 days...and heard we might find a traveling hare that gets stuck in all this ...course we will have to figure out how Lt Velm is even known to be out there....guess Velm can work on that part..there is always random beasts that could find him and be like...yeah the abbey is best to take him too or someone sees him while on the wall...why is someone on the wall?...ummm...they are  dumb?:P IDK!

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== Got on as Ciocan and chated with Lt Velm and General Quinten ==


Ciocan- Badger Lord

Quinten- General, Recorder in LP

Velm- LT. and Healer in LP


Ciocan is sitting at his desk looking over papers, he nods to a hare and smiles "Very good we are ready for the next coming seasons with supplies..also see if we can get some update on how things are in Halyard, I have not heard much lately of the village" A nod and the hare exits the room

Velm slips in and clears his throat "Sur?" He walks over and salutes,then stands at attention as he waits on a reply, he knows the badger is likely busy.
Ciocan looks up and smiles as he lays aside another paper "Lt Velm, good to see you? How are you doing since you have returned to us?" He gives the hare his attention now. "I do hope all is well"   

Velm replies "Well enough..sur...achally"He sighs "I been thinking of, time off...a trip and if it's no I understand, I just feel..I need..."He sighs again as he has found it hard to focus much and sits down in a chair "I am sorry sur just some stress issues...dealing with"   
Ciocan asks, "Stress is not good and wot is going on Velm? Feel free to talk I have time,as for time long and where?"   
Velm frowns, "Mossflower..I..I just need to.."He shakes his head as he leans back in the chair " I still have no clue wot happen..not all of it and others have said to just let myself forget but it's stressful to and I feel going to Mossflower will ease my mind sur. I perhaps could stay at the abbey till Elbio gets thar...take whoever is with him back ta here as I assume he won't travel alone " He adds "I don't have to either if you deem it..wrong to go on a trip alone"   
Ciocan listens and nods "I am not sure who yet will go with Elbio...someone..maybe a group of 2-3 hares."He closes his eyes as he thinks and opens them again " Alright, you can take this trip Velm....if it helps. A clear nonstressed mind would be good to have.You could even take a letter or two for me"He then smiles "You can take someone with you, her name is Joanna and she has family in Mossflower...she used to be in the patrol but saddly left after.well after we got back from helping the abbey against Ormaz and his horde. She was a private and has family in Mossflower and has been wanting to go back to them the past couple of seasons but I told her it was unsafe to go alone..I know she be safe with you"   
Velm manages a smile "I can take her back..of course sur. I am assuming she lives somewhere in Halyard housing?"   
Ciocan stands "Yes..."He frowns "Her mate was killed in some fight in the village a couple weeks ago. He was not in the patrol so I would like to make sure she gets to her family farm safe in Mossflower" He walks over to where a couple of letters are and hands them to Velm, he then writes a quick letter himself "I will send word to Joana with Rufus..that bird needs to get out more instead of just staying in that nest of his and grumbping at the hares"He chuckles a little and looks at Velm"You can leave in the morning the letter I am sending will tell her your coming and to be ready. I will make sure also you and her have enough supplies. Its a 3 week trip to Mossflower and the abbey and you can stay till spring and return with the couple hares I will send with Elbio."He hands velm a paper with an address on it on where the hare maid lives.   
Velm gets the letters and nods, he also looks at the address "A couple letters to the abbey I am guessing?"   
Ciocan says, " Yes  one for the abbot and one Zolomon wanted to send to Xander"
Velm nods as he stands, salutes and gets ready for his trip after breakfast in the morning   
Ciocan watches the hare and nods "Be careful on your trip Lt Velm ."   
Velm nods as he stops by the doorway "I plan to be careful and will make sure to get Private Joana to her family's farm. I know Halyard can be....well"He shrugs, he has mixed feeling of the place seeing as it seems worse off than few seasons ago.   
Quinten is approaching the door to the Badger Lords room and slows as he spots Velm on his way out, "Velm good day," he glances past him, "My Lord," He salutes, "You are off someplace Velm?"   
Ciocan nods to Quinten "The Lt is taking a trip to Mossflower soon. We will need to make sure he and 1 other has some supplies in the morning"   
Velm stops and backs up a little.He starts to reply when Quinten does and nods "Yes sure."   
Quinten says, "Oh that is useful," He reaches into a pocket and removes an envelope, "I was going to ask one of my bird friends to deliver this. But if you are going to Mossflower could you deliver this letter to a young leveret called Ciana who is in the care of the abbey? It is from Elbio, saves my friend having to risk the winter weather in the mountains." He glances at Ciocan and nods, "I'll see the Lieutenant here has all the supplies he needs for a trip to Mossflower."   
Ciocan nods "That is good and hopefully your get there before winter weather hits, you should though"   
Velm gets the letter and nods "I will make sure she gets it and any other messages ,
Quinten says, "Thank you Lieutenant, that would be much appreciated," He nods past the younger hare to place a folder on Ciocan's desk, "Some papers I could do with you to sign sir, trade orders, bills, that sort of thing."   
Velm salutes and heads out, he does need to get ready for the morning as it will be a long trip but he hopes a good one.   
Ciocan watches the Lt head off and looiks at the folder "Of course, I believe we are good with supplies..least don't know of anything we need we?"   
Quinten says, "We need some more cloth for uniforms, but there is an order in with the clothier in halyard, so we should have some in plenty of time sir, if you can sign the papers"   
Ciocan chuckles as he looks over the papers. He signs what is needed after looking over them "Its good to know things are slowly getting back to normal. We still need to fix a couple divisions, look into a possible promotion but nothing too major right now. "   
Quinten says, "Well let me know if you need me to interview or work with anyone you have in mind for a promotion," He frowns, ears canting back, "I think quite a few of our youngsters have a lot of potential but need a bit more educating before being promoted.""   
Ciocan nods "Domink was mentioned for a possible promotion, we will have to see though"   
Quinten says, "Well have them drop by my office, I'd like to talk with them and make a judgemnt on their abilities as well. If you don't mind sir, I do like to try and stay abreast of everyone.""   
Ciocan says, "I will have someone let Prvate Domink know you wish to speak to him"   
Quinten says, "Thank you sir," Quinten picked up the signed papers and tucked them away, "I'll leave you to get on with your day sir. Unless there was anything else?"   
Ciocan nods "That is all for now Quinten"

==The next morning ==

Velm was ready to head out and was surprised when the haremaid was at the entry to the Mt waiting on him.

Ciocan came out and smiled "I see your both ready, I have supplies for you both..have a safe trip"He watched the two shares till they were mere dots on the shore nd then headed inside. He slowed as he looked at the sea and hmms softly,he then shook his head and went on inside.

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*** The logger was messed up,also Brock Hall is not on logger...told Log-a-Log I would post the log and here it is! ***

Zoltar was getting rather annoyed. He had with him 4 ferrets as he walked threw the woods "We have to find a place and soon and no not some stupid cave"

"Sure boss," says one ferret, "Umm...but what else would we like....use for winter if not a cave"

Zoltar just smirked "I am sure some woodlander will share his home"

Meanwhile, at Brock Hall, Xander was making lunch. Some fish patties with lemon and lime, some salad made of wild greens, blackberries, and some radish. He also was baking blackberry scones. He had got some cider from the cellar, it turned out to be very good indeed.

Two novices and a couple of order beasts were also helping "You're a very good cook Xander"

"Yeah where did ya learn"

Gorvenalus chuckled as he watched from the side and smiled at Oz who was nearby playing with some blocks they brought along for him.

Krisha smiled "Xander is a very good cook, maybe not as good as Friar Lacota....but maybe one day" She smiled at her mate.

"Something smells nice boss, wot is it?"

Zoltar rolled his eyes "If I knew I would tell you, but I don't know."He sniffs the air and makes his way towards...a clearing and looks around and takes note of the large tree and raises an eyebrow.

Xander shrugs "Likely never that good, but who day maybe. I did help make a couple of things for the feast"

Gorvenalus nods "A good skill to have indeed Xander"

A mouse maid, one of the novice smiles..then frowns as"Oh no the rolls!" Smoke rolled from the oven as she quickly got them out...yeah the rolls were a lost cause as she went to open the back doorway and coughs.""

Krisha blinks and walks over "It's ok Novice Beth... it's a learning thing is all and no harm done...well the roll rack may need...soaked  a while but the oven is fine."

Oz frowns "Yuckie.." He says and backs up a little and climbs onto a chair.

Xander goes to throw away the rolls "Yeah it's fine, we don't need rolls today"

As the door opens that's when Zoltar grins as he walks over "Greetings mouseie, how are we today?" He draws out his blade "Don't scream...and do invite me inside"

Beth looks up and gasps "I..I...just...fine" She gulps and stays quiet. She backs up slowly keeping an eye on the wildcat.

Gorvenalus goes to check on Beth "Novice is all ok?" He sees the wildcat and frowns but clears his throat "Can you, sir?"

Krisha gets lunch finished as he sets the table "We are here another week, I have rather liked relaxing so far."

Xander nods as he limps slightly and goes to get his cane. He glances at the doorway and hmmms "I wonder why Beth and Gorvenalus is still outside for love"

Voltar steps forwards and goes to grab the beaver, he snaps his fingers and the 4 ferrets go to surround Beth as the wildcat goes to slip inside. If successful he will have a blade at the beaver's throat"Knock knock...Oh, don't worry Brother Gorvenalus and Beth are right here. As are me and a few friends."

Gorvenalus is not the fastest beast and before he can recover from shock he has a blade at his throat.

Beth whimpers as she is brought in by two of the ferrets, she is shivering in fear.

Krisha is still in the other room so has yet to see the..newly arrived guest in the den. But she does catch some voice or maybe she is hearing things.."Love who is here?"

Xander blinks and then growls and goes to step forwards but he knows he can't endanger any lives and takes a deep breath "Release him...and leave or face serious reasons why"

Gorvenalus frowns as he stays very still and quiet, he looks at Xander giving him a worried look.

Voltar tilts his head and smirks "Oh? going to attack me...."He grins "Oh others are here are they. shouldn't you tell them they have extra guests for the meal?"

Oz is hiding behind a chair and peeks out, he then crawls under the chair to hide.

Xander narrows his eyes and looks ready to throw the wildcat out,"No cause your leaving, your"

Krisha frowns as she goes to head to the main room and drops the mug of tea she had when she sees the sight before her, the vermin, and the fact they have Gorvenalus at blade point.

Voltar smirks and quickly goes to pass the beaver to the 2 ferrets who don't have the mouse maid and goes to attack Krisha.

Beth gasps and gulps, this could end badly, though for who is the question.

Gorvenalus tenses up and starts to try and move before the ferrets grab him but were distracted by the fact he wildcat just went to harm the Badger Mother.

Xander has time to swing the cane at  Voltar when he goes past him, he growls now.

Krisha was surprised yes but sidesteps and goes to grab Voltar's arm to flip him over her back and onto the floor. She is not just some pushover maid and it clearly shows!

Voltar feels the cane barely miss his head, a surprised look on his face when he is suddenly on his back and looking up at the badger maid. He then glares and kicks both feet up to kick her backward and away from him. He also flicks one of his many daggers at her!

Gorvenalus frowns deeply as he can only watch, so much for a relaxing day, it's gotten rather stressful now.

Krisha grunts as she is sent backward and into a chair which falls backward with her. The dagger ends up in her shoulder.

Xander's eyes blaze and he is right away going to tackle the wildcat as he has had enough! Forget the let go of warrior ways they just harmed the wrong beast!

The others hear the chaos and start to come in, they gasp and quickly go back into the dining area. Oz is still under chair..or he was till it fell over. He starts to cry now.

Voltar is tackled and his ears go flat as he snarls at the badger. He relaxes only to get a burst of strength to go to flip Xander over so he is the one on his back instead, he raises a paw "One...snap of my fingers...the beaver's throat is is the mouse maid"

As he speaks a ferret pushes the blade just enough onto Gorvenalus throat to show blood, same with Beth from another ferret. One also aims a crossbow at Krisha, the last one goes to grab Oz by the scruff of his neck, blade in the other paw.

Voltar speaks more "The brat stops wailing forever...and, who was she"He smirks "Love?....dies before she can even stand"

Xander tenses up and snarls. He fights and it almost seems like the wildcat has no chance of getting him on his back.....but he does. He takes a few deep breaths and closes his eyes....a deep breath as he opens his eyes....his eyes normal....almost, as he speaks "Wot do you want...vermin scumbag?"

Gorvenalus frowns as he watches Xander "Xander...please calm, this is not the time to let anger win"

The group of novice der beasts huddle in a corner together and watch in fear of what is happening, what happened to a peaceful two weeks?

Krisha catches her breath and feels the dagger in her shoulder "Wah the....."She sees the crossbow and listens to Xander and Voltar speak.

Voltar chuckles and makes a motion with his paw "Let's get to the main room....what do I want?.. This place, for winter and who knows maybe longer and you and your little group as my servants during the time. We can all be one...happy little group of friends."He grins, he looks at Krisha's shoulder blade, "May need a healer fer that....looks painful."

Its maybe half an hour later and everyone is sitting down to eat, though it's not peaceful. The uninvited guests have , for now, taken over.

Xander sits in a chair, gripping the cane, and grumbles to himself as he seems to figure out what to do.

Gorvenalus walks slowly over and lays a paw on his shoulder "We will be ok, we will figure this out."

Xander speaks " How is Krisha, is she ok?"

Gorvenalus speaks " Shoulder is fine, was dislocated but back in place, she also has a broken wrist...but she is ok, everyone is ok"

Voltar walks in and smirks " So this place is called Brock Hall..heard of it, how nice to have it as a home"

Xander glares at the wildcat and goes to stand," I could easily...RIP your head off."

Gorvenalus frowns "Xander....relax please, we can figure it out with no violence .....not the Redall way."

Voltar just chuckles "Are you the abbot beaver? You sound like one"

Xander snorts and gets in the wildcat's face, he then turns and storms off to check on the others, he almost falls but rebalances himself and disappears down the steps.

Gorvenaalus watches him and looks at the wildcat "I should of let him rip your head me it likely would not have taken much, give him permission to...let loose some anger" He looks at the wildcat and is deadly serious "I use to be an abbot in a place called Willowbark...I am now Recorder of Redwall Abbey....but that mattes not. I don't have to be responsible for someone's actions."He then follows Xander out of the room.

Voltar snorts "Whatever old fool...ya lost so live with it" He leans back in the chair in the study...he smiles, his study." What a wonderful evening.."

**** STAY TUNED! What Happens next? Will others find out soon and what happens when Matilda comes to check on things in a week's time?.... STAY TUNED!!! ****

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sounds like a cool idea let's do it

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oz … ps/guosim/

Found if interested...there is a logs section too..some work,some don't...

Also Oswald player may find this interesting … ument_view

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More … ng_patrol/

Lot more links here work, has old logs and couple other things

Hope all this helps with History

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Ok a LOT of digging and found this, no clue how many links work but some do !!!!! … ongpatrol/

link mentions some role plays that happen in TPs so likelu\y in history books my guess

Worth a look, its like OLD HISTORY

update added:
Logs don't work but the member page does and divisions does so gives ideas of who was in and a basic idea of past events on the TP part and ..this is 2003

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ar Friends,
The Autumn of Plenty, that was the season name. Sorry I have not written in a little while been busy. I have decided to take a small couple of weeks break. I will be at Brock Hall with Mother Krisha and Novice Xander, little Oz their son is there too. I have always wanted to see Brock Hall and never went, but that changes now and ....I do need a break at times so why not I said. I shall write some of my 2-week stay.

Not too much has happen at the abbey, the dibbuns seem to have mostly recovered from their time as slaves, for this I am glad. The dibbun Ciana, the little hare, seems to have trouble making friends and I do hope she makes some friends soon. Her father was the hare Jet hat was forced to work with the slavers but no one should hold this against the little one.
I am gonna go now. I shall write more later
Brother Gorvenalus, Recorder of Redwall Abbey.

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We have A Missing Dibbun!

Ciana.....Hopefully they find her before Mother Krisha gets back tongue

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Ciana- Dibbun Hare

Benar- Abbot of Redwall

Matilda-Champion of Redwall

Anna- Sister in Order of Redwall

Tanya- Otter dibbun


Ciana slips in quietly and goes under one of the tables. She has slipped off during the time the dibbuns are having some play time before class, but she seems not interested in playing with the others.
Benar comes walking down the stairs, turning a scroll carefully between his hands as he reads it. He pauses and looks around the hall and frowns momentarily at the little one and starts to weave across toward her, "Ciana dear what are you doing out here?"   

Ciana frowns as she hugs her knees to her chest " one likes to play with me, or be ...friend" She sniffs as she rubs her eyes, "No one like me...tells me to go away"   

Benar says, "Oh now I am sure that is not true," He leant down and smiled, "But if any dibbun was being mean to you I will tell them what for."

Ciana frowns, "They say...tis my fault the bad beasts...came." It's true a couple of the dibbuns have been rather mean to the little hare, maybe more so the past couple of days. "Said...shouldn't of been...shouldn't be here" Tears threaten to fall down her face."And that...daddy was...was bad. "   

Benar says, "Nonsense," Benar crouched down, "The bad beasts had nothing to do with you, "He frowns, "I will talk to Mother Krisha and the little ones myself. Your daddy was not bad.... your daddy was being forced to do things by the bad beasts so they would not kill you.... he was keeping you safe."
Ciana frowns, she is not sure what to believe "Bad...whys say he bad? And why he away, he said he would go ways with me and he, he didn't"She sniffs a little again "And Tanya.." We have a name now seems. "Say no one want me....and ..." Her ears droop now " And" Ok some trouble with his name " No really want me and that why he left abbey and no take me with him..that he just say he would adopt me....that he lied to me...did he lie?"   

Benar crouches down and places a hand atop Ciana's head, "Now all of that is untrue, Tanya is going to get a talking to. Your daddy could not run away, because if he did the bad beasts would kill you. Elibo will be back in the Spring, he had to go home because Lord Ciocan needed him in the mountain and it was a long journey for you to do again. So he left you here with me and Mother Krisha."
Ciana starts to look hopeful "He coming backs then?" She smiles a little remembering the badger " He a very..VERY tall badger..taller than Mother Krisha..." And a question "Cans I go to home too?"   

Benar says, "Yes he is a very big badger, and Elbio will be coming back in the spring. I promise," he looks around, "I think the plan Ciana is you will stay here with us.... your daddy can't come back any more"

Ciana frowns " say he be back spring....he not staying?"   
Benar slows down, trying his best to follow the dibbuns thoughts, "Elbio will be staying here, when he returns here he will be living here and working with me."   

Ciana seems to calm a little, she would like to see Elbio as dad it seems but also is unsure that is still happening, least for now. She frowns " him be daddy.....cause real daddy...gones." She has been told Jet is dead, course she is also at that age of not truly fully understanding yet but seems to be starting to understand Jet is gone forever, she just hopes someone else isn't either.   

Benar reaches out and pets her long ears, "He will be back, if you like, we can write a letter to him? I can ask one of my bird friends to take it or send it with someone to deliver it." He hopes he can talk a bird into going, he doesn't want to send a beast out in this wintering weather to deliver mail to the mountain.
Ciana reaches out for a hug not really saying anything on a letter so maybe it's ok not to send one."Back..soon..."She says quietly a couple of times as if reassuring herself. She has calmed some and speaks "Me join hare Patrol when gets bigger...right?"   

Benar says, "You can be in the Long Patrol when you are older yes, they are always welcoming to young hares," He smiles, "Now let's get you back to the others and I... shall have words with Tanya."

Ciana frowns, she then nods finally as if to say ok.."But...what ifs not wanna ...see me?"   

Benar says, "He will want to see you as will all the hares and the big badger, I promise."   

Ciana nods again, she smiles a little better and takes his paw. but frowns "Buts...Sister Anna doing...math...math is yucky"   

Benar says, "Everyone needs to know basic maths," Benar said as he started back toward the school room, "You will find it useful."   

Ciana frowns but will follow him, it's very clear math is not her favorite thing to learn.   

Benar smiles and hands her back over to Sister Anna, sending her back to class

====Later in the late afternoon===

A traveling group of 3 rabbits had come to the abbey. They had a cart with them and shared some stories and songs, they also traded a couple hard to find spices for some fruits. They left in the morning.........with something extra.......

Ciana looked at the cart and seemed to like its bright colors.

Tanya, the dibbun otter came down the path, grumpy "Gonna get that tattle tail good...ohhhhh"

Ciana gasped and quickly climbed into the back of the cart, to hide.

But she would end up falling asleep and unknows to...anyone at the time, she is in the cart when the traveling rabbits leave that morning right before lunch, yes Ciana would be looked for but she has slipped off before...but after checking the attic and the cellar....and it gets dark......beasts start to get seriously worried.

"What...what do we do Matilda?" Sister Anna asked.

Matilda takes a deep breath " Tell Benar, find out when Ciana was seen last she has to be somewhere in the abbey..."She frowns, there was no way she could have gotten outside the abbey.....was there?

==Will they find Ciana? How far will Ciana get before the rabbits find her? Will she ever get back to the abbey? What if she is never found....gasp what will they tell Mother Krisha then??!!... Stay tuned!! ==

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Zolomon- Sargeant, Runner, Archer, LP Hare

Velm- Lt., Healer, LP hare


Zolomon has decided to get some fresh air, though it's a little cold so he has on a cloak to go onto the crater and even catch a view of the shores.   

Velm is already ou here, arms folded and looking out towards the hint of green. He turns when he sees movement from the corner of his eye and nods "Hallo thar Sergeant". He chuckles lightly " Still impressed ya got this far, but still congrats"   

Zolomon blinks and quickly salutes"Sur...and yeah, me too" He smiles as he walks over and stands next to the Lt. "I do remember you, slightly anyways didn't really get ta talk to many sides Tarsa and Ewan, had basic training in over time haha.." He sighs "Then course things got serious with Ormaz and...yeah"   

Velm nods as he looks towards the very faint green line "Yeah...lost a lot of good hares that day, but it could have been worse if the vermin were not stopped. Could have taken over all of Mossflower and destroyed the abbey, I say e got thar in the nick of blooming time...heck even a couple hours or an hour later may have ended in total failure and everyone dead."He shakes his head "Some of my memories have returned..some, still some not thar yet and been thinking"   

Zolomon tilts his head "Thinking of wot sur? I would help but as aid..didn't know ya too well, I could update on details of fights and such if that's needed but"He shrugs "Even that's not fully known. I just know I am the one who took de news to General runner skills helped a lot and they got the news like 2 and a half weeks before his Lordship and the..19 remaining hares came home. I know they went over who survived, who died...and who was missing. A couple hares quit the Long Patrol, I know one hare and his mate that lived at the mountain left but the Patrol is slowly recovering" He smiles "We did rescue dibbuns from slavers....out on de sea and we didn't have nearly as many hares for that mission..yes a couple died but I have yet to read a mission, like that anyways, where someone didn't die or get seriously injured."   

Velm nods as he replies "Well yeah, death is to be expected on rough missions like that, death can happen at any time if you're a patrol hare zolomon" he glances at the far off view "But let's not speak of it, though I may escort Elbio back to the abbey...I feel a short visit would do me well, just a few days, and then return."   

Zolomon hmms "It could be helpful sur and the abbey is nice, food is great thar and maybe they will have a feast...they have one each season though the autumn one is the best one"   

Velm shrugs "Perhaps" He chuckles "Never been inside de abbey...I was outside by the gate when..."He shakes his head and frowns "When the fight and then I wasn't" He has remembered something, but not after that. He ended up in the ditch but that has yet to be remembered by him"I was found wandering...north by the woods...seriously out of it the old otter said that...well ended up saving me life"   

Zolomon lays a paw on his shoulder "Not ta worry sur, your remember if tis meant to be. Maybe some are not meant ta be remembered perhaps"   

Velm snorts "Not meant ta be...."He shakes his head and sighs "Sorry..tis just. I want to fully remember that day. I do know I was Missing In they didn't know if, at the time, I was dead or alive. And that another hare was missing..some Private Ping but he was found and lives a quiet life in Mossflower somewhere and left he patrol, they had broken their leg and stayed with some hare maid that wasn't in the patrol...and "He chuckles "Guess has a family now and hat's fine as the patrol isn't for everyone"   

Zolomon nods as he sits down "I never had a family of my own....almost did...but..Tarsa died and a dibbun I was gonna adopt, Alif...found a member of his family so he is with them and I am happy for him."He smiles "I am just ...guess a loner, never ta have a family of me own but then de patrol IS family...right?" He smiles brightly at this.   

Velm smiles now "The Patrol is family yes, one big family and as for ...well mates "He chuckles "Not everyone finds a mate and falls in love to marry and all that...sides"He adds " More freedom if one isn't married "   

Zolomon chuckles"I suppose chap."He looks at the view "One thing that's in Mossflower by de way and not 'ere....or least nearly as much..snow, we get maybe an inch at times..Mossflower can get many feet of it in places...most we got 'ere on winter was 3 inches"   

Velm says, "Snow is not something that I will miss, trust me. I dislike the stuff...dislike seriously cold weather"
Zolomon grins "Snow can be fun."But he also is serious "And at times barely well dangerous yes" He smiles "So go with Elbio maybe in de spring"   

Velm replies "I just may.I am helping him to become a Lt. before then after all. He is in charge of 5....wait no 4 recruits now. Not de best group but maybe with de main trouble maker gone...who knows maybe they will get private rank and can tag along and I can walk them back , they will need someoen ta be in charge after we leave Elbio at de abbey "   

Zolomon says, "True...who knows wot privates will get into on any trip I would go meself but...I got the chance ta see de abbey when we took the dibbuns back, visited some was nice"
Velm nods, he speaks "I have no friends at the abbey or...really in Mossflower now, de old otter died season ago"   

Zolomon says, "Ya could....make a friend, even if ya would only see them once in a while, friends are nice to have"   

Velm tilts his head "Prehaps....I dont know, we shall see when the time comes."He straightens up and nods "For now I need to go train some hares. good day," And he walks off back inside.

Zolomon salutes the Lt and then goes back to looking at the view till it's meal time and then he heads inside as well.

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All is good yes smile

Looks like Terrence has a lot of history smile. This is cool

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