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#1 Re: RP Chat » Misc. IC LP stuff » 2020-06-23 11:34:15

Some clarification, because their names were brought up.

Serena will be a recruit.

Not sure about Yerna, yet. I picture her as being somewhat older, like, closer to Angela's age older, so I'm not sure she'd actually want to be a recruit.
That said, she has an expansive knowledge of herbal remedies and other healing techniques, so she'd likely ask if she can just hang around the infirmary in a semi-official capacity as a helper.

#2 Re: RP Chat » Misc. IC LP stuff » 2020-06-13 13:17:25

So, does Varus stay a Major, and Adrian a Corporal?

#3 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-06-08 12:34:25

Varus is leading your sorry butts into battle.

Y'all have never seen sailor Varus before, but let's just say... He has been to sea before.

#4 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-05-26 11:28:45

Elmef wrote:

I have a marauding band of rats coming up from the south who have heard the Champion is away and are going to try their chances with an assault on the abbey. If they can get inside they figure they can subdue all these soft woodlanders and rule like kings!

I was going to have them arrive this week, as the party heading for the shore aren't due to arrive until the 9th.
So when is a good day for people to be on for the first Abbey attack? Tuesday or Thursday?

With regards to Ciocan asking someone else to care for the mountain, that is sort of Quinten's job as General of the Home-Guard, he's the hare who stays behind and runs the school/training programme for recruits etc. So it would be unusual for Ciocan to ask someone else to stay home and tend the house. Unless he is taking Quinten with him for some reason?

Also I was thinking it'd take at least a week, if not two to get a ship, get it supplied and provisioned and ready to depart.
So beasts can enjoy some time at the mountain, as it is not a quick thing to find a ship and set sail.

Ah, if that is the case, then disregard my request.

I confess that I barely ever remember Quinten even exists.

#5 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-05-26 11:24:35

If worst comes to worst, Adrian will just turn up alone at the Abbey Thursday with a vague excuse about where the others have gone.

Willow I know plays Sola, so whatever you want to say about your character.

I have no idea if Monty will show up Thursday, or not. He's been somewhat erratic recently.

#6 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-05-23 13:12:47

I'd like to do a scene between Varus and Ciocan where the Badger Lord asks him to stay behind to watch the mountain, but Varus respectfully refuses because he won't pass up a chance to lead his hares into battle.

"Sah, I'll go with yahr permission, or without it, but I'm bloody well goin', wot."

So whomever plays Ciocan, please send me a PM on Varus. I'd really like to do this.

#7 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-05-23 12:11:27

Spoke to Benar this morning, so it's settled. Adrian, Monty, Sola, and the few NPCs with them will be arriving at Redwall soon to help with that second threat.

Lee the otter will join Gaheris' otters at the Abbey to do the same.

Varus will be involved with saving the dibbuns at Salamandastron.

#8 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-05-22 23:11:06

Elmef wrote:

I am still working on a possible threat to the abbey

If there are enough players at the abbey who'd be interested in such a threat to the abbey I will finish up the plan.

Well, let us know if that happens.

#9 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-05-22 12:25:44

I'm understanding, then, that Adrian and his friends are heading to Redwall.

Is anything actually going to happen at the abbey, at all?

Because if not, we'll probably just bypass it..

#10 RP Chat » A New Plot Idea For the Latter Part of the Year (LP Related) » 2020-05-19 18:38:20

Replies: 1

So yeah, this isn't something that'll be happening any time soon, it'll be months from now.
I'm only posting it here so that I don't forget about it.

Anyway, it's going to be a deeply personal family plot involving Adrian and his father Varus.

In the past I'd established that Adrian had an older brother who's been declared dead for many seasons.
The truth is that he ran away from the Long Patrol and his family.
This nearly caused a scandal, but the Badger Lord at the time, Lord Sebastian, along with Varus and his wife Olivia, agreed to completely drop the matter and never officially discuss it again.

This is a prompt for a plot I'll be working on for the next several months, so nothing may come of it till even next year.

#11 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-05-19 17:39:33

Looks like we will be joining. Our current plot will try to wrap up in 2 to 4 sessions over the next week or so, and then we'll make a bee-line toward Mossflower.
Depending how fast it goes, we'll arrive either before the Long Patrol, or at the same time.

It's up in the air where we'll arrive and who we'll run into.

If possible, we might run into Matilda's group, first? IDK. We're kind of improvising.

#12 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-05-19 16:07:57

Monty, Sola(Gregorian), and I are in talks to see about having our group run into the Long Patrol in Mossflower and taking part in the TP.

Monty is undecided for now, but he's expressing some interest.

It wouldn't happen till after another plot we haven't finished yet wraps up, so it would be a little while, yet, if it happens.

#13 Re: RP Chat » The Tenderfoot Chronicles - LP TP » 2020-05-12 01:57:20

Don't appreciate all the dog piling from you jerks.

Without Jin around it got pretty aimless for awhile, and I can't help that I got crap going on at homethat's made my time on the muck harder to plan ahead of time.

But since all you jack***es apparently aren't enjoying the direction anything has taken, yes, I'm ending it, right here, right now.

Monty, you've been great, man. I'll miss RPing with you.

#14 Re: RP Chat » The Tenderfoot Chronicles - LP TP » 2020-05-12 01:53:08

Okay, I don't need all this crap, so Tenderfoot is stopping permanently as of now.

I may not even return to the muck.

Kay bye.

#15 Re: RP Chat » The Tenderfoot Chronicles - LP TP » 2020-05-08 15:43:17

With regards to Elbio, he's said he won't be connecting, but he doesn't say that's forever, so eh.

We're gonna go with what he said before that Elbio is joining the Patrol.
That in mind, we'll ICly be dropping him off at the 64th when we get there, and he'll travel with a group of hares back to the mountain from there.

That way, should the player choose to return, he can pick right back up with the character from there.

If not, then he'll be a new NPC member of the Patrol.

#16 Re: RP Chat » The Tenderfoot Chronicles - LP TP » 2020-05-07 14:42:15

So, ah, if Sola and Monty don't object, I'll be taking over this plot in full, with their input for our next move.

#17 Re: Open Chat » Jinora's gone; now what? (LP discussion) » 2020-05-07 14:15:01

Did Varus just get fired? Did y'all seriously just fire my Major?

Anyway, I'll be taking control of the Tenderfoot plot. I've been de facto running it for awhile, now, anyway.

#18 Re: RP Chat » The Tenderfoot Chronicles - LP TP » 2020-05-07 14:07:40

I'm being told that Jinora is not in fact returning after all, so I suppose I'm running this RP almost single-handedly now? Oh boy.

We'll have an OOC talk on the muck next time we get back together. Early next week, hopefully, to ascertain what to do next.
I'm pretty committed to completing the Loamhedge arc, however.

#19 Re: RP Chat » The Tenderfoot Chronicles - LP TP » 2020-04-29 10:17:18

We're also stopping by the 64th when we reach Mossflower, and the idea now is that they'll gain a third Patrol member from the leader of the 64th, an NPC for Terrence to puppet for us as we head northward.
We were hoping not to get involved with any vermin plots at Redwall because we've had nonstop vermin plots from the beginning. Monty and I were planning a short-term relaxing RP at the Abbey.

#20 Re: RP Chat » The Tenderfoot Chronicles - LP TP » 2020-04-29 10:13:02

One of our plans is to continue on North past Redwall and the Bridge, visiting Noonvale briefly, and eventually meeting up with the hares that live up there.
Adrian has a vested interest to go there because his ancestors came from the North many hundreds of seasons ago.

#21 Re: RP Chat » The Tenderfoot Chronicles - LP TP » 2020-01-28 16:40:33

It won't be this week, and it won't be next week. I don't know when it'll be.

It'll happen when it happens, with whomever happens to be connected at the time.

#22 Re: RP Chat » The Tenderfoot Chronicles - LP TP » 2020-01-24 18:47:09

I figure we'll do the next part of the Tenderfoot plot sometime this weekend, or, most likely, the early part of next week, so either Saturday the 25th, or Monday the 27th. I'll connect over the next couple days to see what everyone says.

#23 Re: RP Chat » The Tenderfoot Chronicles - LP TP » 2020-01-10 16:53:30

Our immediate future is to head south. I'm writing up the next plot arc right now.

Whenever we're all together and available we'll do a few one-off scenes on the road south, before the big scenes in late January, early February.

After that is done and dusted we'll go back north toward Redwall.

#25 Re: RP Chat » The Tenderfoot Chronicles - LP TP » 2019-10-14 18:58:18

I've got a little mini scene in mind for this week that involves Adrian, Monty, and Yerna. Adrian moping, Monty gives him the "you're the man now" speech, and they formulate a plan to get Elbio, investigate the arson, and catch the mysterious, possibly murderer doe.

To be played whenever I can catch up with Monty.

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