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#1 Re: RP Chat » Misc. FV stuff » Yesterday 14:09:16


There is an issue now in Ferravale, first its neat how there is  old tunnels and some caves near or in a couple areas of Ferravale....ok leads to this


Krisha and Elbio is in one of the old caves , its close to the pond and off the path to graveyard...there was a cave in and so the entry of that cave went bye bye, luckly there is a faint bit of light so there is a very small hole for air.....somewhere, but not a good among of air so they need help to get out...also be careful not to risk more of a cave in!

#2 Logs » The Day Gets Quickly Worse!-Missing Badger Mother TP LOG » Yesterday 13:50:24

Mother Krisha
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Krisha-Badger Mother

Patch- spy, Tavern Owner

Elbio-Hare in LP


Krisha used the busy lunch hour to slip out of the room on the 2nd floor of the tavern, and out the door.She was quickly regretting wearing the hooded cloak due to the heat so made it to the pond to cool off, no one was here oddly so she took the hood off and splashed water on her face to get cooled off and sat by a shade tree.

Elbio followed her from a distance having seen the direction she went, it had taken a little time but he had seen her, followed and once at the village he frowned, well he would just walk along the wall and find a way inside that wasn't the main gate as one may of been able to get past but he had been too far away still. He grinned as he saw a small hole and with a little digging he slipped under and inside the west side of the village, he tilted his head as he was near some housing area and scanned around for cloaked tall beasts.

Krisha was relaxing, but still on alert, as she didn't plan on staying long, she didn't truely trust Patch but then the guard had come mentioning Blisa would be told, that's the last thing she needed news of her being here, so she had to leave and head on to...where she no real plan

Elbio was about to give up, and it was blooming hot when he  by  pure luck found the pond and some beast by the tree, he walks over carefully to try and check on who it might be.

Krisha had fallen asleep but also was not a deep sleeper and stress, being jumpy the past few hours, depression and now some paw is felt trying to remove her hood.She just thinks self-defense and goes to grab their arm and try and force them to the ground with a low growl.Cause any normal beast would speak and not just try to remove some cloaked beast hood.If they knew her, they would say her name right?

Elbio reached out indeed to try and moe the hood and then his eyes widen as a large paw grabs his arm and soon he is tasting grass as he turns his head to the side "Yuck..yuck*cough cough* Not de kind...of greens I blooming like....release me I come in blooming peace, if ya an enemy you're in deep deep trouble I am a long Patrol hare.."The growl does worry him and he had no time to see whom just feed him dirt and grass basically.

Krisha still growls and then  gets a closer look at the hare and lets him go"Your one of those...hares with Adrian...."She frowns and then crosses her arms over her chest " followed me?!..Why?..GO back to your commanding officer or is he around too?"

Elbio slowly stands and dusts off "I am alone and thar were rats and who knows wot else lass, and I saw ya  slip out de south gate, which replaced de log by de way" He continues after a moment, "I told de guard at the main gate I was  to patrol around de walls...little white lie but got me out of the bally abbey,  found ya tracks and yes here I am, I followed ya so wot lass..why ya all de way here, clearly not checking on things as...well de slipping off south gate thing, and it took me a little while to get in, but I did"

Krisha snorts, she sits back under the tree"I made it here just fine"She sounds tried and sad"And not staying long, so no one knows you left? Is that wise?"

Elbio sits down as well "Well..maybe not but is it wise for de Badger Mother to be out and no one knows?"

Krisha frowns as she looks away "It's my fault the abbey almost got taken over, it's my fault the dibbuns are gone...that my son and mate are gone...they don't need me"Tears go down her face "They can find a day, I am a failure and would of left sooner had not been for rats, and I also killed a beast."

Elbio listens and frowns, he was there "Ya killed a rat, ya mean..that beast? If ya didn't kill de rat ya be short an Abbot, and de other rat would of  likely wounded or worse slain you lass, ya saved your abbot's life."

Krisha frowns "I took a life still and maybe two it seems....and what if missed huh and hurt Benar...I wasn't even to be out thar...I was to stay inside,I just wanted to...get him inside when someone said he was outside, that's...that's all"

Elbio listens, it's all he can really do "You..saved him lass...and de rat was an evil beast, both rats was an evil beast and... self-defense too, ya charter does mention  that right?"

Krisha frowns "I am still a failure ..I failed everyone and they dont need me...not at all"

Patch enters about this time and frowns "Of course thar is another beast 'ere...who all is freaking running away from that abbey?"   

Elbio frowns "Of course ya not..."He sees the rat and lays a paw on his dirk, yeah rats make him edgy now"Back off....who you wot? And wot ya business?"   

Krisha frowns at them both and walks off, slipping into a cave nearby. Maybe she can just stay in here till nightfall and leave and not be noticed, tears go down her face as she starts to cry all the stress getting to her.   

Patch holds up his paws "Whoa...I am not one f those rats if that's what ya thinking longears good grief..."He looks over as he sees the badger and frowns, "Ummm..."He follows her "That may be unwise to be in thar...look come out and ummm...ya can be elsewhere ok...but not there" He sounds concerned.   

The tunnel and cave system is old and unstable, some are fine and maybe others could be with moles, but this is one cave thats older and more unstable and with recent rains and such, its more unstable and just....yeah bad and creepy too and of course it be on the path from the pond that would lead to a graveyard, just so so perfect, not.   

Krisha looks up and just shakes her head "Go away and just leave me alone!" She steps further back and bumps into some old loose beam and frowns as dirt loosens, she coughs and then rocks and stuff loosens as she lets out a scream and quickly moves out of the way!
Elbio glares at the rat and follows the badger inside and his ears flatten "Bally, been in caves before ..come lass..."And the cave in, he seems a bit frozen in place right now , then something seems to click to freaking run and goes to get out of the way as well....only he doesn't fully get out of the way and rocks fall on his lower leg and he is a bit..traped.He goes to move some and now his footpaw is stuck,he coughs as he looks around "Hey...lass?!"   

Patch eeeks and falls backward as chaos happens, he covers his ears as ok this is loud and he shivers, coughing as he looks finally and his eyes widen"Oh...oh oh no no no!!" He quickly goes to the entry that's not a bit..closed off"Don't be"He frowns as he sits down "I'm gonna be snake food I am freaking gonna be snake food!"   

Krisha coughs as the dust clears, she looks around best she can in the dark, a very small beam of light shows but it's so small, she looks at the hare as she carefully moves other, her wrist is sore and she has a bruised arm,"I'm..I'm ok *coughs * as she frowns at him "Your footpaw is buried in the rock slide.."She looks at the blocked entry and sits down, this is not how she planned to spend her day , she frowns as she could die in here if its too serious and no one would even know she was here....well she failed again way to go as a couple of tears fall now.   

Elbio frowns "Oh...oh good, well good to be alive, not good in here lass..."He groans, his left foot hurts badly and likely broken in a couple of places, as is one of the bones in his lower leg is cracked now, he has some dust all over him and a couple cuts to his left ear and shoulder where rocks fell on him.He sits up and looks around "Could be...bally well worse wot?"   

Patch is near panic, what does he do/ Who should be find? He cant just hid this! He gulps and leans against the entry carefully and closes his eyes, he is so so snake food if they are dead.."Anyone alive!...Please!"   

Krisha sniffs, she hears Patch and at first, seems unwilling to yell out and then decides to.."Patch......."She looks at Elbio and frowns, she looks around and tears fall, she speaks ""She sits down now and lets herself cry, this just added more stress.   

Elbio frowns "Lass....lass it will be ok, or well hope so.."He is not sure but he hates to see any beast cry, though he dislikes this too and is concerned "I am sure....he can get someone"He knows the seriousness of this as he calls out "Abbey...find Corporal Adrian...and moles, but they need to be bally careful!" He gasps ok shouting is bad as she pebbles fall and dust as he coughs, ok soft talking and he hopes that was heard.   

Patch looks relieved as he hears shouting, a small eep as he backs away as he heard the rocks too.He gulps and had no clue who Adrian is , he knows moles but first thing first....Blisa needs to know and now!!!He speeds off!   

The badger mother  just frowns as lets tears flood down her face, this too is her fault, she shouldn't of went into the cave in the first place, then the hare would not be in danger...or her, if only she had come alone it much...better and less of a problem she decides but its too late now and its hard to tell what will happen now or if they get out or least out....alive anyways.

#3 Re: RP Chat » Misc. FV stuff » Yesterday 13:11:23

Maybe I can make, one day, a character for Ferravale but yeah Krisha is in Ferravale course not many know that.....yet, trust me soon they will!

#4 Logs » Leaving The Abbey-Badger Mother Missing TP LOG » 2020-07-08 13:26:36

Mother Krisha
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Krisha -Badger Mother

Patch- Spy, Owner of Redthorn Tavern

Ann- Head Guard Ferravale

a few various Ferravale beasts spoofed


Krisha woke in the middle of the night when all or least most was asleep.She made her bed and laid the letter down on it and left her room with a small knapsack of personal things.She slipped into the kitchen and took some simple scones, a flask of ale, and couple other things for a 2-3 day supply but not much really and then headed to the gate.

At the gate there was of course guards, chatting about how the Gatekeeper was in the infirm.

Krisha sighed and then an idea, she sliped to the south gate and lightly moved a log, she managed to stick her head inside to, sort of, move it back in place and stayed in the treeline with her dark cloak, when she got far enough she jogged up the path back to the road and headed to Ferravale .It would be sunrise as she started up the road, just out of sight of the abbey and if they seen her now it was just a random cloaked beast moving on up the road, she got to Ferravale right after lunch and was hungry as she did miss breakfast.

Krisha walked up the road, a pack on her shoulder and she was in a cloak as she came up to the gate of Ferravale finally and frowns,"Hello?" She called out and slowly sliped in when a guard was talking to some other beast, she made a beeline to the tavern and quickly went inside.   

Patch looks up and didn't seem to concern but he did keep an eye on the cloaked beast as one never knows anymore and the ones that rats were around, even if they left the area he was not taking chances they didn't have unknown friends and he knew, by size, this wasn't a rat.
Krisha walks over and sits down, keeping her head lowered she spoke in a normal but quiet tone "I need a room and you will tell no one I am here either Patch"   

Patch folds his arms over his chest, he tries to get an idea who this is and then gasps as he backs up a little "Your Stripy's mate...wot ya doin' 'ere shouldn't ya be like at de abbey, ya think de old squirrel be all worried and keepin' beasts inside"   

Krisha just glares at him "Its Krisha, my name is Krisha....."She frowns "He..doesn't know where I went,I only said I was leaving....he can worry about the others, not me. Things that happen are my fault"   

Patch tilts his head "Ya fault?" He thinks on this and shrugs "Well and on de not telling, ya see...I enjoy living and not being possible snake food"   

Krisha frowns, she lays out some coin" Here...for a meal and fine I will just stay in my father's shop, it's my shop anyways. I don't need some..inn room and I will show whoever is there if there is one there I have a right to be there and they best NOT of messed up the living quarters or......"She then frowns and looks away"You didn't see me...please, look I just will stay maybe 3-4 days and then head off elsewhere, maybe I will go north find this Send Oz always talked about"   

Patch takes the coins and shakes his head but he gets her some stew and ale, and a couple of rolls "I...well ok fine."He walks around to collect dishes and mugs to wash before going back to her"I didn't see ya, you were never here...I can..keep a secret."   

About that time a voice behind the rat "No..." It was the head Guard Ann....Patch spun around and laid a paw to his chest "I almost had a heart attack!!!'   

Krisha frowns, she eats her meal quietly and sips the ale, she stops a passing bartender and gets a 2nd ale and once done she stands"I can go elsewhere....excuse me"
Patch Frowns "I..well...huh?"He looks at the badger and Ann speaks "You can get a room but Blisa will be told your here...."She then disappears again and all in the tavern sort of look at the tavern owner and the badger.

Krisha listens and frowns at this news, she nods to Patch "Room or not?" She then speaks "I will stay a couple days and then leaving" She has no clue where, maybe North is best she decides.   

Patch nods "I can...ya can use Stripy's office he has a like hammock there.....come on, he entrusts me to keep an eye on it just in case he ever ike..wanted to use it but he is like....well away on de mission or wot ever it is and no I know nothing of where he is or whether he is dead or alive so don't ask"He sounds upset he doesn't know.   

Krisha nods "I...dodon't either"She goes to follow the rat "Thanks for the room, I can pay a little later or maybe help in the tavern..."She looks near tears as she thinks about Xander,she looks around the small office, a couple of pictures make her sad.   

Patch follows her inside and listens, he then has a rare moment"No need room is yours and ya have meals the next couple days no charge"He also sees the pictures, one is of Oz and there is one of Krisha and Xander together, he picks up briefly on of an older badger in the tavern, the old tavern Marek had before this one, it's zee winters in the picture, he sits it down"Ya never meet him probably"He points to the picture f Zee..."Zee Winters....great beast, friends ta a lot and was very much respected in Ferravale, he had a hut but de hut got messed up and its gone now...stripy was sad cause of it...but de hammock was his and this chest he had.....anyways enjoy ya stay and all that"He heads back downsteps and readies himself for when the chieftain came, hopefully, the day would remain semi-good anyways.   

Krisha nods at the pictures and once the door is shut she locks it and lays in the hammock, she seems startled and a bit curious of the hammock, its different that's for sure but she manages to fall asleep in it but will sleep in late and miss breakfast a 2nd time, least she will get lunch at the tavern.

#5 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-07-08 10:52:35

This is the Letter Benar will find from Krisha.
~~~~~~To Abbot Benar ~~~~~~


To Benar,

I am sorry, but I feel I don't belong at Redwall Abbey anymore. I am sorry for not doing my job as Battle Mother. The dibbuns should never of been taken captive in the first place, I should have done something, anything and not let myself be tricked into drinking whatever the cider was or maybe it was in the cookies. I should of paid better attention cause I could of seen something was wrong, but I didn't and because of that I failed you,I failed the dibbuns. The Champion and others would not even of had to leave if it had not been for my failure, the gatekeeper would not of had to leave, and the rats would not of come at all had they seen the champion there.

My mate left to try and find the dibbuns too so I placed him in danger.

My son was taken by those slavers along with the dibbuns, all but one Gracie, and she seems happy enough with Sister Anna and Brother Rick.

I also took a life, I know in killing the rat I saved your life but still I  took a life, maybe two as another rat was dead too. I wasn't even supposed to be out,I only wanted to get you in safe and I saw the rat behind you and....and just acted before I had time to think, and what if I had missed in my foolishness and hit you instead?

I am sorry but I am leaving..I'm so sorry for all this,I..I blame myself and I have lost hope the dibbuns, my son, my mate..the others will even come back at all, they could be dead and it is all my fault....




This letter is placed on Krisha's neatly made bed, she left before sunrise out the gate when a couple of beasts(Maybe from Ferravale?) went on a short patrol around the outside of the walls. She was cloaked and quickly got to the road and went up it. She took a small few things from her room that was her's and a couple of days food and drink from the kitchens. By Breakfast Benar should notice her missing and most likely check her room....

So there you go...the Mother Krisha is missing ! Plot has begun!

#6 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-07-07 20:26:31


I think they shall arrive at the island on 11th July

The final battle  on island is either 14th July or 18th July....(Basically either is fine.)

A couple smaller things will happen before the final battle like Mistclaw likely will...not be around for final battle, there is also Kash and his small group of about 22 various beasts(moles, hamsters, couple voles,a couple otters) in tunnels around the island(or rather under island ha ha) And there is 11 seals also. Leigh has jioned the beasts in the tunnels and by sheer luck managed to save one of the redwall dibbuns, but others still need saved. For now Gorax has no idea of these tunnels whether it stays that way will leave up to oz as he plays Gorax.

Other things :

The rats have packed up and left and so Redwall is safe once more...sooo

The plot where Mother Krisha goes missing starts thursday July 9th smile

#7 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-07-05 09:11:15

Elmef wrote:

I am thinking the next and final rat event will be on Tuesday 7th?
I can't get on until then as I am busy on Saturday and Sunday

Thought I bump this down so people can see when the event at the abbey is happening

The abbey can get back to getting ready for the dibbuns return home and some cleanup........also a small little role play I am  hoping to do involving Mother Krisha

#8 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-07-05 09:08:29

Timeline as of now :

Heros and Crew arrive: July 14th-Tuesday
Final Fight at Island=July 18th-Saturday

Now there can be some small battle on 14th still...

And then they rest a week at the island, tend to whatever needed and head back to Western shores.

On the way back to Western Shores they will meet the dolphins again and be able to update them on the news.

So the Final battle is yes, the 18th as got a message that Oz can be both Matilda and still play his evil main baddy Gorax and of course, Gorax is for sure needed for the final.

I may or may not have Mistclaw at the battle, as there is a plan for her and Gorax to have a bit of a ...disagreement before that. I will have Donica my healer hare around of course to tend to injuries ect.

I will become very busy the last week of July and the first week of August, as are a couple of others I know, so the few days after the 18th they can use for resting, recovering ect...any repairs of the ship if needed and be ready to sail back towards home around August  25h or 28th.

Once we sail back towards western shores I can post a timeline saying when to be expected back on the western shore and then when to head back to abbey....when get to the abbey and once back at abbey we for sure need to plan a welcome home feast!!!!!

#9 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-07-04 15:05:24

Yeah Oz could be Gorax and Matilda in final on 18th.....and it can be assumed that Felicity and Dorarose is fighting somewhere in background. I will help make sure no one spoof them

Also I will be busy from like 25th July-Auguest 3nd so yeah 18th is best for me too

#10 Logs » Wait..Ciocan Can Speak To Dophins?!-LP/ Dibbun Slavers TP LOG » 2020-06-28 07:53:02

Mother Krisha
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The storm was rough and dangerous, causing much chaos and some fear amongst the crew, which is made up mostly of creatures who have never been on the sea before. Additionally, some of the crew was already suffering from seasickness, and the storm only made it that much worse. But now the skies are clear, blue, cloudless, the sun bright and warm. The waves have returned to their gentle lapping, belying the power of their surging during the storm a few days ago.
Matilda stands at the rail, taking a short break from helping make sure everything was still in order and, well, ship-shape aboard the good Ship of Valour. A gentle breeze whistles through her quills. So far everything seems fine. No leaks have been reported, the masts don't seem to have sustained any major cracks, none of the rigging snapped. She thanks goodness and the seasons about how lucky they are. She turns back and observes what her crewmates are up to.   

DoraRose was one of the poor creatures who suffered the worst during the storm. The mouse couldn't even keep water down, she was so seasick. It has taken her this entire time to get her strength back to normal. The Gatekeeper staggers up on deck and makes her way over to a rail, leaning over the side and staring miserably at the horizon, certain that another storm is just around the corner to send them to her graves. "I hate sailing," she mumbles.   

Felicity has been doing remarkably well during this adventure, all things considering. No seasickness, no dizziness, no nausea. However, she is having to deal with some sloppy Privates, and that's kind of making this voyage a lot less fun. "PUT THOSE PINS BACK WHERE Y'GOT 'EM!" She roars at the hapless Privates, who are moving a bunch of belaying pins and ropes to the other end of the ship, trying to be helpful. "NOBEAST TOLD Y'T'MOVE THOSE! PUT 'EM BACK WHERE Y'GOT 'EM THIS INSTANT, OR Y' EAHS ARE GOIN' ON TH'FIZZAH, WOT!!" The Privates hurry to obey, bumping into each other and dropping the pins all over the deck. The Sergeant sighs. And they were brought on the ship why, now?   

Keldorn walks onto the main deck and smiles a little "The sea isn't...always unfriendly just at..times"   

Varus harrumps. Naturally, he looks fine. Completely unperturbed. As if this voyage is a regular jaunt for the older hare. "Not ev'rybeast c'n 'old down their bloomin' lunch," He declares. "Yahr too green, lass. Too green." He nods sagely.

Oswald currently has the wheel, the grey shrew standing with one hand resting lightly on the large wheel as the Valour speeds along, the sails full of the wind carrying them onward, following the course Ciocan has been laying in for them. The bells in his braids are tinkling gently as they are caught in the wind from behind and, the large hat he is wearing to keep the sun off matching his great coat beautifully.
The door to Ciocan's cabin opens and the captain and badger lord steps out, he was going over his charts but with all the noise he has come to investigate. He pauses and watches Felicity for a long moment, "Volume please Felicity, regardless of what they did wrong there is no need to shout as if this was the drill hall back home."
He then turns to the poor privates, "Would one of you care to explain why you thought you needed to move those? I can then explain to you all why they are where they are. That way you will all know for next time."
Donica is just, right now not much but looking at the miles and miles of water "So..where are we?" She glaces over as Ciocan comes out of the captain's room, but stays where she is for now unless she is needed.   

Caleb would take a few moments to help clean up the deck and make some necessary repairs, following orders as they were given. While he worked, the mouse kept an eye on everything that went on the deck. He wanted to make sure no one was starting fights, trying to keep the peace as best as a mute mouse could. Caleb would eventually stumble upon D.R and Varus and come over to the hare, tapping him on the side and shaking his head rapidly. He was basically trying to signal to the hare that... well, that's a road he doesn't wanna go on.   

Rufus is close to where Oswald is, he has yet to try and fly since his wing was sprang during the storm.   
Matilda nods to Keldorn and makes her way over to him. "Aye. I've never been sailing on the ocean before, but I grew up on the Eastern coast. We lived through many a fierce storm, though I didn't find them as nerve-wracking as the one we just sailed through. Being on the water in the middle of a storm is very different from being safely on land."
DoraRose turns her gaze towards the hare, blue eyes glinting murderously. "/Excuse me??/" she says, clutching the railing with her right paw, her left arm still in its sling, where it belongs for another week or 2. "Green, did you say?" She pushes herself away from the railing, swaying as she tries to not be sick or fall over. "Not everybeast is cut out to sail, and YOU would do well to not be so SMUG about it, cottontail! If we were on land-" she grimaces as a wave of nausea washes over her "-I'd challenge you to a contest. I'm no greenhorn."   

Felicity scowls slightly, but only nods at the Badger Lord. The Privates shuffle around a little and look at each other. "Uh, um, Sah, we, uh, we jus' thought th' storm 'ad moved it all, so we were gonna put 'em all togethah so, y'know, they'd all be in 1 place an' easy t'find." All the other Privates nod in agreement. The Sergeant can't contain herself, although she does refrain from yelling. "But none o' y' 'as evah been on a ship afore, so whot possessed y't'think y'knew whot y'were doin'??"
Keldorn nods "I have been on de sea before, not the....well best time in my life" He seems to not want to share why either as he looks over the waters quietly"And it wasn't this area of the sea I was on..don't think anyways"   

Varus points at the mouse's face. "Yahr lit'rally green in th' face, lass. Y' should speak to our 'ealahs. They 'ave a remedy f'r seasickness, y'know..." He nods again, then directs his attention to the badger lord. "Sah," He says.
Oswald shifts at his place at the wheel and turns, "Dora, Valus, I don't know what is going on back there but if you make me call the captain to break up a fight he'll have you both scrubbing the bilges... we're on a rescue mission to save children, not bicker amongst ourselves, so cut it out."   

Ciocan places a hand on Felicity's shoulder, "They where trying to be helpful lass, didn't you hear them?" he then turns to the privates, "So everyone, the reason we don't put them all in one place is you don't always have time during an emergency." He gestures, "As you can see each tool is together in a little station, everyone on the crew knows if they need a tool where the closest one is."   

He turns to motion, "SO if you are in the fo'castle I can lay my hands on a tool easily in a moment and not have to hock it half way along the ship to find it. Moving them like that could cause someone to lose a life or the ship to founder when someone could have fixed it in a moment."   

The badger stands taller and looks around, "Time to give everyone some basic lessons I reckon," He turns, "Oswald you good on the wheel," the shrew nods back and the badger then looks at Varus, "Varus, Dora, Matilda," He raises his voice, "Could you gather your beasts in please on the main deck... I think we should pass out some basic instruction on ship board etiquette."   

Donica walks over towards Ciocan to see what is going on and if she is to go anywhere else on the ship,she is willing to help and to learn.   

Caleb just grumbles and stomps his foot repeatedly since Varus didn't even pay him much mind. He was about try and write something when he heard Ciocan's call, letting off a sigh as he heads over towards the area where everyone else is lining up. At this point he may as well just let them handle it themselves.   

Rufus glances over and stands to test his wings a little, it was only the left one that was sprang, he flaps a little and lands roughly as he puffs up some "Stupid wing, still no fly yet..Rufus should be soaring in air not stuck on the boat, yark."
Matilda looks to where the badger is and nods. Smiling at Donica, she walks around a bit to make sure everyone from her party is on deck.
They are, so that's helpful. She heads over to the Gatekeeper. "Here, Dora, I'll help you. Don't want you falling, at least not alone."   

Felicity grits her teeth, thinking that the Privates should have known to leave well enough alone! But instead she snaps out a few orders. "Put 'em back where y'got 'em an' 'ead o'er t'th'bloomin' meetin'." After making sure they do as they're told (which they do with alacrity), she stomps over to where everyone is gathering, looking angry and fit to burst!   

DoraRose was literally about to bite the hare's finger (he should NOT have stuck it in her face! That's kind of a no-brainer) when a squeaky, chittering sound akin to laughter interrupts her from the ocean behind and below her. The mouse looks over the side and gasps at what she sees. "Ciocan! You might wanna come take a look at this!"   

In the ocean below is a pod of dolphins. About 10 are at the surface, and many more can be seen below them, appearing from and vanishing into the depths of blue. They have a brown so dark it looks almost black on the upper part of their bodies, including their dorsal fins, with the colour tapering to an end about halfway down their tails. Their stomachs are white, and their beaks and fins are the same colour as their backs. A yellow swatch starts at their eyes and tapers down their bodies. One of the dolphins below leaps above the surface, followed by several others, revealing that the yellow meets a grey that forms the rest of the colour on their tails.
1 dolphin, bigger than the rest, makes the squeaking sound again, then swims sideways, waving to the creatures aboard the ship. Dora waves back automatically. It's hard to tell with how much they're moving, but there might be upwards of 100 dolphins in this pod, including a number of calves. There may be even more.
Keldorn notices the dolphins and looks out at them, he tilts his head and blinks...ok so he doesn't know everything out at sea as this is clearly a first,"Umm...what are..those?"
Varus had immediately forgotten the mouse he was speaking to as soon as Ciocan called out, but, of course, then the ship is surrounded by... "Dolphins, mah lad. They're called dolphins, an' I ain't seen th' like in many seasons." He's explaining to Keldorn. "They look like fish, but I've it on good authority tha' they aren't... These aren't even th' biggest creatures tha' live in th' sea, eithah..."   
Ciocan turns and walks over to Dora, leaning over the railing and laughs delightedly, the badger leans forward and calls back, making a chittering sound back at the leading dolphin. He then waves a hand excitedly and moves back.
"Well this is a delight, they are some old friends of mine, everyone not on duty come over and say hello to our friends," he raises a paw and chitters at them some more in greeting, his deep badger voice sounding odd so squeaky.   
Donica walks over to glace at the dolphins, "Friends?" She is curious but she doesn't ask further, she has never seen dolphins before.   

Rufus looks over and walks, or sort of walks over to the railing and peeks down, then puffs out and backs up "Very VERY big fishies..Rufus shall...stay away.." He goes to go back to where the steps lead up to the wheel and decides its safer there and....yes a nap is in order, he trusts his...-Bunny Lord- friend but he will just stay over here thank you very much.   

Caleb would stand at attention with the others as he waited for instructions... at least he listened unlike the privates. However the squeaking caught his ear and he headed over towards the railing, trying to push past people so that he could climb up and see. When he was able to. The mouse would gasp and smile brightly, taking out his pad to start sketching the dolphins as they passed.   

Matilda looks over the edge, smiling. "Oh, they would sometimes visit the waters near my village. They love to play." She is proven correct as the dolphins all duck below the surface, their squeaks almost inaudible as the water deadens them. Then the pod seems to scatter, but in actuality they're just surrounding the ship completely, every single individual rising to the surface around the vessel in a series of leaps, summersaults, and spray from their blowholes.   

The king squeaks and rises out of the water, dancing back on his tail in delight to see his badger friend. Then with a graceful jump and twist, he dives back below the water and swims back to the ship. The beasts on the ship don't need to crowd on just 1 side -- the whole pod is squeaking and clicking at them from literally every side.   

DoraRose's grin is the biggest anyone has seen since before the Dibbuns were kidnapped. "They're beautiful -- aw, look at the babies!" Most of the calves are hopping around, eager to make new friends and show off how well they can swim. A few stick by their mothers, however, seeming shy at these new creatures they've never seen before.
Felicity can feel her anger melting as she watches them play. "They seem so 'appy...makes me kinda wish I was a dolphin..." All told, there are about 250 individuals in this pod, with about 30 of them being calves. They squeak and wave at the beasts on the ship, doing tricks just because they want to, and because they like making their new friends smile.   

The dolphin king resurfaces, squeaking questions at the Badger Lord as his subjects continue to cavort around on the surface of the sea. Why are they out here in dolphin domain? Where are they trying to go? How is the badger, anyway? It's been far too long! The badger is probably the only creature on the whole ship who has any idea what the dolphins are saying.   

Keldorn is just finding this all interesting "Dophins?" He asks and looks back at them"Least they are friends and not enemies so that's good" He nods "Happy is good....maybe they can help us somehow"
Varus recognizes the Dolphin King as well, but unfortunately he never quite got the gist of their language. It's been many, many seasons since he last saw them with his own eyes. "Aye, they're a charmin' bunch, t' be sure. Good beasts, they are..."   
Oswald remains at the wheel, occasionally calling out orders to others on the crew, snapping out instructions to people he needs to actually work on the ship as they he has to keep the ship on its way.   

Ciocan siles at Donica and Dora and well everyone, "They are old friends, from when I used to sail the seas." he leans down and clicks back at the Dolphin King, <We seek another boat, a vessel crewed by a fox and rats, they stole our children and we know they sail to the north, have your people seen them?>   

Donica smiles, she watches the dolphins and relaxes knowing they are friends and can hopefully help them get back on track and closer to the other ship they seek."They are so..friendly and nice"   

Caleb keeps sketching the dolphins as they pass through, seeming to not really notice anyone around him. After a few moments, the mouse smiles brightly and shows off what he had drawn... It's actually well made for being of charcoal and such and shows all the dolphins around the waves. He seemed especially excited to show it to Matilda and DoraRose... still a kid at heart   

Matilda looks at the young mouse's drawing. "That's amazing, Caleb! I wish I could draw like that -- you captured them perfectly! It's beautiful."   

DoraRose looks at the drawing, as well, smiling softly, if a little sadly. "Indeed, Caleb, you have a special talent. That is absolutely beautiful. I kind of wish my daughter was here -- she would love to draw them, too. Mayhap when we get home, you could show her. I'm sure she'd love to draw with you."   

Felicity smiles as she watches a couple of calves play with each other, splashing and causing a ruckus.   

The king listens carefully, but when the badger mentions the ship, all the happiness and playfulness vanish from him and the 10 dolphins floating directly around him. The king describes the exact ship they are following, asking the badger if that's the one he means, and the nearby mothers squeak in alarm. Within only a few seconds, every mother has vanished into the blue depths with her calf.   

The Dolphin King shakes his head rapidly from side to side, telling the badger that he is very brave to be following the ship to the Island of Death. Is he sure he wants to go? Only sorrow, death, and pain await those who arrive there.
Keldorn blinks "What happen, some of them suddenly seem..scared?" He seems concerned as he looks around and waits to see what the reply is.   

Varus leans against the rail. Definitely some form of bad news, he can tell by their body language. He remains silent as the atmosphere turns more tense.
Ciocan frowns down at the Dolphin King and listens to the King, he tilts his head listening. He asks the King a couple of questions about the "Island of Death" number of suns for swimming there and the direction.   

"I am sorry for the seals who lived there, but yes.... if you will excuse me my friends, please if you would spend some time with my friends here..."   

The badger walks into his room and stares at the maps, working something out with string and ruler and protractor. Once he is sure of the island he sits down, letting everyone have some more time with the dolphins and enjoying them. He does move to the window and open it, talking to one of the Dolphins and having the king swim around to his window so he can thank him for the information.   

Donica frowns but just watches the dolphins curious now but doesn't ask what's the matter, she assumes it's not a good answer and will wait to see what's gonna happen next.   

Caleb seems to be pretty happy as DoraRose and Matilda congratulate him for doing well with his draw. He had learned how to over the years of travel. Upon hearing that D.R. had a daughter, he seemed surprised but shook it off quick. He would just make sure to keep it in mind and put away his drawing, looking to everyone else. As he heard of the name when Ciocan spoke of it, his face seemed to change... Caleb remembered now that where they are going is an important mission. To save the Dibbuns from such a place... he had to be ready, going back to thinking while he looked at the dolphins.   
The Dolphin King will continue to speak with the Badger Lord, giving him any more information he requires now that he sees that the badger is set upon his quest. After a bit of coaxing, the mothers bring their calves back up to the surface, and the young dolphins go back to playing, some of the shy ones even joining in now, although they don't show off as much as the others.   

Matilda frowns. "I wonder why the mothers hid their calves like that. It was almost as if...well, as if they're worried about the slavers, too. I wonder if the dolphins have been harmed by them, or if some other sea creature has been?" Those on the ship have no way to really know one way or the other, seeing as how their only translator is now holed up in his cabin.   

DoraRose nods, blue eyes hard. "Aye.....we /have/ to find them. Stop them before they hurt any more creatures. Just look at those Dibbuns," she gestures at the happy young dolphins. "We have to stop these slavers so they can live in a world where nobeast will even think of hurting them. If these monsters would kidnap our Dibbuns and killed little Burfy, what's to say they wouldn't try to kill or kidnap a dolphin, too?"   

Felicity watches the dolphins as they continue to play, smiling sadly as she thinks of many things. She really does wish she could be a dolphin.
Varus frowns grimly. He debates going to knock on Ciocan's door, but thinks better of it.   

Caleb still thinks of what to really do. Since there was still some repairs to be made he would wander off to go do those, but he did have one thought on his head: He really wanted to go swim with the dolphins... maybe one day. Either way, the mouse takes up some tools and gets back to work, waving to Dora and Matilda as he heads off. He'll be around.

As the dolphins continue to play around the ship, waiting for their king to finish his conversation with the Badger Lord, Felicity spots some of the Privates peeling out of their jackets. "An' jus' whot d'y'think y'up to?" "We're gonna go swim wi' th'dolphins!" "Y'll do no such thing! We don't know whot othah creatahs might be down thah, an' we can't ask th'dolphins t'keep y'safe when they 'ave their young ones t'keep track of! Nah get back in uniform this instant!!"   

DoraRose continues to watch the dolphins, their happy playfulness distracting her from her seasickness, her worry over the Dibbuns, and her loneliness over missing her family back home in Redwall.   

Matilda waves to the dolphins and follows the younger mouse. "And how are you today, Caleb? You seem pretty happy."   
Varus takes up with Felicity. "Right, y' sorry lot... Y'r gonna swab th' deck. C'mon, right now!"   

There is suddenly a strange presence felt up on the deck of the ship, and if one happened to look over towards the entrance leading down to the galley, they would see a pair of icy eyes gleaming in the shadows. Soon, a large hare slowly emerges from the darkness, his expression a grim one as he trudges his way onto the deck of the ship. He immediately makes his way over towards the railing on the starboard side, and he positions himself there, gaze lifting and looking out over the waves. Since arriving on the ship, aside from a brief conversation with Felicity, Dom hadn't really spoken much, if at all. His attention was laser focused on the task at hand, and what they'd end up finding on the island they were sailing towards. Needless to say, unless one actually knew him and his behaviors, he doesn't seem like the most approachable of hares at the moment.   

Donica was being quiet as she started to head towards.....where Dominik was and then quickly backs back up and frowns   

Caleb is currently fixing up a small hole that was on deck, making sure it was patched fully. As Matilda came into view he'd give her a small wave and smile before pulling out his pad to write on. "I've been trying my hardest to keep the peace... I figured that since dad is leaving his warrior life behind, I can possibly take up his mantle as leader of the Defenders. Or at least learn to help protect the Abbey... I also still want to get into tea making."   

The Privates were about to complain, but then the Major gets involved and they quietly put their jackets back on and go to get the buckets and mops and stuff to swab the deck with. Felicity scowls at them as they wander off. "Seriously, 'tis like they've nevah 'eard o' askin' first, sah..." She has -- horror of horrors! -- not yet noticed her friend, the arctic hare.   

DoraRose, however, has. Having recognized him from descriptions the Sergeant has given her, she staggers over to him, trying to not be seasick (seriously, she is SO DONE with that). She reaches the rail beside him and leans over it just as a pair of dolphin calves, perturbed to be having one of the Furry Creatures ignoring them, squeak and click obnoxiously, shooting water at the hare (which of course falls far short of soaking him), trying to get him to pay attention to them. Their mothers appear to be chastising them, but so far the mother dolphins are being ignored.   

Matilda smiles but shakes her head. "You can not /keep/ peace, Caleb. You can only bring it back once it's gone." She gestures at the others on the deck with them. "There will always be conflicts, and if we try to prevent them, we only keep beasts from being able to grow, and from learning how to communicate in a way that is constructive. We need to allow conflicts to occur, no matter how frightening or painful they may be, while also trying to figure out how to say what we mean in a way that doesn't hurt others." She cocks an eyebrow. "And what's this about making tea?"   
Varus nods firmly at the recalcitrant hares. "Right, put yahr back into it. I want this deck t' spahkle, wot. An' don't touch *anythin'* else, eithah... Not without askin' first! Right... Get on wi' it..."   

Dominik notices someone approaching him out of the corner of his eye, in his peripheral vision, and the buck slowly turns his head and peers down at Dora as she reaches the railing beside him and leans over it. He stares at her, expressionless for a few moments, and his head tilts just a little, perhaps in a curious gesture more than anything. A veeeery slight tinge of amusement flickers upon his stoic features as he notices the mouse's condition, the edges of his muzzle curling just slightly into a quick approximation of a smile, before just as quickly disappearing. Before he can speak, the dolphin calves do happen to capture his attention, and his eyes shift down in that direction. He chuckles as he watches their attempts to squirt him with water, and the large hare simply leans there on the railing and observes the creatures playing and swimming about. It had been a long time since he'd seen dolphins, and they always seemed to amuse him. "...sometimes, vish Dom could svim like them..." He replies, softly.   

"I just... want to make sure everyone can stay happy and such. But you are right... it needs to happen and all that. Also, Xander said he wanted to teach me how to make tea. It was something my mother loved to do but I never learned." Caleb seemed... a bit sad to bring her up but his smile came back. "I would just want a hobby to try and have something to do around the Abbey besides helping to protect it."   

The Privates are busy swabbing the deck under the watchful gazes of the Major and Felicity. The haremaid scowls, fists on hips. "Oy, be careful 'ow y'swing tha' mop about....oh, f'r th'love," she mutters as 1 of the Privates does indeed manage to not look where he was wielding his mop and jabs his fellow hare in the head. That hare starts shouting, and within 2 blinks of an eye it has turned into an all-out fist fight. The Sergeant hops over and starts trying to separate them, but it's not working very well, mostly because the injured one is biting the other one's ear. The other Privates quietly place a few bets on how this is all gonna work out. So far, they think Felicity will win.   
The mousewife smiles and waves to the calves, who are finally listening to their mothers scolding them. "They are such playful creatures. Maybe we'll meet them on the way back and we can swim with them then....when we're not in so much of a hurry." She turns to him and holds out a paw. "I'm DoraRose Strongheart, Gatekeeper of Redwall."
Matilda nods. "I can understand why you would want everyone around you happy. It can create a lot of anxiety when beasts one cares about are upset with each other." She smiles. "And a hobby would be good. I like to help brew the drinks in Redwall. DoraRose....well, actually, Dora does a lot. She is the Gatekeeper, but she also helps with the Dibbuns, reads, helps cook and bake, sews, knits, journals, keeps the Gatehouse and the Gatehouse loft, where she and her daughter live, clean and in order, as well as spend quality time with her friends and family. I'm honestly not sure when she finds time to do it all."   

The hedgehog looks out at the horizon as she thinks for a moment, then shrugs and shakes her head. "Anyway....the point is, having a hobby is a wonderful aspiration. What was your favorite of the teas your mother made?" She knows it might make him sad, but she also knows that remembering good things about those you love can help make the pain of them being gone not hurt so badly.   

Donica decides to do some chores quietly, its been an intresting day so far for her.   

"F'R TH' LOVE O' SANITY! CEASE YAHR FIGHTIN'! NOW!" Varus literally bellows it out, loud enough that even the dolphins in the ocean can probably hear it. Most of the other hares on deck stop, and a few of them go pale and gulp. A yelling Major Varus Swiftbuck is a thing you do NOT want to experience, if you can avoid it. "YOU LOT AREN'T FIT T' BE PATROLLAHS, WOT! LINE UP! DROP YAHR MOPS, AN' EV'RYONE O' Y'... GIMME 100. NOW!"   

Dominik chuckles at Dora's words, the hare shifting his gaze back down to her. "Hmm. Dom vould likely sink, vould be too heavy to svim," he replies, and it's hard to discern whether or not he's joking. He peers down at the extended paw aimed in his direction, looking at it for a few moments, before he finally lifts his own hefty paw and envelops the mousemaid's in his. Careful not to squeeze too hard, he gives her paw a hearty shake. "Private Dominik Kasimir, formerly of Northlands, currently of Long Patrol. Is pleasure to meet, DoraRose Strongheart, Gatekeeper of Redwall." That ghost of a smile appears once again, before he releases Dora's paw, and his eyes return to watching the dolphins playing , paws coming to rest on the railing. "Are you feeling better, now? Not as seasick?" He chuckles. "There is trick, you know. Focus eyes on line of horizon. If there is somethink out there to focus on, is better. But if not, just keep eyes fixed on horizon, and vil not feel ill." He turns his head to peer over at the fight as it happens, and his brow darkens as the large buck shakes his head. "Is no discipline. Dom could make -all- of them decide to never fight each other ever again..." he mutters. "Vould make sure of it."   

Caleb takes a moment to really think it through before writing down some more as he watches the sunset. "My mother's favorite tea that was also mine was jasmine. I also really liked her mint tea... she made both when I was sick cause it made me happy." He seems to be a bit sad of it but nods towards Matilda.   

Rufus finally ventures out and tries again to fly....he...glides and...he crashes into a barrel,he mutters something and shakes his head, looking at his wing and shakes it out some, it seems he is not sky bound just yet.   

Matilda stays beside Caleb, enjoying the lovely day with him. After reading his note, she smiles softly. "That sounds lovely, Caleb. I've never had jasmine tea, but I'm sure with a name like that, it's wonderful. Do you have any idea what your mother did to make the mint tea so good?"   

The fighting Privates sullenly do as their told, and the others, while also doing the drills, start to protest that they hadn't done anything. Felicity's ears tremble with rage. "Y'JUS' STOOD BY AN' DID NOTHIN'!! NOW DO AS TH'MAJAH SAYS AN' BE QUIET 'BOUT IT!!"   
DoraRose smiles. "Well, I'm sure the dolphins would keep you from sinking." She turns back and looks at the horizon. "You can call me Dora or DoraRose, whichever you prefer. Just don't ever call me Rose, and we'll be fine." She wrinkles her nose. "Yeah, and that trick works pretty well, until you have to go to bed. Or there's a storm." She blanches slightly. "But I am starting to feel better, thanks." She glances over at the fight, but is distracted by the gull. "Oh! Goodness, are you alright?"   
With a squeak and a click, the Dolphin King calls his subjects, and with a flash and a splash, they are swimming away, squeaking their good-byes to their new friends, jumping and breaching and summersaulting as the whole pod, all 250 of them, take their leave, headed south. Soon they are out of sight
Varus harrumps loudly, and starts counting off the push-ups. He will not leave or stop till they reach 100.   

Dominik gives Dora a firm nod. "Can call me Dom." He glances back to the formerly scuffling hares, and gives a shake of his head with a sigh. "They tell me I am too rough ven training students. But...if not rough, this is vat happens, yes?" Dom chuckles dryly and glances back to the horizon. "Is glad you are feeling better." He steps back and away from the railing, the large buck giving a nod to Dora, before he begins to head back down into his spot in the galley. "If you vish to chat further, vil be down here." And with that, once again the massive buck is gone into the shadows.   

Rufus looks at the one who spoke "Rufus is need help" His wing us a bit.....he should really rest it most likely." Wing is good...will fly.....just not now" Cause it's sore to move, it's not broken at least but still.

"She sweetened it a bit with some honey. It tasted nice and honey and mint go together. Not to mention it was her making it that made it that extra special." He chuckles a tad and goes back to fixing stuff, putting his pad away.   

Matilda smiles and stays out to help the young mouse, chatting if he wants to, but also okay with silence.

DoraRose watches the Northlands hare go, thinking that, yes, she will make a point to talk to him more. He seems to need it. The Gatekeeper continues to stare out at the horizon, thoughts of things filling her mind.   

Felicity watches the Privates, then goes and checks on some other hares, making sure they're doing okay and that everything is fine. She then goes down into the hold to check on her arctic friend.
The day eventually draws to a close, and eventually, all 3 females will head below decks, each wrapped up in her own thoughts, although the hedgehog will be a bit less absorbed than the other 2.

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Since both Oz (who will have the main baddy) and Dorarose is away or busy the last couple weeks of July.....this is the timeline.

Dibbuns/Slavers get to Island:  July 2nd..(4th if many isn't on)

Heros and Crew arrive: July 14th-Tuesday
Final Fight at Island=July 18th-Saturday

Now there can be some small battle on 14th still...

And then they rest a week at the island, tend to whatever needed and head back to Western shores....we update a timeline again for when heading back to western shores/ when get to abbey....also maybe if they run into anything on way back and wouldn't have to be a bad thing they run into.

#12 Re: RP Chat » So Should Elbio..... » 2020-06-26 19:57:01

Krisha would vote yeah. And he did help protect Benar once so far.

#13 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-06-26 19:28:34

July 25th for the final fight at the island...that's a Saturday and Dora your back that day right?

#14 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-06-26 11:59:39

I like the idea of that being in a journal, maybe its a small one too as maybe the beast was a captive of them? I Don't know....or they just learned a lot of them and wrote it down so they wouldn't forget.

As for rats gone before the others return...I hope thats the plan, the abbey could have a few weeks rest and then get excited but for a good reason the return of the heroes and anyone tagging along with them smile

Right now Krisha is a bit...shaken up over the past rat attack. She will be ok in a couple days but yeah finding the jornal be nice!

#15 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-06-26 08:13:06

So there was the storm...I say they are only slightly off course and the dolphins can maybe help our heroes on Saturday? Get back on course and even catch up to the other ship by a couple days time.

Someone asked about seals....Seals I know are around the island they are headed to and trust me these seals are not friends with the slavers but no one knows the seals are there still....well a small few know but those small few hide from the slavers but we can learn more of that later. The  heroes are still like about a week behind the slavers or will be once the dolphins help them .....the timeline is further above on when who gets where and as said its not like the heros will attack right away, they could end up on the other side of the island though and hopefully manage to hide the ship. Someone brought up the idea of attacking at night when the large attack happens, that sounds like a plan, but also as said also a small little battle before the large one.

#16 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-06-23 10:54:54

Storm AT Sea today the 23nd June at 3est smile..Be there!

#17 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-06-23 07:37:32

Hope all is well Benar and...sure the storm can be today and your abbey stuff on thursday the 25th smile

#18 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-06-22 10:52:08

Ok so Sea Storm for our heroes is Thursday 25th June.

That leaves The abbey event Elmef has on Tuesday 23nd June

#19 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-06-21 16:09:09

Ok here is a Timeline: Least for some events for the Ships and Island Role Play

July 7th (maybe 9th)- Mistclaw with the Crimson Tide arrives at Terrmont.

Heros arrive at Terrimont between 18-21 July.

I think the Heros will be at the island a few days before they have that major big attack! Perhaps a small attack before that but the large final battle would be a few days from then....maybe on the 26th July have a final battle(That's a Saturday and Dora is back by then and she has something she was gonna do that causes them to rest and recover a week which makes since to recover a week(Maybe few more days) and then head back to Western Shore!

The Sea Storm:

Either this upcoming Tuesday, June 23nd or Thursday, June 25th...It depends on when the abbey event is Elmef mentioned, so of these two those two days each have an day the Sea Storm hits and our heroes battle nature! And the other day will have a role-play of ...well whatever Elmef planed at the abbey!

So there some for other dates for other things...

Abbey stuff-Elmef can pick dates

DAB at the MT.- Blisa can choose, think she mentioned maybe June 27th?...

And the dolphin idea I like and if we do it the dolphins can show up a day or two after the storm and help the heroes get back on course smile

So there ya go....dates!!!

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Mother Krisha
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Donica-Recruit and Healer in LP

Gregorian- Lt., Fighter and Blacksmith in LP

Keldorn-GUOSIM warrior


Donica had finally gotten use to all the swaying and moving of the boat. She had been sea sick for the past few hours as she now just sat on a bench below deck trying to eat something simple and sip some water. She sighed quietly as she glanced around, she was sure the trip would get better soon.   

Gregorian must be one of the few hares to apparently not be affected by seasickness, he was a little more clumsy in his footing due to the pegleg than he was normally on land but he got around fine and didn't spend half the journey so far trying to keep his lunch. He appeared down below deck with a mug of tea in one paw, ducking beams as he headed towards the back of the ship. He spots Donica on the way and offers a nod "All quiet below deck?"   

Donica looks up and nods "Yes sur just....motion sickness, then guessing I am not the only one"
Keldorn makes his way down below as well and nods, "Your get use ta it lass"He says, it seems the shrew has been out at sea before"The sea is...odd at times"   

Gregorian stops to lean against the mast where it comes down inside the ship from above and sips from his drink before nodding to the shrew "Aye, yah and half the ship seem tah be sufferin' it. I might have tah suggest sailin' becomes a standard lesson in the patrol but fact is somebeasts don't keep their sealegs for life anyway. It'll settle down and yah'll feel bettah for the rest of the trip soon enough"   

Donica nods "Though maybe one doesn't forget..."She sees the shrew and nods"Hello Keldorn."   

Keldorn nods,"Hey lass.."He nods to the hare as well as he sits down"Sir..." He smiles "Some dislike the ship it seems, as for keeping sea legs..some do and some don't"   

Gregorian nods once more to the shrew "Greg" He corrects the sir, the shrew's not in the patrol, he doesn't have to call him sir. He shrugs a shoulder to he idea of some not liking sailing "Eh, land beasts tend tah get a bit uncomfortable when the ground starts movin' undah them"   
Donica asks, "Does the boat move all the time?" She asks quietly, she frowns "You two been on a ship before huh?"   

Keldorn smiles "I have been at sea...though not the best time in my life.."He frowns some as he glaces around "This ship ...I gave it to your Badger Lord, to your Patrol...I never used it and decided didn't need it"He smiles "You guys did need it."   

Gregorian nods once "Aye, the boat keeps movin' but eventually yah'll stop noticin' it" he chuckles "Askin' a shrew if he's been sailin' is like askin' a hare if he's had lunch. I grew up on rivahs though. It's not the same as goin' tah sea but yah get a good storm on a rivah and yah'll feel some waves"   

Donica chuckles lightly "I...suppose.."She hmms "So thats where he got the ship, but how did"She looks at the shrew "You have it..don't your clan have like log boats?"   

Keldorn answers" I wasn't always in the GUOSIM...long story, lived in Halyard..was..well rich, but things change"He shakes his head "A thought friend..stole things,inclueding that small fishing boat..."Yes the boat the slavers used to go up river"But thats the past...I joined the GUOSIM and they are family to me now, there is me and Oswald that came looking for the dibbuns, the other 3 shrews on board are friends of mine ...though"He smiles "I taked them into joining GUOSIM...a little surprise for old Loggy...when get back"Least he hopes they all get back safe and sound.   

Gregorian listens and sips his drink scratching his nose lightly afterwards "Well, it's a fine ship and yah help means we're on our way fastah than tryin' tah obtain a ship at Halyard. The extra time may make the difference"   

Donica says, "Hopefully we can catch up to those slavers...figure out where they are at least and..plan, then I am unsure how much fighting I will do, more...guess tending to injuried"   

Keldorn nods, he hmmms "I am sure we will figure it out, they sailed off like , what was it...week and a half before us?" He frowns,"Only so many places to go, wouldnt think be too far, then suppose one never knows"   

Gregorian shakes his head "Healahs keep us fightin', yah'll do yah bit" he's been through wars and lost a foot, he has a certain respect for healers. He takes a deep breath as he considers how to track a ship "The bird might help...If not, well, we'll just have tah search every island we can. They can't stay at sea forevah"
Donica nods "Oh the...sea gull,I seen it...birds are a little scary but if its a friend then thats good and I can learn some self defense if needed"   

Keldorn nods"True, birds can also see fairy high up..maybe see if anyone is on an island or things seem...well out of place, then again smart vermin tend to hide and these seem to have some brains, though they lost a fairly good fighter beast, that ferret the vixen he was dangerous...I have no clue if she has any other dangerous beasts or not"   

Gregorian seems a little sceptical of the bird being a friend "Well, I've nevah met a gull I liked...but his Lordship seems tah trust the bird" so Greg will go along with it "If it can just see the ship we just have tah catch it up. Good fightahs or not fightin' vermin is wot the patrol was made for"
Donica shivers a little "The ferret that hurt...."She gulps,"Least the ferret is dead" She listens now "I just hope no one is too badly hurt and if they are, they can be helped."   

Keldorn nods "Yes its dead...beheaded" He hmmms "Finding the slaver ship be good too, even if its a distance away we can make sure we go in the right direction, but also try and stay out of sight ourselfs. If they know we are could ruin a chance to save anyone"
Gregorian jaw tightens at the idea of the dibbuns getting hurt if they get too close "Hm, too close and they'll see us comin' miles off on the sea. There isn't much hope of sneakin' up when there's just watah but there's nothin' tah say catchin' them when they get tah wherevah they're goin' will be any bettah"   

Donica frowns "Well..guess we will see maybe they will just try and get away from us"   

Keldorn shrugs "I have never had to deal with fighting...least on the sea and the brief fight I had with a vermin on the log boat was...well that was on a river so its different. We be prepared, they could harm the dibbuns but I am also thinking they want to get them somewhere right? Likely some...other slaver or some slave place so they wouldn't want to harm them, tehy would lose possible coin right?" He hopes he is correct in this "If anything we find them and get...close enough, they shoot arrows at us to harm..well us, we can fire arrows right back or they just try to as Donica says move faster, I don't know."   

Gregorian sips his tea thoughtfully again, starting to frown a little "They're already tryin' tah get away, the problem comes when they don't think they can anymore. They'll not be keepin' the dibbuns for themselves, they'll be lookin' tah sell them so they're safe as they can get with vermin but if they think they're trapped they'll use hostages every time...Hmm. Could be if we find them or the island far enough away that they don't spot us though we could get close at night. Sail in without light and surprise them in the dark"   

Donica says, "Like...fight them right away?"She sounds a little worried" don't we have to be prepared?"   

Keldorn frowns "Can't always prepared fer a fight lass..unless the island the yare going to has some side they don't use to hide on, then...I have no clue..the ship is large though"   

Gregorian chuckles faintly "I'd love tah fight them right away but we can't go that until we find them. I'm sensin' yah don't feel ready though. Yah fought before? Got a weapon?" he finishes off his drink at last "We can't prepare for everythin' but we've got some time tah kill while we're chasin' them down. Time enough tah get in some practice"   

Donica says, "I...don't know much fighter myself, no...healing yeah but not too much fighting. I only got a couple lessons on way to the shore""   

Keldorn nods "I have fought before, lots of times said never at sea, on the river once when a vermin on the bank tried to get into the log boat."   

Gregorian glances around the hold before he wanders off and grabs a mop from the corner. He twirls it in one paw on his way back "Unless we all end up ovah board I don't imagine fightin' on a ship will be much different tah fightin' indoors. We have the time for practice though" he says as he stops spinning the mop and offers it to Donica "Easiest thing tah learn fast I'd say is a spear. Keeps the vermin at a distance so yah don't have tah mastah dodgin' and all yah need tah know is how tah poke them or hit them"

Donica takes the mop and nods , examining it "I would say even healers should have a weapon, just in case."   

Keldorn says, "Everyone in your patrol should know how ta use a weapon, the GUOSIM teach healers to use slings I know."He frowns " Our healer is achally a captive as well...or hope she still is..meaning she be alive as she was grabed...I was knocked out and thought dead I think"
Gregorian doesn't draw his own weapons but takes a step back to put a suitable distance between himself and Donica "Yah'll have tah imagine the pointy end" he gestures for her to go ahead and try to attack with it as he keeps talking to Keldorn "Slavahs tend tah keep beasts alive so there's hope...We'll get back everyone we can" he's making no promises.   

Donica nods as she grips the broom handle and then tries to poke it at Greg as if attacking, she stays alert as she can and tries to stay focus.   

Keldorn nods "I..hope so.I also hope my friend Oswald is carefull , that shrew maid is special to him I think....the GUOSIM didn't have any dibbuns to grab, just one and that was LoG-A-Log's son but he was safe at camp, no idea if any otter cubs were taken from Camp Willow...I dont think so though..I know a vole family lost little ones and a squirrel family was looking for a missing dibbun as well so it was not just abbey young ones those slaves took and likely they have taken other young ones from other places too"   

Gregorian is still fast despite being one of the oldest hares on the trip and he catches the mop handle a moment before it hits, going to lightly push it back towards Donica "Good! Again, hardah. Spread yah paws out a little more and hold it furthah down" he tap his check "Aim here. Closah tah the middle yah aim the less likely yah are tah miss" his ears twitch and he frowns at the mention of Camp Willow but he doesn't take his eyes off of Donica "Hrm. Well, whoevah they've got and wherevah they've come from we'll find them and we'll see they get home again"   

Donica nods and takeing a deep breath she does spread out her paws and goes to take aim again, still paying attention and focusing best she can.   

Keldorn nods "Yes....I am gonna go see how me friends are doing...maybe see you later"He then heads onto the main area of the ship, he might even help captain it some, he has sailed a ship after all.
Gregorian catches the mop before it hits again though he has to put a little more force in to it this time "Good. Yah do that thousand times and yah'll be an expert" he nods to Keldorn "Later" before he pulls the metal walking stick he normally keeps in his belt out and gestures it at Donica "Now, I'm a nasty rat with a sword" he waves the stick at her "But yah spear is longah than my sword, so I can't reach yah without getting in yah range" he takes a step towards her "I try tah get closah, yah swing it at me"   

Donica nods as she stays focused and keeps an eye on where he is, she steps back and then goes to block any attack he would make.
Gregorian chuckles lightly as he clacks the stick against the mop handle "Good! Keepin' the distance between yah and them is good. Watch yah back, make sure yah don't back in tah anythin' dangerous. Yah job is tah keep back and keep beasts alive but then keep yahself alive too. Seem easy enough so far?"   

Donica nods "So far long as only one is attacking me and I will..try as being backed into anything likely be very bad"
Gregorian hehs "If more than one are comin' at yah and we're not there somethin' has gone wrong. If it happens though" he slashes at the air with his stick back and forth a couple of times "Whack as many of them as yah can tah keep them back"   

Donica nods as she watches "Hopefully it won't happen when I am trying to help someone"   

Gregorian nods at the mop "Well yah practice with it" he twirls his stick with one paw to demonstrate "Get used tah movin' it around until it's comfortable and smooth. When we get back tah the mountain yah can learn othah weapons if yah like. A lot of the healahs prefah somethin' smallah but it's a lot hardah tah learn a sword than a big pointy stick. Yah know healin' already at least"   

Donica nods again and smiles "I will practice as..this is likely a long trip to find the vermin even..I have faith we will find them agaist them"   

Gregorian returns his stick to his belt "Find yahself a spot tah practice on. A knot in the wood tah aim for or practice with one of the othahs. It gets easiah as yah get used tah it. We've got plenty of capable hares tah help anyway and his Lordship of course. Yah friends from Redwall are presumably all fightahs too"
Donica nods, she chuckles a little at the idea of Ciocan helping "Maybe just a fellow hare...his lordship tall and one of the strongest ones on this ship..and yes there id Dora..Caleb, Oswald and Keldorn fights well and of course Matilda does"   

Gregorian chuckles faintly too "Well if yah can fight him, yah can fight anyone" he grabs his empty cup "I'm goin' tah do the rounds on deck. Keep practicing!"   
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Scones can be dessert ones or non dessert ones and maybe Greg taught Ciocan to make them, why not after all..a hare taught a badger lord in the books to make them.

#22 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-06-21 04:51:57

Just saw blisa thing, hmmmm....well heros ship could be slightly off course and arrive 21st July  that's a tuesdsy and gives heros some time to plan. The 16th is a Thursday and gives more time plan how to....well find things ect..plan attack and maybe meet any possible beasts in cave and tunnels..I will post a timeline again with storm  and arrivals ect...and as elmef said he can post abbey events and blisa can post any DAB action at the mt.....maybe a DAB thing at the island since  they will be there a short while as heros are close to 2 weeks behind, for sure with the storm. THere is a chance to maybe catch up with the dolphin pod if they maybe seen a bad beast ship in storm or know of the island. I know the island is supposed to have seals anyways.....ok that's all for now.

#23 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-06-20 19:13:49

Not sure when storm be...maybe the dolphins save a hare that goes overboard during storm? Or as Dora said storm blows them off track. SO storm on 23nd, maybe 25th...25th be best maybe  and elmef can have rats at abbetmy in 23nd...23nd is Tuesday  and 25th thursday.....think that be good

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Mother Krisha
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****So it wasn't on logger but I managed to cope and paste it! *****


Mistclaw-Leader of the slavers

Ciana- Hare Dibbun (Jet's daughter)

Leigh-GUOSIM healer

Assorted dibbuns from Redwall, Mossflwoer woods, and 5 from an otter holt.


Mistclaw soon learned she did not like sea travel too well, the whole tossing and turning, all the swaying caused  sea sickness! It didn't help that the monitors and rats on the ship laughed at her over.She  growled low at them and stormed off to where she slept

Leigh below was fairly use to water travel, but still had not been at sea but she diddibbuns as  handle it fairly well. She sighed as she sat by the wall where she was chained quietly.

Ciana sniffed and rubbed her eyes "I no like this no more...wanna out"

A dibbun otter frowns"We nevers gonna go home and Gran Gran dead..."

Another otter started wailing now, followed by a 3nd otter.

A weasel came below "Shut up ya brats or your get no food or water later on" He scaned the dibbuns as some whimpers or tried to hide behid older  dibbuns, he finally went up stairs.

A lot of the Redwall dibbuns was asleep except for a squirrel maid and a couple mice "We wants mother Krisha...why  de bad beasts taken' us aways....."

Leigh looks over and frowns, she then speaks "Our friends will find us, I know they will"

All the dibbuns that were awake looked over at the shrew and one sniffed, "Promises?"

In the back a vole that was on the ship a while snorted "Ya know where we goin' right...I heard em before they killed my pop...ta someone called Gorax, he sounds bad and mean"He was an older dibbun, almost an age he could be a novice at the abbey.

Ciana cried softly "What's a Gor..Gi.....waaaaaaa" She sniffed and shaked with fear.

A couple otter dibbuns frowned " Ther issa beast that fur fell offs, theys got us and killa all our moms and dads" It was true, the old sea otter the 5 called Grangran died and was throw over board a few hours ago.

Leigh frowns again, she had to keep thier sprites up, and her own "Who wants to hear a GUOSIM  song to help you sleep,  you all need your sleep." She offered a smile.

The dibbuns looked over at her and a couple had started to drift off, some  just looked over at her curious of the song.

Ciana got as close as she could, "Sing song....pleaze...sing song"

Leigh smiled as she sang, soft...her voice was sweat sounding and a calming tone in all the chaos of the past few weeks...

“When the warm sun sinks gently from out of the sky,
hear the tired old breeze sigh a yawn,
and the bees cease a-humming, now dark night is
coming,to blanket the earth until dawn.

“Then the logboat of dreams drifts away o’er the
streams,as we sail on it, baby and me,
past meadow and vale, without paddle or sail,
we both slumber on down to the sea.
“Where birds circle silently, winging on high,
deep waters run silent and calm,
’neath the soft gentle bloom of a honeydew moon,
with no wind or wave to cause harm.

“Then the logboat of dreams will grant wishes it
seems,all a little one’s heart could require
’til rainbow-hued dawn turns to fresh summer morn,
and a world full of hope and desire.”

This seemed to work and the dibbuns were soon falling asleep around her, it would be another 4-5 hours till light and likely a couple more before they got some sort of meal.

Ciana yawned and snuggled beside the shrew maid and was soon asleep.

The otters aslo went to sleep, even the vole that earlier complained.

Leigh was last to sleep, she had made it her mission to keep thier hopes alive, and her own hope alive. She let her eyes close, she needed rest as well.

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Ok as for arrival at the island as follows:

Mistclaw and her Slavers/Dibbuns- July 7th

The hero's ship- July 16th

I have storm date ideas up above, only 1 storm thinking the 23rd maybe unless something goes on at the abbey that day.

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