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#1 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-07-02 09:21:17

I am thinking the next and final rat event will be on Tuesday 7th?
I can't get on until then as I am busy on Saturday and Sunday

#2 Re: RP Chat » Misc. IC LP stuff » 2020-06-29 12:21:41

I don't really have any NPCs that I use all the time
I just make someone up as and when I need them

#3 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-06-29 12:20:23

My PC is being fixed
I may not be on until Saturday

#4 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-06-23 07:34:51

SO RL has struck I can't do today!
I have to go to the hospital, my clinic just re-opened and I can go get my Kidney pills once more and so won't be able to make it online to run tonights attack

Krisha did you want to do the storm today instead for everyone who is on?

#5 Re: RP Chat » Misc. IC LP stuff » 2020-06-18 04:48:30

I thought Pete ran the sentry post?
So rarely left the mountain as he was busy making sure all the sentries where manned and looked after.

#6 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-06-18 04:47:06

Hello all!

So RL has appeared with the giant RL Hammer of Responsibilities and I cannot be on until Saturday now
Set sail without me on the 18th
Other people can play Ciocan.

Quinten will accept command of the mountain from his Badger and stay at home and then make everyone's lives hell!
With his Lordship away on a dangerous mission with a large chunk of the patrol he intends to make the mountain spic, span and shine so that when they all get back it feels like returning home with everything sorted out and organised.

All those horrible little jobs that never get done because we are busy doing our day to day jobs
Yeah we are doing those! Cleaning the kitchens, inventorying the armoury, emptying everything out of the barracks and cleaning them from top to bottom.

Time line wise!
I am happy to leave the dates for the sea journey up to Krisha but abbey wise
I was thinking I'd run the next attack on Saturday 20th
With then something on Tuesday or Thursday
With another big attack on the 27th

#7 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-06-16 16:06:04

One other thing!
The Ghost of Martin is going back in his box

I think I am at the limit of how much they should have been used in this TP.
Martin has been all over and I used him a little bit more for the dibbuns and a bit less cryptically then he should have been ideally portrayed.
Ciocan is also out of runes to lead him onward.

So the journey to Terramort and defending the Abbey will all have to rely on his smarts as a captain and the gumption of everyone at the mountain. So we'll all have to up our game! No more cryptic clues from here on!

#8 Re: RP Chat » Misc. IC LP stuff » 2020-06-16 15:41:29

All of this sounds good to me
And it fits in with the way I have always sort of played it that the General stays home and does the paperwork but helps out with planning and tactics and rotas and admin. But generally doesn't get out in the field any more.

#9 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-06-16 15:24:26

In the books they sale a galleon all the way up the River Moss from the shore on their way home. At least most of the way.

I'd suggest Ciocan will just sail them up the river as far as they can before walking the rest of the way to Mossflower.
And Matilda will smack any hare who tries to suggest leaving the ferret dibbun behind.

#10 Re: RP Chat » Misc. IC LP stuff » 2020-06-11 05:03:21

I've always run Quinten as running the Leveret School, managing who is on sentry duty / at home and managing the day to day admin of keeping the mountain running. But he stays out of active patrol/campaign planning unless it is to point people to historical records and maps and such in the library they might need.

I've always seen it that things like making sure the Infirmary is running, the kitchens cook food, we have supplies in stock, the farm on the side of the mountain is managed properly, inventories of the armoury, that the training drills etc. happen and recruits are taken care of and Dormitories are kept in good order etc. He has over-all command of those sort of day to day things, but doesn't actually run them himself, he's just the administrator who keeps the paperwork in order and delegates down to people like Felicity etc. who are the experts to make it happen.

He manages the paperwork and checks people have what they need to get their jobs done and offer support as needed.

#11 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-06-09 07:51:21

I think The Ship of Valour has a good ring to it
That's a proper Redwall Shipname

Ciocan would probably empty the mountain in my opinion if there are dibbuns being held by slavers and they skipped through the western shore with impunity. Leaving just the Home Guard to hold the mountain.

As for what will happen on the 16th at Redwall, you'll all have to log in and find out.

#12 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-06-08 09:31:33

Ok thanks for the update!
I should give someone a means to contact me

Caleb knows how to reach me on Discord
Ok, I will be on, on the 9th, I need to rest my shoulder this evening I have wrenched all the muscles

I should pick another date for the next incident at Redwall too
Maybe the 16th?

#13 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-06-06 16:08:41

I have completely lost track what is going on now
I received some page mails about the catching up to Keldorn's boat having happened and now Donica has been kidnapped?
Are we getting her back when Xander is shot?

So everything that is meant to happen on the 8th with us arriving and finding Keldorn's boat has now happened?
So nothing will be happening on the 8th now and we move straight to the 9th and the events of Mistclaw escaping?

Sorry RL attacked Dora, it happens sometimes.

#14 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-06-01 02:47:08

Hello all!

Just to put it all clear here so everyone can see

Tuesday 2nd June: Rats Attack Redwall:
Rule re: keeping weapons on you inside the abbey is relaxed for the grounds/walltops but are still forbidden inside the main building.
A weapon rack has been brought out of the Gate house and put by the main doors of Great Hall, anyone coming inside has to put their weapon there. But if they go outside into the grounds they can keep their weapons on them.

8TH (Or maybe 9th too) - Heroes find 12 streamrats,2 foxes and a weasel guarding  Keldorns boat...only they don't find out its empty till the fight off the vermin enough to look below deck to see they were tricked!

9th the heros get to the shores and get to watch Mistclaw sail away and then the heroes need to head to Sala (for a couple reasons)

Thursday 11th: Arrive at Salamandastron

Thursday 18th: They finally set sail after Mistclaw: Matilda and Ciocan both leading the way via dreams/visions etc.

#15 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-05-26 10:27:21

We can aim for Thursday this week for the rat attack at the abbey.
Or just wait and see when people are on

#16 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-05-26 01:05:10

I have a marauding band of rats coming up from the south who have heard the Champion is away and are going to try their chances with an assault on the abbey. If they can get inside they figure they can subdue all these soft woodlanders and rule like kings!

I was going to have them arrive this week, as the party heading for the shore aren't due to arrive until the 9th.
So when is a good day for people to be on for the first Abbey attack? Tuesday or Thursday?

With regards to Ciocan asking someone else to care for the mountain, that is sort of Quinten's job as General of the Home-Guard, he's the hare who stays behind and runs the school/training programme for recruits etc. So it would be unusual for Ciocan to ask someone else to stay home and tend the house. Unless he is taking Quinten with him for some reason?

Also I was thinking it'd take at least a week, if not two to get a ship, get it supplied and provisioned and ready to depart.
So beasts can enjoy some time at the mountain, as it is not a quick thing to find a ship and set sail.

#17 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-05-22 17:41:06

I am still working on a possible threat to the abbey

If there are enough players at the abbey who'd be interested in such a threat to the abbey I will finish up the plan.

#18 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-05-17 09:40:55

Hey all

Some updates from Krisha and I
We have had a chat and just to give people a rough timeline of the TP.

We are expecting Matilda's group will not arrive at the western shore until about the week of the 8th June. We're not sure what day yet but it'll be sometime that week.

Once on the shore we'll be catching up to Mistclaw briefly before she escapes out to sea. She'll be heading for the Island of Terramort!
So this will be good fun, but alas our heroes will not know where they have gone!
Once we lose her at the sea Matilda's group will turn south and head for the Badger Mountain.

Ciocan will be expecting visitors but will not know why or when but will be able to divine where to go using the ancient Badger runes of the Mountain. We're not expecting any convenient long patrol hares to just find Matilda's group but if you have a hare you do want to have join up with the Champion get in touch, they would be welcome we just want to be able to fit them into the plot.

Also anyone who has a character they want to join Matilda's group or a vermin to join Mistclaw do get in touch with us, you can even be one of the kidnapped dibbuns should you so desire.

Everyone is welcome!

#19 Re: RP Chat » Tiny Plot Room » 2020-05-17 07:47:47

Thank you Willow!

I just could not for the life of me remember that one
You are a star

#20 RP Chat » Tiny Plot Room » 2020-05-17 07:06:07

Replies: 4

Hello all,

So to help with people not having to find multiple rooms throughout the TP I have created a central TP Lounge in Redwall Abbey.
It broadcasts, it logs, it can be accessed from the Great Hall.

The exit is TPR, it is hidden so you will not see it but if you type that in the Great Hall you'll be taken to the room.

As soon as I can work out the Jumpin Lock I'll set it so anyone can be summoned there, but I cannot remember the command for that.


#21 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-05-12 23:36:48

I am sure it'll be great fun

Benar is going to be very angry

#22 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-05-12 16:38:15

Saturday 16th May I can be online all day

#23 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-05-05 02:46:33

I suspect a well trained bunch of vermin could slip past the Abbey wall guards easily enough.

We might have beasts patrolling the walls but there will be gaps in those patrol
We don't have enough warriors to have people standing at every point, so if they are patrolling the wall tops

I've always imagined we don't have a constant wall-guard because the abbey is primarily full of order beasts and peaceful beasts not hundreds of warriors. So even when we have people on the walls it's probably one person per wall, or even one person for two walls.

So whilst whoever is on guard walking along the south wall, the east wall won't have anyone on it etc.

So it's a good enough guard patrol for regular, every day keeping an eye out, will see people advancing toward the abbey en-mass but a sneaky group of vermin will easily be able to get up and over the wall without the guards seeing them if they have been watching the abbey for awhile and making a plan.

#24 Re: RP Chat » Dibbun Slavers TP » 2020-05-03 09:04:03

Hey Log-A-Log,

Yeah I am happy to send Oswald along.

As for Gracie, she might not be able to fly yet, but she is a gosling.
She could easily swim out into the middle of the pond and hide there very few can reach the middle of the pond if you're not a water bird or an otter.

#25 Re: RP Chat » Story telling Contest! » 2020-04-30 14:56:49

Hello all

So sorry I only just got internet back hmm
I'd suggest we make it be next Thursday

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